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Special Delivery 9: Rubberman's Further Education

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from part 8


Chapter 9: Rubberman's Further Education

She kept him in the suit for the next three days!

The days took on a pattern. She worked him in the garden, digging, and pruning and generally doing any manual labour she could find for him. The chains never came off and the suit remained on him. She fed him twice every day, as he knelt in front of her. To weaken his defences and to continue with his humiliation she continued with the laxatives and every day the bags would fill up and be a further burden on him as he worked in the garden. She changed his inhalation casket every few hours and to spice it up she would place her own sodden panties or one of her masks inside. The doughnuts stayed sealed up against his sphincter and the catheter was changed daily. 

Occasionally she would play with his big cock in the catheter sheath, smiling cruelly at him. Despite his privations and her cool dispassionate cruelty, or perhaps because of them, he was falling for this goddess! She had taken to rubber and domination like a fish to water. He had always considered himself a dominant but clearly she had found something deep in him that he was not aware of, just as he had uncovered something deep in her psyche! She settled in over the next three days, gaining confidence by the hour. She answered the phone, saying she was Natasha (her real name) a new girlfriend (!) and she was looking after the place. The electric gates at the entrance to the estate kept all well away. There was an answer phone there but no one came. 

On the second day in the early evening he was digging hard in the rose garden, sweat pouring down inside the suit, and he was so engrossed in his work he failed to notice she had earlier changed into a brilliant white latex swimming costume, cut high on the thigh and low around the bust, pushing out her breasts. She still had a full head white latex mask on. She lay languidly on a garden lounger, her muscled body soaking up the setting sun. Despite the catheter and the tight sheath he could feel his cock grow erect. She noticed this as she looked over. She laughed and entered the house. She returned in five minutes wearing spectacular thigh boots of tight white rubber and four inch heels. Over her shoulders and attached at the neck she wore a knee length white latex cape, which opened and closed as she approached him, showing off the costume and boots. She smiled and attached a leash to his collar.

“Come on rubber zombie, a little exercise for you.” He stumbled, burdened by the bags at his shins and the chains encircling his suit, as she yanked on the leash. On the one hand he loved the view, as she led him, dressed in her cape and mask, strutting before him but he was struggling to keep up. After ten minutes she turned and ordered him on his knees. Then she turned away and he was forced to follow, raising his ankles in the air to avoid dragging the bags, which were at least half full. This continued for an hour before she returned him to his cell and completed the ritual of replacing bags, draining and drying. She had hardly spoken to him in that period. Then she returned upstairs for the evening.

The late afternoon on third day brought an unexpected guest!

As she was out in the garden leading him like a dog by the leash – she had got to like having him on all fours shuffling along behind her – she heard a car in the driveway! Trying to keep calm she tied him by the leash to a small tree in a copse near the end of the garden that they were in. Unless she looked hard then she was convinced that he would not be seen. She threw her transparent rubber mask into the copse, Rubberman would probably not be able to see her from his location, and trotted across the lawn in her bare feet wiping sweat from her face and shorn hair. Around her house came a tall attractive woman of about thirty. She wore a wide straw hat to cover her blonde hair, and a long loose summer dress which did nothing to flatter what as clearly a fine body underneath. The other woman approached confidently and held out her hand.

“Hello, I am Fiona, Tom’s sister, we haven’t met.”

Oh, yes we have, thought Latexa. Your bum was about three inches from my head when I was trapped in the rubber ball. The woman was clearly appraising her as Latexa shook the hand and replied. 

“Oh, yes Rub… er Tom mentioned you, hello, I’m Natasha. I… er… guess you could say I am Tom’s girlfriend.” She actually found herself blushing! This was ridiculous. The woman couldn’t take her eyes off her, so Latexa blurted out. 

“Would you like some tea, or… a drink… or…”

“Yes, that would be great, mmm, a drink I think.” She said, looking her up and down, as if to say, well I need a drink! They went to the house and Latexa prepared two very large vodka and tonics, Fiona looked on approvingly. They went outside and sat in the deckchairs. 

“Well Tom is a sly one! I was here a few days ago and he never let on he had a girlfriend. Have you known each other long?”

“A few weeks, that’s all, we sort of met….. by chance.”

“If you don’t mind me asking…. what exactly is that you are wearing?” It was a rubber exercise suit in light blue, loose fitting with a back zip and two inch tight cuffs, ankles and collar and an elasticated waist. It did nothing to hide her nipple rings at her ample breasts and it was quite tight around the crotch! Latexa described it as an exercise suit that allowed her to sweat. Fiona leaned over and touched it, then smiled.

“You must be very hot in it?” 

“Yes, but I like it, I like to work up a sweat. Another vodka?” She had noticed that they had both gulped their drinks down, who was the more nervous it was difficult to tell! When she brought the drinks back, they exchanged some small talk. Fiona talked about her kids for a short time, but then leaned over, almost conspiratorially, and said.

“Forgive me, I don’t want to pry but I am much more interested in you! You see Tom is very dear to us all – attractive, horribly clever and rich – and yet he’s never really had a long term, what am I saying, a medium term relationship even. So we are all hoping some day…... look it is none of my business, two vodkas and I’m blathering away. I’m sorry.” 

“No, I don’t mind; let me tell you a little about me.” And she told her about herself, basically the truth, she was a doctor who lived in London. She didn’t give a huge amount away, and said nothing of the last two weeks of course!

“Well thank you, Natasha; and I’m sorry for being so nosy. You know you are very beautiful, stunning I would say, and your hair is quite…. striking.” She seemed almost embarrassed to say it. 

“Yes, I like it short.” She did now, she thought – all the better for masks! Fiona seemed to be getting a little tipsy, as was Latexa – two vodkas on an empty stomach. But it loosened the conversation and Fiona talked about their childhood, and how Tom was always a bit of a loner. She chuckled that she was sure he had a secret life. What came out to Latexa was that basically he was a good person to have as a brother and much loved by all, if not really understood. Then Fiona leaned over to Latexa again. 

“Forgive me again, but your…. breasts, your… nip”

“Yes,” Latexa smiled quite confidently now, “they are ringed. I had them done a short time ago, a little unconventional for a middle class doctor I know but…. and I had myself ringed down here too.” She didn’t know why she said that, it was probably the vodka, but she really had no shame in saying it, she had changed so much in the last three weeks or so. 

“I’m sorry if I shock you, I guess I am not quite what you had hoped for your brother.” Fiona leapt out of her seat and took Latexa in her arms; Latexa almost lost her breath; she felt Fiona’s hands on her rubber covered back

“Good Lord no. how on earth can you say that? Whoever Tom chooses to see we all support him; I have had my wild moments believe me – I have a ring in my stomach and a tattoo, but married and being a parent doesn’t allow for that now. I’ll let you into a secret, I like you, Natasha; I like you a lot and I pride myself in being a good judge of character. Tom would be a damn fool to let you go, I think you are more than he can handle – but that is his problem, isn’t it? I have to go, I need some papers from his desk, no don’t get up, I know where they are.” She hugged Latexa, and looked down at her, in her rubber suit, the rings clearly visible, smiled and raised her eyebrows as if to say, good luck to you both. 

“Stick around Natasha; you and Tom could have some fun together.”

“We already have!” Latexa said in all honesty. “Yes, I would like to stick around.” There, she said it, it wasn’t forced; it was what she wanted. She waved as Fiona went into the house and a couple of minutes later she heard the car leave, clearly Tom wasn’t the only one with a door opener for the gate, she’d have to be careful about that.

She went to the house and pulled on a black rubber mask then went to see how Rubberman, the zombie had survived. She released him from the tree, picked up her transparent rubber mask and smiling at him led him back to the house. He had been gagged all this time, and in his cell she released his gag.

“Well how much of that did you see?” 

“Not much,” he coughed, she could see him smile even, when he said, “you did a pretty good job of hiding yourself.”

“Well, I’ll expose myself to you when I choose Rubberman, or should I say Tom. We had a nice long chat about you, I now know quite a lot about you Rubberman, and you of course nothing of me. Your sister is really a fine woman and we got on great. I think I shocked her maybe just a little, but she took pretty much everything in her stride. You know, even if you owned up to her about your fetish I don’t think she would be fazed at all. They love you Tom, Rubberman, and that is all that matters to them.”

She did the routine again, replacing catheter and draining him. Then she left him and went upstairs. She was now happy to slip into a pair of tight rubber dildo pants; the prong was not too big and slipped into her damp cleft easily. Next came a firm rubber bra with hard nodules opposite her nipples to keep her aroused. Finally she pulled on a shocking pink catsuit with ruffles in scarlet at neck, ankles and wrists. God, she felt so horny, she wanted to go downstairs and really fuck him! But not yet, she thought, she wanted him crawling to her. She would make do with the dildo pants for now. She slipped between the cotton sheets and contentedly drifted top sleep. 

Downstairs he was not so comfortable! This was now the fourth night in the zombie suit and he was wondering if she would ever let him out of it. The draining and the drying had made it a bit more comfortable but the doughnuts at his arse and the catheter, not to mention the aroma casket, were a continual reminder of his new found slavehood. He had to admit it was a nice touch, when she started putting her soiled panties and masks in the casket. He was now getting very used to the intoxicating cocktail of sweet rubber and her particular scent. Part of him hated this humiliating rubber slavehood and yet part of him was revelling in it. 

She awoke in a refreshing daze and lay contentedly in her warm latex suit, feeling the dildo trapped in her moist channel. She crossed her legs and tweaked herself with a finger. She felt so horny – she would have to dominate her slave today to satisfy her dominant feelings. She had abused him physically – the suit, chains, doggy walk, and the feeding – now she wanted to work on his male sexuality! Today, she would truly feminise him. The depilation had worked well; and with push-up bra, corset, cock and ball pouch and a well made up face he would become her Barbie doll in skimpy skirt and stockings. She wanted to take him somewhere public to finally break him and take all the fight out of him – that would be thrilling – but how to do it without exposing herself; she had to think of a way.

Downstairs, humiliated and exhausted, he knew that this was precisely the way she wanted him. Day by day she would take control, and he could do nothing about it. Upstairs she slipped into a superb one piece catsuit of white latex with attached gloves and feet; she played her hands over her body and almost swooned at the cool cling. She had finally decided that if she was to truly feminise and humiliate him in public then she would have to be with him and that meant, finally, she would have to expose her face to him. Unmasked, she still had the upper hand; she knew him, all about him now, and he still knew nothing about her. But she convinced herself that he seeing her face now would make no difference. 

She was actually quite intrigued to see his reaction. She made up her face carefully, she felt very feminine and sexy. She couldn’t believe what the feeling, smell, and look of rubber was doing to her. She was moist between her legs and her nipple rings rubbed the suit. She entered his cell, wobbling slightly on her ridiculously high heels. She approached the rubber-clad zombie and he rolled over on hearing her. 

He startled at her vision; virgin white as an angel, pointed breasts and firm long legs. And a face to match, an angel indeed! Despite his position in a sweaty rubber suit and mask she saw his cathetered and sheathed cock rise almost immediately. That pleased her a lot, was it the rubber suit or her, or both? She was now at a point when she really didn’t care – but, well, it would be nice if he found her attractive! She leaned over him.

“Have a good look Rubberman, this is the face that you will be enslaved to. This is the face you wanted covered; well now you can see it. Does it please you?” 

He nodded violently, and she was quietly pleased to see that. She unlocked and released the back zip of his suit and the myriad of chains. It took about ten minutes for her to get him naked at last, the removal of the catheter and the deflation and withdrawal of the doughnuts being the most painful for him. He stood to attention in front of her, a good obedient slave, and she was amused to see his large cock hard and erect, sticking out in front of him.

“You smell awful Rubberman. You have an hour to clean and put away all this, and be showered and ready for me. Looking at that, maybe you should make it a cold shower.” She slapped his hard cock with her rubber-covered hand and chuckled. He stared at her, taking in her true beauty, part of him wanted to tie her down and whip her, stick his cock in all her orifices, mummify her in rubber; and part of him wanted to hold her like a child, caress her and take care of her. Now he was truly mixed up!

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She said and he began to clean all the clothes as she left the room. When he returned naked to his bedroom after his shower, she was already there, arranging his clothes for the day. One look at her, and despite himself, he became hard again. She was still unmasked and laughed in her infectious way when she saw it. 

“Standing to attention again, I see! You will not need this for a while. For the next few days I am going to transform you into my rubber handmaiden. You will be my latex doll, my living doll. You will find out what it is like to be an attractive – for you certainly can be that – woman; to be ogled and mentally undressed in public by prying eyes. You will also find out what we have to go through to be attractive to men; the make-up, corset, and heels. Maybe I will find a couple of men that you can try your fellatio skills on, or at least in the meantime get you to suck rubber cock, and maybe up your arse too; you liked doing that to me; see what it is like from the other side!” 

She slowly walked around him as she talked, and he breathed in her beauty and her rubber aroma. He was fearful, but also excited.

“For the next few days you will be always corseted, I think I can get this waist down to 26 or 27 inches, and then we can push out your boobs. Your cock will be for pissing and punishment, not for pleasure unless I decide. We’ll start right now, here step into this.” 

It was a fearsome corselet of rubber and steel reinforcement, too small for him; he had bought it for her and now he was to succumb to it. It had lacing at the back and buckles at the front and extended from hips to just above his nipples. Straps went over his shoulders and buckles were available to accommodate gusset pieces or other attachments at the groin. The breast portion was padded. He grabbed the bar over his head as she laced him up. Slowly and methodically the vice gripped him in its cool clammy grasp, warming slowly to his body. He was starting to feel light-headed by the time she had finished. 

“Not bad, down to 28 inches, we will have you at 26 by the end of the week.” He saw himself in the mirror, not exactly an hourglass but not far off either. His breasts were pushed out and padded and with some concern he noticed his nipples poked through the two holes at the top of the corset. All the buckles at the front were at their widest fitting; in the future she could easily buckle him in another two or three inches! She pulled up a zip over the lacing and he heard a lock click at the back; now he was truly imprisoned.

“There you are, trapped already in a woman’s body, or at least her armour. When I choose I may release you, then maybe not – you have a slim, attractive body, even for a woman and I can adjust the straps and buckles whenever I like. Here, step into this, you are going for a ride.” He stepped into a black rubber catsuit. He swooned at its touch, no matter what his status, he still was turned on! Only his head was exposed, his cock and balls were pulled roughly through a hole at his groin and there was a two inch hole opposite his arse. She handcuffed his wrists behind his back and led him to his… her torture chamber. She stood by the carnival horse, smiling. Now it was his turn to ride the cockhorse!

“Time to go riding Rubberman; I have to admit I liked this, although it went on a little long, but that was my fault. You may not like it so much, but your arse needs some expanding for all the butt fucking I may have planned for you. Bend over!” With a single rubber glove she smoothed lube up his insides; one finger, then two, then three. She wiggled her fingers; she was quite enjoying his discomfort although rectal exams were not the favourite part of her practice. This was an exception!

“Up you get, time to be invaded.” She said chirpily. He stepped into one stirrup and she helped him keep balance. He stared intently at the rubber prong in the saddle; this is not what he had envisioned. She steadied him as he swung his leg over to the other stirrup and she strapped him in. He was almost ashamed to note he was still erect, his cock sticking way out in front of him. 

“Okay, Rubberdoll, time for impalement! We will take it nice and slowly, we don’t want any internal damage.” Slowly the stirrups were lowered and he felt the dildo at his opening, he clenched his cheeks and sphincter but it was pointless. She watched, fascinated as his own bodyweight slowly began to impale him. He winced and groaned but said nothing – a good slave, only speaking when ordered to. The pink lips of his arse were at first unwilling but then slowly parted to accept the intruder. He started to pant and groan, but inch by inch the lips sucked in the rubber cock. He rocked his head from side to side, not believing this, but soon all five inches were embedded in him. She placed a hand on his rubber thigh and spoke encouragingly. 

“Well done Rubberdoll, the full five inches and without too much of a problem. Your arse quite gobbled that up; tomorrow we will move up to a bigger size.” He groaned as she chained his handcuffs behind him to the ring in the tail.

“I don’t want you gagged or masked, I want to watch your reactions, and of course if you speak then I will gag you, and punish you later. Now, how about a half hour ride, that will be a good buggering.” She attached the steel collar around his neck, he stared venomously at her, but she just smiled innocently, then she fixed it to the horse’s mane. She set the timer and sat down in front of him to watch the performance! As the machine started the dildo withdrew four inches and then rammed into him, and then repeated and repeated; as the horse slowly maintained its bucking motion. 

This continued as Rubberman closed his eyes and tried not to count the seconds. It pumped and pistoned into him and after twenty minutes he would have been slumped in the saddle, but the cock and corset, together with the stirrups and chains at neck and hands, kept him perfectly erect. A couple of times she stood and watched transfixed as the cock thrust into him, withdrew and repeated. And he was powerless to do anything. Finally it stopped and she unchained him and slowly helped him down, his thighs were shaking and he wobbled with fatigue. Lubrication oozed from the back of his suit, but stranger still, his erection was still sticking out in front of him! She looked down as he knelt in front of her.

“Thank you, mistress.” He said and she spread her legs; he looked up at her, she nodded and he kissed her latex covered pussy, breathing in the sweet aroma. Despite the pain in his arse, his erection wobbled beneath him as he looked up at her beauty. If he was to be a rubber slave, or dolly, or pony, then surely this woman was the one that he would worship. She unzipped his suit and he stepped out of it, his cock still erect and his arse red and inflamed.

“Go and wash yourself now, the corset stays on. Use the depilatory cream, I want you nice and smooth for your next costume.” He went to the bathroom, his arse feeling really sore and slowly applied the cream over his body and face. He waited 20 minutes and then showered. The corset was so tight that hardly any water passed down inside it. He gingerly washed his tender sphincter, as the cream gradually dissolved any new hair growth on his body. He returned to the bedroom as she was laying a maid’s costume out for him!

“Well I thought today that, having done the garden so well for the last three days, you can now be my rubber maid – “rubbermaid” I like that, I wonder if the company knows that their name alone instils a sexual flutter in the heart of every fetishist?” Quickly she helped him dress, there was little talking between them; he was certainly not going to incur her wrath; and she secretly believed that he was quite happy to be dressed as a maid! She would have to come up with more original punishments! But how do you punish someone who, now at least, appears to embrace it all?

As she tied the small white rubber apron around him they both looked in the mirror and admired their work. From neck to toes he was the epitome of the saucy French maid. This time she had him in 5 inch heels so he wobbled a little. His long legs were gripped by glossy black thin latex stockings, which disappeared under a short flared black dress ending at mid-thigh. Underneath they were held up by suspenders she had attached to his corset. He wore a pair of black panties with rows of white frills at back and front. She had chuckled as he tried to stuff his erect cock and balls into it – his capacity for keeping an erection never failed to amaze her, she would have to take advantage of that later! 

The waist section was tight over his now narrow corseted waist and his padded bust was thrust out in front of him. The dress covered his arms to above the elbows, covering the ends of his shoulder length gloves, also in glossy black. The high collar was reinforced so his head was kept horizontal. White frills offset the black glossy latex at hem, elbows and neck. She led him to the chair in the bathroom and carefully made up his face, now fully feminising him – lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner some powder and a little rouge. When she finished she figured he would fool anyone, even close up. 

“There, Rubbermaid, you are really quite stunning, we’ll just put this shoulder length wig on you, with a little adhesive…. like so, and you are ready to go to work again. I know you are not going to run off anywhere but these ankle chains and cuffs I am putting on you, and these wrist cuffs and chains are just a reminder of your servitude to me. They will leave you with plenty of room to do your chores. Now we will get you upstairs so you can get started. I think you will need all day to wash and iron the bedding - by the way I want rubber sheets on my (!) bed upstairs, not cotton – plus all the vacuuming and I want all the bathrooms scrubbed and the kitchen cleaned properly. If I find a speck of dust then I shall have a whole load of fun punishing you!”

So Rubbermaid began upstairs, cleaning the bathrooms and bedrooms, not an easy task in 5 inch heels and chains at her wrists and ankles. After an hour Latexa came up and followed the maid around, checking on her work and commenting on how cute she looked in her short skirt and panties. She playfully spanked her rubber-covered bottom as the maid leant over the bath; Latexa was clearly having a fun time making Rubbermaid’s day as uncomfortable as possible. At midday she told the maid that she would take lunch in the garden and for her to bring food for two out to her. Rubbermaid prepared it and took out a light lunch; Latexa was sprawled out on the sun bed. Poor Rubbermaid, as she was, just wanted to assault her there and then, she looked superb in white catsuit and heels. Latexa allowed Rubbermaid to rest and eat a small meal, the first solid food she’d had in a while. 

“This dessert needs a little something Rubbermaid.” Latexa said with a mischievous smile. It was only strawberries and ice cream. What could you add?

“You’ve done well this morning, Rubbermaid, you deserve a treat with your dessert.” She leant back on the bed and unzipped the crotch zip on her suit. Her pussy oozed out, gleaming wet. She took Rubbermaid’s bowl of strawberries and deftly took one piece of fruit and with a devious smile introduced it into her pussy! She repeated this five more times and Rubbermaid watched in delight as she then smeared the vanilla ice cream over her lips. 

“Come for your dessert Rubbermaid, on your knees and eat it all up now!” Rubbermaid needed no encouragement as she knelt between her mistress’s legs and placed a rubber hand either side of her swollen pussy, leant in and got to work with her tongue. This was one kind of vanilla sex that both of them would tolerate! Latexa lay back and closed her eyes as Rubbermaid delved into her nest, searching for the fruit within her fruit. Rubbermaid had a wonderful tongue and it did not take her long to get her reward, but Latexa did feel that she could maybe have got the fruit sooner! Latexa came twice as Rubbermaid nibbled at her opening and rolled her tongue around her inflamed clitoris. After licking her clean, Rubbermaid leant back, a satisfied smile on her face, damp with Latexa’s juices. 

“Thank you, mistress.” 

“One good turn deserves another Rubbermaid, I always say, now clear up and get to work on the downstairs. I would hate to have to punish you for all your mistakes.” She chuckled as she zipped up and Rubbermaid took away the dishes. All in all it had been a good day, and it was only half over!

All afternoon Rubbermaid cleaned the downstairs, with Latexa coming in occasionally to tease her, pinching her bottom and her nipples under the dress. Although she was sweating profusely in her costume Rubbermaid did not mind at all, for lunch, and dessert had been worth it all, and she could still taste her mistress on his lips and tongue. As it cooled outside Latexa came in and lounged around the house, watching TV as Rubbermaid wobbled around her. They ate again together in the evening; a light meal taken in almost complete silence, for Latexa was now planning the next day, which was to be a big one for both of them.

She returned Rubbermaid to her quarters in the basement. She allowed the maid to do her ablutions, and even though she was going to bed she made up her face again. She really looked pretty damn good. Latexa still felt really horny, was it the latex suit or seeing Rubberman dressed like this she didn’t know? But she wanted more sex! 

She ordered him onto his bed, face up, and then rummaged around the drawer, finding exactly what she wanted. It was a large dildo gag, and as she approached Rubberman opened his mouth obediently and she slipped the large penis gag into his mouth and strapped it tightly around his bewigged head. His eyes showed a little alarm as he realised that breathing would be only through his nose. Sticking out of his mouth was the other end of the gag, a 6 inch long, 2 inch diameter rubber cock, complete with bulbous head and veins. She smiled and settled on his chest, her back to him. Then she leant over and raised his skirt and laid it out underneath her. She slipped her hands under the corners of his tight frilly panties and drew them down to his knees as he raised himself to help her. His cock was erect, the head gleaming with pre-cum. 

She raised herself and unzipped the suit from belly button to the middle of her back, then turning round and smiling at the silent prone figure underneath her, she eased herself back to his head and lowered herself onto his face. He looked up and saw the twin holes approaching and raised his head from the big pillow as she landed her arse on him. She was so moist that the large dildo slid into her quim with little problem and she let out a gasp of pleasure. As she sat on his face her arse cheeks settled and his nose was pressed into her tight sphincter, its heady aroma engulfing him. But he could not breathe when she was embedded to the hilt and only when she raised herself off the cock did he breathe in air, albeit very pungent air. She leant back and raising his head, pushed another pillow under his head then leant forward again. 

What did she love about cocks? She sniffed it, it smelled of rubber and manliness, the head gleamed and she kissed it and then ran her tongue over it. It was salty and warm. She loved the warmness of them, knowing they were alive, and she could bring them under her spell! She bit the bell-end mischievously and pressed her tongue down on his piss hole, then she slid down right over it and felt it at the back of her throat, then taking a breath she pressed on and felt it bend and slide down her throat. She heard him groan in his gag and came back up, then began to repeat the action. 

If this was being a rubber slave, then at that moment Rubberman wanted to be one for the rest of his life! She really was quite an expert with her mouth and despite the fact that he had a strange capacity to hold off coming; he knew that he could not hold off for long with this amazing woman. He reciprocated by pumping his head at her pussy, ramming his nose into her arse crack. He got a wonderful view of her tight sphincter – well perhaps not so tight now after all the reaming it had been given over the last week or so – and her four ringed labia, now almost dripping with her juices. 

After several minutes of this he finally had to succumb to her and instead of pulling off him she held him in her mouth. She was sure that with his fetish lifestyle and lack of accommodating girlfriends that there was no way he would have picked up anything. Yes, she realised that this was a gamble of some sorts but this, simply, was what she wanted to do! She pulled her head back as he came, and felt a spurt of warm juice at the back of her throat. It was salty and viscous but she let it roll down her throat and then she swallowed. He screamed with pleasure into the gag as she sank back on him and came in a shuddering climax herself. As she sat relaxing she heard a muffled shout under her and realised she was suffocating her rubber slave – oh no, that wouldn’t do, she laughed and raised herself off him. She staggered off the bed and returned with a cloth, which she used to clean the dildo gag. She then removed the gag and took it to the bathroom; Rubberman could clean that in the morning. She cleaned herself, wiped her face and lips, and zipped up. She felt wonderful, completely relaxed and she leant over the prone rubber clad maid and kissed her on the lips. She could taste herself on his lips. Rubberman too seemed almost in a dream.

“Well Rubberman, that was a pretty fair day I would say, and we have a big one tomorrow. So I shall just put this big fellow back into your panties and maybe we will give him some exercise tomorrow. Get some rest now, and thank you.”

“No, on the contrary, thank you Latexa,..… mistress, I can happily die now, for the last week has been the finest of my life, I don’t see how it could get any better.” 

“Well, we will have to see about that Rubberman. Don’t get too maudlin about the future though. I think we should just take it one day at a time, eh?” She stood up and pecked him on the cheek, attached the chain on the bed head to his collar and left.

After stripping off and showering she went straight to bed, she was exhausted, I wonder why, and she giggled to herself. Dressed in her chaste (she didn’t feel very chaste) white nightgown she was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Perhaps it was the latex sheets on the bed that helped her to sleep; she did feel so much at one with herself in the material. 

She was awake early, the anticipation for the day ahead making her excited. She went down to his cell in her nightgown and pecked him on the cheek. He awoke a little shocked at her appearance, in all too innocent white! She released him from his chains and told him to shower and clean all his clothes; he was to be ready for her in an hour. She was all business, for this was to be a big day. He would have to shower again in his corset but he was now used to it. He noticed there was some give in it, and he was sure Latexa would notice too and strap him in another half inch! As he was showering downstairs, she was preparing for their day out!

She had decided they were going into London, to some fetish shops she had noticed in magazines he had, she had picked up some ideas for clothes and other goodies. She would park somewhere and then they would go for a walk in public, and well, maybe a drink at the Ritz! She was not nervous at all, excited, yes, but Rubberman looked fabulous in his chick gear and would pass off anywhere. She was interested in seeing his reaction to being dragged around town. He would go along of course, what option did he have? She was delighted to see it was raining outside, a perfect excuse for rubber capes and hoods – goodness knows what underneath hidden away! She showered and selected her wardrobe for the day. She liked the idea of a corset too and slipped into a red basque with attached suspenders. She laced it tight, enjoying the constriction and then she put on a latex bra with cutout nipples. They poked out cheekily and she fingered the metal rings – once a sign of her slavehood, but now she wore them with pride – as a mistress! 

Then she pulled on black latex stockings, so thin that they looked grey. She sensuously pulled them tight and clipped them to the suspenders on her corset. She stepped into a tiny pair of thin latex panties in black again but thin; giving the appearance of a dark grey colour. They did nothing to hide what was underneath, she could see her vertical smile clearly and the outline of her rings; she felt kind of sluttish and liked it! She pulled up shoulder length grey gloves the thickness of surgical gloves so thin she could see her veins. The black latex dress was a cross between a governess and a tart! It had a high frilled neck, tight bodice and waist and tight sleeves locking over her gloves. At the tight waist it flared to above mid thigh. The hem, wrists, neck and waistband were in bright scarlet. She noticed she was breathing fast and took in a couple of deep breaths as the cool latex warmed around her. Five-inch pumps completed the ensemble. She bent over by the mirror and saw her tanned thigh tops, suspenders and bottom, the latex panties hiding very little. She was already moist, and she’d be a wreck by day’s end. 

She went downstairs; her rubber doll was waiting for her, kneeling by his bed, and still in his corset, silver buckles sparkling. When he saw her enter, an apparition in black and red, her angelic face and shorn blonde hair, his cock immediately rose. She was pleased to see that her image could create this reaction, wouldn’t every woman want that, she thought? Perhaps they should all wear this! She twirled in front of him, preening just a little.

“Just your average street clothes.” She laughed, giving him a flash of tanned thigh and thin panties. God, he looked as if he could come right now, she noticed and decided to get down to business fast. She could hardly wait to transform this beautiful, androgynous man into a stunning woman. She knew she could do it. She chose to dress him similarly to herself – they were to be sexy latex twins. 

Quickly she selected glossy black latex stockings, thicker than hers and tossed them to him, telling him mockingly that he better get used to putting them on. He did so slowly, the corset cutting into his ribcage. He smoothed them up, guiltily bathing in their shine and firm cling. Next came a pair of thick black shoulder length gloves. As he stood pulling them on, she noticed the gap in his corset and smiling at him, pulled in a several buckles. He winced but said nothing. She buckled a thick rubber gusset piece to the front of the corset and over his cock and balls, then pulled it tight between his legs and buckled it at the back. She was a bit sorry to see his pride disappear but she couldn’t have him wandering around London (or at the Ritz!) with his dick sticking out like a tent pole! 

It was now strapped to his stomach; in fact it was hardly noticeable. Tight frilly white panties, bigger than hers, further enhanced the transformation. She was now able to dig out a bra padded with silicone implants! Why had he bought this? She knew he was into a bit of cross-dressing; well he would get more than he bargained for with her! They really looked quite good on him. The dress was similar to hers, in black but with white edging at the hem, wrist, neck and waist. It was flared at the waist and even shorter and sexier than hers, barely covering his white frilly bottom. She put him into three-inch heels, she didn’t want him falling over in town – they were going to attract enough attention as it was. She looked so sexy, she wanted to fuck there and then; did that mean she was a lesbian? Things were getting so confusing.

Despite his state he was aroused too, forced feminisation by a strong, stunning woman, he would add this to his fast-growing list of fantasies. His cock and balls strained in their rubber prison, he was already warming up. She sat him in front of the mirror, confidently straddling his thighs and expertly made him up –plucking an errant eyebrow, then applying cleanser, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner. She stepped back and placing her hands on his shoulders said.

“Don’t deny it Rubberman, you are a real latex doll, quite beautiful, skin some women would die for and a sensuous mouth. You’ll be fighting them off in London.” 

She then took a black pageboy wig and placed it firmly over his short hair. He truly, honestly didn’t recognise himself – full lips, dark eyebrows and skin smooth as alabaster; if he wasn’t looking at himself, then he could make a play for this woman. Latexa knew he would pass off anywhere, not for a second would anyone believe him to be a man. Today was going to be so much fun! He would have to play along – he couldn’t afford to be caught in public like this, and he would have to play the role of a saucy sexy woman out on the town. 

He looked in the mirror and saw what he thought were twins! Yes, she was blonde and he had the black wig but with her higher heels they were the same height and with the corset they were quite similar build – they both had similar long slim legs and with the expert make-up, well…...

The final pieces of clothing, for both of them were ankle length capes with full hoods. Two large slits allowed their hands to pass through at the sides. They pulled on elbow length gloves in leather, slightly more socially acceptable – rubber gloves were a little too obvious. She then grabbed a large handbag and stuffed some things into it; Rubberman saw handcuffs, a couple of masks, ball gag and make-up kit. 

“Must be prepared for all eventualities. But you are going to be a good rubber doll aren’t you?” And she gently pinched his bottom. What choice had he? They looked a little different, but no one would know what they were wearing underneath, their stilettos peaked through and their gloves were noticeable, but they were just two beautiful girls out on the town and prepared for the rain. They left the cell and entered the garage. She stopped to look at the chest she’d arrived in.

“Maybe I should send you off somewhere, give you a little taste. Seems a long time ago, but frankly I have no regrets, now that I am in charge!” 

To avoid any whipping he had not talked much all day and he was not about to start now. Expertly she drove away from the house, he was pleased to see she was a fine driver, confident and assured. But then, he thought, she was pretty good at everything! He found it very sexy being next to a rubber-clad woman who could really handle a car – that in itself was sexy! He relaxed as best he could, feeling the sweat building up under his corset and settling in his panties. Somehow a part of him quite enjoyed being a powerless slave in the hands of beautiful woman and driven into town. By mid day they were in London and she parked close to a rubber fetish store he was very familiar with. It catered mainly to gay men but their clothes were of the best quality, and their bondage gear was amazing. When they entered the store there were five or six other shoppers, including a couple of women. They briefly looked at the two of them, more in admiration he thought, than in curiosity. An assistant approached them, without recognising him. 

“You seem to know your way around, but can I help you with anything?”

“Thanks, I have never been here before but my…. rubber doll here has.” She lowered her voice. “Look can I speak freely, you seem pretty tuned in.”

“Well, nothing much shocks me, when you work here long enough, if you know what I mean.”

“Okay, well let’s see, you see rubber doll here isn’t so much a she, as a he!” He looked at Rubberman.

“Well you could have fooled me, you’ve both done a great job there. We get a lot of rubber trannies in here, but I have to say you are the best I’ve ever seen.” 

“Thanks, but you see I have a problem. Rubber doll here every now and again gets naughty and needs disciplining. We’ve had whips, masks and so forth but we need to branch out more.” She walked confidently around the store, everybody clearly taken by her beauty and poise. The assistant listened with understanding and virtually ignored him. 

“Well you’re in luck; tonight is club night at Pain, a club not far from here. They have music, food, drink and a floorshow. Then there are booths where people can show, and share their talents. There are tattoo artists, piercers, and branders – all kinds of good stuff and there is a great atmosphere. No one is judgmental, just respectful. You can have your rubber doll ringed, tattooed and branded all in one evening.” He laughed as if it was a joke, but she said, looking at Rubberman.

“Well, that’s a thought, he had me ringed in nipples and labia a while ago, without anaesthetic. I could return the favour.” 

“Wow, you’re a tough one. They do everything there; the booths open at eight and the floorshows at ten. Here’s the address, you can pay for tickets here. Strict dress code of course, but with what you look to have on, you should have no problem.”

“Okay, give me two, this should be fun.”

“Do you mind if I see how you have dressed her? As I said we get a lot of trannies in here and you may be able to give us some ideas.”

“Sure, actually we have all day, or until seven anyway. I fancy wandering around the shops for a couple of hours. Look could you take care of her for me. She’ll behave, or else!” She patted his arse under the cape and grinned at him. This was getting out of hand, he thought, but what could he do?

“Sure, we’d be glad to. We could use her in a couple of displays, a live model, if that’s okay. Today is going to be busy and having a live mannequin will spice it up a bit.” She started to remove his cape, smiling at his powerlessness. 

“Now you better behave, my little rubber slave and do exactly as you are told. When I get back in a couple of hours; woe betide you if you haven’t cooperated fully with these nice people.”

“Wow, she looks wonderful, is she corseted?”

“Oh yes, and it’s locked on and I have the key!” She lifted his short skirt and some shoppers glanced over, in appreciation and amusement.

“Under her frilly panties is a tight gusset hiding her goodies out of sight. Well, do with her as you wish, there are no limits. Perhaps I should cuff her just in case she gets frisky.” She quickly cuffed his gloved hands behind his back. He was now powerless and in the hands of relative strangers!

“Here’s her make-up and a couple of gags if she starts screaming or moaning. If she speaks, it’s one spanking per word, which should keep her quiet. Use her in any equipment you wish, after all she is a rubber slave.”

“We really appreciate you lending us your slave to show off our clothes and equipment during our busy time. It will help our sales enormously and I assure you we will use her to our best advantage.” Rubberman stood, mute, hands cuffed behind him as they talked about him as if he wasn’t there, well, he had no free will, that was for sure. He had been traded for the next two hours!

“Before I go, I can’t resist gagging her, you can take it off later when you want.” She slipped the thick cock gag out of her bag and approached him, the other shoppers watching in silent approval. 

“Open up rubber doll and suck some rubber cock.” She stuffed it into his mouth and deftly pulled the straps behind his neck and over his wigged head, the harness fitting snugly around his lower face. He grunted as she pulled them nice and tight. She kissed his rubber-covered mouth gently.

“She’s all yours. Do with her as you wish; any trouble from her and she’ll pay for it!” Latexa shook the hand of the assistant, turned on her high heels and with a swirl of her cape, left. He was left in the store, feeling a bit of a fool with all watching. The assistant approached him.

“Quite the mistress you have there, you are very lucky. Are you a willing slave, or unwilling?” as he was well gagged he could not say, so he raised his shoulders as if to say, who cares, and of course , it didn’t matter now. He was in their hands. The assistant raised his short skirt.

“You will be the belle of the ball tonight, my dear. You look super, the make-up, the corset, great legs.”

For the next two hours and more he was a living mannequin on which the shoppers at the store chose to try out the merchandise. In quick succession men and women, straight and gay, satisfied their curiosity and whims by having him model their proposed purchases. In quick order, he was subjected to the following.
- He was bent over, legs spread wide. panties lowered and gusset loosened, arse lubed and then a series of rubber balls, the size of table tennis balls, connected by a short rubber tube were introduced up his arse. He screamed into his gag, and thankfully this was done in a dressing room. The two men who subjected him to this were most impressed and bought two sets.
- Had his dress lowered and his nipples exposed through the padded bra then had two nipple clamps tightened on him by a young man trying to impress his girlfriend. She was very impressed as Rubberman writhed, still gagged and cuffed behind his back, and they bought two pairs, one for each of them. 
- Had his stilettos removed and was then stuffed into a heavy rubber body bag and suspended from the ceiling. A good crowd gathered as the assistant encouraged the two men interested in buying one to give Rubberman a good paddling. Despite the thickness of the bag his arse was warmed up very well indeed.
- Had his gag removed by a pretty girl of no more than eighteen, then replaced by a full head gasmask with internal inflatable gag which with a cruel smile she pumped up viciously until his cheeks were bursting. Then she squeezed his nipples to see if she could hear him scream; she didn’t so she deflated the gag, removed the mask, wiped off his saliva, bought the mask and left a satisfied customer. 
- Had his panties and gusset removed and replaced by a pair of dildo pants, pulled up tight and pushed in after only minimum lubrication. He was then ordered to walk around the store in his high heels, still gagged and cuffed. This was very popular with the customers. 
- Stuffed into a double thickness rubber ball and rolled around the showroom. He recalled that he had subjected Latexa to this what seemed like a long time ago. Despite the black claustrophobia he did not mind this. It went down very well and two balloons were bought that afternoon. 
- Finally he was stretched out on a whipping horse, lying on his front with his head unsupported his arms and legs, and his stomach and chest firmly strapped to the contraption so that he was unable to move. Customers were surprised to see that he was a live mannequin and took the opportunity to raise his skirt and give his frilly arse a good slap. 

By now it was now past closing time and Latexa had not yet returned. Rubberman saw the two remaining assistants conferring and looking at him, with just a little hunger in their eyes. He heard one of them say “well, she did say that we could do as we wished and she does look pretty good there, so why not?”
They approached him, still strapped to the whipping horse, and one of them said.

“Well rubber doll, your mistress is a little late and we don’t want you to get bored so we thought we would entertain you, and you us. I know it is very naughty of us but well, seeing you like this it’s hard not to take advantage of you.” Expertly they unstrapped him and turned him over on his back, strapping his arms to the front legs of the horse, then drew straps across his corseted waist and below his padded boobs; he was still gagged and his head was unsupported so he leant back, his head now vertical and upside down. He felt horribly vulnerable as one of the assistance removed his panties and unstrapped the front of his gusset, exposing his cock and balls and his tender arse. They raised his legs in the air, then doubled his ankles back and strapped them to the backs of his stockinged thighs. Then they passed a strap between each bent-back knee and pulled it back to the front legs of the horse. He was now horribly spread-eagled, his knees pointing out at his sides, incapable of moving. 

The two men smiled conspiratorially and unzipped their black jeans. Rubberman knew exactly what was planned for him and he could do nothing. If Latexa had been there would she have stopped them anyway? One of them pulled on a pair of surgical gloves and with on hand raised his balls and pushed two lubed fingers up his arse, he squealed into his gag, and the young man gently held his cock in his rubber gloved hand.

“Hey, it is going to be fine, you are in good hands here. We know it is probably your first time, but I can tell you are a bit looser down here so your mistress has obviously given you some arse stretching in the past so you should be fine with what is going to happen, just ride along with it, if you want you can pretend it is your mistress that is arse-fucking you, we don’t mind. I am going to take this end and Peter here will take care of your mouth, now remember no biting or chewing, just nice sucking, licking and nibbling. Pretend it is one of your mistress’ rubber cocks – if a little more life like!” 
Just as the man was about to advance on his spread thighs there was a ring at the door.

“Oh, could he be saved by the bell?” he laughed and went to the door, zipping himself up. Latexa entered and took off her cape. The man pointed out Rubberman stretched wide and immobile on the horse, a pained expression on his face.

“It looks as though you have saved your rubber doll from a fate worse than death. Peter and I were going to show him our thanks for helping us to a record day at the till.” He explained how Rubberman had been subjected to all kinds of indignities which he had borne with some fortitude. He explained that Rubberman had been the perfect rubber mannequin, had said nothing and had taken her job seriously. Latexa patted Rubberman gently on his upturned chin, glancing down at his widely stretched legs. 

“Well, you have him in quite a pickle, I couldn’t have done better myself, so..…” she smiled, “what were you planning exactly?”

“Well she is such a beauty; we wanted to reward her for her great work today. Look, we are sorry if, only you did say…”

She thought for a moment, well now, maybe this was something that Rubberman wouldn’t take to quite so well as the other punishments that he had lapped up. Rubberman was breathing hard through his nose, his make-up now a little smudged, and his eyes began to have a look of pleading in them. This was all Latexa needed. She looked him hard in the eye. 

“You know I wouldn’t want Rubberman to miss out on his reward, why don’t you go right ahead and if you don’t mind I will watch, and well, maybe just join in if I feel the urge!”

“Well thanks, by the way Peter here and I, my name is Mike by the way, are clean, we have been checked out only last week. If you want, we can put on…”

“No, no you just go ahead as you are, I want Rubberman to experience your full appreciation.” 

Rubberman rolled his head from side to side but Latexa only smiled and sat down as the two young men, in black t-shirts and jeans, one still with surgical gloves, took up their stations at each end. Mike repeated the lube on Rubberman’s anus then withdrew his hard cock from his jeans. Rubberman felt it nudge his sphincter and tried to clench. Mike smiled and said.

“Oh, I think he may be a bit shy, well I promise I will be gentle.” He put his hands on Rubberman’s outstretched knees and pressed slowly into him. The helmet finally eased the sphincter apart slightly and then was in, Rubberman groaned and closed his eyes as Mike pushed a little further in. then Peter leaned down and unstrapped the gag on his face. Before Rubberman could emit any sound Peter slipped his firm cock into Rubberman’s mouth. 

This had never happened to him before, he wanted to scream no, but he was truly gagged by the warm, veined member. As Mike pumped his arse from the front in a smooth relaxed rhythm, Peter held his head down and due to the angle it was at, Peter was able to push his cock back, and back, and down his throat. 

Rubberman was now unable to breathe; his nose was jammed against Peter’s balls, the hairs tickling his nose. Peter pulled back a couple of inches and he was able to breathe the heady aroma of Peter’s crotch. Then the process was repeated, with Peter and Mike moving in a relaxed unison, in and out. Between them, like a pig on a spit, was Rubberman, under the watchful gaze of Latexa. As they were nearing their climaxes Latexa left her seat and smiling at the straining men, took Rubberman’s semi-erect member in her mouth. 

Oh God, this was too much for him. On the one hand he had the most wonderful woman he had ever met (or kidnapped) expertly making him come, but on the other he had two strange men assaulting his mouth and arse. He was not gay, but the threesome was hard to resist! Soon he was on the brink and Latexa raised her head and nodded to the two men. Then, with precision timing they all came. As Rubberman felt himself release into Latexa’s warm, comforting mouth, he felt the warm gush in his throat and in his anus. Peter released and raised his head and he swallowed with a retching cough. He looked down and saw Latexa do also, and Mike withdraw from his rear. 

They left him on his own for a minute as they went to the rear and cleaned up, then returned and together released him from his painful position. They attached his gusset piece, not allowing him to wash, and then Latexa pulled up his panties to cover his sore rear. He stood almost stunned, the taste of cum still very much in his throat. She took him to the side and expertly made up his face, smiling in silence as she knew of the embarrassment he had suffered. Yet she also knew that he had not found it quite as unappealing as he had thought. She chatted with the men, who were very appreciative of her and her slave. She selected a rubber lined steel collar and attached cuffs which could be cuffed behind his back at his shoulder blades or in front as if in prayer. They would not take any money for them and so she placed his cape over him, then put hers on and with much hugging – they even hugged rubber doll, playfully squeezing his rubber cheeks - she left her new-found friends. 

She drove fast into the city, tenderly squeezing his stockinged encased leg and his neck under the wig. She noticed him swallowing a couple of times.

“Sore throat?” She chuckled. “I can’t say I am surprised, seeing you take all of Peter down your throat. I could have sworn that with your neck stretched back as it was, I could actually see the outline of his cock as it went down your throat – like a snake swallowing a mouse!” She laughed again and pinched his leg mischievously. He smiled ruefully.

“I felt like a pig on a skewer, both ends plugged, and yes, there is a salty taste in my throat. 

“Oh, poor Rubberman, well, now you know what it is like having all holes being attended to, and I have three of them!” They both laughed together as if to say “touché”.

She had got him back a good one, he had to admit. Although he had always considered himself strongly heterosexual (with a transvestite streak, admittedly) he thought back to the scene in the store and had to admit that he did not find it terrible at all. Perhaps having Latexa’s mouth over his cock had been a mitigating factor! They found themselves off Piccadilly and he was a little horrified to see that she was going to take him to the Ritz! 

“I thought we could have a drink before the club. Now you can talk to me but be on your best behaviour – small talk between sisters; and remember your deportment, small steps and swing the hips, head high and cross your legs at an angle. It wouldn’t do to get caught like this – imagine the scandal.” She laughed as they elegantly stepped out, handed the keys to the valet and entered the hotel. They were still wearing their full capes so only leather gloves and shoes, with just a small area of rubber stocking were visible. Nonetheless conversation stopped as they passed through the foyer and he felt himself go red as he tried to copy her walk. The waiter offered to take their capes, and she smiled slyly at Rubberman as he waited on her reply, she politely declined and they ordered drinks at a table in the corner. 

They sat opposite each other, he mimicking her seating, a flash of rubber stocking was now visible, God, he hoped no one would notice. He looked at her, she was stunning, and he had wanted her masked. Well, masked or not, he wanted her now. 

“You can talk now, don’t stare quite so much though, it’s a little uncomfortable.”

“I, er, well can’t believe how beautiful you are. What a fool I was to want you masked.”

“And maybe you were a fool to have me abducted and tortured?” She said equably, digging at him. 

“Well yes, but how could I ever have met someone like you in the real world, whatever that is.”

“You never know and you never gave it a chance, so you wanted to make me a possession instead, a toy, a plaything.” 

“No, no, on reflection I would rather woo you with love and affection, but that is past.”

“There’s different ways of showing love and affection. But now we are on a different road, you will show your love and dedication in another way tonight – I have some ideas.”

“That sounds worrying.” He stammered. 

“No, I don’t think so, it’s clear to me that despite the first few days you are also in part a masochist, I suppose we all are a bit of both so perhaps we can change the roles now and then.” Was this an invitation? His heart leapt at the thought, would she accept him as a lover, a sadist, a rubber doll, all of them? 

“Strange conversation this, in the Ritz. Look Rubberman,” she leant closer to him and their eyes met, “clearly you are a masochist as well as a sadist. Yes?”
He nodded, of course he was.

“Well clearly so am I. I’ve had more orgasms in the last week than in my previous life and I was no nun. But we must have trust, yes? I heard about the trust factor in SM circles. Know when to stop, know when to push it. You’re a handsome witty man and a pretty good-looking girl too! I want to get to know you more, but on my terms, even terms. If you want to gag, mummify and rape me, it’s on mutual terms, yes?”

“Yes. Yes!” he almost shouted, and got some stares from around him, he lowered his head.

“Sorry about that, seeing as we are laying things on the table you would have to be blind not to notice how I feel for you. Our relationship, if you can call it that, has changed a lot and if you want to give it a try then, well right now I am your slave so who am I to argue.” They both laughed at the circumstances. 

They paid the bill and left, again to stares from all round. She needed to freshen up so she took him into the ladies! He found this clandestine life both exciting and a little terrifying. He said he had to pee and she smiled and said, go ahead, pointing to a cubicle. He went inside and took off his cape and slid down his pants, loosened his gusset and released his cock. As he finished and wiped his sweaty groin she whispered from the next cubicle.

“Are you all right?” As she dried off, giggling like a child. “God, I am so wet, inside and out.” Fortunately they were alone. She put her cape back on. “Open your door.” She said and he unlocked her cubicle as she squeezed in. she smiled at his embarrassment as he rearranged his panties and dress. She took his wigged head in her hands and kissed him hard, noting his salty taste. He grabbed her arse and ground her into him, her firm breasts crushed against his false ones. She stepped back, getting her breath, smiled as if to say, that was pretty good, and said.

“Here, let me do your make-up.” She started applying it expertly, smiling as he continued to fondle her arse. Then she heard someone come in. They looked at each other and held their breath as the woman applied some make-up and left. They laughed in relief and decided it would be a good idea to get out. Before they left the cubicle she said. 

“Now before we leave, I have an addition to your costume. Turn round and no arguing.” He did so a little regretfully, but he was just happy to be with her, hard domina or not. She brought out the steel collar and cuffs. He raised his chin obediently and she closed it tightly around his neck. 

“Arms behind your back, higher now.” She commanded and he pulled his arms behind in a back prayer as she cuffed his wrists to the chain at the rear of the collar. He was very simply and effectively imprisoned. She draped the cape over him, looking him in the eye with a playful smirk. He noticed with his arms pinioned behind him his breasts were thrust out. She pinched them playfully and then placed a hand behind his head and kissed him again. He groaned with pleasure as the kiss extended to fully ten seconds. She released him and with her little finger touched up his lipstick. She pulled his hood up and hers and they swept out into the foyer.

“Terrible night ladies.” Said the doorman. “But you are well dressed for it; a drop won’t get through what you are wearing.” 

“No indeed.” Said Latexa, with a smile and strode on her precipitous heels into the heavy rain. The next hour was sheer heaven for him. He hadn’t realised what a masochist he had become. Walking next to this rubber goddess in the rain, yet dry and snug but under her complete control almost made him dizzy. 

Everyone else was rushing, some under umbrellas, yet they found time to glance at these two caped and hooded women, walking slowly, perfectly dry. They said little, and anyway he was aware that he had returned to the role of her mute rubber doll, but she had her arms through his cape and would give him a squeeze, he felt wonderfully vulnerable. They returned to the Ritz and in the ladies she released his cuffs. She got him to do his own make-up and was impressed and said so, he blushed, despite himself. They picked up the car and by eight they had found the club and got a spot at the rear. 

“I have some plans for you tonight, rubber doll, so I want you gagged and bound for the evening. You are to be my proud rubber slave to show off. I found this mask at your house, a real beauty. The face is not as beautiful as yours but it will give you some anonymity, which you may want.” She took off his wig and handed him the thin mask.

“You pull it on, you’re better than me. No last words are necessary, we will talk after tonight.” He stretched the thin rubber over his head and drew it down his face; he felt the short, stubby cock opposite his mouth and opened to accept it. It was not that big, in fact he could make garbled talk around it. The face was of a beautiful fully made-up woman with bright red lips and dark eye shadow. Except really close up, no one would know it was a mask, and that he was gagged underneath! He smoothed it over his crown, it was very tight. She applied a small amount of glue and firmly pulled the wig over the mask, arranging it perfectly. 

She winked at him and pecked him on the cheek then they both stepped out of the car. She removed both their capes and left them in the car. They would not need them in this place, this was a place to show off your wares, not hide them. She cuffed his wrists behind him again and pulled them tightly up to his rubber lined steel collar. Others entering the club nodded approvingly as his breasts were thrust out by his bondage. Unless someone lifted his skirt and inspected him closely, which he acknowledged could easily happen in this place, no one would take him for a man. 

“You are my rubber slave, my rubber doll again, and you will do everything as I command.” He nodded silently, his masochistic instincts taking control. He wanted to be with this woman, and if he was to be her slave tonight, then he would revel in that role. She put her handbag over her shoulder, attached a short lead to the front of his collar and pulled him into the club.

It was quite lively already, with maybe two hundred people there, all dressed in the most imaginative and wild costumes she had seen. Already she felt at home here, mistresses, slaves and masters milling around, having a good time under the light show and the loud music. Oh yes, she could really take to this, she thought. Around the extremity were the booths with curtains, and some with rooms at the rear. 

He was at once a little frightened and also very excited. People came up to them and commended her on her dress and her beautiful slave. He felt partly proud and partly ashamed. She was thoroughly basking in all the attention as strangers inspected his mask and dress. Nobody up to now had even suspected he was a man, gagged and held in strict bondage. Although they got plenty of attention there were plenty of other masters and mistresses with their slaves. The slaves were suitably submissive and their dominants swapped stories and checked out the other slaves, inspecting the bondage employed. 

They came upon a booth she hoped would be there – a piercing booth. He winced at the thought of it but was not surprised, it really only seemed fair that having had her pierced he now would have to succumb. She talked to the female piercer, a woman of about thirty or so, and quite attractive. Latexa made suggestions and the woman nodded and smiled. The deal seemed to be completed and she approached him and took him by the arm, whispering to him in a gentle Irish accent.

“You could have fooled me, love, a fella, eh? Well, good for you; and now your mistress here wants me to take care of you. What we are going to do is strap you to this chair and ring your nipples, just like you did hers! Then we have got something special for you, only the best slaves get this treatment.” They released his hands and unzipped the dress, allowing it to fall below his breasts. They took off his bra and sat him back in the chair and strapped him round his waist, wrists, chest and elbows. Before strapping his legs wide apart at ankles, knees and thighs, they removed his panties but kept his gusset piece attached. His skirt barely covered his groin. This was all done in front of a growing and appreciative audience. He was happy he was masked. 

“Nice big nipples,” she said, “I love the boobs and the corset. You’ve got a very good mistress. This will hurt quite a bit but you are doing it for your loving mistress, aren’t you? I’ll rub some local anaesthetic at the tips here, should make it a little easier.” She was very business-like and donned a pair of rubber gloves, then taking a sharp needle expertly passed it through his left nipple, he screamed into his gag, but little could be heard above the music and his face remained an impassive beauty, giving away nothing of his torment underneath. Latexa stood next to him and whispered. 

“And I, dear Rubberman got no anaesthetic; come on now, you can do this for me.” The piercer then drew the ring through, after the needle. 

“These are self-locking and once on will need cutters to get off. With this file I will file them nice and smooth.” The ring was about a half inch in diameter and gold – a nice touch he thought! This was repeated quickly with the other nipple, equally painfully, and Latexa said.

“Now you know how I felt, and mine were done by nasty men, not a loving and powerful mistress. Now you pierced my labia too, very painfully, and I have come up with something for you.”

The piercer now pulled the curtains, much to the chagrin of the crowd who were enjoying the show. She then released his gusset strap and his large cock and balls were released. 

“Mmmm, nice cock and balls, and you’ve done a great depilation job and it makes it so much easier for me. Your mistress has asked me to fix a ring round the base of your scrotum here. It is quite painless and you will have full movement, but it will be a reminder of your slavehood. There’s a small ring attached to it so you can be leashed and led around, or have you balls pulled back between your legs, very popular amongst drag artists.” 

As she settled between his legs Latexa came round to watch. This one would be painless but once fixed it would be impossible to pull off without pulling his balls through, which he couldn’t do. It was over quickly, he noticed that with all the attention down there, he was actually getting an erection. The piercer looked at Latexa and chuckled, clearly impressed with his size. Latexa replaced the gusset, pulling it tight, and reducing his erection quickly. 

“Now we are masochistic twins, rubber doll, marked by each other, bonded and sharing the mark and the pain.” They released him from the chair, he was a bit groggy as they pulled on his panties and placed disinfected pads over his throbbing nipples and then put his bra and dress back on. Without any resistance from him his wrists were again cuffed high behind his back. She kissed the piercer on the cheek, paid and left the booth; he a little wobbly on his feet.

“You need a drink rubber doll,” she pulled on his lead over to two stools at the bar, “you may sit for now. But then I’ll have you kneel, I see many slaves kneeling here, it seems to be the rule.” She placed the double whisky in front of him and with considerable difficulty gently pulled the thin mask out from under the collar and up his face, held it there, the gleaming cock sticking out from above his nose, and raised the drink to his mouth. He gulped it down thankfully, feeling the burn and thanked her. She slipped the gag back into his mouth and straightened the collar. 

“That was wonderful watching that.” A woman was sitting next to them, an attractive tall redhead of about 25, dressed in a rubber blouse and tights. 

“Nothing like a well gagged mouth, I get wet just thinking about it.” 

“My name’s Latexa.,” she held out her rubber gloved hand and they shook.

“Good name. I’m Niki, that’s my booth over there.” The booth had the name Rubber Dick on it. 

“Couldn’t really call it Rubber Nick so this was close enough, I do the rubber cocks as you can see. Personalised ones, I take casts and then make silicone or rubber casts of them.”

“Really, now that is interesting, I might get one done for rubber doll here.”

“I see you have really got her under control.” 

“Oh yes and she’s not a she, she’s a he!”

“No kidding, well, how about a perfect replica of your slave’s dick?” 

“I think it’s a brilliant idea. The idea of my slave,” here she patted Rubberman’s bottom, “sucking on his own dick; or being buggered by it really appeals to me. Also, if I tire of him I can just use his dick on myself and won’t need him!”

He startled at this, moaning into the gag, and she laughed.

“Just kidding, rubber doll. Okay, Niki what do we do?” They went across to the booth.

“Well I want him on his back on this bench so the cuffs will have to come off. You can then strap him down.” And they did, methodically strapping him down, with his hands at his sides and his breasts pointing up in the air. They strapped his legs wide after Latexa had pulled off his panties and released his gusset. A large rubber sheet was draped over him, and his cock and balls through a small hole. Niki noticed his ringed scrotum. 

“Mmmm, cool. I’ll just take the one cast; it’s very quick, takes about 3 minutes. I’ll do cock and balls and I can make a series of different moulds. Now he has to be really hard, I like the size by the way, do you have a magic recipe?” She giggled as Latexa moved to the edge of the bench, raised her skirt, and straddled her rubber covered crotch over his upturned face!

“This should do the trick, it has worked before.” She laughed and rubbed her bottom over him, she heard him moan and they saw his dick rise to attention as he breathed in her sweaty rubber aroma.

“Wow, you’re a lucky girl; a slave with a cock like that, you don’t want to let that one go!” Latexa looked down at the prostrate form of her slave, as if in thought.

“No, I don’t propose to.” And she heard him moan with pleasure. Niki oiled his rampant hairless dick and balls and applied the plaster. It was cold and clammy but he was now so horny it didn’t affect his erection. Quickly it hardened as Latexa, rubbed her panties over his mask covered face under her short skirt. Niki eased off the hardening cast and washed his cock. She smiled as she dried his still hard cock.

“One of the perks of the job. I will make half a dozen, they can be attached to panties, inside and out,” she smiled, “leave it to my discretion and come back in an hour, and I will have them ready for you. I keep the mould and you can order some more later.” Latexa pulled the gusset and panties back on, and then cuffed his hands again behind his back. He sucked on the cock in his mouth as she pecked him on the cheek, leashed him and then they left. 

They walked around for a while, Latexa saying hello to people as she passed, she enjoyed the power she had in having this strong man dressed as a woman under her control through the leash. No one at all suspected he was a he! They came to another both and Rubberman seemed to stall. There was a woman of about 35 sitting by a bench. Latexa introduced herself and the other woman said. 

“Good name. I am plain Anne I’m afraid I’ll have to change it. Who’s your slave?” Latexa smiled proudly and placed a hand around his corseted waist.

“Whoever I want him to be, rubber doll, maid, pony, you name it.”

“Him? He’s a he? Well good for you. Could have fooled me, he’s got a great body.”

“I just had him ringed, nipples and scrotum, so he’s a little sore now.” 

“Well I’m the tattooist here. You wouldn’t fancy me doing some work on your slave here, would you?”

“I don’t know, wow, that’s a thought. Would it be permanent or temporary?”

“It’s up to you, there is really no such thing as a permanent tattoo, they can all be removed with lasers, although a little painfully and with some residual signs on the skin.”

“Where do you tattoo normally?” 

“Anywhere, believe me, the breasts are popular and the buttocks.” Latexa winced.

“Not the breasts, he’s a little tender there right now, but the bum sounds good.” He couldn’t believe this; he was going to be tattooed and there was nothing he could do about it. He hadn’t even had her tattooed! Latexa pulled on his leash and they went to the back of the booth. 

“Lean him over that horse and we will strap him down tight. The cuffs and gag are fine.” They strapped his torso efficiently on the horse. Then Latexa pulled down his panties (she was getting good at this) and fixed his legs wide to the horse’s legs. He couldn’t move an inch. 

“I don’t really want a painting or anything like that, just simple wording, I think.”

“Fine, how about “Rubber Slave” or “Property of Latexa” or something like that?”

“Great, how about “Rubber Slave” say in a concave curve over his crack, going from cheek to cheek?”

It took about an hour and was not too painful for Rubberman. He now had the tattoo Rubber Slave in black, with handcuffs draped over the “R” and a whip draped over the last “e” and the “a” in slave was filled in with a rubber gas mask! To any observer the message was clear. From now on he would have to be careful where he showered! It had hurt no more than a slight burn, but now, after she had put a light bandage on for protection, and they had replaced the gusset and panties, he felt the humiliation of being a branded slave. As Latexa pulled on his leash, she whispered.

“This is just a wonderful night, don’t you think? And now I have my own branded and ringed slave. I am so proud of you, so strong and silent (well, he was gagged for God’s sake!). Maybe I will allow you to whip me for your good behaviour.” She giggled, and he warmed to her again, sucking on the cock, the discomfort disappearing by the minute. They returned to Niki, who welcomed them with six wonderful cocks! She explained them to Latexa and her slave. 

“Okay, there are six you see here.” She raised each one coquettishly as she explained it to them. “Three have balls attached, three don’t. Of the ones with attached balls, this one here has hollow balls, with an opening here where you can fill them, and a stopper. Then you squeeze the balls and….. milk or spunk or whatever spurts out the end.” Even Rubberman smiled at the ingenuity of it, Latexa seemed pleased too.

“The second one with balls I have glued to a pair of rubber pants, believe me, they won’t come off. So you, Latexa, wear these and now you are a very well-hung guy. Having entered him, you squeeze the balls and jism enters him. Now he’ll know how it is to be really screwed. I know of some mistresses that milk their slaves regularly and then squirt their slaves own cum back into them. Pretty macabre, eh?”
That didn’t quite appeal so much to Rubberman but Latexa eyed him like a cat with its next meal.

“The third one is just of solid silicone, a bit more bendy, and lots of fun of course. Of the three cocks without balls, two I’ve glued on the inside of a pair of panties. This is for you Latexa, double fucked by your own slave.” She turned it inside out, and Latexa viewed it with some trepidation as well as lust. He really was a big guy.

“The third one I have put in a pair of panties for either of you, back or front. Finally, because I like you so much I have thrown in for free one here on a simple base plate, so you don’t lose it inside you, though this size would be hard to lose!” Rubberman, like any man, didn’t mind this flattering part of the conversation. Latexa hugged Niki.

“Thanks so much. They are wonderful and should provide plenty of thrills for both of us, won’t it rubber doll?” she felt under his skirt and fondled him gently. “If you could just wrap all these, I think we’ll take this one to go!” She laughed and held up the simple cock on the wider base plate. Rubber doll groaned and Niki handed Latexa a tube of lubricant and a surgical glove.

“Now, you are not going to be difficult, are you rubber doll, bend over here.” He did so, chained as he was, where could he run to; the place was crawling with other mistresses who would gladly have recaptured him and kept him to themselves!

“I could almost come just watching this, is he experienced at taking such a big one?”

“Oh yes, he was well buggered this afternoon, so he should be loosened up nicely.” He groaned as she lubed him up quickly and then pressed in at the plate of the cock, after initial resistance she eased it into him, turning it for good measure. Then she strapped on the gusset for the umpteenth time and pulled up his panties. He stood up breathing slowly, feeling impaled on the rod. Yet amazingly not really disliking it! They embraced and Niki looked at rubber doll’s impassive, blank yet beautiful face and said.

“I don’t know who you are under there, but you two seem to have something special here.” She tapped his backside lightly.

“We know, we do now.” Latexa whispered to her, out of earshot of Rubberman. 

It was at maybe this time that there was a bond, a truce created between them. He was in love with this woman, and on deep reflection he was proud to wear her rings and her brand. He proudly strutted behind her, and she only occasionally looked back at her “possession”.

For day after day they had subjected each other to the most bizarre and divine tortures, which at first both parties had endured stoically, but now had come to enjoy in an incredible masochistic way. Neither could probably really explain it, nor understand it. . Perhaps they didn’t want to analyse it too much. They were both sadistic masochists, or was it masochistic sadists – and with a serious rubber bent! Analysing this would put them in a rubber room, which, come to think of it, they would probably both be very happy with. 

She pulled on his leash and they walked - paraded - through the milling throng. Bright lights, noise, the smell of rubber, leather and sex was pervasive. People dressed in their own ensembles would pass and nod in appreciation of their costumes and his subtle, yet utter bondage. How could they know that he had a perfect replica of his own cock stuffed up his rear and was sucking on another?

Under the mask he actually chuckled at the irony of it all. For years he had fantasised about having a living rubber doll, encased, rocked and gagged, led by a leash. And now he – yes, he was that very rubber doll, abused by a cruel and loving mistress with a penchant for rubber too. It was a delicious and painful irony, yet amazingly he had no regrets at all. Better this than living in rubber solitude. He now knew that she would let him abuse her, with her consent, and this seemed a perfect answer. They could, he hoped would be consenting adults with a kinky twist, an arrangement acceptable to both of them. He thought this through, trying to get it all together as she pulled on his leash, feeling the dildo firmly entrenched in his arse and sweat build up in his mask and costume. Suddenly she turned around. 

“I think I have seen enough for tonight. Let’s go home now.” He nodded vigorously. “I want to fuck and be fucked! How about you?” she looked deeply into his eyes and held him for about ten seconds as if coming to a decision. His heart was pumping hard in the tight rubber corset, he nodded again. She smiled and pulled him not too gently into the parking lot. She stopped by the car, thinking again and then turned to him.

“I may be doing something very silly, something I may regret for a long time. God, I don’t know, sometimes things move too fast. Oh, what the hell would you like to drive?” He didn’t understand her mood now, but then he realised he would have to be uncuffed and unmasked and she was putting trust in him. Going through her mind, clearly, was the possibility that he could turn the tables and return her to a life of permanent rubber slavery. He nodded, yes, he would drive. She took a breath.

“Okay, here goes.” With the aid of some spirit she pulled off his wig, and then uncuffed his wrists and collar. He eased off the sweaty mask and ejected the gleaming cock, feeling the cool air of his wet face. There was a long silence, both considering their positions, clearly Latexa the more uncomfortable now, the one who had a lot more to lose. Then she seemed to snap out of her thoughts.

“Here, your make-up is a mess.” And she wiped his face and applied the make-up, then placed the wig back on over his shorn hair. 

“Thanks,” he murmured, “are we ready then?” Again she seemed to be in deep thought.

“No, not quite.” Staring at him intently she took the mask and stretched the thin rubber over her beautiful face, pressing in the cock gag still wet with his saliva. She moaned gently as he looked at her. Then she took the collar and chains from the car roof and coolly slipped it round her neck, fastening it tightly. Now she thought was the moment of truth, her masochism had overtaken her sadism – and her senses. It was all very well to talk about their consensual future together, and they had talked of course, but if he was confronted, again, with a powerless rubber doll would he manage to resist returning her to being a permanent slavery, his rubber plaything? Was she prepared to gamble her future away, having worked so hard to gain it?

She was breathing hard, and swaying in her saucy rubber dress, biting hard on the rubber cock gag. Slowly she turned her back to him and raised her hands in a back prayer. He knew she felt that this was a risk for her, that she was thinking that she was gambling away her future for a life of rubber submission, but in truth it was not that much of a risk, he had fallen deeply for her. Oh yes, he could return her now to be his rubber mannequin, it was actually a hugely tempting prospect, knowing how beautiful she looked and how tough and bright she was, but he had his deeply masochistic side and here was a woman who could satisfy those desires, and more!

He took her rubber gloved wrists and placed them in the cuffs, there was no resistance from her as he locked them to her collar. Now she knew she was firmly back in his hands, and he heard her sigh. He placed her cape over her and pulled up the hood, a bald woman may catch just too much attention! He gently placed her in the passenger seat and attached her seat belt. Her arms were pressed tight behind her and the belt brushed her erect nipples under all the layers of latex. She tried to breathe evenly, but she was terrified at what could have been a stupid gesture. He sat next to her, the dildo, his cock, rising up inside him. 

“I don’t know how I will be able to concentrate with the dildo and the corset, not to mention my new rings and tattoo; and a live rubber doll next to me!” He leant over and gently squeezed her breast, she swooned. Yes, right now she was his mute rubber doll, to be prodded and fondled when he wished. 

He drove in silence, each had their own thoughts; she would look to the side and catch a glance at an adjacent car, its occupant briefly looking at her. If only they knew, she thought. I could be abducted against my will (again!) and no one would ever know or see me again, to disappear back into rubber slavery. She shuddered at the thought – but was there also just a tiny, tiny bit of excitement at the prospect?

After 40 minutes they had returned home (home?). Well at least he wasn’t going to dump me she thought wryly. He helped her out of the car and they passed her packing crate!

“Planning a trip? Perhaps I can pack you off somewhere, to some Sultan, they would pay a pretty package for such a pretty package!” She looked at him in shock, her head shaking from side to side.

“Lighten up Latexa, for God’s sake. Do you think I would sell you off, no; you are far too valuable to sell. I want you all to myself.” He smiled and gripped her waist. She didn’t feel loose at all, but very tense despite his apparent frivolity. She still felt that she may have made an error, but perhaps the next few minutes would allay her fears.

He opened the door to the cell (but whose cell now?) and took off her cape. Not too gently he pushed her to the latex covered bed.

“Not too much time for fancy stuff now, bend over on your knees.” He pushed a pile of pillows under her torso and pulled off his panties and released his gusset. It took him about twenty seconds to get an erection at the sight of her powerless frame; her arse in the air, stockings stretched to the limit. He pulled down her frilly panties; she was soaking wet there. He dispensed with a condom, he was clean and so was she; then he gripped her waist and thrust hard into her wet channel. She shouted into her gag at the ferocity of it. He thrust back and forth and although he was big, she was so wet they were a wonderful fit. It was violent, animalistic and she was loving it. 

She came several times, grunting and shuddering, but he had not finished. He withdrew from her pussy, pulled on a condom and then, gently this time, pressed into her anus. She screamed at the invasion, God, he was big, but to no avail as he passed her tight sphincter and slowly slid in. she tried to wriggle but with her arms useless behind her back she was thoroughly impaled on him. What a sight they were, a black wigged big-breasted beauty in short skirt, corset and stockings buggering a beautiful bald woman similarly attired.

After ten minutes of this sublime pleasure and pain he came in a loud burst, withdrew and lay on the bed beside her. She moaned in her gag, barely able to move, but it was moans of pleasure, this man knew her buttons all right. Then he gently lifted her up, saying coyly. 

“We’re not finished yet.” From her bag he withdrew two pairs of Niki’s panties. Although she was very wet he smeared lube in her arse and then pulled the first pair of panties, with the double internal dildos up her stockinged legs. She couldn’t take any more of this, she thought, she was exhausted, but now she had to take “him” back and front at the same time. She wriggled in useless defiance, albeit mock defiance, for she realised she was now getting hungry for him again. He pressed the two prongs, exact replicas of himself, into her, after the plundering she had taken, they slipped in amazingly easily. But with both in her at the same time, that was another thing, she felt as if she would split. 

Then, even more strangely, he pulled the single dildo panties up her legs, and tight against her crotch. As she kneeled on the bed, the cock stuck out obscenely from her short skirt. Next he pulled off his wig and pulled on a black mask with small eyeholes and nose holes and a cock gag hanging down from a strap at the front. 
He unlocked her wrists and collar – she was free again! He smiled at her through his mask and then, placed the collar round his neck and locked it. He leant over the same pile of pillows and lifted his skirt.

“One good banging deserves another, I’d say, now is your chance Latexa, you can run to the hills, or well…. it’s up to you, isn’t it?”

He placed his arms at his shoulder blades, well here we are, she thought, talk about a full circle, this was circles within circles! Yes, she could bolt for it now, but who was she kidding! She deftly cuffed him. He was her slave again. She heard him say, almost in relief. 

“Thank you Latexa, I guarantee life will never be dull, maybe on occasion painful, and uncomfortable, but always very, very, excit…. argghh, mmmmm.” 

“You’re talking far too much Rubberman, slaves should be silent and acquiescent.” She pulled roughly at the gag strap and buckled it tight. Yes, he liked it rough; well she would accommodate him there, all right. He grunted – in satisfaction probably. She looked down at his tattoo, very appropriate she thought, he is a rubber slave, but then so am I – to rubber and to him. She pulled the dildo out of his arse. He’d had it in since the club. She heard him groan, but very soon she would be replacing one with another. She lubed the cock, God, it looked good, and exactly the same as the two inside her! She smoothly pushed into him, leaning on his trapped arms. Then with orgasms piling on top of one another, she was feeling as if she had two live snakes wriggling inside her, she continued to thrust in and out. He was moaning and grunting, in pain or pleasure, she didn’t know. 

At this time they both had parallel thoughts. This was to be their future - he on top/she on top, masochist/sadist, dolls/dildos, babywear/schoolwear, slavery/mastery, rubber/latex, nun/whore, vacuum/mummification, pony/rider, pain/pleasure, enemas/catheters, feeding/emptying. There would be no end to it, the variables in the costumes and equipment, and in their infinite imaginations would see them into old age, if they didn’t die of exhaustion before!


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