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Suffering for Mistress

by herlittlelezpet

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© Copyright 2020 - herlittlelezpet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; latex; chair; cuffs; balletboots; catsuit; hood; blindfold; gag; anal; machine; tease; breathplay; cons; XX

Mistress looks at slave with a scowl on Her face, which slave knows is not good. He is a little taken back because he does not know what he might have done to put that look on Mistress's face.

Mistress does not say a word and takes slave to the bondage closet. In it is a single back chair with the seat in the shape of a Y. This allows slave’s ass to be readily accessible. That is the only piece of furniture in the room. There is also a camera in the upper corner focused on the chair and an infrared light. This allows the room to be darkened but with just enough of a red hue for the camera to function. Mistress likes to see Her slave suffer.

Mistress has ordered slave to put on his full latex body suit, it covers him from head to toe. Mistress then laces Her slave tightly into a corset, slave is still wondering why this is being done. Mistress says nothing and points at slave to sit. Tight straps are pulled across his legs at the thighs and just above the knees. One is pulled tight across slave's chest and another just under his arms, securing his upper body and upper legs to the chair. Cuffs are locked onto slaves’ wrists, which are then pulled tightly down and fastened to the sides of the chair.

Slave is still bewildered, this is a lot of bondage, why, what for? Mistress then laces a pair of ballet boots onto slaves’ feet, although slave will not be standing, his feet are in a tight en point position. Slave has worn these wicked boots before and knows his feet will start to cramp being in such an unnatural position. The cramps will subside, but not before there is major discomfort. Mistress then pulls straps tight just below slave's knees and again at his ankles. Slave is pretty much immobile except for his neck and head. He can move his wrists back and forth, making a metal on metal sound, but not very much.

Mistress still has not said anything as She has gone about her work securing Her slave. She looks in his eyes as She takes another thicker hood and pulls it over slave’s head, zipping it up tightly. This one does have eye, nose, and mouth holes, but has tabs at the side for securing gags and blind folds. Mistress then secures a posture collar tightly around slave neck, locking it on. The hood is now secure, and slave has no side to side movement with his head.

Mistress attaches a blow-up gag to the hood and inflates it. Slave can only moan, still wondering why.

Mistress then puts a full headed gas mask on slave, his breathing can now be controlled. She then straps slave head to the back of the chair. His head is now immobile. His whole body is tightly strapped to the chair with no movement except for the little movement of his cuffed wrists.

Mistress unzips the crotch zipper in slave’s latex body suit. His ass and genitals are now the only parts exposed, and slave thinks this is not good. Mistress pulls out a new toy She has just found and shows it to slave. It is a thrusting anal vibrator, She shows him how it works. It has seven powerful back and forth thrusting patterns which She can control remotely. Slaves eyes grow wide as Mistress inserts this new monster up his ass. She just looks at slave and smiles as She demonstrates all seven patterns. Next Mistress attaches a strap to slave's crotch and fastens a vibrator just under his penis behind his balls, a place referred to as the taint. The taint is a highly erogenous area, which Mistress has just read about.

Next Mistress secures an electro urethral dilator into slave’s penis, slave winces as Mistress inserts it. Next Mistress attaches an electro cock ring at the base of slave's penis. Slave is getting the feeling that is going to be a suffering session for Mistress.

Mistress still has not said anything to slave. He is still bewildered, did he do something wrong? Mistress then shows slave a bottle with a yellow liquid in it, he knows that this is his Mistress's golden nectar. Mistress attaches the bottle to the hose coming from the side of the gas mask on slave’s head. Slave takes a labored breath as he is breathing through the liquid. He can only smell his Mistress's scent.

Mistress turns on the butt plug, and slave can feel his ass getting fucked. Mistress hooks up the vibrator and electrical stimulation on slave’s penis to a random timer. Length and intensity of the shocks slave will have no idea when. Vibrator will turn on and off at random times and it too has not set times for how long it will stay on. They are both started at pretty intense levels which causes slave to take quick breaths. Slave is starting to feel minor cramping in his feet.

Slave pulls at his cuffs the only movement he has, the sound of metal on metal reverberation though the little closet. Mistress smiles and speaks, I like to hear that sound, that way I know you are suffering. She points to the camera, turns out the lights, shuts the door and leaves slave to his torment. His mind is reeling from the attack on his most private parts, finally realizing what his Mistress just said, “I like to hear that sound, that way I know you are suffering” She will just watch the monitor and enjoy his suffering.

After a while the plug in his ass shuts off, so does the electronics in his penis. However, the vibrator in his most erogenous zone is still going. Slave is starting to moan in a little pleasure. Suddenly his butt is being fucked again by the dildo in his ass. Slave is really starting to breath hard sucking in labored breaths each one filled with Mistress’s scent of Her golden nectar.

Slave is really starting to enjoy sucking in those scent filled breaths. He tries to move his ass and rub the vibrator harder against his taint. Slave feels like he might be close to orgasm, maybe this will not be so bad at all, a little pleasure for slave. Suddenly his penis is filled with a pulsating fire, the base of his penis is also on fire. His mind reels, he is sucking in that tainted air even harder; the brink of orgasm is shocked away in an instant. His cuffed hands are flailing wildly against their bonds.

That metal against metal sound, he knows his Mistress must be enjoying this immensely, he imagines She has a vibrator on Her clit and is bringing Herself to orgasm after orgasm as She enjoys Her slaves pain and torment. The vibrator shuts off, but his butt is still being fucked, harder now. No longer any pleasure to it, but a brutal force in his ass.

Once again everything just shuts off and slave is left tightly bound trying to catch his breath. Since the pleasure has subsided, the smell of Mistress is no longer the pleasant scent he was enjoying. Just the strong scent of Mistress’s pee.

Poor slave, the cycle starts again and again, sometimes just a short burst of electricity in his penis and balls and sometimes so long and intense he thinks he will pass out. Always shutting down just at the right time. The vibrator and plug do the same. Sometimes just teasing and other times to the brink of orgasm, but never enough to push slave over the edge. Luckily his feet have reached the point where the cramps have subsided, but slave also knows when these wicked boots are removed, it will be painful to put his feet flat again. Slave has lost any track of time, he is bathed in this infrared hue, has it been 1 hour, 2 hours, 24 hours, is it night or is it day. He is bathed in this timeless red hue. 

After what seem like eternity, the door opens, and the light comes on. Slave is temporarily blinded by the bright light and quickly shuts his eye. When he opens them, he can see Mistress walking over with a bottle of water and a protein drink, which baffles him. What has Mistress got planned. Mistress shuts everything down, plug and electronics. Slave is grateful, he wonders if his suffering is finally coming to end, but there is this nagging feeling that it just might be getting started. Mistress detaches the hose from slave's gas mask. She takes off the strap holding his head tight to the back of the chair and removes the gas mask, instructing slave not to make a sound or face the consequences. Slave takes in deep breaths of refreshing air.

She deflates the gag and removes it. She takes the bottle of water and lets slave drink slowly, till it is gone, then she has slave drink down the protein drink. Slave is starting to have this terrible feeling. Why is She not removing the straps, why is She giving him a protein drink? Mistress smiles at slave, reattaches the gag and blows it up. Slave is struggling in his mind. Mistress puts the gas mask back on and re-secures slave's head. She attaches the hose to slave’s gas mask, and slave is once again breathing in his Mistress's scent.

Mistress reactivates the plug and all the electronics. Once again, She just smiles at slave as She turns and walks away. The light goes out and the door is closed and locked. Once again, the vicious cycle starts. Slave is thrown into the assault on his privates, he struggles with his cuffed hands. What is happening how long must he endure; will Mistress be back to set him free or just hydrate and feed him. The uncertainty of that fact sends his mind reeling in his suffering.


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