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Subjective Objectiveness

by RubberDoll Jessica

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© Copyright 2010 - RubberDoll Jessica - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/?; bond; latex; object; corset; buttplugs; catsuit; rubberdoll; mc; cons; X

Total Darkness........

Cannot see because of the blindfold..... Cannot remove it because of the cuffs...... Don't really wan't to because this was chosen to happen……

The car moves through the streets quickly as the subject is unaware of the destination since blindfolded and cuffed at home during the scheduled pickup time. No worries since, as arranged the contents were placed into pre paid storage locker and the lease set to terminate tomorrow. Once in the car the subject was then ball gagged. It was now impossible to even ask the destination, not that it would have been told.

Arriving into a garage the door is closed and the subject is taken from the car and into what will be home now. The subject is lead into the first room and the clothing cut off in preparation. After, electric clippers are brought in and all hair is removed from the head and genitals. Then a combination of hair removal cream and growth inhibitor are applied to the body, removing all remaining fuzz and insuring any more hair will not grow for a very long time. The subject is then cleaned and dried off then taken to the next room.

The door is closed behind the subject and finally the blindfold is removed. “Hello..” a young blond woman says. She would be tall if she was in heels but she was wearing leather flat calf boots. Her body was nice enough that the latex outfit she had on was wearing her. With little emotion the woman continues, “As per request, you are to be processed. After completion you will be transferred to the next room for installation.”. Finally showing a small smirk she finishes with, “You should be honored. You will be the first to be processed. The first of many.”.

The woman then brings a corset around the subject. Before long the corset is laced and the waist line is much smaller. “I see you’ve been practicing and dieting as agreed to get your size down so far. That will make our jobs much easier.” She says as she fills out some papers showing her progress. “Come over to this table.” She directs. At the table the woman lays the subject face down and administers an enema. Afterwards she inserts a rather large butt plug. “It likely hurts right now but shortly you will get used to it.”. She places latex panties over the subjects ankles then says “get up”. Once up she pulls the panties up more and places inserts and other plumbing as necessary. Then pulls the panties up, covering the subject’s genitalia with just a simple rubber hole. The most noticeable feature of the panties is the lack of a backside.

After, without much forgiveness the plug is removed and a new larger lubed plug is inserted. The woman now comes forward with a cat suit and directs the subject to sit on the table. Doing so forces the plug deeper. The cat suit is rolled up and pulled over the feet and up the legs. It form fits every curve and crevice of the body. Getting to mid section, a man comes up from behind and removes the cuffs. He is well built and average height, also wearing latex but only as much as latex slacks and a shirt. He directs the arms into the cat suit. It’s zipped up to the neck. The man attaches a strap to the subject’s elbows and in a quick motion that only a bondage expert could have pulled off, pulls the hands forward around the body and straps on connected bondage mitts. Tightening the arms to the Subject’s sides.

The cat suit truly fits perfectly even forming into the bottom. There is a hole at the back however allowing access to the rear. The hole has a kind of short round flange around it. Again the plug is removed, and an even larger one placed in, forcing the flange into the subject with it, making a seal. The plumbing connection is pulled back through a hole in the underside of the suit. The subject is laid back onto the table face down again. Together the man and the woman place ballet forms onto the subject’s feet and then pull the legs backwards to meet with the backside and strap the legs tightly; leaving from the front what would look like two stumps. They then roll the subject into another corset. This time covering the arms tightly, making them disappear under it. Then they pick the subject up, over and into a framework of metal. It has what appear to be moving joints at the waist, legs and other remaining parts however once bolted in it seems impossible to move. The framework also has a metallic ring over the plug which is again removed. This time a plug, just slightly larger but still obscenely huge with a curved hole at its tip is inserted. It clicks into place with the ring and to the base the plumbing connection is attached.

A final cat suit is brought over. To match its future occupant it has no arms and only stump legs. It’s pulled over, making sure to roll out any bunching or bubbles. This one has an attached hood with neck corset built in. As the suit is zipped up its noticed the neck corset has moving parts as well, but much like the metal frame any movement is to no avail. The ball gag is finally removed just in time for the hood to be pulled over. It’s then the subject finally begins to panic, but not even a sound escapes as a mouth insert in the hood is stuffed into the open mouth. The suit is zipped completely shut, with the subject totally immobilized. All that remains now other than the black of the latex is small ports from the metal frame protruding from the shoulder and leg stumps and a single electronic port at the base of the neck.

Inside, in total blackness and silence the subject is trying to contain panic. Knowing there is nothing that can be done now. Fear is mixed with sexuality. A small click is felt at the back of the neck and suddenly vision starts to appear. The perspective is different however. This is from a camera behind held by the man who did all this. “I hope you like it. We’ve worked very hard to design this form of bondage with the ultimate purpose in mind.” The woman says into the camera. “You can hear and see now because the hood is lined with neurotransmitters feeding the video and audio directly into your brain. To you it seems the same as if you were hearing me and seeing me with your own eyes.” She continues. “As you can see you are currently completely immobilized and well, turned into a rubber object. That’s why after this, while you are this way you will no longer be addressed in anyway. You are now what we have named a plug. While just a plug you will not be hooked to video or audio in this way. The reason for the plug inside you is that it is a control system and battery for the next stage. Now I really must go, since talking to things is weird you know.” With a smile and a wave the video is cut off.

It seems like forever before the now object is moved. It feels itself being lifted and the compression of being inserted into something is felt. Clicking is felt at the arms and legs, with the ports and the plug and neck being connected. With a final few jerks, a low power up hum is heard. Vision comes. Without realizing it the object goes to feel its head when an arm touches. The sudden shock since this appears to be the objects arm. However, it glistens with the look of latex. Confusion sets in more as the woman directs the object to sit up. It does and see’s in the mirror a completely shocking image in the mirror of the most pure female rubber doll in the world in the glass.

The dolls hands explore the body. The strangest feeling in the world of the complete bondage still lingers but also the feeling from the hands and legs as well. “Stand up” the woman says. The doll complies and has no trouble standing even in the 5 inch heels on its feet. The doll wears a red rubber slink dress. Total awe is in the dolly’s face at the image before it. Even the face itself moves. “You are now this dolly. Your purpose is the same purpose as all pleasure slave dolls. I can talk to you again now because while inside a doll you are not just a thing anymore.”

The doll feels the breasts and even pulls up the skirt a bit to confirm. “Yes you have all the parts,” the woman continues. “We allowed you to momentarily keep your own personality so you could fathom just what you have become. In a few moments you will be hit with hypnotic programming which will make you simply a rider in your own body as it were. The doll’s personality will take over and what will be the complete and ultimate bondage of you as a rubber dolly will be complete. As you requested.”

Just as the doll was saying “oh my g….” before she could finish sudden flashes blasted before her eyes and strange sounds in her ears. When it stopped who she was faded back. A distant spectator now as the new personality took over. Moves of astonishment turned to sultry. “Hello Jennifer…” the man said smiling. “Why hello there.” Jennifer said in a sexy manner. “You want some head big boy?”.



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