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Storycodes: F+/f+; latex; catsuit; outfits; inflate; cocoon; encase; mutli-layer; climax; cons; X

Hello my name is Margarita and I am a 32 year old rubberist which is so I am told very unusual as according to everyone I speak to we girls do not like rubber, this is nonsense I have many, many girl friends who love it and wear nothing else.

I personally am very much into total enclosure and the complete sealing of the body inside rubber layers up to fourteen or fifteen on occasion even outside in the big bad world even though this can bring some very strange looks from the uninitiated as they think we are weird but nothing could be further from the truth. I also love total cover inflatable and deflatable thick rubber body sheaths and employ a lovely rubber slave/maid who dresses me in my rubber covers.

Today I am enclosed in seven layers fully sealed with breathing mask and huge heavy black rubber cape with a tight hood. I am also fully plugged back and front and have a rubber catheter so that I can pee without taking off any of my lovely rubber covers.

I have come to town to do some shopping, I desperately need a new bed and so I am schlepping round the furniture shops and am getting more and more frustrated. I can’t find anything that I like or that appears to be the sort of thing I am looking for, being in all this rubber also makes shopping difficult because the lovely dildo’s inside me back and front continually work their magic and I have to keep stopping for an orgasm.

It’s wonderful but very time consuming and can be very embarrassing when it happens when you are talking to a salesperson and suddenly go into raptures with a huge throbbing orgasm, embarrassing I should add for them not for me I couldn’t care less, it’s also a fact that these people do not really want to be seen talking to this strange alien being that smells of rubber and talks with a muffled voice, but who the hell cares I don’t. My search is not going well and Janey my maid is looking at her watch as we have a dinner party tonight and she thinks we are going to be late.

We eventually go into a shop that sells nothing but beds and the man there says that if I describe to him exactly what I am looking for he will if necessary make it for me as a one off but that, would be expensive

I tell him what I want and he works out the price and I tell him to make the bed and give him my credit card, he says it will be about six to eight weeks to delivery which I agree to and then he asks me if I have heard of the ‘Slither Group’. I assume wrongly that he is talking about a pop band but he says that it is a group for rubber sheathed people who like to spend their time in slime, mud and grease.

I tell him I have never heard of it and he gives me a web site for the group which he tells me is located about forty miles away from here and has special services and equipment for rubberist’s of all kinds, but specialises in total enclosure and complete isolation in half inch thick rubber bondage sheaths in a slippery slimy environment, I couldn’t wait to see the web site, we said our goodbyes and he promised that the bed would be on time.

The dinner party was a great success with three of my rubber friends and their male slaves all fully rubbered, blind deaf and dumb with only their sex toys coming from the sheaths so that we could use them like huge dildos, it was great.

After they had gone I immediately switched on the computer and went to look at Slithers website, it was age protected with which I have no problem but also a pay site and it was not cheap. I am always a bit dubious of pay sites as a lot of them are rip off’s showing pictures stolen from other sites at no cost and charging us for the privilege of seeing someone else’s work, I know I have had many disagreements with some of these pirates over the years and hate their guts they are bloody thieves, any way I gave my credit card details and entered the site only to be told that before they would grant me full access I had to e-mail them for position with pictures.

Here we go again I thought but sent an e-mail with a couple of pic’s and also my own web address, and waited for the usual bullshit and went onto a favourite chat page to see if anyone was on board and started a conversation with another rubberist I had actually met, another true lady rubberist, I asked her if she had heard of slither and she said what I was thinking, that she would not send pic’s under any circumstances so had not seen the site except for the sample, which although looked good was not deep enough for her to make a decision. During our talk the screen blipped that I had an e-mail waiting so I said my goodbyes and went to see who was e-mailing me, It was from slither and had two attachments on it and two pages of text so I downloaded onto disc and started to read the e-mail.

The writer introduced herself, yes another lady rubberist, and said that she whole heartedly agreed with my thoughts regard to the photo thieves on the web and that was one reason why the initial charge was so high almost 100 euros (about £64:00) but that once she had a relationship with someone and they were not just lookers she gave out a special password to access the site for free, it was also the case that it helped to pay for the upkeep of the site and keep it up to date and fresh.

She said that she had seen my site and would not be taking my fee, as she knew instinctively that I was not a looker but another true rubberist like her, she asked if I had yet seen the pic’s she had attached and what I thought of them, she went on to say that she had a very large house that was very isolated and took in guests as a way of paying the bills and also getting a great deal of pleasure from it and that it also paid for the huge amounts of rubber clothes, sheaths and breathing equipment needed to run slither the way she wanted.

I opened the attachments to see what was there and it was amazing. The pictures 20 of them showed the incarceration and sealing away of a lovely young woman into what can only be described as a huge slug, she was put into layer after layer of heavy suits with plugs and catheter and then she was slid into the first of five sheaths that completely obliterated the fact that underneath was a young woman.

The sheaths were designed in such a way that she had to raise her arms above her head so that they started from virtually nothing and followed the contours of her body down to her feet, the last sheath was half an inch thick and it took according to the captions almost an hour to ease her into it’s heavily greased interior, it was then zipped shut and sealed with a broad strip of rubber that was glued over the zip.

She was hooked up to an air supply and slid into what can only be described as about three feet of greasy slithery slime and away she went, she could move in the way a snake moves but, so the caption said, with great difficulty and would be sealed away for a week, it looked absolutely fantastic and I called Janey to take a look, “Would you like a bit of that my dear?”

I asked and she replied, “Oh my God yes please Mistress, it’s like all my dreams come true a rubber slug slithering about in the slime, I can’t wait Mistress when can we go?” I quietened her down and e-mailed back to slither to find out when I could bring my slave for training.

As luck would have it they did not have anyone booked for the next week and so I immediately gave them my credit card details and they sent me directions of how to get there.

Janey spent the rest of the week getting together my rubber gear for the trip and suits sheaths and respirators for herself and was getting more and more excited and by the time Monday came she was like a kid on Christmas morning, so much so that I had to gag her and put her into a triple thickness inflatable rubber hood and off we went.

Chapter 2: We Discover A New Friend

The journey only took us about an hour but finding the place was somewhat harder, I eventually found the lane I was looking for and found the sign for Slither; it was a large double wrought iron gateway with a sign over the top that was most impressive. If the place lived up to its sign it was going to be amazing and so I drove up the drive towards the house.

When I spoke to the owner yesterday she told me her name was Olga, which she hated, but she was known in the scene as Mistress Slither, and she said that the slither property was originally a large farm house with stables barns etc and she had bought it for a song from the then owners and converted it into the slither centre which had inside and outside facilities as well as some six bedrooms, which her guests used during their stay although she said with a laugh that most of them didn’t need a bedroom once she had them in her hands, and so I continued up the long drive to the house.

When I reached it there was a large parking area in front and I got the shock of my life, there before me was a brand spanking new Racing Green Bentley with tinted windows I almost drooled, this was the car of my dreams but the thought that went through my mind was if Olga had clients with Bentley's just how much was she charging, I was reasonably well off but I can’t afford Bentley prices.

I slotted into a parking space and got Janey out of the back seat and she was shuddering in excitement, I took her out of the hood but left the gag in and told her to start getting the bags out of the car, as I approached the front door it opened and out stepped a rubber vision, she, and it was without doubt a female of the species, was wearing a highly polished black and red rubber suit with crotch length bright red rubber boots with what must be seven inch heels.

Her head was completely sealed inside the most amazing hood that was just a massive rubber ball with a hole at the front, it must have been three feet across and was obviously very heavily inflated and restrictive, as she moved towards me she did not move her head so much as a millimetre, she bowed from the waist and showed with her hand that I was to go inside, her hands were sealed in heavy bondage mittens and as she raised her arm it was obvious that the top of the suit was in fact highly deflated and was massive with bat wing sleeves that hung down almost to her knees and the whole thing was sucked tight to her torso and left nothing to the imagination.

Her breasts were picked out in bright red rubber, as was her pussy that was obviously an artificial vagina of very complex design, that had a heavy catheter coming from it to a large collection bag strapped to the outside of her leg, that was half full from the looks of it.

I motioned for her to lead the way and she bowed deeply again and went before me into the house.

As I entered a very large lady approached me and I mean large, she was well over six feet tall and that was not including her six inch heel boots and was dressed from head to toe in polished shiny black rubber with a long thick dark red cloak fastened at her neck with a heavy gold clasp and coming down almost to the floor.

Her head was sealed inside a heavily inflated rubber hood that was about two feet across with an open face, from which was the most amazing respirator with a large front window which showed a heavy red and black rubber mask underneath, there were two huge tubes coming from the top of the respirator that disappeared over her head, she turned round and I saw that they went under the cloak at the back that had a large hump in it and then the girl who had brought us in went to lift the back of the cloak and lifted it up to show large air tanks strapped to her back, she let the back of the cloak down again and made sure that it hung just right and then stepped back.

A rather muffled electronic voice said, “Welcome my dear you must be Margarita, I am Olga we spoke on the telephone, I hope you enjoy your stay with us, this is Senior Slitherer 7 and she will look after you whilst you are here, come and sign in and she will take you to your room” she held out her rubber covered hand and I shook it, it was incredibly thick and I looked at her.

“I am wearing 18 layers today but sometimes I wear up to 30 and am then completely helpless and have great problems walking about, I can also see the question going through your mind that everyone wants to ask, I am six feet seven inches tall in my stocking feet and with the boots on I am seven feet one inches tall which puts most men right off, but who the hell cares we have our rubber don’t we my dear, seven see Mistress Margarita up to her room” the lovely girl came over and bowed again and pointed toward a small lift.

“Most of my clients cannot walk once they are in costume so we installed the lift, any questions my dear?”

“Well actually yes, I saw a beautiful Bentley in the drive and am concerned that you are going to be far too expensive for me” I said.

“Oh you needn’t worry about that we are no more expensive than a five star hotel and charge only for the equipment and slither suits so don’t worry you can afford it, and anyway the car belongs to a very old friend Doctor Latex and his lovely wife who own the Retreat that you may have seen on the net, he’s here with his personal slaves for a few days for R&R for them and him, you will meet him later I am sure, he is a lovely man and his slaves Annabelle and Alicia absolutely adore him” she said. “Once you are settled I will show you round the place so that you can see what I do here, see you very soon” and off she swirled heavy red rubber flowing behind her with the large rubber ball that was her head bobbed as she walked.

We went up to the room and I was pleasantly surprised it was really large and airy with it’s own bathroom and shower and a lovely large bed and plenty of hanging space, I got Janey to unpack and hang all our gear in the wardrobes and I picked a floor length very heavy tight bondage cape that was quite tight from my shoulders down to my ankles and without front openings and a very tight hood to go over a multi-tubed respirator, Janey helped me into it and I put her into a heavy black rubber straight jacket and a quarter inch thick armless suit and put her back into the inflatable hood and then I let the heavy cape fall down to my feet and off we went to explore.

I had arranged with Olga after she said that the first time in a slither suit could be quite daunting and that Janey would not go into a full slither suit until Tuesday and then only for two days to get used to it, so today was exploring day and I was really looking forward to it.

I met Olga downstairs and she was talking to a man about five feet eleven tall, who was completely sealed in the most fantastic thick polished rubber suit with hood and respirator, he was wearing thigh length really heavy highly polished rubber boots that fitted very tightly to his legs they looked great I must find out where he got them.

Olga saw me coming over and obviously said so to this man, “Hello my dear Margarita have you settled in?” she asked.

“Yes we have thank you Olga, the rooms lovely but Janey won’t be seeing much of it from tomorrow will she?” I said.

“She certainly won’t” Olga Laughed. “May I introduce you to Doctor Latex a very old friend” he held out his rubber covered hand and I took it.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Margarita, Olga has been showing me your website it’s really very good, have you seen the Retreats web page?” he asked.

“Yes Doctor…”

“Please Roland” he said.

“Yes I have seen the site Roland but I think it would be far too expensive for me, I am quite well off but am not that well off, but it really does look wonderful and I would love to visit with my slave here and have a look round” I said, very cheeky I thought but he took the wind out of my sails.

“My dear Margarita, my wife and I do not charge people who are true rubber lovers and friends, so please give me a ring and we can arrange for you to visit us, I think you would like it” he said I was quite taken aback by this and thanked him. “Lets go and see how the twins are getting on in treatment shall we Olga, Margarita why don’t you join us?” he asked.

“Good idea Roland” said Olga, “Come on lets go and see the full extent of slither and show you what we do here” and off we went outside.

As we walked along Olga explained the set up, “We’ll go and see the inside tanks first, in fact I think that we have a client being prepared for lubricant sexual stimulation immersion, which is very very severe but this particular client comes to me every three months so that she can iron out all of the stress she gets at work, here we are.” she said and opened a door in one of the out buildings and showed us through, the inside was a revelation, it was completely tiled in pure bright white tiles from floor to ceiling with a black rubber floor and harsh fluorescent lights.

The room looked far bigger inside than it did outside and Olga explained, “All the old outbuildings and stables and so on have all been knocked into one very long building, with two extensions added over the last eight years and is now some 150 feet wide and around 350 feet long and contains seven slither pools, two oubliettes and one pool we call the slither torture pool that goes from one end of the facility to the other and the occupant has to do a set number of lengths of this pool, which is very hard and we have had a client who lost almost three stones in weight after insisting on doing 12 lengths. The inside of her sealed suit had almost three gallons of liquid inside it when we got her out and she couldn’t walk unaided for almost three hours, she comes back every six months and is a totally different person when she leaves, this is one of the oubliettes” she said.

“They are a 9 foot deep stainless steel tubes, three feet across and the client is lowered in and then sealed inside and kept buoyant in the heavy grease inside which is under about 30 PSI pressure and then the grease is heated to very high temperatures, once the right temperature has been reached a computer sets to work to sexually stimulate the person inside at random intervals, ah I see the client being prepared for her treatment, come over” she said and we walked over to where two of Olga’s were preparing a tall slim woman who was already wearing a thick black rubber suit.

“She already has three suits on and is about to be put into the last of the heavy latex suits before the special suits.”

We watched as she was greased all over and a latex suit that was about three millimetres thick was eased and smoothed over her body and eventually it was in place but without the hood yet.

“Slitherer No4 will place the breathing and feeding tubes into her mouth and down into her stomach now and also nostril breathing tubes, you will notice the large cable coming from the rear of the suit,” she pointed, “those are the stimulation wires that are connected to her tits, pussy plug and anal plug she also has a heavy catheter fitted and all her waste products come up through the tubes within the cable or umbilical.”

We watched as she had the thick breathing and feeding tubes were fitted and glued in place and then the hood was eased over her head, the hood was amazing.

“I see you are looking at the hood,” Olga said, “it is almost six inches thick very soft neoprene, faced with 2mm of latex and shaped so that it actually comes down from the top of her head right to her shoulders and once glued on and sealed gives us the shape required to fit the slither sheath.”

As the hood was eased over her head she shook and trembled and had to be held upright by her two helpers, “She has just orgasmed” said Olga, “it happens all the time throughout dressing I think it is anticipation or so the good Doctor tells me”.

“Now we come to the slither suit proper,” she said, “I think this bit is self explanatory” and we watched as the massive suit was brought over, it was shaped like a hammock with very narrow top and bottom. “This is a swimming sheath” Olga said, “not like the ones in the pic’s I e-mailed you they were heavy bondage slither sheaths as used in the oubliettes, this one allows the wearer to swim in the long pool just by moving her body in a ripple like movement like a snake, it is about two and a half inches thick but very supple, here we go” she said.

The woman being sealed away had just had her wrists fastened into shackles and was being raised from the ground, a zip was opened up the side and over the top of the sheath and the top opened like a couple of petals of a flower, the whole sheath was then fastened to a frame and the whole thing was wheeled into place below the suspended woman. One of the assistants got a spray gun and proceeded to spray the woman with really thick grease from her toes right up to her head and along her arms.

“The grease is very special, it is made so that it is water soluble and has a very high silicon content so that it is very, very slippery just put your hand in it Margarita” she said, “oh you can’t with that lovely cape on can you, No4 come here with the spray gun and put it on fine spray.” No4 came across and Olga eased the neck of my cape open and No4 placed the nozzle inside and started it up, Olga watched the base of the cape and said, “Right that’s enough No4 back to the client, move about Margarita and see what you think”.

I started to walk and suddenly felt the most amazing feeling the whole of my cape seemed to move independently of me, it was fantastic I moved my arms about and they just slithered and slid around inside the cape as I pushed hard on the thick already polished rubber, I suddenly realised that I was trapped inside as it was so slippery that I could not raise the hem of the cape to take it off. “WOW Olga this is fantastic I am sealed inside a cape that is not sealed to me but is far too slippery to take off on my own, it’s great can I buy some of that lubricant from you to use at home?”

“Oh yes of course I will get you in touch with the manufacturer and you can buy it direct from them, they are also rubberist’s the guy and his wife and developed the grease specifically for use with latex rubber”.

The client was about to be finally sealed away in her sheath, but before she was the whole thing was filled with up to the top with the grease and the zip was shut tight, “The zip is watertight so nothing can leak out, she will now have all the air sucked out so that she is vacuum packed in her own rubber world and then the assistants will connect her to the breathing controls and stimulators and put her in the tank for her two day treatment, she will do probably six or seven lengths and at the end we will have a talk to her and you can ask her what it is like, OK?” I agreed and Olga then took us outside to the open-air tanks where the Doctor told me his slaves were.

The whole week was a great success and Janey was in seventh heaven with her treatment and begged me to bring her back again, I said I would and the next time I would have a treatment myself.

The Doctor invited me to the Retreat to meet his wife and see for myself what they did there all in all a truly fabulous week and Olga and I decide that we would talk about getting into business together and agreed that we would put links from our web pages to each others and that any of my close friends would have access to her site with special passwords, we parted as good friends and promised to visit each other for some rubber fun.

Well that’s all for now my rubber friends I hope you enjoyed my little story and hope to talk to you all very soon.

Lots of rubber love

Doctor Latex
England Rubber Capital of the World.

Copyright 2013: Doctor Latex. For personal enjoyment only not for reproduction.

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