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Abbie was a poor student living in the city of Liverpool, which is where she went to university. She never had any money and could only just buy basic food. She had lots of money at the start of term and had blown through it all on nights out and living fees. She still had a year of lessons left and with no job or income, she needed to do something. She was a stunning good looking girl with long brown hair with black highlights. They matched her beautiful blue eyes and shiny crimson red lips. Her figure was amazing with curves and a smooth shape. Her breasts and ass could drop your jaw as they fitting to her body perfectly. She was a friendly and nice to everyone she knew, but had almost no friends. She was doing very well in her lessons and didn't have time for socializing. Her old friends had got bored with her over time and she now spend a lot of time along. She had turned to writing and drawing as a way of filling time as she waited for university to start. Her art work had become darker as the days and weeks dragged on. She had started watching more and more porn and kinky sex tapes. She had started dressing like a real slut as she was wanting people to see her. She wanted them to like her and want to be with her. She was a little bit lost inside her own head and was isolated from the rest of the real world. She was talked about as a weirdo and loner.

She was on her computer with one hand playing the porn video and the other wrapped around her right breast. It was another day without food as she picked porn above it. She was addicted to it and wished to get money through starring in xxx films. She had emailed a number of companies involved in the porn industry. But none of them had got back to her as she stared at her computer screen. She was still playing with herself as the porno got hardcore. Her email was open in another tab and she spotted a massage sign next to it. She had finally received a massage and quickly stopped the porn video and opened the window. The email was just junk about an experiment going on that the uni in Liverpool. She read through it and saw she would be paid for doing it. She needed the money and the experiment started in a couple of days. All the information was in the email and Abbie sent a massage back, saying she would love to do it. She had no idea what the experiment would be or how long it went on for. She got an email back a couple of minutes later, which told her to go to the science block at 3pm on Monday.

In was a Friday night and Abbie sent a email saying the meeting time would be fine and was looking forward to helping out. The weekend zoomed by and Abbie find herself walking into the science building at 2:55pm on a cold Monday. She was met at the door by a tall man wearing a white coat and glass. He said hello to Abbie and said his name was James and told her to follow him to his office. After a short walk they reached his office on the second floor. It was a small room with a deck and computer in the centre. A couple of chairs pulled against the wall with a small wooden table next to them. The walls had been covered in certificates and awards. A large window let light into the room and a bookcase was just below it. Two smooth leather chair had been placed each side of the wooden deck. They both took a seat and started talking about the experiment. Abbie wanted the meeting to be over quickly and after about 10 minutes of detailed information, she was bored. She just asked him for the contract and said everything sounded fine and she was willing to help him. He was a little bit taken aback by her arrogance and carefree ego. He pulled the contract out of a drawer and told her to sign the back page. Which she did and was told to meet him tomorrow at 1pm. He gave her a card with the address on it and the codes for entering the building.

The next day a tired and cold Abbie was outside an isolated brick building on the outskirts of town. It was next to a main road and had nothing around it. The building had a small car park and had a small wood next to it. The building itself was large and had two layers. It only had windows at the front of the building with the rest of it, just brick. The code she needed to enter was "smelltastesight" and she missed the meaning of this massage. She heard a loud click and the door open so Abbie walked inside. James was waiting for her in the foyer of the building and was wearing his white coat again. The foyer had TV screens all over the walls as they walked up a staircase to the second floor. Abbie thought the foyer was a bit empty and it was the same for the rest of the building. All the rooms looked like had not been used in years and she had not seen another person. They walked all the way to the end of a long corridor as they reached the very back of the building. Abbie was a bit surprised by the lack of people and stuff happening. The building looked new and clean and the TV's in the foyer had information on them. Maybe it was a day off for the other staff and James was doing overtime. He walked up to a large stainless steel door and entered another code. Abbie missed what he keyed in as he smiled to himself.

The heavy duty door was opening slowly as he gestured for her to go inside. Still smiling away to himself as his master plan came together. They walked into a large stainless steel room with lights hanging down from the ceiling. They covered the room in light from above and made up for the fact, the room had no windows. In the core of the room was a clear glass box. Which was about 6ft high, 6ft long and 6th wide. It had a small door which was hidden within the glass. She could only see it because the door was open. A huge number of computers and screens surrounded the glass box. Large black tubes shot out from the top of the box and into a fantastic looking machine. In the top left hand corner of the room was a shower and cleaning station. Next to the shower was a small kitchen with a couple of seats and a table. They walked around the glass box as Abbie tried to see what was inside. But a black sheet was hanging from the top of the box and stopped her looking within it's thick walls. She was a bit unhappy and panicky with things and was having second thoughts.

She was told to have a drink and get herself in the shower and get clean. She had a bottle of water handed to her and she downed it. She moved into the shower and took her clothes off. Throwing them out from behind the shower curtain and was now completely naked. She spent a long time in the shower as she cleaned herself in great detail and was starting to feel odd. She finished off washing her hair and got out to tell James. She was panicking as her naked body struggled to get out the shower. With water dripping from her tits and with her vision going she pulled back the curtain and stepped out.

He was just standing there with a stupid smile on his face as she staggered over to him. He was holding something behind his back and slowly showed her, as she dropped to the floor. Her eyes had become blurry and she needed to get very close to see what it was. It looked like a extreme rubber bondage hood. Like the ones she saw in one or two of her porn films. She could smell latex as she pushed her nose into the martial. It seemed to be like a condom as it rubbed against her smooth face.

She was now in totally blackness as he talked to her.

"You should have read the contract and walked away. But I targeted you from the beginning. I knew you would sign your life away as a test subject and I now have all the time in the world to dehumanize you. I am going to experiment on you for weeks at a time and no one will ever know. No one will save you from this hell. And you are going to enjoy that fact and want to be kept captive. See you in the morning for your first experiment. It's called sexual association and it will be great fun"

With the last words still echoing in her ear and with her body folded up into a ball on the floor, Abbie passed out. He was standing over her and could not believe his luck. She was perfect looking and would so be a submissive subject and slave to him. He could need to get her and the room ready, before the drugs failed him. He would have 6 hours before the drugs faded from her system. She was already naked and clean, but needed to be locked into a mass of latex bondage clothing and restraints.

First he pushed a large rubber dildo and huge butt plug into her body. Both had thin black rubber tubes coming out of them as Abbie's holes welcomed them. The two tubes joined together just above her anal tube. The rubber was strong and well built and it was a perfect fit to her body. A full yellow bio hazard catsuit was next with the thick rubber covering from her neck to her toes. The rubber suit was ungodly tight as he pulled her toes into the suit one by one. Forcing it up her smooth and soft legs was hard work. He had covered the suit with lube before she come round and it was the only reason he could get it over her stunning ass.

The yellow rubber suit was looking like a second skin as her legs had an amazing shine coming off them. The suit had an epic rubber smell to it as he pushed her hands and arms inside. The rubber was position over each of her fingers and all the wrinkles removed. The rubber worked it's way over her breasts and stomach as he stretched it. The rubber was a nightmare to close as it struggled with him. The zip inched up the rubber suit and her jaw dropping curves become more clear.

The zip was taking all the force as it got closer to the top. The rubber was enclosing her body from all sides. Apart from one small gap in the base of the rubber suit, which the joined up rubber tube exited the suit. It was only a small gap and the tubes themselves had been pushed into the curves of her body. The tubes filled the gap between her legs and acted as a chastity belt. They could only just be seen through the lovely rubber and stopped her sex toys falling out. Which was unlikely as the suit only had a short zip and was painfully tight. The black rubber tube was poking out of her already sweaty suit, like a tail. It looked very humiliating and cute as he picked up another item.

A pair of heavy duty rubber gloves in a jet black colour. He squeezed them over her already rubberized hands and fingers. After smoothing out the air pockets and wrinkles as well as moving the gloves up to her elbows. He worked her fingers right to the back of the gloves as they swallowed her hands. The gloves had been stretched passed her elbow and matched perfectly with the suit. The rubber was shining off the lights as he got another bondage item.

A pair of black knee high rubber boots with a 6 inch heel. The rubber was thick around her feet and become thinner the moment it went by her ankles. It was like wearing latex leggings from her ankles to just above her knees. The boots had no zips and would be very tight on her legs and feet. He covered them and the rubber suit in lube and got started. After 5 minutes of pulling and pushing the boots had been lined up and looked stunning. They matched the suit and the surface was free of any wrinkles.

So far so good as he rolled his hands over Abbie's rubber body and gave her a good sniff. The wonderful smell of rubber meet him and he grabbed another item. With his heart racing and his dreams becoming real, he was shaking as he picked up the heavy duty bondage hood. It was made from three thick layers of perfect rubber in a mix of yellow and black colouring. Which matched her rubber bio-hazard gimp suit and the black boots and gloves on her limbs.

The first layer would cover every inch of her face and head in thick rubber. Including the inside of her mouth and up her nose as well as into her ears. The helmet would completely enclose her head and forever change her life. He pushed the rubber into her mouth and over her tongue. It was difficult to get the rubber all the way down her tongue. More rubber followed it to the back of her throat as the walls of her mouth were coated in the black goodness. He folded the rubber over her teeth as her mouth disappeared into a pit of black and yellow rubber. He looked at her nose next as he pushed two rubber tubes up her holes. The rubber was thin and well lubed as it drilled into her skull and almost to the back of her throat. 

The rubber tubes fitted her nose perfectly as they kissed the rubber in the back of her mouth. She was able to breathe through them and very small holes in the tubes, meant she could still smell. She would be met with a very strong rubber smell each time she used her nose. But the tubes could be linked up to another oxygen source and the smell changed. He moved the rubber helmet over her eyes and around her head. The helmet had built in ear plugs and he forced them into her ears. The rubber was a perfect fit and completely blocked her ear drum. She was made nearly deaf as the rubber helmet was pulled down over the rest of her head. It enclosed her whole head and neck as it covered the top of the rubber suit. The thick rubber was already squeezing her head with the first zip still open. It was only the first layer of the super tight rubber bondage hood as he fumbled with the zip. The zip was a nightmare to close as it pulled the already tight rubber. But finally she was enclosed in the amazing material as the next two layers hung down her front.

He saw he still had lots of time to complete the bondage and grabbed the second layer. This one only had two small holes for her nose tubes to go through. The rest of the helmet was made of smooth and flawless rubber. The most notable thing about the second layer was the large gag. It was a huge rubber penis gag with rubber ball attached. It would completely fill her mouth and stop her from speaking clearly and being understood. He slid the whole thing inside her rubber mouth. The rubber already coating the inside of her was making a squeaking sound as the penis moved over it.

Soon the penis gag was right at the back of her mouth and trapped her rubber tongue beneath it's length. The rubber balls needed to be pushed into her cheeks and lined up perfectly. The first rubber ball was easy to slide in next to the penis gag and link them together. The second ball was miles harder, as her mouth had almost no space left. He needed to move the penis even deeper into her mouth and push with real force to get it to pop in.

He position the gag and used its secret weapon, it could be inflated. I small metal intake valve was on the front of the second layer of the hood. He just needed to connected a pump to the valve and the gag would become bigger. He wanted to see the gag as it filled Abbie's mouth and left a small gap between the first and second layers of the helmet. He had a small hand pump and connected it with the valve and start pumping his hand. He could see the gag getting bigger as the air poured inside its rubber interior. The gag pushed her cheeks and rolled down her throat with each pump. Soon it was so large it was ripping her jaw open and coming out her mouth. At this point he stopped and was very happy with the size of the gag.

He ripped the thick rubber hood over her face and head in one movement. Pulling it down her neck and removing any air pockets or wrinkles in the rubber. Her mouth was completely covered by rubber as he laced the hood tightly shut. The lacing ran from the top of her head to the base of her neck. The hood was closed as tightly as it could go and was going to stay there. The lacing was tied into a huge knot and with that the second layer was done. The rubber helmet was shining brightly off the light as Abbie's face was now totally covered. The third and final layer of the hood was next.

It was a solid black rubber anaesthesia hood with yellow bio hazed logos on the sides. The snout of the hood was long and covered from her nose to her chin. The cone like shape of the hood was the housing for a special device. It was where the tubes from her nose meet the tubes for her air and food. Build into the end of the cone was a metal ball with two levels. One of her nose tubes connected to the bottom level and the other was joined to the top. Air went to both levels, but liquid food could be sent to the bottom level so she could be fed. On the outside of the metal cone was covered in rubber with four valves (two on each side).

Three of the valves would feed air into her nose through the metal ball and tubes. The other valve would give her liquid food and water. The system would keep her alive inside the rubber tomb. The hood had other bonus points. It had unbelievable padding over the ears and eyes and would cut off every sense. He joined all the tubes up and the hood was wrapped over her head and pulled down her neck. The rubber was squeaking loudly as it passed the other layers and reached the bottom of her neck. The rubber was adding a real pressure on her head as the bondage straps on the third layer become closed. The hood had four heavy rubber straps at her neck, mouth, eyes and over the top of her head to her chin. He pulled the straps very tight and locked them closed.

She was now isolated in thick rubber and as she laid on the floor in a deep sleep. He removed the curtains from the glass box in the centre to reveal his play room. He removed the curtains and put them in a large box, next to the still wet shower. Inside the glass box was a metal bondage frame and a couple of large tanks. He dragged her through the door and over to the metal frame. The metal frame was one long pole with a large rubber base. The base would go between her legs and her body would be tied to the pole. She had her legs folded over so the heels of her boots kissed her rubber ass. Two thick leather straps would keep them pined against themselves. He lifted her up, with her knees the only part of her body touching the floor.  He slid her onto the rubber base and pushed her back, until she met the pole. He used metal handcuffs on her ankles and thumbcuffs on her heels. As he restrained her feet on the other side of the pole to the rest of her body. Her cuffs around her feet and heels had been locked to the back of the pole with a large padlock. The lower of the leather straps on her legs had also been padlock to the ground.

With her legs now bound, he moved to her body. Heavy leather straps got placed around her stomach and above and below her breasts. The straps got tighten with Abbie's discomfort and torture a key feature. She would be very close to asphyxiating the whole time she was bound to the frame. She would have just, and only just enough air to stay alive. He moved her hands behind the pole and handcuffed them as tightly as they could go. He used a thumbcuff on her thumbs as her hands got tied to the pole. Two heavy duty leather straps got placed over her neck and forehead as he got close to completing her bondage. He linked the air and feeding tubes to her bondage helmet as waited for her to come round.

With air hissing form the helmet and time running out, he added more cuffs and straps. Her cuffed her upper arms together with handcuffs and did the same just below her elbow. He added a strap around her legs and the rubber base and another one over her feet and stomach. He had a special strap in a large hole in it for her mouth and used it. The last strap went from under her chin to the top of the metal frame as he completed her bondage. She could move an itch and that was it.

She was starting to make sounds and moving slowly. He set-up a couple of cameras as she come back to the real world. He watched her struggle in amazement as his toy fought for her life. Her breathing was lighting quick as she tried to call of help.

He turned to one of the cameras and said. "Sexual association test one. The subject will be made to orgasm again and again with nothing but a horrendous odor filling her nose. I will see how long it does her to link the smell and her orgasms and find it (the smell) sexually apparelling. I hope she already likes the smell of manure. As she will soon become my toilet slave. The subject is now awake and I am ready to start. This is day 1 of 100 and I am recoding live. The test starts in 3,2,1......"


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