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by Dieter Schaumer

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© Copyright 2014 - Dieter Schaumer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-MF; M/f; latex; dollsuit; mask; transform; remote; video; electro; punish; climax; cons/reluct; X

Inspired by Jace's Trapped

Note: If you prefer this story to be between two females, copy the text to a .txt file, open it in notepad, ctrl-H for "Master" and replace all entries of "Master" with "Mistress".


In a darkened hotel suite in Dubai, dozens of floors up in the air, a laptop is clicked open. It flickers to life. The desk is bathed in an LED glow as a shrouded figure assembles the reagents for a ritual.

A smuggled '01 Merlot. Two glasses. A bottle of her perfume. And a framed photo. Through these items any weary traveler in the 21st century may venture across continents and oceans in an instant, feeling the warmth of hearth and home, the affection of another, all through the subtle power of human sentiment and memory.

Oh and Skype. That's needed too.

A couple of clicks, and on the screen a woman appears, dressed in jeans and an ironic t-shirt. For a second the figure catches her alone, anxious, expectant, fiddling with her phone. She's young, early to mid twenties, with a face unmarked by lines or wrinkles. But dark rings around her eyes belie her sleeplessness before this moment- Yet all this quickly fades away as a jubilant smile spreads across her face. Long lashes flutter bashfully as she looks into the camera.

It's daylight where she is, and the gold of her choodi, bangles given by her mother on that auspicious day, shine brightly as she brushes away dark, wispy hair from her eyes. 

"You promised you'd call two days ago!"

"I know! I'm sorry baby, but- with the construction boom... there's been troubles with the workers again, and its been hard trying to mediate between them and the company. What's more, the reformist Labor Minister's got her new Equal Work, Equal Rights initiative, and she's sent someone on my case to make sure we're compliant- even though its Aspyr-Architecture whose illegally modifying contracts...."

A sigh.

"Its just that-"

"It wasn't my choice to work abroad, and I'd rather not leave you there all alone, but.."

"I know, sweetie I know. Just one more year, right?"

"Yeah, just one more year."

They fidget uncomfortably, before the darkened figure begins to speak.

"So... how's the week been?"

"Alright... my PI's been really hard on the team to try and find a gram negative version of last year's bacterium prototype, you know, so that its more resistant to pollutants, but they just won't take up the plasmids. I'm not the only one whose thinking it might be better just to go public with the prototype. Resistant or not, the oil spills from the Typhoon Zidjian are still there, and they'll definitely eat away some of it."

"Dubai" laughs.


"Nothing. Its just here I am, staring at someone whose literally saving the world, while I complain about bureaucrats."

"You flatterer you. Its not just me you know-"

"But they wouldn't have even found out about it if you hadn't been mucking about in Tijuana two years ago."

"I just got lucky with that find! And the only reason I can work on my PhD because you're putting up with that shit."

"Anything for you babe."

They smile warmly at one another. Again, "Dubai" breaks the silence.

"Isn't that convention coming up?"

"For Saeheron Online? Yeah, I'm so stoked. I'm still working on my costume though."

"You know, you're so busy, I don't know why you don't just order them-"

"From one of those shifty auction dealers? No way! Besides, cosplay is all DIY. You may be dressing up as someone, or something, else, but its your own labor of love."

"Well I'm not arguing with your hobbies, but we both know there's companies out there that-"

"Yeah yeah, but cosplay's about a mix of who you are and your character- I don't want to wear a mask to the convention. And anyway, it arrived."

"San Diego" bites her lip and looks off camera.

"What did?"

"Don't play dumb! We both know what I mean. Did they send you your stuff?"

"Yeah, a bluetooth remote, and some software. I installed it."

"I got some software too, with the main package."

"Did you install it?"

"Yeah, couple hours ago. It should be in your taskbar after opening it. Ctrl U to link."

They reach for their keyboards. In San Diego, a remote is heard buzzing from in front of the "Dubai". In Dubai, a muffled beep is heard off screen from "San Diego".

"Ah, well, its good to know that works..."

"Hang on, that wasn't a complete test. Don't you want to meet Valerie?"

"Well I haven't heard the full details of your week, I mean we haven't spoken in-"

"I could just send you an email. Besides, its late over there, yeah?"

"Yes, but"

"I want to do this. For you."

"Are you sure?"

"I know I'm new to this, but I want to be her... she looks so strong, so powerful."

"Dubai" leans back into the darkness, before pulling out the cork and pouring a glass of wine.

"Alright baby. Go and put it on."

Grinning madly, she skipped off camera as the figure sipped in expectation. When she reappeared, she had tied her beautiful, silky hair under a hairnet, and in her arms was what appeared to a partially deflated sex doll. She sat down on the couch in front of the camera expectantly.


"Yes, Master."

Her girlish smile replaced with doe eyed obedience, she stood up and pulled off her T shirt, freeing her stiffened nipples. Reaching down, she undid her Triforce belt buckled and let her faded skinny jeans fall to the floor. Impassively, she slid down her panties. Her vacant expression was only broken as she tenderly removed her mother's choodi, the most earnest expression of who she was moments ago.

"Good. Do you know what you are about to become?"

"Valerie, Master."

"Is that it? Just Valerie?"

"I'm sorry Master. Mistress Valerie."

"Better. Now who is Mistress Valerie?"

"42. Unmarried. Educated at École Polytechnique. Graduated with honors. Worked for the International Court of Justice in the Hague, pursuing war criminals."

"And why do you want to be her?"

Again, her impassive expression broke as her eyes began to look away from the camera.

"She's strong. She stands up for what she believes in. She doesn't let uncertainties get in the way of what needs to be done; just takes charge."

"Good. Now put her on."

"Valerie" came in two pieces, a bodysuit and a full head mask, with a brownish blonde wig attached via velcro. As the thinner neckpiece of the mask was designed to fit underneath the neckpiece of the suit, it had to go on first.

With a ripping sound, Valerie's medium length bangs were removed from her rubber head. The girl who was to become her hesitated for a moment.

"Are you afraid?"

"A little, Master."

"Then put it on."

Shutting her eyes and opening her mouth wide, she stretched the rubbery face over her features, grunting and gargling as the mouthpiece was fitted deep into her throat. Eventually the wrinkled rubber of the mask smoothed out.

Looking away from the camera, the girl quickly zipped the mask closed, before fastening the wig onto the velcro. Straightening it out with a flourish, she turned to face the camera for her Master's inspection.

The woman on the monitor bore little resemblance to the girl beneath. Fair skin, marked with a few freckles of age and sleep lines around the eyes contrasted with the youthful, blemish free olive skin that it covered. A narrow, pointed nose fitted over a cute button one. Defiant green eyed eyes over playful almond ones. A strong jaw held together an angular face with defined cheekbones- tightly encasing an oval one underneath. 

It was hard to believe this was all just silicone and rubber. "Valerie" may have been merely cute once, and was still undoubtedly beautiful, but this was a woman with poise and command as well as grace. She sat staring, eyes fixed and slightly narrowed with a casual expression and thin blood red lips curled into a smirk.

"Can you speak?"


"Good. Now finish your transformation. That head does not go with your body."

Nodding dutifully, the girl reached for the Valerie skin. Standing up, she unzipped the back, and clambered in, feet first. With some unsuppressed grunts of frustration, she struggled to align her legs with the suit, but manages.

"Dubai" looks at the remote, and reconsiders. Not yet. One thing at a time.

"San Diego" takes care to align some unseen devices before pulling up the rest of Valerie's skin. A muffled moan. They fit. Then the arms, fingers probing for their new sockets, playfully dancing for the camera. Now the nails, given life by the girl underneath, moved up to close the suit's neck over that of the mask. Once this was done, she reached for the zip, and all trace of the her underneath disappeared.

Valerie's body had pale skin, like her mask, with a few moles and lentigo here and there. She had broad shoulders for a woman, reflecting her Gallic ancestry, and was athletic in build; her hips were still womanly but on the narrow side. Despite her age, her breasts remained firm, round, and perky- she had never had children.

Utterly naked, "Valerie" kneeled in front of the camera, squeezing her bosom between her arms for presentation, still incongruously acting like the girl underneath.

"What are you doing, girl? Do you desire praise? Stand up and dress yourself- and then you will have no need for praise."

With a small obedient bow, she reached for Valerie's clothing, folded neatly in a box off camera. Elegant black heels matched dressy black pants for her long, slender legs. A white cotton blouse, sleeves rolled up, under a black ladies waistcoat, buttoned. A black leather choker to hide the zip and seal her in. Finally, with care, the girl reached for the finishing touches of Valerie's ensemble- thin half frame glasses and a silver crucifix, nestled inbetween the opened buttons on her blouse, just before her cleavage.

Now fully dressed, the girl sat back, hands in her lap, mentally preparing for what was to come next. "Dubai" reached for the remote, and pressed the Green Button.

Suddenly Valerie's eyes blinked from their fixed expression, and began to scan the room. Left to Right. Right to Left. Up and down. Methodically, they tested their range of sight. The mask was starting to come to life.

Yet the eyes are the window into the soul, and "Dubai" saw behind Valerie's animatronic green eyes a girl's giddy jubilance at the functioning of the sensors and microservos. Ah well, two steps forward, one step back. Smirking inwardly, "Dubai" pressed the Blue Button.

A gasp, as the curled lips opened up to allow air through to the girl trapped underneath. Exploring her new face, the mask contorted into exaggerated expressions of laughter, joy, anger- even curling into a surprised O. Without a doubt the girl was having fun as she reached for her phone to admire her new countenance.

"Having fun?"

A muffled response.

"I can't hear you."

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry Master, I-"

"Do you like your new form?"

"Yes Master."

"Do you like her elegant, serious face?"

"Yes Master."

"Her graceful, powerful body?"

"Yes Master."

"Would you like to be fucked as her, right now? Some rubber facsimile of Valerie? Some inferior copy of this mature bombshell of a woman?"

"Yes Master! Oh, I want to throw off these clothes and crawl naked on the floor, lead by a leash like a pet in this body. Be taken roughly in my tight rubber ass by anyone-- I'm not strong enough to be her, Master. You might as well gag me again, because I'm just a stupid whore in a mask. I can't be Valerie."

"Dubai" grinned evily into the camera.

"I don't believe you."

"What, Master?"

"You're lying. You can, and you want to. Brace yourself."

Two fingers dance over to the remote as a look of feigned terror spread across Valerie's face. With cruel determination, one landed on the Red Button, and a loud buzzing noise caused "Valerie" to wince in pain. The other grazed the Pink Button, before depressing it for a moment. A different frequency buzz, and "Valerie" moaned in ecstasy.

Only one button left. Fingers danced in the air, illuminated by the monitor light, before landing firmly on the Orange Button.

A loud click from somewhere underneath the mask was all that signified the change, as "Valerie" still had her eyes firmly shut from the recent stimulation. Slowly "Valerie" raised her head up to meet the camera, blinked, and a cruel sneer reappeared on her rubber face.

"So... you're that merde who left Erika all alone, aren't you?"

Erika's muffled, girlish voice was gone, replaced with a clear, throaty, deep French accent- Valerie's voice.

"That's one way of putting it. Hello Valerie."

"Don't speak to me as if you know me. You know I hate your kind."


"You think you are so... cool, you Americans, with so much bloated amour propre. Traveling the world, libre marche economique, exporting coca cola and apathy... who cares who is left behind, who loses, as long as you make a dollar, yes?"

"I'm not doing anything wrong."

"Oh but of course! Mr Hussein is such a sweet angel, who bleeds for his workers and staff- as long as they do first world jobs at third world wages, no?

"If not me, someone else, madame. What does this have to do with Erika?"

"It has everything to do with Erika, you shit. Leaving her all alone like you did, expecting her to wait like some stupid courtesan, desperately awaiting whatever messages you can deign to throw her way, in between your three martini lunches in Dubai."

"Its only for a year- and she doesn't seem to mind."

"Doesn't seem to mind? Oh I loathe how right you are. Before I met her she spoke the world of you... and then I began to make her see."

"Make her see what?"

"The truth... verite. That you are a shit and she deserves better. Me."

The sneer twisted into a haughty laugh as Valerie laid back, supremely confident and in command.


"Yes. You are always gone, you cannot provide her with the attention she needs."

"Where is she? What have you done with her?"

"Oh she is locked away, tight. You won't be seeing her again, you don't deserve to. Only I can satisfy her wants, her desires. Only I deserve her submission."

"And what do you have that I don't?"

"Aside from this killer body? This sexy accent? I will tell you, though I doubt you will understand... I am a mature woman. I have seen the world, and seized my place in it. I have faced Tyrants, Killers, Despots- and they have all been crushed underneath my heel. You do not compare."

"Dubai" leaned back, and took a long sip of wine to steady nerves. Picking up a treasured picture of Erika in one hand, and the remote in the other, the darkened figure prepared a final rebuttal.

"Oui mais... non"

"Your mangled French does not impress me."

"Whatever it seems like... I love Erika. No matter how much distance is between us. Our love is real. You are but a... façade."

"Again with the-"

Not waiting for Valerie to finish, "Dubai" held down the Red button, sending voltage thousands of miles away to the the girl trapped inside Valerie. Screaming and shaking, "Valerie" grabbed herself as her tender womanhood was shocked, arousing her and incapacitating her at the same time.

"You... arrgh, PIG"

"What's that?"

"You.. can't do this..."

"Oh yes I can."

"AHH! You fucking... shit, ummfh"

"Come on, Valerie. We can play nice."


"You know, swearing's illegal in the UAE.."

A finger danced on the desk over the Blue Button. With that singular click, Valerie's ceased her venomous taunting as she lost control of her lower facial muscles. Tiny servomotors came to life, forcing her enraged expression into the comparatively placid smirk that the mask originally bore.

With her mouth shut, all Valerie could manage were desperate, frantic moans in her French accent. She grabbed her face desperately, trying to find an override on the mask.

"Ah, that's better."


"Oh don't give me that look. I was perfectly prepared to have a friendly conversation... you know I do worry about leaving Erika alone and I wouldn't mind if she met other people... I love her, and I'm only here because I want her to be happy, you know?"


"And really, you seem like a very capable woman. I mean I like Erika's friends but I don't know how reliable they are. She could do with someone at home she could trust, someone to hold her when things don't go right and I just can't be there all the time, even online."


"Oh stop with those pleading eyes. You've faced worse at the Hague."

Valerie stared at the camera in desperation as the stimulation edged her closer to orgasm but would not provide it. With a cruel grin and a finger still firmly pressing down the Red Button, down went the Green Button with a click.

The big green eyes of the Valerie mask ceased their crying and moved towards a look of serene calm, greatly in contrast with the feelings and thrashing of the woman underneath.

"That's better, no? Have some dignity, you're a grown woman!"


"Its been fun, Valerie, but I think I'd like to see Erika again."

Lifting up two fingers, "Dubai" firmly pushed them down on Buttons Pink and Orange. Now physical stimulation, vibration, was added to electrical stimulation, and the pleasure component of the sensations wracking the woman on screen was increased. From the moment the Orange Button was pressed, Valerie's deep moans became Erika's youthful, girlish moans, high pitched but no less desperate, despite the serene look on her mask.

"Hey babe."


"I'm really sorry I couldn't call you earlier."


"I met Valerie-"


"She brought up some good points."


"I really owe it to you to.. change my behavior. How I've been treating you."


"I'll make time every week. Even if I can't be there physically with you, I won't let you worry."


"Will you accept my apology?"

"Valerie" nodded her head furiously as she shook on the couch.

"I love you Erika."

Finally the Red Button was released, and all that was being transmitted was pleasure. Her moans became less desperate as she grabbed her breasts underneath her blouse and sank to her side, fully intent on riding the waves to her long delayed orgasm.

Eventually she came, clenching all over as the blonde hair of her wig fell in front of her masked face. For a time she just lay there, panting from her long distance fucking.

"Dubai" finished off the '01 Merlot.  "Do you want out?"

"Valerie" nodded. Buttons Blue and Green were simultaneously pressed. The woman underneath the Valerie suit gasped for air and gave the camera a satisfied, slightly forlorn smile with the Frenchwoman’s face. Eventually, Erika sat up straight and readjusted her blouse. After wiping down her face with a tissue, she gave the camera a bright smile, appearing completely normal- at least, in a sense. None could guess from this image that this woman had just orgasmed moments ago- but then on again, neither could anyone guess that underneath was a completely different girl, nearly twenty years younger.

"That.. was amazing. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure! You can take it off now, if you want-"

"mmm, not really, hah. I've got the whole day over here... I love being encased in rubber, as you know. Besides, I think she's really pretty in way- don't you?"

"She's gorgeous! I mean, you're gorgeous- you're both gorgeous... I haven't played dom in a while, so I'm sorry if I was-"

"No no, you were great! I'm really glad I stumbled on your search history..."

"Well I just never knew you'd be into it so I never..."

"You'd never know if you never asked.. or if I never found out."

"Perhaps... but your performance was incredible!. How'd you come up with Valerie?"

"I didn't. I picked today to lock myself inside her because I don't have to go out. She’s a lecturer for International Law with the Political Science Department."

"Wow. She's real?"

"Yeah. I always thought she was pretty hot, I mean I doubt she's into this sort of stuff... and I don't think she'd react very well to seeing her double walking around town."

"You had a class with her?"

"Yeah, as an undergraduate... hey, about the things she said-"

"I totally agree. I really hate being away from you, and you deserve better. Listen, no promises, but after the contract's settled I think I can head back to San Diego for a few days."

"Oh my god, when? Next weekend?"

"No promises! But I'll give you an update when I can. Though..."


"Can Valerie show up at the airport?"

A mischievous smile spread across Erika's rubber lips.


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