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by C Meier

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© Copyright 2007 - C Meier - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; oral; toys; cons; X

"Would you care to explain to me what this is?"

The voice of John's wife of one year, Cindy, barked at him. John figured he knew what she was talking about but decided to play it loose and cool. He finished pulling his key out of the front door and put them in his pocket. He looked up at his wife sitting on the couch.

"What are you talking about honey?" He asked in reply.

"This!" She pointed at a cardboard box sitting on the floor in front of the recliner she liked to sit in.

John recognized his "toy box" of rubber and latex goodies. He felt his face begin to flush and his mind tried to formulate possible excuses.

"Is this yours dear?" Cindy asked him. John knew he was in trouble when she called him dear.

"Um, well. Yes. It is." John answered. His mind finally deciding that it was useless to deny what was plainly obvious.

"Well, would you be so kind as to explain what this is doing in my house?"

"I'm sorry honey. It's something I really enjoy. These things really get me worked up." As John told his wife about his fetish, he felt the burden of hiding it from her ease considerably.

Cindy began to pull items from the box one by one, asking what each was and how it was used. John noticed a change in his wife's demeanor as she pulled each of the items out. She became more assertive in her questions and John realized he was acting meeker and meeker as the questions went on.

"So this stuff turns you on?" Cindy demanded.

John nodded slowly.

"Do I turn you on?" Cindy demanded again.

"Absolutely Cindy-kins." John answered, using his pet name for her.

"So the thought of me wearing this and using it on you would be like a dream come true?" She grinned at me coyly.

John nodded his head vigorously. "More than you can possibly imagine."

"I wouldn't be too hasty in that assessment. I'm pretty creative. Now, I believe you should strip out of those clothes and put on something more to my liking." Cindy pulled out his black latex catsuit out of the pile items she had asked him about. "Put this on."

John stripped off his jeans, T-shirt and the rest of his clothing. Cindy took it from him and went up the stairs.

"I'll be right back, dear. Finish getting dressed."

John took the talcum powder from the box and powdered up his body and poured some into the suit. He stretched the suit over his feet and up his leg, smoothing the stretchy material over his body to remove air bubbles. He pushed his semi-hard dick into the sleeve hanging from the front of the suit. He worked the material up his waist and then pushed his arms into the sleeves. He pushed his fingers into the attached gloves and pushed the material so that they were smooth on his skin. He reached behind him and pulled the zipper up on the suit sealing himself in.

"Put that eyeless hood on next," John heard his wife call from upstairs. "And tuck the edges into the neck of the catsuit."

John complied with her request, his dick having grown rock hard since coming home and his wife telling him to get dressed in his latex catsuit. He worked the long edges of the hood up under the neck of the suit and then sat in the recliner, blindly awaiting his wife's return.

Cindy carefully padded back down the steps having changed into a red latex catsuit of her own. She couldn't believe she hadn't know of her husband's rubber love before now. Her body was now covered in skintight red latex, waist-length boots covering her legs, the 4-inch heels raising her height to over six feet tall. Black opera length gloves contrasted with the rest of the outfit, accentuating her lovely arms. An open-faced hood covered her head and hair, with a pony tail of fiery red hair streaming out of the top.

The catsuit covered Cindy from toes to neck, but left her arms uncovered. A small pump allows her to inflate the chest area of the suit to magnify her tiny breasts. As a result, the woman who came walking down the stairs looked very different than the one who walked up the stairs 5 minutes ago.

"John," Cindy said. "I want you to kneel before me." A shiver went through John as he heard the demanding tone in his formerly submissive wife's voice. He crawled out of the recliner and kneeled before her, or at least where he thought he was.

John cocked his head to one side, trying to gauge where exactly she was, his missing eyesight becoming a tremendous turn-on for him. Cindy was enjoying the feeling of power she now had over her husband. "All this time together and I never knew about our shared love of latex or his submissive side. He was always so strong, " she thought to herself.

Cindy took a locking collar from the toy box and wrapped it around John's neck. He gave a start as she touched him but then slowly sunk back onto his heels. Cindy locked the collar, sealing the suit and hood onto him until she decided to let him out.

"Um, honey?" John questioned.

"QUIET!" Cindy ordered. "You will speak only when spoken to."

John's head quickly dropped, his chin touching his chest. His other head, however, decided this was a good thing and began to twitch in anticipation.

Cindy grabbed John's latex wrapped dick and squeezed hard.

"So you think this is going to be fun? Think again," she asked. Cindy released her grip and began rummaging through the toys trying to find something. John's head twisted around to more clearly hear what his wife was doing. She pulled an inflatable gag from the pile.

"Open wide dear, " Cindy asked sweetly. John slowly opened his mouth, unsure of what was happening. Once it was open completely, Cindy shoved the deflated bladder of the gag into his mouth and buckled the straps around his head, taking a lock and locking it closed.

John tried to talk around the gag, but Cindy began to inflate the gag and the noise coming from him decreased with each squeeze of the bulb.

"That's better," Cindy mumbled. "A quiet slave makes a happy mistress. Now what else can I do to you." Cindy burrowed through the latex toys and found two sets of restraints. "Perfect"

Cindy took the restraints and locked them to John's wrists and ankles. She took a waist belt and locked it around his waist and fastened his wrists to it.

"There we go. Now, follow me," Cindy grinned at her unseeing husband. She grabbed his erect penis and led him upstairs, pulling insistently on his penis, squeezing it every so often to insure he paid attention.

The two went up the stairs slowly. John carefully following the pull on his dick trying to keep his balance without the use of his arms. Cindy took him to their bedroom and laid him on the bed. She stretched his legs out and then fastened the rubber cuffs to the bedposts. Once his legs were tied down, she released his right hand and pulled it above his head tying it the headboard and then repeated the procedure with his left.

Cindy grabbed a penis pump from her own secret stash of toys and placed it on his penis, inflating the seal and then turning it on to low. It slowly worked his penis, the effect obvious from the moans issuing forth from behind the gag in his mouth. She climbed onto the bed and opened the crotch access on her catsuit, pulling the latex out of the way. Cindy deflated the gag and pulled it from John's mouth.

"Honey!" John mumbled as soon as his mouth was free and Cindy dropped her crotch onto his face. He began to lick immediately and smelled the latex that surrounded her pussy. She started to buck as his talented tongue went to work on her. Every time she felt an orgasm coming on, she would crank the pump up a notch to reward his efforts. His muscles strained against the rubber cuffs holding him.

Cindy felt the orgasms begin to wash over her and slumped over her husband, John's cock spurting into the latex sleeve that covered it.

Once Cindy regained her senses, she climbed off of her lover and detached the pump from his penis. He was still semi-conscious, the pump having continued to work on him even after Cindy was done. She unlocked the collar and removed the hood, John's eyes blinking in the light.

"Honey?" John asked. "How long have you been into this?"

"Quite a few years. I had built up my collection over time and just kind of kept it hidden away, hoping I would eventually have the chance to introduce you to it.

"Little did I know, you had already been introduced to it." Cindy grinned at him.

"Yeah," John replied. "But I don't think we are going to let any more time go to waste."



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