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Sold into Slavery

by Clearing13

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© Copyright 2014 - Clearing13 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; drug; latex; hood; gag; collar; bond; straps; domme; slave; bdsm; crop; toys; insert; climax; cons/reluct; X

DISCLAIMER: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic depictions of people in bondage and fetish scenes and is therefore adult in nature. This story is fictional and any resemblance it bears to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental. It is also a terrible idea to start a relationship this way and should never be done by anyone, least of all through an intermediary, no matter how much you “trust” them. The author doubts that anyone had read up to this point.

Kaitlyn was unhappy. Though a beautiful blonde with a full figure and nice, plump breasts, she had proved luckless with finding a soul mate. This wasn’t for lack of trying or suitors but merely because she hadn’t met anyone who shared her intense interest in bondage. Kaitlyn’s ultimate fantasy was to be forced into sexual slavery to a loving master. Each relationship often turned out promising, her boyfriends kind and understanding, but ultimately once they found out that she was into bondage, they left her in one way or another. The only person who stuck with her had been Brad, a great guy she’d met while dating. Even when their relationship ended, he remained a genuine friend to her and even grew to be her best friend, even if he didn’t quite understand her kink.

“It’s just... weird.”

On a Friday night, Brad came to Kaitlyn with a strange proposition and a pair of water bottles, one clear and the other full of a strange blue liquid.

“What’s this?” Kaitlyn asked, lightly caressing the bottles.

“Kaitlyn, do you trust me?”

“Of course,” Kaitlyn said, her curiosity growing.

Brad nodded. “This will sound corny, but try to humor me.” Brad cleared his throat. “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the clear water bottle, you remain in your normal life and we go about the rest of the night however you wish. However, if you take the blue water bottle, you go to Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goOW!”

Kaitlyn kicked Brad. “You watch too many movies.”

“That hurt!”

“Seriously, though. What is this?” Kaitlyn toyed with the bottles, holding one in each hand.

Brad sighed. “I wanted to make this dramatic. The clear water bottle is just a water bottle. The blue one... contains a roofie.”

“What.” Kaitlyn stared back at him.

Brad nodded. “You remember what you told me? About... finding ‘the one’?”

Kaitlyn’s breath quickened, and her full breasts heaved. “Please tell me you’re joking, you asshole.”

Brad shook his head. “I’m not.”

Kaitlyn felt her heart leap into her chest. She stared at the blue water bottle. Thoughts that she’d long repressed, given up as hopeless, began to resurface.

“Do you trust me?”

Kaitlyn’s voice was soft, the full weight of all the implications coming to her. “Yes.”

“You know you’re my best friend, and I would never willingly put you into danger, even though this is fucking retarded.” Brad shook his head. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this. You fucking owe me.”

“What is it?” Kaitlyn asked, her voice hesitant.

Brad gestured with the water bottles, one in each hand. “That’s all I’m telling you until you make your decision. Take the clear water bottle, and life goes on. Take the blue one... and your wish might come true...”

Kaitlyn sat there, hesitating, a quaver of fear trembling inside her. So many possibilities.

“Oh what the hell.”

Kaitlyn cracked open the blue bottle and drank it down in one go. She was sleeping soundly less than five minutes later.

Brad shook his head as he looked at her prone form. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”


Kaitlyn woke groggily. She blinked her eyes and let out a soft sigh. The last thing she remembered was talking with Brad... about a blue bottle. Suddenly, a surge of panic filled her. Kaitlyn tried to sit up, but she found she was unable. Her heart thudding in her chest, she tried to speak. Instead of “what the fuck?” all that came out was “WWFFF VVHHH FFKKK??” as she tried to talk around an enormous black ball gag. As the grogginess cleared, Kaitlyn started to realize her situation.

She was bound and gagged and laid on the floor of some strange new place. A latex hood covered her head, and she could feel it clinging to her like a second skin. The sensation was intoxicating. The hood had eyeholes, a mouthhole, and holes for her nostrils but not much else. She felt the snug embrace of a rubber collar around her neck, and she could hear the tinkling of metal tags somewhere close by. She could only assume at present that there was something attached to her collar. Her upper body was covered in a form-huggingly tight latex teddy, long-sleeved and turtlenecked and black. Her arms were wrenched behind her, and inch-thick rubber straps secured her elbows and wrists, forcing her elbows to touch behind her back. She groaned at the intensity of the bondage.

Kaitlyn tried to wriggle her hands, but she found her hands were trapped inside rubber bondage mittens and forced into tight fists, rendering them useless. An integral waist cincher hugged her slender waist and forced her to take short, shallow breaths. Her full, plump breasts spilled out invitingly through a chest window in the tight latex teddy, free and unfettered. Kaitlyn shuddered, feeling helplessly exposed. The crotch of the latex teddy had been pulled snugly between her legs, and its pressure was pleasurable and intense as the latex rubbed against her bare sex which grew wetter with each passing moment. Thigh-high black latex stockings had been pulled up her legs, and strappy stiletto heels were locked onto her feet. Finally, she’d been frogtied with inch-thick rubber straps. The feeling and the smell of the rubber and latex which enveloped her was more than she could describe. It was new, novel, erotic, and intense. It clung to her, tight, squeezing, and resisting her every movement.

Kaitlyn tried to raise her head, but she found that she’d been chained to the floor by a short chain to a heavy ring bolted in place. She let out a soft moan, her eyes fluttering as a warmth spread all across her body.

“Hello Kaitlyn,” a familiar voice said.

Kaitlyn looked up, and her eyes widened as she saw Brad standing nearby, looking uncomfortable and more than a little embarrassed. He smiled ruefully. “I’m sorry about all this,” he said, shaking his head. He pulled his jean pockets inside out and shrugged. “I’m afraid I didn’t tell you that I was short on cash, and I’m in trouble with some really bad people.”

Kaitlyn felt a quaver of fear twang inside her. What was he talking about?

“I know how much you’ve wanted to be forced into bondage slavery. Well... kill two birds with one stone, right?”

Kaitlyn shook her head, blinking her eyes in stupefied disbelief. No... no this can’t be happening! It has to be a joke! Kaitlyn struggled, mewled behind her gag, and strained against her bondage. She was secured too well. She was totally helpless, her traitorous pussy twitched and creamed at the idea while wild, terrified panic enveloped her rational mind.

Suddenly, the noise of heels on floorboard caught Kaitlyn’s attention. She turned to look and let out a soft cry of dismay.

A tall, statuesque Chinese woman appeared from around a corner, looking severe. Her jet black hair was pulled up in a pair of ox-horn buns and tailed to flank her lovely features and slender neck. She wore a black latex teddy with a cheongsam neck which hugged her voluptuous hourglass figure sensuously. The other difference between her teddy and Kaitlyn’s was that her waist wasn’t crushed by a waist cincher, and her full breasts strained modestly against the latex cups which lifted her breasts and showed them off at their absolute best. The woman wore black thigh high latex stockings and stiletto heels as well. In one hand, she held a riding crop and thwacked the open palm of her free hand with it. She smiled an evil smile.

“This is Candice Chang,” Brad continued. “I’ve talked with her, and we’ve come to an agreement. You’ve been sold into bondage slavery to Miss Chang... Mistress as you’ll soon call her.” Brad blanched. “She bought you for a cool $50,000, cash. That’ll be enough for me to pay off my debts. She’s quite excited to own a pretty, white slavegirl.” Brad sighed heavily. “I hope you’re happy with your new life, Kaitlyn.” He smiled then, embarrassed. “Though I guess you don’t have much choice in the matter now.”

Kaitlyn screamed into her gag, shaking her head as tears of panic and despair streamed down her face. No! This isn’t possible! This has to be some kind of joke. It has to be! How could he do this? That bastard! If I ever get free, I’m going to kill the motherfucker!

As if to hit home his betrayal, Brad blew a kiss to Kaitlyn. “See you next time... maybe...”

“NNNHHH!!! NNHHH BBBNN WWWVVV MMMHHH!!!!” Kaitlyn screamed.

“You can shut your mouth, you stupid bitch!” Candice said, striding forward, her hips swaying sensuously. She swung down hard with the riding crop and struck Kaitlyn square on her full, curvaceous bottom. Kaitlyn let out a scream of pain, more from shock than from the sting. “Your first lesson for today is that you will obey your mistress without hesitation! If you don’t, you will be punished!”

Kaitlyn mewled behind her gag, shaking and trembling, all her attention now captivated by the domineering figure of Candice Chang.

“Do you understand, bitch?”

Kaitlyn slowly nodded her head, utterly cowed and submissive.

“Good... I see you’re a quick learner. If you keep it up, you may live a tolerable life after all!”

Kaitlyn let out a soft moan of despair, blinking away fresh tears.

Candice crouched down and began to run her hands across Kaitlyn’s body. Kaitlyn, who never even considered a relationship with a woman, felt her pussy twitch and grow even wetter with unexpected excitement. Candice examined Kaitlyn with a professional rigor, cupping and squeezing Kaitlyn’s full breasts and nipples firmly but painlessly, stroking Kaitlyn’s full ass and thighs, and gently running her fingertips along Kaitlyn’s lips. Kaitlyn found herself trembling for a completely different reason, her traitorous body growing incandescent with sexual desire. A soft, ragged moan of lust escaped from Kaitlyn’s gagged mouth, and Kaitlyn’s face reddened with shame. She felt like such a slut right then and there. She wished she could curl up and die.

Candice grinned, pleased. She reached behind her and pulled out an enormous black rubber dildo.

Kaitlyn’s eyes widened, and she shook her head empathically. “NNHH!! NNHH NHH NHH!!!”

Candice smiled wickedly. She parted Kaitlyn’s legs and reached for the latex crotch of Kaitlyn’s teddy, secured to her waist cincher by three strong buttons. With a swift motion, Candice pulled off the buttons with a successive SNAP SNAP SNAP and bared Kaitlyn’s helpless pussy.

Kaitlyn’s face went even redder with embarrassment as she felt the cool air of the room lick her red and excited sex, already glistening with her pussyjuice. To Kaitlyn’s mortification, she’d found her pussy had been shaved while she was asleep. It was naked and bare and left her totally exposed.

Without saying a word, Candice reached down and lightly stroked Kaitlyn’s excited clitoris, already poking out and begging for attention from beneath its protective hood.

Kaitlyn’s eyes rolled back, and she let out another, ragged moan of absolute, depraved lust as a surge of overwhelming pleasure enveloped her. It was more intense than she’d even imagined in her self-bondage adventures or while masturbating to bondage fantasies online. Here she was, totally helpless and sold into slavery to a gorgeous, Chinese woman. She found herself wantonly grinding her hips against the woman’s touch, her pussy twitching and trembling with pleasure. Her vision blurred, and her full breasts heaved as she was brought closer and closer to orgasm.

The woman suddenly pulled her fingers away, and Kaitlyn let out a miserable moan. She thrust her hips and pussy forward, desperate for attention.

The Chinese woman grinned. She then eased the rubber cock inside Kaitlyn’s pussy.

“HHMMMM!!!” Kaitlyn cried out, her head jerked back to the extent her chained collar allowed, torso straining upward as she let out a long, low, sexual moan. Her toes curled with delight. Kaitlyn could feel her hot, wet flesh yield around the rubber cock. Her hips twisted as much as her bondage allowed. The Chinese woman then took hold of the latex crotch to Kaitlyn’s teddy and pulled the thong back through the crack of Kaitlyn’s delicate, feminine ass and up between her widely spread legs. Wise fingers carefully parted Kaitlyn’s soaking, swollen lips. Candice pulled the crotch very firmly up to the waist cincher and buttoned it with a successive SNAP SNAP SNAP, tugging it so tightly the rubber disappeared between Kaitlyn’s excited labia.

Kaitlyn let out another loud moan. She laid there impaled in her pussy, quivering in ecstasy. Foamy cream seeped around the rubber and latex intrusion between her legs.

Kaitlyn’s breath hissed as she made small panting mewls. Her head was swimming. She let out another moan, low and soft, and her muscles hardened while her pussy twitched helplessly around the massive cock buried inside her. She quivered, sweat running down her damp skin, and she could hear the blood pounding furiously in her ears. The rubber cock seemed to pulse and grow inside her, and her hot lust flared as sweat and pussyjuice flowed from between her legs. Her thighs became slippery, and every single struggle she made pulled the diabolic crotchstrap hard against her erect clit, biting and gnawing insatiably into her erotic center.

Kaitlyn looked up at the Chinese woman who rested her hands against the inside of Kaitlyn’s thighs, forcing her legs open. Kaitlyn shook her head and strained mightily against her bondage in one last desperate bid for freedom. It was completely useless. Kaitlyn slumped back against her bondage. She was trapped. She was this woman’s slave.

“You are allowed to cum, my pet,” Candice cooed softly. Her delicate fingers began roaming closer to Kaitlyn’s hopelessly excited pussy. Kaitlyn mewled and shook her head again, struggling to pull away from the woman’s captivating touch, but it was all in vain. Kaitlyn arched her back, wrenching to be free, twisted and arched again, moaning uncontrollably. Her struggles only served to shift the plug and latex crotch strap deeper inside her.

Candice reached between Kaitlyn’s legs and placed her thumbs on the bottom base of the rubber dildo. With a single, deliberate movement, she pushed the cock as deeply inside Kaitlyn as it would reach.

Kaitlyn let out a scream of pure sexual ecstasy as an unseen spasm finally overtook her. Kaitlyn let out muffled sobs and peals of pleasure from behind her ball gag, her breath coming short and hard through flared nostrils. She writhed and bucked against the rapacious invader inside her and only succeeded in bringing on another orgasmic explosion, then another, then another. Kaitlyn wildly shook her hooded head, twisting and screaming into her ball gag as orgasms piled one on top of each other. Finally, she lay there, exhausted, twitching weakly, and utterly helpless.

It was magical.

Candice Chang let out a soft coo of delight. “Such a good girl! Such a good girl!” she whispered approvingly.

Kaitlyn didn’t know whether to feel pride or whether to die of shame.

It was then that she heard another voice.


It was Brad.


“Kaitlyn, are you decent?”

Kaitlyn was too weary to even try to figure out where the voice was coming from. Why is he still here? The pervert! Couldn’t he just leave her in peace! He’d already betrayed her friendship and her trust. Did he really have to rub it in?

“She really isn’t,” Candice chortled, lightly stroking Kaitlyn’s exposed and drenched labia. Kaitlyn quivered against her bondage and let out a protesting mewl behind her gag.

“Well after that soundtrack, I’d imagine not. I think your neighbors heard her.”

“Oh I assure you they didn’t. I wouldn’t be where I am if they could.”

Kaitlyn blinked blearily. What in God’s name were they babbling on about?

“Kaitlyn, can you hear me?”

Kaitlyn let out an exhausted grunt, trying to communicate as much of her hatred as she could.

“Oh good. I assume you’re all right.”

Kaitlyn paused. She let out another, affirmative grunt, not quite as hostile as the first one.

“I’ll bet that was the most intense time of your life. I’m sorry to have tricked you like that, but I knew you would’ve wanted the full effect. The truth is... I didn’t sell you into bondage slavery. I don’t even know where I’d begin to find something like that. The pretty lady somewhere near you is indeed Candice Chang, but she’s a professional mistress, very experienced in the field. She has amazing reviews.”

Kaitlyn blinked, her panic and fear receding rapidly. She turned and looked up at Candice who nodded in agreement. “I’ve never worked with a woman before,” she said coyly.

Kaitlyn felt a deep warmth begin to rekindle inside her. She let out another ragged moan.

“However, I have scheduled an entire, exclusive weekend session with you and Candice. Candice will train you and teach you to be a perfect bondage submissive... if you want...”

Kaitlyn’s eyes went wide. She felt tears come unbidden to her pretty eyes. Oh God, it was her fantasy. It was her fantasy come to life! She squirmed against her bondage, no longer in panicked desperation but more of a sensuous snuggle, luxuriating in the feel of the tight rubber and latex which enveloped her. She let out another, lust-filled moan from behind her gag. “MMHM!! MMMHMMM!!!” she moaned with desperate enthusiasm, afraid, but this time afraid of losing this golden moment.

Candice clapped her hands, pleased. “Excellent! Oh this is so exciting. I think you’ll enjoy this, my little white pet...” Candice grinned a cattish, playful grin. “Me always wanted to have pretty white girl to kidnap to far orient and use as personal sex slave!” Candice said, feigning a stilted pidgin English accent.

Kaitlyn whimpered, excitement filling her anew.

“I’m... I’m going to leave you two now. Oh fuck. Candice, do you have a bathroom I can borrow?”

“Down the hall, third door on the left.”

“Thank you. You fucking owe me, Kaitlyn.”

“FANNKK VVVUUU!!!” Kaitlyn shouted.

Candice grinned a wicked grin that Kaitlyn would soon come to know meant trouble of the sexiest and most exciting kind. She released Kaitlyn from the floor chain and gently tugged Kaitlyn up to her knees. Kaitlyn knelt on the floor, absolutely glowing with radiant happiness as she stared up adoringly at her new mistress. My mistress... what an interesting thought!

“Your slave name is ‘Meimei.’ It means ‘Little sister’ in Mandarin, but it implies ‘pussy’,” Candice said. Candice picked up the riding crop and brandished it warningly in front of Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn quivered against her bondage and let out another, sensuous moan of excited trepidation. “I expect perfect obedience from you, Meimei, or else you will be punished most severely!”

Kaitlyn nodded and bowed her head submissively. She couldn’t stop herself from shaking. She’d experienced the most mind-blowing, sexual ecstasy of her life and would do anything to experience it again!

“Your safeword is ‘red’.”

Kaitlyn let out another moan. She couldn’t wait to get started!

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