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Special D

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; F/f; bond; gag; packaged; crate; delivery; rubber; bdsm; toys; insert; oral; anal; denial; cons/nc; XX

Diane Chambers wracked her brains for the umpteenth time as she stare in frustration at the Blanc doodles on her not pad and the frustratingly uninspiring suggestions regurgitated by her search engine. She reached for her coffee. Pulling a sour face, she returned the cup and its stone cold contents to the computer table. It was only a few days until Valentines Day and she still did not have the faintest idea of what to buy. It really was a cliché, but what do you buy the man who has everything?

It was not simply a matter of finding out what he likes and buying it for him. Saucy underwear had defiantly been overdone. The main problem, as far as Diane was concerned, was that she had only been going out with him for three months. This presented difficulties when choosing the tone of a Valentines Day present. She did not know enough about the man to confidently predict his tastes. Also, the wrong present could be seen as a statement of commitment, which might drive him away screaming. Also, if she understated the present too much, he might get the idea that she was not really interested in him. A difficult balance had to be reached and Diane was at that frustratingly defeated stage where cliché was looking decidedly attractive. Perhaps something that could be delivered to his home? Flowers, chocolates, cliché, cliché, cliché.

Never the less, Diane typed in, what she hoped was the appropriate word for the search engine and went in to the kitchen to get her another coffee. Returning with a refreshingly drinkable cup, she made herself comfortable and started to sift through the numerous hits. This might take some time, she considered, as her desperate brain took in the two thousand five hundred and sixty hits that her search had disgorged.

She decided that she could not possibly search all of those web sites and so resolved to look at the first few pages. Diane’s heart sank as she read the first page of hits. Florists, chocolates, take away pizza, special courier services. All of the usual. She was about to type in a new search word when something caught her eye. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, she read the rest of the link description. She had not been mistaken; the link definitely stated that the company delivered people. Diane clicked on the link, which took her to the companies web site.

As she suspected, the site was typical of many mail, or haulage firms. This particular site was Japanese, but still displayed a large articulated lorry, while a rather pretty oriental woman dominated the bottom left of the page. Diane assumed that she was some sort of dispatcher, since she appeared to be talking in to some sort of telephone head set. At the bottom of the screen, the web site asked you to select your preferred language by clicking on a variety of national flags. Diane did this and was immediately transferred to the companys’ home page.

The company, as far as she could discern, was a multi national haulage conglomerate. While they mainly specialized in freight, the company also handled parcel post. Eventually, after a little searching, Diane eventually found the service that she was looking for. She had not been mistaken. A client could order for one of the company’s female workers to be shipped, via same day delivery, to any given location within Japan.

“Damn,” thought Diane.

This certainly put an end to the idea that she had been playing with. However, a quick look at the companys’ international offices told her that the organization had several branches in her country and, most interestingly of all; they owned a depot not far from her home. With the germ of an idea forming, Diane noted down the contact details and reached for her telephone.

After some initial confusion, Diane eventually got through to the appropriate department. After a brief conversation she was able to discover they had attempted to introduce the scheme here, but the East West cultural differences and reticence from the female employees had represented a major stumbling block for the firm. Eventually, Diane decided to throw caution to the wind.

“Would it be possible, rather to send a customer, rather than an employee, in this manner?” Diane tentatively asked.

For several moments Diane heard nothing from the dispatch manager, although she could swear that she heard his mental gears clicking in to place.

“Yes. I believe that is possible. Would you come here, or would you like to be packaged at some other location?”

Dianes’ heart missed a beat as her mind overflowed with possibilities.

“How about from my home?”

“Yes, that should be possible. We will still need to process the delivery paperwork and I will have to work out a price. When were you thinking of doing this?”

“I was hoping to be delivered for Valentines Day, if it isn’t too late.”

The man considered for a moment or two.

“O.K. Give me your telephone number and e-mail address and I will get back to you once I have talked to my colleagues. I will phone you when I have an answer.”

Diane gave him the details before concluding the call. She sipped her coffee, but it had grown cold and she went in to the kitchen to make herself a fresh cup. This done, she returned to the living room and spent the next half an hour nervously passing up and down waiting for the phone to ring. When it eventually rang, she pounced on it like a hungry tiger.


“Ms Chambers, it’s David, I am calling back about your delivery request.”

“Well. Can you do it?” Diane asked, attempting to keep the desperation out of her voice.

“Good news. I had a word with Mr Yamamoto and he thinks it is possible. Apparently, head office delivered a shipment of the special crates over when we tried to get the scheme off of the ground. There are several types, so I have sent over some pictures to your e-mail. Obviously it will not work in quite the same manner as or Japanese scheme. What we can do is to have you purchase the crate, which will be delivered to your address. We send a crew out to take care of the packaging and then deliver the package as a new delivery address. Mr Yamamoto has worked through some figures, which I have e-mailed over to you, along with a delivery number. Then all that you have to do is access our web site, enter the delivery number and pay for the transaction by card. How does that sound?”

Diane didn’t need to consider this for too long.

“Wonderful. I will check my e-mail now. Thank you David.”

Diane did not know exactly where James lived. In the past they had always gone back to her place, but she knew roughly where he lived and after five minutes leafing through the telephone directory she managed to find his home address.

“Boy, are you in for a surprise,” Diane gloated as she wrote down the address.

Diane rang off and returned to her computer. Sure enough, she had a new e-mail. She quickly opened this and then downloaded the attachments. The pictures showed a variety of packing crates. The one that caught her eye however, utilized an internal frame and allowed the occupant to be bound in a variety of ways, due to the arrangement of holes and steel bars. However, this option was not cheap. Unperturbed, Diane took note of the product code before returning to the e-mail. She quickly noted down the order number and then closed her e-mail and opened the company’s web page.

Once she had accessed the web page, Diane quickly went to the delivery section. She quickly keyed in the order number, product code, deliver address and forwarding address. Having done this, the web page quickly calculated the cost. Once she had keyed in her credit card number and pressed accept, the system automatically e-mailed her a copy of the delivery documentation, along with confirmation of the delivery date and time.

Having accomplished her mission for Valentines Day, Diane collapsed on to the sofa, coffee in hand and contemplated a job well done.

“James. You have no idea what a lucky bastard you are,” Diane mused to herself.

The following day Diane paced the living room in her dressing gown. Although the delivery time was not due for another ten minutes, she had been ready for over an hour. She had showered, washed her hair, been to the toilet, had a cup of coffee and been to the toilet again. Now she just paced the living room. With five minutes to go, she went to the toilet again, just to make sure. Finally, the door bell rang. She virtually sprinted to the door, before gathering herself, taking a deep breath and calmly opening the door.

An oriental man stood on her doorstep, while another climbed out of the driver’s side of a large white box van. Both were dressed in smart blue overalls and wore bright blue baseball caps that bore their company logo.

“Diran Chambuz San?” the man enquired.

“Yes are you hear for the delivery?” Diane asked although, realizing as soon as the words left her mouth, that this was a pointless questions, since the man was obviously from the delivery firm that she had contacted and they had arrived in a van.

However, the delivery man did not make any quips, simply answering yes to her question.

“Where would you like to set up?” She enquired.

“Uzurrary, the gallage is customah choice. But if yooo have patio doorhz. Should be O.K. in house.”

Thankfully, Diane did have large, sliding patio doors and so, showed the man in to the kitchen diner that she had cleared, at the back of the house.

“Excerrent. I go herwp correage unroad box.”

This said. The man bowed and joined the other man outside. Diane opened the patio doors and checked, for the fifth time, that she had left a spare key under the flower pot, by the door.

A few minutes later, both men returned carrying the flat packed packing crate, which they propped up on the breakfast bar. Then, the man she had not yet spoken to took the large square base from the pile and laid it in the middle of the dining area, while the first man approached her with a clip board.

“Excuse prease. But must sign discramer beforw staaht,” the man asked respectfully, brandishing his clip board and pen.

Diane scanned the document before scrawling her signature across the bottom and dating it.

Once this formality was completed the two workers sprung in to action like a smoothly choreographed performance. Four steel struts were slotted vertically in to the base and bolted in place. These sat six inches in from the edges. Four more steel struts were bolted in to a square, before being lifted in to position, on top of the four verticals and bolted in to place and forming a cube on top of the base. Additional braces were added to the sides, forming two X shapes on opposite sides of the cube,

While the younger man was assembling the cube, Diane was being prepared. She had shed her dressing gown and now stood in the centre of the room wearing the underwear that she had chosen to offer herself to James in. An under wired, blue satin, push up bra, with matching thong and suspender belt and sheer black stockings, combined with five inch, black patent leather shoes, would, Diane thought, create the correct tone for the evening. The coloring also went very well with her long, red, curls and hazel eyes. He make up was also impeccable, giving the impression that she had just disrobed from evening at the opera, or black tie affair.

To accessorize her outfit, the older man added steel shackles to her ankles, knees and wrists. A large steel band was then added to her waist.

“Open preaze,” the workman requested before inserting a large rubber ball gag in to her mouth.

“If you preaze,” the man asked, indicating to the cube with his hands.

Diane stepped over to the cube and crawled in on all fours.

Both men stepped to either side of her, each holding a long metal bar. The end of each bar was threaded, while the other end contained a threaded hole. The steel belt that Diane was wearing had two protrusions, on either side of her waist. The two men inserted the treaded ends of the bars in to the protrusions, which had been drilled and threaded. They then screwed the bars in to the belt until it was securely tightened by hand. A hole drilled in each bar, corresponded with holes in the belt protrusions so that R clips could be inserted, securing the joint. Diane now looked as though she had two extra limbs, poking out from her sides at right angles.

Two more uprights were placed in to the box, just in front of the iron bars. These screwed in to holes in the base, so that Diane was now bracketed on either side. The tops of these bars had a U shape welded to it. Once both bars were in place, the men picked Diane up by her waist bars and placed her so that the bars rested in the U shaped top of the uprights.

Now Dianes’ weight was no longer supported by arms and legs, but by the waist bars. This forced her to rotate so that her head came up and her body was at forty five degrees, resting on her knees. The men aligned the holes in the waist bars with two holes, one on either side, in the centre of the X bars. They then inserted steel bolts in to the holes and tightened them with spanners.

Each then returned to the parts bag and collected a U shaped piece of metal. This was placed on top of the uprights. Bolts were then inserted, either side of the U piece, and tightened, so the Dianes’ waist bar was now firmly clamped in place.

Next, each man grabbed one of Dianes’ knees and, lifted them to the rear uprights of the cube. They then aligned each knee with one of the holes drilled in the upright, so that it aligned with the corresponding hole in the knee bracelet, inserted bolts and tightened them with spanners, locking her knees to the frame and forcing her legs apart. The bracelets were made of a single piece of steel that had been bent in to a circle, with the ends bent outwards, with holes drilled to accommodate the bolts, similar to a jubilee clip. Tightening the bolts therefore caused the bracelet to tighten as well, so that Diane was now securely fastened to the frame.

Once her knees were secured, Dianes’ ankles were secured to the horizontal bars, above the X bars, causing her body to form a bow. Each man then stepped back, appraising their work, before collecting more parts from the bag.

During this time, Diane had supported her upper body by holding on to the horizontal bars in front of her. However, this option was soon lost to her as the two men grabbed her arms and drew them behind her back. The wrist bracelets were created in a similar fashion to the others, except that they boasted an additional piece of metal, welded to the back of the bracelet, opposite the opening of the jubilee clip. This was formed by bending a single length of metal in half and pulling the two halves apart, one inch from the bend, in a similar manner to a split pin. This was then welded to the bracelet so that the circular hole, formed by the bend, stood out from the bracelet. However, rather than being used to secure her arms to the frame, the two bracelets were drawn together and bolts were passed through the holes on both sides of the bracelets. Once the bolts were tightened, with threaded on to the inside of the shafts, her wrists were securely bolted together behind her back.

A similar arrangement was employed on her elbow bracelets. However, rather than drawing the elbows together, the nuts were tightened some six inches apart, ensuring that she was not too uncomfortable.

Once secure, the wrist bracelets were brought level with the steel belt, so that one of the securing bolts was level with two threaded bars that protruded from the belt. Once aligned, another U shaped piece of metal was clamped over the top of the manacle bolt, so that the two holes at each end of the U slid neatly over the two threaded bolts attached to the belt. Nuts were then fitted to these bolts and tightened in place so that her bracelets were now securely fastened to her belt. A long steel bar was now threaded between her elbows and lifted to the top of the frame, were the bar was secured to the top with more bolts.

The men then brought over a large, cast aluminum bar, with a semi circular bend in the middle. This was fitted to the top bars, in front of Dianes’ elbows, by one of the men, while the other pulled Dianes’ head back, aligning the semi circular bend with her forehead. Once the bar was secured to the frame and her head was allowed to move forward, Dianes’ head was held in place by the bar. Another cast, semi circle was then brought from the pile, placed behind her head and bolted to the aluminum bar so that her head was now held in a ring of metal.

Finally, since the frame was now braced internally, the upper front and rear bars of the cube were now removed. This, Diane considered, would allow her lover full access to her face and ass.

Now that the package was secured, the two men fitted the steel sides of the crate, aligning the edges with each other and then securing them with bolts. Finally the steel top was placed on to the crate and again secured with bolts.

The older man then stuck a clear envelope to the side of the crate. This contained the delivery paperwork and a spanner. The driver, meanwhile, had gone to the lorry and returned with a hand operated pump truck, which he maneuvered in to the two channels in the base of the crate. He then pumped the forks up so that the crate was clear and guided the load out on to the patio and around to the tail lift at the back of the truck, while his partner locked up the house.

Dr Jane Prescott sat at her computer puzzling over her patient. A difficult case. She had first met him, three years ago, when he had been referred to her by the judiciary. Damian Thorpe was a fetishist. This in itself was not a problem. If the man wanted to dress in rubber that was his business. Even the fact that he enjoyed placing women in bondage, as long as it was between consenting adults, was not something that deserved her attention. The fact that he was a sadist was. He came to Janes’ attention after he tied his date up and then spent half the night whipping her. The trial photographs showed other signs of abuse as well, including cigarette burns. If this were not bad enough, he was not content to simply incapacitate his victim. The bonds themselves were a form of torture. The court transcripts described such an uncomfortable and extreme form of bondage that it was hard for her to imagine that the poor girl could be induced to such contortions.

Three years further on and Jane, although having explored the mans motivations and some of the reasons for them, was no closer to controlling Damiens’ motivations. He had resisted the urges that had plagued him for some time, but it was only a matter of time before he succumbed and nothing that Jane could do would save him.

Reviewing her notes on the case, Damien had stated that he had tried to find a partner with similar tastes, although it would appear that even for the submissive community, that surrounded his particular fetish, he was considered extreme. Damien did not so much need a girlfriend, as someone who would not press charges afterwards.

Jane was roused from her thoughts by the door bell. Opening the door she was surprised to see a small oriental man, wearing some kind of uniform, holding a clip board.
“Excuse. Have package for J Plescott.”

“That’s me, but I didn’t order anything?” Jane replied with confusion while she wandered if she had inadvertently ordered anything. Nothing came to mind.

“Is speciral derrivery. Is plessant from fliend I berieve. Need to sign for package,” the man stated thrusting the clipboard towards the confused woman.

Jane signed the form as another man wheeled a crate towards her house.

“Where you want?” the man asked.

Viewing the size of the crate advancing towards her, Jane could only thing of one place.

“Can you put it in the garage?” Jane asked as she studied the crate.

“Ress. Is not probrem.”

Jane went in to the house and, opening the connecting door from the kitchen, walked in to the garage and opened the door, which whirred open enthusiastically as she pressed the button.

Ten minutes later, a very confused Jane stood examining the crate, with a spanner that had come with the package clasped in her hand, as she tried to decide what was in the package, which had sent it to her and how to get in to the crate. Her confusion was magnified a thousand fold when, having undone the bolts and removed one of the sides, she was presented by a nearly naked woman, tightly bounds, within the packing crate.

After undoing a few more sides and lifting the top off of the crate, Jane was at last able to remove the gag and ask her what she was doing in a crate.

“I was supposed to be delivered to my boyfriend, a sort of Valentines Day gift. The must have delivered me to the wrong address, although it could be my fault. I didn’t know where he lives and yours was the only J Prescott that matched what I knew,” the girl explained.

She then went on to explain about her relationship with James, seemingly over her initial embarrassment, her problems finding a gift for Valentines Day and explained how, by sending herself as a package, she thought that she had found the perfect gift.

“I really have no idea where to look for James’ address, so I will have to find another present quickly,” Diane admitted.

After introducing herself, Jane pondered the girl before her for several moments.

“I might be able to help; you see I am James’ sister. Why don’t I telephone the delivery firm and see if we can not get you sent to James?”

Diane was overjoyed and so Jane went to telephone the number printed on the delivery note. After several minutes, she returned.

“I tried the guys that you used. Unfortunately they are fully booked for the rest of the day. However, I just tried a firm that I use through work and they can pop by in a couple of hours, although they want cash up front. So if it is OK with you, I will pop out quickly and pay them and then, once you have finished with James, you can pay me back. How does that sound?”

Diane was, of course overjoyed and gave Jane her home telephone number so that she could call after the weekend was over.

“Look. I know you’re probably uncomfortable in there, but I would rather you stayed packaged. I am not sure that I could fit you back in to your crate easily and because we are using a firm that I know from work, it could be a bit embarrassing for me having to explain why I want to deliver a half naked woman to my brother. So will you be alright while I go and pay them?”

Although Diane was getting uncomfortable, she had to agree with Jane who, after all, was doing her a very big favor. After Diane had given her consent, Jane left the house, promising to be as quick as possible.

After nearly an hour, Diane heard the front door. Fifteen minutes later Jane or at least Diane thought it was she, strode in to the room on a pair of red, patent leather, six inch stiletto shoes, wearing a bright red rubber corset, stockings, and opera gloves. Her face was covered by a bright red rubber hood, with holes cut in the hood for the eyes, nostrils, mouth and ears. Her long black hair streamed out of the top of the hood in a pony tail. She was also carrying something on a tripod which she set down in front of Diane and adjusted.

“I thought we would have some fun while we waited for your collection,” the apparition intoned, stepping away from the tripod and disappearing behind Dianes’ bound form.

Diane looked towards the tripod, drawn to the video camera which now pointed towards her. The small red light, just under the lens caught her attention. She started to get a very uneasy feeling about this. Just as she was about to protest a loud crack sounded, accompanied by a sharp pain across her buttocks, which forced a scream from her lips.

“Jane. What are you doing? Jane. Let me,” Crack. “Ow. Jane, please.” Crack.

“Silence slave,” came Janes’ familiar voice behind her.

Another crack rent the air and Diane let out another scream. After ten such blows, Diane sobbed uncontrollably and felt as though her ass was on fire. Jane re-appeared in to her line of vision.

“Lick me slave,” the woman intoned as she turned around, took off her knickers and pointed her bare ass towards Diane’s mouth.

Diane continued as Janes bare pussy advanced towards her. But fearing that the beating would continue unless she did as this woman said, she stared to lick as the pussy smothered her mouth and engulfed her senses with its musty scent.

After several minutes of this, Jane let out a shudder, accompanied by a loud scream, as she forced her pussy deeper in to Dianes mouth. After the shuddering had finished, the woman stepped away from her prisoner and again disappeared behind her.

Diane flinched as something long and metallic was placed on her thigh. Snip. The cold metal was taken away and placed on her other thigh. Snip. The front of her knickers fell away from her body. Next she felt Janes hand on her ass and her knickers were pulled away.

“That’s better, don’t you agree,” Jane oozed as she cut the bra from Dianes’ body, leaving her naked except for her shoes, stockings and suspenders.

“Jane, look don’t do this plea,” Whack.

Diane screamed as the womans’ hand descended on her unprotected pussy with some force. Then, as if to make up for this act of violence, Jane started to massage her pussy with her fingers. Although she would have protested, the prospect of another slap held her tongue. To add insult to injury, her body began to betray her as her pussy became moist and wet and she started to enjoy her captivity.

She was just about to come when Jane took her hand away leaving her seething with frustration.

“Not just yet whore,” Jane intoned with venom that both frightened and frilled her.

She heard Janes footsteps, which seemed to be going away and then returning. Then something strange happened. She felt her left boob being roughly grabbed and something was pulled over it. It was like an elastic band, only bigger, Diane considered. Another one was placed on to her other breast, forcing them both to swell. Diane imagined the purple color that they must be as she felt the blood pumping from the effects of the constriction.
Jane disappeared again. When she returned she again reached for one of Dianes’ breasts. Instead of pain, or more discomfort, to Dianes’ surprise she felt the woman massaging her nipple, which responded quickly, standing erect and proud, as though pleased with all of the attention that it was suddenly getting.

Diane let out a scream as she felt something clamped painfully on to her tender nipple. She then felt her bust being pulled, by the nipple, down and towards her front. Through her peripheral vision, Diane noticed Jane tie a length of string to the lower corner of the frame, ensuring that the sting was quite taught before securing the knot.

Satisfied, Jane stood up and turned her attention to the other nipple. Despite her best efforts Janes’ body betrayed her and it was not long before her other nipple was painfully trapped and tied to the frame.

Jane disappeared again, while Diane began to sob again.

“Look what I have got for you,” Diane teased as she pulled down her knickers and inserted one end of a double dildo in to her pussy.

Jane disappeared behind her and Diane shuddered as a finger massaged and then slid in to her anus, lubricating it with something cold and greasy.

Diane tried to complain, but her protests were cut short by a loud grunt as the woman rammed the dildo firmly in to her ass, which she proceeded to pump vigorously in to her, until this moment, virgin ass.

Diane did not enjoy this. It hurt and felt degrading. But then everything changed as her captor started to tease her clitoris. After several moments, Diane could contain herself no more.

“Oh god. Oh god. A am coming,” she screamed.

But again, with fulfillment only moments away, the woman withdrew leaving her panting, violated and frustrated.

Jane appeared in front of her again.

“Open wide,” the evil bitch purred as she forced the dildo in to Dianes’ mouth filling it with scents and other things that Diane would rather not think about.

Despite herself, Diane started to suck the plastic cock as Jane pumped her hips in and out, fucking her face.

After several minutes, Jane came loudly, shuddering uncontrollably, stuffing the dildo to the back of Janes throat. Having pulled out, she again walked behind Jane, returning moments later with a gag. This was not the ball gag that the haulage firm had given her. It was much larger for starters. The ball was also attached to a wide rubber strap.

“Can’t have you making all of this noise when the removal men arrive can we?” Jane teased as she forced the gag in to her mouth, forcing her lips far apart.

The rubber strap covered her mouth and under her jaw. Jane pulled the straps as tightly as she could and then buckled the gag behind Diane’s head, pulling her hair up so that it was not trapped by the strap. Next she took a spanner and undid the metal U that clamped Dianes’ head in place.

Braiding Dianes’ long hair in to a single tail at the back, Jane fed the hair through a hole in a rubber hood, which she pulled on to the top of the girls head. She then grabbed the hair and pulled, forcing Dianes’ head back and forcing a muffled grunt from her gagged mouth. Holding her head in this position by tugging on the hair, Jane used her other hand to slide the black rubber hood over the girls face, masking her features and effectively blinding her, since this hood only had two hoes cut in it to allow its wearer to breath through the nose. Satisfied, Jane tied a length of string around the end of the hair and pulled Dianes head painfully back so that she could tie the other end of the string to the elbow bar.

Taking the spanner, Jane tightened the bolts on the elbows forcing the two bracelets together until they touched.

Next she turned her attention to Dianes legs, which she undid. Stepping behind her she inserted a butt plug in to the girls ass. The plug, Diane found out, was inflatable. After a few pumps of the bulb, Diane was soon squirming with discomfort as the invader expanded within her orifice.

Tying rope around Dianes ankles, Jane used the frame for leverage to pull first one leg and then the other, in to an uncomfortable hog tie. She then inserted a large dildo in to her pussy, holding it in place with rope attached at either end to her steel belt. She then stood back, took up the whip again and started to leave red lines all across Dianes’ ass and thighs.

After ten minutes of punishment, Jane walked to the front of the frame, undid each rope in turn and pulled with all of her might so that Dianes’ hog tie became torturous. Once satisfied, Jane then bolted the legs to the frame before releasing the rope. Dianes’ body formed a neat O shape from the contortions that her captor had subjected her to.

With her captive now secured as Jane preferred, she re-attached the sides, before leaning down and activating the vibrator trapped within the girls pussy. Before attaching the top, Jane bent down and spoke in to the agonized girls ear.

“Not my brother. My husband. I hope you enjoy your new home. But in case you don’t, just think how interested your colleagues will be when they open their e-mails and find a video of you performing some very unspeakable acts.”

With that, Jane sealed the crate and attached the shipping label that she had picked up from the couriers. She then changed in to clothes more appropriate to receiving delivery drivers before settling down on the sofa, coffee in hand, to await for their arrival.

Damian Thorpe sat at his computer surfing the web for violent porn. Although he had tried to contain his fetish, it was a battle that he knew he was losing. Lost in thought, as he pondered his options for an unfulfilling Valentines day he did not, at first, hear the doorbell ring. It was only when he heard the chimes again that he realized that it was his doorbell ringing. He was not sure what he was expecting, but a delivery man holding a clip board, while his partner maneuvered a very large crate towards his door, was not it.


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