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The Specimen

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2009 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m; M+/m; capture; examine; vacbed; electro; bagged; stored; reluct/nc; X

It was a beautiful clear spring day in the mountains. The national park was alive with the sounds of bird and insect life. There was a gentle breeze blowing across the valley. I had been walking since early morning and was now far from civilization in a remote area where I planned to spend some time alone getting my life back in order after the divorce. I was not really concentrating on anything just letting my mind rest and enjoying the walk when I became aware of the silence. The birds had suddenly stopped singing. Then I noticed a faint sound. It sounded like an electrical arc. That sort of szszszs sound you get when welding.

Just ahead of me there was a ridge. Over that ridge the track descended into the valley that I was planning to camp the night in. There was a strange faint purple blue light coming over the ridge.

OUCH, something sharp had slammed into my back side. I reached around to find what it was and caught sight of somebody standing behind me about 50 meters away. My hand closed on something metallic stuck in my buttock. I pulled it out. It was a metal tube with a long thin needle attached. Where did that come from?

I looked up at the other person, who had moved closer. They carried some sort of long tube in their hands and they were dressed in black.  Black rubber all over, even their head had on a black rubber or was it plastic helmet. There was something strange. No not strange. There was something sinister about them. I turned to run away and found my body would not move. Some sort of paralysis was spreading through me from my back side. Shit I have been drugged by that dart!!

I staggered and fell in slow motion to the ground. I could still breathe. I wanted to scream but no sound came out. I was panicking and scared stiff. I even wet my pants and shit my self. I would have been shaking with fear if my body could move. I just lay there crumpled like a rag doll in the dirt. Strangely, whilst I could not move all, my senses seemed to be heightened. Especially the sense of touch. I could feel all the grains of dirt under me, the individual blade of grass poking into me and a gentle breeze blowing over me.

A pair of rubber covered feet came into view. They did not have any shoes or boots on, which stuck me as strange as I had walked for miles across very rough terrain to reach here. A long slender hand caressed my head. The hand was covered by a tight fitting latex glove like the doctors use only it was black. The hand was warm, gentle and somehow soothing as though it meant to reassure me. There was a noise that may have been words but, which sounded like bzbzbz mmmmm bzzzb.

Who was this person? What had they done to me and more importantly what were they going to do to me?

They left me lay there for a short while and then there were sounds again. It sounded like a conversation in some language I have never heard before. There were at least two of them and maybe more. There was that electrical sound again and to my surprise I floated (levitated!!?) gently off the ground. I was suspended in mid air about a meter up. It felt just like I was floating on air. Hands were touching me all over, many hands, rubber covered hands, gentle hands. They seemed to be exploring my body. No they were not exploring, they were removing my clothes. All of my clothes leaving me dangling nude in the cool breeze.

A shadow passed by and I could see out of the corner of my eye a large plastic pipe. It was about 2 meters long and about 500 mm in diameter. The pipe was gliding past me towards my feet, when it disappeared out of sight. Somebody took hold of my legs and started to pull my body in the direction of my feet. The hands move slowly up my body and the pipe came back into view. I was being pushed into the pipe and it was up to my neck. There was a snapping sound like you get from a rubber band. A large rubber band, or was it a collar, had been placed snuggly around my neck. I could feel thin rubber brushing against my hands.

Air started to whoosh out of the collar around my neck, air that smelled strongly of rubber and there was pressure building all over my body. I was being gently squeezed by some sort of rubber sack. The rubber was black and tight all over. Not uncomfortable, just warm and tight. The pipe had gone. I was left floating in a rubber cocoon still terrified but somehow reassured by the tight protection around me. Protection that’s what it was. Was it protecting me or them from me?

The feet were back near my head and again latex covered hands caressed my head. I started to relax; it seemed they were not going to hurt me. Something black came into view and a pipe or mouth piece was pushed into my mouth. The black thing was pulled over my head. It was some sort of helmet. Why did I need a helmet? Hissing started and the helmet if that was what it was started to inflate. It kept on inflating, pressing tightly against my head. Cutting off all sound, all light and all smell. All my senses which had been heightened by the drug were cut off and I felt my self descending into a dark black hole. Panic came again. I was gasping for breath even though I could breathe easily through the mouth piece.

I was fighting to remain sane and would have totally lost it when suddenly there were those gentle hands caressing my body. Rubbing gently sensuously all over me. I calmed down, my breathing came back to normal then I realized I was actually enjoying the hands on my rubber covered body. I was quite sensuous and sexy; indeed I was getting an erection when the hands stopped. I was moving I could feel myself moving. Gently moving, floating but definitely moving I could feel hands pushing me by my feet and another pair of hands on my shoulder steering me.

Where were they taking me? What were they doing with me? Would I ever be released? Was I their prisoner? Kidnapped? I started to panic again and the hands on my shoulder moved to gently rub my penis. The excitement replaced the panic. Then when the panic had stopped and before the excitement got too much they STOPPED!

Time was immeasurable in my dark black world. I don’t know if they moved me for minutes or hours. I was starting to lose my sanity again. The sensory deprivation was catching up on me I was not even sure which way was up. I was floating in a world of my own and for along time I was the only one in that world. I’ve stopped! I am sure I have stopped. There was also some strange sense of being inside. Inside what?

I lay there in my cocoon for what felt like eternity. I think I must have dozed off as I awoke with a start. There were hands on my body again. There was warm air flowing past my body and a pressure building. The tight rubber was becoming loose and ballooning around me. Air started to force itself around my collar and then whoosh there was a huge rush of air, a sound like somebody had let go of a balloon and the rubber sack seemed to fly off down my body.

There were gentle breezes blowing over me and hands reassuring me after the shock of being released. I was still paralyzed; I still could not move. I had however a sense of being free. Pressure around my head decreased and soon the helmet was gently removed and my senses returned. The sudden return of sight and sound over powered me. I felt like a rabbit suddenly caught in the headlights of a car. I closed my eyes, stunned and terrified. Slowly I got myself back under control, opened my eyes and looked around. The room was bright, very bright, with metallic white walls. Smelling clinical, like a hospital and also smelling of my own fear. One of the rubber suited people was standing at a control panel adjusting something which I could not see.

I was rolled over and moving again, floating along face down looking at a grey plastic floor. I entered a tunnel about a meter in diameter and flinched, or would have if I could have moved, when strong jets of hot steamy water blasted at me from all sides. I could smell some soapy smell and then the water changed to just plain warm water. The warm water stopped to be replaced with blasts of warm dry air. The tunnel ended and I floated out into another room still face down looking at the floor.

There were feet again. Those rubber covered bare feet, many of them. Hands examined me explored my body, probed me, took samples from me and all the time they ignored me. I wanted to at least hear a human voice, some acknowledgement that I existed. To them I seemed to be just a piece of meat a specimen to be examined. They rolled me around looked in my eyes, my ears ,my mouth and all the time all I could see of them was black rubber their faces hidden in the black helmets they wore.

My body I noticed was starting to tingle and twitch as some movement started to return. They had noticed this and the examination suddenly stopped. My heart soared maybe if I could move I could escape. I was not retrained in any way I was just floating free.

I started to move my head around so I could plot my next move when I saw them approaching with what appeared to be some clear rubber sheeting. They put together a frame made out of silver colored metal which they attached to a fitting mounted on the wall. The rubber sheet, which was actually I realized a large bag, was attached to one end of the frame. The bag was pulled down over the frame.

I was slid into the bag, a mouth piece was thrust into my mouth, and hands took hold of my feet and arms and spread them wide. There was a whirring sound and the rubber stretched itself over me and pulled tightly down onto me. The hands let go and I was tight in the rubbers embrace. I tried to move and I could move, but only as far as the rubber allowed, which was not very much. I realized what they had done. They had sucked out all the air leaving me vacuum packed in a rubber bag.

The rubber was tight, very tight, like a second skin. I started to panic again. My senses felt like they were cut of and there was this sense of being in the world but cut of from it. Slowly I regained control of my mind and found I could still see through the translucent rubber and I could feel people touching me and hear the noises around me. I was trapped but not entirely cut off.

They resumed there interrupted examination. I was suspended, spread eagled and trapped in the rubber bag. The frame was detached from the wall which allowed them to move me any which way they wanted to. Their examination had moved on to testing my reactions to various stimulations. They spun me around and around and head over heals until I was threatening to vomit. They smacked me and prodded me painfully. Then they started to massage me all over. When I reacted as they massaged some places they concentrated on those parts. My penis balls and breasts all received attention and they seemed most interested in my erect penis.

Inside my bag I was getting very excited and struggling to move to the rhythms of the massage. The vacuum and the rubber combined to frustrate that and eventually they stopped just short of were I wanted to go. They cruelly hosed me down with ice cold water then left me alone shivering in my rubber prison. What seemed like hours later somebody returned and I was floated off into another room. This room had grey walls that seemed to be covered with plastic curtains.

They stood me up and left. I was stuck in the vacuum bag suspended vertically floating in mid air. The room, such as I could see it, was empty except for a strange table attached to a collection of circular shaped pipes. The table was made out of metal with a long thin black mattress. There seemed to be a lot of wires coming out of the side of the table with pads on the end of them. It had the look of an examination or operating table. I was still trying to figure out what it was when they returned. One of them came up to me. He had in his hand a can of something. He pushed on my stomach so I breathed out then, as I gasp air in, he sprayed some gas from the can into my breathing tube. I got a lung full of the gas and past out.

I started to come to, to find myself lying on the table face up with people attaching pads all over my body. I tried to move but I was feeling very faint and my body would not do what I told it to do. They finished and pulled a metallic purple colored rubber bag over me and the table. The mouth piece again went into my mouth and the air was sucked out sealing me very firmly to the table. The table rotated so I was upside down hanging in the rubber. They checked to see I was secure. Then the table started to move. It rotated in every direction. I was spinning like a top and rotating head over heals and around and around. It was like I was in some kind of crazy gyroscope.

I was totally disorientated. Fear gripped me. I wanted to control the motion. To make it stop. I would have clung on for dear life but there was nothing to cling to and my hands were pined to the table by the tight rubber. I struggle to control the fear and the motion sickness that was rising within me. Relax I had to relax to go with the flow just let this crazy motion happen. Eventually I did relax and started to enjoy the motion. It was after all no worse than some of the amusement rides I had been on. It was just I had not volunteered for this ride and could not get off it. I was trapped.

The more I relaxed the more the motion slowed. If I started to panic the motion sped up. It was like I was being trained to control the motion or at least to adjust to it. When I realized this and totally relaxed the spinning gradually stopped. What next I thought? What do the pads do are they what is monitoring me?

I found out in searing pain as electricity jolted through my body making me jump against the rubber, which promptly pulled me back in place. Again and again the electricity flowed through various parts of my body causing my muscles to flex and jump. I worked up a sweat in no time and found the sweat made things worse as now while is was still held tightly I could squirm around. The rubber moving sensuously over my body was becoming far too much to bear. It felt like they were testing how much sensation and pain I could withstand.

They shifted their attention to my private parts and electricity pulsed and jolted through my penis and balls. They must have a probe up my anus as it was also on fire with pulses of electricity. All the while I was held tight in the rubbers embrace unable to escape and unable to move as far as my electrically stimulated muscles wanted to go. I came violently, my penis pumping with sperm and pulsing with jolts of electrical pain. I passed out.

When I came to I was still on the table hanging exhausted in the rubber. I was swimming in my own sweat with a raging headache and very dehydrated. A bright light shone in my face though all I could see was the deep purple of the rubber. The table rotated until I was head down. The sweat all run down past my face and seemed to drain away. The lights in the room went out and I felt the table start to move again. Again I went head over heals and an around and around on the giant gyroscope.  In the black I found myself total disorientate, confused and panicking again. This time the electricity also pulsed through my body.

My body wanted to struggle against the movement. However struggle was useless and achieved nothing with the rubber holding me tight. This seemed to go on for hours or maybe even days. I could not relax enough to stop the motion as the electricity kept painfully jolting me, breaking my concentration and causing my body to jump. In the end totally exhausted I stopped struggling and let them do what they would. If they were trying to totally exhaust me they succeeded. I don’t know if I fell asleep or passed out. When I came to I was cold very cold and uncomfortable. I was laying nude on the track in the middle of the night. I was stiff and sore and part of me wanted to be in the warm tight caress of rubber.
Now why was I thinking that?

I was sitting up wondering how to survive the cold night when people came up the track. They were armed soldiers. They spread out around me as though they were protecting me. They told me to be quiet. Then a helicopter came and more people carrying a stretcher with a strange plastic capsule on it. I was placed in the capsule strapped tightly in place and whisked away.

About an hour latter we landed in the dark at what was obviously a military camp. I was taken into a building and wrapped in a blanket. They gave me some water, but no food, and left me alone in a small room with no window.

Two men came into the room and started to question me about what had happened to me. They seemed to expect some of my answers even though the answers sounded insane to me.

They especially asked about the devices use to hold me and I drew some sketches for them.

The tube is a plastic pipe like they use for storm water about 2 m long and 500 mm diameter. sealed at on end. It may have had a few reinforcing rings around it to avoid collapsing under vacuum, especially near the open end. The rubber body bag is placed in the tube and the end is stretched to go over the end of the pipe. Air is sucked out of the pipe causing the body bag to expand making it easy to get the specimen in the bag.

When they are inside the vacuum is released, the body bag hugs the specimen tightly and the end of the body bag is slipped off the pipe onto the specimen’s neck. I could be done gently or allowed to snap into place. The air in the bag would escape around the specimen’s neck.

To remove the body bag they rapidly inflated the body bag until the air pressure blew the bag off the body like a balloon blowing off the pump when you are inflating it.

This seemed to be just a large clear rubber bag placed over a Strong frame made out of about 50 mm diameter metal pipe. The metal looked like aluminum or possible stainless steel and had rows of holes along one side. There was an outlet from the center of one end with what I think may have been a one way valve. They connected this to a pipe on the wall.

The two long side pieces screwed into elbows on the end with the valve. They had elbows fixed on the other end. These elbows were screwed or welded to the long pipes. The other end piece just slipped into the two elbows making a large rectangular frame. The rubber bag was fixed to and sealed around the end with the valve. The specimen was placed in the bag and the rubber was pulled over the end pipe. There it was sealed shut with a clamp bar which also clamped onto the end pipe.

When they had pulled a vacuum the frame could be pivoted on the ball joint so the specimen could be examined. When disconnected, they could lift up the frame by attaching a hoist to either end for vertical suspension or transportation. The frame lifted the bag and its contents vertically and suspended them in space. The specimen was held in place by the vacuum. I am guessing that the rubber must be very strong.

I have seen something like this in a movie and also in an amusement park. I think it is called a gyro ride. In those the person is secured in a frame and then the frame is free to rotate in all three planes.

I have some memory of NASA using something like this to test astronauts.

In this case the person is held onto a slab by a rubber vacuum bag. They then can’t move and they can’t see. The whole thing feels totally out of control. It really freaked me out.

At the end of the interrogation for that’s what it was they left again. However they must have been talking in the corridor outside and with my heightened sense of hearing I could hear them.

One said “He knows too much we can’t just let him go”.

“Alright” said the other one “just put him with the others for now.”

What others?

Minutes later some soldier entered the room. They would not answer any questions. They took me down the corridor to another room. This room was bare except for a large low table. The soldiers left and moments later a man in a white coat entered.

He did not give his name. He said he was a doctor and that because I was contaminated I needed to go into quarantine for a while. To get to the quarantine facilities they needed to seal me up in plastic cocoon so I didn’t cause any contamination problems. I would be quite OK and they would make it as comfortable as they could.

Having heard what the others said I was very suspicious and scared. I just wanted to go home. I said so and demanded to know who he was and what was happening to me.

He said it was all classified and I did not need to know. I could either do it the easy way or the hard way.

I choose to leave and walked out the door. I had taken just one step one outside when I screamed in shock as intense pain surged through my body and I collapsed on the floor writhing in agony. They dragged me back in the room and lay me on the table. The door opened and somebody came in carrying a pile of thick clear vinyl plastic.

They took the plastic unfolded it and slip it over my feet. Then two of them slid me off the table and stood me up. The plastic they pulled up over my head. There were plastic straps hanging down and these they secured to my wrists and placed a breathing mask over mouth and nose. It had a strap, which they fixed behind my head.  Shit I am inside a bag again!

My body was still convulsing from what I now knew to be a taser shot. I could see the taser in the soldier’s holster. The plastic was raised above my head and clamped between two pieces of metal hanging from the ceiling which sealed it shut. I was slowly regaining control of my body and starting to struggle. Maybe they saw this or maybe they were going to do it anyway. They picked me up and placed me back on the table. Then the air was sucked out and I was once again vacuum packed. This was a totally different feel. The thick vinyl plastic did not stretch. It molded my body to suit it and formed creases where it needed to.

The metal that clamped the end shut was raised and lifted me up again. The vacuum and the tight plastic took my weight. I struggled to get more comfortable but the plastic had little give and I was basically stuck where I was.

One of the soldiers came up to me. “I hope you like it. You will be here for a long while” he sneered.

The large door on the other side of the room opened and the hook which was carrying me move down an overhead track into a large dimly lit room. Hanging in the room was a number of people trapped as I was. Some were moving, startled, I think by the light. Some looked dead and some were long dead and obviously rotten. Their bags covered in dust.

The soldier who had spoken coupled up a tube to my bag which immediately sucked out the little air that had found its way in. He also attached another tube to my mask. I panicked, he had cut off my air; I struggled for breath and suddenly found myself with too much air. Something was forcing air in and out of me. They had put me on a ventilator. They had control of my breathing!

“Enjoy your self” he said as he left.

The lights went out and somebody screamed. I think it may have been me as the scream was cut of by the pressure from the ventilator forcing air into me.

They came for me. I don’t know when. Time had no meaning for me. It felt like it may have been at night. I was very glad they came. They took me away and embraced me with the warm caress of latex. I may only be a thing to them, but they loved and cared for their things, unlike my own kind.



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