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The Slave Trail

by MattL

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© Copyright 2001 - MattL - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; D/s; latex; bondage; wrap; cons; X

The day had finally arrived. The Master was going to pick his top slave to become his permanent latex bondage submissive. The girls had arrived early this morning. Jessica, Melissa and Sonia had been preparing for this event for months. The were all the master’s slaves and they all longed to become his permanent unconditional submissive. They were going to have their bondage tested to their limits today. The last to request release would be declared the winner and would willingly lose the control of her body.

 At noon, the girls stripped naked and entered the Master’s dungeon. Jessica was a 26 years old brunette standing 5’6 with athletic forms. Melissa was 20 years old, had long blond hair to go with her pale 5’8, slender body. Sonia was the youngest aspirant at 19 years of age. She had curly, shoulder length, bright red hair at the top of her slim 5’1 frame. All three slaves were big breasted. It was a physical requirement of the Master.

 The girls were instructed to pick a bondage style and position from a hat and present their fate to the Master. Jessica was to go first. She picked a ticket and walked over to her Master. He opened it. Jessica was to be bound spread eagle to the queen size bed. Melissa then presented her ticket. Fate decided that she would be mummified in one layer of saran wrap and one layer of duct tape. Sonia quickly followed. Her ticket indicated that she would be hog tied. The slaves stood in the middle of the room as they were prepared for their test. The three were handed chastity belts with a built-in, remote controlled, vaginal vibrator. They were already feeling moist as they slid their belts on. And then they were ready.

 As Jessica had picked the least strenuous bondage form, she would be bound first, under the watchful eyes of her competitors. At the Master’s request, the contestants were required to begin binding themselves. Jessica sat in the middle of the bed and stretched out her leg to the bedposts of the head board. She locked her right ankle in a leather cuff and proceeded to do the same with her left ankle. Next came the harness ball gag. She pulled it snugly over her head, fit the ball in her mouth and adjusted the straps. Master then stepped up and locked her wrists to the bedposts. Jessica was totally restrained and she knew that escape was impossible as she had tested her Master’s bonds many time before. Now she could only watch helpless as it was Sonia’s turn to be tied.

 Sonia began by tying her ankles. She looped the rope five times and tied a solid knot. Then with a shoelace, she tightly, but comfortably, tied her big toes together. She picked up more and tied her legs together just above and below her knees. The only restraint she could still apply herself now was the harness ball gag. She picked it up and just like Jessica fit it over her head with the ball pushed snugly in her mouth and adjusted the straps. She now awaited the Master for the completion of her bondage. He turned her flat on her stomach and picked up more rope. First he crossed her wrists and began looping the rope around and between them. He made a solid knot and picked up yet more rope. He bound her arm to her sides and back with a loop of rope above her breasts and one more below. Next Master pulled up Sonia’s feet and tied a short rope to her ankles. He pulled her wrists back as much as he could and tied the other end to them. Sonia was now bound in a very strict hog tie and was now totally helpless as Melissa grabbed the roll of saran wrap.

 Melissa began wrapping at her ankles. She was required to wrap herself up to her waist. She worked quickly for she feared loosing the contest if she took too long. She had soon enclosed her legs in the plastic wrap. She next picked up the duct tape and repeated the simple exercise. As the other girls had done before she fastened the harness gag on her head making sure the ball was comfortably but tightly secured in her mouth. When she was done, she awaited her master. He instructed her to lift her arms as he began wrapping her upper body. He left Melissa’s breasts exposed and proceeded to wrap her arms. The slave was next instructed to lower her arms so they could be bound to her body. Master covered her with another layer of saran wrap and then did the same with the duct tape. Melissa could not move her limbs. She could only wiggle her toes, turn her head and feel the cool air on her exposed breasts. As Master laid her down, it was obvious that she was just as helpless as Sonia in her hog tie and Jessica in her spread eagle bed tie. She was mummified from her neck to her ankles.

 The three girls began their struggle against their bonds. As their Master turned on their vibrators, they knew it would be a challenge to outlast each other. They squirmed as they felt the pleasure waves creeping up inside them. Sonia was the first to reach orgasm. As the wave hit, she strained against her hog tie and let out as much of a moan as the gag would allow. She barely managed to keep her balance and stay on her stomach. Soon after, Melissa felt her first orgasm. Her layers of saran wrap and duct tape kept her from stretching out her limbs in pleasure and her gag kept her from screaming. As the two slaves lay on the ground, slowly coming back to Earth, a wave went through Jessica as she reached her first orgasm. She pulled as hard as she could against all four bedposts, but there was no give in her restraints. She bit down hard into her gag as her mind drifted to another world.

 The slaves were very excited by the bondage to begin with and the added sensations from the vibrators were going to be their test. The one who could take the more orgasms would win. They were all focused on the situation once again and were squirming and twisting and straining as much as they could to try to keep the vibrations from doing their work.

 Jessica could not resist the vibrator any longer and she exploded into a second powerful orgasm. She pulled and pulled harder than she ever thought she could. She wanted to reach for her pussy and massage it as she came, but the restraints went against her will. As she saw Jessica straining against her bonds and biting down on her gag, Sonia was overcome with another wave of pleasure. This second orgasm felt even more powerful than the first one. She tried to stretch out, but only managed to flip over, her feet landing next to Melissa’s face. All three girls also had a foot fetish. It was another requirement of the Master. As Sonia’s feet appeared in her vision so close to her face, a shock went through Melissa and her body rocked and twisted on the floor.

 For the slaves, this felt better than anything they had experienced before. There they were, together, bound, and fighting against vibrators to win the right to be their Master’s latex slave. Their sexual feelings were at an all time high and they knew that the orgasms would soon be too numerous and become unbearable as the exhaustion set in their bound bodies. The hours passed as the slaves struggled through wave after wave of pleasure. They were feeling fatigue preparing to sound the last bell. They watched each other as they hoped to see their opponents give the signal that they could take no more.

 Melissa was overwhelmed with the sight of Sonia’s feet constantly in her face, toes wriggling, soles stretching. She came and came again. Then reached the point where her mind said it was too much. The constant pleasure was taking it’s toll on her body. She gave her Master the sign that she gave up. The Master released her from her bonds. Melissa was exhausted and just laid on the floor, staring at Sonia’s bound body, with her feet so close. Jessica was also still bound and fighting for her latex privileges. She knew that it was now between herself and Sonia. And she felt her limits getting closer.

 Sonia felt another orgasm coming on. She knew she could not take too many more. But she had been waiting for her chance to become a sex slave for years. She climaxed just as Jessica let a muffled moan escape. She knew it would not be long now. They had been bound for nearly six hours now. Muscles were starting to ache, limbs longed for movement and minds needed relief from the constant pleasure. Jessica did not have the energy to pull against her bonds now. The recurring waves of pleasure were turning into torture. Yet another one hit her. She had long ago lost count. She closed her eyes as her back arched on more time. She lifted her head and gave the Master the sign. She had lost.

 Sonia was going through another orgasm of her own while Jessica was being released. She didn’t realize that she had won. As she regained her senses, Sonia felt her hog tie being loosened. Her rope bonds were replaced by metal handcuffs. She opened her eyes and saw both Jessica and Melissa sitting on the bed, watching her. As losers, they would still be allowed to watch as Sonia would be transformed into the Master’s permanent latex slave.

 Sonia was given a glass of water and allowed to use the washroom facilities before entering the latex dungeon. She came out with a smile on her face. Her dream was coming true today. She was led to the middle of the room. She saw Melissa and Jessica cuffed hand and foot to the walls. They were still slaves, but not latex slaves. The master gave her a latex cat suit. She worked as fast as she could to fit it on after applying talcum powder to her body. Pushed her legs into the latex and pulled the suit until her feet fit snugly in the feet of the suit. She then pulled the latex up her body and pushed her arms until her hands were snugly in place in the attached gloves. When she was done pulling the suit on, she turned around to let Master zip it shut. As she felt the cool latex enclosing her body, a tingle went down her spine and she shivered. She had actually won.

 The Master came back to her with a full latex hood. With openings for her eyes, nostrils and mouth. Her hair was shaved and the hood was pulled down her head. She did not mind losing her hair, she liked her hair, but she always liked the latex better. And now was the time for latex. Master began applying straps to her body. He started at her ankles. Then moved up to just above and below her knees. He cuffed her hands and attached them to her thighs. He added a strap around her wrists and then her elbows and another near her shoulders to intensify the feeling of helplessness. There was no vibrator this time, Sonia noticed. She knew the reason why. She would not need one. She would get enough pleasure from the feel of the latex on her skin and her Master knew it. He brought out a blindfold which he attached to her hood. Next Sonia was ordered to open her mouth. Master pushed in a penis gag, strapped it tight and buckled it behind her head.

 Sonia felt her body being lifted and carried. She was laid down on the bondage table. More straps were added around her ankles, knees, thighs, elbows and shoulder. A latex sheet was then pulled over her and attached to the table. She was completely immobilized. Her fate was sealed and she couldn’t be happier. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t move and she could barely hear, but she could feel the latex enclosing her and she knew that Melissa and Jessica were as jealous as they could be, cuffed naked to the wall. From now on, Sonia would be immobilized 23 hours a day, six days a week. She would be required to be dressed in latex. She would be set free one hour a day to eat, drink,  relieve and wash herself... if she was a good slave. The thought set a wave of pleasure through her body as she closed her eyes to rest after a hard fought battle.

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