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A Sound And Some Fury

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubberking - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bondage; cons; XX

Warning!: if you are underage, under eighteen or the legal age of consent where you live. Please read no further! Warning!: this story contains aspects of S&M, bondage, rubber and other fetishes, if you are uncomfortable with these issues, please do not read. This story is rated XXX Thank you and please enjoy. RK.

A Sound And Some Fury
By Rubberking©2001

A shrill cry erupted as the crop dug in to the quivering asscheecks of the rubber-clad women hanging from the rings in the ceiling, the chains attached to the cuffs on her wrists and to the complex combination corset and body harness she was strapped, laced and belted into. She swayed sobbing, yet praying to god for the crop to fall again, to fan the fires in her loins higher still, to at last let her cum. she was so, so ready to cum, the teasing and torture of the past hours only serving to bring her shuddering to the edge, over and over again, never being allowed to slide over into orgasmic bliss.

The chains clinked as she fought the steel and thick rubber bonds holding her feet to the anchoring ring set in the concrete flooring of the chamber her master had brought her to.

She could not see through the eyeless rubber hood that had been pulled over her black, short hair, and there was a thick protuberance stuck in her mouth, forcing her jaws apart until they ached, in her nostrils had been shoved small, short rubber tubes that were her only means of getting air at all, and along with the air came a thick pungent smell of more heated rubber or latex, adding to her misery and her growing excitements as her body was ravished more and more.

Earlier, with only a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth and her arms and legs restrained with thick belts, she had watched with an almost detached interest as she was stripped with a hook-bladed knife of her street clothes, washed and scrubbed with a rough brush and shaved from head to toe from the neck down. 

She was then greased like a turkey with some kind of clear gel and slid, feet first, into the one-piece, thick, black and red rubber suit she now wore covering every exposed inch of skin on her body.

Her feet had been forced into pointed black knee-high boots that crushed her feet into the same points that ballet dancers long to have and were hers now, though she wished it were otherwise, they were killing her feet by forcing her to stand upright on the insane nine-inch spiked heels.

A part of her wondered how this had happened to her, how had she come to this place and to be so terribly used and abused, how could she escape before this monster ultimately flayed the skin from her bones and did other worse things to her, perhaps even after she was long dead?

Incredibly, to her thinking in any case, another part of her mind rejoiced at her current predicament, her thighs shook and she felt her sealed pussy awash in more freshly secreted juices of her own making and her breasts with their throbbing rock-hard projections jiggled, wishing someone would find some use for them as well, even before the sound of the swish, her buttocks lifted, arching back to meet the next stroke of the evil instrument that was seeming to sear her mind as much as it did her rear end.

Wetness had flooded her eyes under the tight mask, unable to escape just as she was unable to escape and her eyes stung which only added the pressure of more fluid as the tearing continued unabated as she sobbed mindlessly around the plug in her mouth and the tubes in her nose.

"Thwack!" came the crop across her ass, fire leaping into the wake as blood rushed to the area affected, she shuddered and her pussy spasmed as she almost reached the edge again from the sheer rush the renewed pain sent rocketing through her clit and nipples, so close, oh so close, oh god, let me cum!

Her ass jumped in anticipation of the next blow and she mewled through the plug in dismay as the blow failed to come, her arse quivering with heat and desire for more abuse.

But it had stopped and she squealed like a stuck pig as strong hands began kneading her behind, sending more pain singing in her flesh even as the pleasure erupted and she finally went over the edge, her thighs cramping, vulva snapping and her clit exploding as a single digit of his hand found it and barely touched it through the rubber.

A gruff voice in her ear spoke. "Did I say you could come slave? I think ten with the flogger should help you remember your lessons about control more properly, don't you?"

The soothing, infuriating hands left her body and time passed, how much was unclear, but the next thing that happened was a heavy, stinging blow across her most sensitive spot, her tits!

The blow warped her mind and caused her body to fight her bonds, uselessly of course, but still the pain was so bad she felt her mind go limp, finally surrendering and she imagined she was outside herself, watching the succeeding blows strike her body from outside of her shell, detached once again and free from the oppressive pain of having a body of her own. she watched several more strikes of the heavy multi-tailed whip hit her body, breasts and ass, the man now only a vague shadow, merely a part of the scene before her.

Then, with a sudden disconcerting jolt, she was back in her body and screaming as loud as the gag would allow as the tails flipped up between her legs, connecting with the tender petals of her vagina, one striking deep into her cleft and landing directly against her clit and her world turned into a fiery red haze of pure, unadulterated pain mixed with the most astounding pleasure she had ever experienced. Every muscle in her body spasmed and contracted violently and rapidly as she came like she was blowing apart at the seams, her whole being becoming white light for one split nanosecond.

She felt hands carrying her, somewhere... felt her body being laid somewhere soft and yielding and felt the warm body next to her, holding her gently, soothing her, touching her. Her bonds were not removed, she felt her wrists being gathered and latched together and her legs being brought above her one at a time and something pressing against the backs of her knees before her ankles were again clipped to chains, locking her in place again, spread-eagled, while she gasped for breath and tried to recover her scattered thoughts.

A minute, or an hour later perhaps, she didn't know. She felt the hands at her throat and thought the end had finally come for her, she was to be strangled and dumped along a road somewhere, left like a thousand other dead bodies found that very day across the country. The nearness of death caused her to erupt and come again, her hips jerking helplessly as her crotch flooded with her final liquids before her body cooled in death. Again, then once more, she came.

Then the hands found the edge of the hood and she felt the almost cold air seep in and make her gasp aloud as the gag was pulled from her incredulous mouth and her wet hair became as ice as the rubber mask came free with a wet snap.

The blue eyes of her lover smiled at her, looking concerned, he asked. "Are you ok darling? Should I quit? You didn't safe-word, but from the way you were dancing about I thought I’d better check on you. And we have dinner in four hours with my boss, remember, so maybe we'd better get cleaned up and quit for now?"

Her look of shock and surprise was total. "You bastard! I was almost there; I almost had The Big One! Christ, how could you do that to me, shit! aaaaaah. Fuck...well guess I need to become June Cleaver, my other super-heroine persona, 'eh? Man... If only you had waited just a few more minutes, Damn Stuart...I love you, but sheesh, I didn't drop the release ball or anything."

The man leaned in and planted a kiss tenderly on her lips and said with a smile. "No, you didn't and I’m sorry, you were really going there too. but we've been at it six hours now and we have to get ready in a little while. Look, relax, recover and I’ll do the prep for dinner while you lay here. God, you look so hot in that get-up. You make me so hard i just want to fuck you silly!"

She grinned up at him, taking a deep breath and arching her rubber-encased breasts up towards his view and purred sexily. "Help, help, I’m being held captive by a demented rubber fiend and if I’m not careful, he's going to stuff me full of his rampant cock-roger and fuck me silly, oh help! hee, hee, why look, there's half an hour left before my hero comes to rescue me from this why don't you haul out that wonderfully big thing of yours and do something constructive with it for a change, hee hee." she giggled as she teased, making wet sucking sounds with her lips, the ones that drove him mad with lust she knew.

He smiled that smile she'd come to adore, the one that had led her to this life with him and had made her free while at the same time making her his slave and rubber-clad plaything, sharing something there were no words to describe.

Stuart grasped an imaginary mustache and said, 'a la Snidely Whiplash. "No one can save you now my pretty, ha ha ha! mock my prowess 'eh, well, I’ll show you..." and she felt her zipper under her crotch being unzipped and a sea of her cum soaked the latex bedsheets, forming another pool under her ass as she cried out with glee as his cock speared it's way into her, oh so ready, honeypot. she was so happy, so fulfilled, she prayed life would go on like this forever as she came and felt him do the same deep within her. 

Following a road less traveled and a desire of fewer still.

     The end.


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