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Special Delivery 7: Playing Doctor And Patient

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; exam; insert; vacuum; toys; oral; anal; mast; outdoors; cons/reluct; X

continued from part 6


Chapter 7: Playing Doctor And Patient – And More!

He was standing by the gyn/ob examination chair. Over his head he had placed a large white rubber smock covering him from chest, and under arms down to his shins. It shone under the bright lights over the chair. So, she was going to get a thorough “examination,” was she? Over his black helmet he had pulled a white rubber surgical mask, with straps holding it firmly in place. She could see the mask billow as he breathed in and out through his nose. He was clearly getting turned on by the rubber aroma. She assumed he was smiling at her nervousness. He motioned her over and held open the back of a white latex catsuit. 

“We must be telepathic Latexa, I do admire your matching mask, how thoughtful.”

“So are you going to operate on me? Am I to be your experiment?” She said as she stepped into the cool white leggings.

“Don’t be sour Latexa, you might enjoy this, I think you will, and you will come to no permanent harm.” 

She didn’t like the sound of “permanent” so whatever was going to happen was probably going to be painful. She pulled up the suit past her hips and noticed two large holes opposite her pussy and arse; she wasn’t really surprised at this if she was going to be “examined.” As she pushed her arms through the sleeves she noticed two large holes for her breasts to poke through. The holes were slightly smaller than the base of her breasts, such that she had to grip each one and pull it through! The effect was to grip each one and push them up and out in an exaggerated way.

“Jesus, I feel ridiculous, like some cartoon.” She said, adjusting the suit as he zipped her up the back, covering the collar of the mask.

“Quite the contrary Latexa, you look fabulous; now sit here, you will find the next couple of hours interesting, I think.” 

No need to argue, so she settled into the seat, leaning back into the headrest and placing her forearms on the armrests and feet in the stirrups. It was a position she was not unused to, like all women she had been in a chair like this before, but not dressed as she was, nor with a “doctor” dressed like he was!

She breathed deeply, settling into the chair, her feet were stretched wide, maybe four feet apart and she felt very exposed, her pussy stretched and peeking through the hole at her crotch. Likewise her sphincter was exposed as well, as she lay back at a 30 degree angle. Moving between her legs he quickly strapped her ankles to the stirrups and then her thighs above the knees. With nothing spoken, her wrists and elbows were strapped to the armrests. Now she was going nowhere, and he could do anything with her as he pleased. Yet although she felt exposed and vulnerable, she didn’t feel threatened in any way. He could have done anything he wanted to her over the last few days. And well, he had done, for his own sexual gratification and she admitted some of her own! But her life was never under threat, no, she was going to be plugged and tormented, of that she was sure. With her strength of will she was convinced she would survive. Further straps went round her waist and a loose one round her neck. She could breathe fine and move her head, and wriggle slightly in her chair but that was about it! He fondled her breasts, twisting her nipple rings gently and she winced, partly in discomfort and partly in pleasure. 

“Latexa, over the next couple of hours you are going to be subjected to my undivided attention. You will be attacked from all sides, as they say. All your orifices will receive my ministrations. I will explain everything to you nice and slowly. I can assure you it will be an experience you will never have remotely had before. No talk or comments from you are necessary. Any questions will be answered soon enough. We’ll start at the bottom – yours. In your arse I am going to shove this!” He held up in front of her a gleaming black rubber dildo with a long tube attachment. “It doesn’t look big now, but it is inflatable. The air passes through the tube and inflates the dildo in your bum. However the interesting feature of it is that it can be put on a cycle, so that it can be blown up in side you for a period, then deflated and then inflated again, and repeated ad infinitum.”

He smeared some lube over the dildo, and knelt down between her widely stretched legs. 

“Open wide.” He smirked, and firmly pushed the rubber prong against her sphincter. She looked down and saw his black head and white mask, and he concentrating on the task. She tried to squeeze her cheeks but to no avail. Various intruders had loosened her over the last few days and her puckered hole was soon yielding as, inch by inch, the rubber entered her. Soon she felt the base plate at her opening. She felt impaled, and let out a small moan. 

“You feel a bit tight Latexa, but over time this will stretch you out some more. Now for the next hole, and a small variation on the dildo. This will go into your sweet, shaved pussy; however at the base here you can see two minor variations. This small ring when opened passes through your labial rings and it then snapped shut, so the dildo is locked inside you! The second feature, and I think you will like this, is a small clip, which I will attach to your bud, your sweet clitoris. Not tightly though, and through this wire a small variable current will pass, sending you a flow of pleasure, maybe too much pleasure. We’ll start off with low current at long breaks and maybe work our way up from there. Oh yes, and it will be at different intervals to the inflatable dildo up your bum and in your pussy here.”

She cringed, saying. “Christ, Rubberman, where did you learn this? What kind of mind comes up with this?”

“Easy now Latexa.” He said, looking up from between her legs, his voice stern behind the surgical mask. “My mind is fertile and without boundaries, and the sole aim is sexual gratification, and you may even surprise yourself, not for the first time, by sharing my pleasure.” With finger and thumb, he prised open her pussy and eased the rubber inside her. She was surprised to feel it slide in quite easily and he noticed with a wry smile behind his mask that she was actually quite wet inside. He flicked and pinched her bright red clitoris, and she panted.

“Fuck, fffffffffff.” She stuttered as the bud enlarged. She let out a slow sigh as he slid the rubber dildo into her and deftly clipped the attachment to her clit. It didn’t hurt but she was certainly aware of its presence. She was now well plugged, back and front and tubes trailed out from her to a small compressor and battery with an adjacent timer. He then took from the table next to her two plastic cones shaped like breasts and held them up to her.

“You have superb breasts Latexa, firm and large – quite the centrefold you would make, particularly when they are pushed out, like they are now by the suit.” She looked down and had to agree reluctantly; there was a balloon effect as they were squeezed out by the holes in the rubber suit. 

“But every thing can be improved, you cannot have too much of a good thing, I say. So I am going to attach these to your breasts and these tubes at the nipples will vacuum air out and pull your boobs into the vacuum.” He leaned over her; she glared at him but said nothing. He placed the clear plastic cone over her left breast, at the base of the cone there was rubber edging and two bayonet attachments which he lined up with the slots in the holes in her suit and twisted it shut. It was now firmly attached to her suit and her breast was imprisoned in a tight plastic vacuum cone! Studiously, he repeated the procedure with the right breast and then stood back to admire his work. She looked down at herself, the obscene plastic cones sticking out like torpedoes, her brown ringed nipples trapped inside, and in the mirror opposite (he always had strategically placed mirrors) she could see the tubes hanging down between her legs. 

“You should have been in the Spanish Inquisition.” She said, taking a breath and leaning back. 

“No, no Latexa, I’m much more inventive, and I am doing this to push the boundaries of pleasure, mine and yours, not some warped mission from God. This torture you will undergo will be quite exquisite!”

He then raised the final device and dangled it in front of her, almost taunting her, she thought.

“Finally, the piece de resistance – I hate that phrase – anyway, this serves several functions. It is an anaesthetist’s mask, which is strapped around your head. However when I turn it inside out you will see inside is a nice rubber cock for you to suck on and keep you quiet. Through the cock you will see a hole through which, via this tube you will have your breakfast pumped into you. Don’t give me that look; there is no negotiation here. The tube here goes down your throat into your stomach; remember you had one when you were in the crate. I know you can handle it. This other tube above the gag provides you with rubber-scented air or, should I decide, a mild anaesthetic to put you in a happy half-sleep. Open wide Latexa, no tantrums now.” 

She dipped her head as far as the collar strap would allow and he pressed the mask over her nose and mouth. She opened her mouth and meekly accepted the rubber cock. It was thick and had two slots at the base, which her teeth slid into. She ran her tongue over the contours, it had a large head and she even felt veins, it was amazingly life-like.

“Just in case you were wondering, I took a cast of my cock a while ago, quite exciting though I had to shave for it. Then I filled the cast several times with liquid rubber or silicone to get perfect casts of my cock. So you are now sucking on a perfect facsimile of me; it will give you good practice for later perhaps, if you behave yourself, anyway, enjoy!” he could see her somewhat startled eyes as she mmmffed into the gag as he pulled the straps over her head. She lay her head back in the headrest and breathed slowly the rubber scented air. 

Glancing down beyond the mask she saw him take a tube attached to a large bag of fluid hanging from a stand by the chair and slowly push it through the front of her mask. She felt it touch the back of her throat, and naturally started to gag, but he held her forehead firmly as he pushed the tube down into her, while she silently breathed in the rubber-scented air through her nose. It was difficult for her to swallow with the cock gag, and he had little trouble in pushing it in to its full length. He locked it at the front with a metal locking screw. She breathed slowly, her plastic-coned breasts rising and falling. How ridiculous she looked, she thought. Her nasal tube split into two and was attached to two breathing apparatuses at her side, one she knew held the old rubber pieces that sent the strong aroma to her now and the other to a metal canister which she assumed was the anaesthetic. She tried to relax, which was difficult as she could see him between her legs twiddling with the dials on the pumps and other machines. He looked up at her, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“All right, we are ready for take-off. Your tit-pumps will suck out the air, and then hold for three minutes and then release, and repeat. Your arse and pussy dildos I’ll start on alternate cycles of two minutes – arse expands, pussy contracts, et cetera. I might as well start your feeding now.” He released a clip on the bottom of the bag and the tube twitched slightly as the fluid passed down and into her. He sat down in front of her.

“You must allow me to enjoy the performance – front row, centre stalls, I can see why these are the best seats in the house! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see a full-grown formerly independent woman reduced to a plaything, plugged, pumped, gagged, fed and most important, aroused. I’ll turn the controls on now and send you on your new journey of discovery. Oh, one last thing I forgot, once your tits are expanded in the vacuum cones, your nipples and rings will contact a metal pad at the ends, and this transmits a low current, so you will get a little “buzz” there too. Tit and clit, both under electro shock control. Enjoy the ride!”

She glared at him as best she could, and screamed obscenities into the cock gag, all the while fluid was seeping into her stomach, then with a hiss the vacuum pump started and she felt her breasts being pulled to the cones surface. At the same time the dildo in her arse began to expand; she tried to clench her cheeks, but that wouldn’t work. Her tits were now glued to the cone and she immediately felt a sharp tingle in her ringed nipples. This was not painful, which was a bit of a relief. She peered at him over her mask, sitting relaxed in his chair, enjoying her torment and rubbing himself through the apron and the catsuit. Two minutes passed and the arse dildo deflated to her relief, but then her pussy dildo began to grow in her and once fully inflated she felt the clit clamp come on. She started to writhe in her seat as all the devices went to work. This is crazy, she thought, there was no way she could take two hours of this. Her nipples were now terribly sensitive to the electric pads inside the cones and the clit clamp was sending shivers through her, not to mention the dildo in her pussy. And all the time she was being fed by a tube down her throat, she was sucking on a rubber cock and was breathing in the pungent rubber aroma!

She looked at him, imploringly, pleading with her eyes, but this had no effect. She was being plundered in all orifices and on all appendages. He was controlling her feeding, breathing and her sexual reaction; and he was sitting in front of her, almost motionless, thoroughly enjoying himself. Yes, she was his rubber doll again. Her breasts deflated and she relaxed for a moment, but then her pussy dildo deflated and then the one in her arse began to grow again. Within ten minutes, it seemed like an age, she had her first orgasm, shaking silently in her seat, clamping down on his cock gag, breathing the sweet rubber air. 

She was a puppet, and he was her puppet master. Shortly another orgasm took her, while he sat, almost impassive, looking at her reactions. He was in control and she had yielded to his precise plans; that her orgasms and her pleasure were to be associated with the feel, look, smell and taste of rubber, and all the accoutrements – electro-shocks on tit and clit and dildos in her orifices. She was to be a rubber slave and her body’s reaction confirmed this. As the minutes rolled by, her tits expanded and contracted, her arse and pussy were stretched and her nipples and clitoris were aroused by electrical stimulation. She sucked on his rubber cock and was fed a liquid breakfast, goodness knows what was in it for she tasted nothing but rubber. 

After maybe an hour, she did not know, she was exhausted, and sat the chair, soaked in her sweat and, she was well aware, her own copious juices. She screamed into her gag, “no more, no more, you bastard.” He stood up, as if he had heard her, but did so only to change her breathing tube from the aroma casket to the anaesthetic canister. 

“I don’t want you completely out, you must take pleasure in your predicament, but a mix of anaesthetic and air will keep you on the edge.” 

The smell of the air changed and she began to feel a little drowsy as he removed the feeding tube and plugged the hole in the mask with a small stopper. He resumed watching her as she drifted in her reverie of semi-conscious arousal. She glanced down as her boobs continued to rise and fall, and her arse and pussy were stretched. 

She drifted off on occasion, and then would awake to be wracked by one after another orgasm, rocking her body. She wondered if it was possible to die from too many of them, the French called an orgasm “le petit mort” didn’t they? Well, there was nothing “petit” about the ones she was experiencing! Time past by and she would glance at him, sitting passively, thrilling in her defenceless plight. After an eternity it seemed, he replaced her breathing tube again for the rubber casket, and she was assailed again by the sweet smell of latex. She was now less drowsy, but still exhausted by the continuous assault. Her arse was sore, and her pussy and boobs too. His perfect replica cock in her mouth seemed to have grown. After the initial wriggling she sat back and accepted her shuddering climaxes, almost hating her own body for betraying her. But she had no choice, for now she was a rubber doll, a latex, cock-sucking slut! What also frightened her was that despite the exhaustion and indignity, she was aware that it was a pleasant feeling and she was almost ashamed of herself – almost!

Finally, after an eternity, he rose and turned off the vacuum pump and took the cones off her breasts, oh, the relief, she silently thanked him; they were now more pink than brown and her nipples were on fire. With a rubber gloved hand he tenderly wiped the sweat from the enlarged boobs, she groaned and he smiled behind his mask. Next he removed the anal dildo. Her sphincter gripped it firmly and seemed as if it didn’t want to release it. But he withdrew it, smeared with her juices. Her anus felt strange, almost hollow, but she didn’t miss the intruder. He released the clamp from her clit and that really was a relief. Then the dildo was withdrawn from her pussy, after he had opened the locking ring which had locked around her labial rings. It came out with an audible plop and a considerable flow of her juices. She sighed and felt, again, a strange emptiness. He bent her head down and pulled the straps over her head. The cock slipped out of her mouth, coated in her saliva. She gasped, drawing in a lungful of clean air.

“Oh God, oh my God, Rubberman, is this ever going to end? I think I was near death there. Jesus, I am shattered, I must have come a twenty times.”

“More than that, Latexa, but then who is counting? I’d say you had as much fun as I did watching you.”

“I don’t know about fun when I am played like a marionette. Well, you must be happy, I certainly was your little rubber doll, your obedient rubber slave, your… rubber-sucking puppet.”

“And you were magnificent, why are you so upset? You had twenty climaxes, nobody can fake that. That’s more orgasms than some people have in their whole lives, for God’s sake.” He released her bonds and pulled her out of the chair. She stood groggily, and glanced back to see the seat glistening with her juices. She felt the sweat within her suit, there must have been a glassful, she thought. He handed her a towel and she wiped herself, tucking it through the holes at her crotch and mopping up!

“Come with me,” he said and moved to the bedroom, she waddled behind him, her arse and pussy tender, and her large boobs pushed out by the tight suit. She stood silently by the bed as he took out some more clothes. 

“One thing we haven’t done since you arrived is your corset training. There is nothing like a firm figure held in a rubber corset’s tight embrace. You have a fine body, a great body already, but you will find a corset will even improve it. It is wonderful for posture and confidence. I admit I have worn them, and I love them, you feel sort of….. empowered in them.” 

He held open a black rubber corset with red lacing at the rear. It was heavily reinforced with hidden steel strapping and fitted to under her armpits and bulbous boobs and down to just above her groin. He started to lace the rear, starting at the top and lacing to her waist, then at her arse and lacing to her waist again. Very soon she was teetering on her toes and taking short breaths. He made two bows at the ends and tucked them in. There would be no way she could extricate herself from this tight embrace. Again, she had to concede to his devious mind; in the mirror she looked quite fantastic. White mask and white suit with brown orbs jutting out, and all offset by a shiny black corset squeezing her into an hourglass figure and keeping her posture erect. He was right, somehow she felt powerful again, confident, proud. The mix of emotions he was forcing on her was confusing. Always, he seemed a step ahead of her, and she had to admire his guile. 

She noticed D rings strategically placed at various locations, for bondage, no doubt, and this was confirmed when he produced two fingerless latex mittens and motioned her to hold her hands out. She slipped her hands into the cool latex and he tied them tight to her wrists. At the ends of the mitts there were similar rings and he brought her hands behind her back and fixed them to two rings embedded in the corset in the small of her back. There was some play in her arms but for all practical purposes she was again made powerless. Having her hands behind her back pushed her boobs out even further, and although she was subjugated she was rather aroused by her sexy appearance.

He produced a pair of black ankle boots with five inch heels which he laced up tight. The next piece she was not so keen on but had little choice about was a rubber gusset piece with two attached rubber plugs. She obediently widened her stance and he attached two straps to the front of her corset and drew the single strap between her legs. She was still moist in both back and front and she was amazed how easy it was as they were forced inside her. A week ago her arse wouldn’t have accepted this plug so easily, but now it slid in with very little trouble. He pulled the strap tight at the back, pushing the one inch diameter plugs deeper inside her, and fixed the strap to the corset. 

He stood back and she walked around the room, feeling the probes move inside her. He sat on the bed and, not for the first time, admired her. She on the other hand, felt utterly subjugated, rubberised, corseted and plugged, and yet, again, not for the first time she felt aroused as the plugs moved within her. She jiggled her boobs and smiled at herself in the mirror. She was incorrigible, and although subjugated, certainly not defeated. Strangely, she also almost felt contented, was this her role in the future? To be a rubber slave, a latex doll to play with. No, but she’d had more sexual “experiences” in the last week than in her whole life. If before she was a candle, well now, she was a fire! Having lived as she had this last week, she could not give it all up. 

She strutted over to him and jiggled her breasts at him, he grabbed and fondled them, and she gasped at his touch. He stood up and took off his surgical mask, gloves and apron. He stood in front of her, in his three inch heels and her in her five inch heels; they were level with each other. She felt her heart pounding under her corset, her mouth was dry but her pussy was wet. She leant against him, breathing in short bursts as her tender ringed nipples brushed his latex chest. He leant against her too. Who took the initiative it was hard to tell, but now they were kissing, rubber mask leaning in to rubber mask, black on white. She rubbed her body against him and he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her pinioned arms into her back. With only small nose holes in their masks they breathed noisily as she sucked and explored his mouth. It was a nice mouth and he was a good kisser, his tongue moving around hers. He pulled apart from her and held her at arms length, he swallowed, his mind in turmoil.

“Well…. we have really moved on Latexa, part of me wants to take you, to fuck you, right here, hard and long but…. I have many more adventures planned for you and I don’t want this…. interlude to interfere with that.”

She was regretful but not hugely surprised, he was a great kisser though, and she felt a little woozy, or maybe that was the dildos! But he seemed a little confused now.

“Time for a walk now Latexa, we both need some fresh air I think.” 

She was enjoying the effect she was now having on him, he was clearly a little out of sorts and yes, she was getting to him. But equally true, it was clear that he was getting to her! He brought over a short black latex cape and placed it, somewhat tenderly, over her shoulders. It had a high collar and stud fastenings down the front to mid-thigh, covering her crotch strap and hands pinioned behind her. Apart from the strange material and the mask no one would know her predicament. The black cape nicely offset her white legs and mask. He also put on a cape which went down to his calves and had slits for his arms to pass through. He looked away as he said quietly.

“I think we can dispense with the goggles this time, don’t you?” Her heart leapt, he was trusting her.

“Yes Rubberman, and thank you for your trust.” She lowered her head in obedience and he gently placed his hand on it, then he nodded and went to the door. He seemed in a bit of a daze and with his guard down as he punched in the code she saw the third and fourth numbers! Yes, she was sure, a six and a three. So now she knew the full combination! It was 49637, she committed it to memory – for God’s sake, don’t forget it now, she told herself. Now she had to pick the right time to properly wreak her revenge. 

As they walked out into the garden, she realised what had gradually been dawning on her before was now a self-evident truth. She liked the rubber, maybe loved it, and the corset, the high heels, the tight anonymity of the mask and even the bondage. She wanted this in the future but on her terms, and that might well include Rubberman – for a while anyway, and with the tables turned!

She realised that escape was not necessary; she would stay here awhile and indulge herself – with her own rubber slave to play with! It would be payback time, he might like it of course but that would be fine as she would be calling the tunes – and he would be the one dancing. The sun was shining and she was soon sweating under the cape and mask. She stopped to admire the view, her first “view” in ten days or so. And what a view it was. The country was beautiful, and she turned and saw how big the house was. She still had no real idea where she was, but that did not perturb her.

“Penny for them?” he asked, slipping a hand under her cape and rubbing her latex cheeks. She leaned into him, almost unconsciously. 

“Well I was thinking how lucky you are, a beautiful house, wonderful setting, obviously tons of money – and now me, a real, live pet to play with, to use and abuse……..and then I was thinking of me, and how in the last ten days I have been transformed. Yes, I am your rubber doll and rubber pony, and a very good one I might say,” she noticed him nodding, “and I pride myself in my appearance and strength of character. I am your slave, but if I enjoy being a slave then does that mean I really am one? Yes, I now admit I like rubber, I see no shame in that; its sheen, its strange almost intoxicating smell, its impermeability and feel. I like it all. And I like the bondage, of being helpless as you play with me, and I can do nothing to stop you. The dildos get me going too, as long as they don’t split me in half!” they walked slowly along a cobbled path, she feeling the warm latex of the cape brushing against her ringed nipples. Despite the hundred orgasms, she felt as if she could have one out here right now.

“So I don’t fear you, I now know you will not harm me, you will hurt me I understand and I will experience pain but I feel I can now trust you. I trust you as my rubber master, who will control me, but I have shown, as least up to now that I can take pretty much anything you throw at me. Oh yes, I am aware that you will have some other tricks up your sleeve.”

“Yes, I have, but your victory over every challenge I have put in front of you has meant you are well ahead of me. You are an incredible woman Latexa, beyond my dreams.” He was almost stuttering now in his praise for her. She decided to take the bull by the horns, she didn’t now why.

“Well why don’t you show it Rubberman? Be a real rubber master, come on I am asking you, fuck your slave, prove your dominance, grab you rubber dolly and fuck her blind. Fuck her in her pussy, ram your cock in her arse, stick it in her mouth….. you know I don’t think you really want to.”

Had she pushed too far? Well, too late now. There was a bench with a high back overlooking the valley at the end of the garden. She walked over to it.

“Come on Rubberman, fuck your submissive rubber dolly.” She turned round and saw that he had gone! 

Wonderful, she thought, I’ve frightened my slave master away. Now what? She couldn’t run away, not in this gear, so she sat down gingerly on the bench, the two probes being pushed up further inside her. As she sat she realised she loved the idea of being powerless here, wrapped warm in her cape with her arms pinioned behind her and the corset gripping her like a vice. She raised her head to the sun, and felt the warmth through her mask. She had lost track of time when she opened her eyes and there he was sitting beside her, looking at her with a wry smile.

“How long have you been there?”

“Never mind,” he smiled again, “if it is a fucking you want, then it is a fucking you will get and perhaps a little more than you expect!” He was holding a pack of condoms in one hand and a large rubber pillow in the other. He draped the pillow over the back of the bench. Now it was her turn to be nervous, but then she was excited as well.

“Kneel.” He commanded and spread his legs and raised his long cape.

“Unzip me, take my cock out and suck me, and do it well or you will really be punished.” 

Well, it’s now or never, she thought, hoping she hadn’t bitten off more than she could chew (bad pun, she thought). She knelt in front of him, and got comfortable; she may be there a while. She slipped her head under his cape and he draped it over her. In the dark she breathed in the strong rubber perfume as she sought out his zip at his crotch. God, she couldn’t get it between her teeth.

“Hurry, Latexa, time running out.” 

She started to panic, but finally gripped it in her teeth and pulled it down slowly. Then she nudged the panels either side wider with her nose. The smell of him and the rubber was almost overpowering. She was panting in the dark heat. Jesus, it wouldn’t come, pressed against his stomach, it was very hard and very big! She licked it; revelling in the taste of rubber and his salty, manly taste, a sublime mix. With her nose she finally prised the big bell-end out. With relief and no small amount of lust, she opened her mouth and slid down his thick shaft. She heard him moan and smiled to herself. Strange as it seemed, she had him where she wanted him, whereas he probably thought it was the other way around! Now I will show you, she thought, and got to work. 

He was bigger and wider than she had ever had before, and she was no nun. She sucked hard and hummed to herself. It tasted salty and rubbery; it had been trapped inside his suit for a long time. She took him fully without gagging, then licked and nibbled him; she was genuinely having a good time, despite the shortness of oxygen and the heat. She wanted to make him come, to prove her skills and her trust in him, but after ten minutes or so he hadn’t, and he was still rock hard! He was a real control freak; that was for sure. She felt a tap on her head. 

“Time to come out Latexa; that was very pleasant indeed. You have great mouth skills. But I have to tell you I have equal skills of self-control. What is the point in coming fast when I can enjoy your fellatio skills for a long time? Well, now it is my turn to return the compliment, and I have much to live up to!” She popped out into the sun, her mouth and mask smeared with her saliva. 

”Come round and lean over the bench here on this pillow, and you can enjoy the view.” With difficulty she stood up, her arms still tied behind her back, and a little wobbly on her high heels. She leaned over on the pillow and stuck her arse out, and felt him behind her. He raised the cape and released the strap holding her plugs in, and withdrew the plugs with a double plop. The straps hung beneath her obscenely, plugs glistening.

“Two nice firm holes here, moist and inviting, and I have two condoms here, one on top of the other, we have to be sensible here.” 

He draped his long cape over his shoulders and pressed into her. She felt a nudge at her bum hole. Oh, she thought, arsehole first eh? There was a time when maybe she would have been offended at this approach, but after the last ten days she now just took it in her stride. Okay, let’s see how good this can be. Suddenly he pressed into her, she tried to ease her sphincter to accept him. He really was very big, and he pushed firmly, not wanting to hurt her. She felt her hole relax, and then his head had moved into her, then he pushed again and he was in her moist inviting channel. 

“Oooohhh, yessss, fuck, steady now, aaahhh.” 

And he did take it easy, gripping her hips and withdrawing gently and then moving back into her, all seven inches and a good one and a half in diameter. Then she felt a hand on her clitoris and the other reach under for her nipple. Both were twisted expertly, and within seconds she was shuddering and grunting, as her first climax overtook her, her high-heeled feet almost coming off the ground. She’d never come so fast with anal sex before, although she liked it on occasion for variety. But this guy, he knew what bells to ring. Maybe it was the rubber around her, or maybe it was the fact that she had had two dildos in her previously. Anyway he wasn’t stopping now and she groaned and grunted as he pumped into her and she looked across the valley and listened to the birds in the trees. How long could this man, this Rubberman, this master, go on for? 

He would be happy to answer her; he could go on for a long, long time. For years he had been dreaming of this moment. A bright, beautiful (for he was sure she was) girl; trussed and rubberised and he was screwing her – in her arse! Clearly the dildos had stretched her, but her sphincter was still very firm and gripped his stiff member wonderfully. She had already surpassed all he had dreamed of. She liked rubber, for God’s sake, and she clearly had a masochistic streak; the plugs, the gags, the enemas. She’d been ringed and shaven and she had taken it all. If he wasn’t careful he’d run out of ideas. She’d even taken the initiative and asked, pleaded, ordered him to fuck her. At first he was reticent, but as he drove into her arse, what a wise decision it was!

With the two condoms on, he could control himself, and soon he would be able to invade her moist pussy, but for the moment he drove into her rear, and looked down at her shuddering frame below him, her white head bobbing as she grunted loudly. She wasn’t fighting him; she was in heaven, and in hell. She’d come so many times that she was exhausted again and sore again! She had come a hundred times with dildos and gag, but now this was the real thing. 

Despite her bent-over posture, she knew that she had made some headway. She had very much enjoyed blowing him, and now getting fucked was even better. He was very good, fast, slow, turn, stop, twitch; he held her on the edge and then let her come, rested and started again. After about forty minutes she was just a rag doll, when he finally came, thrusting into her as he grunted in exhaustion. Withdrawing from her, he pulled up the crotch strap and the double dildos slipped into her, easy as pie. She would have no respite. She stood up, gasping and turned to him.

“Thank you, thank you Rubberman, that was truly… amazing.”

“Mmmm, for me too Latexa.” He gently rubbed her erect nipples through the cape and she shivered. 

“Care for a walk? Not too far.” 

She nodded and teetered on her high heels before him, across the lawn and he admired her from behind. Clad in white, with black cape and boots and of course corset underneath. He really wanted to take her again, right now. He moved close and rested his hand on her neck and she leant into him. They made an endearing sight as they walked through the garden, the man with his hand under her cape. An observer however would not know that she was mittened, corseted and with dildos up both of her love channels, and her admirer was gently playing with the anal dildo embedded within her. She did not try to run, but moaned quietly as they continued their walk. She remembered the route when she had been a pony girl; bitted and bridled, a role, on reflection, she took some pride in. 

As they returned back to the house, he turned her to him and kissed her gently on her rubber forehead, and then he took her head in both hands and kissed her longingly on her lips. She thought he was a real expert, and she kissed him back fiercely. She could not use her arms, but she pressed her body to his. They parted saying nothing, each with their own thoughts and returned to the house, side by side, but not touching. On returning to her room he released her mittened hands and then her corset. She had thrilled in its firm grip but was now grateful for the release. Then he unzipped the back of her suit.

“You can have the rest of the afternoon off Latexa, I have things to attend you. We will eat tonight at eight. I will bring you down a casserole I have made. You can select and prepare the rest. I leave your dressing to you but the mask is still a requirement. Today has been amazing, and I look forward to the evening, and more.” 

He left her as she struggled out of the catsuit, she pulled the plugs out of her holes. The plugs were glistening and warm. She felt her bum hole, it was very tender and the muscle had clearly been loosened. He’d hammered away with his dick for a good forty minutes so she wasn’t surprised. She’d never been anal (!) about anal sex but had never really liked it a lot, before today. Rubberman had a technique all right, and a big hard dick didn’t do any harm. She stepped out of the gleaming wet suit and spent the next half hour washing and polishing all the clothes from her exhausting day. She had kept her mask on, she was now so used to wearing one – the silky feel, the smell and anonymity - but now she took it off and appraised herself in the mirror. Her short blonde hair was matted and there was still pink puffiness around her lips. 

She drew a bath and adding some bubbles she sank down into it with a moan of sheer pleasure. In the quiet and solitude of the bathroom in the steaming hot water, she again thought back to the day, and the week. Her transformation was virtually complete. She was an intelligent woman and was not fooled any more by her emotions. She was now revelling in her rubber encapsulation and education. The bondage and the probes and plugs, the servitude and submission, and the serious fucking were becoming addictive to her. 

It was a role forced on her, she had been kidnapped, ringed, shaved, enema’d and rubberised (she’d almost forgotten what cotton or chiffon felt like) but an inner sexual being had been awakened and had embraced all of this. But again, she reiterated to herself, if she was to live like this for the rest of her life, and she wanted to, then it would be on her terms. This was a sexual persona – pony, patient, schoolgirl, baby doll, maid; these were roles that she could theatrically play – and well – but they would be roles not a life. And now she wanted to explore her dominant side! She would be rubber mistress and Rubberman would be slave, captive to her. But what if it was a role she couldn’t play? Could she revert back to him as a master? She would need time to make those decisions. These would be days in which Rubberman, if her plans worked out, would be her slave, and much more. As she towelled off she began to think up some scenarios. First she would have to programme the door so that once inside, this evening he would become her captive! Slipping on her rubber gown she approached the door, keeping her fingers crossed. She punched the code she had memorised and turned the knob. It opened!

She could run for it now, take some clothes – only rubber though – and belt for it, but no, that wasn’t in her plans now. She wanted revenge, not based on cruelty or hatred, for she was now aware that she was feeling a strange bond (!) with this man. What she was now on was a voyage of self-discovery. She was determined to have some fun, at his expense, to find out if she had even more hidden demons in her. There was a reset button on the door, now was not a time to mess up. She hit it and plugged in a new set of five numbers, 74947, and closed the door, it was locked, then she plugged them in again and it opened! 

Okay now she had got it. She had recoded it; she could leave at any time and he, once he had entered from the other side, which had no need for a combination, would walk straight into her trap. She was very excited at the prospect, and at leisure she would plan his training and subjugation. She went into the “torture chamber” and walked from one apparatus to another; the whipping post with fellatio training gag, yes, she remembered that one, the only way to breathe was to suck in the thick rubber gag. How would he like that as she tanned his arse? The vacuum bed would be fun, and the carnival horse -  oh yes, she could impale him on the cock and send him on a long ride, now that would be a sight as the rubber cock reamed his arse. She even had some ideas for the gyn/ob chair; she could do some devilish things with his cock and balls in that.

She was getting hot thinking about these things and returned to the bedroom. She needed to sleep for a couple of hours and charge her batteries, and then turn the tables. She pulled out a pair of thin grey latex tights and after powdering herself drew them up her legs with a shiver. Over the years she had pulled on the finest silk stockings, some very sexy black come-fuck-me types, but they had never, ever given her the buzz that the rubber ones did. This was simply another confirmation of her inner feelings. They had small nodules on the inside of the crotch, to rub her pussy. She decided on a pretty red tank top with puffy sleeves and tight cuffs. She selected a black mask with only two small nostril tubes. She sat on the bed, set the alarm for seven and pulled the mask firmly over her shorn head. She had a slight panic before lining up the tubes in her nostrils, but then she lay back on her rubber pillow and drew the sheet over her. Within seconds she was contentedly asleep.

She awoke with the alarm, feeling wonderfully refreshed. She felt the rubber nodules against her pussy and massaged herself, her groans muffled by her mask. Time to get up; there was much to plan. After taking off the damp mask, she looked at her fine figure in the mirrors. Latex really did wonders for the body, and the mind she thought. And she felt so horny all the time.

She laid the table, made a salad and opened a bottle of red. She removed her clothes and cleaned them then put them away. She wanted something special for her last night as a rubber slave! She showered quickly, and decided on her costume. She liked the idea of a nun! Yes, a sluttish nun. She took out the costume and laid them on the bed. She powdered herself and started with a heavily boned black rubber corset with front lacing, suspenders and six buckles. This was hardly nun’s apparel, but who ever looked under a nun’s habit anyway! She started to lace it up, it was hard going and soon she was sweating. Finally the laces were closed and she tied them with a bow under her breasts. She could breathe easily, but the tight grip over her ribcage made her feel empowered. One by one she pulled the straps through the buckles and produced a voluptuous hourglass figure. Next came a rubber bra that held and pushed out her breasts brazenly, each cup having a pointed nipple that brushed her tender ringed nipples.

Then came the stockings, again in shiny black. She began to regret that she had put the corset on first as she had difficulty in bending down and drawing them up her legs, but she managed to do it. She attached them to three suspenders either side and ran her hands down her sides, no; silk had nothing on this material! She slipped her feet into six inch heeled court shoes, not functional but so sexy. She strutted to the mirror, arms on hips, legs spread and showing her shaven mons and ringed labia. At the moment she felt like no nun! Should she wear panties or be a really sluttish nun? She always thought panties were sexier than no panties – the mystery of not seeing what was underneath. So she selected a frilly pair, high cut and black. It was difficult pulling them over her shoes and the corset didn’t help but she drew them up her legs and soon they were snug around her buttocks and moist channel. She pulled on shoulder length black gloves and then her favourite transparent mask. 

Finally there was the full-length black cassock down to her ankles and her wrists; then the tight white headdress, which came down as far as her eyebrows and under her chin, allowing the black cowl to flow over her shoulders. She stepped around the room and lowered her head and brought her hands up in prayer, chuckling. Her costume did indeed cover all manner of sins, in clothing and in thought! She was a rubber nun, ringed and corseted, high heeled and suspendered, and masked of course. She applied bright lip red lip-gloss to complete the nun/whore image. Under the cassock she could feel herself get very wet, how could she come again after so many times today? She loved the slightly laboured breathing forced on her by the corset. She felt as if in a suit of armour, and you could punch her in the stomach and she wouldn’t feel it! She was ready for him, at eight she knelt by the door, in supplication, a good nun, palms together and head lowered, her heart beating fast in anticipation of the night to come. 

He entered wearing a black and blue striped catsuit, like a harlequin, black knee-length boots, dark blue cape down to his ankles and attached at his neck. However she noticed the blue mask with eyeholes had the lower half open so that half his face was now exposed. This was for him clearly daring, showing half his face to her. She stared up at him, a slender but firm chin with not too much of a beard line (and a dimple which she thought was cute) and a nice mouth with bright white teeth. She thought him slightly androgynous, not effeminate, but the high cheeks and light beard made her immediately think of dressing him up as a woman. Would he find that humiliating or pleasurable? Knowing him, probably both, she thought. He held a small bag, which he threw on the bed, maybe for later, she pondered. He took the casserole to the kitchen and put it in the oven. Then he returned and faced her. She saw his erection under the suit; no words were said and she leaned into him and licked his rubber-encased cock, placing her hands around his firm buttocks. He closed his long cape around her head and in the darkness she nuzzled his groin, he started to breathe heavily and stepped back, almost embarrassed.

“Let’s leave something for later, shall we, Latexa? Again you have surpassed all my expectations, a rubber nun.” He took two glasses, filled them, handing one to her, as she stood up, then raised his hand.

“To the future and the pleasures it may hold.” 

“Indeed; to the future.” 

No doubt they were thinking of an entirely different future. He would be the dominant and she the slave, but she, well she was thinking something different. As a submissive, yes, she couldn’t deny her feelings but as a dominant on occasion as well! Frankly she now felt that there was no role that she couldn’t play. He sat on the couch, and she stood in front of him, then raised her cassock up to her chest, exposing herself and proudly spreading her legs. 

“Wonderful Latexa, how does the corset feel?”

“I feel empowered, it grips me in a vice, and the stockings and gloves cover any inperfec…”

“You have none, Latexa, none, but the rubber does enhance, and how about your feelings?”

“I feel sexy, sluttish and horny. I enjoy the role-playing, it allows me to be someone else, with no guilt or recriminations; you know that. And I like the sex. I know it may have been difficult for you, but thank you for exposing yourself to me; you are a very handsome man, what I can see of you. You should be fighting women off, not abducting them.”

“I am naturally shy I suppose, and this fetish satisfies me, not many women would share it.”

“Well I am, and revelling in it. I never thought I would, but there you go. You think far too much about what people might think of you and your obsession.”

“I am very fortunate that you have taken to it so fast, I am happy for you and me, of course. Very soon I shall unmask you, personalise you, rather than retain you as my rubber doll. I have been thinking about this all day. Would you like that?” 

“Of course, I am a highly sexed woman, more so than I thought and I have to thank you for that. I can play any role; rubber doll, pony, nun, but I am still a real, live woman and sex with me, in any of these personas you will find will be much more satisfying.”

“Yes, perhaps, it was certainly fantastic outside today, but then so was the dildo sex in the gyn/ob chair this morning. I loved playing with you, all your holes filled, and you could do nothing about it.”

“You may be surprised, but I did too. I came a hundred times, so I may have been an anonymous doll to you but I was loving it as well if a little guiltily, although even now I am a bit sore.”

They moved to the table and ate in relative quiet, each with their own thoughts, she the rubber nun and he the caped crusader. She produced decaf coffee – she didn’t want him awake all night.

“As a treat tonight, for both of us, I would like you to sleep with me.” He asked almost tentatively.

“Of course, I would love to,” she said without hesitation. Perhaps here was her opportunity.

“Good, there is a slight catch, I will be wearing these.” He pulled from the bag on the bed a pair of rubber pants with a hood attached. It was quite clear where her head was going to go – into the hood against his groin, but she had no hesitation in nodding. 

“I shall please you Rubberman, and surprise you perhaps, have no fear.” 

“Good, another half cup of decaf and I will be ready for bed.” Now she had her chance. Returning to the kitchen she put the four sleeping tablets, which she had already crushed, into his coffee. Why he had provided her with them was beyond her, but she had everything else, so why not, she supposed.

“How would you like me dressed?” 

“As you are for the time being.” They finished their coffees, and both of them used her bathroom. Then he took off his cape and boots and lay back on her bed. He patted the side next to him. 

“Panties off Latexa, then come here.” She did as commanded, quite nervously for some reason. She reached under her cassock and pulled down her panties, which she noted were damp. She lay next to him, like a nervous wife on honeymoon. He leaned over to her and raised her cassock, exposing her corset and stockings, and her ringed pussy. With a rubbered hand he played with her labia, flicking the rings side to side, then he rubbed her clit and she gripped the bed and started to shudder. 

“Fu uuuhk, jeeez,” she said through clenched teeth as he lowered his head and ran his tongue down her lips. And then she felt his thumb slip into her arse and press in the sides of her sphincter. She was gasping as he licked and sucked her insides. She wanted to reciprocate and while he was busy down on her, she unzipped his catsuit and moved her head under his thigh and prised out his cock. It already had a condom on; the sly devil came all prepared! She took him into her mouth greedily, and sucked and licked him. She didn’t mind the taste of the condom at all. 

They pleasured each other like this for five or six minutes and then he withdrew his head and lay on his back. She straddled him, facing him, and was going to, at last, get him in her, when he took her hips firmly and pulled her forward and with what seemed a very practiced move held her waist with one hand while piloting his dick with the other to her arse. She was so surprised at the speed and expertise that when he thrust her down on his dick she did not have time to react, and then he was in her arse up to the hilt. She screamed with surprise but there was little discomfort now, her arse was now clearly loosened and wider. He appeared to be quite strong as her lifted and dropped her onto him. Here she was, a rubber nun getting screwed in the arse, and really now quite liking it. She felt a finger at her clit and he started to work there. She seemed in a bit of a daze, and she came shortly after, groaning and shuddering. She couldn’t believe she would have such a climax, with a seven-inch dick up her arse!

“Take off your cassock and headdress Latexa.” She did so and now wore just the bra, corset, gloves and stockings, and of course her transparent mask. She turned out all the lights as he removed his condom and stepped into the pants, pulling his cock and balls through the gap and into the pants. He lay on his back, the hood between his legs. 

“Well Latexa, are you ready to serve your master again?” She smiled and nodded and taking a deep breath poked her head into the pants. It was dark and with an overpowering smell of latex, which she no longer found unpleasant, quite the contrary. She stretched her legs out as he fastened two press-studs at her collar. Phew, she thought, I am not locked in. The hood had dozens of small holes to allow air in, but it was still dark with an aroma of sweet rubber! She felt his dick by her nose and eased it into her mouth, there was just something strange with this guy, he was always erect!

“Thank you Latexa, have a good night.” He placed his hand gently on her head and pulled the sheet over them. He glanced down at the lump under the sheet and saw it bob up and down and he felt her smooth warm mouth around his cock. She started to suck him and he was now rock hard again. She was almost gagging on him in the rubber-perfumed darkness. Enjoy this Rubberman, she said to herself, you won’t be having much more of this. He drifted off to sleep, the last thing he remembered was her bobbing head and her moist mouth around his dick, but things were going to change!


Story continues in Part 8

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