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Sour Grapes

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; collar; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; latex; drug; torment; cons/nc; XX

Danella Frost, or Dans to her friends was a hardened lesbian predator, she would go to the best clubs and pick up some young thing to bring back. But once she got her home, they were introduced to their submissive side whether they liked it or not. Now in her fifties Danella had an extreme reputation of dominance and pain. Her slim figure and short practical coiffured hair made for a sophisticated and elegant look. Danella had, through the years built up a dungeon in her cellar which had the best money could buy. She disliked the mainstream Mistresses, although she would think nothing of stealing a victim from them for a night’s "entertainment." She just did not care about others, her needs were paramount, and if she stood on a few toes on the way then so be it!

Danella had just arrived at a new Lesbian club, Danse Macabre. It was owned by an old school friend Toto Macalister and the place was packed. As Danella walked gracefully down the stairs, Toto met her at the bottom.

"Good Evening Frosty, you old whore."

"Elizabeth, Charmed I’m sure, how are you, you old fuck bucket!"

Neither relished their names from another time, both were transported back thirty five years to a certain girls boarding school, Toto hated her real name, just as Danella hated being called Frosty. The name given her because of her surname. School kids will belittle anything!

Toto offered a bar stool and signalled the bar staff for immediate attention.

"Here Dans try that!" Offering Danella a cocktail.

"Mmmm! That’s good! Whats in it?"

"Oh that’s a secret, but it’s called a Slave’s Mercy, So are you on the prowl tonight?"

"Well it’s always prudent to keep abreast of what’s happening around one."

"So give us a twirl you look hot!"

Danella from dressed in black leather the ground up was wearing Stiletto boots which disappeared under her hobble skirt which had a rear zip from the small of her back to her ankles, but decided to have it zipped to her knees for practicality, a short box jacket with pocket zips across her breasts, a white silk blouse with a thin tie divided her chest.

"You decided to leave the corset at home then?"

"Yes I wanted to give them all a day off! How about you? Where’s your fuck slave Toto?"

"Oh she’s around here somewhere, But she supplied some of the collateral for this place so I shouldn’t shout too loudly that she’s a fuck slave!"

"Well even the 'untermenschen' of this world get their day these days,"

"Well you’re here to troll are you?"

"Yes, I crave The Art Nouveau !"

"Well your dressed for the occasion!"

As the pair were in discussion a young woman tried to get near the bar to get a drink, not wanting to interfere with them or their discussion she hovered trying to pick a moment to make for the bar.

Toto noticed her first. "Are you old enough to drink, my dear?"

"Why yes Mistress, I turned eighteen yesterday!"

Danella turned round to see the youngster.

Looking like a rabbit might look at car headlights, The girl looked out of place in such a club as they were in, she had leather shorts, clumpy boots and a latex bra top which showed her nipples were large and pronounced.

Danella took her hand and dragged her to the bar, Toto nodded to the bar woman who took her order.

"So you look a little lost here?" Said Danella

"Yes it’s my first time in such a club!"

"Well how’s it been, so far?"

"Well I had to get my nerve to walk through the door as it’s a lesbian club, but now I’m in It’s really good, everyone’s been really nice and I already feel at home here."

"How long have you known?"

"What, that I’m a Lesbian, since I was thirteen."

"That’s a long time to dwell on things."

"Yes, too long!"

"You know when we knew we were Lesbians there was little scope for us to flourish, let alone come out. And anyway this is a Lesbian Bdsm club, what say you?"

"Oh I was hoping to find a someone!"

Danella stroked her breast and her eyes closed, enjoying the moment. Just then Toto got called away and Danella waved the eighteen year old to take the bar seat that Toto had been sitting at.

"So does this Slave have a name?"

The girl went red at the thought of what seemed to be happening.


"Just Jenny?’

"Jenny Longhurst."

"So what have you done in the past?"

"Just self bondage."

"Well Jenny, just self bondage Longhurst, we could leave this place and go the my home where I will gag you and tie you, whip you and deny you, you won’t cum until I give my permission but you will come, eventually…… Maybe!"

Jenny just self bondage Longhurst looked at Danella longingly, she dropped from her bar stool and knelt at Danella’s feet and said in a quiet voice only three words… "Thank you Mistress."

Mistress opened her cluch bag and groped around pulling out a collar and leash. The collar was attached and the leash was attached to the collar. The collar was fitted round Jenny’s neck almost with reverence, To the rest of the club it showed she had "pulled." With a jerk she pulled Jenny up and walked out of the club. Keeping literally a tight leash, Jenny was trying to keep up with Mistress in her clumpy boots. As Mistress was waiting for her car to arrive she looked into her bag and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs which she put on Jenny behind her back. As Danella’s car arrived Danella pulled Jenny round to her side, where Danella got in and pulled Jenny over her lap, she pulled Jenny’s leather shorts down to view her round bottom and smacked Jenny hard. As Jenny screamed Danella opened the glove box and pulled out a gag, which went straight into Jenny’s mouth. As it was tied in place she continued to smack Jenny until she burst into tears, her now red arse was worse for wear!

"What’s the matter? I’m just getting you warmed up!"

As Danella slipped Jenny over to the passenger side. As Jenny tried to right herself in the passenger seat Danella Saw that she was in full bush!

"That lot will be coming off tonight my girl!"

As they drove to Danella’s home Jenny had a feeling of foreboding, The garage door opened automatically and they drove in the door shut behind them with a resounding thump. Danella got out and walked round to get Jenny out of the car. Jenny had a less than comfortable ride, being hand cuffed. Danella pulled Jenny from the car, grabbing the leash and wrapping it around her hand a few times to make it as short as possible pulled Jenny along in the particular way she had for doing such things, with the short leash Jenny had to walk bent up which made Jenny walk watching the floor. As they walked through corridors Danella pulled Jenny up to her full height.

"This is your cell, you will sleep here, wash here, shit here and probably die here, so get used to it! Oh and you can shave yourself clean whilst I get you some refreshment. The door is a prison door so unless I decide otherwise you’re here for life! Oh and I am to be called Mistress at all times understand!"

Jenny nodded at Danella dumbly.

"At all times!"

"Sorry Mistress, and all times Mistress, yes Mistress!"

"That’s better, I’ll get you something to drink."

"Thank you Mistress!"

Mistress walked out the door shutting it with a bang, Jenny looked around the cell, bed, sink, loo, and shower. She looked for something to shave with, there was men’s shaving cream with razors, so Jenny reluctantly started shaving her bush, wondering why this was so unsightly to her mistress.

Danella opened the cell door headed Jenny a glass and knelt down to inspect her work.

"Not bad for the first time, but I want it kept clean from now on."

"Yes Mistress."


Mistress was waiting, Jenny drank the glass, It tasted a bit sweet, Mistress took the glass and handed Jenny some things to put on. A pair of Latex hose, a Latex Helmet, a pair of rubber boots and some Latex crutchless knickers.

"And put the gag in before the helmet goes on SLAVE!"

"Yes Mistress."

Jenny mumbled, Mistress turned and walked out, as Jenny got dressed in Latex. Jenny had no idea about talc so she turned the hose inside out and pulled them up around her legs. Everything else went on OK, except the helmet which she couldn’t work out as it had no eye holes, she put it on anyway! As she sat in the darkness, waiting for something to happen she suddenly realised she was falling asleep! She tried to stay awake but fell on the bed unconscious, her drink had been drugged.

When Jenny awoke she was tied face down to something like a bed, her pussy was on fire, her sex was on fire but there was nothing she could do to scratch the itch. Her bottom was stuck in the air and her legs were tied well apart as were her hands. Her hands were inside some sort of gloves but she couldn’t get her hands out and she couldn’t grasp anything. Jenny shivered as it was cold and silent, what was happening to her, she started pulling on the gloves to try to free herself but to no avail, she was spread on someone’s table and she felt cold sweat running down her nose.

Suddenly she heard a door open and the click clack of high heeled boots

"Oh yes my little bitch you were a find!"

Jenny felt a hand on her bottom caressing it… teasing it… fondling it… then smacking it!

"Now I know that your young, your naive but not unintelligent. I intend to train you as a slave, but if you don’t meet my standards I will sell you on at auction. Your now thinking it cannot possibly happen in this day and age but it does, let me assure you of that. Now to be a true slave you have to endure this test, I have to pierce you in different parts of your body and you may scream with pain, this is why you have been gagged. You might cry, which is why you are wearing the hood. These rings will be with you always, they will heighten your senses and make you aware of your position in life."

The next half an hour was the longest in Jenny’s life, as each piercing requires a needle and pain. Half way through her arms were pulled upwards and she was held in an upright position so the piercing could continue. All the while the throbbing in between her legs made her so sensitive that when Mistress was piercing her inner and outer labia she came. She came when Mistress was piercing her clitoral hood, and she came when Mistress was piercing her nipples. The pain was intense, the pleasure was more so.

Jenny had her helmet pulled off, she squinted for a few seconds whilst getting used to the light again. Mistress smirked at her she was tethered to a frame which was hinged on to one end of the bench where she was originally. The frame was cranked up vertical via a cable attached to a winder.

Mistress had given Jenny the drugged drink knowing what would happen, Jenny’s heightened senses made anything that had gone before insignificant. Danella had made a conscious decision to keep Jenny longer than the night, normally she would be thrown out in the morning regardless. Many Women had seen her front door slammed in their face, but she had made over the months a need for someone to be a partner (on her terms) and it was looking like Jenny was in a position to be what Danella wanted.

Jenny was young enough not to be a threat to Danella, her naivety was what attracted Danella in the first place, and she could envisage the pair of them going to the best clubs as an long term item. She smiled to herself in her bedroom mirror for being so inventive.

Danella trained Jenny to be the perfect slave, in all respects, Jenny was a quick learner and as Danella thought, bright as a button. After five months of training Jenny was Danella’s trusted slave, lover, even friend not many people had been allowed to get as close as Jenny was, and Jenny was the closest thing to a confidant as she was likely to ever find. Danella even changed her will to include Jenny if she should pass away in an accident. Danella, last thing at night had to admit to herself that she loved her slave such was Jenny’s devotion to her.

As Jenny brought up her morning tea Danella was dozing in bed. It was roughly six months after the fateful night and in Danela’s eyes Jenny could do no wrong.

"This tea, seems a little sweet ."

"I’ve made it fresh a few minutes ago as per instructions Mistress, Earl Grey made in a teapot warmed, made with hot boiling water mistress. I used your silver tea egg so I would not have to wash the pot of tea leaves."

"Yes Slave I remember telling you how to make earl grey."

"Yes Mistress do you want me to make you another pot?"

"No Slave this will be fine."

As Danella lay in bed, drinking her tea she felt an unease, which she dismissed. What could be wrong she thought my life is as perfect as it could be!

A few minutes later Danella was unconscious.

As Danella opened her eyes, her mind filled with mist she felt as if she had been toppled from her ivory tower, something wasn’t right. As her mind came into consciousness she realised she had her hands and ankles restrained, and there was a large penis gag in her mouth. And she had been dressed in a latex cat suit which had been cut away at the crutch her pussy was on fire and her legs were restrained, so she couldn’t even rub her legs together. She realised she was moaning in her gag, and just then a horse whip was brought across her buttocks!


The horse whip could be heard just before it made contact with her buttocks.


It just kept coming, every couple of seconds.





Her buttock were on fire her pussy craved stimulation but neither seemed likely as she was tied across a punishment horse and she designed the horse herself, so it was impossible to escape from. Unrelenting, the violation continued, she could feel nothing but pain and the strong craving for climax. As quickly as it started the whipping stopped, and Danella was left strapped to the horse to stew. As the intensity cooled to a raw numbing ache she knew that her own drugs had been used against her. As she heard footsteps behind her already sore rump was slapped and the soreness erupted again.

Danella tried her bonds but, as she thought there was no way of releasing herself. Suddenly she felt something pushing against her sphincter, a well oiled butt plug was pushed home, as Danella groaned into her gag. She had taken the anal virginity of hundreds of women and never in her wildest dreams thought that she would ever be on the receiving end of a butt plug! She thought that she could feel her orifice filling with something. As she lay there it dawned on her what it was. She was being fed her own drugs via her backside, one of the quickest ways of introducing drugs into the blood stream was through the back passage.

As the drugs took affect Danella became super sensitive, her nipples were crying out to be squeezed, and pinched, but the horse had been designed not to allow surfaces to provide friction for stimulation. She hung over the horse and congratulated herself for being so bloody clever.

Danella was thinking that it couldn’t really get any worse When she felt "things" being stuck to her body, She groaned when she guessed it was her stimulation equipment, all computer controlled, it would keep a slave on the brink for hours, days, weeks if necessary. Another groan as the process started. After what seemed like several hours of being brought to the brink and being denied a climax, Danella had her gag removed and a straw put in her mouth. As she sucked on the straw, cool liquid filled her mouth. She realized just how thirsty she was, and wondered how long this was going on for?

"Drink it all yer fuckin’ BITCH!"

Danella froze rigid!

Firstly she didn’t recognise the voice and secondly it was a man’s voice! The last man in her house was the gas meter reader, months ago!

Fear gripped her as she was smacked across her backside again.


The shock of the pain on her tender rump shook her to the core, now super sensitised, she struggled to gain release. The shackles were the best and would not release her. Exhausted she gave up as a pump up penis gag with breather pipe was pushed into her mouth. A few pumps later and her mouth was full.

"Would you like a cup of tea Mistress?"

It was Jenny’s voice! Danella nodded furiously as if the contact made with Jenny meant an end to the torture. Jenny attached a pipe to the end of the breather pipe, and a funnel to that. She poured a bottle of pre-prepared cold piss into the funnel and waited.

Danella’s reaction was delayed a few seconds, until she realised the drink was not tea but urine, again she thrashed about, trying to stop the piss but she had designed the equipment too well!

Howls of laughter stopped her in her tracks. She realised there were at least three people in the room with her.

"I suppose you would like to know what’s going to happen to you?"

Said Jenny, still laughing. First let me introduce you to my mother, Elizabeth Macalister. But you know her as Toto!"


"And my brother Matt!"

Toto took over

"Yes I finally get you where you deserve to be, drinking my other daughters piss! Oh you didn’t know I had two daughters did you?"

"Let me explain your predicament Frosty, last Christmas you met a young girl called Julie you whispered sweet nothings into her ear and you drove home with your catch. From what she has told us, you tied her, whipped her and arse fucked her With a massive dildo. Sounds about right so far? OK Julie is my daughter, and you gave her such an arse fucking you ripped her insides out, she had septicaemia and was close to death. Luckily she pulled through, no thanks to you! So I knew it was you from the start she described you to a tee, she described your house and your dungeon, Oh and most of your car’s number plate. Jenny had the idea of posing as a young newbie at the club, in order to catch you. In actual fact she’s nearly twenty two, and has qualified in I.T which really came in handy when it came to shafting you where it hurts!"

Jenny took over, "I logged on to your computer, you were arrogant enough not to protect yourself with passwords. Cutting a long story short I have taken everything you owned. All your accounts are cleaned out, your stocks and holdings have been sold. I even have sold your house from under you, and guess who bought it? Me of course!"

"So it was a simple question do we kick you out of here in the nude, and I must admit it came close as so many women have been subjected to that humiliation, but in the end we decided that the best place to humiliate you was here, in your old dungeon. You see you had everything to fuck you right here. The best of everything to hand, your drugs, nice of you to show me how to administer them we can feed you, and then I thought how about a toilet slave! So by tomorrow we’ll have pierced you ALL OVER! And once your plumbed in we will have to throw a housewarming party and can you guess who we will invite? All the women we can find that you have fucked, whipped and buggered and thrown out. You might even cum but we need a base reading for the computer then it’ll bring you to the brink and stop then it’ll bring you to the brink and then stop! You get the idea, a couple of months of that with no chance of cuming. Then you might appreciate my sister Julie who should be fit enough to come over and arse fuck you like you arse fucked her!"

Danella, fought back the tears, she knew everything that had been said was true, It didn’t make the taste in her mouth any better, and in fact it looked like it was going to get a lot worse.



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