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A Slave to Pain and Pleasure

by Kopfmeister

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© Copyright 2009 - Kopfmeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; enema; hum; vacbed; electro; bdsm; toys; cons; X

This story is a work fiction and readers are strongly encouraged not to attempt the activities listed herein without the necessary understanding of the risks and dangers inherent to said actions.

The vacuum cleaner had almost completed it’s task of removing the air from between the sheets of the vac bed. Subtle in its ability to confine her in its grasp, a vac bed is intractable. Every square metre is held in place by the ocean of air we live in and tonnes of pressure compressed the thick latex to her naked flesh as tightly as her own skin. There was to be no escape.

She had been surprised when Edward had told her simply to don the latex bondage harness with the built in ball gag and breathing tube. She was to put it on, buckle the locking straps and place the keyed-alike padlocks through the buckles, then wait, kneeling for him to arrive. Normally their sessions were very intense, involving intricate rope work and the complete feeling of immobility and helplessness that she so dearly loved. Now she just waited for his arrival, alone with her thoughts in the darkness, knowing that only he had the key. She knew that she face punishment for having angered her Master and she waited in anticipation and dread for what was to come.

Two days before ordering her to prepare for punishment he had ordered her to pick up a few things at the hardware store: two lengths of 40 mm diameter ABS pipe, two metres long, two more one metre in length, three 90 degree elbows, a T-connector and a small container of ABS adhesive. The instructions were simple: “Drill a series of 4.5 mm holes 15 cm apart in a line down the length of each tube. Assemble the pipes in a rectangle with the holes facing inward using the adhesive and the elbows. The straight tube of the T-connector was to run out from the short side of the frame.` She had complied immediately and the whole operation took about a half hour once she had arrived home. She was ordered to place the frame under her bed and that it had best meet his specifications on his arrival.. Not knowing what to expect, the anticipation was driving her to distraction. What in the world was he planning for her.

She had been kneeling in readiness for an hour when he entered silently into the room. She felt, rather than heard, His presence. He placed a package he had brought with him on the nightstand, pulled the ABS frame from under her bed and examined the handiwork. `You have done well` was all she heard him say as he placed the frame on the carpet beside her.

“Stand up!” came the next order. It was difficult for her to comply. The bondage hood had enclosed her in its terrible, wonderful blackness. There was no hint of external light and no frames of reference for her to use to gain her footing. Very gingerly, she felt around and after a few missteps, she slowly rose unsteadily to her feet.

Her mind kept playing tricks with her proprioception as she teetered back and forth. There was no way that she could gain a proper sense of balance without her external senses to guide her and she almost fell. “I shall help you with that,” he said, and led her to the bed.

Edward attached a chain from the collar of the head harness then affixed the other end to a heavy pair of shackles. Locking her hands in these he informed her that “We need to make sure you’re very clean.” She screamed into the gag, for she knew what was coming, and it did not bode well. A spreader bar, suspended from the ceiling, had shackles for her ankles. Once locked in she lay on her back with her legs splayed and raised. She lay there, helpless, exposed and feeling very vulnerable.

She felt the cool slipperiness of the lubricating gel as it oozed into her rectum. It was followed by the well-lubricated, inflatable enema nozzle. She screamed and moaned as the two bladders, one inside and a larger one outside, filled with air and seated the nozzle completely in her rear passage. “We can’t have you soiling yourself in your new toy” he chuckled. “Shall we say five litres?”

He hung the large bag from the spreader bar that held her She convulsed with sobs of terror as the valve opened and the warm, soapy water began to flow. He had used a lot of water in the past when cleansing her, but never so much as this. She hated enemas, not just because the humiliation and discomfort, but also for what it meant for her. It could only mean he was planning something that could last for twenty four hours or more, since he wanted her alimentary canal completely voided.

It takes a great deal of time for five litres of enema to flow into a forty-five kilogram woman. The distension of the bowels and abdomen caused waves of peristaltic cramping as her body tried to purge itself, to no avail. The air bladders did their job very well and, despite the building pressure, they held. She writhed in agony as the cramps grew worse, but nothing would ease the pain until the bladders were released.

As humiliating as the process of administration was, it was nothing compared to her next task. After freeing her hands and clamping off the tube, she was now forced to crawl off the bed and find the bidet in the next room. Her hood made this a gruelling task as she struggled to find her way off the bed to the washroom, the cramps becoming ever stronger, and the air-bulbs that had inflated the bladders trailing behind her as a pair of vulgar tails. After an eternity of five agonizing minutes, she eased herself onto the bidet and released the valves.

After the cramps had subsided and she had performed her toilette she was ordered back to the bedroom. `Lie back,` he had ordered, and she lay back over the bed. `Spread your legs` came the order; once again she complied and had her legs placed back in the shackles of the suspended spreader bar. To disobey her Master was unthinkable. There was little she would refuse him and she trusted him with her life, her heart and all her soul. Long ago they had found no need for safe words. He knew her tolerances, and while he might test them occasionally, she knew that she was safe with him. Despite the pain and terror he could inflict, and frequently did, she never felt more free than when he bound her and tormented her helpless body. They had moved from SSC (safe, sane and consensual play) to the realm of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and consensual non-consent. She loved becoming a toy for him to play with, to give herself over to him for abuse and his pleasure.

Not that his pleasure was the only satisfaction that occurred. For all of the pain and suffering she endured, there was a payoff. The carnal heat that he kindled within her continually grew as he fanned the flames of her desire. The passion flared and threatened to consume her completely when she was helpless and there was absolutely no means of extinguish the flames building within her loins, the anticipation and dread combining in ways beyond description.

Edward attached the shackles from the bed frame to her wrists and ankles. “Be very still,” came the order. She heard him snap on rubber gloves. Something cool and wet was being spread around her nether regions by a cloth in Edward’s hand. Stinging somewhat, it was a sensation unlike any she had felt before, not exactly a caress, but rather more clinical. She soon discovered why as Betadyne was spread all over her front labia and surrounding area. This was followed by a swabbing with alcohol to sterilize the area around her front passage, A dollop of sterile gel lubricant was placed at the entrance to her urethra. Her entire sexual mound was tingling from the Betadyne and her growing excitement. She shuddered and cried into her gag as the catheter was slowly and gently inserted up inside her and into her bladder. Once in place, Edward clamped it off for later attachment to a collection bag and used the syringe to inflate the internal balloon with sterile water. Satisfied with his work, he informed her “It’s time.” He then pulled her up to her feet again and she felt her chastity belt being locked around her waist.

The steel and neoprene chastity belt was an old friend. Designed by the now defunct Access Denied, she was forced to maintain her exact body size to ensure its comfortable fit. She had become careless and gained 10 pounds; her Master had been very displeased. The first phase of her punishment had been to wear the belt until she had taken off the weight; it had been an ordeal,

Snug to begin with, the belt had compressed her flesh in the most intimate of places. With every step she had taken, each pace on the treadmill , but especially when she was forced to ride the stationary bike, the belt had made its presence felt. Wearing the belt had been uncomfortable. Its design meant that she could still pass he bodily waste; she simply had to use the bidet more frequently to perform her toilette. That had not been the worst of her torment. Despite the belt’s original intention of keeping its wearer chaste, wearing it enhanced the cravings for what it prevented. Here was the intrinsic dualism of a chastity belt; it created a need, then denied the wearer any chance of satisfaction .

It had taken her a month to lose the weight. She had hoped to be rewarded for her efforts, but she had misjudged the depth of her Master’s displeasure. `That has been the corrective phase,` he had informed her as he removed he belt. The relief from the chafing and itching was almost heavenly. Her Master applied a soothing lotion and had informed her the second phase of her punishment would begin once the chafing had healed. In the meantime, she was to exercise more caution with her daily regimen lest he order a repeat of the correction she had just endured.

After a week of healing and the preparation of the ABS frame she came home to find the bondage hood and a note awaiting her. It read:

My slave:

Tomorrow is Friday. You are to have a light meal tonight and take a laxative at bedtime. Tomorrow you will take another laxative on awakening, and have nothing but clear liquids through the day. When you arrive home at 5:30, you will shower, be properly shaved, and await my arrival. You are to be naked save for the head harness, which you shall buckle on firmly and lock in place. By 7:00 p.m. you will be kneeling, silently, awaiting my arrival. If you fail to comply with my orders in any detail, I shall place the key to the harness locks in your hand and remove your collar permanently. I will then leave, never to return. Perhaps you will be able to find a less demanding Master.

Your Master, Edward

She was shocked; she knew her Master was very displeased with her lapses, but had no idea until reading this missive as to the depths of his disappointment in her. She would do whatever was required of her to prove herself worthy in His eyes and atone for her mistakes.

Edward was indeed impressed by his slave’s desire to make amends. He knew that he would be taking her right to the edge of her limits tonight, then dangling her on the threshold of exceeding them and stretching them throughout the next twenty four hours. The slave was ordered to spread her legs; soft moans escaped the gag as he placed more lubricant in her passages. Reaching through her legs to behind her, Edward grabbed the crotch strap of the chastity belt with the attached anal and vaginal plugs glimmering with lubricant. The moans from the hood grew louder as the plugs were eased into her, front and back, then became increasingly shrill as the strap was pulled up to the waist and locked in place securely at the front. Her “lovers” were firmly in place and would remain so all night and through the next day.

An additional hole in the crotch strap allowed for the catheter tube to pass through for attachment to a collecting system. Two holes through the strap at the base of the two dildos allowed for further attachments. The two glass dildos had conductive strips up each side of the shafts. The electrical leads from the transformer box connected to the sockets through the belt and locked firmly into place. A variety of sensations could then be conveyed into the most sensitive areas of the slave‘s anatomy. All was now in readiness for the main event.

The slave was gently guided to the kneeling while he finalized her punishment. Opening the package he had brought with him, he removed the envelope of the latex vac-bed that he had purchased from Kink Engineering. The top and bottom sheets of the vac-bed fit perfectly over the frame she had built in a matter of seconds. He went to the hall closet and removed the vacuum cleaner from its place, placing it beside the bed and plugging it in to the socket in the control unit he had brought with him. The air hose then connected to the one-way valve which Edward inserted into the T-joint. It was time to inform the slave of her punishment.

“You are about to be placed in a vac bed in which you are to spend twenty four hours in contemplation. I am going to run the cables and hoses from your belt out the access hole at the front of the bed and seal them. Your head will go through the neck gusset and the latex will be tight enough to create its own seal. Once you are safely in position within the bed frame, I will seal it shut. You will spread your legs slightly and position your arms at your side, spread slightly away from your body. Your punishment session will begin from the time you are sealed in and the air is evacuated.”

The slave was simultaneously stunned, excited and terrified. She and her Master had played various forms of sensory-deprivation games before, but never so intense - or for so long. Shaking, she was guided into the envelope that would hold her in place for her punishment session. The head harness made it a challenge, but Edward was patient and guided her slowly into place. As the hose and cables were pulled through the front gasket, she felt tremblings of excitement when the tugging moved the dildos and catheter around . The wires were placed in their appropriate receptacles on the computerized electronic control unit and the catheter hose into a collection bag. The closeness of the neck gusset was a was enhanced by the closeness of the head harness, but finally she was through and lay back. Edward closed the seal on the envelope and all was in readiness.

The vacuum cleaner was turned on and quickly evacuated the air from within the frame. She had never be held in such a close embrace, or so completely immobilized. Her hands and fingers could barely wriggle, neither could her toes or feet. Some vertical flexing was possible with her limbs and torso, however the bed allowed absolutely no lateral movement whatsoever. She was helpless - pinned like some lab experiment and awaiting the next move.

“I took the liberty of replacing your chastity belt inserts with something new and special” he said. “You won’t have been able to see, but the dildos are now dildos that have electrode strips built into them. They are tied into the control unit with a novel, sound-activated program” Unseen, Edward placed a microphone on her throat, held in place by an adhesive pad. A wire ran back to the control unit. He thought about the usefulness of a degree in electrical engineering, which not only paid for the toys, but allowed him the ability to build more advanced control systems.

“How this works” he continued, “is that the electrodes will start sending out a pulsing wave effect that will contract the muscles in your ass and your pussy in a continuous cycle. The cycle is random and will increase and decrease in length and intensity over the next twenty-four hours. As we both know, you become increasingly vocal as you receive sexual gratification. You will need to control the impulse to come because the toys that will cause you pleasure can also cause you pain. Allow me a brief demonstration.”

Nothing could have prepared her for the pain. She wanted to scream; she wanted to beg. To do either she needed to breathe and this was denied to her by the shock of the agony within her loins. It was a universe of agony that seemed it would never end; a glimpse into the damnation of Hell itself.

“That” said Edward “is level three. It is only the third possible level of twelve. Depending on how loud you moan, whine or scream, the microphone will pick up the sound and administer the appropriate shock level. No matter how well you try to prepare for it, or brace yourself, the intensity of shock that the electrodes will deliver in punishment mode must simply be endured. For as long as you are pinned within the vac bed your intruders will be tireless lovers, and merciless tormentors. The only way to prevent their wrath is to be silent; the only way for you to remain silent is to steel yourself against the pleasure to avoid crying out. It should prove an interesting dilemma and I shall enjoy watching you attempt solving it. Let us begin the time now.”

She wanted to beg him not to do this. Pride, however, and the knowledge that there was no hope of pleading without the risk of the hellfire in her belly being re-ignited. This would simply have to be endured. She tried to relax and control her breathing while she awaited the program to start. It did not take long.

It began as what felt like a caress - no more than the feeling of a breath of air over her skin. The twin intruders operated independently of each other, a refinement of Edward’s programming skills and alternately took turns pulsating, then worked in cohort to gently stimulate the tender flesh. Suddenly, with no warning, the invader in her ass throbbed intently and she gave an involuntary gasp. She heard a low beep from the control unit. “You have found the sound threshold of the program.” said Edward. Should you vocalize any louder, you will receive and immediate shock. I advise you to exercise discipline.

How was she going to withstand this, she wondered. The twin assault on her pleasure centres continued unabated. First one, then the other, then neither, then both; the intensity and duration varied at the whim of a diabolically inspired microprocessor. It was almost sentient in its ability to arouse and deny. All the while the passion within her grew and she struggled against the intractable latex. She had never felt such gentle, yet unforgiving restraint, an iron fist in a velvet glove, allowing her to struggle, but holding her in place. The heat built and she struggled to keep silent. She fought back against the pleasure that was enveloping her as fiercely as the vac bed. The dildos continued their electrical assault and drove the waves of pleasure ever closer, resistance to a crest becoming increasingly futile. She tried flexing her body to control her lust; she held her breath hoping to force it back. Nothing seemed to stand in the way of the orgasm that was building. She bit down on the gag and willed herself to silence, willed her body to withstand the pressure. A low moan escaped her throat; the machine beeped.

The jolt hit her forcefully, not so horribly as the demonstration, but with punitive intent. It was enough to stem the tide of sexual heat, and she almost breathed a sigh of relief, stopping herself as she remembered the possible consequences. She was beginning to sweat inside the frame and she felt a little give in the grip of her jailer. Just as she tried to move, the vacuum cleaner started back up, tightening the hold on her body once again, stopping as quickly as it had begun

“The seals are tight, but not perfect,” whispered Edward. “On occasion the microphone will cut out and the suction will start for a few seconds, then the sound controller will reactivate. Any punishment you receive will be because of your own weakness, not that of the system’s.”

As if to underline Edwards assertions, the dildos renewed their combined attack and she gasped, just a little, and received a warning beep. For now she was holding her voice in check, using all of her will to keep the pleasure at bay. For all that she struggled, she knew she faced a losing battle. The forces arrayed against her were too strong and they were relentless. Once again the pleasure became unbearable. In terror she fought against it, knowing that this time she could not fight it and then the dildos stopped.

She breathed a silent sigh of relief, but the respite was short lived. The machine was programmed to give its captive the occasional false hope, then take it away just as suddenly as it had begun, and it surged to life once again, driving her mercilessly toward the crest as she fought against the primal scream building in her throat. The struggle to remain silent and her fear of more punishment created a synergy to the pleasure she felt. Despite the restraint, she had never felt so out of control. Struggling against her captor, she almost dislocated her shoulder in her efforts to hold back the sound. Her lower torso became a living entity that thrust up and down in pleasure and need.

In the end she could resist no longer and she crested the tidal wave that tore through body and screamed. The sound drowned out the warning beep and her howls raised the intensity of the punishment program to the sixth level. Despite the agony through that the electrodes delivered to her passages, she rode the crest and howled louder, pleasure and pain becoming one as she became simply an instrument capable only of feeding from the stimulation. The noise thresholds kept rising and so did the power settings. Finally, she simply overloaded from sensory input and simply collapsed, unconscious as the tremors continued to ripple through her abdomen. She was beyond feeling them.

She had no idea how long the overload had affected her when she came around enough to move her head from side to side. Edward was gently shaking her and repeating her name. Clearly he had been taken by surprise by his beloved slave’s response to the intensity of the session. “Nod your head if you can hear me,” he ordered. Slowly, her mind moving out of the fog of subspace, she nodded her head and muttered “I uv oo” around the gag.

“Do you need a drink?”

Again, she just nodded and he inserted a tube into the hole through her gag. Connected to a bag containing an electrolyte-fortified sports drink.

“Sip it slowly,” he commanded softly. “You’ve been drifting for a while and it’s time to bring you back to Earth.”

Sucking the fluid in small sips, she managed to drink her fill without coughing or choking.

“Ang oo, Aster” she managed to mumble and smiled to herself.

The vacuum cleaner started again and she realized that the program was still running. This had merely been a rest stop along the way. She shuddered and, despite realizing the futility, struggled against in inexorable bonds holding her in place. The sound ceased again and she once again felt the gentle breath of her tormentors as they began their cycle of bliss and cruelty. Despite the strain of her previous battles, the heat began rising again. Her mind screamed for it to stop and all the while, her body craved more. How much longer this would continue, she had no idea. Her Master was keeping her in the dark in more ways than one.

She moaned subconsciously once again and the shock delivered a stab of pleasure/pain to her helpless body. The punishment had become pleasure and the pleasure, punishment. She had now way to stop it, avoid it or escape it. She lay back and screamed in ecstasy in the wonderful, horrible darkness, neither knowing when, nor wishing for, it to end.



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