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Steve's Pleasure

by Steve

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© Copyright 2013 - Steve - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; hood; bond; nipple; cbt; tease; torment; bdsm; crop; sex; climax; cons; X

I have always been into bondage from my teens and I'm nearly 50 now. However I never dared to admit to girlfriends what really turned me on. It wasn't until several years into my 1st marriage that we began to experiment with the odd bit of bondage.

However, after a few years we had collected various items of cuffs, latex hoods and various leather and latex clothing.

The years marched on, the relationship became stale, and we parted, on good terms, after 15 years of marriage.

Within a year I had found a new partner, she moved in with me but with 5 young children between us it was difficult to set aside time for ourselves.

Again, I finally plucked up courage to talk to her about my bag of toys. With a certain amount of trepidation she agreed to give it a try, and for several years we played whenever there was an opportunity. We ran our own business and often a business trip away would result in a session such as this.

The bag would be emptied out and Nichola would decide what I should wear, she knew my favourite stuff, latex rubber Bermuda shorts, with an around zip so all areas could be accessed, a tight fitting latex vest top, with an equally tight heavy duty latex waistcoat which zipped up the front. Then on came a full latex hood, either with inflatable ball gag or possibly a rubber bit gag. I needed complete darkness to enter my zone, so sometimes I would get an extra hood for good measure.

With leather hand and foot cuffs on and I was ready to be tied up, either to the bed, hogtied or fixed hand and foot to a sturdy chair. Once restrained, the tighter the better, Nicky would fix nipple clamps, a cock harness, and a further strap from my balls either downwards to the ankle cuffs or up to the ring on my collar. The slightest movement on my part would be excruciating. So to ensure I twitched and felt the limits of my bonds she would start to flick the riding crop over my nipples and cock and any other accessible areas.

After 30 minutes of "warming me up" she would make tight any loose knots and after quick hug and a kiss on the forehead she would utter, "Stay there sweetheart whilst I have a relaxing bath!" Not that I could possibly go anywhere, but still, I would now be able drift into subspace, my nipples aching, balls tied so tight I thought they would explode still unable to move, all I could do was concentrate on my breathing, which echoed in my head beneath her the rubber hood.

After Nicky relaxed in the bath she would dress in her favourite clothing, usually a black leather basque which emphasised her huge breasts, and some long latex gloves. Aware that she was near me I would await her first touch. Would it be a hug or another slap from the crop.

I felt something brush down my neck, the crop ran gently down to my nipple clamp, I had totally blanked out the pain from this area until now, she lifted the clamp up with the tip of the crop, allowing the tiniest of blood flow again. I flinched which made it the pain worse, I now began to tremble with anticipation, as she lifted the crop off my skin and placed elsewhere on my body either with an unexpected crack or gently paddled it on more sensitive areas

With my balls aching and my cock straining under the pressure from its harness one by one she would release my ties, leaving my hands still tied together.

Still gagged and hooded, I would be guided to the bed hands still tied, she would fix them to the headboard. She would remove my cock harness and straddle me. I could feel the warmth of her wet pussy envelope my cock. Placing her hands on my nipple clamps sitting bolt upright, my cock impailed deep inside her, she would start to ride me, my mouth still full of the gag and nostrils filled with the sweet scent of rubber, she rode, arching her back to get the most from me.

Just as she is about to cum she yanks the clamps off my nipples causing me to jerk my butt cheeks in pain and bury my member even deeper, with one almighty thrust we came together, her pussy clamping me and squeezing me. Coming back down from a high like that is fairly rapid, but although much as it was my fantasy to be bound again after a session like this, it never happened, maybe next time.

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