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Sounds Through a Thin Wall 2 Contact

by Trech Rwber

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© Copyright 2014 - Trech Rwber - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Solo-M; MF; latex; catsuits; corset; boots; SBR; clothing; hoods; collar; sheath; first; rom; sex; climax; cons; X

story continued from part one

Part 2 Contact

Saturday Morning

Anne wakes late, after a slightly restless night. Her dreams have been a mixture of kinky longings; with a masked lover doing all the things to her that she has desired for so long; or they were abstract dreams about a solitary life. In the last one she is dressed in vanilla clothes and pushing her shopping trolley down a supermarket aisle. But all the other customers in the store are happy kinky couples dressed in a variety of fetish outfits, all laughing and kissing. They turn and look at her in silence as she wanders alone looking for her groceries. She tries to shake this last dream from her mind and peels back the damp and clinging rubber bedclothes from her body. It’s time to clean up her fetish bed, and have another shower. Anne contemplates a full day enjoying total rubber coverage in the safety of her home, but decides that she is getting too insular, and must get out and talk to someone other than her few close friends and people at work. But she decides not to go out entirely dressed as a vanilla.

One and a half hours later, and Anne is ready to face the day. For her and others like her, the weather is being kind, it’s raining. Time for some more just about legitimate rubber, thinks Anne as she get her shiny SBR raincoat with attached hood out of the hall cupboard. Before she puts her coat on Anne looked very conventional, wearing jeans and a high necked jumper with long sleeves. Just the black rubber gloves on her hands indicating that she may not be quite what at first sight she appears to be. Anne puts on some rubber fashion wellingtons, in dark purple, and then covers her black gloves with some similar ones but made of socially acceptable leather. Then, she puts on her coat, buttons it up to the neck, and tightens the belt around her slim waist.

Her waist is in fact not normally quite as small as it now appears to be. As under her vanilla clothes Anne’s is wearing another catsuit and a heavy rubber over bust corset with spiral steel stays. It is difficult for her to tighten this garment as much as she would like on her own, but she has with practice, over the last few years and with the aid of a strongly mounted hook on her bedroom wall, managed to get it sufficiently tight to reduce her natural waist size by 4 inches. Feeling delightfully covered and restricted Anne picks up her bag, and opens the front door preparing to pull up her raincoat hood as she leaves the house.

She is only dimly aware that less than a metre away exactly the same process, at least as far as the front door is concerned, is happening with her new neighbour. The doors clunk closed at almost exactly the same time, making both her and Rafe jump. Anne turns round to see what the noise is and finds herself staring, not just into the face of her new neighbour but at the male equivalent of her coat. The coat Rafe is wearing does not have a hood but he is wearing a broad brimmed hat in a waterproof material that looks suspiciously like rubber.

"Err... good morning", stammers Rafe the hint of a blush on his cheeks. Anne replies in the same way, neither of them can quite believe how the other is dressed. Anne breaks the uncomfortable silence first.

"I like the coat", she says, not quite believing that she has said these words so easily.

"Yes", her new neighbour replies, "it’s really waterproof, ideal for this sort of weather".

"But these sorts of coats are rather specialised", comments Anne. Then suddenly they are both talking about SBR coats, the neighbourhood; and walking down to the local shop, which it appears, is where they both intended to go. Rafe then suggests that perhaps they might walk to the shop together and Anne agrees without a second thought.

Rafe and Anne walk slowly in the rain talking rapidly to each other, saying so much but hearing so much more. They are both intensely aware of their identical well waterproofed condition, rain running in rivulets off the SBR coats they are both wearing. Neither is able to ask the question why they have chosen to wear the garments they have dressed in, so they skirt around this most pertinent topic, and discuss other issues about their lives. They are carefully finding out if it is safe to ask the question they so badly both want an answer to.

It’s nearly an hour before they find themselves back in front of their adjacent front doors. Anne excited by the possibility of having found a new potential lover living so close to her and driven by her extreme loneliness, she is suddenly seized by a reckless urge to expose her needs a little more clearly. "Well thanks for the company", she says and taking off her leather glove offers her hand to Rafe who automatically goes to grasp it in that most British of ways; seeing at the very last moment the material her hand is covered in.

He stops looks very directly into her eyes and then slowly pulls back the Velcro tab of his own socially acceptable waterproof Gore tex glove. Pulling the glove off exposes his hand, which is also covered in black rubber. He then takes her hand in his, and shakes it. Anne suddenly finds herself acutely embarrassed by the situation, but can do nothing but continue with the course of action she has started.

"I’m not doing anything tonight", she finds herself saying, "would you like to come to dinner, a sort of welcome to the neighbourhood if you like".

"I would love to", Rafe replies; "what shall I wear?" he adds, also emboldened by the situation.

"Oh", replies Anne, "just something..." she hesitates then smiles, "perhaps something just a little uncomfortable?"

Saturday Afternoon

Rafe shut his front door and stares around his home, which is still very much in a just moved in state. Has the last hour really just happened, there is no doubt that Anne is interested in the same types of pleasure that he likes to indulge in, and living right next door to him. Rafe really can’t believe that after all the stress of splitting up from Christine, his former partner for 15 years that this could have happened. After all those years when he was forced to lead a double life, of finding reason for being alone, or encouraging her to go off with her girl friends for the weekend. Then the confrontation, the compromises; the broken promises; the division of all they had built up together. Then having to start again in almost the same impoverished state he was in back in his early 20’s. Then out of the blue, well out of the rain, Rafe allows himself a small smile of hope, he finds that maybe, just maybe the perfect partner is living the other side of the flimsy, cheaply built wall of his little house.

She’s a fair bit younger than me, Rafe thinks, but pretty, good to be seen with both out in the vanilla world and at fetish events. But hold on, Rafe then thinks she might be really weird, like some he had been with. Apart from his fetish, Rafe considers himself completely normal. I just hope she isn’t a sadistic bitch or a psycho, she seems fine, but you never know. Rafe decides that its just nerves; he will go to dinner as arranged but will be careful what he drinks, and listen carefully to what she says. Now what to wear, her meaning was very clear, but he does in fact not have that much street rubber, and is that what he is supposed to wear anyway. Rafe goes upstairs to consider his options.

Anne shuts the front door of her home and stares around. Has the last hour really just happened, there is no doubt that Rafe is interested in the same types of pleasure that she likes to indulge in, and living right next door to her. That was a bit impetuous of me to invite him round thinks Anne; he might be a sadistic bastard, or a psycho. Its probably just nerves, he seemed totally normal except for the very obvious rubber fetish, and that, Anne thinks is what I have always been looking for. Now what shall I cook and what shall I wear; I think both will be equally important this evening. Anne decides to get the ‘what to wear’ question out of the way first, and goes upstairs to consider her options.

Saturday Evening

Rafe’s heart is starting to pound as he reaches forward to grasp the door knocker announcing his arrival at Anne’s home. He has spent the last few hours in a frantic round of sorting, cleaning and polishing his best rubber gear, together with a furtive second trip to the shop to buy a half decent bottle of wine, and some flowers, hoping this will not appear too corny. Rafe is dressed in black latex trousers but, for the sake of comfort and convenience, he has cloth underwear on. A black rubber tee-shirt with short sleeves, and a round neck,and over this Rafe is wearing a dark blue, long sleeved shirt with a zip closure down the front, and at the wrists. The shirt hides some rust marks on the tee- shirt from careless or rushed storage in the past. This is just about all the presentable street rubber Rafe now has, and he really hopes it’s going to be good enough. But as the door opens and he sees Anne, he has grave doubts that his own poor fetish clothes will get him a second invite as he looks at the beautiful fetish female standing in her hall.

Anne has not had a chance to wear her street rubber for some time, as she has almost stopped going to events over the last year. So this evening she has been careful in her choice. She wants to impress Rafe, but she is not yet sure if she also wants to be seduced by him. She is wearing a knee length dress in satin sheen purple; it has long puff sleeves, is tight at the wrists and has a high collar, so apart from her head Anne is fully covered. Her legs are wrapped in black latex tights which have a comfort zip. The tightly fitting bodice is enhanced with a rubber under bust corset. In fact all of Anne’s garments both visible and hidden are made of latex rubber. Her hair is loosely gathered in a ponytail. On her feet she has court shoes that match her dress, these are locked into place with strap restraints, and the little padlocks jingle slightly as she walks.

The smell of latex and good food is extremely seductive, as is the sight of the woman standing to one side to let him into her home. Rafe is suddenly aware that he is just standing staring at Anne, his mouth open in wonder. He pulls himself together and steps inside. As she close the door he offers her his gifts of wine and flowers, and gets a smile and a chaste kiss on the cheek, which breaks the awkwardness of the moment, and they both start to relax. Rafe compliments Anne on her appearance; "Well thank you kind rubbery sir!" Anne replies, and they both laugh.

Anne has cooked carefully, but not too extravagantly, having learnt earlier that Rafe has no food intolerances, and is not a vegetarian. She has prepared Beef Wellington which has just a nod in the direction of their share fetish in its name, with fresh vegetables. The meal starts with grilled goat’s cheese on apple rings and finishes with an indulgent Eaton Mess. During the meal, and helped by the wine, they both open up about their delights in rubber lust and its sensual fulfilment, this leads onto personal history and expectations for the future; so they both start to have a good idea of what the other wants, and needs in a partner.

Anne’s house is warm, as her heating is set fairly high. She has assumed that Rafe would understand what she meant about dressing uncomfortably, and will arrive dressed in rubber. But Anne also enjoys the feeling of trapped heat and moisture when she is dressed in her fetish clothes, and is interested to see how Rafe will react under these circumstances. Anne has used dressing aid, rather that powder when she dressed for the evening, so if she does start to get too hot it will not be unduly noticeable. Rafe not knowing Anne’s plans has dressed using powder as a dressing aid for his shirt and tee shirt, so with the combination of warm food, the temperature, and his natural apprehension he does start to have problems. It is just after Anne has finished serving the Eaton mess that Rafe gets to crisis point. He has noticed that despite clearly being hot Anne seems very comfortable with her situation. Then, a trickle from his right wrist lands on the dark blue table cloth, Rafe is mortified and tries to hide what is happening, but Anne just smiles and goes to the kitchen returning with a towel.

"Time to mop you up a bit", she says smiling even more, and carefully mopping up the moisture from Rafe’s clothes. The evening has gone well for both of them until this point, and for Anne, it still is. She has learned a lot about Rafe, who has talked freely about his life and desires, and she can see no reason not to encourage him a little more, whilst at the same time keeping some distance between them, at least for the moment.

Whilst Rafe is trying to thank her and apologise at the same time, Anne leans close to him and whispers "Please don’t worry, we are rubberists and understand both the delights and pitfall of our fetish". She then kisses his lips and waits. Rafe almost draws back, but he is getting more and more attracted to Anne, not just because she enjoys the same sexual fetish as him, but because he has found her company, conversation, and personality to be exactly what he has always looked for in a partner, but has never truly found. Rafe returns Anne’s kiss with a barely suppressed passion and their lips part, tongues starting to search and explore each others mouths. Anne pulls back after a few moments, just as Rafe is starting to reach for and touch her body, saying, "Let’s finish dinner".

The Eaton Mess is consumed with sensual relish as they both look at each other with hunger in their eyes. There is a lot more to say, but for the moment they are both satisfied that this new relationship will turn into something significant. The conversation is now becoming comfortable and is starting to settle down, as if they have been together for a long time, rather than having known each other for just a few hours. Rafe is suddenly worried that Anne will expect him to sleep with her; he has decided that he very much wants to, but has not come prepared for this to happen, and has no idea if she has any contraceptive measures in place. But his worries are unfounded, as after coffee and some more sexy rubber talk Anne starts to indicate that she wants to settle down alone. Rafe is not sure if he is relieved or disappointed, but as they say their goodbyes in Anne’s hall the passion shown in the way she kisses and holds Rafe and he returns back to her, touching her slim warm rubber covered body, leaves no doubt in either of their minds that all being well and they will soon be enjoying a great deal of kinky, loving, sex together.

The Waiting Week

Rafe knows he must return the invitation to Anne, but is worried that his home, and poor fetish offerings will be a disappointment to her. As he was about to leave he asks her if she can meet him for a drink on Thursday, and when she says yes, he then plucks up the courage to invite her to dinner next Saturday. This question gets him not just another yes but also a squeeze on his rubber covered arse. Rafe is elated but still worried about his home. As Anne closes the door of her house she thinks well, I thought he wasn’t going to get round to it. Talk about leaving things to the last minute.

The next 4 days are strangely calm for Anne. She does not use her number 1 set of fetish gear on Saturday night, or on Sunday. By Monday the itch is getting too severe to ignore,and she does dress, and play, for the one and only time that week. But she is always listening for, and looking out for Rafe. She is hoping he will call before Thursday, but there is no sight, or sound of him. Anne finds herself paying close attention to any sounds coming through the thin wall, but it is as if Rafe has left. She tries to see him going off to work to catch a glimpse of her new hoped for lover but it is as if no one lives next door.

For Rafe the exact opposite is true. From the moment he returns home hot and frustrated on Saturday night he has only one thought, how to win Anne and get her into his rubbery bed. The first thing he does on Monday is to phone work and ask for some annual leave. He is suppose to give at least 5 days notice, but makes up a story about a family crisis and he just about gets away with it. Rafe days are then divided into 2 parts, one where Anne is just a thin wall away, and the other when he knows that she has gone to work.

When Anne is out Rafe works frantically on his house, putting up shelves, curtain rails and new curtains, moving furniture about, clearing out stuff that he can’t think why he moved to his new home in the first place, and accepting deliveries of various sorts. Some of the deliveries are small, and surprisingly heavy packages ordered on line, as Rafe is not going to be left wanting on the fetish side of things next time he meets Anne. He also does a lot of decorating; this is prioritised for the start of the week as he wants his home to smell of clean new latex rather than fresh paint. In the evenings after Anne come in from work Rafe spends his time on the computer, buying new rubber and play equipment, or furniture and often having to pay extra for express delivery. So by the time Thursday arrives Rafe is exhausted, but things inside his small home are almost finished, even though he has spent most of his of meagre savings.

As they have agreed to try and be Mr & Mrs Vanilla for Thursday evening Rafe dresses smart casual, and is pleased to see that Anne has done the same, when he calls to pick her up. They walk the ½ mile to the local pub through a light drizzle, but this time without the protection of their SBR coats, which they both miss. The pub is not that full, as its mid week, and they are able to find a table in the corner where they cannot be easily overheard. As Rafe is new to the area, and Anne hardly ever goes out locally they are not interrupted by other customers, except for a nodding hello from a few other neighbours that Anne knows slightly from living on the estate.

During the conversation Anne learns some encouraging information about Rafe. Like her, Rafe is a diver, but had given it up as his former partner was not interested, and resented his time away on dives. He does however, still have a lot of his equipment and is still qualified. I’ll get you nice and wet in your dry suit thinks Anne to herself. But Rafe is not into motor bikes at all, as he had a friend who was badly hurt in a motorbike accident, and although he lived for several years, he died very young as a result of his injuries. Rafe who had biked in his teens has had nothing to do with them since. Oh well, thinks Anne nothing is 100% right, and of all her hobbies, the bike is the one she can most easily give up. Rafe finds out no negatives during the evening about Anne, and his desires to not just sleep with her, but to have a LTR with her is staring to build to fever pitch.

They walk slowly home, not wanting the evening to end. Neither has drunk very much, as they both wanted to remain fully aware of and enjoy each others company. They linger on Anne’s doorstep and she cannot resist inviting Rafe in for coffee, but to her surprise he refuses, saying he needs to get up early for work. It truth, Rafe is desperate to finish his plans for Saturday and although he wants to stay with Anne, not just for another hour but all night, he is determined to do things correctly, and as far as possible honourably.

Part 3 Consummation 

The Second Saturday

By Saturday Anne had decided that she would be mad not to try to have a relationship with Rafe, as he appears to be all that she has been looking for in a partner. She wonders if she will end up in his bed that night, and if their first time together should be vanilla or fetish. Well it’s our shared fetish that has brought us together, even though it is what Anne has subsequently learned about Rafe that has made her willing to invite him into her life. So Anne decides that she would like their first time to be a rubbery one, and decides to dress accordingly. 

Next door, Rafe has been going through the same process of deciding about the sexual element of the evening. He is worried that he is going too fast for Anne, but all their conversations so far have been very positive. Rafe wants his first time, and as far as he is concerned just about all other times with Anne to be rubbery. In the end, he just hopes that she give him some clear signs of her wishes, and so he dresses in such a way that he will appear  just to be in rubber clothes but will have more hidden too, allowing him to have sex with Anne whilst still being rubbered up. 

Anne arrives promptly at 6:30 with a bottle of wine. This time she is a vision of black and white. The dress is an A line with a V neck in black with white trim, the sleeves are long and tight fitting but with flared ruffs at her wrists. She appears to be wearing latex gloves and stockings and a zip fronted under blouse. In fact, all that is visible under the dress is a cat or body suit with a front zip. Anne has turned the collar inside and left the zip undone above her bust. She is also wearing a rubber buckle collar this is locked in place by a tiny silver padlock. This was a gift from an old lover and Anne hopes it will inform Rafe that she prefers to be submissive, as they have not yet fully discussed this aspect of their relationship. Her underwear consists of a wired bra, naturally in black latex, and an under bust corset which she has not laced too tight, mindful of the fact that she is going to eat and hopefully, make love within the next few hours. 

Although Anne does not yet know it, the way that Rafe has dressed will in time tell her that he is going to be her perfect partner.  Rafe is wearing dark blue trousers and what appears to be a scoop neck tee shirt over which he is wearing a well cut rubber jacket. In fact the shirt and what you might take to be latex socks are the visible parts of the neck entry cat suit Rafe is wearing under his top layers. Rafe has also put on sheath pants but not yet inserted his cock into the sheath, to allow him to use the bathroom during the evening.

Rafe has cooked Greek style chicken casserole with olive and apricots. It is in fact an easy dish that looks after itself in the oven, and has given him time to finish his preparations about the house. Yet, he hopes that he will still look like a fairly good and creative cook. Anne sniff appreciatively, "Well something smells good!" she declares and bends forward and sniffs Rafe’s jacket, hmm new rubber, thinks Anne, she looks him in the eye and grins, "the dinner smells OK too", she says and they both laugh.

The slight distance that has developed since their drink together on Thursday evaporates, and they start kissing, this time as lovers, bodies close, with lots of touching and feeling of each other; tongues exploring. Rafe doesn’t mean to say it, but it’s in his head and just slips out, "Dinner before, or after?" he blurts out, and then realises what he has said and desperately starts to back track by trying to make a joke of it. But Anne is now aroused and stops his not very convincing attempts to once more appear the perfect gentlemen. 

"Well", she interrupts, "as long as you promise to tighten my stays now, and if you wish to be merciful, loosen them just a little before we eat then I would prefer before". Rafe stares at her for a split second, and then takes her hand to take her up to his bedroom; Anne grabbing her bag from the hall table as she is led upstairs.

Saturday Night

Rafe’s bed is different. Anne’s is wooden but Rafe’s is a new reproduction Victorian metal frame one with brass knobs. Anne compliments Rafe about it, and is pleased that he replies in a very relaxed way saying, "Thanks, and it also has lots of anchor points". As far as the bedding is concerned, it could be Anne’s own rubber bed. Anne starts to undress but Rafe stops her, as he is starting to take charge of the situation, which is exactly what Anne wants, and needs him to do.

Rafe slowly, and with much caressing removes Anne’s dress to reveal her under layers. Anne then hands him the key to her collar saying, "I hope you will relock this when we are ready".

Rafe is slightly puzzled by this comment but just decides to run with the situation and nods. He unlocks and removes the collar; Anne then pulls out the neck of her suit and zips the front fully closed. She then opens her bag and takes out a swim cap and the same hood she first wore last Saturday night. As she gathers up her hair to put in the cap she thinks about how different her circumstances are tonight, and how her desperate loneliness was slowly destroying her confidence, and her pleasure in the fetish she had always enjoyed since her early teens. Please don’t let me down Rafe, she thinks silently to herself.

Once Anne is hooded, she turns her back on Rafe and asks him to tighten her corset by at least 2 inches. Rafe has not laced a woman for some time, but his nerves disappear as he starts to progressively tighten Anne’s stays, as she holds onto the heavy metal bed frame to steady herself. Anne revels in the pleasure of feeling her waist being compressed, not by her own struggles, by at the hands of her lover. Once she is strictly laced, her chest heaving with each breath, she hands Rafe the collar and lock. Rafe does not need to be asked twice, and quickly buckles the collar around Anne’s neck before clicking the lock closed. He hesitates, thinking perhaps he should give her back the key but correctly judges her response and put the key into the drawer of his bedside table. Turning to Anne, he sees the excitement this action has caused, reflected in her eyes.  Anne asks if she should get into bed and Rafe says she can. Anne does so, pulling the covers right up to her nose and waits.

What Anne has just done has exceeded Rafe’s wildest expectations, and he decides that he must step up and match Anne. He removes his outer layers, attempting to do so as slowly, and with as much dignity as possible.  He then goes  to his chest of drawers and gets out a hood of a similar configuration to the one Anne is wearing, and a pair of gloves, as his suit does not have any attached. He also, and  he hopes discreetly, fits his cock into the sheath of his pants   Once he has the hood and gloves on he stands in front of the bed looking into the eyes of his new love; his erection pushing hard against the skin of his tight suit. Anne moans and this is all the invite Rafe needs, he quickly goes to the other side of the bed and slips between the sheet and the now warm duvet.

Bodies slide and snap with rubber friction as they move around each other, the patina of sweat building between skin and rubber, as their passion and need increases. Rafe holds and controls Anne’s head, his tongue plundering her mouth. The tiny padlock makes a faint clink, as he moves and manipulates her encased body for their mutual pleasure. Anne’s sex is soaking, and as she has become so used to self pleasure she has to constantly stop her hands from touching herself, and concentrate on Rafe’s cock, which seems to be growing even bigger, trying to burst out of its rubber prison.  Rafe pulls back and panting and asks Anne to unzip him. As she does so she sees more straining black rubber underneath the suits zip. "Sheath pants", gasps Rafe seeing the look in her eyes, "safer than a condom and more fun".

Anne tries to free her man from the suit but he is now so big and hard she is worried she will hurt him; "I think you had better do the next bit", she whispers. So Rafe does, but has considerable problems freeing himself, however, the time taken allows him to step back slightly from his orgasm, which was starting to get far too close.

The duvet has slipped to one side during the struggle with Rafe’s cock. He now pulls it back onto the bed covering them both. Turning on his front he slides beneath the covers savouring the smells of warm, excited bodies,’ sex and latex. Rafe works by touch and smell in the utter blackness of the bed, finding Anne’s crotch zip he eases it down with care, his sense of touch even through the gloves telling him it does have a zip guard. Never the less he has no idea if Anne is shaved and the last thing he wants is to pull her pubic hair or catch her labia in the metal of the zip. His care is rewarded and even through the gloves he feels the rush of fluid and heat as he frees his woman, the smell of Anne’s arousal assails into his nose, as  he works his fingers into her slit, Anne is moaning loudly now and starting to writhe about. Rafe stimulates Anne with both his fingers and tongue enjoying the salty taste for her sexual needs until he starts to run out of air under the duvet, so he removes his hand from Anne’s sex and slides up the bed arriving at her face and starts to kiss her, and lick her hooded face and head.

The moisture from their confinement and Anne’s copious pre cum makes the need for any additional lubricant unnecessary and Rafe finds himself slipping passed Anne’s open zip and into her sex with a smooth and fluid thrust. She is so ready for him, and it feels like her sex is trying to swallow his length, a sense of sucking surrounds Rafe’s cock as he pushes, and Anne draws him deeper into her. Her body and his becoming one united organ of pleasure, even though almost no part of their anatomies are in direct contact, just  their lips, tongues and the rapid breathing of the two lovers meet in twisting swirls of pleasure. Rafe starts to drive himself into Anne to the maximum possible depth, stimulating both Anne’s G and C spots, then pulling back as far as he dares, his thrusts starting to speed up. 

The thick sheath dulls the impact of his repeated penetrations, enabling him to stave off his longed for orgasm for just a little longer. This precious extra few moments allows Anne to reach her pre-orgasmic state, allowing her body’s instinctive reactions to take over. Feeling Rafe’s cock is starting to jerk, her vaginal muscles contract and they simultaneously orgasm, waves of sexual fluid smashing against the thin wall of latex penetrating Anne and enclosing Rafe.  As neither of them is gagged they freely express the joy of their kinky loving sexual pleasure, knowing that no one else can hear them.

Anne’s Bedroom is dark, just the faint light of a streetlamp shows through the open curtains. This light reflects on the black polished surface of her rubber bedclothes. The room has a silence and peace about it, as if it is resting after the frantic activities it has witnessed over the last months and years of Anne’s enforced lonely isolation. Then the silence is abruptly broken but a screaming groaning wail. It penetrates the thin wall from the house next door, a single sound but played simultaneously in  2 different octaves, one lower than the other.  Anne and Rafe’s days of lonely solo fetish playing are over, and her bedroom is waiting for them.    

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