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The Standard of Living

by [email protected]

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“The Standard of Living”

Gail Baxter sat at her kitchen table, the Times opened to the Weekend section as she figured out what to do next. It was Saturday morning of the Memorial Day Weekend; and for the past month she had turned down offers from friends to go to the Jersey shore and the Hamptons. She had declined every offer, saying that she wanted to stay close to home for the Holiday Weekend.

But now that the holiday had arrived, Gail wasn’t sure that staying in the city had been a good idea after all. One by one, she considered and rejected the usual attractions: the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Museum of Natural History; a Broadway show.

Should she just make a phone call and pack a suitcase and get on the Hampton Jitney?

She was wearing a white T-shirt; white slacks; and a pair of high heels. Gail glanced outside her opened window and listened to the reduced sounds of traffic.

Perhaps a day trying on clothes at the designer boutiques? Followed by a leisurely lunch somewhere?

The night before, she had treated herself to a visit to the local bar; and she had been pleasantly surprised that she had no trouble getting a seat! Normally, one had to get on a waiting list!

It was then that her cell phone rang, and Gail opened it, not bothering to see who was calling her.

“Hello?” said Gail.

“Morning,” her friend Toni answered, “I see you’re still in the City.”

“I decided to stay home,” Gail replied.

“Good. Let’s go shopping!”

“For what?”

“Clothes, what else?” Toni answered.


“What if I told you in a shop just steps from your place; but one you’ve never been to.”

“Toni, I’ve lived in Chelsea for years now. I’ve been in every shop here, sooner or later,” Gail stated.

“Well, this one you haven’t been in, else you’d have told me before. Anyway, I’ll be at your door in a few minutes, so grab your purse and credit cards!”

“Okay,” said Gail as her friend cut the connection.

Gail sat back in her chair and wondered just what Toni had in mind. Over the years, they’d shopped in just about every store in the area.

When the buzzer rang Gail let Toni up to her apartment; and finished off her coffee, placing the cup in the sink.

“Ready for something really different?” asked Toni.

Toni and Gail had gone to college and graduate school together, were separated by only a few months by birthday; and could be mistaken for being sisters. Both were brunettes; tall; thin; and small breasted.

“Okay,” said Gail, “let’s go!”

Toni was wearing a blouse, shorts, and high heeled sandals that showed off her legs.

Gail followed behind Toni as they made their way down to the street, and they walked together in the nearly empty sidewalk.

The night before a thunderstorm had passed through the city; so the street smelled clean.

After just a few streets, they arrived before a gated window that had a female mannequin dressed in a leather outfit; and a locked door that they had to be buzzed into.

“Ever been here before?” Toni asked.

“No, but I’ve passed it many times.”

“See, I told you you’ve never been here before!” Toni proudly exclaimed.

They walked inside, and the first thing that Gail saw were racks of latex clothing; and the overpowering scent of rubber!

“What kind of shop is this?” Gail demanded of Toni.

“It’s an S&M shop,” Toni answered, “they sell fetish clothing.”

“No, really?”

“Well, it doesn’t appear out of thin air, does it? Somebody has to make the clothes we buy at Macy’s or Victoria’s Secret; and there’s a whole industry devoted making sexy clothing the fetish crowd. Didn’t you ever look through a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog?”

“Well, yes, but rubber?”

“Where do you think porn films get their clothing?” asked Toni.

“But what am I supposed to buy here?” sputtered Gail.

“Whatever you want,” Toni answered, “C’mon stop acting like a deer caught in the lights, start looking around and try something on. You’re always complaining that we do the same things; now I’ve found us a new place. Besides, unlike the Gucci Boutique we can actually afford to buy something here: within limits of course.”

“But, but,” said Gail.

“The only butt here is a butt plug that can be inserted up your bottom if you don’t stop sounding foolish. So c’mon, let’s explore!” said Toni.

“Can I help you?” asked the woman behind the register.

“Ah, just looking,” Gail answered.

Gail and Toni began walking around, looking at the wares on display. Gail simply couldn’t believe the clothes: and when the saleswoman asked if Gail wanted to try something on and she refused, Toni spurred her on.

“Stop being an old fudge, enjoy yourself!” said Toni, who scurried off to try on a rubber Maid’s outfit!

Over the next hour, Gail tried on a rubber bodysuit; a rubber catsuit; and a Maid’s outfit. Then she was introduced to rubber underwear: a bra and panty set; and a separate panty that had a rubber dildo; and one with both a dildo and butt plug.

“Do women really buy these things?” Gail asked.

“My Master makes me wear the rubber panty with the dildo when I’ve been bad,” the woman answered, “it keeps me wet with excitement.”

Gail wondered what it must be like having an erect member constantly hard inside her for hours; not minutes! The idea was both exciting and revolting at the same time!

Toni bought a rubber bodysuit; and just to appear polite Gail bought a vibrator and a DVD of women in latex that featured mild bondage.

“Well, what did you think?” asked Toni as they settled in for lunch at a local diner.

“You were certainly right, you did after all find us a new place to go shopping,” Gail answered as she bit into her grilled cheese sandwich.

“What are you going to do for the rest of the weekend?” Toni asked, eating her usual burger & fries.

“Maybe I’ll go over to Banana Republic and get a pair of sandals; though first I’ll need a pedicure.”

“Why not that pair of patent leather 4 inch heels you just tried on? Much more sexy than sandals.”

“Those are a true pair of fuck me shoes,” Gail replied.

“It’s even better if you get fucked while you’re wearing them,” Toni commented, “you really should try it sometime!”


After they split up, Gail went over to Banana Republic, and got her pair of new sandals, but was embarrassed when the bag from the sex shop opened, and her new vibrator spilled onto the floor; and the salesgirl merely winked at her.

Returning back to her apartment, she decided it was time for a nap. She kicked off her shoes, opened the button on her slacks and lowered the zipper, and lay back upon the bed with the traffic sounds lulling her to sleep.

It was a loud bang from a truck that brought Gail back to half-consciousness.

“Rubber,” she said quietly.

Her nostrils were full of the scent of rubber, which her t-shirt had absorbed during her stay in the fetish shop. Gail rubbed and pinched her erect nipples though her shirt, and her hand found it’s way down between her legs. She opened her legs, and Gail knew she was wet indeed!

Her breathing became short, her cheeks flushed as she pulled her slacks and panties off, exposing her wet sex. She opened her night-table and withdrew her vibrator and she opened and slipped a condom over the plastic device.

Gail flipped the switch on, and didn’t hesitate to insert it directly between her legs, not bothering to tease herself first.

“Ooooooooh!” Gail moaned.

In her mind she recalled how the latex had hugged every female curve of her body! There was nothing similar that she had ever worn before that came close to the feelings that the black latex had given her!

It was the lingering latex scent that was driving her wild! In college, she had worked summers in her uncle’s tire shop, and the rubber scent had had the strangest effect on her! It wasn’t until a female customer had left a copy of Elle that featured a photo shoot of a woman in a black latex catsuit pretending to be a cat burglar that Gail understood the connection between latex and sex: she had kept the magazine for years afterwards!

The waves of pleasure that the vibrator produced brought Gail back to full consciousness as she thrust the buzzing plastic between her legs. Gail opened her legs fully, enjoying the sensations as she quickly brought herself off!

No, this wasn’t going to be a leisurely vibrator session! With her nostrils still full of the latex scent, Gail was determined to enjoy a quick climax!

Running the vibrator over her clit, she was soon rewarded when she felt the orgasm overtake her, and she moaned and bucked on the bed, pleasuring herself time after time, sweat running between her breasts, her female juices between her legs!

“Ooooooooh!” she moaned, as climax after climax rippled through her.

After what seemed like an eternity, her body finally was spent. Gail lay on the bed, her heart pounding and her breaths short and shallow.

“Wow!” she said to herself, “I’m a mess!”

Gail sat up, and found that her sex was wet with her sexual excitement. Moreover, her bedroom smelled of sex! She got to her feet, and still holding the buzzing vibrator, walked shakily to the bathroom.

She shut the device off and discarded the used and slick condom in the trash. Then she grabbed a feminine towelette and cleaned herself between her legs. Finally she ran the water in the bathroom sink and washed her face with soap and water to revive herself.

Gail walked back to the bedroom, and sat down on the bed, wearing only her bra and t-shirt. She retrieved her panties and slipped them over her hips, followed by her slacks, and finally her heels.

Had it all really happened? Gail sniffed at her t-shirt, then pulled it off and held it up to her nose.

‘Yes,’ she thought to herself, ’there it is, the rubber scent that sent me into a frenzy.’

She glanced at her bedroom clock, and saw that it was 4 PM. Suddenly Gail was filled with a resolve she hadn’t felt in years. She just had to get back to the shop!

Gail pulled the t-shirt back over her body, and ran the brush through her hair. She grabbed her purse, and strode purposefully out her apartment door.

She walked the couple of streets back to the shop, and she was buzzed in. There was now a man behind the register.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“I think I know what I want,” Gail said in response.

“Okay, just call if you need any help,” he answered, “and we close at six.”

“That’s fine, I’ll be done long before.”

Just to be sure, Gail again tried on the rubber bodysuit, and decided that the garment was good place to start her collection! To that she added a rubber bra and panty, and just to be daring, also bought the panty that had a rubber cock inside!

“Do you know how to care for rubber?” asked the clerk.

“Ah, no,” Gail answered.

“Wash in a mild soap, keep them out of sunlight else they’ll fade, and use lots of baby powder when putting them on and storing them,” he cautioned, “here’s a little pamphlet we give out.”

“Thanks,” said Gail as she handed him her credit card.

Gail walked out of the store excited at her purchase. She brought them home, and decided to treat herself to a nice Chinese takeout dinner - before she would watch the fetish DVD she bought earlier in the day while suited up her new fetish outfit!

* * *

It was late in the evening, and Gail was truly enjoying herself. She had put on the latex bodysuit over her Victoria’s Secret undie set, and a pair of black high heels, and modeled herself in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom!

The bodysuit hugged every inch of her female curves, was tight in all the right places, and made her feel naughty indeed!

Gail had gone out twice with a guy who watched bondage DVDs; and she had taken no interest in seeing them. He had loaned her a copy of the 1974 “Story Of O”; which had remained unviewed - until tonight!

Gail had first watched the DVD she had purchased, where a woman expressed an interest in Bondage; found a Mistress; and was then bound and cropped and flogged.

Previously, Gail would have found that distasteful. But now, clad in rubber herself, she rubbed her crotch, wishing that she had bought the pair of rubber gloves she had seen on display at the shop.

Before leaving, the male clerk had told her they were open on Sunday, should she want to buy anything else.

At first, Gail thought that she didn’t need any more rubber. But now, after searching the Net after Dinner, she realized that there was much more to buy and enjoy!

Gail stood in front of the mirror, modeling herself from one side to another, enjoying the feel of the snug black shiny rubber clinging to every one of her feminine curves. She imagined herself wearing a pair of full length latex gloves to compliment her bodysuit!

She then watched a few minutes of the latex bondage DVD again on the TV. She watched as the latex clad Dominatrix pulled the naked girl over her knees and gave her a spanking.

Gail wasn’t sure if she wanted to give or get a spanking; but one thing was for certain: she was going to buy a few more DVDs from this company to see what other delights were offered!

She then picked up the dildo panty, and handled it gently; wondering what it would feel like to have the rubber snug on her hips; the rubber cock firmly inside her!

It was enough to make her horny with anticipation; but then again, she was horny enough already!

The sexual spell that she was under was broken when her cell phone rang. Who could be calling her at this hour?


“Hi, Gail, it’s Toni. Busy?”

“Aaaaaah, kind of.”

“Want to go out for a drink?”

“Isn’t it rather late?”

“Eleven-thirty isn’t late; that never stopped you before. So just throw something on and we’ll go somewhere.”

“I’m occupied,” said Gail.

“Now what could you be doing at this hour?” Toni asked.

“I’m sitting here in front of the TV wearing a latex bodysuit; watching the bondage DVD I bought with you.”

“When did you buy the bodysuit?” Toni asked.

“After my afternoon nap; when I had a wet dream.”

“Well, and how do you like latex?”

“I love it,” Gail answered.

“How about I come up to your place?” Toni suggested.

“Where are you?” Gail asked.

“Two blocks away.”

“Okay,” Gail answered.

* * *

Gail wasn’t too surprised to discover that Toni had brought her latex bodysuit with her.

So now, just like in childhood, both girls were playing dress-up again. But this time, they were both attired in latex; Toni in her black bodysuit; Gail in red; and both wearing their high heels!

“Drink?” Gail asked.

“I’d love one,” Toni answered.

“I have a few beers; a bottle of white wine; and a bottle of Champagne that I didn’t open for New Year’s,” Gail answered.

“Oh, the Champagne sounds nice and decadent! Why don’t we have that?”

“Sure,” Gail answered, as she got to her feet and clicked her way into the kitchen. She got two Champagne flutes from the kitchen cabinet, and grabbed the bottle from the fridge. She walked over to the sink, and with Toni watching from the doorway, opened the wire cage, and gradually pried the cork off, which gave a satisfactory pop, and she didn’t even make a mess!

“It’s a pity to waste good champagne,” said Gail, “that’s why I don’t spill any of it!”

“Good job! Now let’s have a few drinks and watch some smut!” Toni added.

“Great idea!”

Gail also had some cheese in the fridge, so both girls settled down to watch the DVD on Gail’s big screen TV.

On the screen they watched as a latex clad Dominatrix handcuffed a naked submissive girl; then pulled her over her knees and began to deliver a spanking on her bottom.

“It gets better when the Domme uses a riding crop,” said Gail.

“Don’t give away the plot,” said Toni.


Both latex clad women watched the TV intently, with bated breath as the Domme spanked the handcuffed girl held over her knees.

After the Domme had finished with the palm of her hand she next displayed a riding crop to her helpless victim, bending it between her hands.

Both Gail and Toni watched in silence and awe, as the Domme offered the crop’s handle to her naked captive. The girl kissed it eagerly, and then the Domme struck!

“Owww! Owwww! Owww!” cried the naked girl as the crop sliced into her bottom!

“Do you think it’s real?” Toni asked.

“Looks real enough,” Gail answered

“Her ass is red enough from the spanking; and those stripes look awfully real to me,” Toni observed.

“Owwww! Owwww! Owwww!” cried the girl on the screen.

“Do you think she’s having a good time?” Gail asked.

“From what I’ve read, it hurts at first, but becomes pleasurable later.”

“Really! I’ve got a confession to make,” said Gail, sipping her wine.

“What’s that?” Toni asked.

“I’ve always had a fantasy about being helpless in bondage, and I was afraid that if I patronized that shop it might lead to doing it for real.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Toni asked.

“Well, it’s not normal.”

“That’s an old fashioned idea if there ever was one. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done sexually?”

“I did it doggie style once,” Gail answered.

“Just once? Why I do it all the time! There’s nothing better when a guy holds you by the hips and pushes into me from behind! Or when a woman is wearing a dildo harness and does the same!”

“You’ve done it with women?” Gail asked.

“Why not? I can go both ways!” Toni stated.

“Look at her,” said Gail, where the girl on the TV was now hanging from the ceiling and the Domme was menacing her with a whip, “do you think she’s going to like being whipped?”

“She wouldn’t be doing it if she didn’t enjoy it,” said Toni.

“I’d like to be naked and punished,” said Gail, “under the control of another woman.”

“Wow, is that the alcohol talking? Women lose their inhibitions after they’ve had a few.”

“No, really! This has been a fantasy of mine for a long time,” said Gail.

“Then this is your lucky day,” Toni replied, “because I’ve been shopping as well.”

From the same satchel bag that Toni was carrying in addition to her purse she produced a red rubber ball gag; a paddle; a leather collar; a leash; and a pair of handcuffs!

“Wow!” said Gail, “who are these for?”

“They’re for you, darling. With these I can reduce you to helplessness and have my evil way with you,” Toni answered with a hint of menace in her voice.

“Is this everything?” Gail asked.

“I’ve got something else in the bag, but that will be only after you’ve been bound and punished!” Toni answered.

“I can’t believe you’re into bondage,” said Gail.

“That’s why I came here from Indiana after College! Once I realized that there was a whole new world here in the City I couldn’t wait to leave and finally be free!” Toni declared.

“Are you going to use those things on me?” Gail asked.

“Sure, that’s the whole idea,” Toni answered.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and I’ll get naked.”

“Good idea!”

Gail’s introduction to bondage was surprisingly easy. She removed her newly bought latex bodysuit, and wearing nothing but her high heels presented herself to her friend Toni.

“Turn around,” Toni ordered.

Gail was rewarded by the feel of cold steel clicking around her wrists, and she stood silently as Toni closed the ratchets; each click clearly audible.

“Try getting out of those!” Toni declared.

Gail pulled against the handcuffs to no avail, and she looked at herself in the mirror. She was naked, and the gleaming stainless steel held her wrists captive.

“Ready for your collar?”


“Yes, Mistress!” said Toni.

“Yes, Mistress!” Gail repeated.

The leather collar encircled her neck, and Gail watched in silence as her friend locked it upon her neck. Next Toni held out the ball gag, and Gail didn’t have to be told to open her mouth.

From behind Toni inserted the gag into Gail’s opened mouth; snugly buckling the leather straps behind her neck.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Gail could manage with the ball in her mouth.

Gail again looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. She was bound, naked, and helpless, and Toni was standing next to her in her latex bodysuit.

Gail felt exposed and helpless for the first time in her life!

“How pretty you look, Gail! Ever since that time we were in the changing room at the health club and I finally saw that naked body of yours I’ve been wanting to possess you. I just never thought that you were turned on by latex!”


“It’s a wonderful thing to be gagged, isn’t it? It removes all responsibility. Why if I feel out your breasts and sex, you’re not in a position to protest, are you?” Toni observed.

Gail stood in gagged silence as her friend Toni proceeded to fondle and pinch her breasts, making her nipples erect with excitement! She was totally helpless, but at the same time, free!

“I’ll bet that you’re wet between your legs!” Toni taunted her bound friend.

Toni’s hand snaked itself down Gail’s naked body, and her index and forefingers thrust themselves into Gail’s hot, moist sex!

“What a wet slut you are, Gail. I always thought that if I could get you naked and bound, your true nature would be revealed!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Gail moaned as Toni pistoned her fingers inside her cunt.

“Enjoying yourself?” Toni asked, “what you really need is the paddle!”

Toni removed her fingers from Gail’s wet aching sex, leaving her short of the climax that she was expecting her friend to give her. Instead, she was going to get the paddle!

Toni cleaned her fingers by sucking Gail’s juices and completing the task with a tissue from Gail’s night-stand. She then sat down, and pulled Gail over her knees.

“There now, ready to be punished? Usually you would beg the Domme to be punished, but since you’re gagged I’ll forgo that part!”


“Quiet!” Toni ordered.


When Gail felt the first blow of paddle on her bottom, she realized that she had crossed an important threshold. In just one day she had entered the bondage shop a few steps from her apartment; had been placed in bondage by her friend; and now she was being punished.


Gail pulled against the handcuffs holding her prisoner, as if her flesh could somehow overcome the implacable steel holding them. But there was no escape; nor did Gail want to be free. She wanted Toni to continue punishing her with the paddle; and she wanted to know what else Toni had in the bag!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The paddle struck her bottom, the sounds mixing with those of the city below. Gail hadn’t bothered to turn on the radio to mask the sounds of her punishment, which was all part of city living.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Whenever you sit down this week, you’ll have a souvenir to remember me by,” said Toni.

“Mmmmmmph!” Gail moaned.

“Time for your next lesson in submission,” said Toni.

Toni placed Gail on the bed and she unzipped herself out of her latex bodysuit. Her luscious body was hot and sweaty from the latex, her nipples hard and erect.

She then removed a harness from the bag and displayed it to her captive. It had a large rubber dildo facing outwards, which would allow Toni to fuck Gail as if she had a cock!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Gail moaned, her eyes wide with excitement.

“I always wanted one of these,” Toni laughed, “but what nature didn’t provide, technology does!”

Toni wrapped the harness around her waist, pulling the belt tight so that the leather was snug around her hips. Then she squatted slightly to open her legs, and drew the crotch piece (containing the flesh colored dildo) between her thighs, and secured the dildo facing outwards!

Like a new toy, Toni ran her hands over her new appendage, marveling at how lifelike the dildo looked. Why it was even circumcised and had veins in it!

“I wish all of my lovers had been so well endowed,” Toni confided, “but with men it’s wham bam, thank you ma’am!” Toni chuckled.


“Don’t worry dear, your turn is coming,” said Toni.

Gail waited for what was going to happen to her next. Toni opened Gail’s night-table and withdrew the box of condoms that every woman kept handy for male visitors. She withdrew a foil covered packet.

“Let me remove your handcuffs, darling.”

With the cock protruding from between her legs, Toni walked over to Gail and unlocked the cuffs at her back, but Gail’s freedom was short lived as she next closed them in front.


“It’s a pity I don’t have a pair of nipple clamps, maybe next time!” said Toni.


Toni opened the foil packet, and unrolled the condom over the phallus between her legs.

“Bend over with your hands on the bed,” Toni ordered, “or I’ll use the paddle on your bottom again.”

Gail meekly did as she was instructed, and opened her legs without having been told.

“That’s a good girl,” said Toni.

Toni then stood behind Gail, placing her hands on her waist, holding her tightly. Gradually Toni inched the phallus between Gail’s thighs to the entrance of her sex, and in one thrust, rammed the cock inside her.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Gail moaned.

Gail glanced at her bedroom mirror and saw a scene from a porn film! There she was, bound and gagged, being fucked by a woman wearing a dildo harness.

Toni then began to piston the dildo inside Gail’s sex!


“Enjoying yourself, darling?” Toni asked as she thrust the dildo into her friend’s sex.

Naked, bound, gagged and punished, Gail would have been asking to be released, had the ball gag not silenced her protests. But now, with Toni thrusting the rubber cock inside her, Gail opened herself to accommodate the invader within!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Gail moaned, this time with pleasure, not pain.

All of the sensual things that she was now experiencing were beginning to coalesce into a massive orgasm!

She felt Toni’s hands on her hips holding her tightly as Toni rammed the dildo inside her.


“Are you coming, bitch?” Toni asked.


This time, Toni did not deny Gail her pleasure as the dildo finally brought to a shattering climax!


Her bondage had allowed Gail to have the best orgasm she had ever felt. Gail had been unable to resist while cuffed or gagged while paddled, and now she had been taken from behind!

Gail then felt the cock removed from her sex, and she was exhausted, sweat dripping from her naked body.

“Stand up,” Toni ordered.

Gail did as she was instructed, and didn’t protest when Toni locked the cuffs at her back again, and then forced her to kneel.

She then removed Gail’s gag, and then removed the dripping condom from her dildo harness.


Gail applied her lips to the rubber cock, still warm from being between her thighs. She sucked the cock, taking it deep within her mouth.

“Enjoying yourself?” Toni asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Gail answered.

“Good, because tonight is just the start of a long relationship, with me as Mistress, and you as my submissive.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m sure that the shop has plenty of other things that we can enjoy.”

Toni and Gail ate lunch and dinner at chain restaurants and diners in the city; shopped at the department stores; and vacationed together at the Jersey shore.

They also shopped together at the fetish shop on Gail’s block; and discovered others in the City.

Gail soon wore Toni’s collar; and took special delight in wearing a rubber Maid’s outfit complete with radio controlled vibrator.

When she was bad she was whipped; and sometimes she could be a very bad girl indeed!

THE END of “The Standard of Living”

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