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Sojourn at Hordenhurst Lodge

by Fetiman

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© Copyright 2015 - Fetiman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; club; latex; dress; hum; bond; bdsm; toys; insert; electro; punish; transport; cage; enslave; susp; crop; whip; denial; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Chapter 1: New Rubber Toy

She was admirably ensconced on the bed; naked apart from the totally occlusive rubber hood enveloping her freshly shaved pate. She could not see, could barely hear and could utter little more than throaty grunts or moans such was the effectiveness of the breath-through, inflatable gag occupying her jaw aching mouth. The hood was secured to her head by means of a truly extreme posture collar whose rolled rubber edges added a measure of comfort that belied the considerable discomfort of compressive pressure on her throat as well as the strict denial of head movement. It also lent her an almost alien, dehumanised and vaguely insect aspect.

The rest of her form refuted that notion very effectively; athletically slim but never the less alluring; she was blessed with wonderfully round, seemingly gravity defying breasts. These were 'enhanced' by pliant rubber cuffs that both squeezed as well as corralled them into slightly florid globes tipped with fulsome and perhaps surprisingly tumescent nipples.  The rest of her form was very effectively secured; broad leather straps 'quartered' her torso, the midriff strap recognizable as a waspie cinching her waist to an impossibly narrow degree. Even the meagre subcutaneous layer of fat she had was squeezed out to form a pleasing roll concealing the edges of the tormenting item.

However it was almost as nothing compared to the other vicissitudes I'd already visited upon her heavenly form – I would add many more to it in a due course.

The strip of leather descending toward her navel yoked around a 'double-harp' shaped element of chromed steel that curved with perfect fidelity to frame the most intimate part of her. Indeed it was held against her with such tight fidelity that her smoothly denuded mons pubis protruded floridly though the opening with her vaginal lips somewhat parted in a profoundly lewd pout.

The apex of this metal ‘circulature’ incorporated of an eyelet that delved somewhat between the inner fleshy folds of her vagina at their conjunction and 'lassoed' her refulgent and tumescent clitoris in splendid isolation; welcome or otherwise, the insistent pressure evidently provided some stimulus judging by its floridly swollen condition.

The bottom end of the metal ‘circulature’ was hinged to another chromed steel element; a curved bar following her crotch to a large open ring centred over her anus; it was held tightly in place by means of the rear leather strap ascending to attach to the back of the midriff belt.

All of this was clear to see, for her cuffed ankles above stiletto heeled, ballet-toed boots, were clipped wide apart to a chromed steel bar now hauled up well above her head - straightening her long, slender, 'jack-knifed' legs. Her 'nethermost' parts were served up for one and all to admire; brazenly, strained tautly immobile and utterly vulnerable between quivering buttocks.

Nor could she move a muscle to either protect or conceal the most embarrassingly intimate part of her. That was because her hands, just visible below her posterior, were secured in tightly moulded mittens whose tips were capped with rings now pad-locked together. Indeed, her unseen arms were securely cinched together in a web of strapping padlocked to her body harness. In this situation she now knew truly inescapable bondage amalgamated with a measure of unavoidable discomfort and a sense of utter vulnerability - I would later be underlining that forcibly.

For all this I wasn't quite satisfied - the arrangement was just a bit too 'manageable' for the slave; a bit too easy. An element was missing and it could more or less be summarized in the word 'struggle'; as it was the slave only had to lie there and endure. That was not enough in my book.

Under these circumstances it's usually a good idea to bring the most sensitive parts into play.

I quietly withdrew only to return a few minutes later with a handful of chain, a few clamps and other items. Setting all on the bed at her side I selected one of the clamps. Designed to grip around something a little larger than a straw it was ideal for my purposes; taking hold of the very tip of her refulgent clit and stretching it I opened the scissor clamp and released it to close on the distended strand of flesh.

The slave became almost apoplectic with this sudden assault on one of her most sensitive parts; initially thrashing about wildly, or at least as much as her restraints would allow, she gradually tired to a slowly writhing and tremulous torment. Taking advantage of her comparative quiescence I quickly added similar clamps to her ringed nipples and then set about connecting all three with a strand of fine chain via a small pulley wheel suspended from an eye-let at the centre of the spreader bar.

The final connection was made to the clit clamp with a short stretch of bungee cord such that there was a moderate degree of elastic tension between clit and nipples; one was stretched even further whilst the other two seemed magically elevated in an altogether very alluring way. The slave had two choices; either soldier on and just put up with this malicious additional torment or lift part of body to alleviate the stress. Realistically lifting her upper torso was the only viable option and for a while that is what she did - bowing her chest upwards for as long as she could bear the strain.

With these frustrating struggles she was a sight to behold; a divinely perverted parody of a classic Vargas pose. I allowed myself a rather broad, wicked smile and mused to myself that she now had something else to occupy her idle reverie.

Walking as quietly as possible in riding boots across the plushly carpeted floor I drew away from the side of the bed and left her to her own devices.


We had met by arrangement at the Kink-Kat fetish club; she in an overly stretched little black latex dress that barely covered her pert derriere and which she was constantly tugging at the hem self-consciously. Perched on cute ankle-cuffed booties, she wore a patent dog-collar from which a thin leather leash dangled invitingly.

She was very attractive; slimly statuesque and a little above average height. Her more than presentable face, suggesting a sunny disposition, was crowned with lengthy, strait brown hair. There was perhaps a hint of Asian blood in the smoothness and simplicity of her features.

Somehow I couldn't quite square her physique and apparently far from shrinking-violet demeanour with someone looking for a period of total power exchange, alternative life-style in our special and select institute. Perhaps a boyfriend had harangued and cajoled her into this.

Her eyes had widened with palpable shock and, yet, I perceived not just a little interest, even expectancy when her eyes beheld me and registered my determined approach.

Perhaps it was the heavy rubber tabard adorned with the silhouette of an invert suspended slave, or the farther fearsome combination of rubber hood with head harness, or even the coiled whip looped to my belt one side and leather crop dangling from the other that momentarily robbed her of words.

Taking the initiative and establishing the appropriate dynamic I greeted her simply: "Hello, you must be the Jancine that X mentioned. The one who wishes to experience a period of real servitude - no need to speak, just nod your head."

Clearly with a jumble of thoughts whizzing around her excited mind she nodded rather uncertainly. I took hold of the leash in my gauntleted hand, turned and led her over to my table - one hand clasped her purse tightly to her chest as the other fidgeted with the hem of her dress.

"Stop that!" I commanded abruptly. Her hand immediately dropped away and her bright eyed gaze flashed about in mounting embarrassment as the hem rebelliously began to ease upward over her buttocks. By the time we reached the table situated in a quieter corner of the club it was obvious to any that happened to be nearby that she was 'commando'.

"Stand there!" I tersely instructed. "You were instructed to depilate," I challenged; although her femininity was neatly trimmed it was definitely not hairless. "You'll be punished for that." Her eyes widened even more with this information but the look could not be described as one of sudden terror, more of the realisation that this was for real - that one of her deepest, most cherished fantasies was finally coming to fruition. A flush of warmth alloyed with barely controlled embarrassment suffused her face and upper torso as I settled the rolled up hem of her dress around her waist.

"Kneel", I ordered, curtly. She didn't need to be told twice and quickly dropped to a position of comparative modesty on the floor.

"Head up and look straight ahead - you will only be required to listen to begin with", I said matter-of-factly as I eased the harness of a panel-gag over her head. Interestingly she didn't utter a word of complaint but kept her reluctant mouth closed as she regaled me with troubled, pleading eyes. "Have it your way", I said, "but it's going in anyway," rather offhandedly I eased open her unwilling jaw with the heel of one hand on her forehead and the other on her chin. The large, tear-drop bulb of the breath-through gag was soon pressed unceremoniously in place, eliciting a bleat of pained surprise. Moments later the harness was properly buckled up and the click of a padlock clasp settling home imported to her that this wouldn't be coming off any time soon.

"You must have a serious yearning for punishment; have you been deprived of it for too long?" I asked dryly.

Lastly I settled a broad belt around her waist; attached to it were two cuffed pouches.

"You'd better not disobey me again - you've already accrued a substantial amount of punishment for failing to follow instructions and resisting preparations." Then with an admonitory glare I ordered her to give me her right hand. She briefly demurred before somewhat sullenly and reluctantly extending her arm.

"That also merits punishment you understand. I will not brook any sign of disobedience or defiance at all - you will comply freely with each and every instruction or face the consequences for each and every deficiency." I summarily thrust her hand into the pouch on the left (opposite) side of her waist and tightened the cuff buckle very securely. A little discomfort and pain would help drive home the point.

She wasn't any more cooperative with her left hand and it was only after a little tussle that I was able to securely lock that in the left side pouch. Breathing heavily with her arms pinioned diagonally across her torso she stared a little fearfully but also defiantly at me; breasts heaving against thin rubber.

"Right", I exclaimed breezily, "we're now just about ready for the interview but I think it’s appropriate and customary to have a drink first wouldn’t you say?"

She didn't respond, just sullenly kept her head bowed. With a finger and thumb on her chin I gently tilted her head up until we had eye contact. Her closed face and mildly tearful and fearful eyes told me all I needed to know.

"There's no need for that", I said. "You're just about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Something you've long fantasised about, so it would seem. Actually so far you're doing quite well, seven out of ten but it will be much better if you don't resist - just go with the flow."

With that I turned my attention to catching the eye of a waitress. Moments later one was standing at our table, towering over us on vertiginous heels; her impossibly short skirt and frilly underskirt did nothing to conceal the fine camel-toe of her black rubber thong.

"A dry martini for me please and a double bloody Mary - in a pet bowl please."

She glanced down at my companion whose cheeks quickly became hotly pink as she shamefully averted her gaze. The waitress turned to smile with complicity at me before strutting languidly back to the bar.

"Hmmm!" I exclaimed. "Why so embarrassed?  Someone presently 'indisposed' as you is neither unusual nor out of place here. Surely you anticipated something of this nature would ensue this evening - for a masochistic BDSM fantasist wanting to 'do it for real' it hardly seems credible that you could expect other than such at all?"

Clearly not exactly so, judging by the disagreeable look she directed at me.

"Well, at least part of what you expected then?"

Her eyes flickered slightly but the look remained.

"Alright then, given that you are so evidently discomfited I feel compelled to give you a good reason as well as show that your feelings really are of little concern to myself nor the institute where you will be delivered tonight."

With that I took hold of the plunging neck-line of her dress and eased the stretchy material to either side of her wonderfully curvy breasts and settled the bunched material beneath them. She was clearly mortified; her nipples visibly shrinking before my eyes.

"No, this isn't going to work is it?" I asked rhetorically. "Let me see how I can improve things for you. Let's see if we can 'tease' you with a better reason for believing that this isn't developing into an unfortunate misadventure."

Taking her leash and pulling upward firmly I exhorted her to rise a little and with taps of my booted toe on the insides of each knee I indicated the she should spread her legs. She complied reluctantly and at a glacial pace.

"Tch! Tch! This is not the way to demonstrate your obedience, is it?" I asked gently. "Hold that position!" I curtly ordered once her legs were sufficiently parted.

Reaching into the small bag with me I lifted out a re-sealable plastic bag and opened it to extract two gleaming black rubber balls conjoined by a thick-ish rubber-sheathed cord. Planting both feet just inside of her knees so she would not be tempted to draw her legs closed I stooped and pressed the first of the balls against the seam of her vagina. Reflexively she tried to squat but I held firm on the leash with my other hand. Oddly she didn't resist any further and with little further ado the balls were soon lodged deep inside her.

Her nostrils flared at each rasping breath now and both upper chest as well as her cheeks became brightly flushed.

"Good, now you may squat if you like." Seemingly transfixed she didn't immediately act on the offer but stertorously drew her legs together and cautiously descended, gradually allowing her weight to settle. A trembling, languorous groan emanated from her as I adjusted the remote.

"See, proof positive that good things can come to those who respond in the right way. However I should warn you that the little toy inside you is more than capable of delivering pain as well as pleasure." With that I clicked a button and delivered a taste - a millisecond jolt of very low current but high-voltage electricity. Her yelp and spasm indicated that the message was well and truly received. "Take note - that was on the lowest setting and I'm more than ready to inflict worse if you continue to demonstrate those little moments of disobedience."

She glanced at me uncertainly, even a little nervously but the moment was fleeting and her expression was quickly supplanted by one rapidly approaching sublime distraction as the balls within worked their 'good' magic. Her face soon visibly relaxed, eyes half shut, not a wrinkle clouded it and in that moment her beauty multiplied. She was almost purring; transported to a quite other place despite the basely humiliating she was placed in; pretty much naked, gagged and effectively restrained.

Very clearly aroused, she was now advancing steadily toward that point of blissful denouement; her breathing quickening but more notably her nipples had become remarkably engorged, elevated on swollen and golden brown aureolae. I adjusted the control and 'toned down' the activity. A shadow instantly flashed across her brow and within a second she had roused to consciousness.

A moan ripe with frustration accompanied a pleading look, followed by a tantrum like repetitive flexing of her bound arms that set her bunched breasts jiggling.

I shook my head on the negative, saying "Later, first I need to see a much improved attitude from you. At least now you can see the sort of rewards that good behaviour merits." With that I subjected her to a few seconds blast of high intensity vibe and smiled at her reaction; almost whinnying, she quaked and trembled wide-eyed in a moment of transfigured ecstasy.

"Deal? You will now obey without demur or hesitation?"

She looked at me somewhat in awe or 'shell-shock' and steadily nodded her ascent with fluttering eyelids. She is manageable I thought to myself.

"Let's see if your deeds conform to that promise of assent later."

Meanwhile the waitress returned carrying a tray with our drinks and set it down on the table. In turning to face me she provocatively regaled my subdued companion with a full face view at eye-level of her naked derriere. Then she stooped to gracefully set my glass on the table, thus affording me a long glimpse of her handsomely ringed breasts via the totally inadequate décolletage of her bodice and winked archly at me. Nor did she rush to break the spell; rather she opted to prolong it by deftly stirring my martini and lewdly running the stirrer over her tongue before dropping it back on her tray. All the while she sort of shuffled her feet apart and surreptitiously eased her rear backwards until it softly collided with Jancine's gagged face.

After a second or two of trying to 'queen' Jancine she stood upright and turned to look down her nose at the kneeling form.

"Oh, pardon me darlin’;" she intoned with a theatrical nasal twang, "I thought you'd appreciate a little bit of that sort of attention."

"A new one - looks more 'interesting' than the last," she whispered to me rather breathily, with a sparkle in her eye.

I winked, complicitly.

"Aahh! Poochy Poo must be thirsty and doesn't have a dwinky yet. Aaaahhh!"

Even I found the tone and content irritating but the recipient of this monologue was royally offended. I could see that it was dampening her arousal; the beatific face was no longer heaven directed but staring straight ahead in a show of stoic disregard.

The waitress wasn't to be deflected though.

"Here we are, look the nice waitress has brought just what the nice gentleman ordered; a nice doggy bowl filled with a lovely dwinky."

The waitress paused with the bowl half way; pink with a puppy profile on the side signed 'Woof!'

"Now shouldn't a good 'ickle puppy beg for the bowl and show some sign of gratitude?"

The waitress stepped directly in front of the reeling Jancine.

"Come on, beg bitch!" The ridiculously childish tone was suddenly supplanted by an overtly aggressively domineering tone. "I don't care how you do it but for your sake you'd better find a way to obey my order."

The kneeling subject lifted her frowning face to look up at her aggressor. After a pause she uncertainly pivoted forward some and gently rested her head against the waitress' left thigh. She then proceeded to rub her mute head slowly up and down the tight black latex covering.

"Hmm! Not bad... But silly Puppy thinks it's a Pussy. Aaahhh! Is that what it wants to be - my Pussy perhaps? Hmmm! Let's wait and see - I'm sure it can be arranged." She added darkly.

Carla turned to me in askance, my eyes smiled at her but I answered with a non-committal shrug. It obviously wasn't the answer she was looking for and she was instantly annoyed; the bowl peremptorily found its way to the floor with a bit of a clatter that splashed drink on to Jancine's knees.

Then, as she stood the waitress casually let her left hand drift by the nearest breast and in a flash the oppressor had hold of the nipple between finger and thumb; more precisely nails of finger and thumb. In a flash she had enacted a wicked and nasty act on the completely vulnerable victim.

With a surprisingly powerful shriek Jancine reflexively jerked her torso away from the waitress and quivered with eyes clenched tearfully shut in obvious pain. As she battled with the effects of the assault a bubble of dark blood oozed from the nipple then slowly trickled down the smooth roundness of the breast. Moments later the trickle was swelled by another. When she eventually opened her eyes to survey the injury Jancine immediately focused them on the perpetrator towering above her. They were suffused with hot anger and not a little hatred.

 'Wow!' I thought to myself, 'such spirited defiance.' If she wasn't restrained thus I might fear for the waitress' wellbeing.

"That is a memento and an indication of the things that will happen to you when we meet again BITCH!" Jancine's intense and malevolent stare held fearfully steady. She attempted to voice words but the gag translated each of them to angry grunts.

"Carla, Carla." I said exasperatedly. "You can't resist a goodly dollop of the melodramatic can you?" I glanced at the wound and trickle of blood - the sheen was dulling which indicated that it was congealing already.

"That was sadistically spiteful and cowardly - this creature is almost completely defenceless. Remember 'what goes around comes around'."

She looked at me, her face lit with a defiant sardonic smile.

"I think you'd better get back to work - you don't want Joleon inflicting another spell of the 'disciplinary action' you were subjected to last week do you?"

A cloud fleetingly shadowed her eyes and the smile vanished.

"That was just a misunderstanding," she said with a studied but unconvincing show of nonchalance. "We patched things up later."

"Had the bruises faded by then?" I asked pointedly.

She just snorted, a half-smile flickering uncertainly on her lips (significantly her eyes were not smiling), adroitly she swivelled round on her heels and strutted back toward her station at a languorous pace sashaying her ‘tush’ with her skirts swaying ridiculously above.

"Bye Mel, Oh and see ya round BITCH!" She tossed casually over her shoulder.

With a sigh I shook my head and followed it with a suppressed chuckle. Jancine was still seething with anger; her breath snorting from her nostrils with fierce indignation.

"Leave it," I said, "you won't be meeting each other any time soon I can guarantee you of that for sure. At least not like this; she's a fully paid up member of the 'sub-club' and a rampant lesbian to boot. Very likely that’s why she took such a particular 'shine' to you."

My kneeling companion snorted in derision.

"Anything wrong with that?" I fixed her with a cool gaze. "Just suppose that it was a close 'friend' who'd inflicted this injury and pain on you. Would you be so angry?"

The question seemed to take some of the sting out her and she steadily calmed; her eyes quickly lost their narrowed steeliness, opening to a moment of self-revelation before sheepishly focussing on me. She shook her head and bowed her gaze.

"Let me have a look at what she did to you and then we can proceed with the interview - although in truth it has already started."

Cupping her breast in my hand I turned it a little, this way and that. Then gently stretched the skin of the aureole.

"Superficial wound, thankfully no need for stitches - just as well because I'm no good with a needle and thread. That's a joke by the way. You can bare it as a 'trophy of battle' on the day you out-ed at a BDSM fetish sub".

My words engendered a look of suppressed annoyance. She wasn't amused by my effort at laddish humour.

"Lovely breasts by the way. You are quite a bit of a look-er. But I guess I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, am I?"

That remark and question was regaled with a somewhat bashful smile and a complacent, not to say immodest shrug of her shoulders.

"But that's not what we're here for, is it really." I said rhetorically.

"By the way you can take a drink with that in your mouth you know. Suck it up through the breathing tube but be careful - don't overdo it or it'll end up going down the wrong way."

Rather gingerly she shuffled forward a little and pivoted over to stick the tube in her dog bowl of Bloody Mary, then found she had to shuffle back a little to get the distance right. 'She's never done anything like this before' I thought to myself taking a sip of my own aperitif.

She slowly and patiently sucked up a little of the drink - what a picture of beatific debasement. Unselfconsciously she allowed her breast to brush the slightly dusty and drink-splattered floor. My crotch stirred forcefully.

"Now then, if you're ready we can begin. Your name is Jancine Paget, correct?"

She nodded in the affirmative.

"You have expressed to the Institute, your desire to become a rubber sl..."


A little while later the set of questions were complete, I reached for my nearly empty glass and took a quietly celebratory finishing gulp.

"Very good," I said enthusiastically, settling the empty glass back on the table. "I can see you are ideally suited for what's in front of you and I believe you are going to have a memorable, even life-changing experience over the next couple of weeks or so."

“I'm very clear about your requirements and I'm sure that we can broadly meet them. I'm also confident that you are ideal material for our establishment and I expect that you'll cope as well as any have with the strict regime we uphold. This interview is successfully concluded."

She smiled, evidently reassured and encouraged by my comments.

"After the preliminary assessment period of two weeks we'll review your progress and decide what level your continued involvement should be set at. From now on you are a 'subject' of the Hordenhurst Institute, initially under my mentorship."

The news elicited a wan smile of nervous uncertainty alloyed with unbridled anticipation of a long-cherished fantasy about to be realised.

"Let us have a celebratory drink, shall we?"

Catching the attention of a passing waiter I deferred just one more time to my kneeling toy.


She nodded brightly.

"A glass of Moet and another served in the bowl please."

I couldn't resist seeing her grovel to sup from the bowl just one more time.

Once we had finished our drinks I announced that this little tête a tête was over.

"In a few moments we are going to leave the club for your new home of the next wee while at least. However, up to now you've accrued a substantial number of demerits that would normally result in a very arduous period of punishment - I expect you would find it particularly onerous at this early stage. So I have a proposal."

Reaching in to my treasure trove of goodies I pulled out another re-sealable plastic bag but much larger this time, as well as a set of two tweezer-clamps linked by a strand of chain.

"This brief ordeal I have in mind won't be at all easy in any way, believe me but I'm prepared to reduce your punishments by half if you carry this off without significant issue. Are you agreeable?"

She considered what I'd said for a few moments then nodded her assent.

"Of course you realise that if you should fail you'll face the full punishment anyway plus an additional amount for failing the ordeal. Still game?"

Another nod.

"OK, get up and stand with your legs a little apart. Don't allow your two erstwhile friends out- that would amount to immediate failure and substantially increased punishment."

With a little assistance from tugs on the leash by me she struggled to her feet and stood as directed but with her thighs somewhat angled together.

"Legs straight." I instructed her peremptorily as I prized open the plastic bag and pulled out the item to brandish it in front of her.

I held a bristled dildo of some 25cm length; looking like some arcane item from Rubbermaid's kitchen utensil range, it was black in colour and had half its length festooned with stiff rubber 'spines', all about half a centimetre long. They were tipped with balled ends rather like hairbrush bristles, intended to reduce the risk of perforating the delicate skin and tissues within. After the bristled section the dildo narrowed from the prodigious six throughout the bristled part to a mere centimetre or two before expanding to some three or four for the ‘handle’ section which had a steel eyelet at the base.

"This is your last chance to back out, yes or no?"

She paused, longer this time but finally nodded in the affirmative.

"OK. Stand steady, it’s going in."

Gleaming with a generous dousing of lubricant there wasn't any need for more; especially when I observed matted slickness of her vaginal stubble. She had been oozing pre-com prodigiously.

"My, you have been exercised by your two new friends, haven't you? Unfortunately I don't think this one will have quite the same effect do you?"

Her head swivelled from side to side in timorous agreement; she was consumed with trepidation but it was too late now. She had to go through with it.

"Try to relax; I doubt that it will be as bad as you anticipate."

With that encouragement I extended my arm between her legs from the rear and prized open her labia as wide as possible with the fingers of one hand; grip was a little hard to manage given the slickness there, especially with rubber gloves. Then gently pressed the tip of the dildo into her maw with the other; she jolted at the first touch but that was something I was ready for and I held her firm. Delicately increasing the pressure I 'walked' the dildo slowly but inexorably into her. Each change in tilt elicited a reflexive jolt and she hugged herself fiercely with cuffed arms as a tear or two rolled down her distraught cheeks.

Finally it was home, the warm and delicate flesh contracting around the narrow neck effectively 'sucking' in the last centimetre or so. An occasional tear followed the others but she wasn't crying as such - her eyes remained clamped shut. The insertion had literally brought tears to her eyes.

"Excellent! Now I'm going to add 'insurance' to help prevent you from ejecting the dildo."

Gathering together her labial lips above the neck of the dildo I applied one of the tweezer-clamps to hold the delicate folds of unaccustomed flesh tightly together. Her yelp and bucking reaction were impressive but I held on never the less. I applied the second clamp to her lips on the lower side of the dildo in such a way that they were 'pursed' tightly around it and then threaded the strand of linking chain through the dildo-base eyelet.

Unclipping the leash from her 'twee' little collar I clipped it to the loop of chain dangling from the dildo and gave it the gentlest of tugs.

Her reaction seemed disproportionate; she skipped forward half a step and flexed her torso tremulously as if she was suffering pangs of severe tummy-ache. She fixed me with the most forlorn and pleading expression and mumbled a plea into her gag clearly begging to be alleviated of this torment.

"Of course I can remove it but I'm sure you'll regret that several times over when you're being punished at the Institute. Imagine being at the mercy of several sadistic Carlas all at once."

She shook her head distractedly, as if she was at the bitter edge of her limit. It left her fine hair rather chaotically muzzed; strands hanging haphazardly across her face

"Have fortitude," I said in a gentle tone of warm encouragement. "The pain will gradually ease and become more tolerable, believe me. I know."

She cast a somewhat sceptical but also inquisitive glance at me; calmer for the moment at least, although her breathing was still somewhat ragged and her pained eyes still watery.

"Honestly, I really do - but no details. I'll leave to your imagination to go to work on that notion. Suffice to say we all start somewhere on the road to kink-dom and most of us on the lower levels."

She seemed to calm a little as she digested my words and their import.

"Hmmm! Seems like you're coping a little better already, just a few more details and you'll be ready to go. Notice that I'm not asking now - your whims and wishes no longer count in the slightest slave."

To her uninjured nipple I fixed a gentler clamp than those on her labia; an ingeniously simple design of sprung tube to hold the stretched nipple with two semicircles of chromed steel wire formed in petaloid loops at the base pressing down on the circumference of the aureole. Checking the injured nipple I decided it was 'robust' enough to cope with this fairly anodyne treatment and placed the clamp on it.

It was evident that she had above average sized nipples to match her wonderfully endowed breasts. So much so that goodly sized nubbins of tender, florid flesh exuded above the metal collars; rather as I'd expected. Seeing an opportunity I added an embellishment. In a trice I'd clipped a sibilant bell to each and with both hands softly bounced each breast to test the effects - the clear, high-pitched, 'trill' was surprisingly loud.

"Typically these would be part of a rig for out-doors activities," I paused to bounce her breasts a little more; "pony-play for instance, or slave hunt games. You've a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks, believe me. Lots!"

"And one final item for now - not that you're likely to make a dash for it in your current state but I can't take that risk. Anyway it's also something you need to get used to pretty quickly anyway."

Taking sturdy leather cuffs and a 25cm hobble chain her ankles were soon secured appropriately.

"Alright," I said brightly, "you're just about ready to start the journey to your new abode." Positioning myself on her right side I took hold of her leash with my left and applied the slightest of tensions. She felt compelled to project her lower abdomen forward in an effort to alleviate the additional discomfort and pain.

"So far you've done reasonably well in this ordeal slave but understand this; to successfully complete it you must convince me that you totally accept your predicament and all that will be demanded of you until we reach our transport."

"Practically that means no complaint, nor resistance at any point. Have I made myself clear?"

Before she could respond I took hold of the crop from my belt and flourished it threateningly before her eyes.

"If I need to use this in anger you will have lost the ordeal. Is that clear?"

Wide-eyed and tremulous, she nodded.

"Good, let's go. Oh, here is a little extra to ease things for you."

Fingering the remote I increase the vibration up to about 50%.

In little more than a few moments her breathing had deepened and steadied; her nostrils flaring with each laboured breath. Moreover the tell-tale swelling of her aureoles was back with a vengeance and her head tilted slightly upward.

I resisted commenting and lightly flicked the leash. With somewhat far away eyes she paused to glance at me then facing forward and commenced walking - a little stiff-legged.

Slowly and fairly steadily; the jolt at each step engendered a reflexive spasm signifying the torment she was suffering within but commendably she managed to maintain her gait.

I steered my charge from our comparatively quiet and secluded corner, through some of the busier parts of the club. The creature in my control drew a lot of admiring looks. I imagine they saw a very presentable young female sub being outrageously flaunted in public. They would surmise from the muzzed hair and half closed eyes that she was some distance along a sub-space trip and perhaps even post orgasmic. Much of that was true but what they couldn't know was the unaccustomed torment she was being subjected to, nor the reason for her being here.

Nor that none of her deepest, darkest desires and fantasies had she ever come close to anything remotely like this situation before now; of that I was sure.

My new slave was utterly pre-occupied with the ordeal I'd talked her into; so much so that, strange as it may seem, there was little room in her conscious mind for her to consider the truly base, degradation of her situation. One may ask 'how was that conceivable while being led naked by a bizarre rubber freak  through a night-club pretty much full of patrons, led at the end of a leash clipped to a prodigious 'member' inserted into just about the most 'intimate' part of her body.'

She apparently stoically disregarded the attentions of a cheeky and somewhat inebriated punk-chick with a two-toned hairstyle and an outfit of only Doc Marten boots and a thong who cooed around my charge before flicking the bells on her nipples. Fortunately she was hauled away by her Domme partner before she had the chance to do something else or lay her hands on the sub again.

I long expected that these moments would be the most fraught; they'd occasionally proved to be on previous ventures such as these and those unfortunate experiences had led me to the notion of the ordeal. In this case it was working better than I could have hoped.

It demonstrated that this creature had the potential capability of being persuaded into almost any act or behaviour given the appropriate 'incentives'.

Moments later we exited the club at the rear; the night was cool and clear. At first she showed a nervous reluctance to venture beyond the doorway; her silky smooth nakedness quickly became goose-bumped and she shivered with the chill and no doubt a measure of incertitude.

"Follow," I said peremptorily, administering the firmest tug yet. She didn't demur again.

In a few minutes we'd reached the place where our transport was parked; on a nearly vacant lot that had once been a thriving engineering business. It had folded a decade or so ago during one of the periodic economic upheavals associated with the haemorrhaging of business activity to much lower cost economies of the world.

I led her across an expanse of concrete paving punctuated by stumps of rusting, massive steel I-beam posts and patches of loose rubble to a small white utility van.

'Hordenhurst Institute of Education'

'A range of traditional training services - unique in the modern age'

"We could afford much better," I remarked, "but for the sake of discretion we stick with this - its 'spotless' and so is my license. However there is no pretending that it isn't a limousine.

Unlocking the rear doors I announced with faux gravitas, "slave, you are about to become the latest recruit to the Hordenhurst Institute - your adventure is truly about to begin."

She regaled the moment with a mewling shiver and attempted to fend off the chill by hugging and rubbing her arms against her body.

"Not exactly riveted by the thought it seems. Never mind, in any case your opinion counts for absolutely nothing now. Step forward."

She did has she was told until her legs pressed against the bed of the van. I hung the hand-loop of the leash onto a high hook inside the van, almost forcing her off her heels. Inconceivable now, that she would suddenly get the notion to make a dash for it; although others had attempted to do so in the past.

"No not a chauffeur service but ‘exceptional’ never the less."

The sides of the van within were lined with what looked like covered shelving units constructed of fine steel lattice-sheeting; designed to allow free flow of air yet sufficiently opaque to conceal the contents. They were all fitted with drop-down covers and padlocked for security. In every normal sense they looked like safe, secure storage - advisable one might surmise for operating in twilight areas such as this.

Fishing out a bunch of keys from the rubber pouch I selected one and unlocked the shelf on my left.

"I'm sure you must have fantasised about being caged haven't you slave? Well you'll be able to tick that one off your list very shortly."

Heaving the hinged front upward and latching it open I reached inside and pulled out what looked like a padded tray on castors with an assortment of items on it as well as some curious framework on each of the shorter sides. After aligning the tray parallel with the doorway I cleared the loose items off it on to the thick rubber mat covering the van bed.

"Come on slave, time to get you comfy - sort of. Warm anyway, I'm sure you'll be thankful for that at least."

Unhooking the leash I surprised her by smartly sweeping her off her feet and lifting her inside the van so that she was left kneeling on the roller mat. Within moments I'd manoeuvred her legs and doubly clipped her cuffed ankles to fixings only now apparent on the panel. Then I buckled straps just below her knees securing her calves to the sides of the tray.

Her breathing began to deepen as she attentively observed what was being done to her. I smiled inside; not a bit of it was betrayed by my matter of fact eyes.

"Now an important object lesson for a new slave - if it's deemed that a slave doesn't need something it will be denied or taken away. During this journey you're required to remain still and quiet, for the most part - you won't need mobility, or sight, or speech. Therefore the gag stays in place, you'll be restrained further and you'll be blind-folded. First of all let's gather that lovely hair of yours in to a pony tail."

Gathering it up adeptly I secured the resulting plume with a tight fitting cuff. She winced at the tightness but it was necessary for the next item; picking it up I worked it in my fingers reverently. Made of thick but pliant black latex it was a joy to behold. However, as much as I enjoyed the tactile sensation I could barely wait to see it adorning this handsome creature.

"So, it’s almost lights-out time for you slave. Hold still while I insert these ear-buds first and then we can go for the main event."

She complied admirably, didn't flinch as I offered it up to her face, nor when I furled her pony tail through the narrow opening and even held cooperatively still as I struggled a little to stretch it over her head. I really believed she wanted this as much as I. Moments later the short zip 'buzzed' downward drawing the lightly pliant collar of the hood tightly around the full length of her neck.

There is something about a totally occlusive hood, this had just three facial holes; one each for the nostrils and another for the breath-through gag tube. It gloved her finely structured face so well, accentuating a smooth jaw-line to a delicately acute chin. Even in the poor light from the roof of the van she was transformed - to my eyes her beauty wasn't concealed it was multiplied many times over.

I was a rather impatient now. To me this was a job only part done; a wonderfully hooded head demands a collar to match and just moments later I was easing it around her neck. Designed for maximum restriction of movement this would also be comparatively comfortable; with bulging piped-edging top and bottom, she would suffer the minimum discomfort for the maximum restraint. The top edge extended under the chin at such an angle that the wearer's head was forcibly tilted upwards.

Devine was hardly adequate as a superlative. The slave suddenly looked truly wonderful and I paused to muse on the days ahead, the various scenarios she was destined be subject to. Then I had to stop myself - it was just too distracting.

Pushing on the back of her Collar I forced her to pivot forward until her neck settled into the semi-circular lower half of the stock-type neck restraint attached to the padded tray, flipping over the hinged top bracket and pressed down until the latch mechanism closed firmly around the collar with a loud click. Her back was almost horizontal now. Then I connected the lines from her ear-buds to the van audio system.

"Move something if you can hear me," a mittened hand flexed outward from her waist.

"Is it too noisy? Bear in mind that it'll be a bit noisy back here when we're underway." No response.

"Is it too quiet then?" The same hand flexed outward briefly so I adjusted the volume up a little.

"Almost done with you now."

I picked up a broad and elaborately 'decorated' belt, passed it round her midriff and buckled it tightly until her waist was properly cinched. Then released each wrist cuff in turn and re-attached them to 'D' rings at the top edge of the belt securing her arms crossed-ways behind her.

The additional strain on her arms caused her to squirm a little and I initially thought she was trying to alleviate some of the discomfort before realising that she was playfully testing her restraints as if to confirm that she was truly captive now - in a classic bondage position. She was actually revelling in this!

"Starting to feel a little warmer now, eh? Let's see if how much we can enhance that. To 'brighten' your journey into institutional servitude I'm going to rearrange 'matters' at the other end - so be prepared for some more momentary discomfort," I said matter-of-factly and proceeded to remove the clamps on her labial lips.

As aficionados will know clamps hurt like hell when first applied but even more when removed after some time. If she didn't know that before this slave certainly discovered it now; muffled bleats and shrieks rended the air as she writhed futilely against her bonds.

Then there was the matter of removing the bristle dildo that was going to be another torment. Or so I thought, in fact the effects of the black 'eggs' on her had been so intense that she was just about 'flooded' inside and the dildo almost glided out, quickly followed by the eggs leaving the maw of her vagina agape and quivering.

"Hmmm! It looks like that 'spot' is well primed for the next item; no problem there but how about this I wonder?" I drizzled liquid lube onto her flexing, pouting anal-ring and worked the tip of a finger round and over the domed, taut entrance before testing the opening. Naturally it was reluctant to yield; the slave growling and mumbling unintelligible expletives and complaint.

"Protest, defiance, disobedience; remember these will not be tolerated at any time. This offence is noted and will add yet a further measure of punishment to that which you've already earned."

Following that pronouncement I wiggled a rubber gloved finger against the clinched aperture and unceremoniously drove it home.

"Oh, and by the way," I wiggled my finger for effect, "for the duration of your incarceration at the institute you will have no rights over this or any part of you." Forcefully pushing my finger in as deep as I could drive it and pulling almost all the way out I continued. "All of you, including this, now belong WHOLLY to the institute and as that entity's representative here I have the authority to do whatever I think fit and that could be anything - as unpleasant as I care to make it. So how about sticking the bristle dildo here?"

I wasn't serious but it was a joy and fascination to feel a spasm of visceral fear course through her body. Waggling my finger around I couldn't detect the presence of any faecal matter; she was comparatively void and clean - so she had seemingly complied with that particular instruction.

"No? Let's see then shall we?"

In fact I'd prepared a crotch strap to hold a 'full cargo' just for this moment. The slave was about to have the ride of her life.

I buckled the strap to the front of her midriff belt and laid it on the padded tray. Two large black, gleaming objects were already affixed to it. After a generous dollop of lube for the whole nether area I inserted the nozzle of the applicator in her anus and gave it a generous squirt. She was going to need all the assistance I could reasonably give her.

She merely grunted in response and flexed her mittened fists. No, that couldn't be construed as more delinquent behaviour; even I felt reluctant to 'ladle' yet more punishment on her; not yet anyway.

Turning the castored tray until she faced leftwards I lifted the two items to their ultimate destination and pressed the tip of the lower one home.

Her reaction was mildly astonishing; as soon as a quarter of its length had glided easily within she began to buck and writhe manically. At first I thought she was violently resisting, but not a bit of it. She was desperately and vigorously trying to 'rut' it in a state of voracious abandonment.

I laughed to myself for a few moments; it must have been a sudden paroxysmal expression of all the pent up longing for scenarios of this nature. Amusing and astounding though it was, in equal measure, it simply wasn't going to help me in any way.

"Stop that!" I ordered, loud and angry. Then I took hold of the crop and delivered three pretty 'meaty', strokes to her jittering butt.

She obviously wasn't expecting such a tirade; or the intense pain that came with it. She howled forlornly as a result, her mittened hands making a futile effort to reach down and protect that part of her. I immediately disabused her of any notion that she could at least ameliorate if not protect herself from such swift reprimands and firmly swatted at the mittens until she relaxed them to her back again.

"Be still!" I snapped. "You'll need to learn very quickly not to do ANYTHING unless instructed or made to do so! And you will make no attempt what-so-ever to resist or protect yourself from any chastisement or punishment of any sort! Do you understand?"

I was answered with tearful whimpering and a tremulous nod.

"OK slave. You'd better remember those lessons well and life will be so much smoother for you at the Institute. Unfortunately the precedent is not good because to be honest so few do. Let's continue shall we?"

Another feeble nod; this time she remained stock still as I steadily forced the pliant member in, pausing at the half way point to focus attention on the other item.

This would be a challenge but it had to be done.

Approximately cone-shaped, it was adorned with ‘Michelin Man’ style ribs diminishing in diameter up to an oval tip designed so as to at least get 'the toe in the door.' the diameter narrowed abruptly at the base from a maximum of about 6 daunting centimetres before flaring outward again to form an anus covering flange.

Both 'members' were secured to the strap by an embedded steel pin slotted into a track. Thus they were able to slide along the track independently; essential for slaves to stand, stoop or squat without putting potentially injurious tension on either orifice.

With one hand on the partly embedded vaginal member I directed the oval tip to her pouting anal opening. The oval tip slipped in comparatively easily, as did the following two ribs; some 3cm diameter already with another three or four ribs to go and the recipient was already verbosely grunting, groaning, or betwixt times whining as well. Evidently pleading for her misery to stop - with or without the plug in place she was bereft at this point.

Then I tried to force the issue and she immediately began to howl through her gag and writhe as much, or little, as her restraints would allow. This clearly wasn't working and I was increasingly aware that the longer we stayed here the greater the chance of being disturbed by unwelcome wanderers or even the local constabulary.

So I resorted to a slightly different approach. Easing the plug out by one rib from her over-stressed anus I focused my attention to the dildo and commenced working it in and out of her vagina. She soon responded with vigorous counter thrusts and guttural growls of base lust; deep in sub-space and sexual arousal she was revelling in this treatment, her first coital experience in bondage. Upping the ante I gradually increased the pace of thrust; each was now celebrated with a muffled bleat of delight.

'That's the way, get your rocks off you brazen shag-slut,' I thought to myself.

After a few more seconds I subtly started to work the rear plug as well; initially only varying the pressure but as it became obvious that she was abandoning herself to the headlong drive for gratification I began pushing it a little further in and back out in time with the dildo.

Far from 'fazing' her she responded even more ardently, so I took advantage and buried the plug a further rib. She became a thing almost demented; slamming her rear on to the twin prongs with violent determination, panting a tuneless dirge at each backward thrust. At this point I rather sneakily stopped pulling and held the two items steady, even advanced them slightly.

She didn't waver in her efforts, not in the slightest; if anything she increased the tempo and forcibly so.

All of a sudden the plug was plucked from my grasp - out of happenstance or perhaps a concerted effort on her part but remarkably her anal ring had negotiated the broadest part, some 6cm! She let out a banshee scream and like a broken toy her movements sudden became random to the point of chaotic; she writhed dementedly as much as the restraints would allow.

Seemingly enraged by both the painful denouement and having her coital ambitions thwarted she became somewhat apoplectic; thrashing about and railing against her restraints. At one point she suddenly became stock-still and attempted to 'excrete' the plug but to no avail - the 'fall' from broadest girth to the narrow neck was much too abrupt for her sphincter. That plug was staying in place until I or someone else decided it should be removed.

Perhaps realising the futility of her tirade, that it wasn't going to relieve even an iota of the pain and discomfort she calmed down somewhat. Sniffling, betimes moaning and occasionally expressing angry, incomprehensible mumblings she stayed more or less motionless as the crotch-strap was pulled tight over her Mons and more than snugly into her buttock-cleft before being buckled up.

Finally I clipped a chain to the frame above the feet-end of the tray, threaded it through a 'D' ring at the back of the midriff belt and connected the other end to an eyelet at the top of the stocks neck-clamp. This would provide some support and stability during the journey.

"There we are at last; the slave is ready to travel to its new abode."

Casually fondling her pendulous breasts and diddling the bells clipped to her nipples I proceeded to announce the results of her ordeal.

"Before we set off though, I have a couple of things to tell you; the good news is that bar a few fairly inconsequential lapses you were successful in the bristle-dildo ordeal. However the bad news is that your rebellious behaviour just now has at least partially negated that gain. Consequently you can anticipate a thoroughly challenging punishment schedule once you've been 'Enrolled' at the institute. You can't say you weren't warned."

"Now the other thing; for your entertainment during the trip you'll be happy to learn that the two items filling your nether passages are pressure activated. Provided you grip them with sufficient force you'll receive a very pleasurable sensation from both of them and you have my permission on this auspicious occasion to enjoy that to the fullest. On the other hand if you do not activate them within an allotted time you'll be 'treated' to increasingly intense jolts of static electricity, at least as painful as earlier. That should keep you entertained don't you think?"

She groaned in response; already occupied by the effort to activate the twin 'probes.'

With a parting trill of the bells I told her; "the activation time is variable so be patient and it starts… now."

With that I swung the tray around on its rough rollers and slid it into the open compartment.

"See you at the other end. Have fun."

With those parting words I dropped the front panel allowing it to noisily clatter closed and finally fitted the padlock to the clasp.

"Oh, by way of a reminder; should you really need to catch my attention - for something urgent - you'd better make a lot of noise. However it had better be a damn good reason for me to stop or else..."

By the time we were gently rolling along forest tracks up-country several hours later she had endured more than half a dozen forced orgasms before succumbing to exhaustion so profound that not even the 'shock therapy' could effectively rouse her; she just twitched convulsively.

My precious cargo had vigorously bent her self to intense sexual gratification. It was a very impressive if not astounding performance bourn of desire and fantasy pent up over years.

Her sexual travail had kept me entertained for good parts of the journey. She'd embraced the opportunity offered by the two devices enthusiastically as well as very vocally; at culmination she'd typically thrashed around rhythmically and shrieked or groaned so loudly that not even the breath-through gag could suppress the din.

In the last few minutes of our journey we slowly coasted down a simple woodland track following the rutted tyre marks of countless farm vehicles. The little van jostled from side to side, occasionally rearing up or briefly plunging head-long down the suddenly steepened track. A mournful groan emanated from the caged captive in the back, signifying that the rough road had roused her very reluctantly from a hard won nap. There-after muffled bleats of complaint alloyed with pained surprise punctuated each jolt of the road and spasm of static electricity as well no doubt.

We were headed toward the almost completely anonymous looking Hordenhurst Lodge. located in a  vast expanse of mostly forested land owned by our benefactors; ostensibly it existed for the exclusive huntin' n fishin' rights to be had in the environs but actually for a much more clandestine and particular activity.

It hosted one of the most opulently appointed and best equipped establishments for the preparation and training of fetish and bondage slaves anywhere. It existed and catered for a very select and secretive association; so secretive in fact it didn't even have a name.

Trees drifted past phantom-like in the misty air as we finally rolled quietly through the immense double doors of the old stables to a gentle halt. The 'reception party' was waiting and very shortly afterwards my charge had been 'decanted' from the van on to a delivery trolley and was soon in the lift descending to the inmate reception area accompanied by two 'orderlies' and the mistress in charge.


Somehow my charge must have sensed my presence; her black bauble of a head cocked a little to one side as far as the severe posture collar would allow, it wasn't very much and she became stock-still to listen intently.

It wouldn't do her much good because her ears were fitted with noise cancelling buds - eerily she wouldn't even be able to hear her own voice if she could speak.

Stirred from her reverie she shuffled her position slightly and flexed herself taut against her restraints for a few seconds before abruptly relaxing. The chains suddenly whipped tight and her pendulous breasts wobbled drunkenly before settling back in their original position.

She cooed in apparent appreciation of the jolt to all three of her sensitive 'nubs'; the singular of these three twitched and swelled discernibly. Moments later her lower abdomen flushed a roseate hue and she growled libidinously before repeating the action.

'My, my,' I thought, 'what a base, little pain-slut you've become in just a few days.'

As I'd hoped she was perfectly set and conditioned for her next ordeal which would test her limits somewhat; hopefully extending her pain-pleasure threshold.

I quietly backed away to fetch a tray of goodies that had been left on the bedroom cabinet; a prodigious 25cm dildo with an eye-popping girth and a smoothly oval butt-plug that was also in the 'fat one' class. Both of these 'challenging’ items would keep her occupied in every sense.

I set the tray down on the bed just below her. Still busy with her game she didn't notice at all. Picking up the dildo, I turned it this way and that, it dropped and flopped almost haphazardly thanks to the ultra-flexible, semi-transparent, black rubber it was made of and the catenary arrangement of vibro-units within. I drizzled lube along its length proceeding to smear it over the sculpted surface which was covered with hemispheric 'warts' almost a centimetre in height.

Without further ado I gripped the 'toy' near its tip and thrust it into my larger toy's already lubricious channel. She spasmed with shock at the sudden intervention but quickly softened as the inches were steadily fed into her.

Indeed she 'purred' her approval until about two thirds of it had disappeared but at the point her purr morphed into a yelp as the stretching showed no sign of abating. Tremors of distress coursed through her as the invasion continued; only when a stump of some 2-3 centimetres was still visible did I desist.

Though struggling fitfully with the 'monster' now 'lodged' in her she didn't show the slightest sign of defiance, nor made any attempt to eject it.

Reaching to the tray I picked up a plastic disc with four rubber-sheathed springs attached to its circumferential rim and jammed it onto the stump; sized for friction-fit it was now effectively part of the 'toy'. Moments later the free ends of the four springs were all clipped to the metal framing her Mons and my hands were free of the dildo. Flexing against it she soon discovered that she could 'express' about five or so centimetres of it but the strain soon became too much and most was drawn back inside. As intended each wart's emergence and subsequent disappearance induced a tremor of reaction in the bound form; so much so that there seemed to be an almost constant 'fizz', 'snap' and rattle of chain. Toying like this she was an engaging sight to say the least.

Eventually drawing my attention away from her after some pause I picked up the butt-plug. This was no toy, this was just about punishment grade; almost fifteen centimetres long it was a perfect tear-drop shape reaching almost eight centimetres diameter before curving into a five centimetre 'neck'. Naturally a wide base-plate would prevent complete assumption of the item.

By the time I'd lubed this beast copiously my charge had become considerably adjusted to the dildo accommodated in her. So much so that her repeated efforts to force it put of her and then allow it to 'spring' back in were clearly directed at one particular 'objective.'

"Take note slave, you have not been given permission to come."

The words must have echoed within because her enthusiasm suddenly cooled and she eased back her efforts a few notches. Never the less she didn't desist; there after working the dildo more slowly and appreciatively such that the chains hardly fizzed nor rattled any longer.

"Slave, your rear passage is unoccupied. That is about to change radically. Relax and prepare yourself."

I didn't give her a fraction of a second to consider my advice but simply rammed several lubricious fingers passed her now considerably slackened ring (no longer a tight, pouting mound of resisting muscle). Having inveigled lubricity to her rear passage I set about replacing my fingers with the tip of the plug and with a generous shove it almost magically 'plopped' into place.

The slave reflexively tensed for a second or so before letting out an agonized wail and then writhed about for a few seconds more while howling into her gag. It made no difference; she was going to have to accommodate this cumbrous item somehow or other.

Adding to her woes somewhat I pressed the base-plate until the circumferential groove on it mated with the steel ring framing her rear passage with a resounding snap. It was now well and truly securely in place.

Another bout of wailing greeted this denouement but she now desisted from further movement.

"Not bad slave, this is your biggest yet and you're already adjusting to its prodigious girth. It will condition you to managing even bigger items before your two weeks induction is over."

She was more quiescent but still obviously struggling with intense pain, her head metronomically turning left and right in mute struggle to cope with this invader.

"As a reward for this progress I'm going to demonstrate the sophisticated 'entertainment' integrated into these two objects."

With a click I activated them and in an instant her demeanour started to change; the dirge soon morphed in to a guttural groan come purr and little tremors began to play through her lower torso as the two objects duet-ed a siren song of carnal delight. The traduced slave was soon toying with the dildo again apparently oblivious of the object stretching her rear passage.

"Now before you go too far understand this, those two objects have embedded sensors monitoring your vital signs. Reassuring as that maybe I should warn you that they are sufficiently sophisticated to detect the onset of orgasm. If they do they are programmed to switch from pleasurable to a period of painfully punishing sensation and I think you know enough about that without me elaborating further."

Forcefully rolling the nearest nipple between finger and thumb, I observed her ardent effort at self-gratification. Enthusiastic; unencumbered by shame, she seemed not to realise the rapid descent to depravity that she was uncontrollably embarked on. Pain and her particular efforts of dealing with it were driving her ever onward down that route to the point of no return.

Purring to herself she was repeatedly expressing the warty dildo at a very measured pace and then allowing it back in place one jerky wart at a time.

"That's right my precious fuck-slut, enjoy yourself - and dream of how much more there is to come during your brief sojourn here because you can't possibly imagine what else lies before you." I whispered quietly.

Then clear enough for her to hear: "Very good, it seems you're occupied well enough for me to leave you for a while. But remember slave - no orgasm, if there is you'll be doubly punished when I return. Believe me!"

Whether she really registered that warning or not I could not tell but she didn't pause from her labour of 'love' one iota.

I left her pretty much certain that I'd be administering the crop, the flogger and several other items of punitive chastisement on my return.


So it proved.

When I returned, an hour or so later, she was almost completely quiescent and the hiss of breath through the nostril tubes of her hood indicated that she had fallen into a deep slumber. Evidence of post exertion fatigue one might surmise but I didn't need to rely on such tenuous evidence. That and the sheen of perspiration almost dried from the bare skin.

Picking up a tablet I established a Bluetooth connection with the dildo and downloaded the recorded activity from the point of activation; pressure, temperature and pulse rate were soon displayed graphically. Applying standard algorithmic analysis resulted in three separate bright pink bands across the chart. It confirmed to me the already obvious facts - despite the programmed punitive response to pre-orgasmic arousal she had achieved orgasm on three distinct occasions. Not only that, for I was well accustomed to using this application, it was clear that she had unerringly 'driven' herself to the point on each occasion. Never was there one instance of near orgasmic activity followed by a tailing off of the indicators which would show that she had ever desisted from the tempting urge.

Programming both inserted items to 'fade' in moderate vibration with mild electric 'stimulus' I set down the tablet and took hold of the crop hanging at my right side. Flexing it, I waited for her to stir. Within seconds her breathing became more rapid then she suddenly took a sharp intake of breath, pausing momentarily before releasing it in a note of whining complaint.

This annoying 'whinge' persisted for a few more seconds before a spasm fleetingly wracked her body and she suddenly became fully alert, remaining still and breathing shallow, apprehensive breaths.

"So glad that you could join me," I said with a heavy dose of irony and then enquired; "did I give you permission to fall asleep?" She slowly and reluctantly shook her head. "No I did not, so that's one good reason to punish you wouldn't you say?" She didn't respond though I waited briefly for her to do so.

Swish - crack! I delivered a moderate swipe across her tautly stretched buttocks, nicely placed between dildo and butt plug.

"Slave! When I ask a question I expect a response - affirmative or otherwise, that is up to you but rest assured I will get a response from you."

Letting that warning sink in I then proceeded to rain a series of blows to her rear; ranging generally across her buttocks I paused for a second or so between each one. Finally she got the message and nodded vigorously.

"How slow was that," I asked, rhetorically. "I'll answer for you - much too slow. And to demonstrate as well as reinforce the point I'm going to 'mirror' the number of swipes before you responded with a much firmer set much more rapidly delivered. I hope you learn this lesson otherwise you'll suffer much, much more than necessary."

Immediately I recommenced delivering a rapid fusillade of very firm swipes all over her nether regions, focusing on building a mosaic of crop end-tab welts across her buttocks and thighs.

In moments she was screaming and wailing her extreme displeasure through the ball-gag and bleating desperate entreaties imploring me to stop.

After liberally exceeding my promise I set the crop down - in the 'V' of her groin. Somewhat breathless and not a little exhilarated I asked, "will you obey my instructions now and answer promptly as well as honestly?"

I was rewarded with a vigorous nod that punishingly stretched her clamped clit causing her to tense up in cramped anguish.

"D'you now? I'm not sure I truly believe you. Again please?"

She nodded and kept nodding until fatigue started to take effect and her movement became jerkily metronomic, all the while that little nubbin of flesh emerging from the steel eyelet was repeatedly tugged back and forth. This clearly required considerable forbearance on her part.

"OK then," I said finally, "I guess you've convinced me on this issue so you can stop that motion for the moment."

Picking up the crop again and 'grazing' it over her warmly roseate welts caused her to twitch reflexively every now and again at each jolt of pain. I continued this tease for a few moments before lifting the tip and slapping it down hard on the end of the dildo.

"Now to other matters; do you recall the instructions I gave before I left you earlier?"

She gave me a hesitant nod and I rewarded her with another swipe across her already tender buttocks. Whimpering apprehensively her nod was much more affirmative.

I reverted to rubbing the loop of leather at the crop end more forcefully over the reddened skin. Like the wake of a boat the white trail following it quickly resumed a florid pinkness with suffused blood. Curiously the slave responded by tremulously ejecting a length of the dildo. This piqued my anger somewhat.

"I think you're intelligent enough - even for a slave, to guess where this might be leading and as an act of kindness let me remind you of your hard earned lesson of a few moments ago." She nodded almost reflexively and palpably held her breath whilst trying to give the appearance of calm anticipation. The dildo steadily eased back in place.

"Did you follow those instructions?"

She paused and then nodded.

"You didn't have an orgasm?"

She shook her head in a show of denial.

"That's very good - I wouldn't have expected anything more, or less. You have clearly demonstrated your true colours and for that you'll be generously rewarded."

Taking good hold of the little nubbin of flesh protruding out the clit clamp between finger and thumb I made it 'puppet' each of my words: "You are going to be thrashed for each of the three orgasms you've had while I was away and three times more for dishonestly denying your disobedient behaviour."

Laying the crop down in the cleft of her groin as before I then draped a flogger across her chest and finally a short bull-whip across her tummy.

"You'll learn the true meaning of pain, suffering and torment by the time I've finished and by that token the value of full, honest and unvarnished disclosure."

She was whimpering as I picked up the crop again.

"You're already acquainted with Master Crop so let him start you off on this journey to honesty eh?"

Gamely she nodded just once in a show of dutiful obedience.

And after a few full-blooded air shots I asked one final question: "Are you ready to take your medicine?"

I was treated with the briefest and stiffest of nods.

'Whack! Whack! Whack-whack-whack!!

I delivered firm and undoubtedly painful blows but avoided being damagingly hurtful. Each swipe elicited a sharp intake of breath and yelp, the tones of which seemed to express agonized surprise and a note of angry complaint. Each swipe left its reddening trace. Soon her rear and thighs were raw pink with tell-tale outlines of tab and shaft overlaying each other. In the early stages she'd tried using the very limited range of manoeuvrability to dodge the lashes but soon realized the futility - with wailing resignation she'd settled to receive all that was due to her. After a few minutes I decided that the first of six 'instalments' was complete and set the crop back down.

"So far so good, slave. Are you ready for the next set?"

She shook her head despairingly and wailed an unintelligible entreaty.

"But you do accept your punishment don't you?"

Trying to stifle her sobs she nodded in the affirmative.

"Then you have to be ready. And it's time you became acquainted with Master Flogger and appreciate his versatile and fiery 'kiss'."

I flicked out; the straight-cut ends lightly grazing her delicate 'flower' and severely jolting chain clipped to her clit. She shrieked and writhed in agony as white hot pain coursed through her like molten metal. After multiplying the torment such that she was left 'frozen' in mute torment I dispensed the same treatment to each of her nipples.

She was beside herself after this; wailing and shrieking, her head metronomically waving from side to side as if disbelieving the inescapable brutal reality.

But I was determined that she'd appreciate the full scale of her transgressions on this occasion at least. So these three delicate parts continued to receive the kiss of the flogger in just as effective a measure.

By the time I'd decided that this phase was complete she was almost inconsolable; issuing a monotone dirge like a badly lame animal. For good measure I expended some energy delivering a plethora of firm lashes to her buttocks and lower limbs; rosying them some more and adding a fine tracery of strand marks. Laying the flogger to one side I picked up the whip; 1.5m long, it was certainly no toy.

"So now we come to the third instalment of your 'penance' and I have something altogether rather 'special' for you. You may be thinking that things couldn't get any worse. Well I can assure not only is that possible it’s a certainty. This thing in my hand will make you think long and seriously before choosing to disobey anyone in the Institute again."

I flourished the whip and cracked an air-shot.

The effect on her was profound; initially frozen with fear and stilled to silence, moments later she began whimpering. The subdued lament didn't last long though and soon she was both wailing with vigour and thrashing's against her restraints. Betimes there was a tone of bitter complaint in her vocal emissions, at other times a note of despairing entreaty. She knew that something fundamentally awful was coming.

After a couple more air shots and one to the floor for measure as well as accuracy I deftly flicked out and caught her left buttock with the last 10cm of whip. For the briefest moment she was transfixed to the point of paralysis; her body tensed hard against the overwhelming pain it was being forced to bear. Then, like a torrent suddenly released she writhed and howled uncontrollably; seemingly insensitive to pain or injury of her clamped clit and nipples.

By now a pronounced welt had formed; red raw and darkly flecked with subcutaneous contusions. I fingered it delicately and she still flinched reflexively.

"You'll be carrying this mark as well as the others I'm about to inflict, for the remainder of your internment at the institute. I'm going to make sure that they are made visible as much as possible so that all who see them will know of the extent of your dumb disobedience."

With that I set about inflicting two more profound welts to her left buttock.

"Those three are for the three orgasms. Now I'm going to give you three more on the right buttock for your attempted deception in denying the facts."

Her buttocks and legs were twitching when the deed was done. In fact she was set in a woeful, abject moaning along with a slow, metronomic, side to side head motion. Snail trails of lachrymosal mucus dribbled from each nostril aperture down over the panel gag covering her mouth.

After another spell of flogger attention to her bits and pieces such that her breasts and hairless pudenda were now 'glowingly' roseate. I picked up the crop for the final session, reworking her thighs and those parts of her buttocks not severely welted by the whip. Each stroke barely elicited much of a reaction now; a summary jolt that hardly disturbed the discordant monotone dirge constantly issuing from the black rubber bauble of her head.

"Now you know the full cost of flagrantly and disobediently infringing the rules. It's a hard lesson learnt but a good one because I doubt that you'll risk falling in to this awful hole again will you?"

Briefly desisting from the droning lament she shook her head in dutiful affirmation, then sniffled and sobbed as she tried to endure the jagged roar of pain afflicting her body.

"I'll leave you to endure and reflect. Of course if you become bored with that there is of course the diversion of toying with this..."

With these words I grasped the dildo base and frigged her vigorously  for several seconds; even on the first stroke the dildo emerged slickly smeared with vaginal pre-cum which was further proof of her nefarious activity. More over her prodigious appetite for this attention in such a debased predicament was soon evident again in the way she began thrusting upward to meet the descending member.

"You really are an incorrigible glutton for being bound and screwed aren't you slave?"

I was rewarded with an emphatic nod. Easing back on the rate I noted the way she began to vehemently thrust herself onto the jumbo member and grind herself against it gratuitously.

"You perverted fuck-slut," I said this in a complimentary manner, "ideal for the institute you know; I think we're going to have quite a bit of fun with you."

Popping the fastenings on my pouch I liberated my rubber-sheathed member from its confinement. Already standing to attention it was more than willing to be employed in any warm, tight hole.

"I see that you’re enthusiastic for more 'fun' of the penetrative variety." And she clearly was, even if her behaviour hadn't belied the fact her appearance did. Notwithstanding the roseate, welted nature of her pudenda and breasts there was now an additional amount of 'swelling'. Her clamped nipples stood out proudly on profoundly swollen aureole. In short she was fully aroused and craving more dildo attention.

"As much as you're ready for being screwed I wonder if you're ready for the associated rough handling of your recently acquired badges of dishonour." Still rhythmically working the dildo, albeit at a sedate pace, I proceeded to delicately finger the six pronounced welts; intriguingly although she flinched at this mildest tactile test she engaged the dildo even more animatedly.

"My, oh my! You do seem to have a masochistic streak don't you? Or is it the urge to compensate pain with pleasure? First or second slave?" She nodded twice. "Perhaps you're not sure, don't worry, the Institute will gladly and willingly help you find out which."

"In the meantime I intend to make use of you slave and as a demonstration of my generous nature I'll ensure that you get some reward out of it as well."

With that I smeared a generous dollop of lubricating oil over my rubber caparisoned member before fingering a penis dimensioned aperture in the butt-plug. She let out a little bleat of alarm.

"Yes it's going to be even more challenging for you, welts and all, but I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion."

Clambering on to the bed I shuffled over until I was kneeling facing my charge and poised to penetrate the orifice in her butt-plug which I duly did - just a part of the way. The slave winced a little and grunted. Ready to indulge myself further I laid my left hand on her glossy black leg and allowed it to slowly glide down the rubber sculpted limb toward the centre of my attention. My right hand still had a grip of the dildo, still worked it sedately up and down; its 'warty' surface 'twanging' her pussy lips as each bump entered and exited the delicate confines. I walked the digits of my left hand nonchalantly over this be-ringed terrain to the dark red nubbin of flesh poking out of the clit clamp and suddenly unclipped the chain from the clamp. I quickly followed this up by unclipping the other end of the chain from the strand connecting her nipple clamps.

The release of tension elicited several sharp intakes of breath, each followed by a wailing sigh and much head-shaking as the slave struggled to come to terms with the surge of pain engendered by the freeing of tormented flesh. I couldn't resist the temptation to 'nurdle' the unclamped clit and even compress the clamp some way from time to time. In due course the slave's ardour intensified and her movements became increasingly animated.

This seemed the appropriate moment to 'press home my advantage', so I leant forward some on one hand and slowly depressed my hips. My member encountered resistance despite the opening having been well lubricated but it was not of the uncomfortable variety - for me at least. For the slave however, it was a different story; it had been a real trial to get the butt-plug accommodated in the first place but now the addition of my member was compounding the ordeal. She recommenced the metronomic head wagging and occasionally strained against her bonds while whining and whinging.

It wasn't just the butt-plug; as I pressed home to the hilt, so to speak, the dildo was also being forced deeper. In fact deeper than it had been up to now. Fortunately for her this was the worst of it and as I began to withdraw again she calmed somewhat; she was notably and increasingly more sanguine on the return and subsequent strokes.

As she evidently became more accustomed to my 'machinations' I gradually increased the tempo and took teasing her clamped clit; each flick eliciting a reflexive shudder and groan. Before long her groans became more guttural and she was flexing her pelvis to meet my thrusts. I responded by flicking her clit clamp just before reaching the end of each thrust.

The tribulations of a minute or two earlier seemed forgotten; she was soon meeting each thrust with energetic pelvic jerks of her own and cat-like growls 'serenading' our efforts.

"That's good my little 'fuck-slut' slave. Make the most of this moment because there won't be so many of them." At this news the slave emitted a drawn out groan that modulated with the thrusts of her pelvis. Seeing that the slave was becoming increasingly animated I turned my mildly malevolent attention to her nipples; grasping the chain connecting the clamps I gathered the loose loop and then jerked it firmly toward me in time with our stroke. Her groans became bleats but it did not dissuade her from the goal she was bent on. Far from it, the painful antagonism merely spurred her on. The painful expansion of the butt-plug engendered by each of my penile penetrations allied with teasing tugs on the nipple clamps were just counterpoint to the dildo 'shlopping' in and out of her lubricious cunt. Her ardour for this variety of rough sex was self-evident. Moreover she was rapidly approaching the goal that she fervently desired. Alternately whining and gutturally groaning with each stroke she was now in a state of near abandon, so obsessed had she become with the approaching orgasm.

Much as I was looking forward to my own 'moment' the slave needed to be taught a lesson; her desires were beyond subordinate they were superfluous. Moreover she had to realize that she was absolutely not allowed to take for herself, no not at all.

"Nearly there aren't you slave?" She acknowledged me with a particularly craven groan and even more vigorous thrusts which I enjoindered and then stopped abruptly with both my member and dildo embedded to the max. As soon as she realized that the crucial last few strokes were not forthcoming she struggled to 'hump' against me in an effort to gain that last little distance to reach her 'nirvana'.

"Stop that immediately!" I rebuked her. "There is a very important lesson you need to learn and quickly otherwise you will soon find yourself black and blue from the overload of punishment you've received." I tugged hard on the nipple clamp chain for effect. "So listen and listen carefully. You will now remain still and quiet until I tell you otherwise: any deviation from this instruction will result in severe punishment. On the other hand if you comply satisfactorily, according to my standards, you will be properly rewarded. Understood?" I perceived the slightest of nods. "Good, let's see - I'm going to test you and I promise it won't be easy."

Starting slowly I resumed my pelvic thrusts and penetration of the butt-plug; the dildo was now copiously lubricated and glided in with minimal resistance. There was not a murmur of complaint from the slave, though I could tell by the way her bauble head was tilted back and just perceptibly trembling that she was struggling to remain still and deal with the challenge I'd set her.

After a spell of even, steady strokes I increased the pace some and commenced each stroke with a slight jab. My victim squirmed a little but otherwise remained stoically quiescent. Likewise when I stepped up the tempo a few notches more a tremor coursed through her and she momentarily held her breath.

"You will of course wait for my permission before allowing yourself to orgasm."

I maintained this elevated tempo for several more strokes, sensing all the while that her urge for release was building inexorably toward an uncontrollable point; she was beginning to twitch with each of my thrusts. I was also rapidly approaching the 'trigger' point and so I upped the tempo to my maximum - almost immediately she began to whine albeit the sound was barely audible; very high pitch, little more than a drawn out squeak. I could tell she was applying her utmost effort to still and quiet herself. "Not yet!" I hissed belligerently. A few more seconds and the twitches became  'quakes'... I pressed my lips to her rubber enveloped ear and delivered the words she was desperate to hear. "You may orgasm slave."

She almost erupted. Like a mad-thing she writhed against her restraints and my weight. It was as if a clockwork toy wound to within a hairs breadth of it's breaking point and then let go. She rammed her posterior on to me several times with unbridled vehemence in rapid succession and then came to a sudden, trembling halt which lasted just a fraction of a second. Then she shrieked through her gag loud enough to alarm me, recommenced the almost violent pelvic pumping accompanied by mangled and garbled utterances that were totally incomprehensible. Then another spell of stasis in which she calmed some; she was stolidly immobile apart from her intensely rapid breathing that snorted out of the breath-tube.

By this time my own orgasm had passed, unquestionably enjoyable but unremarkable by comparison.

"I gave you permission to orgasm. I expressly didn't give you permission to writhe around, rut me, shriek like a banshee, nor utter expletives like a street-walker. Did I"?

Still breathing heavily she shook her head with evident chagrin.

"I'll give you a measure of consideration given your inexperience. Would you prefer the additional punishment now or tomorrow morning? Nod to indicate: Tonight... Or in the morning?" She nodded to the latter. "So be it - I might have been more lenient tonight given the late hour but I'll be fresh and keen in the morning."

A little while later I checked on her just before taking to bed myself. She was asleep albeit rather awkwardly; I'd positioned her kneeling in her cage with her head held outside thanks to a steel clamp around her collar. To ensure no choking mishaps her head harness was chained up behind her to one of the top bars.  Her arms were also fettered to the cage - up above her back and her lower limbs to the sides likewise. The only part she could move was her rear end but even movement of that was proscribed by chains clipped to the labial and clitoris clamps. This arrangement was a deal made with her in exchange for being beaten in the morning. It also required her to keep the 'cargo' I'd bestowed on her nether region: A particularly difficult forfeit judging from the subconscious mumblings and twitching of her rear. Perhaps she was reliving the activities of a little while ago in her dreams.

Nevertheless she was a remarkable sight to behold; her fulsome breasts just grazing her upper thigh and the probe filling her forward passage reciprocating appreciably with her breathing. Eventually sated with this vision of fetish incarnation I settled a lightly quilted blanket over her at least as far as her restraints would allow and turned for my bed knowing that at some march of the night I’d have need of her.

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