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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 3: Monica's Website and Carol's Further Rehabilitation

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: FFF/f; solo-m; captive; latex; bond; hood; gag; vacuumbag; inflation; susp; enema; inf; bdsm; toys; mast; climax; voy; reluct/nc; XX

continued from chapter two


Chapter 3: Monica's Website and Carol's Further Rehabilitation

It was three days before the second DVD arrived. I was concerned, but what could I do? Nothing. So I decided to see if I could find out a bit about Monica and her cohorts. And, like everything nowadays, I started on the internet. It took me quite a long time, I googled all kinds of name hints and disappeared into the strangest sites I had seen in my life. I haven’t lived in a cocoon, and know generally what the human species can get up to, but some of the sites were really very interesting indeed.

I had clicked on dozens of links to various sites – the latex and bondage world, which although I knew existed was larger than I had ever imagined, professional dominatrices, again, far more out there that I could imagine, catering to absolutely everything. This was a much more populated world than I had imagined. The dominatrices had clients and there were dozens of them, so that meant that there must be hundreds of clients out there, being “catered” for.

Clearly Monica did not seem to “advertise” to the general public, not even the general fetish public, she didn’t use her own name (if it was her real name) and Polly and Natalie didn’t come up either. But they were clearly professionals, with a very expensive set-up. And how, I kept thinking, did my mother in law, Carol’s mother, Fran know about her?

Anyway, I finally hit paydirt. Of all things the site was called “The Academy for Rehabilitation and Discipline”. Well, I thought, that just about sums it up. But maybe some hit on it wanting their dog trained….well they would get a bit of a shock – although there was a section on dog training – but more on that later.

It was a very expensive and sophisticated site, strange to say that, given the topic, but it was. Unlike many of the other dominatrix sites, Monica and her two allies never seemed to show their faces. They were always masked or had backs to the camera or were in profile. Was this for privacy sake, I don’t know, but it did seem to give them a greater sense of mystery. But I recognized the dungeon all right and Monica’s head in profile.

The services they offered were I think I can say, comprehensive.

Immobilization, rubberization, infantilism, forced feminization, sensual deprivation, role play, hospital and school training, anal training (!), breath play, dog and pony training – I had heard about them but had never explored this world until now. Then there were enemas, high colonics, catheterization, piercing, tattooing and branding (!). The whole gamut was covered, and more.

Fascinated, I clicked on all these over what must have been a couple of hours, it was a very detailed and extensive site. Each gave a short description of the experience with a number of series of photographs. The victim (volunteer?) was both female and male, but a larger number were I think female which also intrigued me, as the general consensus is that it is males that go to dominas. They were all shapes and sizes, and surprisingly for me, ages. Most were masked during the sessions, but some clearly were not so shy or worried about disclosure as they remained unmasked.

Had they paid for this? Well someone had. Or had, like me, someone else paid for their mate’s/lover’s “education” against their will? It was impossible to tell from the still photos. There was a pay section, so much a month, where lengthier and more detailed sessions were located.

The various practices carried out did not hide anything. Some of the tattoos and branding were extraordinary. These must be full-time slaves I thought, having a brand of their mistress on their buttocks, or a tattoo around their groin or anal passage saying whose “property” they were or what they were a “slave” to. I had heard about them, men and some women giving themselves fully, body and soul, to their mistress to do as she wished. I found it all a bit intimidating.

There was a section for correspondence and there were literally dozens of comments from happy “clients” eulogizing the talents of the three women. There was contact information, asking the client to detail his or her preferences and various waivers, stating they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Prices were not indicated, but were negotiated on the basis of the severity of the training and length of the sessions. No one seemed to be complaining about the fees…and all were very happy with the “service”.

All in all, a very professional, and I found, fascinating site. I suppose, I thought, at least I may be able to contact Monica now, if I thought things were getting out of hand, although as we had a contract I felt that Monica would be unlikely to relent, she certainly had given that impression. I was in for the haul, and more important, so was Carol. My mind again went to Fran, and how did my mother in law know this woman, it all seemed a tad strange.

It was clear that Carol was not the only client, not by a very long chalk, and she would be “fit in” between other clients, whether they were willing participants or not it was impossible to tell.

Needless to say I opened the package the next day with some trepidation, thinking what on earth they had in store for my wife this time.

I couldn’t tell if it was morning, evening or the next day. All I could tell was that Carol was being “invited” back into the girls’ playroom. Her head was enveloped in another thick double skinned inflatable latex helmet, but this time with no holes that I could detect at all, only a small inflation valve at her crown. I assumed she could get air somehow, maybe through the valve and some subtle tubing system, for she was still struggling.

She was wearing a white bra with holes cut out for the nipples, so that her ringed nipples poked through. She also wore white high-waist latex panties but with the crotch and anal area also exposed, so her rings pierced in her labia shone brightly under the spot lights. Her legs were encased in white latex stockings attached to six suspenders on a slim garter belt over her panties. Although she was still fighting the two girls, she had problems keeping her balance as her feet had been placed in four inch white pumps.

Completing the ensemble were her hands, again in thumbless mittens, this time in white latex. Her arms had been pulled behind her back, joined and attached by a short chain to a ring near the valve at the top of her helmet. This meant that her head had been drawn back and, if she had eyeholes, she would be looking somewhere in the air at about 45 degrees. Despite all this I had to admire her as she struggled, despite being blind, kicking out ahead of her. Her balance was not made any easier by the Y chain that had been attached to her two exposed nipple rings, and by Natalie pulling her along by it.

Muffled moans came from inside the tight helmet, but nothing intelligible. Carol had a great body, she ran, swam, went to the gym, but in her present state, all she provided for the two girls was amusement.

Calmly they took her to the vaulting horse, Natalie removed the nipple chains and pushed her firmly down on the horse’s back, raised her chained arms and passed a strap under them and over her waist, quickly connecting it the other side. Polly meanwhile had, despite Carol trying to give her a good kick, strapped one latex stocking-clad leg to one rear leg of the horse and was repeating the procedure with the other.

Within a minute Carol was firmly strapped down on the horse, with straps at ankle, calf, thigh, waist and hips, she could barely wriggle an inch. To make life more uncomfortable for her Natalie shortened the chain between her helmet and the ends of her mittens, pulling her shiny dome further back and stretching her hands further up and closer to her head. Now, she couldn’t move at all, and all I could hear was a very quiet moan. Then the camera seemed to be placed on a tripod, and Monica came into view. I could see all three women now, surrounding the prone and horribly vulnerable Carol, her bum hole and ringed pussy fully exposed through the holes in the latex panties.

It was then I noticed they were all identically dressed, and although they were masked I was getting used to their voices and mannerisms, so I now knew who was who.

They were dressed all in black and a very imposing trio they were. Starting at the bottom, they had 4 inch stiletto shoes, tights, or stockings, I couldn’t tell, yet, and a flared dress, about mid-thigh, which showed off their legs to the fullest. They had long loose sleeves, tight at the wrist and underneath black latex gloves. The dresses had high ruffled collars and the busts were tight, accentuating their ample breasts. Their waists were also narrow and cinched, thanks to heavy latex corsets with lacing and buckled straps at the front. Over their heads were form-fitting shiny black masks leaving only eyes, nostril and mouth holes. If Carol had seen them (maybe she did before they stuffed her head in the inflatable helmet) they would have put a good scare in her. Their black ensembles complimented Carol’s virgin white beautifully, I mused.

All Carol was doing was trying to breathe evenly and keep a good balance on the horse, strapped, but this was not helped when Natalie pulled on a pair of surgical gloves and with a wicked smile on her face ran a finger along her rear crack and gently rimmed her bum hole. She nodded at Polly, who pulled on of the hospital IV stands over to the horse. She removed the red rubber water bottle and went to a sink in the corner, ran the water to (presumably) warm, removed the cap and filled the bottle.

She returned and re-hung the bottle, upside down, on the stand. While this was happening, Natalie had been enjoying playing her fingers along Carol’s sphincter, and one, or two, in and out of her tight hole. I saw Carol try to clench her cheeks and stop this assault but she was utterly powerless.

Polly approached with the end of the enema tube, but this was not a “standard” enema nozzle but one that resembled a thick butt plug. It was pear shaped with a narrow base and the tube hanging out the end. It would serve both as a method of forcing water into Carol’s rear, but also as a plug for keeping it there.

Polly smeared some lubricant onto the intruder and handed it to Natalie, who rested it against Carol’s sphincter. I could see that Carol was sensing something and clenched again but Natalie placed a hand on the small of her back and firmly pushed the end of the plug into her. I heard a moan from deep inside her helmet as the plug inexorably moved inside her. Strapped as she was to the bench, Carol could do nothing. As the plug arrived at its widest point Carol jerked her head, but all that did was pull her arms even further up her back, clearly painfully. Finally the thickest part of the plug disappeared inside her, and I was almost relieved (as Carol surely was) as her tight sphincter gripped the narrow neck attached to the base.

Carol, whether she liked it or not, and I assumed she didn’t, was now ready to receive her enema.

Polly released the valve on the tube, and I saw it twitch slightly as the water travelled down it and into Carol. Monica had been out of camera for a short while but when she returned into view I gasped for breath. Under her short flared latex skirt she had somehow strapped a dildo harness, and poking out at 90 degrees from her crotch was a nasty looking rubber dildo, demurely half hidden by the skirt partly draped over it. Polly and Natalie moved to the side as Monica approached Carol.

She placed a hand gently on Carol’s shiny helmet and leant down to where her ear would be.

“Carol, my dear, you probably think it can’t get any worse than this, tied down, pierced and ringed, helmeted and gagged and water seeping into your insides. But, well it can always get worse. For the three of us here not only control your pain and discomfort thresholds but also when you can gain pleasure. Now I am going to fuck you, Carol, with this dildo I have strapped on. It’s a good size, not huge, and believe me I am good at wielding it.” I heard Carol again moan through the two skins of the helmet.

“Now Carol, as I said we control you, but you can choose to take pleasure here, despite your present…..predicament. It’s up to you, my dear, you can ride with me… or against me. While your enema is seeping into you, it will become uncomfortable after a while, so try and deflect that with some pleasure I will provide. We’ll start nice and slowly.”

She patted Carol’s domed head and moved to her rear, gently moving the enema tube to run along the cleft between Carol’s bum cheeks she placed the end of the dildo against her ringed pussy and tenderly eased it between her lips. She pressed on, still very gently, as Carol could do nothing to prevent this further invasion. Quickly she was up to the hilt and Monica held it there for a second or two as Carol could be heard moaning again.

Monica now began a slow, rhythmic thrust, in and out, just holding the head of the cock within Carol’s lips, and then in again. Meanwhile of course, the water continued to seep into Carol’s bum. Now Polly and Natalie got into the action and very carefully lifted Carol’s torso and few inches off the horse (her mittened hands were still chained behind her back to her helmet) and then began to caress her pierced and ringed nipples, exposed as they were through the latex bra.

I noticed that quite soon the dildo was gleaming with Carol’s juices and Monica noticed too, smiling at the other girls at what a good job they were doing! Soon the rubber enema bag had emptied and Natalie leant in front of Monica and pulled out the tube from the butt plug, quickly replacing it with a rubber screw cap. Now only the flat base plate and screw cap could be seen at her sphincter, and there was no indication that a large butt plug was inside her…. nor a one pint enema!

I couldn’t imagine what it was like to have a large plug inside you, never mind a pint of water sloshing around, and in addition being gagged, helmeted and at the same time being royally fucked. Yet, clearly they were her juices adorning the dildo now.

Then minutes later, amazingly, to me at any rate, Carol was convulsed in a shuddering orgasm and, despite her helmet being chained to her mittened hands, I watched it shake and jerk. Monica patted her bottom affectionately and withdrew her dildo, making no attempt to take it off and allowing the front of her skirt to drape over it for some, small element of decorum perhaps.

“Good girl, good girl, you are coming along, now you understand that all your movements, emotions will be controlled by us, once you understand that, and comply, your life in the future will be a lot easier.” Natalie and Polly unstrapped Carol from the horse, keeping the chain between her hands and helmet on and helped her stand. She was a bit wobbly, which wasn’t a surprise, and I noticed her stomach was distended from the enema trapped inside her, and her juices were smeared over her upper thighs, but this didn’t deter them from re-attaching the Y chain to her ringed nipples and leading her away out of camera range. Carol offered no resistance, but then how could she? The picture then went dark and that was the end of this DVD.

* * * *

As the days passed, my life went on pretty much as normal at my work, although I have to say I sometimes found it difficult to concentrate when constantly thinking of Carol. As another evening approached I now came home, hoping there would be a new DVD on the hall floor, and there was. So I ate a leisurely dinner, took the remainder of the bottle of wine to the TV and settled in for the latest episode in Carol’s “education”. Again, I was not disappointed. Part of me still had reservations for putting Carol through this, for I didn’t know where it would end, after all I had only seen a few discs and how many more would come before they (yes, they) had decided that she had been rehabilitated. But a contract it was, and I turned on the player.

This time the camera was facing what I knew now to be the transparent latex vacuum bed, which hung vertically from the ceiling about six inches off the floor. The side zipper was open, almost inviting the guest to step in.

There was a commotion out of camera and then Polly and Natalie appeared dragging a completely naked Carol towards the bed. A number of things immediately caught my eye as I paused the scene. First of all they had cut Carol’s hair!

Gone was her perky page boy cut and instead she had short boyish hair; a sort of Peter Pan cut, about an inch long with a side parting. I actually really liked it, although I’m sure Carol’s opinion was of no interest to the three women. They had removed her hair “downstairs” of course and I was relieved that they had not subjected her skull to the same treatment, for she looked very pretty like this. Why they had done it – easier to put masks and helmets over her head, or just a power thing, I don’t know, but anyway it was done.

The three dominas were dressed the same as the previous DVD, in classic dominatrix outfits of black latex, so was this the same day, I thought, or had Carol been given time to rest, before the next session? It was impossible to tell, for these dominas the passage of time meant nothing. Carol wasn’t masked so this led me to believe that this episode was for my personal “enjoyment” as all the scenes on the website had the “guests” masked or helmeted.

Carol was putting up a good struggle, but two on one, with Monica ready to intervene was not a fair fight. Carol was swearing and threatening them and swinging her arms as best she could, but she was dragged forcefully to the open sheaths of latex. They actually almost tossed her inside it, and while she struggled to get back on her feet as the bed swung on its chains, Monica calmly closed the zipper, and then addressed the wriggling Carol, who I could see clearly through the transparent latex.

“Now Carol, we are going to suck out all the air from the vacuum bed you are now trapped in. This bag is completely airtight, and the only way you can get air is to align your mouth with the breathing tube at head height. It’s a short tube with a snorkel mouth attachment so once you accept it into your mouth and clamp down on it, then it won’t come out. I would suggest you do this now Carol as we will begin the vacuum in a few seconds.” Then I heard Carol shout.

“Fuck you, who do you think you are, doing this to me, go ahead, suffocate me, go on.” I admired her bravado, and Monica no doubt did too, but all she did was signal to Polly to turn the vacuum on. Air was immediately sucked out and the two sheets of latex began to embrace Carol. She could still move and now stood up, the bag swinging on the chains, but now the extent of her movements were limited. Polly turned off the vacuum and they watched as Carol’s wriggling body began to slow as she started to breathe slower and with more difficulty.

“Carol, we can stay here all evening as you struggle for air, believe me it will be much easier for you to get clear air if you suck the snorkel mouthpiece into your mouth. Now come on, I admire your spunk, but we have all night if you want.”

For a few seconds Carol seemed to ponder this, and then moved her head up, found the mouthpiece and sucked it into her mouth, grunting in the process.

“Good girl, now are you comfortable? With the mouthpiece, that is.” Monica chuckled, and with a nod of resignation Carol indicated that she was. Carol spread her legs and pushed her arms out from her sides in acquiescence, and Polly turned the vacuum back on. It quickly sucked the remaining air and the sheets of latex enveloped and gripped Carol’s spread out body. This continued until there was not the tiniest pocket of air remaining and Carol’s athletic body, in perfect outline, was glued into immobility. The vacuum was turned off and all I could hear was the slight moaning from Carol as she slowly swung within her latex prison, a fly trapped in aspic.

Carol had no blemishes on her body, but if she had then they would have been seen in perfect outline under the transparent latex. The two nipple rings I could clearly see. Also surrounding her pussy, which had been partially invaded by the latex sheet, so that her vertical smile was slightly parted, I could see the six rings embedded in her labia. For a few seconds Carol tried to move within the tight latex cocoon, but quickly realized that there was absolutely no give at all and she was no more than a living statue…. now ready to be played with.

And this was precisely what the three women set about doing now.

They took their time, they were in no hurry, for Carol was going nowhere. Monica went to one of the countless drawers in the room and extracted a large black heavy rubber paddle, about 6 by 12 inches and a quarter inch thick with a sturdy handle. She approached Carol’s latex covered rear and ran her hand over her tightly encased buttocks, I could see Carol flinch, but nothing more, except perhaps a low moan through her mouthpiece. Meanwhile Polly had got a small stool and sat down in front of Carol, with a long, narrow vibrator in her hand. Natalie stood to the side, her right hand now coolly caressing Carol’s ringed nipple through the latex. So Carol was to be “assaulted” by all three at the same time, just as she had been before. Polly worked the vibrator along Carol’s stretched and partially parted labia and I could see Carol react, by trying to close her legs, without any success.

As Natalie and Polly worked on arousing her, Monica now started to tap her buttocks, gently at first, but then a bit harder, first one side and then the other. Now Carol was being treated to equal parts of discomfort and pleasure, and I recalled what Monica had said earlier, that all her emotions were now under their control and how she could associate pain with pleasure. And now this was happening.

The sound of the smacks on her buttocks intensified, I was hoping that this was partly to do with the tight latex skin covering them, but Monica was not holding back now, with the swings she was taking. At the same time, Polly was easing the vibrator up and down against the latex and into Carol by an inch or so.

Carol was grinding and wriggling as much as she could but it was hardly noticeable as she was held rigid between the two sheets of latex. Was she reacting in pleasure or pain, I didn’t know, possibly both.

Her buttocks were now a bright red under the transparent latex, and I could also see her juices were now flowing between her legs and being trapped by the unyielding latex. She was now grunting and groaning and breathing heavily as the assault continued and finally she screamed through her mouthpiece as her body was wracked with a long orgasm. All three women stepped back, admiring their work as Carol shuddered and moaned in her escape-proof latex prison. Over the next minute or so they ran their hands over Carol’s trapped body, around her breasts, buttocks and thighs and between her legs. Carol’s breathing gradually became calmer, and with a nod, Monica gave Carol one last slap with her hand on her scarlet buttocks and all three left the room, leaving Carol swinging slowly.

But the DVD wasn’t finished. After fading to black, it opened again with the camera on Carol’s rigid body, glued between the two latex sheets. The three dominatrices had now changed and were identically dressed in latex parodies of a nurse’s uniform – white stockings and definitely non-standard 4 inch white heels, a light blue figure hugging tunic to mid-thigh with white ruffles at the sleeves and neck with shoulder length gloves tucked underneath. Their hair had been tucked into white latex bathing caps and around their faces were tight surgical masks, again in latex, which ballooned in and out as they breathed. At the same time they were both very sexy, and forbidding.

Now they were again all business, releasing the vacuum to allow air between the latex sheets. Carol groaned a sigh of relief and moved her arms and legs as best she could. Monica moved close and said.

“Now Carol, time to prepare you for bed, and we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. Either way, we will get our way. So, shall it be the easy way?” Carol waited a second before nodding.

“Good, when we open the zipper, you will step out and stand between Natalie and Polly and they will prepare you for bed. Any sign of resistance and you will regret it, my dear. Now before stepping out, extend your two hands out and we will pull a pair of thumbless mitts on them, just in case you might get some ideas.” And as Polly lowered the zipper Carol pushed her hands through, very obediently I thought, and Natalie expertly pulled on a pair of shiny, pink latex mitts with, I noticed, D rings in the ends, firmly strapping them to her wrists, and rendering Carol pretty helpless. Carol exited the bed gingerly, she was covered in sweat and, of course, her juices between her legs, and her short hair was matted to her head. She shivered as Polly rubbed her dry with a towel. She said nothing, just glared at the three women in silence. As Polly dried her, she winced as the towel passed over her inflamed buttocks. Monica saw this and said.

“Yes, it will hurt for a while, so Natalie will rub in some antiseptic cream which will also deaden the pain.” And this Natalie did, enjoying pulling apart Carol’s buttocks and running her finger between her cheeks. Carol clenched her mittened hands into fists and breathed heavily at this further intrusion but remained silent. Then Polly brought over what appeared to be an adult diaper! Carol saw this and started to struggle.

“Are you lot crazy? Well you are, of course, no way am I going to wear that.” But Natalie and Monica, clearly anticipating some resistance, had grabbed her hands and brought them together, the D rings at the end of the mitts I noticed were self-locking and they simply pressed them together and Carol was quickly tethered. But she still continued to struggle, and Polly pulled down a chain from the grid attached to the ceiling complex, very calmly attached it to her tethered mitts and pulled the end of the chain hard, quickly stretching her arms above her to full height until she was on tiptoe.

“You know, you’re going to pay for this, when I get free I’ll get back at you, you’ll see. You may think you can do what you want now, but I’ll get my revenge, you’ll see.”

“Well that’s very brave talk, Carol, seeing your predicament. But we will continue with your rehabilitation, unabated.” Monica said calmly. “Now I have heard enough from you, you are acting like a spoilt baby, so as with all spoilt babies you will be diapered and put in your cot for the night. We may also decide to leave you there for longer than just the night, so it is likely that you will appreciate having the diaper on. Carol dear, you really do need reminding who is in charge here. Now Polly will take care of that mouth of yours.” And before Carol could utter another word, Polly had come behind her and stuffed something into her mouth, pulling over her head a very strong pink latex strap, like that of a divers mask, that divided at the back of her head. Carol grunted and mmmffed to no avail. But Polly continued and pulled a further strap that was separated to pass either side of her nose, over her head and attached it to the rear strap.

“As I said, you are acting like a baby and from now will be treated as one. In your mouth is a baby’s dummy, much bigger than an actual one, this is for an adult baby, which is what you are. We have modified the standard dummy, as this one will not be able to be removed or spat out, I assure you. The strap around your head, the one either side of your nose and over your head, and the thick plate over your mouth and under your nose here, will ensure it stays in, and it will be in for a while, for you seem a bit slow to learn your ways here. The ring here at the front of the pad is not for show as it can be removed and replaced by a bottle and you can be fed a liquid diet through the hole and into the teat, which of course you must suck – yes, like a baby – to get your meal.” As Monica finished her speech Natalie had already drawn the gusset of the diaper between Carol’s legs, wrapped it around Carol’s waist and attaching it at the sides. Carol seemed too shocked now to resist. Then as Polly held Carol’s legs, Natalie pulled on a pair of tight latex pink bloomers, covering the diaper, and extending down to just above her knees.

“There is likely to be some….er, leakage over time from the diaper, so the bloomers will act as a second line of defense.” And Monica playfully slapped Carol’s taut latex covered rear. From one of the closets at the end of the room, Polly returned with an armful of shiny pink latex. She opened this out in front of Carol and I could see it was a sort of romper suit that babies sleep in, but for an adult. I gulped as again Carol mmmffed into her dummy and kicked out with her legs. But this was old hat to these three women, and Natalie gripped Carol’s thighs as Polly and Monica pulled the leggings over her feet and then further up her legs. Quickly Carol was covered up to her waist in bright pink latex. The suit had attached bootees and bright red frills at her ankles and there was a back zip starting at the small of her back. I noted ominously that there was no zip at the crotch, so once zipped in, well, there was no chance for “release”.

Now, I thought would be the difficult bit, getting her arms in the sleeves without her going ballistic, but then I realized that they had no doubt done this many times before. Polly produced a long steel bar with cuffs at each end; they pulled Carol’s legs wide apart and clamped the cuffs to each ankle. Her legs were now spread wide apart, her arms still stretched above her. They released one mitt from the chain above her head and thrust it into the pink latex sleeve, until the mitt emerged below the tight, frilled wrist of the suit. Then as Monica gripped this mitt, they released the second hand and repeated the exercise, and quickly forced the D rings of the mitts together, tethering her again. Although she had her legs stretched wide by the spreader bar, Carol swung her arms at them like a double handed tennis player. They easily escaped her wrath and Polly zipped up the rear of the suit to a high, elaborately frilled collar.

Carol now stopped struggling, seeing the futility of it and dropped her hands down in front of her, mutely glaring at Monica. Polly disappeared again and through one of two doors at the end of the room. A couple of seconds later she emerged, pushing a full sized baby’s cot towards the centre of the playroom. It was on four rollers, about five feet long and four feet wide, and the sides were in bright steel tubing at four inch centres and about three feet high. One of the sides was dropped down for easy entry. It would not be possible for an adult to lie down fully extended, nor stand, but they may be able to kneel or sit on their haunches. Inside was a four inch mattress covered in pink latex and a latex pillow lay at one end. As she turned it round I could see an addition beyond the “typical” and that was a steel top that could be lifted over and attached to the sides and front by a padlock. In the middle of the top was a one foot diameter hole, which I could only assume would allow the occupant to push their head through and out of the cage. I could hear Carol wail through her dummy, but Monica chuckled and said.

“Not quite finished yet, baby, we need the bonnet.” And as Monica held Carol’s tethered hands Natalie pulled a brightly frilled pink latex bonnet over Carol’s head and after wrapping the strings around her suit’s collar, careful not to mess the frills, tied a large bow under her chin. They then stood back to admire their work.

Carol was quite the sight. She was now defeated, head slightly bowed, yet, resplendent in bright pink latex with, I could see now, little brown figures of bears and rabbits. The suit fit her well, the outline of the bloomers and diaper clear to the eye. It was a strange sight, a full grown woman, breasts pushing through the front of the suit, encased, trapped in a baby’s suit. And then there were the bonnet and the large dummy, rendering her mute. I could see in her eyes she knew she was a prisoner of the suit, and if, or when the occasion arose that she had to “go” then it would have to be in the diaper and bloomers.

Now Polly released her spreader bar between her legs and led her to the cot. She turned her round and sat her on the mattress. There was no more fight in her, at least for now, as Natalie unclipped the D rings and her arms were freed. They pushed her back, almost gently, as her head hit the latex pillow and she meekly pulled her legs into the cot. They raised the side panel locked it to the two adjacent panels, and then with an ominous clunk, the top panel was lifted and brought down, and locked to the front. Gloomily, Carol stared out, powerless and silent, not for the first time aware of the power of these women over her. The women, still in their nurse’s uniforms and masks, gathered in front of the cot, patted Carol in a motherly, nurse-like way, embraced and left, turning off the camera.



Story continues in Chapter 4

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