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Storycodes: Solo-F; reporter; base; lift room; drug; captive; latex; gimpsuit; bond; susp; gasmask; hood; harness; F/f; bdsm; torment; bullwhip; electro; punish; breathplay; torture; cond; enslave; cons/nc; XX

Francesca had just cut her way through a metal wire fence guarding the perimeter of an abandoned building. She was a reporter and had been sent some information about a porn shoot happening at the location. She did not want anything to give away her position so had left her phone and torch in her car. Which she had park 3 miles away and it had been well hidden from the road. Moonlight was the only thing letting her see as she put the wire cutters in her pocket. It was a warm clear summer’s night as she moved towards to the building. She had only been given a small amount of information about what was going on. But the story sounded like a gold mine of hard-core porn and something the local people would read about.

Francesca had a history for this type of story and knew just what to write to get the public on her side. She had been told the building had a secret doorway and how to find it. The building itself was a very old army base with two floors and a large main building, In which was the hidden door. The base did have a number of small cabins and warehouse. But she was told they had been cleared out long ago. She soon found a fire exit which had been forced open and she went inside. She had no light as she slowly made her way through the base. Her eyes got use to the lack of light and she followed the instructions she was given by the informant. Francesca knew the doorway was behind a bookshelf in the captain’s office.

After searching for 10 minutes she found the right office and quickly discovered how to open the secret door. A lift was waiting for her as she pressed a button to open the doors and once inside pressed the downwards arrow button. She guessed it would be the right one as the other button was for going up. She seemed to be going down forever as the lift dropped deep beneath the base. She was felt her ears pop as she finally made it to the bottom. 

The doors opened a second later to a very well-lit corridor with a door at the end of it. She walked over to it and saw a pin pad next to the heavy duty metal door. She had been given the code by her source and entered in 2407365 and heard a loud beep and the door open. The door revealed a huge circle shaped room with heavy metal door around the perimeter and a mass of metal cases in the centre. With some type of control panel and video surveillance equipment.

Francesca was somewhat surprised by the fact she had seen no one and heard no one. Even though she was now in what looked like the heart of the operation. She must be alone as it was the middle of the night. She saw a desk with a laptop on it and a chair next to it on its side. She picked up the chair and sat down. She switched the laptop on and hoped it had no password. Which was unlikely, but why not give it a go. The mac book took a moment to load as Francesca’s heart started to race as the feeling of discovery hanging over her. She was then met with the image of a skull and scary blood dripping text appeared. Francesca read out loud as the words come up on the screen. 

“Welcome Captive Cunt (your new name btw) If you are reading this massage then we already have you. You reporters think you are so smart and can just write anything. You ruined my life two years and it has taken me all that time to get my revenge. But now I have you and soon you will feel the pain and helplessness I went through. You will suffer and you will break. No one will find you or hear from you and no one will miss you. You are not human any more and will be shown no mercy. You will be the first of my prisoners and the one in the most extreme rubber bondage. I hope you enjoyed your life before this as it’s coming to an end on this day. You ended my life two years ago with your lazy and spineless reporting. I had nothing because of you. Then when I was sleeping rough in this building I thankfully find a secret door. I was in the captain’s office as it was the warmest part of the old base. But a draft was hitting me from somewhere. Then i found it. The code from the door was hidden in plain sight. Did you see the picture of the aircraft on the wall. The number is on the wing. Easy to miss and I somehow guessed it could be that. I was very happy with what I found and spend all my time getting it ready for you. So I hope you enjoy it. As you rot in this hellhole with no way out. See you soon. Captive cunt or CC for short” 

Francesca was not scared, but confused as to what the hell the massage was on about. Maybe it was put there as a way of putting reporters off by leering about what would happen to them. She could not think of anyone she had fucked over and she never would do something like that. The massage did not say her name or what had happened to the person who had recorded it. She had no idea how long the recording was or if it was real. It was then she spotted something out the very corner of her eye. The door on the other side of the room was different from the others. It looked bigger, thicker, heavier and had more security than the other doors. But placed next to the door was a clipboard with paperwork hanging from it. She may have been the other side of the large room. But Francesca could just about make out a passport like photo of her. She slowly stood up and with her hands shaking and heart jumping. She moved across the room, each step felt like a life time as the ground become soft and she found herself struggling to stay upright. Her eyes forced in on the paperwork as her brain tried to take in the information it was bring sent. Fear was flowing through her body as she bent down to read the sheets of paper in front of her. 

It had everything on it. The detail was overwhelming as sweat started to build up on Francesca’s face and she could feel it running down her back. Her whole life was written down on this paperwork. Everything from her shape and size to what she had been googling. Someone had been watching her and going through her stuff. God they most have gotten into her flat and log on to her computer. She now knew 100% the note was made for her and she should get the hell of this place and call the police. But built into the door was a small letterbox window with a metal shutter covering it. She was very curious and wanted to see what the note had meant by extreme rubber bondage. The metal shutter had some writing on it (Captive Cunt) it was her cell alright. She slid the shutter to one side and wished she had never come here.

With her new future burning away any hope or joy she had. She suddenly blacked out. Not because of what she had seen. But because the drugs had finally hit her. A medical syringes had been placed in the chair next to the laptop. Meaning the second she had put all her weight on the seat, the syringes unloaded into her backside. She never felt it as the needle head was very small. The drugs used on her would keep you out cold for hours. They took a bit of time to get into the blood steam and get into her brain. But when they did. She was out like a light.

With her body resting there helpless and with time on their side, Francesca’s captive got to work on her. Francesca had never found out what this secret prison had been used for. Throughout the cold war this army base just outside the town of Luton had been a secret prison. Built to house any spy caught on UK soil. As it happens no one was ever put inside one of the cells and the location of the prison become unknown. Seeing as how it was built in the early 70’s and almost 50 years had passed. The base itself had been shut since 2001. It was long thought forgotten about. No one would come to this place and even if they did, what would they find. Nothing. The prison was deep underground. 

Having worked all night it was finally done. Francesca was positioned just right with everything wired up, linked up and synced up. All the locks had been shut and the straps tightened. She was ready for her new life. It was late the next day before the drugs finally left her body. As Francesca’s eyes flicked open for the first time in 24 hours it was the beginning of her new life. Cameras watched as Francesca woke up. Francesca had no idea what had happened to her. Through the eyes of the camera the whole scene could be seen. Francesca had been placed against the back wall of the rubber padded cell. Keeping her there was a very well built and super strong set of metal stocks. They had been bolted to the floor and ceiling as two large poles one each end joined everything together. The stocks had been built thick and wide with each one joined to the wall.

Keeping Francesca prisoner where 6 stocks. One at her feet, then her knees, her neck, just below her boobs, then her lower stomach area and then just below her pussy and ass. She would not be going anywhere as the stocks are not the only thing keeping her restrained. A network of straps and cuffs tied her limbs and body to the stocks and poles. Francesca had been placed in two extremely tight and well fitting latex gimp suits. With the entrance to the suits built in-between the shoulders. The zips to both suits had padlocked shut. The first suit was made from thick black latex and covered every part of her body with her toes upwards. The first suit was like a second skin as it rolled over her body as it squeezed her body like a vice. The second latex gimp body was yellow and black in colour. Once again the suit covered everything in thick, shinny and tight latex. This suit had a corset like design built into it. Both suits had a couple of add ons to help the prisoner stay in them for longer. 

So Francesca could spend more time in the suits and in bondage her pussy and ass had been plugged and tubes had been fitted to them. The tube up her ass had been built into both suits and was reinforced. It was there to give her daily enemas and take away any waste. The tubes into her pussy were for removing waste as well as torturing her. Any liquid could be pumped into her sex hole and left in there. Wire had been placed on the inside of the tubes. They linked to shock pads that had been glued to the walls of her pussy and ass. Built discreetly over her clit was a small vibrator. The vibrator was built in to the latex of the suits and could not be moved. It had four batteries with very long lives.

With the waste coming from her pussy and ass down the tubes, It needed to go somewhere. And the tubes did just that. In the ground under the prison cell was a massive waste storage tank had would take years to fill up. Another add on was the latex over each toe was thick than the rest of the suits as her nails would grow over time. And the latex had been mixed together with elastic so it could stretch over time. Her individual toes had been locked to the base of the stocks and so had her feet. The tight metal straps bite into the skin of the latex gimp suits. Her hands had been lifted up to the same height as her head. They had been placed in the stocks around her neck. Her hands had been trapped inside heavy rubber mittens had completely stopped her hands from moving. To keep the mittens still, they had been linked to the ceiling by a leather strap.

Her latex covered arm had been pulled away from her body so it made a right angle. Heavy duty metal cuffs had been wrapped around just side of the angle. Francesca could feel the cuffs against her bones as the cold steel immobilised them. Chains then linked the cuffs to the stocks and the supporting poles. Across her body was a leather harness with d-ring covering the network of leather bands. The harness was linked to both the stocks and poles by chains. For added pain her tits had a thick metal zip tie enclosed round each one. This stopped the blood from leaving her beautiful breasts and made them very sensitive. Vibrators had been placed within the latex suits over her nippers. Just like the vibrator over her clit. For added punishment and entreatment a maze of shock pads criss-crossed her body, covering all her muscle groups.

But the best device had been placed on her head. Her head had been locked in a large plastic box. The box had been reinforced with steel around all corners and sides. The box was see-through and the plastic was soundproof. The box was built into the wall behind Francesca and the box was also locked to the top stock. The box could not be moved and had a number of tubes coming into the box. Her head was completely bound with large ear plug pushed deep inside her head. So she could hear almost nothing. Her mouth had been filled with panties and then been wrapped up in a layers of electrical tape and then another layer of duct tape. A thick rubber hood had then enclosed her head with holes for her nose and small holes for her eyes. A leather muzzle gag had then been locked around her head. And another layer of duct tape had been used to hold everything in place. The only holes in the duct tape where for her eyes and nose. 

A very heavy and thick metal collar had been welded shut around her neck. The collar was built from polished steel and used a clear cut out design to join two parts together. It was a v-shape design with most of the v filled in. The collar was enclosed tightly around her neck with pointed end touching the latex of her gimp suits. The wider part of the device was welded shut. It was designed so all the heat from the welding gun was kept away from her skin and the skin of the suits. The collar had rings around it and this acted like a soft drinks bottle lid. The box was screwed down the collar and to help keep it shut a d-ring was welded onto both the collar and the box. A padlocked was used to lock the two d-rings together of the front. Francesca would never be able to get the box off her head and the screw design meant the box was air tight. Her neck was being squeezed and she could not move it in anyway. The tubes where used to bring life giving gifts like water, food and air. She had a food and drink tube that was pushed into her nose and then on to her stomach. She would never taste any of the drink she was given. The air tubes ran along the walls and floor of the box, till they reached her chin. Just above her head was another tube for humiliation. The last tube ran over the top of her head and down her nose. The last two tubes had nothing to do with keeping her alive. They would torture her with smells and degrading liquids. 

Francesca tried to scream as the realisation of what was going on reached her brain. Her body felt pressed into submission as the veins almost popped from the pressure. The suits and bondage crushed against her skin and body. As she tried to breathe her chest almost did not move up and down. That was how tight her equipment was. She was struggling for air with everything she had. The smell of the air inside there box was horridness as it entered her nose. The stink was so strong in was waking her up. She was suddenly shocked from top to bottom in the most painfully way. It was waves of pain that flowed up her body for what felt like hours as she tried to move away from the torture. She could see some of the tubes and was horrified when something came out the end of the one in front of her. Small size photos came out of the tube. She was straining her eyes to see what was in one them. It had pictures on both sides. On one side was photos of some poor girl trapped in shockingly sick and deprived bondage. On the other side a picture of a beautiful young women in a perfect red latex suit. Francesca was even turn on by her looks as she tried to picture where she had seen the women before.

What…. what did the note say about ruining her life. Francesca tried to think of a story which had been bad news for the person it was based on. After a long time she remembered a story right at the start of her career and knew it had to be that one. The story in question was about a woman that had tried to kidnap a man for some kinky fetish stuff. She couldn’t remember the woman’s name as the details of the story come back to her. She had gotten some guy very drunk at a bar and then forced him into her car. When the guy had missed a couple of days of work, the police had been called. They had found the women’s car on CCTV and followed her to her house.

Francesca was the first reporter on the scene and had been a key part in the story getting as big as it did. The police had found the guy in a rubber suit with a gas mask around his head and he was wrapped in bondage. The women had gone to prison for 4 years. But that story only happened 3 years ago. She should still be inside. But clearly she had been released early for some unknown reason. And now Francesca was paying the price.

More details of story come back to her. She remembered taking photos of the torture room. She had flashbacks to the brick cell had he had been kept in. She had used her connections with the police to get her hands on the rubber bondage outfit. She was also given access to the house and all the juicy parts of what had happened. Like the torture devices and equipment as well as what he was bring fed. Oh god that was the smell inside her box, it was the food she had given that poor guy. Francesca remembered a large black drum with the word food on it. On top was a metal bowl and a large metal ladle. She had opened the drum and was also sick. It was a disgusting mix of piss, cum, toe nails, fish heads, horse manure, sweat, vitamins and antibiotics. 

Francesca was almost gagging inside the box as the memories come back to her. The rubber bondage story was a huge hit on news website Francesca worked for. Francesca had not followed the story as she had already gotten all the kinky details. If she had followed what was going on, she would have seen the women had been freed from prison after only two years on the inside. 

The pictures had stopped falling into the box as the images on the other side took her interest. The images of the poor girl trapped in sickeningly tight latex bondage was starting to get to her. She finally managed to link what she could see from her eyes to the box in the pictures. She screamed as loud as she could as she hard out it was her. Images of herself had been poured into the box by the sadistic women how had taken her prisoner. Shock followed over her body again as one last bit of paper entered the box. Luckily it landed the right way up so she could read it. The words were small and Francesca could almost not read it.

“Your story ruined everything I had. I went to prison, lost my job and my friends and family stopped speaking to me. But the thing is. Your story was right. I am a sadistic heartless bitch. I was planning on turning that loser into my sissy slave. I did get him drunk and drugged him. I was lucky to get out of prison early, as the courts had reasonable doubt over the fact I kidnapped him. I made out it was all planned and he wanted it. But now I get to have my slave. No police are going to find you. Remember your new name. Captive Cunt”

Shocks again raced over her body as the words on the note filled her brain with fear and panic. But something else was happening within Francesca’s brain. She had secretly found the rubber bondage story a real turn. She was now in an apparatus built by a crazy BDSM extremist with a cruel heart and an iron will.

Over the next 36 hours, Francesca was kept awake with shock treatment and a couple more added features. The lights in the room could be made blinding bright. All the stocks could compress around her limbs and body at the point of restraint. This meant the blood would not flow around her body. This lead to pins and needles in her limbs. The other straps and cuffs could be pulled and acted like a rack. This action stretched the restraints and that in turn stretched her limbs. The force was so strong it felt like her arms and legs would be dislocated. She thought she felt the gimp suits ripping as the stocks squeezed her and the restraints pulled her. She was also forced to drink coffee and energy drinks through her nose tube. Smelling salt was mixed in with her air to keep her awake. She had extremely hot curry sauce pumped into her pussy and ass. Which made her scream in pain as it burnt the walls of her sex holes. She had the air supply to her box cut off and that left her almost asphyxiated and struggling within her super tight and controlling bondage. After 36 hours from horror and torture without sleep. Francesca was an unforced mess with no idea what was happening anymore. Was she dreaming when she saw someone walk in. It was the woman holding her prisoner and she had a bullwhip and two large suction cups. 

Francesca could see the lips of the women’s mouth moving. She was never going to hear the women as she fought against the haze in her eyes. It was the woman’s actions that give Francesca all the information she needed. First the suction cups were placed over each breast. The suction cup was screwed in place against the metal grip at was already making her boobs balloon. The woman started pumping the air out of the cups. Francesca could feel her breasts being pulled into cups as her nipples got pulled all the way to the end of the suction cup. The pain was massive as the blood was trapped in her breast. Built into the end of each suction cup was a stun gun which would shock her tits at the press of a button. The remote control was in the women’s hand. And she tested it. Francesca screamed so loudly it also broken through the gags and box. It didn’t, but it was close. The sadistic woman double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked the button to see if it worked. Francesca was shaking so violently it made the reinforced bondage stocks creak and rattle. Nothing was ever going to give any or break, but it showed how dreadful the shocks to her tits were. The women smiled at the effects of the suction cups and let the whip do some talking. It was hard to find a gap in the bondage with all the stocks, cuffs and straps.

But Francesca’s feet looked very open. Crack. The bullwhip smashed down onto her latex enclosed feet. Francesca would have jumped if she was not been bolted to the floor. The pain from her feet mixed in her the pain from her tits. It was at just this point the shocks start again. The women pressed another button and vinegar was pumped up Francesca pussy and ass. This lead to a stinging pain from her sex holes. She pressed another button which cut off the air to the box her head was in. She had pain all along her body from head to toe as her feet took another hit. It was so hard the latex almost ripped away from her body. A couple more hit to each feet and the woman turned the air back on at the last moment. Francesca had almost blacked out. 

The women kissed the front of the glass box and left the room. The thought hit Francesca that the horrible smell had been missing for some time. The reason was the device the breath control tubes were linked to. The stinky mix was in a large tank and the breath control machine was next to it. The tube could only go to one or the other. After the first 30 minutes the women had switched from the stink tank to the breath play machine. But as the door shut and locked the tubes was changed back. The smell filled the box in a heartbeat as the shock rolled over her body. Francesca had a feeling this was a good night message. Not that the women wanted Francesca to get any sleep. She would become a submissive slave a lot quicker without sleep. Francesca was twitching as her senses tried to recover from the overwhelming torture she had been given. 

She somehow wanted more as the dark side of her fantasy showed it’s ugly head. The thought of being a slave was something she wanted. Oh god what was she saying. The light was switched off as the thought entered her mind. She would be left alone with her ruining brain. Until the next time the door opened. 

It would be sooner then she thought. 


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