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Suzies New Job

by Allatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Allatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; solo-F; store; latex; outfits; coat; display; machine; process; encase; bond; straps; gag; rubberdoll; boxed; sold; enslave; reluct/nc; X

Tales from the 'Something Special boutique'

She hadn't really wanted the job but at the interview she found that the money was so good she would have to have been insane to turn it down, so on Monday morning she reported for work at the new boutique in the local town. The shop itself was just like any other sort of shop except that the clothes it sold were made from either leather or even more kinky, rubber!

After working there for a few weeks Suzie couldn't smell the rubber anymore and began to enjoy watching the kind of people who would ring the bell to be admitted to the shop to look around. Over the next few weeks Suzie was asked a few times what rubber was like to wear, but as she hadn't ever worn any she didn't know, on another occasion a customer asked Suzie's opinion on should he have the doll he had ordered dressed in a rubber maids outfit or could she recommend something better? "Come along dear you must have some favourite item of rubber you like to wear, I mean you do like rubber don’t you?" the customer asked inquisitively.

But before she could say that she had never worn rubber her boss, Mrs.Cartright answered, "She loves it, normally Suzie wears rubber in the shop but today she was late and forgot her rubber things!"

"Really my dear how interesting then I’ll pop back tomorrow when I have more time and you can help me to choose what to have my rubber dolly dressed in." and turned and left the shop.

"What do you mean I wear it all the time, I have never worn it and if the truth is known I don’t want to wear any of your rubber clothing" Suzie said .

"But you must, that was Mr. Bond a very important customer I can't let him think that my shop assistant has never worn rubber clothing, I mean how would you be able to advise him on what to buy. I’ll pay you a week’s extra wages for tomorrow if you will wear rubber while Mr.Bond is here, please Suzie!" she pleaded .

The thought of a weeks wages for one day just to wear a rubber outfit didn't seem too bad, so Suzie agreed. "But only for tomorrow!" she added.

The next morning Suzie arrived about 9 0`clock and went straight to Mrs.Cartright`s office knocked and went in. "Ah there you are Suzie, I have your rubber uniform all ready for you to put on." she said.

"Uniform! I thought maybe a rubber mini skirt, but a whole rubber uniform!" she gasped.

"Not a uniform as such Suzie but something that looks like a uniform, wear it in the shop just to impress Mr.Bond" she answered and handed Suzie a small case. "You can use the storeroom to change if you like Suzie." and left the office to open the shop.

Soon Suzie had locked the storeroom door and had opened the case, she began to take out the rubber items in the case. The first thing Suzie took out was a long black rubber skirt with a wide rubber strap belt at the top and made from thick rubber. Next she took out a black rubber T-shirt with long sleeves also made from thick rubber, then black rubber wrist length gloves and red rubber stockings and a pair of black rubber high heeled shoes. "Oh my god what have I let myself in for!" and soon was busy dressing herself in her "rubber uniform" .

Twenty minutes later Suzie stood up in the rubber uniform and tried to get used to the high heeled shoes, looking in the mirror in the storeroom she saw how tightly the rubber skirt which, she now realized was an ankle length hobble skirt and had restricted her to tiny steps, she also saw how tightly the rubber T-shirt moulded itself to her upper body, moving across the storeroom Suzie could feel the rubber uniform stretch and creak as she moved.

After about ten more minutes she managed to negotiate the stairs in her thick rubber skirt and entered the shop to see her boss waiting there to see how she looked in the rubber uniform she had left her. "My word Suzie that rubber uniform suites you so well you look like you were dressed by the rubber doll machine!" and with that walked towards her as she stood there she pulled the rubber belt on the rubber hobble skirt even tighter. "Now when Mr.Bond comes in please pretend you like wearing this rubber uniform as he is my best customer and I’ll give you 20% of the price of anything he buys." she said.

It was about half an hour when the doorbell rang, through the glass door Suzie could see Mr.Bond standing waiting to be admitted. As Suzie opened the door Mr.Bond came in and said, "Well, well my dear what a lovely rubber uniform you have on! Is it your own?" he inquired. Suzie could see her boss behind Mr.Bond nodding her head.

"Yes it's my own. I love wearing rubber and the tighter the rubber the more I like it!!" Suzie answered.

"So do I, I can see we are going to be good friends Suzie." he said putting his arm around Suzie's shoulder. "I have been thinking about how to dress my new rubber doll and I think what I need is a long rubber trenchcoat." he said beginning to examine the racks of rubber coats.

"Like this? " Suzie said holding up a long black double-breasted trenchcoat.

"That looks perfect my dear!" he said holding up the rubber coat. "Now hmmnmn! Yes that's it." he said and held up the long black rubber trenchcoat that Suzie had found . "Now I wonder how it will look?" he said.

"I'm sure Suzie would model it for you Mr.Bond, wouldn't you Suzie?" her boss said.

"Oh would you that would be so nice of you my dear." he said picking up the thick rubber coat and holding it open for Suzie to put on. Mrs. Cartright could see the look of anger on Suzie's face as she slid her arms into the rubber coat, soon they had fastened up the rubber covered buttons on the coat and had pulled the belt tight around her waist, the coat was very tight and reached to just above her calves .

Once they were satisfied with the rubber coat Mrs. Cartright said, "I hope that this coat looks as good on the rubber doll as it does on you my dear!!" as she began stroking the thick rubber trenchcoat that Suzie wore.

After about an hour Mr.Bond had also picked out an black rubber knee length sheath dress, black rubber stockings, shoulder length gloves and a rubber open faced helmet all in black rubber to dress his rubber doll in. So after paying by check he left the shop and said that he might be back in couple of days to get some rubber things for himself.

As soon as he had left Suzie turned to her boss and said, "How dare you volunteer me to model that rubber coat! It felt horrid!" she shouted.

"It may well have done but that coat cost over two hundred pounds of which you get 20% does it still feel so horrid!!" she said with a smile .

An hour later Suzie had put on her own clothes and packed the rubber things back into the case and went in to her bosses office to return them. "Here is your rubber uniform Mrs. Cartright," she said putting it on his desk.

"I think you had better keep it Suzie as when Mr. Bond comes in he will expect you to be wearing rubber as you did say you liked to wear it didn't you? Besides if you want to keep earning 20% of the cost of his purchases you had better keep him happy Suzie!" she said laughing to herself knowing that soon Suzie would have to wear rubber all the time at the shop .

Just as she had thought, about three weeks later Suzie wore a rubber uniform all the time in the shop, once she had even managed to get her into a tight black rubber maids uniform, but she had refused to serve in the shop wearing it, but there was time for that yet…

Mr. Bond did indeed buy himself lots of rubber and bondage equipment as well, once Suzie had to try on a rubber straight jacket so he could see how it would look on his wife. So for half an hour Suzie had been strapped up in tight rubber bondage and was very relieved to be released only to have him say that it didn't look tight enough!! So could he see a full length rubber body binder with built in hood and gag. Suzie looked in the storeroom and when she found one she saw the picture on the box of a woman cocooned in a rubber sheath like a giant rubber worm, a rubber gag in her mouth and totally unable to move, "He's not putting me in that!" she thought and went back and said they didn't have any.

Suzie soon found that she could serve customers without wanting to laugh even when serving customers with kinky rubber bondage items such as rubber gags and hoods, however she was still finding it hard not to laugh herself when customers would ordered "the shop special", which was a solid rubber doll which would be delivered in the rubber garments of their choice, the garments would be made on the doll itself without any zips or fastenings, which made the rubber garments fit incredibly tightly and appeared to be part of the doll itself. This was accomplished by a large machine in the back of the shop which had been designed by her boss Mrs. Cartright .

All that was needed was to type in the costume you wanted the doll to be dressed in or insert a computer disk into the terminal on the machine, it didn't even matter if the doll was all ready dressed as the machine could detect the rubber clothing and would remove it with a chemical spray that dissolved the rubber of the garments the doll wore without damage to the doll, because sometimes a customer would get bored with an old set of rubber clothing and would want a change, so the machine had been designed to remove it .

All that you needed to do was place the blank doll on the bed of the machine at which time the machine would do the rest i.e. make the rubber garments, put the doll in them, pack the doll and box it ready to be sent out on the next delivery van.

Suzie found this process strangely hypnotic and would if she could, watch as the rubberoids as they were called were packed, Suzie saw how tightly they were strapped to poles with thick rubber straps to protect them during transit to the customers that had ordered them. Suzie would spend as long as she could looking at the rubber dolls and marvel at the rubber costumes that some of them wore, some of the more popular were a rubber maids outfit, a rubber nun, a rubber nurse and then there were the more weird costumes with full rubber helmets and gags, tight rubber dresses and boots, long rubber coats and the rubber bondage dolls as Suzie called them bound in tight rubber costumes and fully rubberised, only their eyes were not covered in tight skin of gleaming black rubber.

On the next Friday Suzie had arranged to meet some friends at an open air festival in the country, so on Friday morning her boss said that she would be late back, so could she lock up when she left, she hoped she had a good time at the festival and left the shop in her hands . As she was now alone she shut the shop door and went into the back office to finish typing up some orders and some bills. For the rest of the day Suzie wasn't disturbed, but just as she was about to remove her rubber uniform to change back into her normal things to catch her train the phone rang.

"Hello, SOMETHING SPECIAL BOUTIQUE here can I help you" she said.

"Hello Suzie it's Mrs.Cartright here, have you turned off the rubberoid making machine yet?" she said a hint of panic in her voice.

"Not yet I was just about to." Suzie replied.

"Thank god, well don’t, on my desk you will find a disk with Mr. Bonds order on it, could you run a doll off before you go. It's very important that this doll is done today, because it is wearing a specially designed rubber costume and I promised him he could have it today, so if you will start the machine going I’ll see to it when I get back in about an hour. Thanks Suzie I’ll see you are rewarded when you get back from your festival, good night!" and hung up.

Going into the office Suzie found the disk and took it to the machine where she put it in to the slot and placed a doll on the conveyer and pushed the start button, CLUNCK!! Nothing happened the conveyer had moved the doll towards the door but the arms that grabbed the doll would not grab the waiting doll.

Suzie knowing how important her boss had said this doll was, she pushed the doll into the doors of the machine but to no avail, harder and harder she pushed until she slipped on some grease on the floor and landed sprawled on the conveyer, the impact of her fall freed the mechanism and before she knew it the two metallic arms had grabbed her wrists and were pulling her and not the doll into the machine to be put into a seamless rubber costume.

"OH GOD NO!!" she shouted for help but her cries were drowned out by the noise of the machine. Struggle as she might she had no hope of getting free and had soon been dragged inside the doll machine. 

Inside the machine was dark and smelt of rubber, soon she felt the chemical spray begin to dissolve the rubber uniform she wore, a few minutes later her rubber uniform had been removed and she lay naked on a cold rubber sheet, what happened next she didn't know as she must have fainted all she knew was that when she came round she found herself standing in a row with all the other rubberoids.

Looking across the loading bay Suzie saw that she was now wearing a long black rubber coat and high heeled black rubber boots and black rubber gloves she also realized that she was wearing a black rubber hood. In fact the only part of her not covered in black rubber was her face!!. As she stood there tightly strapped to a pole with several thick rubber straps, trying to escape the grip of her tight rubber prison she realized what had happened.

"Oh my god I `m in the special rubber costume that the rubberoid would have been dressed in!" and began to get scared.

As she stood there bound to the pole dressed in the rubber apparel she heard footsteps above in the office, soon she heard the stairs door open and a woman's voice said, "is any one down there?"

It was Mrs. Cartright!!!

"Yes! I'm down here could you help me please?"

A few seconds later Mrs.Cartright stood in front of Suzie, the light reflecting of the long rubber trenchcoat and rubber boots that Suzie wore. "My word Suzie what on earth has happened to you? I came to see if Mr. Bonds rubber doll was ready and found the shop door unlocked and no-one around so I came down her to see if we had had burglars, never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to find you dressed in tight black rubber and strapped up like this!! " she said examining this living rubberoid.

"Would you mind releasing me please Mrs. Cartright as this rubber costume is very tight!" Suzie said almost pleadingly .

"Yes it is tight isn't it Suzie, but that’s how he wanted it to be on his doll, very tight and very shinny, if I had thought that a real woman would ever wear it I would have had it made in thinner rubber and not this thick restraining rubber that holds you so snugly" she said walking round Suzie and continuing to examine her rubber costume.


"Hummnnmn! These rubber straps are so thick and tight I can't move them, I’ll have to get a pair of scissors from the shop to cut them." and went off upstairs. How long she was gone Suzie didn't know but soon another doll slid down the chute into the loading bay dressed just as Suzie was and bound to a pole in just the same way and was deposited next to Suzie in the row of rubber dolls, a moment or two later Mrs. Cartright came back downstairs and stood behind her .

"Why have you made another doll dressed like I am?" Suzie said

"Well my dear as I said Mr. Bond is coming to collect his rubber dolly tonight and being as I will have to destroy the rubber uniform you are wearing to release you, I'm hardly going to give him this one am I dear!" she said stroking her hands over Suzie's ankle length rubber coat. A few seconds later Suzie was free from the pole and soon found out just how tight the rubber costume she wore really was.


"I think it might be better if we went upstairs to the stock room I’m sure I can find some of the rubber dissolvent to weaken the rubber at the seams and release you my dear" she replied

So for the next ten minutes Suzie made her way slowly up the stairs, the rubber coat she wore hardly letting her bend her legs or move her arms to steady herself on the hand rail. So Mrs. Cartright came up behind her holding her rubber covered waist. Once at the top Suzie saw herself in the storeroom mirror.

"Oh! god ! What kind of costume is this I’m wearing, I look like a cheap doll in this coat, what’s so special about it anyway it looks just like a normal long rubber coat apart from these zips under the arms and on the back pleat?" she said beginning to try to remove the rubber costume.

"Because it’s a bondage coat, look! I'll show you." and with that Mrs. Cartright pulled down the zip on the coats back pleat, this pulled the rubber of the coat tightly around Suzie’s legs forcing them together and making it impossible for her to move her rubber covered legs, but that was not all, before Suzie knew anything about it Mrs. Cartright grabbed the zips under Suzie’s arms and pulled them down too. Soon Suzie stood there unable to move either her legs or her arms because of the black rubber bondage coat.

Looking at her rubber clad reflection in mirror Suzie tried to escape from the rubber embrace that held her arms tightly to her sides looking for all the world to see like a rubber clad guard standing to attention.


"Will you be quiet, I will attend to you in a moment but first I must finish getting Mr. Bonds dolly ready for collection.” and with that left Suzie alone in the store room while she went down into the loading bay .

As she struggled against the rubber costume that held her she saw Mrs. Cartright return from the loading bay and go into the other room and return carrying some rubber straps. "What do you want with those? - what are you up to?" Suzie asked quizzically

"Now - now nothing for you to worry about dolly!" Mrs. Cartright whispered in Suzie's ear.

"–DOLLY ? -- WHAT DO YOU MEAN ?!!!" Suzie turned to see what Mrs. Cartright was doing, in doing so Suzie lost her footing and fell into a pile of rubber clothing on the floor of the storeroom.

"What are you doing, let me go!" Suzie shouted as Mrs.Cartright bound her with several of the thick rubber straps that she had brought from the other room.

"Like I said, I am going to finish getting Mr. Bonds new rubberoid ready!" she said sitting up the rubber clad Suzie .

"Then why have you done this to me?!!" she shouted trying to release herself from the rubber straps that held her immobile.

"Because my dear YOU! ARE HIS NEW RUBBEROID! While I was out I phoned Mr. Bond and told him I had proposal for him, I explained how I had found you dressed in his rubber dolly’s uniform and said would he like to buy you for £10,000 pounds, he said yes. Ever since you had modelled that rubber coat for him that he has wanted to put you into strict rubber bondage and train you as his rubber slave! No-one will miss you for days since you are supposed to be at a festival and by then you will be in your new home my dear and since I needed some quick money I thought why not as you do look lovely in that rubber uniform of a rubberoid!" she said stroking Suzie’s bound form.


Suzie's cries were silenced as a thick rubber strap gag was pulled tightly around her lower face

"There now Suzie that's better, completely rubberized and wearing the bondage coat I designed for Mr. Bond.” Just then the bell rang. "Ah that will be your new master, dolly." she said and went to let him in.

A few seconds later Suzie heard voices coming up the stairs and soon Suzie saw Mr. Bond standing in front of her. 
"My word Mrs. Cartright she looks incredible in that rubber bondage coat, I can’t wait to get her into my rubber room with my other rubber slave dolly’s!" and soon had stood her up and was standing behind Suzie feeling her rubber covered body through the thick black rubber costume she wore.

"MUNNNUGHUPH!!" Suzie squealed through her rubber gag as she tried to escape from his grasp.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted you dressed in tight rubber, bound, gagged and totally under my control like a doll, in fact the rubber bondage coat you are now wearing was designed after seeing you dressed in the rubber trenchcoat in the shop. Since then I have been pretending my old dolly was you in my rubber dungeon at home, but soon I will have the real you to play with! I can't wait to put you in a full length rubber body binder I bought the other week while you were out, funny that, your boss said that you had them when I asked you, maybe you didn't want me to ask you to model it for me - well soon you will be in it - hooded and tightly gagged and strapped down tightly to a bed in my rubber dungeon like a bondage dolly should be!!!" he said fondling Suzie's rubber covered body.

As he had been saying this he had been forcing Suzie backwards on to her knees. Across the storeroom she saw Mrs. Cartright open up one the shops doll boxes, she didn’t realize what was going on until she felt the strap around her ankles and another around her wrists soon she was hog-tied in a kneeling position.

"MUNNNUGHUPH!!" - "MUNNNUGHUPH!!" Suzie screamed into her rubber gag and tried to move away from the open box, but by then it was too late, soon she had been secured to it by several thick rubber straps.

Walking in front of her Mr Bond once again stroked her body through the rubber coat and said, "Who would had thought that I would have you wearing a rubberoid's uniform and special bondage coat and strapped up in its place!”

As Suzie moved in her tight rubber uniform and black bondage coat, it creaked and crackled and stretched but did not give at all. Then Suzie began to struggle as they both picked her up and began to put her into the dolls box, Suzie screamed again in to her tight rubber gag and soon she was looking out of the plastic front of her box. Once she had been pushed right down in to the box it was sealed and put onto the lift to the storeroom, once in the storeroom she found herself on the conveyer and soon she had been loaded in to Mr. Jones’s van.

As Suzie knelt there straining against the thick rubber skin that held her immobile, she finally realized that she couldn't escape from the confines of the rubber uniform and the strap's that held her against her will and that she had indeed become Mr. Bond’s bondage rubberoid!!



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