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Sorority Sisters

by GaggedUtopia

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© Copyright 2002 - GaggedUtopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bondage; cons; X

It was a warm day, one that was rare to enjoy this late in the summer.  The joy and excitement I felt inside was not from the wonderful day, it was my first day of college.  With the iron rule of my parents were far behind me now, only good times lay ahead, at least according to my sister.  Karen is a few years older then myself and went to Boston College to escape our parents as well.  While they were only in New York, it was too far to drive for a weekend visit, or worse yet, a surprise visit. 

Karen and I were always close and as a result we told each other everything.  I would hear about the wild parties, drugs, alcohol, etc... and be envious.  My decision to go to Boston Collage was not out of envy however, it was more of curiosity.  The one topic that Karen would seem reluctant to talk about was her sorority.  She seemed to just dismiss her activities there as nothing worth talking about but with the same tone a teenager uses with their parents asking what they were doing all night… “Oh nothing much”.  I knew there was something going on and something so big that she wouldn’t, or couldn’t talk about it.

After settling into my dorm, I decided to give Karen a call.  After a few rings, she picked up.

“Hello?” she said, picking up the phone.

“Hi, it’s Amanda.  I’m all settled in and thought I would see what’s going on.”

“Nothing much really, was just going to go over to the house for a bit, you want to get together tomorrow?”

“Why not now?  I haven’t seen you for a while and I have been wanting to join a sorority anyway, so I can check it out with you.  Is that alright?” I asked, biting my lip, hoping I was not pushing too much.

After a long pause, Karen answered “Well, to be honest, I don’t think you would like it very much.  It is pretty boring and the only reason I stay is because I do have some good friends there.”

I knew it was a copout answer, so against my better judgment I took a chance.  “I already know what you do there and it’s ok.  I met up with some people on the bus here that knew about it.  It’s not a shock, I think it’s interesting.” I told her, starting to feel really nervous now.

“I… well… don’t really know what to say.  I figured you would be appalled by some of it.  You have always been, well… the good daughter, always following the rules, prim and proper.  I don’t suppose you have any outfits do you?”

“No, I don’t”

“Ok, come over now and you can borrow some of mine.  Are you sure about this?”


“Ok, see you in a bit.”

Everything went as I had hoped but it seemed too easy.  I still didn’t know what I was getting into but really didn’t worry about it too much.  Big sister was there to protect me if anything went awry.  That is the plan anyway. My best guess placed her sorority as a place where they get all dolled up and maybe have orgy’s for kicks but in the rest of their life they had boyfriends.  Karen was right about my naive outlook on life.  I often fell pray to simple pranks because I expected that nobody does the bad stuff you see on TV.  Little did I know the lesson I was about to learn.

After walking over to my sisters she let me inside her messy room and we engaged in some small talk.  It didn’t take long for her to notice the grin on my face, it was quite obvious that I was nervous and excited.  She smirked and said “You really have got into this.  I still can’t get over it.  I was appalled when I first learned of this world, but after giving it a chance, I couldn’t do without it.”

Slowly opening her closet, Karen reached inside and pulled out something I had never seen before.  I sat in disbelief of what was before me.  “I think this will do quite nicely for your first field trip little girl.” she whispered to me with a wry smile.

In front of me was something out of a Batman movie, like what Catwoman wears.  It was very shiny, latex and very tight looking.  One feature what Catwoman never had with her outfit was zippers near the crotch and cutouts around the breasts.  I reached out to touch it but Karen pulled it away.  “You look surprised?” she asked.

“No!  I just…umm… have never seen one with the cutouts.  It also seems rather small.” I bit my lip, showing my sister my tell tale sign I am lying.

“Let’s find out… strip down.  Make sure you take everything off, rings, underwear… all of it” she told me.

Getting a little excited by the whole prospect of wearing such a sexy outfit I complied without any problems.  Karen applied some powder to my body which I was told would make the suit go on easier.  With my clothes in a pile in her room I slid my first leg into the outfit, then the second.  I was right about it being tight, but the powder did make it easier to get the outfit on.  Before I knew it, Karen was zipping up the back.  When she did, I noticed a zipper around the top of the neck, however my queries about it were ignored.

“Ok, this next part will be a little awkward and might hurt a little bit.  I am going to put something in your mouth to muffle your scream.  You don’t want somebody seeing you like this do you?” she asked.

It seemed logical at the time, then again, I was expecting a scarf or something.  I agreed and she walked behind me.  Catching me be surprise a rather large rubber ball was stuffed in my mouth and held in place by a strap.  “Mmmmph!” I screamed incredulously.

“Oh calm down, I will take it off in a second.” She told me while pulling the remaining straps tight over my head and under my chin.  “You wanted to experience what it was like in there anyway, so if you can’t handle this, I might as well get you undressed now” She quipped.

“How dare she !” I thought.  I shook my head to let her know I was fine with this.  It was a little unsettling, but exciting at the same time.  With the ball firmly in place she decided to take it one step further.  She asked me to press my hands against the small of my back.  Again, the reasoning sounded was solid at the time but before long I heard clicking and my hands were now secure behind my back.  Foolishly I didn’t make a sound and pretended that it didn’t bother me.

Karen moved away to admire her handy work.  Bound as I was, I must have been a sight to see.  I could only wait patiently as my sister started me up and down.  After snapping out of her trance she slowly walked over to me and started to massage my nipples.  Instinctively I reached up to stop her hands but quickly found that the handcuffs were also secured to the bedpost.  A small fear started welling up inside me as this was starting to make me uneasy.  My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts, and none of them positive.

“It’s ok hon, I wouldn’t go any further then this.  At least not on my own sister” she said, pulling out a small chain with clamps on the end.  “These are referred to as clover clamps.  The idea is the harder you pull, the harder they pull together.  The result is a nipple clamp that you won’t be free of without some help.”  It was very clear at this point Karen was enjoying herself and my current predicament was not by accident.

“mmmph!” I moaned into the gag as the first clamp bit down, suddenly recalling my first boyfriends attempt at foreplay.  It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t push somebody away this time. The second clamp bit into my breast just behind my nipple.  Being more prepared this time around, I didn’t scream, but it still hurt like hell.  My only salvation was the pain quickly turned into a dull ache as long as I stayed still. 

“You look a bit uneasy sis?  I figured you for a pro when I talked to you on the phone.  You never did learn did you?  For years you tried to out-do me, but never could accept that I was just a bit smarter.  Did you really think you had me fooled when we talked on the phone?”  she asked, flipping my hair behind my back. 

I could only stare back in total shock.  I never fathomed my sister could be this… domineering?  Unbeknownst to me, my body was enjoying itself thoroughly.  Karen’s watchful eye didn’t miss a beat and started to massage my shoulders and arms.  Slowly she moved to the sides of my breasts and down to my very soaked pussy.  “You like that you little slut?” Karen whispered.  My head said no, but my body betrayed me with a moan of pleasure. 

Karen pulled away, “I’m not quite done with you.  You’re not ready for the party yet!”  My fear really started to swell in the pit of my stomach now, I couldn’t go out into public like this!  I tried to pull away from the bedpost but only succeeded in digging the steel cuffs into my wrists.  My only hope at this point was to plead with my sister.  She was flesh and blood; she would have sympathy for me, right?

Returning with what looked like coiled rope, I started to plead my case as best I could.  With pathetic moans and pouting eyes I tried my best.  “If I didn’t know better, I would say you wanted out.” She said.  I nodded enthusiastically. “Ha!  Keep dreaming girl.  I already promised that you would be there as tonight’s toy.  If you don’t show up, it means I get volunteered.  Hell will freeze over before that happens.  Now stay still so I can get your arms secured properly.”  She said.

This had already gone too far.  I tried my best to stay avoid her ropes but was only rewarded with a sharp pull on my nipple clamps.  With a ridged pose I decided it was in my best interest to avoid a repeat performance of the clover clamps power over me.

Inexperience had me convinced that if she was going to replace the handcuffs with rope, my chance to free myself was near.  Karen folded the rope in two and then looped it just above right elbow.  Threading the loose ends through the loop, a quick tug ensured it was not going anywhere.  The two ends of the rope then went around my elbows for what seemed like dozens of times and nearly causing my elbows to touch.  The side effect of the rope was my breasts sticking out further, which I actually enjoyed, but would never admit it.

Karen tied my wrists in a similar way, but didn’t release the handcuffs.  Instead she looped another rope around my waist, pulling it tight in the front and threading the two ends between my legs.  Removing one of the cuffs, she pulled the rope between my pussy hard causing me to squeal a bit.  The ends of the rope were looped around my wrist ropes and cinched tight, preventing from lifting my arms or freeing my wrists.  Another sharp tug and the rope found it’s ways back through my legs and tied off in the front.  After releasing the other cuff, furious tugging soon followed.  It only took a minute before I was out of breath, drooling down the side of the gag and finally realizing that escape was riding off into the sunset like the hero in an old western movie.

“You will need some shoes, the pebbles outside can hurt.” She said, getting a pair of high heals out of the closet.  “These are only 4”, so enjoy them while you can.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to change them on you.  Before long you will be in 6 or 7” heels.”  She laughed.  They appeared to be your normal, black, sexy, fuck me heels, just with locking straps.  Karen took the pleasure of putting them on my feet and pulling the strap one notch before breaking the belt.  I had no doubt that they were not coming off.  I didn’t even try.

“Well, let’s go have fun.  I have told my friends all about you, and they are so happy to finally meet you.  I hope you don’t mind that I fudged a few facts?  I told them you have been into this for years already and unlike me, you’re a true submissive.”  She giggled.  If she only knew how pissed I was right now, but couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Snapping her fingers, Karen spun around “I almost forgot your hood!  Nobody at the house knows that you are my sister and I don’t want them to.  We wouldn’t want you getting special treatment would we?”  With that she revealed a mask of sorts and pulled it over my head.  When it was in place, I heard her zip it to the suit I was wearing.  With a click that resonated around the room, I knew it was locked on.  There were only holes for my nose and tinted domes over my eyes making it hard to see.  At least nobody would recognize me now.

Karen tugged hard on the nipple chain again and attached a short strap to it.  “Come on dear, don’t make get angry and drag you down the hall by your nipples!” she sneered.  Sadly, I followed, hoping not to be seen and dreading what awaits me at her Sorority!


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