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Table Games 2: Lisa's Pet

by SG

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Story continues from part one

Part 2: Lisa's Pet

Chapter 3

Lisa felt let down as she heard the bartenders yell ‘last call.’ She was energized and having a great time. Night was when Lisa was the most energized. Sighing, Lisa excused herself from the dance floor. She walked through the bar rounding up all the people who had promised to help her making sure they were still willing and able. As she returned downstairs the music was off and the bouncers were beginning to usher people upstairs and out of the bar.

A twinge of frustration nagged at Lisa. She was amped up on Red Bull combined with the eroticism of wearing latex in public and was ready to party but everyone around her was calling it a night. Lisa stared at the departing crowd with a sour look on her face. Her hands rested on her hips.

“Looks like it’s another night alone in a hotel with my cuffs and dildo,” Lisa disappointedly muttered under her breath.

“Were you talking to me?” a waitress standing close enough to here the muttering ask.

“No, just thinking out loud,” Lisa responded wondering if the girl had been able to hear her exact words.

“Actually, hold on a sec,” Lisa stopped the girl as she turned to walk away. “Do you know where Jeff is? I’d like to talk to him.”

After an event like this Lisa always liked to talk to the owners to ask their opinion of how things went and more importantly see if they would be interested in doing another promotion.

“I think he’s gone. I haven’t seen him all night. Someone said he had some kind of emergency but I don’t really know.”

That’s too bad, Lisa thought. She always like to get peoples first impressions. Oh well, she condoled herself. They could always talk later on the phone.

“That’s ok, I can call him tomorrow.” Lisa paused to look at her watch. “Well I guess I should go release the VIP from her vacuum bed. Do you happen to know where her clothes are? I would imagine she would appreciate not having to expose herself to go get her clothes.” Lisa couldn’t help but picture Kim running through the bar naked as a jay bird. She pictured Kim’s big tits bouncing with each step.

“Well it wouldn’t exactly be the first time we’ve seen Kim expose herself in here,” the bartender said referring to a couple of occasions where wardrobe malfunctions had given the crowd some great opportunities to capture Kim’s beautiful tits on film.

“Really?” Lisa asked, surprised by the implications of such wild exhibitionism. Lisa’s mind took the bartender’s statement in a wildly different direction. She pictured Kim drunkenly performing a striptease up on the bar.

“Yep, just ask around. I’m sure someone around here still has it on their cell phone.”

“I might just have to do that.” Lisa’s mind raced with wild images of the beautiful Asian strolling casually through the bar completely naked.

“Well just in case she is feeling a little shy tonight can you tell me where her clothes are?” Lisa re-asked the question.

“I saw Jeff carrying all her stuff out of the lounge area. My guess is he put it in his office.”

The bartender went back to her chores while Lisa disappeared into the back. Jeff’s office door was closed. Lisa knocked but it went unanswered. She tried the door knob but found it locked. She asked one of the staff as they passed by who would have the key but it turned out only Jeff did.

Lisa lingered in the hallway unsure of what to do. Lisa knew she could easily let Kim borrow one of the latex catsuits for the night to have something to wear on the way home but without her purse and keys she would be stuck at the bar. She smiled to herself wondering what Kim’s reaction would be to wearing latex home. Lisa headed back to the bar to talk to the bartender she had talked to before. She explained the situation and asked if Kim had a roommate who could pick her up.

“No,” the bartender answered. “Kim lives alone.”

Unsure of what to do Lisa figured the best option was just to ask Kim herself what she wanted to do. The curtains to the lounge were open. The waitresses had already cleared out the empty bottles and cups. Lisa closed the curtains as she entered. She told herself it was for Kim’s privacy but the in truth she knew it was her own.

Kim looked stunning under the latex sheet. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she panted. Only a sliver of her glazed eyes showed through the tiny part in her eyelids. A quick glance at the control unit showed Lisa that the system was still in movie mode. She placed her hand flat across Kim’s pelvis. She could feel the muscles quivering. The muscle spasms grew stronger till her entire abdomen muscles flexed. Her breaths grew longer and each exhale was accompanied by a deep moan.

The action in the movie was reaching a feverish pace. Lisa knew the electrical stimulation was forcing Kim’s body into high gear. An orgasm was immanent. Lisa slowly drew her hands across Kim’s toned stomach then began to massage her large breasts. Kim’s moans became louder. One hand slipped away from Kim’s boobs to vigorously rub her clit through the latex. The moans were now muffled screams. Even the large gag couldn’t suppress these screams. With no music playing downstairs Lisa knew the sounds would carry past the curtains. She enjoyed the thought of everyone’s reactions. Lisa was mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the girl her hands caressed.

As Kim’s body shook and rocked Lisa realized she couldn’t let the girl go. A powerful attraction was taking hold of Lisa. It was the same attraction that drove Jeff to create such an elaborate ploy to trap Kim. Lisa could see Kim was utterly exhausted. She doubted whether the girl could stand let alone try to find a way home. Leaving Kim’s side, Lisa went for the laptop to check the log. Her eyes showed her shock. For the majority of the night the table was on either the movie mode or the orgasm mode.

She looked deeper in the log to see that the dial on the orgasm mode was set to intense. The system had ramped up to full force in very short time intervals triggering orgasms that were less then ten minutes apart. Lisa couldn’t begin to guess how many orgasm Kim had actually had. Looking between Kim’s legs Lisa could see how swollen her pussy lips were beneath the tight latex. Lisa knew from experience how intense the stimulation could be for a short duration. She couldn’t imagine enduring such a long period of overwhelming arousal.

On a side note, Lisa was very pleased to find out the seals on the table were holding. The vacuum had only activated a couple of times and the batteries still had the majority of their charge. That meant the table could keep a person like this for much longer periods then she first thought, possibly as much as a couple of days. A warm tingle filled Lisa’s sex thinking about the possibility of spending several days kept at a constant state of arousal. Lisa wondered what a person forced to endure that would be like after. Lisa’s engineering mind began to kick in. She started to wonder if with prolonged stimulation it would be possible to train a person’s body to constantly maintain that ultra high state of arousal. The thought she pondered over was how long a person’s hormones would stay in high gear once the forced stimulation ended. The marketing implications of training someone’s body to keep them at a constant state of arousal were immense. She giggled to herself knowing it was science fiction but still she pondered over the what if.

Moving back to the table Lisa used the controller to switch the e-stim over to torment. She wasn’t quite ready to release her stunning captive but she did need her coherent. The torment setting would let her recover from the last exhausting orgasm but keep her stimulated and aroused.

“So did you enjoy the vacuum table?” Lisa asked

“hhmmmmm.” The sound was deep showing both exhaustion and pleasure. Kim responded without even thinking. Her mind was numb from the exhaustion. All her senses were blurred.

“It turns out you’re in a bit of a predicament. Your friend Jeff left already and all your stuff, to include your keys, are locked in his office. Is there anyone who can bring you clothes and take you home?”

My brain was slowly coming back online. The part about not having my keys registered in my head. I lived alone and no one else had a set of keys to my place.

“ooooooo,” I mumbled.

“I feel bad about you being so inconvenienced. I’m staying in town at one of the hotels. You are more than welcome to come with me. If you’d like, I can get you your own room to stay the night in. Then tomorrow I can drop you back off here to get your stuff when Jeff comes back. How does that sound?”

“hhrr,” I did my best to nod my head. I really didn’t care where I went as long as I had a soft bed to curl up in and pass out.

“Awesome,” Lisa said a little too excitedly. “I’ll take care of everything. You just hang out and enjoy yourself.”

Lisa turned the intensity of the E-stim up and smiled as Kim moaned. Even as hyper stimulated as Kim was she wouldn’t be able to get off. It was actually the cruelest program to run. When Lisa had tried it on herself she had lasted ten minutes at the most before switching over to orgasm mode. The setting was pure erotic torture meant to keep the person constantly on the edge of orgasm. Of course, when Lisa had tried it she wasn’t bound under a sheet of latex and could flip it off at will. Kim was going to be forced to endure it for as long as Lisa wanted. Lisa was in the mood to play. She hoped keeping Kim on the edge for long enough would reenergize her and have Kim ready to play when they reached the hotel.

Lisa left the lounge to start rounding up her helpers. The waitresses were in the back and Lisa was pleased to find most of them were out of their catsuits. After asking around Lisa found a volunteer to bring the assortment of clothes up to her truck. Leaving the back room, Lisa started rounding up the muscular bouncers who had offered their assistance. Lisa found the four largest guys and led them back to the lounge. Her plan was to move the table out with Kim still in the bed.

Sealed beneath the latex in the dark lounge.

My boobs were teased by the tingle of electricity while my insides seemed to vibrate. The feeling was absolutely maddening. I desperately wanted it to stop or ramp up but it didn’t. The electricity just held its constant annoying buzz. My hips rocked, they bucked and even humped but nothing I did could give me that extra little edge to get off. I had already had more orgasm then I could count yet I desperately needed this one now.

Light from the main bar area spilled into the lounge as the curtains were flung open. The woman who I had talked to before walked in with four of the guys who worked here. That now very familiar nag of embarrassment consumed me again. All four guys were grinning from ear to ear seeing my naked body.

A jolt of shock hit me as I was suddenly lifted into the air. Each guy had taken a corner. Their strong muscles easily lifting the table and me along with it. My body was elevated to their head level as they began to walk. It was surreal to suddenly be up in the air floating through the bar.

As they neared the narrow stairwell, they had to shift positions. I panicked but couldn’t move as the table tilted up and was carried up the stairs. The constant stimulation was making all my emotions run completely out of control. The table bounced and shook as they carried me up the stairs. I thought for sure they would drop me and I was going to fall to my death. My heart raced but I could do absolutely nothing.

Reaching the top of the stairs the panic of dying finally subsided only to be replaced by a completely new fear. The guys were still carrying me though the bar. That worry vanished as I was distracted by all the people around me. For the first time all the upstairs bartenders and bouncers were seeing me. A chorus of catcalls sounded intermixed with farewells and best wishes for the night. I couldn’t be sure but I swear I heard a few of them say ‘there goes kinky Kim.’ They all wished me a wild night as I was carried out the back door to the bar and out into the open air.

A cold shiver slithered down my spine like a serpent as I stared up at the moon lit sky. I wished I could somehow hide but the translucent latex kept me on display out in the public eye. Everything stopped as we came up to the back end of a white moving trailer. The woman leading the show opened the back end to reveal stacks of boxes cluttered with a few random pieces of latex clothing and kinky toys.

There was one spot open in the back, sized perfectly for the table. The guys set the legs of the table on the edge of the truck bed. The legs reverberated as they slid on the metal floor as I was pushed inside headfirst. I couldn’t see any of the guys anymore which scared me. All I could see were the boxes with a logo of handcuffs with a ‘K’ and an ‘E’ inside the cuffs and the words ‘Kink Engineering’ written below. The woman stepped into the back of the truck and tossed the armload of latex catsuits the other girls had worn onto one of the boxes.

“Good night Kim,” called the various guys as they departed.

The thunderous roar of the roll down door filled the compartment. All light was smothered out as the door slammed shut. A twinge of fear hit me hearing the sharp clack of the latch slamming closed. I was so scared I couldn’t even begin to describe it but despite the fear there was something else. Some lingering emotion of eroticism flavoring my mind. It was minor but undeniably there. Through all the scariness, there was some small element of fun.

An engine roared to life and the jolt told me the truck was moving. Every bump and turn sent thrilling waves of excitement and fear through me. I had no clue where we were going or when we would get there. The electrodes continued to tease me throughout the ride. The maddening frustration of not being able to climax was consuming my mind. The truck moved on but I could no longer focus on it.

Through the haze clouding my mind I felt the truck stop and the engine silence. I had lost all track of time and had no idea how long we had been traveling for. A small piece of fear kept nagging me from the back of my consciousness. I tried to ignore it. There was no point contemplating where I was at or what would happen. My fate was in someone else’s hands.

The back door clambered as it rolled up. The light cast from nearby streetlights filled the truck with a yellow glow. I was slightly relieved to see the latex clad woman entering alone. She paused briefly in the doorway before closing the door. The interior was once again pitch-black but this time only for a moment. Above me a small dome light came on. It wasn’t particularly bright but it cast enough light to be able to see everything.

“How do you feel about spending the night with me tonight?” Lisa asked as she sat on the edge of the table. Her mind was on anything but sleep.

My eyes widened. I’ve never been propositioned by a girl before. Its probably a good thing I was still gagged because I really didn’t know what to say to her.

“Of course if you want to stay where you are that would be fine too. The batteries have more than enough juice to keep you going all night long,” Lisa smiled thinking of the thrill of being bound in the bed kept at the brink of orgasm for such a long time. “I’m not so sure we couldn’t keep you like this for several days.”

I shook my head no as much as the latex could allow. I was already going insane from the constant stimulation.

“So you’d rather come in with me then?” Lisa asked slightly disappointed about not seeing the full potential of the table but excited to have a playmate for the night.

I realized I was screwed. Without my purse and keys I couldn’t get into my apartment. I didn’t even have clothes to wear to be able to go to someone else’s house. Not to mention without my phone I didn’t have anyone’s number to call. My only options were to stay here or stay with her. The thought of walking around stark naked sounded far more appealing than one more second of this annoying stimulation.

I nodded my head yes.

“I have to warn you though. If you are going to stay with me you have to follow my rules which can be very strict. You also have to do whatever I say no matter what. Agreed?” Lisa said with a stern face. Lisa still believed Kim was the kinky submissive girl Jeff had described her as. Lisa was only role-playing the dominate role she thought Kim would have fun responding to. Completely unaware of Lisa’s good natured intent Kim soberly nodded her head yes in fear.

Reaching under the table Lisa deactivated the bed and released an air valve. A hiss of air sounded in the small cargo compartment as air rushed into the vacuum bed. With the air pressure normalized the latex sheet quickly released itself from Kim’s body. Lisa released the bar that clamped down on the end of the sheet. Giving Kim’s toes a quick tickle she signaled her to crawl out.

I felt immensely relieved to finally escape the grasp of the latex table. I shivered feeling the chill as my sweaty skin was exposed to the cold air in the truck. As I crawled out from under the table I collapsed into a heap onto the floor. My body felt like jello. I was so exhausted I was ready to pass out right there. The large plugs I was sitting on kept me very awake though.

“Come on, stand up.”

I did as I was told but at a snails pace. Using the table I was able to pick my body up far enough to get my legs underneath of me. It was only with dead locked knees that I was able to stand on my feet. While I stood still and did my best to not collapse the woman quickly disconnected the cables plugged into my panties and bra. Next the hoses going into the gag were disconnected. She tossed them all in a heap back under the latex sheet.

I hesitated for a second. I had started to move my hands up to remove the gag but paused. My mouth really hurt and I definitely wanted it out but I thought about what the woman had said about following instructions. She could have removed the gag entirely but instead she just removed the hoses. The way she stared at me made me feel like I was about to do something wrong so I decided I had better wait till I was told to remove the gag.

Lisa paused as she waited for Kim to remove the gag. The hoses could be disconnected and reused later but she wanted to take the gag into the hotel room and get it washed tonight. Lisa was a little surprised to see that Kim decided to keep the gag on. She knew with a gag that large Kim’s jaw must hurt. Lisa couldn’t believe that for as tired as Kim had to be that she still wasn’t ready to take it off. Lisa had been hoping Kim would have the energy to play but never thought for a second Kim would be ready for more bondage. Lisa was still brimming with energy from the long night of Red Bulls and flirting. That energy was making her mis-read Kim’s expressions.

“Well, well. It looks like you’re going to be staying quiet for an awfully long time,” Lisa said feeling even more energized as she got into the scene.

A sense of dread hit me like a sledge hammer. I realized I was going to get punished for trying to remove the gag. A twinge of fear nagged at me knowing this stranger not only had control over what I did but also the ability to inflict punishment on me. It was then that a strange realization swept over me. I knew I should be scared out of my mind yet my fear was only a bothersome emotion sending cold shivers down my spine. Somewhere else in my mind a different part of my brain was sending a tingling sensation straight to my pussy. The emotion felt like fear but was something entirely different. I couldn’t understand the emotion but I knew I liked what the tingles were doing to my body. I decided then and there that I would do whatever the girl said; partly because I was afraid of being punished, partly because I wanted to indulge in this new sensation.

Lisa stepped over the table and wormed her way through stacks of boxes as she moved through the truck. Mounted to the wall separating the cab from the storage area was a clothes rack. Flying from the seat of her pants, Lisa had no real plan for Kim. Sorting through the racks of clothes she selected a black latex catsuit with open face and a zipper running from the butt to the back of the neck.

Lisa considered the latex skirts, tops, gloves and everything else on the rack but settled on just the catsuit. A smile crossed her lips. Maybe not just latex she thought as she looked at a pile of leather accessories.

Lisa spent a lot of time showing off products in various towns, which made for many long nights alone in hotel rooms. Lisa kept her personal supply of bondage restraints in the truck for those long boring nights. She tossed the catsuit in the bag of restraints and added a pair of leather boots that should fit Kim.

When the woman returned from the depths of the truck she was carrying a black duffel bag in her hand. She dropped it on the table before pulling out a latex body suit. She unzipped the back then held it open for me to get into. I had to hold onto a pile of boxes to stay balanced as she worked the tight latex over each of my legs. I bent forward sticking my arms and head into their respective holes. When I stood up my arms slipped in to the long sleeves and my head popped into the hood. As the woman reached behind me and drew the zipper up my back I felt the latex stretch around my torso. The feeling of having every inch of my body covered in tight latex felt bizarre yet completely erotic. The only part the suit didn’t cover was my face and the lower half of that was covered over with the gag.

My waist was further restricted as she fitted a deep blue corset on me. Following her instructions, I raised my arms and exhaled as she tightened it. With each tug of the laces the pressure increased internally. When she finished my lungs were limited to short breaths. My torso was completely ridged from the stiff corset.

My latex clad feet were further covered by the black leather high heeled boots the woman pulled out for me. The spiked heels were a towering six inches long. They were only made manageable by the two inch platforms under the toes. I felt as though my head would hit the ceiling as I stood up in the shoes. The stiff leather the shoes were made of zipped up around my calf. My ankles were virtually immobile.

While the heels seemed bad the next set of accessories looked horrible. In this case I wasn’t worried about comfort as I looked at the leather cuffs and chains she pulled out. Around my ankles leather cuffs that matched the blue of the corset were locked on. The woman moved with a speed that only comes from experience. My wrists quickly received the same treatment.

Lisa moved the bag to the back edge to the trailer where she would still be able to reach it from the ground. Stepping down first, Lisa helped Kim step out of the back of the trailer. Kim could barely walk in the boots let alone climb out the back of a truck with them on. Lisa knew the boots were ridiculously tall but couldn’t help putting them on Kim.

Now that Kim was out of the trailer Lisa added the last few things before taking her into the hotel. A short chain between her ankle cuffs limited Kim’s stride while a single lock bound the wrist cuffs together behind Kim’s back. Lisa couldn’t stop smiling as she added the last item. From the bag she pulled out the collar that match the cuffs. She delicately wrapped it around Kim’s neck making it snug before slipping a lock through the strap in the back.

Kim looked absolutely stunning. Lisa couldn’t wait to get her alone in her room. She had plenty of more toys and restraints in her bag she was eager to try out. Her smile couldn’t be contained as she thought of one more addition to make the package complete. It didn’t take Lisa long to rummage through the truck to find what she needed.

Using a large lock Lisa attached a silver chain to the front of Kim’s collar.

“Perfect,” Lisa said, admiring Kim. “Your just what I’ve always wanted, my very own Asian sex pet.”

Chapter 4

Lisa slammed the door to the trailer closed. She had dropped a couple of locks in her purse before leaving the bag inside the truck. She still needed to collect toys and playthings from the boxes but didn’t want Kim around to see what she was getting, she wanted it to be a surprise. She smiled to herself trying to figure out where she would tie Kim up in the room while she returned to the truck. She chuckled to herself as one idea stuck her.

“I wonder if we can request a room with a balcony.” Lisa thought aloud. She looked over to see Kim’s reaction. She loved seeing the shock that registered on Kim’s face.

An enormous sense of trepidation filled me. My eyes kept darting from side to side scanning to see who was watching me. I couldn’t believe I was out in public for everyone to see. I looked like some kind of perverted sex freak dressed in all this latex and bound in leather restraints. First the bar and now this. This town is tiny. There is no way everyone isn’t going to be talking about me. Even if no one sees me like this, returning to class in a week is going to be the worst experience in my life.

As I assessed my feelings I realized that while returning to class in a week was going to be unbearable, there was something about what was going on now that I didn’t hate. Some part of me enjoyed what was happening, even the embarrassment of being seen. Before I had enough time to truly comprehend my feelings a stiff tug on the leash jerked me away from my thoughts.

With no other options I followed along like a good little puppy. The heels I wore made sharp clicks on the pavement with each step. I tried to see who was looking but my focus quickly became dedicated to the ground immediately before me. The short chain connecting my ankles was making walking difficult. Tripping now with my hands pinned behind me would be very bad.

I didn’t realize it at first but I was actually moaning with each step. I couldn’t keep my focus on anything. Every step I took made the plugs shift and move inside me. As a result of my broken focus I kept tripping. Each time I stumbled the plugs jarred my insides.

“So how do your big plugs feel now?” Lisa asked. Lisa didn’t have to hear Kim’s moaning to know walking around utterly stuffed with such large plugs would be a very stimulating experience. Lisa knew when the extra large plugs were ordered for the table the wearer never planned to be walking around with them in place. Lisa was taking perverse pleasure forcing Kim to endure the torment of her custom ordered plugs. Lisa giggled thinking Kim must be cursing herself for asking to have her plugs made so large.

Poor, poor, Kim. Lisa was absolutely clueless. It really wasn’t Lisa’s fault. Jeff had successfully pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes.

Reaching down, the woman rubbed my crotch before pressing hard on the base of the plug. We were still walking and I gasped as the plug slid even deeper within me. I was still on a sexual high from the constant stimulation I had suffered through on the drive. I desperately wanted to cum. I tried to force my crotched against her hand but she just moved it away.

“Are you finding yourself a little worked up walking around with your toys in?” It was a rhetorical question and Lisa didn’t bother turning around to look at Kim. Despite being rhetorical Lisa couldn’t resist making Kim answer it.


I nodded my head yes. I wanted to cum.

“Does this get you excited being out like this?” Lisa asked, now referring to Kim’s public bondage. This time Lisa turned around to see how Kim reacted.


I nodded my head yes again. How many times was she going to ask me the same question? I already told her the plugs were driving me crazy.

“Hy hlly, hilly, heed who hum,” I said nodding my head vigorously.

It came out as gibrish but I was begging now, telling her ‘I really, really need to cum’.

“Holy cow. I didn’t expect you would like public bondage that much,” Lisa said surprised by Kim’s apparent thrill of walking around restrained outside. Lisa turned back towards the hotel. Excitement made her quicken her pace. She grinned from ear to ear listening to Kim still excitedly mumbling behind her. She still couldn’t believe how much of an exhibitionist Kim was. Lisa couldn’t have been more eager to explore the full realm of the Asians exhibitionist desires. Crazy plans were already forming in Lisa’s head.

I tried to pull back on the leash when I saw where we were headed but it did no good. I tried to voice my immense concern about her comment that I enjoyed this bondage. Instead, the woman leading me by the leash just quickened her pace.

“Ok, ok, I get the point. You want to keep walking. Just give me a minute to get us checked in then I’ll make sure you get to take those plugs for a nice long walk.” Lisa was wild with excitement. Kim was the playmate she had always been looking for. Lisa barely considered herself bisexual. She preferred men but in this case Kim’s shocking beauty and wild personality were overwhelming her. Lisa loved to be wild and outrageous. She loved to shock people especially with her sexuality. It was the reason she loved her job so much. For the first time she had found someone who shared her pleasure of exposing herself in shocking ways.

A chill went down my spine as the automatic doors slid open and I was led into the main lobby of the hotel. The lobby was appropriately empty for the late hour. The only people around were the staff. Two guys sat behind the check-in counter, both looked to be about twenty. They both stared at me blinking, unsure if their eyes were playing tricks on them. I wanted to run off. Instead I was pulled forward as the woman marched to the counter with me in tow.

“Hi there. I’m Lisa, there should be a room reserved for me,” Lisa said to the two stunned men.

The men didn’t move.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have called ahead and asked before I arrived,” Lisa began, “Do you allow pets here?”

Both men looked at each other. I turned crimson red as Lisa began stroking my hair.

“Pet?” one of the guys finally asked completely confused.

“I was hoping Kim could stay with me in my room. But if you don’t allow pets I can always lock her in the truck.”

Both guys looked at each other then back at us. It would be comical if I wasn’t so incredibly embarrassing.

“I think in this case pets are allowed,” one guy finally said.

“Oh good. So do you have my room?” Lisa asked.

One of them was able to break his eyes away from the two latex clad women long enough to check the computer.

“Yes, we have it here,” the man behind the counter said. He looked back and forth at the two women. “Its only has a single bed though. Will that be ok?”

“That will be just fine.”

Lisa filled out the paperwork and paid for the room while I stood there. I was very happy when they handed Lisa the keys and the whole encounter was almost over.

“I need to go back out and grab some things for tonight,” Lisa said, giving them a wink. “Can I ask one of you to do me a really big favor?”

Lisa had enough experience being dressed in latex around young men to know the power it had over them. She could see the arousal in their faces as well as their pants.

“We’re here to serve our guests,” one boldly stated. “How can I help?”

“Kimmy here would really like to be taken for a walk. She’s been pestering me all night to be taken out but I’ve been really busy and haven’t gotten the chance to take her.”

The guys stood silent for a brief second trying to understand a situation that was too bizarre for their minds to comprehend.

“I know I shouldn’t tell you this because she gets so embarrassed about it but I will anyways.”

My eyes were wide as I stared at Lisa. She just smiled as she reached down to pat my crotch.

“You see, Kimmy really loves her walks because of the large dildo she has buried deep inside here.”

Lisa paused briefly to watch both guys jaws drop. Lisa’s sex was tingling with excitement. She had never had so much fun. The poor boys were a mess with emotions they couldn’t understand. Lisa had them around her finger and was getting more intoxicated by the power every second.

“She put another one back here,” Lisa said as she gave Kim a hard spanking.

The two guys looked at each other then stared at Kim.

“The more she walks the more the dildos twist and turn, teasing her insides. You should see how aroused she gets after a couple laps around the block,” Lisa said smiling as though she was remembering a past experience. Mostly she smiled seeing the guys response to her planted suggestion. “I have to keep her legs hobbled to keep her from trying to run.”

“Sorry for getting so far off topic,” Lisa said as though she were apologizing for telling a boring story. “Do you think one of you could walk her? I’m pretty tired and I would really appreciate the help.”

“Sure, I’ll take her,” one of them said enthusiastically. He quickly whipped around the counter and took the leash.

My eyes went wide in shock. I couldn’t believe I was being turned over to a stranger to be walked like a dog.

“You’re a life saver,” Lisa said as she handed off the leash.

“Have fun on your walk dear,” Lisa said to me as she started to walk out.

“Where should I take her?” the guy holding my leash asked, unsure of what to do with a human pet.

“Any where you like. I’d suggest you start by showing her the entire hotel.” Lisa said as she kept walking. She paused in the doorway. When she turned there was a big grin on her face that matched that of the excited hotel staff.

“If you’re really feeling helpful you could show her around outside once you’ve finished with the interior. She seemed to really like being out there by the road. I literally had to drag her in by the leash to get her to come inside. I know she had her heart set on seeing some of the town tonight but if you aren’t comfortable taking her outside I understand.”

Lisa disappeared into the night leaving me in the care of the hotel staff. I couldn’t believe how helpless I was.


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