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Tardy to Class

by Siobhann

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© Copyright 2013 - Siobhann - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; drug; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; bond; straps; cuffs; punish; blackout; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

A Bondage College Misadventure

I come to in the public restroom. In one of the stalls. I am on the floor, foggy from the drugs, but I know I am bound up. I don't know how long I have been out, but long enough to get bound up tight, nice and stuck. I can taste the latex gag filling my mouth. I struggle against the restraint, managing to stand up, sliding against the wall. The stall door is open, I can see myself in the mirrors. I have been turned into a latex doll.

Head to toe skin tight latex catsuit. Shiny black. Only my eyes and lips are uncovered. My lips sensually kissing a ball gag, strap tight around my head. My arms are clamped to my body by latex straps around my chest and my belly. My legs are held tight together by straps around my thighs, and just above my knees. I can barely walk, just moving legs from the knees down. Couldn't move too fast anyways, with the massive plug up my butt. My eye is caught by the bright chrome of the handcuffs, the only part of me that is not black latex. Shiny chrome around each wrist holding my hands down to my cock. Triple cuffs, short chains holding a cuff for each wrist, and one in the middle to act as a cock ring. Snapped tight around my balls and shaft, the steel trap leaves me no chance but to hold onto myself. It would be humiliating if I didn't look so sexy.

I had come into the restroom for all the usual reasons, and standing at the urinal, I felt the sharp bite of a dart, and almost instantly started to black out. I didn't even see who shot me. I had seen this kind of thing before, stuff like this was always going on at Bondage College, but I didn't plan on being the victim. But now here I am, the chump for somebody's class project. While I was out they must have injected me with some StayHard or something, because I was very hard and very horny. And now my cock is throbbing so hard I don't need cuffs to keep my hands on it. Pleasuring myself is nice, but I am in trouble here. I have to get to class, cutting is not allowed, the Head Mistress is very strict. Discipline is very strict. I have seen what happens to students who disturb class by being late. And I am supposed to be in Prof Schwanz's class on Rope.

I walk out of the restroom into the hall. Empty. Obviously classes are all in session. I move slowly past the walls of lockers, the cold tiles, the doors closed tight, classes in progress behind them. I see the clock on the wall, I have been out for almost twenty minutes, now I have to walk, well, stumble into the room disturbing Prof Schwanz. I will be punished. No books, no work to hand in, I will be punished. Moving slow, I have plenty of time to think about my punishment, or whatever will happen to me. The Witch's Brew coursing thru my veins excites me to no end, I get hornier and hornier, my fantasies get wilder and wilder. Suddenly, I am outside the room.

I hesitate. Quite nervous. I have seen latex dolls around school, and it never ends well. But I am so fucking horny now, and I know I look sexy, I feel so hot that I want to show off to the class. So I drop my cock long enough to grab the doorknob, and opening the door, I waddle in.

A typical classroom in an old school building. Students in neat rows in their chair-desks, chalkboards, windows, the back wall has coat hooks. A little shoddy wood desk up front behind which stands Prof Schwanz. He is casual today, biker boots, skin tight briefs, a Master's gown and mortarboard all in latex. Displays his nice gym-body. Quite Professorial. In front of the class stands Trina, topless, in a rather severe tit bondage she is trying to tie on herself. Schwanz uses his crop to highlight the areas of interest for the students, while trying to talk Trina thru her ropework. Everyone notices me, but they all pretend not to. Must pay attention to the lesson. Even Schwanz pretends not to notice me, but he does. I walk slowly to my desk, right in the middle of the room. Couldn't be at the back and just sneak in.

So I make my way to my chair, and slowly, quietly try to sit down. But in tight latex, sliding into a desk-chair is not easy, and my ass pushes the chair around, the feet making loud scraping noises on the floor. Everyone looks now. Donna sits behind me, and she grabs hold of the chair, steadying it, so I can sit down. Total silence as everyone stares at me. Without saying a word, Prof Schwanz walks over to me. Trina stares at me, quite annoyed that I interrupted her demonstration. He stands in front of me, going “tsk tsk” and shaking his head. “Tardy, and noisy.” I cannot say anything, gagged as I am, but I feel myself quiver, almost shaking, in anticipation of the imminent punishment.

“Trina?” he says. That is all he needs to say.

“Fuck him!” she snaps back, tits still roped up, still standing in front of class, still pissed of at me for interrupting.

He walks a little past me, staring down at me, and throws something onto Donna's desk. He slaps me with his crop, slapping the back of my head. Donna knows what to do to help her Professor. She leans forward in her chair, and with the skill of an upperclassman, places a posture collar around my neck. A stiff, high, confining posture collar holding my head upright, and quite still. I am quite unable to move my head. I feel the back of my head slapped again, slapped by the crop, and Donna moves her hands to the straps holding in the gag. She takes the gag off. I gasp.

“Donna” Schwanz says, pointing at his briefs. She reaches out to his body, and lowers the clinging latex waistband just far enough that his cock and balls spring out, letting the briefs snap back under that monster. Schwanz is not just a nickname, or a myth, but he posses in fact the biggest cock in the school. Biggest one most people have ever seen. That is one way to become a Professor. It is easily twice as big as mine, and bigger than anything I had ever seen before. The rumours are all true. And it is pointing straight at my face.

He stands in front of me, swelling cock aimed at my mouth, and swings his leg over the desk, his foot landing on my thigh, pressing down. I am trapped here in my chair, the Prof holding me in with his foot, while Donna follows the slapping of the crop, and loosens the strap around my chest and arms just long enough to tighten it back down around the chair. She straps me down, squeezed tight to the chair back. I am really stuck now, unable to even move my head. I open my mouth, allowing the head of Schwanz's cock to enter, slowly, delicately, enter my mouth. It is a huge one, long and fat, quite a choker.

Schwanz pushes forward, my head gets pushed back. I am so strapped in, I really cannot move, so he has to do all the thrusting for any action. And he does, back and forth, slow and steady, thrusting gently into my mouth. Filling releasing filling releasing my hands are now stroking my cock to the same rhythm as my sexual passions overwhelm me. I must look totally sexy for the class, all staring at me, a rubber doll trapped by a gym rat fucking my face as I stroke myself. My humiliation turns me on even more, I begin to enjoy it. Schwanz pulls out, holding his wet, throbbing cock only inches from my face as I lose all inhibitions and begin stroking like a maniac. “This is for your own good” he says.

He grabs my head, the classroom gasps, I hear chairs and feet scuffling around for a better look, he places his cockhead on my tongue, and slowly thrusts forward. It fills my mouth, and pushes past, entering my throat, clogging my throat, blocking my air. My muscles spasm involuntary, trying to expel this clogging beast from my face, but I am not strong enough. The good professor is enjoying himself now, enjoying his work, hands firmly clasping the back of my head, forcing me down onto his manhood. The classroom full of students watches with rapt attention, mesmerized by the sexual struggle they are witnessing, but I have forgotten all about them. My only vision is Prof Schwanz's firm abdomen as his muscles ripple with the force needed to choke me, my only thought to suck some air past that killer cock to my aching lungs. He pushes in all the way, my neck expands to hold him, my throat painful from the abuse, my muscles ache and bruise as he pushes hard, forcing me, holding me, until my nose sinks into his belly and everything goes black. No air, no sight, I panic from the enclosure, but in my panic I realize that I am still jacking off. My wrists on autopilot, squirming in breathless humiliation I am still trying to get off.

He pulls back. But not enough. Cock still fills my mouth, but my throat gets a brief rest. I suck in as much air as I can, tunnel vision panic and fear overwhelm me. I am still masturbating. I know he said something but I cannot focus, just mumbled noises. I feel myself beginning to lose it, beginning to orgasm. Is it possible, I think to myself, could I really be ready to --

And he slams it back in again. All the way again. Tight, stuffed, my throat agonizes at the violation, my lungs are empty. My stomach quivers in anticipation, my balls tighten, pull up, oh god I'm going to cum. My lungs are empty, my vision blackens as my face presses into his belly. I feel my cock open up oh I'm cumming. My hands flail uselessly on my cock too weak to stroke. With a blast my mind collapses and I faint as cum shoots out of my cock. My body continues to suck for air but all I get is his cock, unconscious body sucking hard on his cock as my own climax lets loose. Blackout. Finished.

The Professor drops his hands by his side, his erection damp and firm in the air. My classmates are in stunned silence. Schwanz casually mentions a few facts about suction, about vacuums, empty lungs, then puts it away unceremoniously. He says “Don't be tardy. You will be punished” He slowly walks to the front of the classroom and then goes back to instructing Trina in the subject of ropes and breasts.

I come to for the second time today. Groggy and sore I try to figure out what happened. I look around at a classroom full of strangers. I breathe deep for a minute until the fog clears and I realize I am still strapped to the chair, sitting in front of the class now. Still an anonymous latex slave. But it is a different bunch of students and a different teacher. I have no idea how long it has been, but here I sit on display as an abject lesson for the other classmates.

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