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Part One

Being a rubber and latex fanatic for many years, Jenny had visited many fetish shops and online stores in search of the perfect toys and apparel. She was a small town girl who lived alone in a meagre apartment in the big city. By no means was this twenty one year old girl unattractive. She had short light brown hair, thin lips, and deep blue eyes that a man could get lost in. Her breasts were a tad on the smaller side of average but wonderfully firm and round, but her crowning glory was an ass that could stop traffic. She was proud of these traits but never really had any instinct to use them to get what she wanted. Putting forward the strong face of a hot successful business woman in an intimidating city all day long was taxing and she always longed to return to her apartment to escape. Men would constantly proposition her and she was nearly raped once, so she had no drive to associate with any man.

She had transformed one of her rooms into a place for her fantasies to run wild. A playroom filled with latex, rubber, steel, leather and rope goodies, a place that she considered her personal utopia. One of her favourite games was to see how much latex she could squeeze into and then sneak out to see a movie with a thick coat over it all. But for now, she lived only in her own little world, leaving only to go to work. She was the daughter of a wealthy business man who paid for all her bills. She had insisted herself that she get a job and live on her own. Her parents approved of this but they still insisted on paying her rent and bills. She didn’t object to that.

It was December and snow as well as Christmas spirit began to fill the air. Having just left work, she decided that since it was such a beautiful winter day, she would visit the mall and buy presents for her few friends and her family. She perused many shops but only bought one bag full of things. It took about four hours of shopping to quench her desire for gift buying and by that time she was ready to go home and finish up buying online. Her place was only four blocks south from the mall so she opted to walk in the soft falling snow and take it slow and easy. She like the sound of crunching the wet snow under her boots.

Enjoying the window shopping as she meandered towards home, she came across a small store that she had not noticed there before. She would have passed it by without a second thought if it weren’t for a very small sign on the door. It read 'Synapse Rubber & Latex International'. The black door was exceptionally large and of a modern make. It peaked her curiosity and her heart fluttered as her mind filled with thoughts of rubber and latex. Her hand reached out to open the door almost on its own. Breaking her out of her little fantasy was the realisation that the door was locked. Her heart sank and she plodded the rest of the way home pondering about this 'Synapse' company.

Arriving at home, she kicked her shoes to the corner and hung her coat up in the hall closet. Dropping the presents on her sofa, her eyes strayed to her back room. Smiling she walked off to the bathroom for a hot shower. Stripping off her cold clothes in the bathroom, she felt the warm air of her home drift across her cold flesh. She turned on the shower and got it just right before stepping in. It was perfect. That warm embrace of flowing water enveloped her body. Her mind drifted off into fantasy. She refrained from pleasuring herself as she had ideas about that for later. Just as she reached that warm fuzzy place where you never want to leave the shower, the memory of that door came back to her. `Synapse`. An idea hit her and she hopped out of the shower, dried off and got dressed. She walked out to her computer and powered it up. Sitting, she opened the internet and ran a search for Synapse International. Many results came back, the majority were scientific papers on brain functions or whatever. At last, there at the bottom was a link for SRL Int. She clicked it, and entered the site.

What she saw was quite surprising. She half expected to see some shoddy, poorly written site, but it was an extremely well put together page. It was professional looking like a manufacturer or corporation. Right across the top it stated its name, Synapse Rubber and Latex International. Quickly she learned many things. Firstly, this was indeed the store she saw earlier as the location she read on the site was the same as she remembered. Secondly, they produced two lines of products only. The total rubber system and the total latex system. There was absolutely nothing to suggest that this was anything erotic, but still it pulled at her. What else could it be? The price was $225 for the latex package, and $645 for the rubber package. She knew that if she ignored this opportunity that it would eat away at her. At any rate, she had ample funds to throw around. She placed an order for the latex package and it opened a new page which asked her to choose shipping method. Various international and national shipping, fast and slow were showed but there at the bottom was a local option. A priority shipment delivered personally and instantly anywhere in the city guaranteed within one hour. With a wide smile she chose the local option and finished it up.

She paced around the apartment anxiously. One of her bad habits was chewing her nails when nervous. It wasn’t a terrible habit, plus it made putting latex gloves on even easier. There was a knock at the door and she ran over and opened it. There was no one there but a small box was laying right there at her feet. She scooped it up in her arms and took it inside. 'A little bit small isn’t it?' she thought. In a matter of seconds she was naked and in her back room with the box..

Inside was three cardboard boxes and a piece of paper on the top. She tossed aside the 'Please read before using' page and opened the boxes. The first box had a small pair of black latex thong panties. They looked like they were going to be a tight fit, but she grabbed them and pulled them on quickly. They were very tight actually and only barely stretched enough to come up over her hip bones. They hugged her most intimate parts in a cool black embrace. Quickly, the latex warmed to body temperature. Inside the second box was a bottle of liquid with the label Safetex and a syringe. She didn’t quite understand the need for a syringe. She put them to the side and opened the third box. Inside was a black ball gag. She knew what this was for and she immediately pushed it into her mouth and strapped it around her head, trapping it in her mouth. Both of the pieces she put on were quite nice and felt somehow different from her other latex pieces, but she still expected something more. She grabbed the piece of paper and began to read.

Please Read Before Using

Thank you for purchasing the total latex system. For your own enjoyment, the chemical Safetex has been included to put the latex back into its dormant state. Prior to using the latex please note that you must drink two tablespoons of Safetex before applying the latex. Note that immediately after applying the latex, you will be unable to remove it until the Safetex you have metabolized has put it back into a dormant state. Do not be alarmed at this, it is normal. Please note that as with all of our products, you should inform someone of your location for your safety. For all other questions, refer to the FAQ on the website.

After reading this, she panicked and began tugging at the gag, trying to pull it off. It stuck firmly to her flesh like crazy glue and her lips were stuck firmly to the ball. She picked up the bottle of Safetex and looked at it ruefully. Her hand slipped down to her sex, feeling at the panties. She tried to slip a finger under them but to no avail. They were stuck to her as the gag was. How was she going to drink the Safetex now? She was almost frantic now, she was pulling at the gag with all her strength but it felt like she was pulling on her own skin. The latex was getting tighter by the minute and she clawed at the latex but her chewed nails were too short to scratch it. Then, all at once, the gag and the panties began to grow and expand over her skin. It was spreading! She tried to get her nails under a corner of it to peel it off but to no avail. All she succeeded in doing was getting it on her fingers and that too began to spread over her hands. In a panic, she took the bottle of Safetex and poured it all over herself, trying to stop it, but it continued its slow journey across her.

As an afterthought, she hurried back to her computer and went back to the manufacturers website to find that FAQ. It became increasingly difficult to operate the mouse and keyboard as the latex finished her hands and began travelling up her wrists. She clicked the FAQ in the bottom corner and began sorting through various questions that were of no help at all. The panties began to change shape on her. The crotch began growing in size and pushing into all of her holes. The material that pushed into her took on a rigid shape which went slowly but filled her completely and totally. This was quite distracting and she stopped searching for a moment. It was at this time that the gag stretched out over her lips and began covering her face. She continued reading as fast as she could, not knowing how long she would be able to see. The latex was already down to her knees and up to her stomach but she knew it wouldn’t stop. The name of the product, 'Total latex system' made her heart sink. The latex gag was just on the top of her cheek bones and down to her neck when she found the right page in the FAQ.

====What do you do if you forget to drink the Safetex?====-

-====Answer: This is not a problem. The provided Syringe can be pushed through the latex gag to push Safetex into your mouth.====

This was good news, she ran and got the syringe and bottle. Then it hit her, that sickening feeling of total loss hit her and tears began streaming down from her face as she looked at the empty bottle. 'How could I be so stupid!' she cursed herself for being so foolish. She looked at the floor but the liquid had all evaporated by now. Tears ran down her now latex covered cheeks and her eyes closed as the latex passed over her eyes blocking the tears from getting out. As she lost sight, all of her other senses were heightened and doubly noticed. She noticed that she could still breath. She could feel the latex pushing into her nostrils and coating her sinuses in latex. All she could smell was latex. The phalluses in her had grown immensely in her panic and were filling her totally and somewhat painfully. Running her hands over her body, she could barely feel anything, Only the touch of her latex covered hands on her bare skin let her know what had yet to be covered. The inside of her mouth and her tongue was covered swiftly as if the latex was speeding up. She nearly gagged as she felt it coat the inside of her throat with latex and push towards her stomach. Similarly, she could feel the phallus in her anus expand and lengthen, she could feel it going deeper and deeper into her. The feel of it moving around her abdomen almost made her sick.

She sat down on the floor and blindly tugged at the latex prison that was slowly consuming her. Thoughts passed to using a knife to get free, but she remembered how the latex stuck to her skin and she realized how futile that venture would be. She set her hands upon her bare stomach and could feel it moving around inside her, probably coating her intestines. The last patch of flesh was finally and swiftly covered. She sat there crying behind her black prison, pondering what fate the world had for her now. Who would find her like this. Her quiet sobbing was interrupted by movements in her loins. The phallus' had begun a regimen of expanding and shrinking, somewhat like breathing. 'Is this thing alive?' she asked herself.

Each breath it took stretched her almost to her limit and then vibrated and shook as the air fluttered out of the small opening. Her stomach expanded at each breath the latex took. It was a strange feeling, being filled completely and totally. The tools in her vibrated and pulsed constantly and began to drive her mad with lust. She laid upon her back and rubbed her hands across her sex, trying desperately to pleasure herself but the only thing she could feel was the latex. The pain in her jaw only intensified the pleasure. The devices continued without stop as immeasurable waves of pleasure washed over her, she came over and over until she passed out two hours later.

Time had no meaning in eternal darkness, only the constant cycles of hellish pleasure leading to her passing out every few hours. Outside in the world, life went on. Her boss had called her several times in the last four days that she has been missing and people began to wonder where she was, but none of them looked for her. She simply lay there locked in her latex cocoon wondering why she wasn’t dead yet. It seemed like years had passed from within its cruel grip. Her mind was no longer seeking escape, she was broken to her predicament. Rather, she was wondering why she didn’t feel hungry or thirsty. Life simply had a new meaning for her now. The latex was indeed alive and was keeping her alive as well. How, she could not say.

Deep in the waning hours of the fifth day, she awoke from one of her forced slumbers to find that she could see. The light was almost more than she could bear and she soon came to realise that her latex skin had disappeared. Leaving her naked and alone on her living room floor. Her jaw was no longer sore from wearing the gag and had adjusted to it completely. It felt like it should be there. Like something that belonged. Regardless, she dutifully removed it from her mouth. Then slowly tried to close her mouth but it took some time to adjust to being closed again. She peeled off the panties and left them lying there on the floor beside the sofa and collapsed. It hurt to move, her muscles were tired and sore.

Standing up she went to the kitchen for something to eat. Glancing at the telephone on her way by, she saw that it was indeed five days since she first donned the latex. She didn’t feel hungry, but she felt that she should eat something since no food had passed her lips in five days. She grabbed a granola bar and chewed it thoughtfully as the memories of what lead to her imprisonment unfolded. It was a mystery to her as to why the latex freed her. She guessed that it was the Safetex that she spilled on herself and it soaked into her skin.

Now back in the world, it seemed somehow colder, crueller and harder than before. She made inquiries to the company as to why it released her and why she wasn’t hungry but was amazed to find the company was no longer in business. The store was closed and the website was gone. It was like some peculiar dream that lingered in distant memory. Looking back at the gag and panties on the floor she wondered if they were actually real. She was reluctant to touch them, lest it happen again. She returned to work and by the grace of god, she still had a job. She told everyone that she had a family emergency and everyone somewhat accepted that excuse. They now regarded her with suspicious eyes. Maybe being a drug addict or some sort of unreliable miscreant.

After two weeks of gruelling work, which was now far harder due to her absence, she longed for an escape. Looking at the items on the floor every day made her miss the warm hugging embrace that it offered her. Longing to simply stop bothering with the hard world, she stripped down and walked into her playroom. She grabbed two pairs of leather cuffs, One for her wrists, one for her ankles. Walking into her bedroom now, she slid on the panties, she knew there was no Safetex left and no company to get any. That didn’t matter. Only the warm embrace of a being that loved and cared for her. She strapped the gag on and laid on her bed. She thoughtfully and carefully cuffed her ankles and wrists together. Locking them with padlocks. She knew the keys were somewhere in the playroom not that she planned on removing them. She smiled as the latex covered her again, for all she knew, forever. Tears slipped out of her eyes as it covered her face. She had found that special place where nothing mattered. She was happy.

Part 2

It was a cloudy day outside. Men and women going to and fro about their various tasks and concerns; each believing that their task was more pressing that the others. Each person with their own wants and desires filling up space in this infinitely diverse world. But down in a tiny corner of land in a tiny corner of the planet, a single soul had found happiness, but at a cost. Life in bliss was all she could wish for, but bliss began to get lonely. She began to long for the familiar touch of skin, the sound of another heart beating. She longed for someone to share in his heaven that she had found. It was, perhaps, this longing that led to the peculiar circumstances that followed.

Jenny lay there on the cool polished wooden floor in ecstasy, dreaming and thinking. She had on a pervious day, in a moment of panic, wriggled her way off the bed and into the living room but gave in to her feelings then and there. The latex had a way of touching and caressing in just the way that she needed to be touched as if it knew her intimate thoughts and desires. Her mind had begun to turn lately to thoughts of how alone she was. She could hear a small amount of sound around her when she was conscious; the loud bangs of people stomping or dropping things on the floor above her, the sirens of emergency vehicles as they passed outside on their various emergencies, she could even hear her phone ring vacantly. She wondered what they were doing or wanting. She began to feel close to them as she waited for them to come home from work and walk noisily across their floors.

It was then that she heard a knock at the door. A rush of panic swept across her. As much as she wanted someone, she dreaded the thought that someone should find her like this. An urge to keep it secret was all she could think about. The knock at the door came again, this time louder and harder. In a quiet moment of desperation, almost if she had commanded it, the latex began to change. It began to retreat and transform. The gag began to liquefy slightly but continued to remain glued to the inside of her mouth. Her shell was now moving towards her head and to her sex. She panicked as it began to push down her throat and settle in her stomach. The latex around her midsection and legs pushed into her tight little cunt and ass. It filled her beyond anything she would have thought she could take but it continued to pour into her. Into every tiny nook that her body could offer it crept until her stomach began to bulge slightly.

As quickly as if she had slurped a piece of spaghetti, it was over. Not a trace of latex could be seen across her naked body as she lay quivering in the cool air. Her loins were, for the lack of a better word, full. So full in fact, that she could not even clench her pelvic muscle. The only things she could feel were the constant pressure inside her and the persistent grip of the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that she locked on her limbs on a whim last time. The knock at the door echoed throughout the apartment again. She tried to yell at the door, but her lips and teeth seemed fused together and her throat was full. Swallowing or even moaning was impossible, all she could do was breath softly.

The knocking stopped and a deafening silence filled the room. She could hear and feel every single heartbeat as she lay there in wait. The silence was followed by the familiar sound of a key being pushed into the lock on her door. She stared at the door at the end of the hall as she lay there on her side, bound as she was. The lock unlatched and the door swung open. Evil visions of it being a burglar or someone who would rape her against her will passed her mind. She closed her eyes as the person entered.

"Jenny!", a woman yelled as she slammed the door, locked it and came running down the hall. "What happened to you?" Jenny opened her eyes and if she could have smiled she would have. All she could do was look at this woman with excited eyes for this was perhaps her only friend. It was Hella, her friend since childhood. Hella was a Norwegian beauty with pale white skin. Having fairly small breasts, Hella had not done well with the guys so she gained a slightly lesbian tendency and turned to bondage but she had an athletic figure and a really hot ass. She kept her strawberry coloured hair close cropped in a slightly masculine fashion. They had not seen each other for close to two years now since college. They had maintained a close relationship from preschool up until an abrupt parting at the end of college but they stayed in contact through phone calls. They had even done some experimenting with each other in college but jenny thought it was a bit too shameful to bring up ever again. Hella looked Jenny up and down and saw that she was bound only with leather cuffs and padlocks. Hella too had a secret lifestyle in bondage and knew that these looked expensive and more than likely were applied by herself.

"Uhm, Jenny, Where are the keys?", Hella asked gingerly with a tiny grin. Jenny looked away from her for a moment to think of a way to tell her. She didn’t really want Hella to see her back room. She pondered for a moment, then looking back up at Hella, she gestured with her eyes to the room behind her. Hella nodded and walked away to the back room. Her light footsteps were followed by a creak of a door and an 'oh my' from Hella’s lips. Spending at least ten minutes wandering around in the back room, Hella had time to peruse through the myriad of sensual trinkets back there. Jenny lay there on the floor in a state of embarrassment, half dreading to see her college friend again and half begging for the keys. Hella returned shortly there after with a blanket and three blackened keys that were for her locks.

Easily, the cuffs were removed from her hands and ankles and swiftly she was covered in a warm blanket. Hella stood Jenny up and rubbed the blanket vigorously to warm her up as she looked quite cold and pale. "Don’t be ashamed or anything Jenny, I enjoy the same kind of things you know", Hella was trying to sound positive and upbeat. Jenny breathed out through her nose in short quick bursts to mimic laughing. Hella continued, "I was just talking to your parents about finding a place to stay and they suggested I come talk to you. They lent me the spare key since they couldn’t get you on the phone. I was hoping that it would be alright if I stayed here... Is it still ok?". Hella was quite concerned that this exposure would sour her friendship with Jenny. Looking eye to eye with each other, Jenny nodded in the friendliest face she could muster and they warmly hugged each other. Hellas hand strayed down Jenny's back and over her ass as she turned this simple hug into a sensual embrace.

Jenny closed her eyes and breathed softly, this was as much an invitation to Hella as she ever needed. Hella stepped back and disrobed. Reaching down, Jenny picked up a pair of cuffs and the keys laying on the floor and pointed at Hella. She obediently offered up her wrists which Jenny quickly twisted round behind her and locked in place. Then putting a finger to Hellas mouth, Jenny pushed the keys under her friends tongue rendering her silent for fear of swallowing the keys. Laying back on the couch, Hella awaited her new lover. Jenny came and straddled Hellas legs. Leaning in to kiss Hella, Jenny rubbed her lips over her face, nuzzling at Hellas cheek bones and lips. As Hella closed her eyes, the latex began to stir. It licked out of Jenny’s mouth and caressed this new face. It touched and probed at Hella for a moment before loosening to liquid state again, allowing Jenny to move her mouth again. Leaning over her friend, the two locked in a sensual kiss badly needed by each of them.

Jenny felt the mass inside of her grow greatly until suddenly the latex swarmed out of Jenny and into her friend. Hella struggled against it, trying to push up and get away but she was pinned down. The mass in Hellas mouth twitched a moment before grabbing the keys and sending them down inside her, locked in a mass of latex. She could not even attempt to stop the latex from pushing into her mouth and down her throat where it nearly gagged her. A sense of despair came over her as she knew the keys disappeared into her; She had no idea about what was still to come. It lined her nose and sinuses and covered her whole head as it began to spread down her body and over her hard breasts. Her bound arms struggled in desperation as the latex covered her from top to bottom. Hella was crying uncontrollably inside her latex coverings as they hardened slightly, making struggling difficult. They were both now covered from head to toe in a stiff latex sheath. Tears formed on the inside of the black mask, never to be seen by any human eyes again.

The mass grew inside Jenny as if more of it was being made. Her stomach bulged alarmingly as if she were eight months pregnant. The latex started pouring out of Jenny's sweet little cunt pushing directly into Hella's cunt and ass in a heavy pulsing fashion. Pint after pint, Gallon after Gallon of latex pushed out of Jenny and into her prostrate friend's womb and intestines, an unwilling participant to the actions being visited upon her. She was filled; filled beyond all decency until her stomach too bulged in the same fashion. Panting in shallow breaths from the pain of being stretched so much, the two remained in place as the latex continued its process unable to even wiggle from all of the pressure. It was then that the latex began its cycle of breathing again, now in both of their cunts. It took deep breaths, stretching them until they cried before releasing and vibrating silently on the exhale.

Now the latex closed their air holes and filled their nose completely with latex. A wave of panic swept over them both until they realised that neither of them felt like they needed to breath. It was breathing FOR them. Every breath was a new adventure in pain and pleasure and they couldn’t stop the orgasm building in each of them. Swiftly and violently, they both orgasmed at the same time. The force of which neither had ever dreamed of, an experience of nearly biblical proportions. The two collapsed and gave in to a dark slumber. As the two slept, the latex now squeezed them together, wrapping their limbs around one another but still keeping them face to face. It forced a space under the cushions in the sofa before dragging them down inside. Pulling the cushion over them and then the liner of the sofa. There it slept holding its now two prisoners in an even more strict hold, laying interwoven in an everlasting sensual embrace.

In time, her parents divorced and her mother came to live in the apartment. They never found out what happened to their daughter or her friend. The police put out a search which lasted three years. If only her mother knew that it gave her daughter immeasurable pleasure each and every time she screwed her new boyfriends on the sofa while using the goodies from the back room.


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