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System Shock

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; gimpsuit; bond; cuffs; collar; hood; gag; susp; bond-frame; speculum; insert; bdsm; electro; whip; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

Marilyn was warmly welcomed into James's lonely countryside home, she had met him online and they had talked in detail about extreme bondage. was the name of the fetish website. She had seen pictures of his self bondage session and what he would do to a beautiful young women, they had many dreams and fantasies in common. Marilyn had told James, that she wanted heavy bondage with rubber and kinky toys.

James had called her yesterday with the good news, her fetish heaven was ready for her. She had packed her bags and left her house as soon as she heard. James lived in Oxfordshire and Marilyn had driven for three hours from Liverpool. Her blue BMW M3 was parked outside his home. As they talked in his living room with a nice cup of tea. They would start the bondage session tomorrow morning at around 9am. She would be kept in extreme bondage for the next 48 hours. But first she wanted a good nights sleep and to see her new master in the morning light.

Marilyn was a very hot 23 year old who worked for a local newspaper in Liverpool. She also did media at the college in the northern city. She had long black hair with red highlights. She had soft brown eyes and bright red lips. She had an amazing body with perfect long legs. Just before leaving her house she had shaved her pussy and was loving the new look. She had stunning boobs and a wonderful ass. She was a friendly, but shy girl with no real friends. She did well to hide her kinky side from family and the friends she did have. She finished her tea and headed up to bed for the night. The room was nice and warm on a cold winter day. The room was empty apart from the bed and a side table. The side table had a small light on it, but apart from that the room was empty. She was soon asleep in the soft and comfortable bed and looking forward to the session tomorrow.

As the sun light cut through her window and into the room. The time was around 8am as she got up and out of the lovely bed. She left the bedroom and got herself into the shower. She had a quick shower and dried herself off. She don't need to get dressed as her bondage session started at 9am. So it would be pointless to do so. She would just walk around the house naked. She met James downstairs as he was making breakfast. He had a feeling she would be naked and was not shocked by her. He handed her a plate filled with hot food. She could see eggs, beans, tomatoes, bacon, toast and hash browns. It looked very nice and she soon finished it off. What a great way to start the day.

They waited for her food to go down and had a quick chat about the bondage session. The clock soon hit 9am and James told Marilyn to get up and follow him. She stood up and just like the good submissive she was followed him. They left the kitchen and walked to a small door under the stairs. He unlocked the door and ordered her to go down the stairs behind it. She obeyed him and could feel the cold metal stairs against her soft skin. At first the staircase was completely dark as she descended into the basement. He hit the light switch and followed her down into what would be a hell-hole for Marilyn. The basement was deep under the house as they reached the bottom. He hit another switch and covered the hidden room with light. Bondage equipment was hanging from hooks on the wall. Rubber gimp suits had been folded on a table. Head models ringed the wall on the other side to the bondage equipment. The head models all had bondage or rubber hoods over them.

In the centre of the room was a metal frame with four vertical poles and six cross beams. All of the metal frame had been bolted together and looked very strong. A full set of heavy duty metal cuffs had been placed next to the frame. The room had an odd rubber and metallic smell to it. On a table next to the frame was a well laid out table with endless bondage toys. The fetish stuff left her eyes open as she had a closer look at the rubber suit. She could not wait for the session to start. He pointed to a blue rubber gimp suit with built-in hands and feet. The suit had a gap for her pussy and ass. The suit had no zip, the only way in was through the neck.

She could see he had already lubed the suit as she lifted it off the table. The rubber was thick and super shiny as she gave it a good sniff. The smell of rubber was amazing. She pulled the rubber around the neck open and pushed her legs inside. She had to move them all the way down through the suit. She almost put her legs in the gap from her pussy and ass as she tried it for first time. She had to rework the rubber and reposition her legs. But after a couple of minutes her legs reached the bottom of the suit. Most of her body was already inside the tight rubber as she pulled the suit up around her legs. She pulled her arms inside the rubber suit. The rubber could stretch just enough for her to get inside the suit. It was very tight against her skin as she removed the air pockets. Air was still blowing against her pussy and ass as she finished off the suit by sorting out the neck. Making sure the rubber was vice like against her neck and impossible to remove.

The rubber was reinforced and doubled up around her sexy holes. This was to stop it from ripping. The suit was very tight as it squeezed her body and showed it off beautifully. The suit was squeaking softly as she moved her arms and legs. He told her to move towards the metal frame. She was loving the session so far and happily moved towards the well made frame. He pointed to the centre of the frame and she got wet at the thought of being tied to it. She moved her rubber body into the centre as the suit squeaked away to itself. He handed her two heavy duty metal cuffs and pointed at her ankles. She bent over and wrapped the thick metal around her legs. The cuffs was almost biting into her skin as she was handed a huge padlock and closed the cuff. The padlock made a loud click as she trapped her leg inside it. She did the same thing to her other leg and then enclosed her hands in the metal cuffs. They took away some of her power and will as her submissive side stepped forward. Another set of cuffs where passed to her. She placed the cuffs around her upper legs and upper arms. Her arms and legs now had large metal cuffs on them and he quickly padlocked the new cuffs shut.

The weight on her arms and legs was huge as the metal cuffs shinned in the light. He added a heavy duty metal belt to her bondage set-up. The belt was 10cm wide and was extremely tight against her rubber stomach. He was the one who wrapped it around her body and locked the belt with a massive padlock. It was now harder to breath as the belt gave her the feeling of bring cut in half. She tried moving it with her hands as rubber rubbed against rubber. He was loving what he saw and heard as he showed her another cuff. This time it was for neck. Marilyn was in heaven and hell as the stomach belt squeezed into her. She took the metal cuff off him and placed it around her neck. It was shocking heavy and thick as she moved it to just the right spot. He handed her the last huge padlock, which she clicked shut herself. The cuff was stopping her from moving her neck in any direction. She was now ready for the bondage to begin.

First he padlocked the cuffs on her arms together. This forced her elbows to touch as her arms became one. He made her spread her legs as wide as she could. She could stretch as far as the bondage frame, which was great for him to see. He locked her legs to the vertical poles in the corners of the frame. He then used a high tension cable to link them together. The frame had a d-ring in the centre below where she was standing. He linked the cable to the d-ring and up to her bondage belt. The cable was also used for her upper legs to bind them to the poles.

The bondage was pulling against her body as she found moving almost impossible. The poles and cross beams stood tall against her struggling as her arms got lifted up behind her. Four of the cross beams linked the four corner poles together. This made the frame very strong and gave him lots of bondage points. He used the cable to bind her arms in a very tight strappado. This forced her head and neck downwards as he picked up her bondage hood. It was made from a very thick see through plastic with a rubber anaesthesia mask build over the mouth and nose. Two long runner hoses meet at the centre of the mask. But something was missing. A large gag.

Luckily he had asked a friend to help him with this a couple of weeks ago. The friend had dropped off the gag the night before as Marilyn was asleep. The gag was made up of used condoms wrapped together into a ball. The gag was very large and gave off a strong sex smell. He had been fucking his whore of a wife for two weeks in all her holes. He had left it upstairs and quickly ran to get it. Marilyn was too well bound to do anything but wait.

A couple of minutes later he returned with the condoms hanging from his right hand. Marilyn saw cum dripping from it and was still willing to open her mouth and let him push it in. Somehow the huge gag popped into her mouth and made her cheeks push out. She moaned loudly as it filled her mouth. Quickly duct tape was rolled around her head to stop her from spitting it out. The tape covered her chin and mouth with layers of the stuff. The taste of semen and pussy reached her tongue as he lifted up the plastic hood. He opened the hood in two as the face front half and the back half split.

Just as he pushed the plastic against her soft skin, did the taste of ass hit her. A second later the other side of the hood was closed around her head. She gagged under the tape as two massive padlocks closed the hood from each side. The hood was too small for her head as the pressure hit her like a train. The top of the hood had a d-ring build into it, which was linked by cables to the ground d-ring and the two poles in front of her. He then got out another kinky item from a box in his basement. A heavy bondage collar.

The collar would covered her neck and had a chin strap as well as a back pad. The whole collar was made from heavy metal and split in two like the hood. Placing it both sides of her neck, he closed it tightly shut. She could feel the metal pushing against her hood as her chin was pushed into the right location. Her chin was stretched and finally got into the metal strap. The back pad enclosed around her head and would stop her turning from side to side. He closed the posture collar with more padlocks. He then linked the horrible collar to the frame with cables. One went to the cross beam her arms were bound to. Another when to the ground d-ring and a third went down her back and linked to her stomach belt.

He then tied her wrist cuffs to the poles behind her. Theh he did the same to the bondage belt as it was joined to all the poles. What she did not know was that two of the six cross beams could be moved. He took one and place it level with her head. He then pulled a long cable from the corner of the beam and wrap it under her armpits and joined it back up with the other corner. He also used another cable from her bondage belt to the new cross beam. He then locked a padlock to the last cable from her collar. The cable passed just under her chin, which she was unable to move.

He added a few more cables to the cuffs on her upper arms and tied them to the front poles. He also used the cable to keep her feet from moving as they to got tied to the poles. A shocking looking device would keep her rubber toes still. A metal cuff at one end was for her ankle. Five small lockable rings at the other. With a metal pole at a 30 degree angle linking the two. The rings locked around each toe and the cuffs was easy to joint to the leg. The pole also had a d-ring which made joining it to the cables around her feet a walk in the park. What was great about it was the fact he had some for her hands as well. The poles were a bit longer to keep her fingers still. She could not fight him as he cuffed her fingers one at a time. Each click was a real turn on for her. As he closed the wrist cuff and with the device having a d-ring at the end of the pole. He padlocked it to the cable keeping her in a strappado. Finally her bondage was done.

The rubber was squeaking as she tried to move. The tension cables would never fail and could support a greater weight than Marilyn's muscles could put on them. She was also folded and crushed in a cruel and painfully way. Which stopped her from using a lot of her strength. She moaned inside her plastic hood as he had a close look into her eyes. It was time to get the camera out and show his work to the fetish world. A high quality stills camera was the device he used to shoot his amazing work. Getting a couple of wide shots and then showing all the little details. She was happy with him taking photos and could not wait to see them. He put the camera down and give her the sign, he would start phase two.

The sign was simple, two fingers. What was odd about it was the way round they where. He should have done the peace sign, but instead told her to fuck off. She should have read something into this action. But she gave him the sign back. Which was blink threes time. Phase two was about adding the toys to her bondage and starting the session. Which would go on all weekend with no safewords or rest. He would have total control and power over her. He could see her cunt was dripping wet and he got the equipment.

The first item he showed her was was a anal speculum with it's chrome surface shining in the light. She looked at it's two long chrome duckbill shaped walls and solid base. It would go far inside her ass and open her up. The chrome walls could be opened by turning a screw. He lubed the walls of the closed anal speculum and pushed the 7 inch toy into her ass. The feeling was fantastic as it moved deep inside her. But at the same time it was degrading as her ass swallowed it up. Soon only the base was outside her perfect ass and it was time to open it up. He was wearing latex gloves as he turned the screw. Slowly the chrome walls opened and pushed against her. The speculum spread her asshole wider and wider. Until she was left with a gaping hole. Her ass was being pushed apart as he picked up another one.

He showed it off to her and pointed at her wet cunt. The second anal speculum was lubed and pushed into her pussy. She was used to have large items in her cunt and welcomed it. She was not so welcoming with her pussy gaping as the chrome walls stretched her open. Her cunt juices dripping to the floor below. He tested her pussy and ass to the limits as he turned the screw an inch at a time. She was moaning loudly as the speculum reached their maximum opening ability. He had a surprise for her as he grabbed the ends of the rubber hoses from her anaesthesia mask. The rubber was long enough to reach the floor as he showed her some more rubber toys.

Two black rubber bulbs with holes covering the surface. He then joined the bulbs to the end of the rubber hoses. She could breath through them as the smell of rubber filled her nose. It was then he pushed one of bulbs inside her pussy. The speculum made fitting it inside easy. With space on all sides of the bulb, something would be needed to keep it still. He placed the other bulb inside her ass and then grabbed another cable and linked it to her bondage belt. With one hand holding the bulbs and the other moved the cable over her sex holes. He joined the cable to the other side of the belt. The cable would keep  the bulbs trapped inside her.

She would be unable to push the bulbs out and she could still breath. There was a small gap between the speculum and the bulb, which let her breathe. But the air she got was mixed together with the smell of her body. The worst part was the fact she could piss or cum and still get air. She was breathing deeply as the smell of rubber vanished and was replaced by her own dirty smell. It was time for the torture to begin.

He got out an e-slim box with crocodile clips and snapped them on to the chrome speculum. The e-slim box was placed on the ground between her legs. As he got out a bullwhip and gave it a good crack. He turned the e-slim on and moved the levels to a low setting to start with. The shock hit the walls of her pussy and ass and she jumped within her bondage system. He then crashed the bullwhip on to her ass cheeks. The e-slim would shock her every 15 seconds. So in the gap he hit her ass with the whip. What rubber that covered her, did nothing to stop the pain. She was crying into her condom gag and plastic hood. As the whipping and shocks rocked through her body.

He put the whip down and turned the e-slim up to about half way. He when removed his clothes and pressed his cock against her plastic helmet. He slowly fucked the plastic hood as she screamed with each shock. She found the face fuck very humiliating as the smell of her pussy filled her hood. She was very horny and getting very wet. As her cum poured from her gaping cunt and covered the bulb. He was soon close to cumming as he moved to her ass and blow his load in the gap of her air. The smell of semen quickly reached her nose as his sperm ran out her asshole and hit the floor.

It was degrading as the smell of sex filled her hood and the taste of it filled her mouth. She had a feeling he would undo the cuffs and end the session. A lot of people talk the talk. But he is unlikely to walk the walk. All this talk about a weekend in bondage and endless torture was not going to happen. But she was very wrong as she waited in bondage system and rubber suit. He was having a quick shower and would soon be back.


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