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Storycodes: Sbm; latex; clothing; catsuits; gloves; multi-layer; hobble; encase; collar; hoods; gag; toys; chast; stuck; caught; F/m; mast; climax; cons; X

Having enjoyed latex during most of his adult life John had always shared his passion with his wife Lisa, who also liked wearing latex and the feel of it compressing her body and the noise it made when they made love both wearing the tight clingy material. John and Lisa had amassed a large collection of latex clothes and fetish wear and John almost always wore something of latex under his clothes, the least being rubber shorts that were anatomically correct and allowed him to wear his cock cage that Lisa always kept the key to. She had locked his cock up two years earlier and they had agreed he would only be released when she wanted to play with him, he had no say in it and when he wanted to play he had to get her in the mood first or else it would be a long night for him as his cock swelled against the steel that enclosed it.

Lisa was leaving town for a week to visit her sister and refused to release John's cock while she was gone knowing that he would pleasure himself and wanted him randy for her when she returned. John cursed himself for buying the top of the line chastity device that included a steel cage for his cock and another that surrounded his balls and a urethral tube all with specialized locks that guaranteed total destruction of the unit and quite possibly his cock and balls if he tried to remove it without the keys.

After donning his full body suit made of clear latex he dropped Lisa off at the airport waving goodbye with his rubber covered hand as she walked into the building. During the trip home John had to stop for gas and was nervous about getting out of the car and someone possibly noticing his neck and hands that were the only parts showing that he was wearing the transparent material, normally he would have only worn a suit outside during times when weather permitted him to wear gloves and a scarf or hooded coat.

After fumbling with his credit card he was able to fill the car and leave the station without incident but quickly ran into heavy traffic and soon was sitting stopped on the highway as he and hundreds of others sat waiting for the accident to be cleared. While he waited his car started getting hot and he watched the temperature gauge climb until he pulled to the shoulder and turned the engine off. John sat in the summer sun with the windows down knowing he would have to wait at least an hour before he could raise the hood and top off the antifreeze level.

As the heat in the car rose John began sweating and wished he had not put the large butt plug in before slipping the suit onto his body. John was sweating profusely inside his rubber sheath and was literally sliding around in his rubber skin as the fluids built up, he had thought about unzipping the suit but knew there was no way to do that dressed and being that he was surrounded by people looking at him as they crept by in their cars he couldn’t get undressed to gain access to the suit.

Finally the traffic started moving and John added water to the car vowing to get the leak fixed and restarted his trip home, arriving at the house after four hours when it should have taken 30 minutes John was relieved to get into the house and removed the suit and plug while he took a cool shower. John cleaned his suit and hung it in the closet next to the other suits and dresses hung neatly in the back of the large closet. He roamed around the house before getting bored and constantly thinking about the collection of suits hanging in the next room. Getting an idea as he sat playing with his steel covered cock and balls he went to the bathroom and flushed himself out before installing another larger vibrating butt plug and strapping a powerful vibrator to the cock cage.

John pulled out every suit they had laying a total of eight cat suits along with four pairs of leggings and tops next to them. John wanted to see what it felt like to be completely enclosed in as many layers of latex he could manage and see how long he could stay in them before he was forced to peel them from his body.

John started with the leggings and tops pulling each on in turn until his torso and legs were under four layers of latex. Some of the latex was actually Lisa’s but he was able to stretch them to make them fit over his slim frame enjoying the extra tension from each piece. As John began stepping into the cat suits he chose ones with short sleeves and no feet or gloves first before adding the suits that had feet and gloves, leaving for last the three that had hoods as well, the last two hoods would cover his face leaving only his eyes, mouth and small nose holes open. Two hours later John had managed to get into all the suits and even added two pairs of shoulder length gloves before forcing himself into the final two suits making a total of twelve layers of latex.

He had struggled with the last few suits, the tension already being put on his body was making it difficult to move and even restricted his breathing some but his lust and frustration drove him to continue sliding the rubber up his body until once he was finished he sat down and rubbed his hands all over his body and relishing in the fact that he could now not only not feel anything through the layers of rubber covering his hands, he could not feel his touch on his body as well. John lay back on the bed and turned on the vibrators and tried to fantasize he was trapped in the latex forever, John had on a few occasions been able to cum with his cock trapped in the steel but it took a lot of factors to make it happen and so far he was having no luck. After an hour he knew he needed more stimulation and moved to the closet to find something that would add to his frustration level.

John found three of Lisa’s hobble dresses, two with sleeves and one with gloves and hood attached, he also found the 6 inch heeled boots that Lisa had bought for him and forced him to wear so he would understand how she felt when he made her wear extreme heels. John carried these items and a posture collar, gag and a set of steel wrist cuffs to the bed and fought for each breath as he pulled the boots on and buckled the straps holding them tightly to his feet before slipping into the dresses. John wrestled with the tight latex for another hour before getting all three properly onto his body, the compression was now extremely high and forced his legs together down to his booted feet making it almost impossible to move them independently from each other, he was gasping for air and having trouble raising his arms, having to really strain to stretch the multiple layers of rubber just made his arousal rise as he locked the small steel cuffs around his wrists leaving a small chain clipped to his left cuff.

After resting for a few minutes he wrapped the collar around his neck and pulled it tight making his head lean back slightly, wrestling with his numbed hands as he buckled the straps tightly before pushing the locking clasps home. The gag would have to wait he thought as he relaxed and let the rubber push his arms to his sides and sat gasping before forcing himself to stand in the tall heels. John had only worn these shoes on two occasions and had forgotten how difficult the steel spiked heels were to stand in much less walk in, as he took his first wobbly short steps he realized that there was no way he could wear them very long as his feet and calves were already screaming with pain.

John slowly made the trip to the kitchen and got something to drink and sat down to rest as he finished off his first bottle. John was still gasping for air from the extreme tension on his body and decided he needed to lie down and try to enjoy this feeling for a while before he began the removal process. Making it back to the bedroom after an even longer and more stressful fight with the latex and heels he sat down on the bed and wished he could remove the boots or at least rub his sore feet but he could no longer bend far enough to reach his feet and the tight hobble dresses were forcing his thighs and ankles to be held close together not allowing him to lift his feet to his hands. John inserted the ball of the gag behind his teeth fumbling with the buckle almost giving up before he felt it go though its keeper and pulled it tight forcing his head to lean back even further in the posture collar.

Now gagged and wrapped in multiple layers of latex with a tight posture collar locked on John lay back on the bed, dragging his bound legs up onto it before struggling with his numbed hands to turn on the vibrators again. His breathing was easier when he was not sitting and soon he was feeling very turned on as his cock swelled in its steel cage, the soft flesh that was forced through the small openings of the cage rubbing on the latex stretched across his body. John tuned on his side reaching behind his back and clipped the short chain to his right cuff and flopped over on his back. John lay struggling for air and an orgasm for the next two hours before drifting off to sleep leaving the vibrators humming inside him. He slept until Lisa called and woke him but John could not answer the phone because his body had gone to sleep from the restricted blood flow and he could not make any thing move against the tight rubber and small chain holding his now numb arms behind his back and lay still trying to figure out what had happened.

John groaned from the pain in his jaw from the large gag holding it open for so long, he was not used to wearing any gags for long periods of time so he decided he needed to get it off. He had been flexing his hands and could feel them starting to regain some feeling, so he turned and sat up on the bed. His feet throbbed when they touched the floor and he knew the tight boots would have to go right after the gag meaning he would have to take off at least three layers of latex to be able to reach the boots. John was still enjoying the vibrations as he worked the numbness from his hands and started to struggle with the chains clip, having very little dexterity in them made removing the chain difficult and he was soon very aroused from the added frustration.

When the clip finally let go he was struggling and twisting and could feel the climax nearing so he forced himself to stand and backed up to the thick bed post and clipped the chain to his cuffs behind his back and around the post. Letting go of the clip really got him going and the added pain from his feet was starting to overwhelm his orgasm, so he quickly squatted down trying to sit to ease the pain. This move did several things, first when his ass hit the floor it drove the large plug in deeper and the latex squeezed him tighter making the plug feel much larger, next it forced his hands to slide backwards along the foot board until they were being forced upwards past his shoulders hanging from each side of the solid wood foot board by their connecting chain.

When John dropped he also wedged his body tightly between his knees and the bed post and with his arms forcing him to lean forward his chin was almost touching his knees. As he sat grunting he tried to scoot his feet out directly in front of his ass but found the spike heels had dug into the thick carpet and along with the now extra tight latex holding his legs together he could not push them out from under himself. The position was becoming uncomfortable quickly as he gasped and grunted trying to find a way to stand back up but having no leverage to make his body stand again, the tension between his body and bed post accompanied by the clingy rubber would not let it slide up again.

As his breathing became more difficult John began to struggle harder and his climax grew nearer as he wiggled and twisted inside his rubber prison thinking about how stuck he was and why. When he finally came he was rocking back and forth and fell to one side, the feeling of falling is what had pushed him over the edge and when he was done relishing the afterglow of the orgasm he was almost flat on his stomach with his hands still twisted around the bed post behind his back, but at least he was no longer stuck squatting, he thought to himself. Feeling around he just couldn’t quite get to the clips to release his hands so he fought to get to his knees and moved his hands further back from the post until he was finally able to unclip the chain and pulled his hands in front of himself, gasping as he made himself stand and return to the closet for the unlocking tool for the collar.

Reaching the closet he couldn’t look down because of the collar so he fiddled with the gag buckle for a few minutes before being able to pull the large sphere from behind his teeth and dropped it on a nearby shelf and rubbed his jaw, the collar still made looking down difficult and even with him bending at the waist he could barely see the drawer where the keys were kept so he finally pulled the drawer out and dumped it onto a shelf and tried to sort through all the keys. The tool was a small almost pin sized key and he couldn’t find it anywhere. John started to panic and began searching everywhere he could see and still couldn’t find the small tool, if John had been able to look down he might have seen the small shiny object that had been stuck in the latch and fell on the floor when he picked up the collar lying near his feet, but as he was it couldn’t be seen and with his latex covered feet stuffed into the boots he could not have felt himself standing on it either.

John was gasping for air as he staggered back to the bed and sat down trying to figure out how he was going to get the latex off his body, knowing that all the zippers were trapped under the collar and the only way to remove them was to cut them off. John thought about it for a while before determining that would be his last ditch effort knowing that he would be ruining thousands of dollars’ worth of latex some belonging to Lisa and how unhappy she would be with him if he ruined it. “Well you wanted to see how long you could wear it” John said to himself “Now you have no choice” with that he smiled and stood back up grimacing as he slowly walked to the kitchen to get more water, his feet slowly becoming accustomed to the boots and beginning to hurt less the more he stood in them.

Later that evening Lisa called and they talked for an hour but John never mentioned his predicament to her and only had to ask her to speak up once from the hoods blocking the sound and when they got off the phone John thought he might be ready to try to cum again and started thinking how to make it happen. He had already been in the latex cocoon for twenty four hours and was feeling like he could stay in it forever and knew that he just might if Lisa came home and found him trapped in it she just might make him wear it at least another week or more, John smiled at the thought of her teasing him while he was totally unavailable to do anything to stop her and wondered how long he could really stay wrapped up like this. John struggled for the next two days wearing the layers of latex, to move about the house still looking for the missing key and getting more and more frustrated by his inability to arouse himself further.

John was very aroused one evening after talking with Lisa for two hours and hearing how she was going to rape him when she got home if he had been a good boy and decided he needed to try to relieve himself and went to the closet to find some way to help him achieve a climax. The batteries in his vibrators had long been dead and he had no way of replacing them so he laid a large vibrator on the floor and plugged it in then laid down on top of it pulling his legs up tight to his waist and wrapped a thick leather strap around his ankles and waist pulling it tight leaving his high heels pinned against his ass. He pulled a leather hood over his head and buckled it snuggly before reaching back turning on the vibrator as he cuffed his hands behind his back.

The vibrator was pushing hard on his cock cage and was quickly bringing him near a climax he struggled to keep it in the correct place as he struggled in the hog tie. John was gasping for air as he neared another climax when he slid down off the vibrator. The vibrations were now pulsing his stomach and he struggled to reset himself on it as he felt the climax fading, unable to reposition himself in time he knew he would need to release his cuffs to achieve orgasm but also knew he had left the keys near the bed and would have to wiggle his way to them. John rolled over and began to work his way towards the keys, the struggle took almost an hour and once he reached them he was very tired as he fought to unlock his hands.

Once his hands were free he unstrapped and stretched his legs and lay on the floor deciding if he could try again tonight or not. Being exhausted from his struggles he opted not to try again, John removed the hood and turned his body towards the closet and began his efforts to stand, giving up he dragged himself into the closet and turned off the vibrator, while he sat on his legs he noticed something shining on the floor and picked it up and saw it was the key to the collar and almost laughed knowing it had been on the floor the whole time. John removed the collar and dropped it on the floor and forced himself to stand and removed the cuffs he had locked on his arms, he stood looking at himself in the mirror trying to decide if he should remove the latex tonight or keep it on one more day making it a full five days inside his latex prison.

Fatigue convinced him to leave the latex on and he went to bed and slept deeply for almost twenty four hours. Awaking the John tried to sit up but found he could not move his arms, he pulled and yanked but found they were firmly attached to something. Trying to see what was holding him he turned his head and found out his head and neck was held very tightly in place and he could not see anything but blackness. When he tried to speak all that came out was muffled grunts and he could feel his mouth was full of something and was being held wide open, he continued to struggle and soon realized he was tied spread eagle to the bed and whoever had tied him had done a very good job of it. John could not move at all, he was literally frozen in place even his waist and chest had been strapped down, what he couldn’t figure out is how his legs had been spread, the tight latex dresses should have made that impossible but he was sure that his legs were spread wide apart.

John lay struggling for hours before finally feeling someone on the bed next to him, the leather hood that was keeping him silent and unable to move his head combined with the latex hoods also silenced any outside noises and all he could do was lie there and hope it was Lisa. When the person started running their hands all over him he was relieved knowing it was Lisa and that for some reason she was home early. Lisa had indeed come home early and found the exhausted John asleep and being quite put out that he was wearing and quite possibly ruined her favorite latex dresses she promptly set about removing them and strapping John down for his punishment.

What she didn’t know was he had been in the latex and plugged now for six day and nights and really wanted out, Lisa yelled so John could hear her, “You have been very naughty! I have four more days of my vacation left and you will spend every one of them pleasing me” She slapped him on his caged cock and yelled “The keys to your cock have already been mailed to my sister with a note not send back for one month no matter who calls, you should have waited for me, I had hoped you could have used me to pleasure yourself but noooo… you couldn’t wait so now you will have to.”

John grunted and thrashed wildly desperately not wanting to remain in his latex prison for another four days and couldn’t believe she was going to make him wait a month before releasing his cock. As he thrashed Lisa attached a long vibrating cock to his mouth piece and slowly slid down onto it while she rubbed his latex covered body and steel incased cock and balls, making them swell inside the steel prison and knowing that John would soon be very uncomfortable from it.

John’s world now was filled with Lisa’s musk and John knew what she was waiting for, the gag in his mouth needed to be sucked on to engage the vibrator and he also knew she would remain on his face and would continue to torture him until she had an orgasm. Lisa had waited long enough and leaned back on John’s face crushing his nose and cutting all air off and sat there until she felt the vibrator begin to hum before lifting herself up slightly and started to pump the large vibrator.

Each stroke blocking John’s nose and causing him to keep up with her rhythm so he would know when to breathe, after fifteen minutes he felt her legs tighten around his head and took a deep breath as she sat back on his face fully and let the orgasm wash over her. John hoped it was not a long one as he slowly let the air escape from his lungs.

John knew it was going to be a long four days and an even longer month as he would have to keep Lisa happy during the time they waited for the key or she might make him wait longer for release. Lisa was smiling knowing she would be kept happy and have no difficulty convincing John to do anything she wanted him to do and had no intentions to let him off that easy especially if he was able to keep her satisfied then why would she want to release her sex slave.

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