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by Roger

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Storycodes: MF; F/m; latex; rainwear; nurse; anal; mast; climax; cd; cons; X

My first acquaintance with Sonja was at the local swimming complex. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, carrying a white latex bathing cap in one hand and her clothes in a bundle in the other. She had the most gorgeous pair of legs with a slim upper torso and small breasts. Her smile as she looked at me sent a thrill deep in side me and I returned it with a smile of my own, She came towards me and spoke in a soft contralto which stirred my loins, She said "I'm sorry to trouble you but I've locked myself out of my car, could you help me?"

I responded in the affirmative and we went to the underground parking area where She pointed out her car. It was so easy to gain access, given the age of the car and with a flourish I opened the door and bowed her in. "Why thank you sir", she said, again that voice stirred me.

She enquired if She could give me a lift anywhere, I said I was on my way to work and had transport arranged more the pity she smiled at this then said, " maybe I can thank you some other way. "

So saying she handed me a business card taken from the glove box, it appeared she provided secretarial services from home as both the work and residence as the telephone numbers were the same. I said I would be in touch and with this we made our way to our respective change rooms. I changed and was away before she got back to her car but saw her emerge from the change area as I reached the off ramp, a quick wave and we parted.

She was in my thoughts for the next few days, that voice kept coming back to me and I found myself so distracted that by mid afternoon I got out her card made a note of the phone number and dialled, as the connection was made I started to speak but realized it was an answering service but still with that sexy contralto, I stopped speaking and waited for the tone then left my number with the advice that I would require secretarial services for some three days as we had a complicated tender submission to get out for the end of the week. She returned my call at about five o'clock, we discussed the amount of typing and collation to be done and she said in view of the assistance I had given Her earlier in the week she could put aside her other work to do mine. My drive home was uneventful and I was able to shower and change before the phone rang. It was Sonja, she proposed a meeting to discuss fees etc, and we agreed on a mutual location and so at six thirty I was seated at the bar when she came in.

She was stunning in a dark blue silk dress and a rubber lined satinette mackintosh thrown over her shoulders, it must have had a shower after my arrival for I could see drops of rain on the rubberised surface. I took it from her and fondled the fabric without thinking and hung it on the stand at the end of the bar. Her midnight blue dress was perfectly fitted and she looked divine. Drinks were ordered and we removed to a table to peruse the menu. Similar taste saw us agree on both the wine and food. Our chat covered the usual topics of origin and past locations; she had only arrived in town a week ago and the business that her card advertised had been purchased in that time.

She gave an hourly figure for general secretarial work rather than a lump sum. " Would you like me to come and see the scope of work?" she asked. "It will be easier".

With pleasure, I responded, having retrieved her Mackintosh we left, by luck, a taxi was at the door and a ten-minute ride brought us to my office block. The lights were still on and we made our way to the lift and soon were opening the door to my office. I opened the door and found the light switch I brushed against her breast as I moved into the reception area and through to my office, I heard her sharp intake of breath at the contact, but paid little attention as we entered together. It was set up very professionally, to my taste, with many original engineering drawings displayed of past projects etc.

I proceeded to outline the scope of work and she was quick enough to suggest some items that had been missing, I was impressed, having reached an acceptable business arrangement, I suggested I escorted Her home, having called the front desk for a taxi we arrived as it pulled up at the door. The skies had cleared and we soon arrived at her home come office, I declined the invite to come in and saw her to the door then back in the taxi to my flat.

My penis was firming and I moved to ease the stricture of my trousers, pulling down my underpants exposed me, I gently rubbed my hand slowly up and down the shaft of my member and with my thumb smeared the drop of precum that had started to emerge. I continued to stroke myself as I recalled the feel of Sonja's mackintosh, the way she had looked and the touch her breast through the material of her dress. I continued to masturbate catching the ejaculate in my free hand as I reached a climax, then going to the bathroom I cleaned my self up.

The feel of that mackintosh had set me off, in addition to Sonja's looks, I wondered if she had noticed me feeling it as I hung it up in the bar. It was a shame that more often than not the girls wore them for protection from the elements and not for the sexual stimulus that I found. Feeling frustrated at only partial relief from having masturbated I had a job getting to sleep but eventually must have nodded off as the scream of the alarm woke me at my normal time. A shower, coffee and toast and I was ready to go to the office. Arriving I found Sonja waiting in the foyer, we went to the lift and so to the office.

My receptionist, Jenny, looked at us both with a knowing look, which I dispelled by introducing Sonja as our temp for the tender submission and said to show her the amenities. The morning flew by as Joan, my normal secretary and Sonja worked at the presentation a break for a lunch of sandwiches sent in from the local patisserie, I saw the girls chatting away, and me on the outer, in the office. Both Joan and my receptionist knew of my liking for rubber and both had tolerated it but not embracing it, as I did, the association withered and we were only work mates these days, I hopped like hell there was no chat about me as I noticed glances in my direction occasionally, coupled with some sly grins.

Work resumed and it was soon time to quit. This pattern followed for the rest of the week until at about four o'clock the courier arrived to transport the submission to the potential client. I proposed we all had a drink and the bottle of Grants I kept in my office saw the light of day, Joan produced some glasses and we drank a toast to our efforts and thanked them all. Jenny and Joan both had dates so left the office. Sonja and I continued to sit in companionable silence until " Would you like to eat at my place?" Sonja said.

I could think of no reason to refuse so gladly accepted. Her flat was part of the same building as her office and access was gained through the office door. That mackintosh was hanging in the small hallway and I could not help fingering it as I passed. The flat was furnished in a contemporary fashion, not really to my taste except for the huge couch along one side of the room, it looked very comfortable. Sonja poured me a drink and went into the small kitchen to prepare our meal she was as competent at this as her secretarial work, and as I leaned on the door jamb, a meal was created in no time at all. Bringing the repast to table we ate with relish. I was enjoying the quiet of the meal when Sonja said, " I hear from discussion with the other girls in the office that you have a penchant for rubber and latex".

I gasped at the statement, but thought, well, its out in the open; clearing my throat I said that it was so. " What is your preference?" Sonja asked.

How was I to respond, with the real truth or a doctored version? Looking at Sonja and noting the attentive look on her face I lowered my gaze and told her of my dreams of gentle care by a rubber clad nurse and blurted out the liking for rubber panties and enemas on a rubber sheeted bed. I was afraid to look up at her after this full confession.

Her lips were moist and she was short of breath but she whispered, " I can bring all your desires to fruition if you let me do it my way ".

I agreed with alacrity. " That means, we do everything my way ", she said.

I nodded hardly able to talk." Go into the second room on the left take off all your clothes, put the hospital gown on that you will find on the bed, I'll be getting ready for you in here you are to come only when I call that I'm ready ".

Moving to the room designated I stripped off and picked the gown up from the bed I almost had a climax there and then, for it was made from the thinnest latex I'd ever seen, it rippled through my hands as I fondled it. Putting it on, my erect penis was caressed by the soft powdered folds. " Don't play with yourself ", Sonja called

Just in time to stop me having a quick couple of rubs. " You may come in now ", Sonja called.

I walked slowly into the room from which she had called, all the while my penis being caressed by the latex as I moved. She stood in the middle of the room the soft lighting reflecting off the rubber nurses uniform She wore complete with apron and veil. She was everything I'd ever dreamed of. "When did you last have an ejaculation?" she enquired.

I told her of the quickie I'd had after feeling her mackintosh and leaving her earlier in the week. " Well first we must drain you so that the enjoyment is prolonged, turn your back to me and hold the gown to expose your bottom and remember its my way or not at all, agreed?"

I murmur agreement and turned and did as instructed. The snap of latex glove was a pleasant sound. " I'm going to massage your prostate ", She said.

Reaching around my waist She rolled a rubber sheathe on my penis " Don't want too much mess at first do we ", she smiled.

Then the cold touch of a lubricated rubber covered finger was presented at my bottom. " Pull your cheeks apart ", she ordered in that rich contralto.

My having done so, her rubber clad finger entered my rectum and pushing in rubbed me " How is that ", she asked.

I could only groan with pleasure. She removed her finger and re-entered with something a little larger it was delightful I responded by pushing back and the whole length entered into my bottom, there was mackintosh touching my cheeks each time the thing went in. I suddenly realized that both of Sonja's hands were on my hips this puzzled me until it came home to me what might have been in my bottom.

I spun around and sure enough Sonja's apron and dress was up and exposed a rubber-sheathed penis. I suppose it could have been a strap on but for the blood vessels I saw throbbing in the shaft. "Remember your promise that it was my way or not at all, well what do you say"?

I asked for a moment to understand and sitting on the rubber sheeted bed contemplated what had happened. I couldn't say that it was not unpleasant; it was just that I'd never indulged in and such practice before. I looked at Sonja, as I still thought of her and she was gently fondling her member. " What's the hang up, we both like mackintosh and I know what to do to please you "?

I had to admit he/She had a point, and again I had enjoyed those strokes until it dawned on me what was happening. " We can do it face to face if you would prefer", She said.

I was not ready for that, but I said lets carry on from where we left off, rising from the mackintosh sheet I embraced her and turned around. I must own up to some excitement now that I knew what was happening, and guardedly received the freshly lubricated penis into my bottom. All too soon I was ready to climax and told Sonja so He or She as I still thought of her slowed down and I had a most satisfactory climax.

" I didn't finish, please bring me off by hand", Sonja said.

Sitting along side her I gently took her penis in my hand and masturbated her gently to conclusion. " O.K. now we can take a breather and sort out how we continue if you are willing", She said.

I just sat there and owned up that the whole thing had been exciting and felt sure we could be compatible. "Well on the basis that we both have a fetish for rubber and we accept what each wants we should go alright," Sonja, as I still thought of her, said.

My turn was first, lying on the mackintosh sheet as Sonja gave me a make believe enema, in the sense that she placed the bulb etc in my bottom but no fluid, she brought me to climax by judicious use of the bulb in my bottom and her hand on my penis. We changed places and with the application of a fresh sheathe on my penis I pushed into Sonja's bottom with the help of KY jelly. Her penis was on my tummy and was rubbed by my action in her bottom, it was very stimulating for us both, and we almost climaxed together. "Lets go and shower then we can dress in latex and discuss what we have both enjoyed," She said.

Repairing to the bathroom we showered and my embarrassment at seeing Sonja's penis passed and we were to all intents and purposes man and woman. "I've only got ladies clothes but I'm sure you will like a pair of latex panties and a robe", she said.

These articles felt so nice the panties where fitted at the legs and waist but fully cut and loose around, the robe was of the same thin latex as the hospital gown and brushed my nipples as I put it on. Sonja's out fit soon turned her to a fresh young girl. I cuddled up to her and fondled her breast then her penis through her tight rubber knickers. "Don't start or we will be all messy and have to start again". She said.


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