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Snowbound 8: Cabin Fever

by [email protected]

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story continued from part seven

Chapter 8: Cabin Fever

In the weeks since Cassandra had agreed to become Beth’s employee and bondage companion, her life now truly revolved around bondage and discipline. After the nearly catastrophic day when she interrupted Mistress Allison when she had been flogging Kate; all because Kate had not asked Mistress Allison if she could give Cassandra a tour of the Playroom. Her punishment for her transgression was to choose the instrument of her own discipline; and she had decided upon the fearsome black leather whip. Cassandra had undergone a terrible ordeal that had left her marked, but at the same time she had experienced a great sexual climax as the lines between pain and pleasure had melted away.

Later on that night, Mistress Allison had taken her to bed, and they had enjoyed a tender time together. Mistress Allison had kept Cassandra bound the entire time. First Cassandra had serviced Mistress Allison’s fragrant pussy, bringing her to climax.

Then Cassandra had lain on the bed, on two pillows since her hands were locked behind her back. Mistress Allison had first kissed her passionately, then sucked and playfully bit her nipples, all the while fondling her sex, getting her ready for her next sexual experience!

Just as Mistress Allison had nearly brought Cassandra to climax, she had suddenly stopped, leaving Cassandra begging again for release, just as she had done in the Playroom.

Mistress Allison then strapped on a dildo harness, from which protruded a large rubber cock! She then unrolled a latex condom over the rubber shaft, and proceeded to give Cassandra another series of orgasms that left her weak and stunned!

Cassandra had thought that her outburst would cause her to leave Beth’s house: instead it had brought her pain and pleasure beyond imagining.

She had therefore stayed, and her constant companions were the leather collar and bondage bracelets that she wore along with Beth. Her days were spent reading, watching TV; or surfing the web. Her slavery was certainly up to date!

Her nights were spent under the lash, dreaming up scenes that Mistress Allison, Beth, and Kate would perform. Cassandra enjoyed all of them, since they usually included bondage, discipline, and lesbian sex afterwards.

But there comes a time when a person needs a change of scenery.

One day, when they were down in the Playroom together, with Beth in one cell and Cassandra in the other, Cassandra decided it was time to discuss the matter with her employer.

“Beth, could I ask you something?” Cassandra began.

“We’re two naked girls in a steel cage. Ask me anything you want,” Beth replied.

“I have really enjoyed the last few weeks, and I like being a submissive. But I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever, and I really would like to get out of the house. We’re not as isolated here as I thought when I was lost in the storm. I would really love a visit to the town and the shopping mall. I just have to walk amongst people.”

“Yes, I know how you feel,” Beth agreed, “we can’t wear a collar all the time.”

“So can get out for an afternoon? I would really enjoy a Big Mac,” said Cassandra.

“So would I,” Beth agreed, “it’s a go then. We’ll go to the Mall!”


Even though Beth was the real power in her house, since they were both submissives owned by Mistress Allison, they had to get her permission first.

This was done later that day, as they knelt in front of Mistress Allison, naked, with their hands locked behind their backs.

Mistress Allison sat behind her desk, with a riding crop in plain view for all to see.

“Kate tells me you two have a request to make. Is this true?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth replied.

“Go ahead, then.”

“Cassandra and I would like to have a day off shopping in the Mall. Both of us are suffering from cabin fever, and we’d like to get out and see the real world and people again, Mistress Allison,” said Beth.

“Under the terms of our agreement, you are allowed some time off,” answered Mistress Allison, “but also in your contract, you realize, there is a price to be paid.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth replied.

“You too, Cassandra,” said Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra quickly answered.

“I think that what both you girls need is a taste of the paddle on your bottoms. That way, when you’re out in the Mall you’ll have a constant reminder every time you sit down that you serve a Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” they both said in unison.

“Good. Tomorrow morning, I’ll give you both a taste of the leather paddle, and then you can shed your collars and have a day at the Mall. Agreed?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


The following day, after their morning bath, usually they were collared and their bondage bracelets replaced. But on this day, the first since Cassandra had signed her contract with Mistress Allison, that didn’t happen!

Instead, they were both summoned, dried after their bath but still naked, into the Library.

Mistress Allison was wearing her PVC bodysuit, and thigh high boots. She was seated on the couch, holding the paddle in her hands.

Normally, she would be wearing her fetish gear only in the evenings, but because of the change in schedule, she had dressed up in the morning instead!

“Whose idea really was it to go to the Mall?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Mine, Mistress,” said Cassandra, “I suggested to Beth that I wanted to get out for a day.”

“Then you shall have the honor of going first,” Mistress Allison replied.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

With Beth kneeling on the carpet, Cassandra draped herself over Mistress Allison’s knees like an errant schoolgirl!

“When was the last time you spanked?” asked Mistress Allison.

“I asked one my boyfriends to give a spanking. He did so once, but refused me when I asked for one again. I told him that I was not a China Doll, that I wouldn’t break, but he was too scared. I told him it was all right since I had asked for it and it would spice up our sex life, but he refused,” explained Cassandra.

“I wonder what he would think of you now, a collared submissive,” said Mistress Allison.

“I also tried to interest him in a bondage DVD, and all he could say was that he thought those people were freaks.”

“I can see why you broke up with him. That relationship was never going to work out.”

“Yes, Mistress. He would sit in front of the TV for one sport after another, and I’m not interested in sports, either.”

“Just as well, some things were never meant to be,” said Mistress Allison, “now I want you to kiss the paddle.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra did as she was instructed and kissed the black leather paddle. Her lips had been rouged by Kate, and she left some behind on the leather.

“I thank you, Mistress, for the discipline that I am about to receive,” said Cassandra.

“Very good, Cassandra. You are learning how to be a good submissive.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Mistress Allison then sprinkled a few drops of water on Cassandra’s bottom, which would make the pain of impact greater. Or so the idea went!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of the leather paddle was the only one in the library, besides the hushed breathing of all present.

Mistress Allison, in all the weeks of Cassandra’s training, had not yet managed to give her a spanking. So this was her first!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The paddle marked easily, and Cassandra’s bottom was soon colored to a nice shade of red!

Mistress Allison smiled to herself. Yes, she had gauged Cassandra quite correctly. The girl was a true submissive who needed a true Dominatrix to expose her submissive nature. She had blossomed under training, and now regarded D/s as the natural state of affairs.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

She only wished that their paths had crossed back in New York. Still, now that she had a new willing submissive to train, she was going to enjoy herself immensely!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Cassandra cried.

“It was about time, Cassandra. Have you been so well trained that you no longer cry out while being punished?” asked Mistress Allison.

“I was just lost in thought, Mistress,” Cassandra answered.

“Do you enjoy your punishment?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you.”

“I would hate to think that you want to leave me for some reason,” said Mistress Allison.

“No, Mistress, never!” Cassandra exclaimed.

“That’s good, since you’ve been such a good girl these last few weeks.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Cassandra cried.

“That’s enough for now, dear. I just wanted to redden your bottom to remind you every time you sit down,” said Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Beth then received the same treatment over Mistress Allison’s knee, and soon her bottom was the same shade of red!

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Beth once her paddling was complete.

“You’re welcome, both of you. Now Kate will dress you, and have a good time at the Mall!”

“Yes, Mistress, they both said in unison.

It was almost like a going away celebration, and soon the two women were dressed for the outside world!

Beth wore a blouse, and blue jeans tucked into a pair of high heeled boots. Cassandra wore a blouse and skirt, and a pair of modest heels.

“I feel so strange,” said Cassandra.

“Let me guess. You feel different wearing underwear and clothes again,” Beth answered.

“Yes, exactly!”

“I know just how you feel, and I feel just the same way,” Beth replied.

Before their departure, Mistress Allison had a second reminder for them!

Kate produced two small black leather collars, held together with a small lock!

“Stylish, don’t you agree?” Kate asked.

“Yes, Beth replied.

“Mistress Allison got them after your last day out, Beth,” said Kate.

Once they were collared, they were allowed to leave!

“Enjoy yourself,” said Kate.

“Thank you,” said Beth.

Once they were outside, Beth turned to Cassandra.

“I’ll drive,” said Beth.

“Okay, you know the neighborhood,” Cassandra answered, “Mistress - whoops!”

They both laughed together!

“I’ve done that in the past also,” said Beth as they got into her blue Toyota, “it’s a reflex action.”

“Reflex, hell. I still remember that cropping I got when I forgot to address Mistress Allison properly,” Cassandra complained.

“I got the same treatment also,” said Beth as she started her car, “god, it’s good to be out of the house!”


It seemed so strange to be wearing clothes again, and walking amongst other people, instead of the female society that Beth had created!

“I feel like I’m on another planet!” Cassandra exclaimed as they exited Macy’s.

“Why?” Beth asked.

“Remember that woman who was disrespectful towards the dress department manager?”


“The female manager was wearing a leather blouse. I thought that she was going to take a riding crop and give that woman the treatment she deserved,” laughed Cassandra.

“I thought the same thing,” agreed Beth.

Like two girls on their first day out, they had to go into almost every store. They tried on clothing, shoes, and were girly together!

Cassandra bought two bra and panty sets plus a pair of black leather high heels at Victoria’s Secret, and they sat down in the Food Court for lunch.

They both had Big Mac Value Meals from McDonalds!

“I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed these meals,” said Cassandra.

“Kate attended a couple of high priced cooking schools in Manhattan at night, when she was working on Wall Street by day,” said Beth.

“I was wondering about that,” Cassandra replied, “I’m glad you have an exercise room.”

“Well, slaves deserve a nice meal, don’t we?” said Beth.

Cassandra laughed, the built up tension dissolving the more they acted “normal.”

“I thought that I would buy a new dress for myself, but then I asked myself ’why?’; after all, I’m naked or wearing the ’O’ dress most of the time, so I really don’t need it,” said Cassandra.

“Slaves don’t need much in the way of clothing,” Beth agreed.

“I like that pair of locking high heels you have, I would really like to get a pair,” said Cassandra, biting into her burger.

“That’s one item you can’t get in the Mall. I’ll order you a pair from a Fetish shop in LA that made mine,” Beth answered.

“You’re not buying anything?” Cassandra asked.

“After lunch. I’ll get something for myself, and then a bottle of Opium for Mistress Allison, and I think that you should buy her something as well. Her favorite perfumed soap would be a good idea!”

“I don’t understand? Gifts?”

“If you don’t get Mistress Allison a gift, your hide is going to pay the price,” said Beth.

“Good idea,” Cassandra agreed, “I never thought of it that way before.”

“You’ll learn,” said Beth.

“God, that was good!” Cassandra declared as they finished their meals off with two apple pie desserts.

“I think the fact that we don’t have to obey a code of conduct here may have something to do with that,” Beth observed.

“Strange. I wanted so much to get away from the Playroom, but that’s all I can think of! I can’t get it out of my mind!” Cassandra declared.

“Well, you have been in submission for several weeks.”

“I haven’t counted,” Cassandra replied.

“I can’t believe that! Valerie counted every day as if she had been in jail!”

“There’s that name again. Is she a good friend of yours?”

“Yes, we went to the same prep schools and colleges together. I thought that she was interested in the scene, but that turned out not to be true!”

“Well, I barely look at the calendar. All that matters is how I behave under the lash,” Cassandra stated.

“Then you’re a true submissive,” Beth observed, “just like me.”

“You must really enjoy submission to have used so much of your family fortune to create your own bondage world,” Cassandra observed.

“Pocket change,” Beth observed as she finished off her Apple Pie, “I won’t even miss it.”

“Well, I just want to say thanks again,” said Cassandra, “somehow that seems more real here than saying it in the jail cell.”

“I know what you mean,” Beth answered.

They sat together in silence, taking sips of their drinks, watching the other patrons of the Mall pass.

“It’s so good to see people again,” said Cassandra, “we have to do this again!”

“If you’re reacting this way to a day off, how will you feel when you get your vacation?”

“Then I’ll feel really strange when I get back into a collar, won’t I?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes,” Beth answered.

It was then that a beautiful Blonde woman detached herself from the crowd and walked over to their table.

“Beth, how nice to see you!” said the newcomer.

“Valerie, nice to see you again!” said Beth as she stood up and kissed her friend on the cheek, “this is Cassandra Martin, one of my associates.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said Cassandra, as she rose from her chair and shook Valerie’s hand.

“The same.”

“How have you been?” Valerie asked.

“Fine, thank you,” Beth answered, “where have you been?”

“Chicago, mostly,” Valerie answered, “are you still with Mistress Allison?”

“Yes, can’t you see my collar?” Beth answered.

As the two women talked, Cassandra sized up Valerie. Cassandra couldn’t believe how beautiful she was! She looked like she was a model who had stepped out of a Vogue photo shoot! Her beautiful blonde hair, perfect features and body, lovely voice; all added up to one perfect female.

Meanwhile, the devil in Cassandra imagined Valerie naked, wearing collar and bracelets, hung from the ceiling in the shape of an “X” and being whipped by Mistress Allison!

“I’m sorry about that,” said Valerie, “I didn’t really understand myself last year. Which was why I went to Chicago, and I began seeing a Mistress again to help me with my submissive feelings.”

“How did it go?”

“Very good. I’ve learned to submit, she taught me how.”

“Valerie, you had a perfect opportunity for that with me and Mistress Allison. Yet you resisted, why?”

“Maybe I wasn’t ready to submit 24/7, Beth. Perhaps not now, either. But I am under the lash,” said Valerie, turning to Cassandra she saw they were wearing identical collars, “I suppose you’re serving Mistress Allison also.”

“Yes,” Cassandra replied.

“So you can take being collared twenty-four hours a day,” Valerie observed.


“Do you obey her without question?”

“I certainly have the marks to prove it,” Cassandra answered.

“Do you like being held in chains?”

“Yes,” said Cassandra, “and I’m not afraid to say so, either.”

“That’s something I don’t understand,” Valerie replied, “how a girl can be happy as a submissive. I feel ashamed of what I do, but I just can’t help myself. I keep saying to myself that being submissive it’s normal, but just the same, I just have to serve a Mistress.”

“Perhaps if you admitted your feelings to yourself you’d be able to be a submissive, and not feel ashamed of yourself instead,” said Beth.

“Easy for you to say. How did you meet up with Beth? It’s not as if she advertised for a companion after I left.”

“I literally dropped in one night during a raging snowstorm. Mistress Allison put me though a test to see if I liked bondage, which I had dabbled in previously. So Beth offered me a job as her bondage companion, and I accepted.”

“You don’t feel like a whore?” Valerie asked point blank.

“No,” Cassandra answered, “I had been unemployed for a whole year, and Beth gave the chance to explore my sexuality while being her companion.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” said Valerie.

“Perhaps you didn’t give yourself enough time to learn,” Cassandra replied.

“Maybe if I had been given a chance to experience submission a bit at a time instead of all at once, I’d have been better able to handle it. It was a little intense doing it all day long and being chained up at bedtime!”

“You mean you didn’t like recreating Roissy? I certainly enjoy wearing the dress everyday,” said Cassandra.

“You must have a terrific fantasy life,” observed Valerie.

“You might say that, but I have the stripes in real life to prove it, and they are definitely NOT imaginary,” Cassandra answered.

“I suppose so,” Cassandra replied.

“Well, nice to talk to you,” said Valerie, “but I have to be running along.”

“Nice to see you again,” said Beth rising from her chair.

“Nice to meet you,” said Cassandra.

After Valerie had left, Cassandra turned to speak directly to Beth.

“What do you make of that?” Cassandra asked.

“I think that Valerie is going to return to my house,” Beth answered, “and she will ask to rejoin me in bondage.”

“Where does that leave me?” questioned Cassandra.

“There’s an old saying: ’two’s company, three’s a crowd’ your position is in no danger, no matter what Valerie says. I gave her a chance, and she ran away. Besides, you really enjoy the little world that I have created. It would be a shame if you ever had to leave,” Beth answered.


“Our chicks have returned to the nest,” announced Kate, “they are in the library awaiting your inspection, Mistress.”

“Thank you, Kate,” Mistress Allison replied.

In the Library, both Beth and Cassandra were naked, collared and again wearing their bondage bracelets and high heels. Their hands were locked behind their backs, and both wore ball-gags in their mouths.

The gifts that they had brought were on Mistress Allison’s desk, both wrapped accordingly.

Mistress Allison entered the Library, and saw that both girls were prepared as instructed. Kate stood at her place at the door, waiting for instructions, should there be any.

Mistress Allison walked over to her desk and gazed at the two naked females kneeling before her. She picked up a riding crop from the desk, and stood before Beth.

She then placed the tip under her chin, gently encouraging her to look directly at her.

“Did you have a good time at the Mall, Beth? Oh that’s right, it was Cassandra’s idea. I see that both of you have brought me gifts. I’ll be that was probably your idea, wasn’t it, Beth?”


“Well, it may please me a little, but it won’t prevent me from giving you a taste of the lash!” said Mistress Allison.


“That’s better, my dear. I’ll bet that it must have seemed strange all day to be wearing clothes.”


Mistress Allison then stood in front of Cassandra, and did the same thing with the tip of the crop.

“Meanwhile Cassandra here had her first day out. Did you enjoy being out of bondage, Cassandra?”


“Hmmm, you’re no more intelligent than your companion here,” Mistress Allison observed, “did you think of running away? Never wanting to see me again, or ever experiencing my lash once more?”

Cassandra shook her head from side to side, indicating a firm NO!

“Looks like at least one of my girls is still loyal to me, what do you think, Kate?”

“Perhaps a taste of the lash would help, Mistress,” Kate suggested.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day, Kate. After dinner I want both girls in the Playroom suspended from the ceiling and ready for a little discipline.”

“Shouldn’t you open your gifts, Mistress?” Kate suggested.

“An excellent idea!”

Mistress Allison sat down behind her desk, and opened the box from Beth.

“Opium! At least you remembered my favorite scent!” observed Mistress Allison.

Then she opened the second gift.

“My favorite French Bath Soap! My, these two girls are very considerate towards their Mistress, aren’t they, Kate?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you think that should excuse them from a session with the lash?” Mistress Allison asked.

“No, Mistress.”

“Then have them prepared for me as I have instructed in the Playroom later. You may feed them Dinner in the kitchen with you, I shall dine alone in the Dining Room.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate answered.

Kneeling on the floor, Cassandra knew that both she and Beth were definitely going to be for a very bad time in the Playroom that evening!



Beth looked at her companion Cassandra, who was standing next to her, and bound in the same position. Both girls were naked, their wrists and ankles locked to spreader bars, and both were hanging from the ceiling chains. As before, both were wearing ball-gags in their mouths, silencing any possible conversation between them!

It was apparent to Beth that Mistress Allison had decided to welcome them back into the fold with a harsh bondage scene, which she remembered that Allison had done before. Beth regretted that she had forgotten to tell Cassandra that this might be possible as they drove home, but Beth had been preoccupied with Valerie’s sudden reappearance after all this time!

In a way though, her warning was unnecessary. They were both, after all, submissives, and for them, a life under the lash was the norm, not the exception.

So it was perfectly natural that for both Beth and Cassandra a session with the whip would greet them after their day out in the Mall!

“Mmmmmmph!” Cassandra grunted to Beth.

“Silence!” said Kate, who was wearing her Latex Maid’s uniform, which she wore when doing sessions in the Playroom with Mistress Allison.

The two girls didn’t have long to wait as Mistress Allison made her appearance. She was wearing her Black PVC Catsuit, a belt around her waist, and a pair of matching High Heeled boots.

Beth knew that whenever she wore the Catsuit, Mistress Allison meant business!

“Beth and Cassandra have been prepared according to your instructions, Mistress,” explained Kate.

“Very good, Kate. You’ve done an excellent job today with our two charges. Perhaps I’ll give you a reward later.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Gagged, Cassandra thought that Kate would be given the opportunity to either Discipline one or both of them, and perhaps take one of them to bed afterwards.

Either way, they were going to experience the lash tonight!

“You may remove their gags, Kate, but keep them locked around their necks to keep them handy and as a reminder,” ordered Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate quickly replied.

Her heels clicked on the floor over first to Beth Kate walked behind her and unbuckled the gag.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Beth.

Next it was Cassandra’s turn, and there was an audible ’pop’ as the gag was removed from between her jaws.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Cassandra.

“I just wanted you two girls to know that I was very touched by the gifts you gave me. It shows that both of your really care for your Mistress.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” they both said in unison.

“However, as I said in the Library, it will not stop me from giving you both a harsh punishment this night.”

“Yes, Mistress,” they both repeated.

“Since you’ll be unable to walk over to the rack to select your weapon of choice, Kate will be doing that for you. Is that all right, girls?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress Allison then walked over to Beth, and first weighed her breasts in her hands, then pinched her nipples making her squeal. Then her hand reached downwards between her legs, and began to massage her sex, making her moan with pleasure!

“You’re so easy Beth, I bet you desired every woman you saw today in the Mall. Is that true?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth answered.

“You’re such a slut, Beth. Perhaps I should make you wear a chastity belt or a dildo harness all day tomorrow.”

“Whatever my Mistress desires.”

“What did you buy in the Mall today?” demanded Mistress Allison.

“Just a copy of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, Mistress Allison.”

“That’s a strange purchase since a slave girl doesn’t need any clothes, and you certainly don’t need Cosmo’s advice on looking for a man, do you?”

“No, Mistress.”

Taking two steps Mistress Allison next stood in front of Cassandra, whose breasts and pussy were also subject to the same examination.

“What did you buy in the Mall, Cassandra?”

“Two bra and panty sets and a pair of high heels at Victoria’s Secret, Mistress Allison.”

“And what did you two girls have for lunch?”

“We both had Big Mac Meals at McDonalds,” Cassandra answered.

“Did anything special today happen at the Mall?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth answered.

“Well, what happened?”

“Valerie Newman came over and introduced herself.”

“Really?, what did she have to say?”

“That she regretted leaving, and that she was seeing a Dominatrix in Chicago. I got the impression that once she sorts out her submissive feelings and stops being ashamed of them, she might be back,” said Beth.

“Would you let her come back?” questioned Mistress Allison.

“No,” Beth replied, “she had her chance to be a submissive here, and left, because she could not deal properly then with her feelings. Cassandra, who dropped in on us during the storm, has proven to be a loyal companion to me, as well as an eager submissive. She has certainly won her stripes, so to speak.”

“Very good, Beth. You can certainly deliver a speech in chains,” observed Mistress Allison.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Well, Cassandra. It appears that you have certainly made a place for yourself here.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra answered.

“Much as I would like to have Valerie again under my lash, your eagerness to be my submissive outweighs her bodily charms, which I’m sure you must have noticed.”

“Yes, Mistress. I thought that she must have been a model.”

“It’s just a pity that she isn’t a bondage model,” commented Mistress Allison, “and whoever her Mistress is, that must be one lucky Dominatrix.”

Mistress Allison made a mental note to call her scene friends in Chicago to find out what Domme Valerie was seeing. She just had to know who that blonde bombshell was kneeling in front of!

“Enough talk then, shall we get to Business?” asked Mistress Allison.

The End of Chapter Eight

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