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Tasha and Mr. Thingy

by Three Rocks

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© Copyright 2009 - Three Rocks - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; vacbed; stuck; M/f; bond; tease; toys; cons; X

Chapter I -- The Delivery


An erotic dream already fading out of memory, Tasha bolted out of bed when she heard the doorbell. Or rather, she tried to bolt out of bed, but instead discovered that she was still lying spreadeagled, each one of her four limbs cuffed to different posts of the four-poster bed she shared with her boyfriend Wayne. She was alone and remembered cuddling next to Wayne as she fell asleep; Wayne must have woken up, tied her up as a small surprise, and then gone to work.

Not only that, but she felt an obstruction in her mouth and on her face; Wayne must have also stuffed and inflated a butterfly gag in her mouth, as well has putting on the leather face harness to help it in.

Each of her wrists was buckled into a leather cuff, with the buckle itself guarded from opening by a keyed padlock. A chain connected each cuff to the nearest bedpost; the chain could be removed from the cuff, but only when the buckle was open. Each of her feet were similarly secured to the bedposts at the foot of the bed; the only slight difference was that her feet were not in standard cuffs, but tight leather booties with a cuff mechanism right above the ankle.

On a normal day, when she woke up like this, she would struggle a bit with her bonds, enjoying the feeling of waking up in light bondage, making grunting noises as she gyrated, imagining herself in unescapable torment.

But the doorbell probably meant that the specially-ordered package had arrived. So, no slow orgasm-in-bed for Tasha this morning; she needed to get out as soon as possible, in case she needed to sign for the package. She could not miss this package!

She flexed her right wrist, trying to reach the handcuff key that Wayne always put in the third link of the chain, positioned just so that she would never touch it accidentally but could reach it if she needed to. After the third try she managed to barely hook the key with her pinkie, which was just enough leverage to bring another finger closer and dislodge the key. A small toss dropped the key into her right palm, and then she was able to grab it with a more secure grip. She then flexed downwards towards her wrist, and carefully eased the key into the padlock and turned.

Nothing happened. The key fit into the padlock, but it wouldn't turn.

A feeling of panic came across Tasha. How could the key not turn?

She was going to miss the special delivery! Then she remembered something that Wayne had first tried a few months ago. This must be the key for the padlock on her *left* wrist.

The last time Wayne had tried this, she wasn't gagged; so, it was pretty easy to Tasha to use her mouth as a way to transfer the key over to the left side. But this time, with the butterfly gag in place, she had no mouth openings to help with key transport.

Fortunately, Tasha was a resourceful woman; she was able to hook the key onto one of the many leather straps crossing her face. A simple turn of the head, and the key was now on the left side. She reached out her left arm to reach for the key. Steady... Almost...


The second ring of the doorbell startled Tasha, and the key fell out of her face harness. Damn! There it lay on the pillow; just maybe a half-inch out of reach from the face harness, and a struggle to just touch it with her left-hand. But she wanted that package, and it definitely didn't help that the time pressure and the bondage was making her wet and aroused. She tried again with her left hand, and got one finger to touch the key. Stretch just a bit more... got it.

Grab the key, unlock the left padlock, loosen the buckle, and her left arm was free! Tasha hoped the postman always rang more than twice as she frantically grabbed the other handcuff key (on the left chain) and unlocked her right wrist. Then to loosen the booties (thank god Wayne hadn't used the padlocks on those) and she was out of bed.


"Don't leave, don't leave," Tasha thought at the postman as she ran out of the bedroom. "I'm coming!" she tried to yell, but the gag made sure that was nothing more than an inaudible grunt. "Oh my gosh I need to get this gag and head harness off me," Tasha thought as she ran downstairs to the front door, her hands simultaneously unbuckling the head harness at the same time. With a pop from her mouth (ouch), she yanked off the head harness and the gag and threw it to the side with the right hand, all in one swift movement as her left hand opened the door wide open, as one thought arrived in her head a fraction of a second too late: "What am I wearing?"

The delivery boy, about to leave, was greeted with one of the most amazing sights in his life. A blond-haired, blue-eyed woman, wearing nothing but a bright red shiny latex teddy, molded to frame her breasts and camel-toe perfectly, glistening with sweat and breathing hard as if she had just been working out. "Uhhh..." he managed to stammer.

"Oh wonderful, it IS my package!" Tasha exclaimed. She yanked the small box out of the delivery boy's hands. "Where do I sign for it?" she asked.

The boy stood mute. "Eyes up here," Tasha said quickly, hoping that the delivery boy wasn't noticing that not ALL of the wetness dripping down between her legs was sweat. The boy slowly lifted up his little delivery registration gadget.

Tasha grabbed it, signed it, returned it, and closed the door. "Bye!"

God, that was SO embarrassing. But the package, the package would be so worth it. (The delivery boy would stand stupefied for about another five minutes, then leave.)

Tasha ripped open the box and took out an oddly-shaped device, that Wayne had jokingly called "Mr. Thingy" as they were designing it.

Mr. Thingy was, in Wayne's words, "the ultimate vibrator," and had taken him about five months to design and another month to get manufactured. It went in front, in her genital areas, with a long dildo in front going straight into her pussy. In fact, the dildo was based on a mold Wayne had made of her pussy, which meant that it was actually a bit wider at the tip than it was at the base, ensuring a perfect fit that wouldn't fall out, and ability to wear it indefinitely. The inside of Mr. Thingy was filled with a complex network of various vibration points and sensors; it could independently stimulate different parts inside and outside her pussy, as well as her clit, and also sense when she was coming close, and based on the settings, be set to deny her from cumming indefinitely while giving as much stimulation as possible, or to drive her to higher and higher levels of orgasmic bliss. It had an internal battery that would last for decades. Mr. Thingy also had a built-in catheter that would go into her urethra and come out through a small hole at the bottom, so that she could wear it for very long times indeed.

Tasha wasted no time putting Mr. Thingy to work. She carefully stripped off the latex teddy and carefully put the gadget in, making sure to carefully insert the catheter. She was so dripping wet that she decided that extra lube would be completely unnecessary. She took a quick glance at the full-length mirror in the hallway -- with Mr. Thingy on, her lower area looked completely smooth and featureless, as if she were a mannequin. She fished out the remote control from the box and went through the options. "CUMASAP" seemed like a fine one to start with. She set it, and pushed the Start button. Mr. Thingy started vibrating. Hmm, pretty nice, and then...


Ohmigosh that was amazing! The device uncannily knew exactly what to stimulate, and where. The whole process took 10, maybe 5, seconds, tops. Tasha had collapsed to the ground from the suddenness of the orgasm, and wasn't even aware of ever falling down.

After coming down from the afterglow, though, Tasha was almost a bit disappointed -- she didn't even get to touch her breasts or dress up in her favorite latex suits. Well, plenty of other settings to try.

"TEASE4EVER" was the next choice; supposed this setting would be able to detect when she was close to cumming, and then stop just as she was close. It would be a great setting, she reasoned, as she decided what to wear next. She pressed the Start button for a second time. Mr. Thingy started pleasuring her again, on a much duller setting this time; enough to slowly arouse, but definitely not close enough to come.

As Mr. Thingy went to work, Tasha went through her closet. Perhaps the full-body rubber catsuit this time, with attached hood, feet, and gloves. This catsuit was a shade of royal purple, and was made just a tiny bit smaller than her actual body, which meant it took a while to get into but hugged all her curves in a tight, sensuous embrace.

Tasha took a bottle of talcum powder and started powdering the inside of the suit liberally. Unfortunately, the powder ran out almost immediately after she used it, so she had to search around the house before finding another full bottle in Wayne's study. Tasha slowly rolled the powdered suit up her ankles and legs. As she was smoothing out the purple latex over her knees, Mr. Thingy stopped. Tasha wasn't quite close yet, but it appeared that it was merely testing her limits, as Mr. Thingy soon started again after 5 seconds.

It took a bit more stuffing to get her ass into the suit, as the rest of it rolled past Mr. Thingy and her navel. Tasha caressed her nipples as she eased her large, D-sized breasts into the suit's breast cups. She was much closer now, as she rubbed and massaged her bosom through the rubber. Oh yes, she was getting so excited... and Mr. Thingy stopped again. It was learning, that's for sure.

Tasha had gotten both sleeves and gloves on when Mr. Thingy started again. Tasha took a moment to stare at her arms, clad in a second-skin of shiny, purple, alien beauty. She zipped up the back of the suit halfway, and ducked her head down to fit into the attached hood, as she stretched the hood over her face. The hood had only four openings; two small breathing tubes that went into her nostrils, and two holes for her eyes, although those were currently covered by an attached blindfold. She smoothed out the hood, and zipped it up the back, feeling the wonderful tightness as her cheeks and jaw were constrained by the tightness.

In a world of only one sight (purple darkness), one smell (pungent latex), and no sound or taste, all that was left was touch as Tasha moved her gloved hands all over her body, her shoulder, her breasts and yes, her crotch. Mr. Thingy was really going at it full throttle now. Oh God, she was so close to cumming, as she violently squeezed her nipples through the rubber with one hand while feeling all over her smooth violet head with the other. She moved one hand closer to her crotch, on the verge, when Mr. Thingy suddenly stopped again.

But in her animal lust Tasha could not accept another cycle of this denial of pleasure. Both of her hands were now trying to grab Mr. Thingy through the layers of latex as she thrusted at the intruders inside her. One finger managed to hook onto the edge of Mr. Thingy, Tasha pulled, and ...

BAM! Tasha came again, the second time this say, and even stronger than before.

"But wait," Tasha thought, as she came down from this second orgasm... this was supposed to tease, not let her cum so easily. The problem, clearly, was that she could still reach and touch her erogenous areas, even while wearing the full enclosure catsuit. There was no way around it. If she wanted a long-term tease she was going to have to find some way to immobilize herself. And she knew just the right thing for it. One of the vacbeds.

Chapter II -- The Vacbed

As Tasha slowly peeled off the catsuit (parts of it definitely felt sticky) and threw it into a corner of the room to be dealt with later, Tasha thought about the vacbeds.

The vacbeds in the basement dungeon were probably Wayne's favorite toys. Wayne loved the feeling of being completely immobilized, only a small give in the material and being completely helpless to Tasha's administrations. Tasha loved seeing Wayne's sexy body defined by the latex, his penis a giant bump on his crotch. Tasha loved touching Wayne's trapped penis, Wayne struggling and squirming but completely unable to stop Tasha from doing what she wanted. Tasha enjoyed being a vacbed too, but Wayne seemed to like it more. Unfortunately, the nature of setting up the vacuum meant that both of them had to present if they were to use the vacbed, and with Wayne's extra work at the chemical firm, it meant less and less time for the two of them to be alone together.

But Tasha had a devious plan this time. The living room had a detachable electric timer that could be set to turn off and on every hour, for any appliance that was plugged into it. They used the timer on one of the lights, so that the neighbors would have the impression that they were home acting normally when instead they were vacationing in Holland or having an extended session in the dungeon. If she attached the timer to the vacuum cleaner, and timed things right, she could climb into the vacbed, have the vacuum automatically turn on, and she'd be immobilized for a full hour while Mr. Thingy did his thing. It would be torturously wonderful. After an hour, the vacuum would turn off, and if she used one of the older vacbeds with the weaker seal, eventually enough air would get in so that she could free herself. Besides, Wayne would be home in a couple of hours anyway, so that was the worst-case scenario in case anything went wrong.

Tasha excitedly ran through the house, collecting things for this plan. In addition to getting the electric timer and setting up the vacbed (it was their first vacbed, so only a simple basic-black), she also grabbed the custom gag. This was a gag that was made by casting the inside of her mouth, so it was extremely comfortable. It filled her cheeks, but without being grotesquely so. There were recessed rows, above and below, in which her teeth fit perfectly. Even her tongue had no escape, fitting inside a small indentation in the tough silicone gag. The gag also had a hollow hole all the way through it, enough to thread a piece of PVC tubing through the front of the gag and direct down into the throat, a tube such as the breathing tube on the vacbed. Mr Thingy was excited too during this whole prep.

She set the vacuum to start in 15 minutes, as she got ready to enter the vacbed. She inserted the gag, making sure her teeth and tongue were completely immobilized. She climbed into the bed, a large latex envelope around some PVC pipes. She then zipped up the outside of the vacbed; the breathing tube for the vacbed was now her only connection to the outside air. She inserted the vacbed's breathing tube through her gag, testing her breathing. Now all that was left was to lie spreadeagled and wait.

It felt like an eternity, but was probably only a minute, before the vacuum started. Tasha felt the rubber around her get tighter, tighter, and tighter still, until the sound of the vacuum cleaner changed in pitch, implying that it had now sucked all the air out of the vacbed. Tasha wiggled her fingers, the latex giving just a little bit. She tried moving her arm, but all she could do was wiggle it and stretch the latex a little -- her limbs were otherwise immobile. She was even more occluded than before, unable to move, unable to talk, only breathe. Mr. Thingy started vibrating again. She enjoyed the sensation as Mr. Thingy played with her clit and shook her vagina, but just as she was about to come, everything stopped. She struggled like mad, trying to get just a little bit of extra sensation down there to get to the climax, but aside from some shaking, she couldn't get any purchase, and her plateau subsided. And then Mr. Thingy started again. She would be like this for an hour, always kept on the edge of cumming, trapped like a fly in amber. And she loved it.

Chapter III -- The Accident

Mr. Thingy was in one of his inert periods, when suddenly the sound of the vacuum stopped. It must be time to get out, Tasha thought wistfully, as she planned to loosen herself and finally bring herself to the climax that her body so desperately wanted. But the vac bed showed no signs of loosening. Her hands and legs were still stuck, mostly immobile except for some quivering and shaking.

This didn't make sense! When the vacuum stopped, air should be leaking back between the layers, letting her loose. The vacuum was strong, but the older vacbed should have enough imperfections. Tasha started to panic, thrashing, and trying to scream through her gag (all that came out were stifled "Mmm! Mmm!" grunts), but she was held fast, just as she had been through the last hour. Perhaps it hadn't been an hour, and she had just imagined that the vacuum had stopped?

Tasha knew that sometimes under sensory deprivation people would suddenly be unaware of a constant stimulus; perhaps this was happening to her hearing. But she distinctly remembered hearing the vacuum stop; that wasn't supposed to happen, right? And then, suddenly, Mr. Thingy started up again. "MMMM!!!" "MMMM!!!!"

Tasha wasn't able to think when Mr. Thingy was active, but in the in-between periods, she tried to figure out what was going on. Surely if she was just imagining the vacuum sound stopping, it should really have stopped by now. Perhaps she had been in the vacbed so long that she was imagining herself completely immobile, when in reality she could have freed herself at any time? But she really felt like she was still in a sealed vacbed. She was going through these thoughts, when she heard the sound of the vacuum go on again! Oh no, the timer must have been set on alternating on and off every hour!

Wayne opened the door of his downstairs dungeon to see a beautiful sight for his eyes. A voluptuous beauty, encased in skintight ebony.

"Ah, Tasha. I see Mr. Thingy must have arrived, and you couldn't wait to try it as soon as you could, right? In that case, let me have some fun..."

Tasha felt something new. Someone was caressing her breasts! Wayne must have returned, which means that it must have been at least two-and-a-half hours since she had locked herself in this accursed vacuum bed. Yes, with Wayne here he could perhaps let her out. "Let me out!" she tried to scream, but the gag was too form-fitting, all that came out were more grunts. Wayne responded by rubbing her crotch. Tasha grunted again. Was she trying to get Wayne to stop, or to get him to continue? She wasn't sure any more.

For the next half-hour or so, Wayne had teased and played with Tasha in as many ways as possible. He had taken both ice cubes and hot water and played over every inch of her body. He had lubed the top of the vacbed, gotten naked and slid all over Tasha, his hard penis rubbing over everywhere from her gagged mouth to her toes. He had plugged and opened Tasha's sole breathing hole, too many times to count. Part of Tasha was overjoyed at this play, while another part just wanted out.

Then the vacuum stopped again. Wayne played around for about a minute, and then suddenly Tasha couldn't feel his presence any more. Then she heard his voice.

"Um, darling? Can you hear me? Grunt once for yes, twice for no."


"The vacuum seems to have stopped, but it's not releasing."

Grunt grunt grunt grunt.

"Okay, calm down honey. I'm taking it this has happened already?"


Tasha heard some shuffling around.

"I've just unplugged the vacuum from the bed..."


"...and I've just unzipped the zipper. Honey, the two layers of the vacbed seem to be stuck together. I can't pry them apart."

Grunt grunt!

"Hold on." Tasha heard the sound of Wayne hurring up the stairs.

After what seemed like an eternity, Wayne's voice returned. "Honey?"


"I found this half-empty silver bottle... I think you might have used this to powder the inside of the suit, right?"


"Well, I have rather bad news. This bottle isn't talc -- it's one of our lab's experimental bonding agent. It's dehydrated and activates with heat and water. Which all your sweating may have just done."

Grunt grunt!

"I'm afraid so. Darling, I'm going to have to try to cut you out of there..."

Fifty minutes later, Tasha was riding in the passenger seat of Wayne's car, en route to his lab. Fortunately, Wayne had found Mr. Thingy's remote control, and turned it off. Wayne had cut off all the parts of the vacbed where the upper and lower layers had stuck together, which allowed Tasha the ability to at least stand and walk. She had to tense her muscles to even stay seated however; if she tried to relax, the tension of the latex would naturally try to force her back into the spreadeagled position. She was still blind, and only breathing through the tube. Wayne hadn't bothered to cut her fingers out separately, so her fingers felt like there was a layer of webbing between them. She flexed them occasionally, enjoying the weird feeling of her fingers being loosely stuck to each other.

Perhaps being stuck like this for a while wouldn't be so bad...


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