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So Much for Reliability

by Colnorth

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© Copyright 2009 - Colnorth - Used by permission

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Mistress and I had always enjoyed bondage.  Sometimes I would be tie myself up so that she would come home and find me; however I loved when she would place me into inescapable bondage, I could struggle and try to get free as much as I wanted, and so far I had not succeeded yet.   I doubt I ever would, because Mistress was very good.  One of Mistress’s favorite techniques lately was to trap me inside one of our several latex vacuum beds.  We had several different ones, but they all had one major problem.  We had to keep running the vacuum in order for them to work; now during the day the vacuum noise can be explained to any nosey neighbors, but who really vacuums for an hour straight at 11 at night?   And if you ran the vacuum for any length of time it would get overheated and you risk burning up the motor. 

One weekend I sat down and decided to see if I could come up with a better solution, after some brainstorming I finally came up with a system but it didn’t completely eliminate the vacuum; however with the new system the vacuum noise could now be explained. 

I realized that for starters I didn’t need the vacuum, what I really wanted was the suction.  The vacuum pressure was what I wanted, so any vacuum would work.  Who said that it had to be a small constant pressure?  Why could it not be large one time suction, very similar to the vacuum bags for food you see on TV?  They create a large vacuum pressure then expose the food bag to it, sucking every ounce of air out in an instant.  Then seal the end of the bag, keeping the bags sealed until you open it at a later time. 

So why could I not supersize the process?  I went to the scrap yard and found a large cylinder that already had a vacuum pressure gauge on it.  It must have been some kind of industrial vacuum chamber, the writing on the side of the container said it could withstand pressures up to 300 lbs.  It was way more than I should ever need, what I really wanted was the large capacity it held.  Once I got it home I started to modify it to suit my needs.  The tank had two openings, one on either end, so decided to make the left side the vacuum side and the right side the bed side.

On the vacuum side I placed a green handled “RELEASE” ball valve; on the bed side I placed a red handled “TRAPPED” ball valve.  From the green handled ball valve I ran a pipe that I connected to the vacuum.  From the red handled ball valve I ran a pipe to one way valve that was controlled by an external handle.  Then another pipe led to the vacuum bed. 

So the system worked like this…

Close the red “trapped “handle, and open the green “release” handle and turn on the vacuum. Once the vacuum creates enough pressure in the chamber, close the green “release” handle Place subject in the vacuum bed, and open the red “trapped” handle Once air is sucked into the chamber close the red “trapped” handle

Now whoever was in the bed is trapped until the process is released.  No need for a continuous vacuum, and you could run the vacuum during the day and then use the chamber during the night.  Since the system is sealed so well, you could now use the vacuum bed for extended periods.  If the bed leaks in air, the process can be refreshed, by turning on the vacuum, and creating another vacuum in the chamber.  Then, opening the correct valves again, and suck the air out again and again as needed. 

The way to release someone was a little tougher…

Unhooking the vacuum is optional. Open the green “Release” handle.  Now the chamber is neutral pressure. Open the red “Trapped” handle. Now the system is neutral pressure. Turn the handle on the one way valve, now outside air rushes into the bed making it neutral. Release whoever was in the bed.

The system was very simple and required no special valves or electronics; everything is easily available at any hardware store.  You could even build the system without the one way valve and it would make the entire release system easier.  The one way valve just ensures that the air goes from the bed, and into the chamber but it doesn’t come back, if you were quick on the red “trapped” handle it would work also.

So now that I have explained the system, now let me explain how I ended up stuck in it….

Yes, here I am stuck inside the wonderful system I designed, and I did it all by my own hand.  Since I designed the system I also figured out a way to work it by myself so that I could be inside as a surprise for when Mistress came home. 

Whenever I used self bondage so that was prepared for Mistress when she got home, I always had a problem of restriction.  You can never tie yourself up a well as someone else can.  Well one day it dawned on me that I could use the vacuum bed if I set it up correctly.

Now whenever I used self bondage I always, I mean always have a means of releasing myself, in case Mistress has to work late, or something comes up, then I am able to get free.  Usually it was a key or knife or something that would let me get free, but I almost always had the use of my hands or mouth.

Since I was going to be inside the bed, there was no way for my hands or mouth to do anything, so I was going to have to use a method that I did not have direct control over.  I decided that I needed to use the most reliable system I knew of since I wouldn’t have any control over it.  In all the times I had used self bondage the most reliable method I had found was ice cubes.  Once they are out of the freezer they melt, no chance of failure, fairly reliable as far as time goes.  Sometimes it takes a little longer depending on the temperature in the room, but not like it would change by a lot.  I had these blocks that took about one hour to melt that I liked to use.

So since I was going to use ice, I figured string is the next item on my list, they always seem to go hand in hand.  I found a bunch of weights and tied them to the three strings I was going to use.  I placed on the green “release” valve, one on the red “trapped” valve, and one on the one way valve handle.  I ran the strings through an eyelet I placed in the wall above each valve.  This way when the ice melted the weights would pull the corresponding valve.  The only difference between the valves would be how much ice I used to control when the valves would be pulled. 

I had used the vacuum to create a vacuum in the chamber earlier in the day. Then I placed one block on the “trapped” handle to give myself enough time to get ready, and make sure everything went to plan.  Mistress was due home in about 2 hours so I placed four blocks on the “release” handle.  So if things didn’t go to plan I would be free in about 4 hours, I could live with being trapped for three hours, because I figured Mistress would put me to work as soon as she got home, and then she would control when I got free.  I also placed 4 blocks on the string attached to the one way valve so that it would be triggered about the same time as the release handle.

I then went about getting myself ready; I chose my favorite latex vacuum bed for tonight.  It was black on the back, and clear on the front.  The front had two openings, one for both heads.  I placed a ring gag between my teeth and tied it off behind my head.  Then I placed a pair of microphone earplugs into my ears.  I set the microphone beside the vacuum bed, and continued with my bondage for tonight.  I placed one of Mistress’s favorite hoods on, it was a locking leather hood that laced down the back, and had several straps that ran around it.  The only openings it had were for my mouth and nostrils.  I placed it on over my head and laced it tight.  Then I pulled all the straps tight and buckled them into place.  I placed some small locks through the hasps of the straps. I had one that went around my eyes, one went under my chin, forcing me to bite down on the ring gag hard, and the last strap went around my neck ensuring the hood couldn’t come off. 

I had already placed the keys for the small luggage locks on a key chain next to the microphone, so I closed the three locks and got into the vacuum bed.  I slipped each head through it corresponding hole, and I got my hands and feet ready.  Sealed the bed from the inside, and spread my hands out to prepare for the impending suction process, it was very easy to keep myself erect thinking about what Mistress would do, and how proud she would be that I had figured out a way to do this all by myself. 

All of the sudden…fwop!!!!...every movement was gone.  Unlike most vacuum beds we had used before this was not a slow, managed process, this was instantaneous, and now I was very helpless.  My hands had been in a high five configurations, so all my fingers were individually wrapped in latex.  Yet as soon as I realized I was stuck, I tried every muscle group to see if there was any give.  I decided to be systematic about it, work outside in, fingers, hands, toes, feet.  My fingers were a worthless try, my hands had no better luck, toes had some wiggle, and my feet were able to flex a little.  So I moved to larger muscle groups, legs, arms, hips, and chest.  My legs had a little give to them, arms were the same.  Hips I could move a little and my chest could move just enough to breathe. 

That was just about it, my head could move since it wasn’t in the latex, it was inside its own prison.  The only part of my body not restrained was my manhood, which was standing straight up from the bed for whenever Mistress came home. 

After a while I began to wonder where Mistress was and when she was going to come home.  I never hood the phone ring, the microphone required someone to press a button to turn it on, and so all I heard was silence, absolute silence.  I figured that she must have been delayed at work, and would be home sooner than later hopefully, and even if she didn’t I had the ice backup release system. 

About 3 hours after I had been trapped inside the creation of my own design, I was beginning to get tired of no movement, no sound, and no attention of any kind.  The time would have gone by so much faster if Mistress had been there to keep me occupied.  As it was I could only lay here and wait for the ice to melt and release me.  What I didn’t know, is that the ice had already melted, it was exactly as reliable as I wanted, the ice had melted on the green “release” handle and the weights had pulled it open causing the tank to become neutral.  The ice on the one way valve handle had melted also, and as it had done so, the water had dripped down the string and weakened it.  When the weights finally fell they snapped the string before it opened the valve.  The reliable system had done its job and yet I was still stuck…

So much for reliability….

Now all I could do is wait for Mistress to come home, and when she did, she wasn’t going to be happy that I had placed myself into a situation that I couldn’t get out of.  I didn’t have to wait too long, I actually have no idea of the time, but eventually Mistress came home and found me. 

“So I see you have been playing without me”

Her voice startled me; it came through loud and clear thought the earplugs. 

“umph, umph” was all I was able to mumble around the gag.

“It looks like one of your strings broke before it pulled the release lever, so your back up never worked, I assume you got my call that I was working late”

At least I could make a,”ooohh” sound, to try and answer her question.

“Well since you have been lazing around here all afternoon, it’s about time for you to get to work”

She dropped her pussy down onto my face; she didn’t have to tell me what she wanted it was pretty obvious.

“Since I now know you can spend a long while in the bed without losing pressure, I may have to keep you in there more often and for much longer.”

I don’t know if that was a promise or a threat, but I doubled my efforts to please her.

“Hmmm, that seems to have been a good motivator, I like how hard your working, let’s see if I reward your efforts. “

With that she stood up and turned around.  Mistress dropped her pussy back down on my open mouth, and took my cock into hers.  I immediately responded by sucking on her clit, and licking her pussy as best as I could.  She lifted up off me and moved down my body, and slowly dropped her soaking wet pussy down on my raging hard on.  I could feel it as she slid down every inch of my cock, like a fire pole.  She picked up the microphone once again, as she slowly rode me.

“I want you to signal twice when you are about to cum, understand?”

“esss, istress” was the best I could manage; my focus was really focused on the incredible sensations coming from my cock right now.  She had thrust herself all the way down on my manhood and was massaging my dick with the muscles in her pussy.  The sensation was overwhelming, and soon I was ready to pop.  I gave Mistress the signal I was going to cum, and she picked up the pace until I blew my load deep inside of her.

I couldn’t believe that she was allowing me to cum inside her this soon, I was afraid she might be ticked that I had trapped myself without any way to get free.  I figured she would have used me for her own orgasm several times before she let me cum, it must be later than I thought.  Mistress had thrust herself down hard onto my shaft when she felt me beginning to cum inside her.  She used her muscles to milk me dry, and then she got up again.

“You know that if you tie yourself up, you have to have a failsafe, since you did have one and the failsafe failed, you didn’t do a good enough job ensuring it would work.  So I do need to punish you, but not as severely as I normally would.  Since this is a unique setup and a unique failure, I have decided on a unique punishment.”

She dropped and put her knees on either side of my head, I didn’t know what she had in mind, until the first few drops of my own cum, drizzled out of her fresh fucked snatch and down the back of my throat.   This was definitely a unique punishment, Mistress had never done this before, I tried to turn my head away, when I realized why her knees where there, I couldn’t move my head in any direction but closer to her dripping pussy. 

“Good boy enjoy all your efforts” she was enjoying this.

“So what time did you set yourself up into this?”

I wasn’t really sure how to answer that question so I decided to try and answer “ or”

“What? When did you say?”


“Oh my god, I’m sorry I had no idea” she leaned over and released the valve that let the air back into the bed.

She helped me out, and unlocked the hood; she helped me walk to the bathroom, and helped me get a shower.  When we walked back into the bedroom I saw why she had suddenly changed her tone.  It was after midnight, I had been trapped for more than 8 hours!

“Honey I’m so sorry, I had no idea you had been in there for so long, otherwise I would never have done that to you. I called about 10 to apologize for being so late and that if you got yourself ready we could have some fun when I got home.  When I got home and saw you I assumed you just used one or two blocks of ice and just recently got into the bed.  I had no idea that you had been in there for that long.”

I told her it was ok, and that it was my fault for not having a better escape plan, and that the next time, I would try and create a better and more reliable failsafe.  Because obviously this one had not worked like I had planned.



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