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Tease & Denial

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

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The body hanging a couple of inches off the ground was covered completely in black Latex, she, and it could only be a she had her head covered in the same material a hood and mask with no eye holes could be seen when looking at her outline, side on which had braided pipes coming from where her mouth and nose would normally be. She had been gagged with a blow up breather gag, the bulb of which could also be seen with the pipes. Her ears blocked with a gel, rendering the body deaf and blind

Her arms were tightly laced in a thick, leather arm length single sheath mittens attached at the end to a steel spreader bar which hung from the ceiling, a similar bar war strapped to her ankles, again hanging from the ceiling her weight was partly taken by a small padded trestle across her midriff, but that was all that was holding the body off the ground. A blow up butt plug had been inserted into her, complete with enema pipe. The enema bag was filling the body with water and crushed up female Viagra tablets. The idea was to administer the Viagra rather than give the body an enema. Every couple of minutes the body would shift and would try to move, but the body was too well packed to even consider escape.

The bodies feet were wearing ballet shoes, they were padlocked on. A pussy pump which had been on the body over half a hour had repeatedly been pumped, and pumped to get the most swollen pussy lips possible. The body had been there for nearly twenty four hours, a woman, a Mistress walked noisily into the silent room, the click clack of high heels disrupting the silence. The woman was tall, thin, wiry even, She smiled at the straining contortions of the person in front of her.

The woman walked over to the body and ran a hand over the buttocks of the body. A low guttural cry could be heard coming from the body. Perhaps the only way of begging for release. The woman only smiled, unlike the woman hanging in the suit the woman had dressed in a crisp white blouse, a black leather tie with a leather pencil skirt. Her Cuban heeled stockings reminded her of another, maybe better time as did her stiletto heeled court shoes.

The woman pulled the pussy pump off of the body, causing pain to the body inside, gently probing the puffy red mound with a finger, the body reacted by twisting in the bonds. About the only movement the person inside could make. The woman smiled again, after pulling a pair of clear latex gloves over her manicured hands, the woman recovered the edge of the pussy pump with gel. She lined up the pump with the bodies shaved mound and reattached the pump over the mound, pumping furiously to create a vacuum which meant the pump could be left to it’s work. As the pussy was pumped up again a squeal was faintly heard, The woman turned and walked out the room and left the body to it’s torments.

Six weeks earlier.

A young woman was shown into an office. The office manager Had some bad news for her.

“I’m afraid, we as a company will have to let you go. We’re having to cut back, and we have a policy of first in first out! It’s nothing personal you understand!”

The young woman, Alison Tailor went numb, all her plans that she had made, all her dreams flew out of the window as she sat on that chair. The manager went on droning on about something or other, After a few seconds she just got up and walked out. She gathered up her few possessions and left for good. Apart from the humiliation of every person in the place, knowing before she was told. She had those bitches that smirked at her only because their job was safe!

Alison had loaded up her new car, the car she had got on finance, and drove home to her rented flat. She sat in her flat, still numbed by her sudden change of position. Alison had left her parents home under a cloud. She like most teenagers was flexing her rights. Her father didn’t quite see it like that and grabbed her collar, with the intention of laying down the law. It didn’t go quite to plan, as Alison was pulled back she lost her balance and caught her hand on his nose! Her father fell back screaming because she had just broken his nose!

After the blame game Alison left, after confronting her mother and telling it like it was. That there were no rules it was just made up on the spur of the moment to suit whatever point her father was trying to force upon her. Alison left with her belongings. She had just started as a secretary at a firm and she had a sniff of a flat she could rent. The realization that her world might come crashing down around her was fast becoming a reality. She couldn’t ever go back to her parents, only to have her father telling her morning, noon , and night she was a failure!

That night passed very slowly, there was little to distract Alison from her lack of future. Alison sat in front of her mirror. Her hair band removed, her red hair fell around her head, she felt it was her best feature. As she looked down at her breasts she saw imperfections in all she saw in the mirror. At Five foot four, she was neither large or small. Her breasts to most people were fine, but she had always had a little voice in her head telling her things were not right.

Alison had made friends with both men and women, but stopped short of a relationship, her doubts prevented that! That and an overprotective, overbearing father had scared off anyone with any idea of taking Alison away from his control. Now Alison had another problem, where was she to find another job. After a restless sleep, Alison walked down to a newsagents and paid for a local newspaper. She walked home and laid the paper out on her living room floor marking anything she could remotely do.

Alison looked at the mess on her floor. She had destroyed the paper and in all honesty she had no chance of getting most of the jobs advertised. The enormity of the task gripped Alison and she burst into tears. She collapsed on the floor and tore the paper into pieces, Frustrated by what she had seen. Alison did everything by the book. Going to the job agencies and getting her name on file. She was a little more upbeat about getting another job when a letter arrived at her flat. A demand for money from the company who sold her the car. This pushed her into depression, despite having paid the months payment. Alison was starting to get to the time in the month where she would normally pay her bills. She started getting more, and more apprehensive, she still had no job!

She picked up a local paper she had looked in a few days before and was just about to throw it out when something caught her eye. It wasn’t in the Job section, it was in the personal section, probably why she had missed it! The Advertisement read:

WANTED live in companion./assistant To help running of the institution. No experience necessary as full training given.
Suit Lady of good upbringing. Prefer lady of moderate years. Ring 019911541175719.

Alison read the advert again. She pondered just who was it that was expecting a companion?

Alison picked up the phone, then dropped it back on the receiver. Did she really want the job?

She though for a moment, any job was better than no job!

She picked up the phone and rang the number in the paper. After a few seconds a woman answered.


“Oh yes! Hello! I’ve seen your advert in the paper, could you tell me about the position?”

“Well yes, I can, but would you like to see the place and I can tell you about the position at the same time?”

“Well, yes I would like that!”

“Well, I am at Hope St David’s on the great south road about four miles south of town. Drive up to the news agent’s on the right and sharp left and drive down there for a mile and take a right, just after an old barn. Just follow the road for about a mile and a half and the house will come up on the left hand side. You go over a little crossroads and your there!”

“OK, I think I got all that !”

“Straight over the crossroads and your there!”

“That’s it!”

“Ok when?”

“No time like the present!”

“Ok I’m only a couple of minutes from the centre of town, if you can give me twenty minutes and I’ll come over!”

“Whom am I addressing?”

“Oh Alison! Alison Tailor!”

“I am Lady Tate!”

“Ok Lady Tate goodbye!”

“Goodbye Alison!”

Alison quickly got changed into a business suit and left. She wondered about the chances of getting the job and more importantly how well it paid. She dropped the page with the instructions next to her, on the passenger seat and drove off!

Within quarter of an hour Alison was driving up the road that Lady Tate had told her about. She parked outside the huge mansion and got out of the car. As she made her way to the front door she could see someone riding towards the front of the house. Alison quickened her step so she would get to the steps before the horse. She made it with time to spare, the rider in traditional beige jodhpurs rode past her and continued past the house. Alison rang the bell to the side of the doors.

“After a few seconds the door was opened by what looked like a maid, but not any maid, she was completely covered in Latex!

“Hi I’m here to see Lady Tate!”

“Follow me please!”

Walking behind the maid Alison got a good view of her latex covered backside which was oh so tight! Whilst Alison was taking the view in they walked through a door and the maid motioned to Alison to go in. Her bag shot under her arm as Lady Tate came into view, looking at some music scores on a grand piano.

Lady Tate looked up and the pair offered their hand.

“So Alison your interested in becoming my companion?”

“Well, Lady Tate. I have a lot of questions which I would like to ask, and quite probably you have a great number of questions for me.”

“Would you like some tea dear? I usually have tea at this time of day.”

“Oh that would be nice.”

Lady Tate pushed a button on an intercom.

“Tea please Alice!”

“Now Alison. Let me tell you about the job of my companion.”

“Firstly It requires you to be here twenty four seven and at my side whenever I need you there. Don’t worry though you’ll get plenty of time off, which will be in weeks, not days so you can say go to Barbados for a while!”

“For your undivided attention you will receive a hundred and forty thousand in the bank of your choice every year!”

Alison stopped in disbelief at such a huge amount.

“Also a greater part of what you would wear will be provided by me. Now the bad side! I didn’t ask your marital status but there are no men on the property. Is this a problem?”

“No. No problem at all!”

“I take it you have no boyfriend?”

“No never have.”

Lady Tate seemed to liven up somewhat.

“If I was to offer you the job, when could you start?”

“Oh ,well in all honesty, today!”

“Let me show you round the house, once we have taken tea.”

The latex maid walked through with the tea, her click clack was more noticeable and it was obvious that her skirt was made quite deliberately tight so that the maid would mince! Tic, tac, tic, tac, tic, tac, tic, tac, around the room they were in

“I have a question, Lady Tate?

“Your maid! She was wearing a rubber uniform?”

“Of course! Why do you ask?”

“Well it must be a huge turn on to walk around here in rubber!”

“Oh it is I assure you!”

It was all Alison could think of saying!

Lady Tate finished her tea and Alison readied herself. Alison was suddenly put off, fearing what was in store for her. But whichever way she looked at it, she needed the money! Alison would have stopped precedings there and then. What was she getting herself into? What ever it was, it was an awful lot of money for walking around in rubber. “Come I’ll show you round.”

Despite herself Alison studied Lady Tate, a tall woman Alison would have guessed around late fifties. Her white blouse was buttoned down the back and tucked inside a long black satin pencil skirt. Alison thought that she might be wearing stockings and plain black court shoes with heels. Lady Tate was very gracious and moved like a queen. Her steps were a thing of beauty. Alison walked with her and was in awe of her smile!

Lady Tate seemed light years away from the people she knew!

As they walked round the house it slowly became apparent that the place was some sort of school for a select few young ladies. Although there were no students there at the institution. There was an uneasy feel to the rooms they were walking through. Alison couldn’t put her finger on what it was, but it was there. Lady Tate walked into what could have been loosely called a needle room. She picked up a tape measure and turned to Alison.

“I will measure you for your uniform, no doubt you would like a good fit?”

Alison looked at Lady Tate and removed her jacket she lifted her arms to take her chest measurement, Lady Tate measured just below her breasts for the chest and then across the nipples.

“So you have not had a boyfriend then?”

“No, I suppose I don’t make friends easily.”

“Perhaps you just need the right environment to flourish, my dear!”

“Perhaps your right!” Smiling at Lady Tate, unsure of just what the right environment was.

Lady Tate asked Alison to remove her skirt so she could measure Alison’s inside leg, Alison held her breath whilst Lady Tate fingers were holding the tape in place. To Alison’s surprise Lady Tate was measuring the strangest of places, such as round her ankles, her wrists, and her neck. Her head and her thigh.

“You’re very thorough with the measurements, Lady Tate?”

“I demand as close to perfection as can possibly be made.” Measuring Alison for her uniform, writing the measurements down on a form.

“I’ll leave this for the staff in the morning. If you get dressed I’ll show you some more.

As they walked Lady Tate questioned Alison about her parents, where she lived, her aspirations, her dreams. Alison realized she was telling Lady Tate her life story. Lady Tate smiled at her and begged her to continue. She did reluctantly at first, but being unable to help herself plowed on telling Lady Tate her innermost secrets, things she had never told anyone before. They walked through the house, which became a blur. Then Lady Tate motioned Alison through some doors. They were in the garden, or more precisely the patio. The maid had made another pot of tea. And was pouring it into teacups on an ornate tray.

Lady Tate Motioned for Alison to sit.

“Alice, here is my maid, that you met earlier. Alice this is Alison, my new assistant and companion, Oh I hope you still want the job Alison?”

“Oh yes, very much so Lady Tate.”

Alice bobbed a curtsy in front of Alison and Alison smiled nodded, and mouthed a hello.

Alice smiled back and disappeared!

“So, my dear, when would you like to move in?”

“Well, as soon as I’m able, I suppose.”

“Because you’re on your own, If you need any help just ask, we would like to help.”

“Oh thank you! I’ll have to bear it in mind, I haven’t got much I have only been in the flat for four months.”

“Well If you have any problems with the landlord, give me the details and I’ll see what I can do!”

“Well thank you Lady Tate, But I should be OK with them, they’ll probably just be glad to get their flat back!”

After Alison made her goodbyes she left, wondering just what she had said yes to. She rang her landlord and made arrangements to leave. As she thought there was no penalty, they must have been glad to see the back of her! A couple of days later she drove down to the mansion as she called it, she rang the bell and it was answered by Alice.

Alice surprised Alison, she was dressed in a full latex catsuit with an apron and a maid’s cap, both in white latex. With the exception of Alice’s eyes every inch of her body was covered in latex. Alison wondered what the thing sticking out of where Alice’s mouth was. She bobbed a curtsy as was her way and Alison thanked her putting the first of the stuff from her flat in the hall. As she turned round Alice was nowhere to be seen, but as Alison made her way back to the car there was Alice in her full catsuit bringing the next bags from the car.

“You don’t need to curtsy to me Alice, I’m as much staff as you are.” Alice looked at Alison for a moment and motioned across her mouth. There was no hole for the mouth and Alison could see the faintest outline of straps from Alice’s mouth to the back of her head. Alice was gagged! The truth dawned on Alison. Bearing in mind she had always lived in fortress Tailor, her overprotective father would not have ordained such things! Unless to silence Alison herself!

“Oh you can’t speak can you?”

Alice shook her head and put her finger to her mouth. Just then Alison sensed something and grabbed one of her bags that Alice had brought from the car.

“Ah my dear! I’m so glad to see you have arrived!” Alice go and make us some tea! Here my dear, allow me!”

Lady Tate picked up the bag that Alice was carrying and brought it in to the hall. She was dressed, as before in a white latex blouse and with a latex hobble skirt.

“I’ll prepare the way to your room Alison!”

Lady Tate walked off, leaving Alison to pick up her bags and cardboard boxes and take them upstairs to her new room. She grabbed as much as she could and made her way up the stairs struggling with the baggage she had brought. Several trips later, and Alison was done! In more ways than one! Exausted Alison found her new employer sitting on the patio drinking tea, Alice stood beside her.

“Come, come your tea is getting cold!

Alison realizing Alice was never sitting hovered over the seats.

“Sit, sit come drink your tea, you must be tired, after your work.”

“Yes I’m quite tired after all that.”

“I’ve put you in a room that has a new bed. I hope that’s too you’re liking!”

“Yes, thank you Lady Tate!”

“Yes I feel I need to go over exactly what we do here. I did not want to colour your thoughts with this!”

“We are a institution which processes young women using basic level work ethics and punishment schedules. We are paid handsomely for what we do here and I run a very tight ship. You might have noticed that Alice has refrained from talking? This was despite previous warnings so she is ball gagged from sunrise to sunset. From sunset to sunrise she wears a different type of gag and I provide drink for her to consume. My rules may at times seem extreme, the wearing of latex is mandatory. I shall attend to your first fitting shortly, but first let us drink to you. Welcome Alison!”

“Thank you Lady Tate.”

Later after the fitting Alison was still trying to walk in the heels which “Were mandatory” It wasn’t the fact that they were high, but the fact that they were stiletto boots which she had never had on before. She came across a full length mirror she stared at her reflection The full catsuit which Alice had polished every inch of her body to bring out the shine the latex corset which was laced tightly and the new boots! Her red hair shone like a beacon, luckily she didn’t have to wear a helmet like Alice, but it dawned on her it was only a matter of time.

Alison put her things away in her room, she looked at her new bed. She bent over and pulled the covers away from the frame of the bed to reveal strapping rings like the beds they have in mental homes.

“It’s a bondage bed!” Came Lady Tate’s voice from the doorway. Lady Tate took her keys which were permanently attached to her waistband and unlocked the only cupboard Alison could not use because it was locked. As Lady Tate opened the door Alison realized it was stuffed with bondage stuff, Lady Tate took a collar from the cupboard and fitted it round Alison’s neck.

“Sit on the side of the bed.”

Lady Tate went back to the cupboard and brought out a pair of mittens.


Alison folded her hands as Lady Tate pulled first one then the other mitten over her hands. She laced them tight and with a small padlocks tightened the strap around the wrists and snapped the padlocks shut. With both of Alison’s hands in bondage Lady Tate padlocked the hands to the collar.

“Kneel on the floor girl.”

Alison was unsure where this was going, but the view of Lady Tate’s crutch close up, even though she was wearing a skirt or perhaps because of it made Alison feel damp. Alison bit her lip wondering what would take place Lady Tate’s hand caressed the back of her neck.

“Head forward!”

Then the click and buzz of the electric shaver! Lady Tate pushed her head forward cutting her hair from the back of her head working her way forward until her head was shaven to above her ears.

“Head back!”

Lady Tate pulled the other way forcing Alison’s head back as she cut across Alison’s fringe. Alison had burst into tears, not daring to say anything to her new employer.

“Done!” Barked Lady Tate, as she switched off the shaver and put it away in the cupboard. She had cut Alison’s hair to a number one, brushing the now cut hair away from Alison’s face. Tears still streaming down her face as Lady Tate removed the collar and pulled a open helmet over her head.

“I’m afraid with all that hair you would never look right in Latex, So it had to go!”

So looked up at the very imposing figure towering in front of her. Alison decided to try to take the lead and kissed Lady Tate on her latex skirted stomach.

“All in good time my dear!”

A ball gag pushed in Alison’s mouth silenced any further discussion. Finally a full latex helmet was pulled over Alison’s head. Alison was left meowing through the gag, all thought of release had gone. What ever was going to happen would be the wish of Lady Tate.

A Leash clipped onto the collar and gently pulled as Lady Tate pulled Alison to her feet. Still unsteady wearing her new boots, Alison walked warily behind Lady Tate. Down the corridor they walked, until Lady Tate walked up to a box on the wall. She used one of her keys to open the box. Once in Lady Tate pushed a button and a lift door revealed itself. Lady Tate pulled Alison into the lift. There wasn’t a lot of room in the lift, the pair were almost nose to nose Lady Tate softly brushed Alison’s bum. Without thinking Alison pushed forwards into the arms of Lady Tate.

“I think I will enjoy you tonight!”

The lift stopped and Lady Tate opened the door with difficulty, there probably was only ever room for one.

The pair walked out of the lift into what appeared to be a large area,. Lady Tate turned the lights on and all became clear. It was a dungeon! On the far wall was Alice. Alison realized the pair of them were identical. As Lady Tate walked her to Alice. Alice was moaning, probably the amount of time she had been chained to the wall in the darkness.

“The new term starts in just over a months time. From tomorrow I want your full attention. The girls are to be readied as you two are. No exceptions! Our first class totals four, as they come into the institution one at a time you should have no problem preparing them. After all, I have just prepared you my dear!”

Lady Tate released Alice from her chains. Alice was wearing exactly the same as Alison, down to the mittens. Lady Tate padlocked Alice’s mittens behind her and leashed her. Alison’s mittens were released and padlocked in the same way, behind her back. Lady Tate picked up both leashes and gave a little tug to the pair. For a second Alice’s eyes gazed at Alison’s. Alison thought that given the chance, she would tell the story of how she ended up in such a place. Alison was torn between the terror of not knowing what was going to happen to her and the overtly sexual nature of what had already happened to her.

Lady Tate walked in front of Alice and Alison, the pair tried to look at each other but walking in heels, having your hands padlocked behind you, and being walked like a puppy doesn’t help. They made their way up a flight of stairs and found themselves in Lady Tate’s, personal living space. She tethered the pair to a hitching post made for the purpose. As Lady Tate walked off Alice inched round to face Alison.

“OoH Ow Ay?”


“I oow ot ee os oin oo oo oo ou! Oori!”

(I knew what she was going to do to you! Sorry!)

“Ac O ay oo odn orn ee od oo!

( That’s O K you couldn’t warn me could you!)

“Ifs see eerr et ta ance ee oow er!”

(If we ever get the chance we’ll show her!)

Apart from repeating her words so that Alison could understand, Alison being new to trying to communicate with a gag in the mouth. Alice got over what she felt was important. If Lady Tate did things the way she always seemed to there would be an opportunity to pounce, and it wasn’t long to prepare. Alison was keen to get even with Lady Tate, she wasn’t keen on losing her job, but she was going to have something to say to the person that shaved her head, as if she was a dog, or worse!

Later that night, after the pair had gone over much of the information they needed to run the Institution, Lady Tate said they might be rewarded for their work. Alice glanced at Alison saw a hint of a smirk in Alice’s eyes, a little “I told you so!”

Alison guessed that Lady Tate had done something similar with Alice before, she guessed that all she was doing is the same thing but with both of them.

Lady Tate picked up the leather loops at the end of their leashes and everyone started to walk . While they were walking both Alice and Alison’s eyes were firmly fixed on Lady Tate’s buttocks mincing down the hall. Lady Tate was leading them back to her private rooms. Once they walked through the doors, Alice looked at Alison, Alison gave her a look but being covered in two helmets and gagged it was impossible to tell what the message was!

Lady Tate walked into her living room, followed by the girls. She let go of the leashes and sat down on her comfy sofa.

“Now you both have been very good today, and for your good work I shall release you both and allow you to pleasure me!”

Lady Tate pulled the large ring of keys and selected a key, she got up out of the comfy sofa and walked behind Alice. She unlocked Alice’s padlock locking the mittens behind her. Alice rubbed her arms as they hurt. Lady Tate unlocked the padlocks locking the mittens and pulled the mittens off of Alice’s hands. Alison looked on in anticipation. Lady Tate unlocked the padlock locking Alice’s posture collar and systematically unlocked and unzipped everything Alice was wearing. As Alice stood over her Lady Tate started to unlock and unzip everything that Alison was wearing, soon the pair of them stood over Lady Tate as Lady Tate pulled some latex school uniforms from a cupboard.

Alice quietly grabbed a ball gag, the same gag she was wearing minutes before. Alison saw the opportunity was a short one and carefully picked up a pair of mittens. They both hid their surprises by keeping their hands behind themselves. Lady Tate stood up and brought over the uniforms, she handed one to Alice and turned round to give Alison the other. Alice dropped the uniform and grabbed Lady Tate from behind by the chin, with the left hand and forcing the ball gag into her mouth with the right. Alison dropped her uniform as well and jumped at Lady Tate, grabbing her hands and strapping on the mittens and strapping them on!

“Consider this a strike! Lady Tate! “ Said Alice as she padlocked the mittens together.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffff!” Lady Tate was not taking it very well.!

The girls laid Lady Tate down on the carpet and rolled her over on her stomach.

“You move and we play face sitting OK!“ The fallen woman didn’t dare move, she could work out for herself she had outrageuosly overstepped the mark.

“We were both employed by you allegedly and you take our hair, our dignity our lives, we are employees not bloody slaves! Now we ‘ll enjoy YOU!“

Alice handed Alison her uniform, “Yeah put it on! She loves us in them!”

Alice grabbed her own and they both slipped the latex on, watching their prospective slave at their feet. They dressed each other. Pulling the latex, teasing it out so the latex was smooth. Alice smoothed the latex over Alison’s back getting close enough to peck at her neck. Alison gazed at Alice and edged closer to her they slowly gathered each other and kissed for the first time.

Alice broke first just to get her breath back. “It’s nice to share, Isn’t it!”

Alice soothed, “I have never held someone, ever.”

Alison sought to fight back the tears as she let the truth be known, Lady Tate grunted and the pair, for the moment let the moment pass.

“Right ! We’ll strip her!“

They both grabbed an arm and Alice undid the button on her skirt as they pulled it down Alison looked at Lady Tate’s crutch. There was the tell tale signs of a penis!

“God she has a willy!“

Alice looked and started laughing!

“No wonder!” the pair pulled down their new slaves fifties style knickers to reveal a perfectly formed hairless penis.

“Oh we’re going to have some fun with you! Hold her! I’ll be a few minutes!”

Alice ran off, her uniform in full flow. Lady Tate kept trying to say something, Alison looked her in the eye.

“YOU! Shaved my hair off! You had absolutely no right to do that! I don’t know what Alice has in mind but whatever it is, you thoroughly deserve it!”

Alison could hear Alice running down the corridor upstairs, she only had a few seconds to wait!

Alice panting had something in her hand. Lady Tate recoiled the moment she saw it. Although Alison was still naïve enough not to immediately recognize a CB3000!

Rolled over Lady Tate’s penis was slipped into the shaft and the clasp was clipped over her scrotum and snapped shut!

“There! She’s ours! “

Alison saw something under her cock and balls, Alison gingerly moved them out the way to reveal a small pussy.

“She has both male and female!” Said Alison a little surprised at her forwardness.

“She’s called a hermaphrodite, when you have both!”

Recognizing that all this was very new to Alison.

As Alice clipped the padlock through the bar and snapped it shut!

“Help me get her up!”

They Pulled her up and felt her breasts,

“Well I can’t tell whether they’re real or silicon, they’re not false anyway! Lets see how you can suck pussy?”


“If you had kept this at a professional level we wouldn’t be here now. You cut her hair off, you cut my hair off without a by or leave and you expect us to like it? Fuck Off bitch! So we will take our first break since we started working for you!”

The trio walked into the playroom, the large room they found Alice in earlier. They picked up Lady Tate with difficultly but got her on a bench. Alice unlocked the padlock holding the mittens and released them for a second them relocking them at the corners of the bench. Lady Tate was struggling all the time, until Alison slapped her dick when all three of them were stunned into silence! Alice changed to the other end of the bench, Alison moved out of her way as she padlocked Lady Tate’s ankles to the bench.

“Leave her to stew!”

Leaving Lady Tate tied to the bench! They ran off hand in hand, laughing and kissing each other, they ran to Alice’s room and lay themselves on the bed. For the first time in her life, Alison made love to another person. She held on to Alice.

“I have a lot to thank you for Alice.”

“No you don’t, you deserved it as much as me!”

Alice slid off the bed and started to put her uniform on again.

“Anyway lets go and give her hell!”

Alison followed suit and started to dress in her uniform as well!

They walked down to the playroom where they left her chained to a bench. As Alice flicked the lights on there was Lady Tate blinking trying to get used to the light. Alice whispered to Alison .

“Follow my lead!”

As they drew closer to Lady Tate Alice stopped for a moment and pulled her knickers off, Alison followed suit. Alice jumped on the bench where Lady Tate was locked to and Alice sat across her chest. Alice unstrapped her Gag,

“Ready ?”

“Don’t do…

Alice slid over Lady Tate’s face and cut off her supply of air, after a couple of seconds, there was a muffled cry.

“Suck it slut!”

Alison had climbed on the bench as well and sat just in front of Lady Tate’s newly found penis, which now resembled an plastic model of a dick! Alison could see Lady Tate go hard and then found there was nowhere to go, she squirmed in the new found bondage. Alison rather hoped that she would not be able the break the chastity belt and would squirm for a long time to come! At the other end Alice only had her micro thin Latex knickers between Lady Tate’s mouth and her pussy after deciding that it might be better with out them on she looked over her shoulder and waved Alison forwards to take her place. Alison didn’t need much encouragement, she maneuvered into place, much to Lady Tate’s consternation. Lady Tate tried to move her head out from the grip of her pussy but Alison kept straightening her head and sitting on her face.

“I have never, ever had my hair cut off and I would never, ever consent to it! But you my employer decided for me and simply cut my hair off! So I think I will enjoy this even more than I should!” With that Alison gripped Lady Tate’s head with her thighs and felt for her breasts. Upon finding them found the bit to squeeze and twisted it! She nearly came when Lady Tate erupted under her. Alice climbed on across Lady Tate’s legs scratching her balls with her fingers. Lady Tate went hard again but with nowhere to go she screamed in pain under Alison weight.

The pair kept up the pressure on Lady Tate changing over after they had come, and watching how Lady Tate cringed in pain as she got hard only to find yet again that her dick was encased in heavy plastic. Alice stuck Electro stimulation pads round Lady Tate’s dick, Not too close, but close enough to seriously turn her on. She set it for one minute every five minutes. Alice left it running and walked away after checking her gag was in place! She rejoined Alison in her bed and they resumed where they had left off.

The following morning there was a strange quiet in the place They dressed and walked down to see Lady Tate. She was still strapped to the bench, obviously in a bit of pain! Her dick was still trying to get hard but was trapped by the CB3000 which caused her to droop. The constant rise and fall must have been absolute torture! Alison looked closely at Lady Tate, the dried cum still on her face. She looked pleadingly at Alison to stop the abuse of her dick!

Alice looked over her shoulder.

“Don’t you think she’s had enough?” Asked a more concerned Alison

“No! she‘ll have to pay for what she’s done, at least to me!”

“Well I’ll give her a drink, there’s revenge and there’s going too far. I don’t mind her being taught a lesson but, I won’t be party to Sadism, I’ll go get her some water.” Alison walked away leaving Alice alone with Lady Tate.

When she returned with a glass of water, Alice was sitting across her chest.

“Take off her gag I want to give her some water.”

Alice slipped off the bench leaving Alison with Lady Tate. Once the gag was off Lady Tate maneuvered her jaw trying to get it to feel like she didn’t pick up the wrong jaw by mistake! Alison lifted her head so she could sip the water. “Oh, thank you my dear.” She croaked.

“You really pissed me off cutting my hair, you know that?”

“I ‘m sorry, I just wanted you to get the felling you were starting again. I wanted to let you feel like you were free to take any direction you wanted. I know all this was Alice’s idea, I must have told her a little too much she will make a fine domme!“

“Is that what you wanted for me?”

“Of course! Why do you think I was teaching you both, We have four students arriving soon and you have no idea how to handle them. If you could release me we might be able to continue with your preparations.”

“Oh I think that might be a little premature don’t you? I don’t think I could do that, not until Alice get it out of her system. I don’t know what her problems have been but, I’ll let you go once she runs out of steam!”

“Sound fair enough, are you going to gag me?”

“I wasn’t but since you want it I will!”

Alison pulled the gag from her throat to her mouth, suitably muzzled Alison walked off to find Alice. She found her as she was rifling through a leather and latex cabinet. Alice had collected some stuff for Lady Tate. The pair walked back to where Lady Tate was locked. Alice dropped the bag she had collected and undid the shackles that locked Lady Tate down, then forced her hands together behind her back and padlocked it.

“Come on help me!” Alice shrilled as she undid the straps holding Lady Tate ‘s feet to the bench.

“Strip off everything bar the CB!”

“What’s a CB?”

“CB stand for Chastity belt, don’t take it off!”


Off came the stockings the shoes the bra and Alice pulled out a latex catsuit. As Lady Tate’s legs were pulled into the cat suit it became clear what sort of suit it was, with no arms and a baggy front it could only be a strait jacket suit! It pulled up and they unlocked Lady Tate only to relock her arms at the front. They did the suit up right to the top of her neck, Alice picked up a open face helmet and prized it over Lady Tate’s head. taking her time to get the latex of the helmet smooth. Now the gag could not be undone the other helmet could be fastened over her head. Lady Tate’s hair although still on her head was crumpled under the helmets. Four things were left a pair of high heeled boots a collar and a leash.

These were put on Lady Tate, she tried to avoid the collar, so Alice unzipped the cat suit and let the obstruction fall out.

“Oh, Oh my what do we have here?“ Said Alice clutching her face.

“Nothing to shock you with I’m sure!” Said Alison who made Lady Tate look at her whilst she did up the collar.


“No problem!”

Alice marched out with Lady Tate following behind her, closely followed by Alison.

“What do you want to do with her now?”

“See the sun shining it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?

“Well yes it is.”

“Have you any idea how hot it is in a latex catsuit in the afternoon?”

“No I don’t.” answered Alison truthfully.

“Well I fucking do! You sweat like a pig in one in this heat and No one could be bothered to give me a drink of water, NO ONE!”

“So is that why we’re here?”

“I thought I’d give her a taste of her own medicine!”

Alice clipped a tether chain to a post, placed in the garden precisely for the purpose of tethering slaves. In the heat of the afternoon and with the chain too short to sit Lady Tate was going to make the best of it! Alice had positioned Lady Tate to stand in the same spot that she had stood before.

“Right lets get something to drink and we can sit out here in the sun for a few hours!”

Alison glanced up at the new maid, who looked quite uncomfortable already. Alice looked at Alison then Lady Tate,

“Stop fidgeting maid! Or I’ll leave you here all night as well!” Obviously a reference to a comment made by Lady Tate when the role were reversed!

She stopped and seemed to calm down. The girls sat quietly telling each other how they became to be there and generally swapping notes, Lady Tate sweated in the heat of the afternoon.

“Do you think we should give Lady Tate a drink?”

“No way! Do you think she would have given me a drink in the same position? No of course not!“ Alice looked at Lady Tate, she got up out the seat and looked Lady Tate right in the eye. “If you were here you wouldn’t even think about someone else, would you, it wouldn’t even enter your head.“

Lady Tate’s head dropped. All she could do was look at Alice, or look at the ground.

“Do you understand what you have done to me, keeping me in latex strung up all day in the sun without water?“

Beaten Lady Tate could not look any lower.

Alice unclipped her and led her back to the house. Alison picked up the tray and carried it back to the kitchen, she put the tray on the side and watched as Alice took off Lady Tate’s helmet and removed her gag. As she stood dripping with sweat Alice got her a drink of water. Alice held the glass to her mouth and she drank the glass. After she had recovered a little Alice was undoing the suit.

“Forgive me girls! I had no idea that something so simple could be so dangerous!”

“Consider yourself forgiven! I like being a slave, your slave. It’s just the fact you obviously have never put yourself in the position before and now you know just how dangerous it can be!“

“I shall make us a dinner to remember!” said Lady Tate. “The best!” She said to a surprised Alice and Alison.

“A little pasta, a little caviar, and a little champagne!“

“Well thank you Lady Tate,”

A few hours later both the girls were slumped over the table drugged up to the eyeballs for the night. Lady Tate retrieved the key to the CB 3000 and removed it. She dressed in her rooms looking every bit the elegant bitch she had always been. She had no trouble lifting the girls on to a trolley and taking them upstairs for preparation. Dressing the girls in Latex she prepared them for the prison. Neither would be able to move for a month, and both would wake in the darkness of a punishment helmet.

“Those that dare the ultimate must prepare for the ultimate punishment.”



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