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Special Delivery 1: The Delivery

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; kidnap; crate; delivery; catsuit; mask; bond; toys; con/nc; X

Chapter 1: The Delivery

He could hardly contain himself; the crate had been delivered and was now in the garage, with direct access to the basement quarters, although with the house set in 10 wooded acres in the country his privacy was secured anyway. He had received the instruction manual a week before and had read it twice, chuckling at its dry, ironic comments. These folks were professionals, mind you for a fee of 50,000 pounds he expected no less, but he still admired and was just a little jealous of their business.

Now it was time for the grand opening, and he had dressed accordingly. A tight full cover black latex catsuit with a front double zip to under his chin, gloves and feet attached. There was also a full cover mask, no zip with eyeholes, small nostrils and mouth. While he looked suitably intimidating he always had a kink for high heels and he wore knee high leather boots with front lacing and three inch heels. He finished it off with a full-length red rubber cape clasped at his throat, but otherwise open. It maybe looked a bit strange but he felt it would keep her off balance.

He strode down to the garage, his heart pounding, stood in front of the crate, grabbed a chair, sat and pondered its contents. He really couldn’t wait and would read the manual again, at leisure, when the door was open and he could admire the contents.

A set of keys came with the manual, each one marked. With his heart pumping wildly he released the padlock and with a pull opened the door. The vision did not disappoint him and he sat down with a sense of awe.

The woman in the crate was dressed entirely in tight black rubber. She was breathing slowly and heavily and winced as the door was opened, allowing light into her prison. Then for a moment she appeared to struggle and moaned, then stopped, and gasped for air, realizing the futility. Then she stared at him, with hate or perhaps some fear in her eyes. Calmly he began to read the manual again.

“Thank you for your payment and patience. We trust the product has arrived in working order. We do not propose to disclose her name and background; that is in the past and irrelevant. She is now a non-person and we have made that clear to her since the pick-up. We must warn you however that she is a feisty one and full of fight. She will take a while to train, but then as you know that is all part of the fun, isn’t it?”

Indeed it was he thought, his instructions were for an English-speaking woman, 25ish, with a good education, such that she would at least appreciate her predicament. He wondered if she did yet and leaned forward, looking deep into her eyes, behind the lenses of the intricate gasmask, all corrugated tubes and pipes. Her eyes stared straight back at him and did not flinch, he liked that, but of course she did not know what was in store for her. He sat again, having breathed in the heavy aroma of the crate, the wonderful pungent latex smell. He continued to read, glancing across at her occasionally.

“We picked her up a week ago, she put up a great struggle before we gagged and bagged her (as we say). She’s had five days of indoctrination and she will have taken three days to get to you. On your instructions we have undertaken the following:

1. Depilation of all body hair through electrolysis and creams. She’s as smooth as a baby. Her head has not been shaved but we have crew cut it to a half inch – quite sexy and much easier for pulling on masks and helmets. By the way she is a true honey blonde.

2. We have pierced and ringed (one half inch diameter) her nipples and labia. The labia is lengthwise, two on either side so she can be padlocked closed if you require. You will notice it under the suit.”

He leant over and could see the outline of the nipple rings. He touched them and she gave a shiver and glared at him through the lenses. He read on.

“3. You discussed the option of severing the vocal chords for true muteness. We could have done this but we prefer, and we’re sure you will agree, the dolls straining on a gag. The idea of gradually making them mute until all you hear is a faint mew is we feel more arousing. Gagging is also so sexual, there are so many things one can use.

4. She will be getting used to being forced fed by tube as she is now. Also despite a good fight she is cathetered and she is slowly becoming accustomed to dildos stretching her sphincter.

5. With regard to her character, she is 25, highly intelligent, independent and free thinking and well educated. She’s very athletic and flexible (you’ll enjoy that), powerful and muscular. In fact she’s an ideal product to break down and make a slave. We do not suggest it will be easy, she is strong willed. She’s been paddled several times and taken it stoically. Her piercing was done without anaesthetic and a lot of struggling but few tears. She will provide you with endless enjoyment.

6. Now her crate and travelling gear, which we are very proud of. We’ve had girls over a week in the crate before with no problems. The crate is corrugated steel and once the door is closed it is airtight with no escape possible. The inside is well padded and covered in latex sheeting on all sides. Excellent for sound insulation and a sense of enclosure. The chair is welded to the floor and rock solid. It is well cushioned, as we don’t want any circulation problems. Should the idiots at the dock not be able to read “this side up” there are padded over the shoulder restraints which cross her chest and also over the thighs so she would have no problems being inverted”.

He examined the restraints and noted the firm, snug fit. She barely moved, only the rasping sound of her breathing and the rise and fall of her chest was evident. She did have superb breasts and he smiled and squeezed them gently, she squirmed but had to relent.

“7. Her metal collar is well padded and keeps her head erect and is connected to the headrest. Now for the clothes and attachments, which we are also very proud of. She is wearing a basic one-piece rubber catsuit with back zip to her neck. There are separate zips at pussy and arse to allow for inserts but more of that later. The suit has attached feet but no gloves. Her hands are in fingerless and thumbless mittens, strapped on her wrists with D rings at the tips attached to the ends of the armrests. Her legs, with feet in 5 inch stiletto heeled pumps (she’s getting used to heels this high) are chained to each chair leg but allow for circulation.

8. Now the interesting bits! Her head is encased in a full back zip hood with holes only for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The helmet overlaps the suit and is padlocked to two rings at the bottom of the collar. On top of this is a fiendish gasmask or as we like to say, “gagmask”. It fits over the whole head with a back zip and is locked with the same padlock as the undermask to the rear of the suit. Connected to the front are corrugated tubes, which connect to the outside of the crate. There are four of them so she will get plenty of air, through the tubes of course, which make it enticingly rubber-scented air. Also connected to the front is the gag/feeding apparatus. The gag is a solid rubber plug shaped like a cock, veins and all. We consider it good training for later. Through the gag is a flexible rubber tube, which passes down her throat and into her stomach. This is uncomfortable at first but with some retching and gagging we got it down! This is connected through the mask to the container by her head. The flow of the liquid, which is a mix of nutrients, vitamins and health fluids, is controlled by the valve on the container such that she is being constantly, slowly force fed. To keep everything in place the padded steel collar with rubber padding has a gap in the back for the padlocks. At her groin is the catheter attached to her waistband with the collection bag strapped to her calf. We don’t want any “rear” problems so she was subjected to several deep colonic irrigations before being packed – she disliked that! With the diet being liquid we haven’t had any problems in the past, but just to be sure she is plugged up the rear with a one-inch diameter, two inch long dildo attached to her catheter strap. In the future she will be able to take much bigger probes but this is fine for travelling. You realize that none of these restraints are really necessary, as we could have tossed her into the crate, padded and soundproofed and sent her off. But you must admit that this is fun! A sight for your eyes, a bright, intelligent, attractive woman subjugated, all bodily functions and support systems controlled.

9. A beautiful toy to play with, a real live doll. We have a lot of fun creating this, capturing, dressing, tying up, packing and knowing she knows she can do nothing. We love our work, we do have a return policy with our merchandise and we return half your payment. The goods must be in good order, however so that we may sell them on to another client. The time limit on returned goods is six months; some products can wear down after that period, due to heavy wear and tear. You may write to us for advice on operation and maintenance of the product, but we rarely hear from our clients again. They always seem very happy with our product. Remember, there are no limits, only your imagination and the physical and mental faculties of your product, but we have heard with some of our units there are almost no limits. You have a young, spirited one and she should last you many years. Enjoy!”

He folded the manual and placed it on top of the crate, peering in on the “unit”, “product” or “merchandise”. He liked those terms – inanimate, nothing to get attached to, something to use as he wished, without feelings, beliefs, or for that matter a life of its own, now it was his, to control, to satisfy his every whim.

He waited no longer. He leaned in, breathing in her pungent rubber aroma, and unlocked her metal; collar from the headrest and she rolled her head sideways and up and down, a small groan came from her helmet. Next he released her harness from her shoulders and across her tight breasts, then her thigh straps, now she was held only by her mitten rings and ankles. He released one mitten but with a smile attached it to a ring at the shoulder of her catsuit. He repeated with the left hand. She would not be going anywhere but this was a continual reminder of her powerlessness, which he had to instil in her. She shouted in frustration in her gagmask and he placed a hand firmly on her head and a finger to his lips to tell her to quieten down, which she did, glaring at him through the lenses, clearly frustrated.

He thought she looked kind of cute with her arms doubled up to her shoulders, and very vulnerable. He released her ankles. He wanted her to retain her gagmask so he unscrewed her corrugated breathing tube and lifted it over her head. Clearly she could now breathe easier and without the pungent rubber aroma. That left the gag but he would leave that in for the time being. However he slowly unscrewed the feeding tube closing off the valve and very slowly withdrew it. She started to gag and struggle but he held her down and withdrew the gleaming red tube, like a long thin snake.

She was now able to breathe through nose and mouth. Her grunting and moaning became louder and she was clearly trying to say something, probably unpleasant, but the dildo gag remained very effective. He signalled now for her to stand and she leaned out of the chair, her arms doubled up to her shoulders. She immediately lost her balance and fell into him with a grunt. He held her as she got her bearings, and she stared at him for a full three or four seconds as if sizing him up. Having got her balance she pluckily stepped back and took a few steps, wobbling on her high heels, after all she had been in the chair for three days.

She was not going to escape anywhere so he sat back in his chair and enjoyed the spectacle. She stared at him but did not seem in the least embarrassed at her strange apparition, tight black rubber catsuit, high heels, gagmask, and most bizarre of all the catheter pouch between her legs, like a bikini bottom, but with a tube extending to her collection bag at her calf, and a strap connected to her waistband through her crotch and holding the dildo in her rectum!

Then, strangely, as if he was not there, she regained her senses and slowly began to do stretches, bending and leaning, even extending her leg out onto the crate. She was amazingly flexible which, he thought, would hold her in good stead in the future. She was intelligent to know she had no chance of escape and she seemed for the moment quite calm. She had no idea where she was so he thought she would be bright enough to bide her time, and she was strong enough not to whine and struggle any more.

He was starting to like her all the more, and what a body! It looked as if she had been sprayed with black tar, tall, muscular with the tone of a 400m runner, but with breasts, superb orbs. He would like to see her face but would leave that until later, right now she was a plaything, not a person. However much he was attracted to her it was physical and fetishistic, not emotional – not right now. That would defeat the purpose of the relationship.

He remained seated as she walked a little ungainly, elbows sticking out, around the garage. He signalled her over to him. She hesitated a second and then approached him.

“Kneel”, he said, spreading his knees and pulling the cape behind him. She looked down at him. He waited; he would not give a second command, and said so.

“I will not give orders twice; don’t make me mad, after all this is our first day.” He chuckled. She appeared to think this over, and then slowly knelt, not easy with the high heels, and elbows flapping. She was three feet away from him.

“Nearer,” he said, widening his legs, and this time she shuffled between his knees, her eyes then moved from his masked face to his groin, his erect cock clearly outlined against his stomach.

“Good, now this going to be a long speech and I will only say it once, so listen very hard. You transgress and punishment will be immediate, painful and prolonged. You will have gathered by now that you have been abducted, prepared according to my requirements and transported to me. To be my plaything, my slave if you will.” She shouted something into the gag, not pleasant, no doubt. He leant down and gripped the back of her head with one hand and then clamped his rubber covered palm over her mouthpiece. She tried to wriggle but he gripped her body with his thighs. She stared up at him, her eyes wide in alarm.

“Listen, this is not a game, I am rich and have spent a lot of money acquiring you and preparing this place for you. You have been pierced, depilated and plugged. That is just the start of it, so get with it. Fast!” He released his hands and she gasped for air, a groan coming from the helmet. “What you were outside, before, is now gone, forever, accept that. To the outside world you no longer exist, your friends and loved ones will try to find you but after a few months, maybe a year will give up. Do not hope for rescue, great care has gone into your disappearance; there are no clues, no connections. I don’t know you, where you came from, where you lived or worked. It’s of no concern to me, and now neither to you. That is the past to which you will never, ever return. You will have no opportunity of escape from here. The house and grounds are very large and well away from snooping eyes and ears. Where do you run to? You will be under surveillance for much of the time. You have your quarters here in the basement, comfortable really – no dim dungeon – but just as secure. If you behave you will be allowed out into the grounds for exercise. I have certain…..exercises planned for you. If I am not here you will be secured, if I am then you will be in attendance or under surveillance. Your life as a free-thinking, independent young woman is over.” He placed his hand under her chin and looked into her eyes.

“So what do I want? I hear you ask, first of all I can afford it and second it is fun, something I have dreamed of since I suppose my late teens. I have always been fascinated by stories of the complete and utter subjugation of women by men. Not just locking them away as slaves in a harem. No, more than that, every movement, sight, hearing, bodily function and speech controlled. You yield all yourself to me, your orifices, all of them will be subject to my attentions and you will get used to all type of indignations! There will be solid rubber, inflatable rubber, tubes and nozzles, balls and plugs, all shapes and sizes. Tubes to put food in and tubes to take waste out.” She groaned in her gag but he ignored her.

“I am fascinated by total occlusion, of being completely cut off from the outside world, under layers and layers of latex, immobile and helpless, a child in the womb and completely helpless reliant upon the person outside. I have here cocoons, double skinned in which air or water can be pumped in. I have vacuum beds where all the air can be sucked out leaving you trapped like a fly in a large rubber sandwich, unable to move an inch. All these you will experience.”

He stopped to watch her reaction and was surprised to see there was no panic in her eyes, more like a determination. To accept or to fight? That would be interesting.

“I do not propose to maim or kill you, please clearly understand that. I may sound crazy but I am not, nor violent, but you will be punished as I said earlier for any discretions. You will have noticed my obsession for rubber. How I got this I don’t know, at an early age probably, who knows? There are so many theories I have given up analyzing why or how. A major consolation I have is that I am not crazy, and there are thousands, yes, thousands like me. You only have to look on the internet, it is amazing and so reassuring to know there are so many others with my “interests”. Are we weird? Yes I suppose we are but generally speaking most of us are law-abiding citizens. I realize the irony in this, that I have abducted you, that’s certainly against the law but you know if I could have found a woman of similar mind then I would never have resorted to this. But of course most “normal” people think we are crazy. So I am afraid you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your loss is my gain, who knows, you might get to like it a bit.” He looked and her and gently fondled her breast. She flapped her arms a little but did not flinch away from him; he nodded, almost approvingly.

“Remember, never knock anything until you have tried it. So I am a passionate, obsessed rubber fetishist. If I had my choice and at home I can I would wear it all the time. I love its pungent aroma, its taste even; its initial clammy coolness then its firm embrace as it warms up with body heat. Look at its wonderful shine, like glossy paint. It can be tight, super-tight even, thick and unforgiving or wafer thin, gossamer thin like dental dam, which you can see through. It enhances the body, any body wonderfully. Look at yourself, while you may not like being trapped in it, you must admit your body which I am happy to say is quite stunning looks even more fabulous. Look at your breasts, hips and thighs, and your bum, you are a dream. Rubber makes a fair body look good and a good body out of this world.”

He couldn’t tell if she agreed with him but noticed her look down at her body and earlier he saw her glance in the mirror as she did her stretching. He knew she could not deny it, whatever her predicament, she looked stunning.

“Don’t think this will all be punishment and pain. Yes, you will be held in an infinite variety of bondage equipment and positions, plugged, tubed, gagged , cocooned and played with, but at the same time I will arouse your sexual secrets, your demons. Even against your will in the most unlikely scenarios you will experience sexual pleasure that you thought did not exist. I promise. Don’t look so surprised. You will be allowed times to yourself, but the days of cotton, wool and silk are over. All the time, morning, noon and night your only apparel will be rubber. In your quarters you will find a huge array of rubber outerwear from heavy hooded cloaks to catsuits and, how shall I say, uniforms. Rubber fetishists have a thing about role-play and you will play along with me. Oh. Yes, as a baby in rubber rompers, schoolgirl, nurse, patient, maid, harem girl, even nun, mmm, a rubber nun in a monastery is one of our favourite fantasies. Then there is pony girl play; I’ll explain about that later, you’ll get great exercise. There are other roles too; I have a vivid imagination. There’s also a set of drawers full of underwear of all sorts, panties, stockings, tights, corsets and gloves. Then there is the separate closet for discipline items for punishment when you transgress. These include shackles and manacles and harnesses and all kinds of gags; I love gagging. There’s balls, soft and hard, some with holes for feeding, some inflatable, some shaped like cocks, there’s bits and screws, even false teeth and many others.”

“There’s a whole section for inflatables – suits, cocoons, helmets, I have an array of all kinds, some very uncomfortable – unless like me you are into that sort of thing. I have a drawer for dildos, vibrators, suction devices and pads with TENS units which will give you a nice buzz. Strange as it may seem to you, just you being dressed will provide me with a real arousal, I hope that it will for you too, some time soon. It may take three months or three years but you will succumb, no matter what you think now. You have had a long time in the crate and you are tired and sore, and I have given you a lot of information so I am going to be very easy with you tonight. I’ll allow you to acclimatize to your room and not put you in bondage for the night. You are free in the confines of your cell to do as you will, I will take you to your new home. Up you get.”

He helped her up and unclipped the mittens from her shoulders. She dropped her arms and recirculated some blood. She didn’t try to strike him or run, which he thought was a good sign. He clipped her mittened hands in front of her and she gingerly felt the catheter and tube at her groin.

“Don’t worry I will take that out when we get to your room, and your gagmask too. Okay, come on.”

He led her out of the garage and down some stairs, then a corridor, it was quite foreboding and chuckled at the idea of an escape proof dungeon and what she was thinking at this time. He came to a door, half glazed and opened it, turned on the light, and she was now in her cell. He could see the alarm in her eyes so he’d leave her now.

“There you are; your new home. By the way, the glass is one inch tempered and can withstand any bullet so forget about breaking it. I will see you in the morning for our first session. You should rest and recharge – you will need your energy.” He bent down and unstrapped the catheter bag and waist strap. She bent over and he gently pulled the dildo from her rear. She groaned as the thicker, middle section exited her rectum, which then puckered back into place. She was breathing heavily as she stood back up and he pulled the catheter tube from her pussy, bald and with the four rings embedded either side. He zipped her up and placed the equipment on a chair. She glanced down and saw them glistening in the light. He unlocked the padlock on her gagmask and collar, and stood back, smiling. 

“You can do the rest I think, I’ll just release your mitten clips and wrist buckles and leave you to your devices. You may bathe, relax; I’m sure I have left you with plenty to think about. You will receive my commands early tomorrow, so good night.” Without looking back he turned and left.



Story continues in Part 2

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