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Slave Trade

by Seteyan

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© Copyright 2007 - Seteyan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; latex; fem; cd; transform; sexchange; cons; X

I will admit that I knew something about her before I approached her that fateful night.  Everyone knew something about her.  They called her Vampirella behind her back, and told horror stories about her leaving men broken and emotionally crippled.  A lot of guys said she was a lesbian, or that she hated men, and that she was constantly trying to get back at them.  She was also rumored to be a professional mistress, a dominatrix of some sort, but I had seen her working at the lab downtown so I kinda doubted that.

She certainly looked the part: She was six feet tall, with a set of streamlined curves that could stop a train.  Her skin was pale, and her hair dark and angular, always cut sharp and severe.  She wore little makeup, except for the blood red lipstick, and she always wore some sort of skintight outfit, a fetishist's dream really: all buckles and straps, leather and latex.  And heels, thick six inch heels, which never stopped her from gliding across a room.  She looked like a cross between Brigitte Neilsen and Morticia Adams, starring in a 1930's silent movie.  I could hardly help myself.

It was a Friday night, approximately two years ago.  My girl-friend, who I had genuinely loved, had dumped me for another man.  Someone who was more of a man than I was, that was how she put it. She dumped me on a Wednesday, after avoiding me for a week, and I heard she had been sleeping with this guy - Jason - for a month or more.  Our friends all knew.  They looked at me with pity, like I was a leper.  So that Friday I went to this bar, the only bar where I knew I would not run into my ex. I was not drinking too much - I was depressed enough - when I saw her walk in.

The thing about Kalli - that was in fact her real name - was that she had this look about her, this desperate intensity that would have landed her in a mental institution thirty years earlier.  Her eyes darted a million ways at once, and she seemed to be holding a constant conversation with her gloved hands, that moved like a Balinese dancer's.  I watched her that night; she was dressed conservatively, in a tight black sweater, thick wool, with a bunched up turtleneck, and a pair of black lurex pants, that hugged her curves all the way to the floor. Some guys stared, some guys died on the spot, most whispered the same old jokes to their friends, Vampirella this, and lesbian that.  Kalli took no notice.  She glided, in her strange platform shoes, to a quiet little corner, and ordered a drink.  I wished some private wishes while I stared at her, living out a secret fantasy or two, when I noticed her looking at me.  Her eyes were gray and dark, and she looked like a black and white photograph in the dim light. I stared back, and then I realized, Why not?  What could be worse than the way I felt now?

And that was how I met Kalli.  She took me home that night.  She had whispered mad things to me, strange little secrets and incredibly intimate desires.  She seemed so desperate - in a way I felt sorry for her - but mostly I just wanted her.  She really was beautiful, in an unreal way, and she had made some lurid proposals that I found very exciting.  So she took me home.  And her home, a basement apartment the size of a warehouse loft, was just as strange as she was.  She sat me down on her monstrous four poster, and offered me a drink of wine. I looked around, at the thick bars of the headboard, the strange clothes strewn about the floor, the bloodred velvet draping the walls. 

That night was really incredible.  I remember it so well. She had taken off her sweater, peeling off the thick black wool like an animal removing its pelt, to reveal a bustier laced around her waist, a bustier of some black rubbery material.  She stood there clutching her sweater, pawing it like a cat.  Then she threw it in my lap, told me to feel it.  It was incredible, staring up at this vision of loveliness, feeling myself grow harder and harder, while she lectured me about her sweater, about how soft it was, how thick.  She finally told me to put it on, to put on her sweater so I would know how great it felt, and then she had done this little dance while I slipped out of my shirt and into her sweater, shivering out of her pants, while I stretched the sweater over my chest - luckily I was thin - she was standing there dressed only in this corset, while I grew hotter and harder in her little black sweater. 

She wore no underwear, no lines under her tight pants, and the black bush of her pubic hair was the only thing I could see.  She had rubbed up against her own sweater, grinding her crotch against my chest, while I felt her smooth ass and legs.  The passion in Kalli was like a storm that comes on so suddenly that everything is swept away in front of it.  She was on top of me in no time, centering her pussy right over my face, then switching direction, so I was licking that thin sensitive line between her mound and her asshole. She took off my pants and pulled on my cock until I thought I would lose control.  All my reserves faded when she did that, and I was licking whatever I could, moving my tongue like a snake.  Then she pulled the sweater down, stretching it over my sweat soaked chest, stretching it down over my penis, until I was covered.  I arched my back, feeling the friction between my cock and the wool, and then I went wild, arcing my back, tasting every inch of her, pushing my penis into the tight sack of the sweater. 

And then I came.  I could hardly stop myself, the feelings were so intense.  I felt her purr, nestling herself into the curve of my face as I gasped and groaned with release.  I was seeing white flashes, but already I was thinking about leaving, and I felt a little panic as her weight increased on top of my face.  I suppose I felt ashamed at finishing so quickly, at cumming on her sweater.  What ever I felt it never could have prepared me for what came next.

She sat up, still squatting on my chest, and sad something quiet-like, she said, "Bad.  Badbadbad."  Like she was talking to a child. 

I started to apologize, but she slid off of me and pulled my arms above my head.  I was still lying flat, so I assumed she wanted to pull the sweater off over my head and I sat up with my arms up, waiting for her to take the sweater off. Like a kid. And she did lift the sweater up above my head, and for an instant I was in the dark, my face covered by thick layers of wool, and in that instant I felt something close around my wrists, something heavy and tight. I struggled, trying to free myself, breathing quick now through the thick weave of the sweater, then something snapped me back down to the bed, and I was laying flat, the sweater still around my face, my pants bunched around my ankles.  I cried out, once, from beneath the thick sweater, then her hand closed around my semi-soft penis and I was quiet.

She pulled my pants away from my ankles with one hand, and then pulled the sweater back down to my clammy chest.  My skin began to itch, but there was little I could do.  She gripped my penis in one hand and said, "Spread your legs." I obeyed without hesitation.  She locked both ankles into restraints cleverly concealed in the footboard. Then she did the strangest thing, she pulled the sweater back down around my crotch, pulled it tight over my hardening penis, and fastened it somehow between my legs.  It felt like she laced it closed between my legs, but maybe it had snaps at the bottom.  It really felt like I had been sown into this sweater and I might never get out.  My own cum was cold and clammy around my penis as I rubbed up against the same spot that had made me finish moments earlier.  I strained against the manacles, but they were not moving.  And then I felt myself growing hard again, which was surprising because I was pretty scared, but I felt my penis expanding against the wool and I shivered across every inch of my body.

She returned at that moment, she had changed into a long black nightgown, and she looked eerily beautiful. She ran her hand up my legs, across my sweatered crotch, up to my chin.  I shivered again.  She raised my head up, placing a pillow behind my neck, and told me to drink the milky white concoction she held to my lips.  I hesitated for a moment, thinking poison, thinking escape, but she stroked my rising cock, now a distinctive lump under the sweater, and I followed her orders.

As I drank she said, "I know this is what you want, lets just find out if you know." 

The liquid was salty and sweet at the same time.  Before I even had finished drinking it all, my mind exploded and the room seemed to beat like the inside of a heart.  Kalli took a silver pendant from behind her back and let it swing slowly in front of my eyes.  It was like an anchor in my otherwise distorted world. Kalli elongated, stretched into a narrow caricature of herself. My own body shifted and blurred, and then Kalli was at my ear whispering completely alien words into my head.  And as she whispered I watched my body change, I watched the sweater expand at my chest as two singular globes appeared, two full breasts that stretched the sweater out until I thought I could see a glimpse of white flesh through the weave.  After a moment all I could see were the breasts but I did notice my penis no longer felt hard, and my whole body felt different, thinner and rounder at the same time. 

I started to panic at that point, I could almost feel my masculinity dissappearing, and I thrashed my body back and forth, watching incredously as my breasts undulated with me. I caught a glimpse of my legs and they looked pale and unfamiliar. I called out - And then I was back.   I looked down at my body and it was all there, I could feel my penis against the sweater, my long legs were my own.  Kalli still stood over me, shivering with excitement.  She kept whispering, "Almost. ALMOST."

I wrenched at the bonds with all my strength, but I have never been that strong. Lean and skinny.  Now I wished I had worked out more. Kalli tried to calm me down, whispering quiet words, but I shouted and screamed obscenities, empty threats really because she knew I could not free myself.  Finally she pulled a ball gag out of a chest at the foot of the bed and slipped it over my head.  A ball gag is a sort of open leather helmet whose express purpose is to fasten a rubber ball between the victims lips.  It looks like an eloborate bridle, and this one locked behind my head.  I struggled some more, tasting rubber and that strange potion, and then Kalli simply left.  The lights went out and I was left in the dark.

Part Two

How I was I to know what was to come? I had gone home with Kalli only because I was feeling sorry for myself. Well that, and the fact that I found her incredibly attractive. I found her attractive, and I REALLY found her clothes attractive, so when I woke up the next day, no longer bound, no longer wearing the sweat and cum soaked sweater, the first thing I did was look in her closet. She wasn't around, and I had begun to think that most of what had happened last night was a dream. I mean how could I ever have grown breasts that fast?

So I tip-toed out of bed and over to the closet. It was a walk-in closet and enormous. I found the light switch and eased it on. I have always been excited by women's closets, by the illicit nature of looking in a woman's clothes, and Kalli's closet was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. It was full of drawers and boxes of strange lingerie, rows and rows of lycra and latex dresses, an entire section devoted to rubber clothes. Chains and harnesses hung on the back wall, and next to that was a beautiful latex catsuit stretched out on a hanger, dangling in front of my eyes.

I hesitated. I shouldn't be in here. I shouldn't do this. But before I knew it I had the catsuit stretched up my thin frame. I was almost the same height as Kalli, and maybe even thinner in some parts of my body. It fit like a glove. I had always wanted to try one of these on. All my life, as a closet crossdresser, I had wanted to feel this tight, shiny clothing surround my body. Unconsciously I rubbed my stiffening penis, a firm lump under the wet looking fabric.

Then the door opened. Of course it was Kalli. She looked slightly shocked, but then smiled a crooked smile, which hardly mattered as I melted with embarrassment. The suit felt hot and tight and I furiously clawed at the back zipper. I could not look at her, I was flushed and near death with embarrassment. She laughed, short croaking laughs, and approached me. I spun back into the closet, colliding with a row of dresses and crashing to the floor.

She looked at me on the floor, and smiled again. She said, "Relax - I knew you were..this way... when I met you. I only want to help."

She reached out her hand and pulled me to my feet. She was strong. She said, "Now stand there. Let me look at you."

And she paced around me. Trailing her fingers over my body.

"I can help, but you have to do everything I say." She emphasized this last point by stroking her hand across my soft penis. She stroked me again and whispered in my ear, "Everything." I felt myself stiffen through the latex. She whispered the word again. She said to just nod if I agreed, and as she caressed my shiny body, I nodded my surrender. It was not a hard decision, although I did keep thinking about the night before, about the weird hallucinations, and the bondage. Actually it was all suddenly exciting. There is nothing more exciting than surrendering.

Kalli led me into the bathroom where she stripped me, and inspected my body. She spent some time shaving my legs, which had never happened before, but she did not touch the little hair I had on my chest. She constantly appraised my form, making comments to herself.

When my legs were smooth and my body clean, she led me out into the bedroom. She was constantly touching my cock, and constantly asking me if I wanted to be a woman. Of course with her hand on my penis I answered yes every time, with a moan.

She began to exhort me, telling me to speak in a higher voice, telling me to beg to be a woman. Then she brought out her corset, the same corset she had been wearing the night before. It was made of some sort of boned and reinforced rubber, thick like whalehide, and topped off by an elaborate bustier. The bottom ended in a sort of half girdle and a set of industrial size garters, four in total. She slid it onto my body and locked it in back with some sort of levered clasp that pulled it tight around my waist. She asked me if I wanted breasts, breasts like hers, and would not respond until I answered in a high, feminine voice. As you may have guessed I am not the most masculine guy around and none of this was that hard for me. But it was still humiliating, humiliating and exciting at the same time.

She tightened the corset further after inserting some globular breastforms, thick jelly filled sacks with a skin-like coating of rubber. I was admiring them when she pulled a pair of lycra panties up my legs, bodyshapers that lifted my ass up and held my hard penis tight against my stomach. Then Kalli rolled some fishnet stockings up my smooth legs and attached the garters. I admired my new form in the mirror in the closet. Although my male face looked out, I was definitely looking like some sort of female hybrid. Kalli smiled, asking again if I really wanted to be a woman. I purred yes in my new voice. She told me to amuse myself in her closet while she went and got some things, and I almost burst with excitement.

I slid into long stretchy tube dresses made of lycra and lace, I tried on a miniskirt of rubber and a tank top of fishnet. I looked great. I pushed against my buried cock while modeling a wet looking bodysuit made of lurex or spandex or some sort of plastic. I loved the way it snapped at my crotch and remembered briefly the sweater she had forced me to wear last night. And then I found it, a grey black angora sweater dress, cut at the thigh with long luxurious sleeves. I slipped into it and caressed myself in a blur of pleasure.

I might have cum then had not Kalli returned with two additions to this strange courtship: a latex hood that framed the face in black plastic, securing at the neck, and sporting a long blond ponytail out of the back. And a pair of shoes, sharp heels with little straps that wove around the ankles. Once Kalli had me in those two accessories I was a woman. To my eyes I was a woman. And the kind of woman I had always fantasized about.

Kalli kept up her barrage of questions, while coaching me on how to walk, how to sway, how to sit, and how to talk. When I got it wrong she spanked me, sending a jolt through my ass and cock, or she threatened to tie me up and keep me bound and gagged like a woman until I thought I could behave. And I tried, teetering across the floor, arching my back so my breasts stretched out the yielding sweater. It was almost too much for me. Every time I saw myself I was overcome with desire. Kalli noticed, and seemed to get angry.

She disappeared into the closet herself finally and emerged dressed in a leather halter top and a strange sort of harness girdle. She went to the chest by the bed and returned with a dildo attached to her harness, hanging off her feminine waist like an obtrusively thick sausage. I watched her fearfully. She shouted, "Walk." I tried my best in my heels, beginning to feel the strain in my toes. I stretched and preened for her, trying to impress her. She circled me, feeling my ass, groping me. Calling me a slut. A whore. And I had to agree, or she would have tied me up and beat me.

Finally she demanded that I service her, and with the last vestiges of embarrassment burning in my face, I dropped to my knees and sucked on her dildo. It tasted like rubber and something sweet. She held my head right below the fake ponytail and moaned idly, making encouraging sounds. She sounded more and more like a man, or at least like a stereotypical man. I sucked her until I felt my lips grow numb, and then Kalli did a passable imitation of a man cumming. Maybe she really was cumming. I almost expected something to come out of the dildo. Then she told me to fix my lipstick, and handed me a tube of bright red lipstick that smelled of lanolin. I felt so strange kneeling there in front of her. Like I had changed.

She said, "Now I am going to fuck you." I looked up at her. She said, "Don't worry baby I'll be gentle."

"Do you want me to fuck you?" she asked, and I nodded yes, a dazed look on my face.

She went to the closet and came back with a bunch of straps and fasteners, bars and cuffs. She was also carrying a little spandex minidress, and when I say little I mean it looked like it was made for a small child. She told me to take off my pretty sweater, and I quickly replaced it with the minidress. It was so tight, and so revealing there could be little doubt what someone was looking for if they wore it. It barely covered my crotch, and the fabric seemed almost like a second skin around my breasts. To top it all off it was striped, two different shades of red, so that every curve was accentuated.

Kalli stared at me with naked lust. I felt something new, then, some sort of submission to her desire, and I bowed my head at the force of it. She dangled the restraints in her hand and laughed.

Part 3

I stared at myself in the mirror, as Kalli fit the first of the straps around my hips, the next around my waist, the third just below my breasts.  I could not believe that the creature being bound in this body restraint was me.  There was still a trace of maleness in my face, but my figure was that of a woman. My legs were long and beautiful, white through the weave of the fishnet.  I looked like a woman, and more like a hooker than anything else.

I turned slightly as she slipped the last two loops of leather over the top of my breasts and at my neck.  The spandex dress she dressed me in that night, and a few nights after that, seemed to welcome the help of the leather straps, as if the fabric itself could not hold my false curves. I licked my red lips, amazed at the transformation.

Kalli finished locking the five concentric straps around my body.  They were joined in the front and back by stiff strips of rubber, so that I was held in a bird cage of leather belts.  At my breasts, false though they were, the straps were squeezed together, forcing them out from my body in a painful sort of way.  I remember that feeling of being displayed, like a trussed animal.

Kalli leered at me. She said, "Feel your breasts." And when I put my hands around my taut globes she locked manacles around my wrists and elbows, and to the body retraint, so that my arms were pinned to my sides and my hands stuck in the act of feeling my own tits.  She laughed then and pushed me down on the bed.  She pulled my panties down, watching greedily as my soft cock spilled precum onto my stomach.  She spread my legs, and using two pairs of handcuffs she locked my ankles to the leather strap at my waist, which effectively spread my legs for her. 

I thought she looked that night like a fully aroused man, her dildo still strapped on her harness like some sort of obscene hermaphrodite.  My own penis stayed soft, until she squirted some sort of lubricant around my butthole, and eased the head of the dildo against my "tight little cunt" as she called it.  I got very hard then, I thought I might even cum, but then she pushed her way in, and I got softer and softer with the pain, even as I bucked my tightly bound body to her rhythm.  She fucked me slowly, never really hurting me that much.  She urged me on, telling me to feel myself, to moan, to please her like the slut that I was.

And then I came, my soft penis suddenly welling up and delivering an enormous amount of cum all over my thigh.  It dripped down to my ass and I felt it join with the lubrication as she continued fucking me.  I was ashamed again, ashamed at cumming like that. Kalli must have been pleased, she smiled and stroked me, sighing with her own twisted pleasure.

I was surprised at how little it hurt to be fucked, at the thrill of being on the receiving end of the pleasure.  Kalli eased her dildo out of me finally, and pranced away into the bathroom.  I was left there, bound up like an animal.  In fact I was thinking of those muzzles that dogs often have to wear, when Kalli slipped up behind me and shoved a sodden rubber ball into my mouth.  I clamped down in surprise and my mouth was filled with some sort of liquid, something salty and sweet. I swallowed desperately, trying to breath through my nose.  Kalli had already tied the ball off around my head, so that it was wedged firmly in my mouth.  I sucked another mouthful down as panic rose in my throat.  I remembered the taste, it was the milky liquid Kalli had forced upon me that first night. I thrashed in my bounds, but it did no good. The room was rapidly spinning and I was losing touch with reality again. 

Kalli unlocked my ankles and pulled me to my feet.  I stared at my reflection in the mirror, a messy apparittion, all leather and red lycra, a pink ball appearing between my smeared red lips.  The liquid was really affecting my perceptions, and the mirror swam before my eyes. Kalli was right at my ear. She said, "Is this how you want to be?" and she turned me sideways and lifted my flacid cock out from my body.  Her grip tightened, and the feeling went from pleasure to pain.  Fear gripped me, and my reflection suddenly seemed hideous, like some sort of clown.  Kalli was screaming at me, and I felt weak suddenly, like I might pass out, but then her grip relaxed.

"This is how you want to be", she whispered in my ear.

The leather belts confining me fell away. Kalli was at my feet slipping something up over my legs, something like flesh covered underpants. She pulled them up over my crotch, being careful to tuck my soft penis down below my legs.  They were tight and somehow comforting.  While I stared at my curvaceous body Kalli fit the high heels back onto my  feet, and pulled the spandex dress down over my crotch.  In my delusional state I started to look better, even beautiful and I relaxed.  Kalli cooed her approval, smoothing the dress over my flat crotch.  She removed the ball gag and kissed me.  She took me into the bathroom and still whispering in my ear, removed the latex helmet and slipped a wig over my short blond hair.  The long blonde wig matched my coloring, and even as I watched Kalli touched up my face with makeup, not a lot, but enough to make me belivable.  Then she took me into the bedroom again and asked me what I wanted to wear.  I smiled demurely, pointing at the sweater dress on the floor.  When she pulled that over my body I felt the sharp tang of reality returning, but it was too late. I was too far gone.  I wanted this now, I wanted to be this beautiful creature now, so I resisted. 

Kalli must have seen it in my eyes, because she returned with more of the frothy milkwhite liquid and I drank it eagerly. Kalli treated me so sweetly that evening, taking pictures, walking me around the apartment, kissing me.  Then she put me in a sleek black nightgown, and put me to bed.  I actually slept curled up on her chest, as she brushed the hair out of my face.

I think I dreamt of men, men with beautiful bodies. I can't really remember, I mean this was a year or two ago.  I do remember waking up, and once again I was myself.  There was no lingerie, no wig.  Maybe I thought I saw a trace of lipstick but I could not be sure.  Kalli was still in bed, and I stared at her beautiful naked body outlined by the bedsheets. And I remember a strange sense of longing that morning as I waited for her to wake up, longing and jealousy.

When she finally did get up she acted like nothing had happened, and I played along.  We both wore normal summer kimonos, unisex, and talked about normal things, almost like a couple.  She seemed very happy, and after a while I figured that the whole thing had been either a passing fantasy of hers, or some sort of hallucination on my part.

That afternoon she took me shopping, and we ended up at this trendy clothes boutique I knew by sight.  I thought maybe she was teasing me, as she tried on tight Versace dresses, and Gaultier fetish suits.  But it really felt like we were a couple, out shopping, having fun.  She bought a few things, some strange mesh tights and really tight, long skirt, and finally a pair of platform heels that seemed impossible to actually wear, but they were beautiful.

We returned to her apartment, and ate Japanese take out.  She laughed at my jokes, and got pretty drunk on sweet plum wine. And then it came to that point in the evening, when conversation ceases and contact takes over.  I reached for her, caressing her smooth thigh under her skintight pants.  I kissed her firm round lips.  But for some reason it felt wrong. I pressed on, but all I could think of was last night. The image of my curvaceous body in that long blonde wig floated in front of my eyes.  I felt my hard on wilt in my pants.  Kalli must have sensed it too, she stopped my caresses and smiled down at me, touching my embarassingly soft cock.

She said, "Why don't you change into something more comfortable?" And I felt my penis stiffen under her hand.  It was loke a jolt of electricity. I stood up and went into the bedroom.  Somehow I knew where to find the right clothes to wear: a long line bra, for those seductive breastforms, and matching panties and stockings in black.  I fit the ponytail mask back over my head, thrilling to the sight of my emerging femininity.  I painted my lips bright red, and then I pulled on long latex gloves, easing them up past my elbows.

I was so ready to please her.  I minced across the bedroom in the high heels that fit me.  When I opened the door I was shocked to see Kalli lounging on the sofa, her pants undone, and an enormous cock sticking up straight off her body.  She looked up at me dreamily, and for a second I thought I had started to hallucinate.  She looked so real sitting there, like a man ready to masturbate, but as I got closer I saw that it was yet another dildo, cast from life though with impeccable details.

She smiled and said between her teeth, "Get on your knees."

I dropped in front of her, and crawled slowly up her legs, to her crotch.  Some sort of movie of female seduction played in my mind as I eased the head past my lips. And then I was sucking her fake dick, and it felt so real, she moaned with pleaure, and I arched my body for her, trying to please her more.  When the first drops of white liquid oozed out of the dildo I barely questioned it.  It all felt so real.  I suppose she had some sort of pump under her equipment, and as I sucked she released more of the liquid.  I thought the taste seemed familiar, but I kept bobbing my head up and down.  Then I remembered, the same liquid as the last two nights, and as I remembered all that had come before, Kalli thrust my head down on her latex tool and pumped a mouthful of that alien "cum" into my mouth.  I looked up at her, feeling the world start to expand, and she was smiling cruelly, all hints of playtime gone from her features.

"Suck me dry, you slut", was what she said, and I shuddered with fear...and delight.

Part 4

That was how the days continued, and that was how Kalli bound me to her, both physically and chemically.  I could tell I was addicted somehow to the milky concoction that Kalli had fed me that first night. And I could tell it was changing me.  I assumed, in my warped half-male world, that there must have been female hormones in those injections, and that Kalli was preparing to change me utterly and totally into a woman.  I found out later that I was wrong.  Kalli was screwing with my gender, that was true, dressing me each night in another warped costume of desire, but the chemicals were playing havoc with my pleasure centers, not my hormones.  I don't know to this day that much about the brain and pleasure and how it all works, but I do know that heroin works on the same principle - addicts describe it as being better than sex - and these drugs were hitting me in the same way.

So every night, or day, whenever the fancy took her, Kalli would turn my world inside out, dressing me like a doll, and force me to beg for a hit. When it became clear that I only received the chemical when I was dressed like a woman, or really only when I dressed and acted like a whore, a slut, a sex slave, I became fixated on that moment when she would allow me to enter her closet. I waited for the word, the commmand.  My will was really not my own.

Many days I would be stripped naked, tied in a full body restraint, my arms pinned back and attached to manacles on my ankles, while Kalli dressed herself, in those clothes, those clothes that had attracted me in the first place.  And when I was forced to watch, I would grow hard and desperate, eager to dress that way myself.  It was pathetic really.  I was as tall as Kalli, slender but not skinny, and in any other circumstance I would have enjoyed the sight of her, dressed in a latex catsuit, propped up on six inch heels.  But now all I could think off was being dressed that way too.  Kalli mocked my erection, she never let me touch myself unless I was dressed like a woman, and I began to feel a sense of disgrace at my male form, my cock which afforded me no pleasure unless it were buried under layers of lace and latex and nylon.

For a month it continued like this.  It was, to say the least, a strange month.  Time did not seem to pass in Kalli's basement loft.  She did leave every once in a while, and she either left me bound in one of her ingenious devices, or locked into female clothing that would have gotten me arrested on the outside.  Of course I didn't really want to leave; Kalli had also wormed out of me every single fetish I had ever entertained, what clothes really got to me, all my secret desires.  She went out and bought shoes and boots, elaborate bodystockings, and even had a dress of angora made, long and slim, all the way to my ankles.  She herself took to wearing tighter and tighter sweaters around the house, driving me mad with desire.  She made me beg to wear them, and when I was finally allowed she increased the size of my breast forms so that I barely fit in them.  She really had made me into an obscene parody of herself, and she often pointed it out, laughing at my body next to hers.  She made me jealous, to the point of insanity, which of course was exactly what she wanted.

One night, after she had me lap up the milky chemical from her breasts, I begged her to give me a sex change, to let me become what she was.  She laughed at that suggestion. 

"Why?", she asked. "You are a handsome man, you have every opportunity in this world...why do you want to be, like me?"

And she stretched her body luxuriously, I remember she was wearing only a pair of thigh high boots. Nothing else.

But I continued to beg, and she seemed to grow more excited, until I was literally at her feet, while she began to touch herself, towering over me.  I went to kiss her engorged clit, she did have an enormous clitoris when she became excited, but she waved me away, told me to finish myself.  So I knelt there in front of her, me in fishnet stockings and an incredibly tight black sweater that showed off my d-cup white corset, and Kalli in her shiny black thigh-high boots, we masturbated right there in front of each other, and actually finished at the same moment, which seemed to make Kalli so happy, she actually lowered her cunt onto my softening penis and cooed happily.

I remember it all because the next night changed my life forever.

She had left the house for the entire afternoon, leaving me in a coccoon of lycra; it locked at my neck leaving me snake-like, a head and a formless fabric sock of a body, which was in itself terribly exciting.  So I writhed around on the floor, trying to grasp at the articles of clothing strewn about, feeling my hard-on stretch against the fabric. Kalli had dosed me before she left, and I was terribly excited, but I knew if I came in the lycra sack she would punish me horribly. 

When she finally returned she had such a gleam in her eye, but she ignored me as she attached a fascinating array of restraints to the bedframe. I wondered what she had in store, and actually became even more excited at the thought that all of this could be meant for me.  I rememeber she finally let me out of the coccoon, and we ate Indian take-out (Kalli ate nothing but take-out), while she squirmed and giggled.  I was naked, fully male, more than a little self-conscious, but Kalli made it worse by looking at my body like she might examine a dress she was about to buy. She turned me this way and that, remarking on my lean body, pulling at my chest hairs.  She even checked my penis and balls, which made me feel like a slave on the block.

Finally she lead me into the bedroom, I remember the sun was going down, and the light slid in through the window wells, all orange and gold. Kalli was dressed for the street at this point, but even so she looked beautiful in a narrow skirt and loose tank top.  I remember thinking how lovely she really was.  She took me into the closet and dressed me hurriedly. not caring about believability or how feminine I looked.  She slapped a garter belt around my waist and pulled the matte black stockings up my legs. I remember thinking I needed to shave my legs, but there was no time for that. Next Kalli pulled a skintight bodysuit down my body, it was made of some polymorphous material and looked wet and shiny, and she buttoned the snaps under my balls. And I rememeber she lingered there, brushing the silky fabric across my penis. She was obviously incredibly excited and it ran through me like electricity.  I started to pulse with desire, my cock hard as a rock.  I did not need the fake the breasts, the makeup.  I watched her undress, lingering over her stockings and bra.  She watched me carefully as she fit her dildo harness around her naked waist.

She said, "Pick out some clothes for me, I'll be right back."

She had never done this, never allowed me to dress her, and I wondered what she had in store for me.  I had pulled through the corsets and latex and was moving onto the dresses when she returned.  She held in her hands a large dildo that driped with milky-white "cum", the chemical I craved, and as I watched she licked the bulbous head, licked the cum from her own dildo. I shuddered with excitement, with desire.  She watched me crawl on my knees through the closet, over the piles of clothes I had selected, crawl to her for just a taste of that substance.  She continued to hold it to her lips, while I begged at her feet.  Finally she relented and let me have a taste.  It ran through me like wildfire.

The room had shifted slightly, the walls pulsed with my own ragged breathing.  Kalli had me chained down on the bed, locked manacles around my wrists, and attached to each manacle an enormous weight, 50 pounds each, hanging off of the bed, stretching my arms Christ- like out from my body.  My stocking feet were not manacled, although there were manacles there at the foot of the bed.  Stranger still there were ropes from the weights up to the upper framework of the bed, leads that went up and over the upper canopy, and down to two other manacles, hanging a good four feet off of the mattress.  I had seen Kalli do some bizzare things with her bed, the canopy of which was ten feet off the floor, but this was strange.  I strained against the weights but I could not raise my arms.  And then Kalli was there, on top of me, the dildo strapped to her waist.  She had on one of the tighter corsets she had often made me wear, one that lifted and pushed her tits together, and flared out at the waist.  It seemed very lightweight but I knew from experience it was remarkably tight.  Two thick garters hung down in front and two in back, to the broad black tops of intricate mesh stockings. She was also wearing an obscenely tight little sweater, black mohair, her nipples plainly visible through the dark weave. She looked remarkable, and she eased her way up my chest, bringing the bulbous dildo towards my straining mouth.  As the full two inches of the helmet passed my lips I began to see stars.  The liquid, what was stored inside the bloated dildo, oozed into my mouth and I started to twist and turn with ecstasy.

The vision of Kalli, lovingly coaxing her penis into my mouth, Kalli dressed in nothing but my fantasies, leaning over me, that will be something that I will never forget.  And I suppose it will be something that many other people will never forget.

When I had sucked her dry, and was in the full grips of the narcotic, Kalli returned, with a few additions to her costume.   She was wearing a pair of stilleto heels that seemed crueler than all the rest, it seemed impossible that she could actually walk in them.  And she was also wearing more makeup than I had ever seen her wear, deep red rouge, cherry colored lips, blue-green eyeshadow.  She looked, and this was through my drug induced haze, she looked like a whore, like the slut she constantly forced me to be.  She even wore gloves, and she moved differently, like a well-trained hooker.  I was mesmerized by her new appearance even as she climbed on top of me, knees bent, her rouged clitoris over my straining cock.

And then she did something totally bizarre, she locked her own ankles in the manacles at the foot of the bed, right above the straps of her seven inch heels.  I was too far gone to even wonder why.  I pushed against the fabric of my bodysuit, feeling the wetness grow there. Kalli's red fingernails suddenly unsnapped the bodysuit from my crotch, and my dick sprang free.  She teased her fingernails up the shaft, when had her nails gotten so long?

And then Kalli kissed me, filling my mouth with her tongue.  Kalli had only kissed me a few times, so I was surprised, but seconds later I was even more surprised as Kalli put her hands through the manacles hanging from the canopy, the ones attached to the enormous weights at my wrists. I do know that I found all of this incredibly erotic, and I was now completely in the grips of the chemical rush, the rush that felt like three orgasms happening at once.

At this point I usually lose my grip on reality, but as I watched, Kalli pulled a small necklace out from under her sweater, and I watched it glitter and sway.  I thought I remembered seeing it before, but now it was my entire world, and Kalli was whispering sweet songs into the air, rubbing her wet vagina back and forth over my cock. There was only the glittering medal in front of me, Kalli's twisting silohuette behind, and the feeling of her silky wet sex rubbing across my shaft.  I felt my penis jump with pleasure, and for an instant I was inside of her, but she leaned forward, leaving me hanging on the edge of her clitoris.  And then she reached down, one hand at each of my wrists, and she could just reach my wrists with her own hands in the manacles. For an instant her body was parallel with mine, her breasts touching my chest, and then she flipped a catch on the manacles, and the weights dropped to the floor. My arms were free, and as the weights fell with a crash the ropes were yanked taut, and Kalli's own wrists were pulled up over her head.  She was pulled back and I felt my penis sink deep inside of her. She dangled above my penis and I pushed into her. The glittering medallion fell between the sweatered mounds of her breasts, and I heard her cry out, seven alien words, all in rapid succesion, as she fucked me, up and down, gripping me with the walls of her vagina deep inside of her. I heard her cry out, and then everything changed, my vision blurred, my body melted. 

And then I was being fucked.  I felt it.  Something was sliding in and out of me.  It was the first thing I felt in my new world, even before my vision cleared and I looked down and saw - my own face staring up at me. 

Part 5 Kalli Migration.

There are no words, no coherent thoughts, to describe the feeling of suddenly looking down and seeing your own face looking up at you. And the way Kalli had rigged it, right there in the middle of the sex act, I was quite literally - fucked. 

She had lured me, trained me to want her, and deeper than that, to want to be her.  I didn't even know how deep she had gone, with her psychoactive drugs and sexual conditioning.  The last vision of her, swaying in front of my eyes, all leather and lace, that was suddenly replaced by a riot of feelings and sensations.  The world is different for each person, but I never realized how different.  I reeled back in horror, but as Kalli had bound herself, so I was bound.  Because I was now inside Kalli.  My mind, my self had been transplanted.  And I didn't have any doubts where Kalli had gone.  As I watched, my arms dangling in the air, my ankles locked to the footboard, I saw a smile spread across the face that had been mine. The feeling of penetration, the first thing I had felt in this world, that ceased, as Kalli stood up in MY body, quivering like a maniac, and IN MY VOICE said, "I've done it."

"I've done it."

A sane man would have gone mad then, to be suddenly in the body of another, but I had been primed for this moment, and I only fainted.

When I woke up I was lying in bed, Kalli had at least undone the straps that held my wrists, but I was still dressed like the vamp that Kalli had been.  I was still wearing an oppresively tight corset, my breasts, MY BREASTS! shoved out in front of me, and a thin sweater stretched over them.  I rolled over and looked a my stockinged legs.  They were long and beautiful, but were they mine?

I feel strange trying to relive those emotions, because there is no way on earth to really impart the feeling of such utter and complete change.  I might have sat there all day staring at my body, had not the corset suddenly have become too tight to bear, and I rolled around frantically undoing the ties in the back. Once I had started, I continued to get undressed, pulling the sordid rags from my body.  I felt the makeup smear across my face as I pulled the sweater from my bare breasts, and I suddenly needed to be clean.

So I showered my new body, and in the bathroom I realized it was indeed my body.  And aside from the shock, it was not altogether horrible.  Kalli's body was firm and tall, with a beautiful angularity, set off by the firm round breasts and curved hips.  I scrubbed the makeup from my face and stared into my eyes - my eyes: dark grey orbs as mysterious as the first time I had seen them.  I blinked, and wondered then where my body had gone. Then I wanted to get dressed.

Let me explain, if I haven't already, I have always been a cross-dresser, ever since the age of 13, when I put on Mrs. Penn's white pantyhose.  She was away, I was watering her plants when I came across them.  I won't ever forget that feeling, stretching queen-sized pantyhose up over my thin waist, almost up to my armpits.  And later I experimented with other women's clothes.  But here I was in a woman's body.

I hesitated as I walked into Kalli's closet.  I was still terrified, terrified at what at happened to me, terrified at the sensations assualting me, but my baser instincts were taking over. I ran my hands along the rack of clothes, feeling the various textures.  In the mirror at the end of the closet I watched my naked body slowly approach the latex catsuit I had enjoyed so much as a boy.  In a breathless state of excitement I slithered the latex up my body, turning my curved figure in the mirror. As I backed up I tripped over a high heel platform shoe, and realized with a start that all of the shoes would fit me now.  I pulled on shoe after shoe, walking with comparitive ease on even the slimmest heel. I delved into Kalli's deepest drawer, pulling out even the most mundane piece of clothing to try it on. I was reveling in the look of this body under all of these diffferent outfits, all of the lycra, and wool, and plain cotton, and cire, all of the cheap t-shirts, and swim suits, and rubber dresses and bodystockings, and all of the sweaters.  There is nothing like that first moment of pulling that mohair sweater down over my breasts, bra-less as I recall, and feeling the soft fabric stir the blood in my nipples, watching the fabric raise up in two perfect little thimble sized bumps, at the apex, where the fabric stretched thinnest.  That was when I realized it wasn't just about playing dress up.  As the electricity shot through me, I reached down and stroked my curly haired pubic mound, now fully in the grip of female lust.  It was so different from male lust, like a slow inexorable tide, nothing fast and violent in it.  I lay down on the bed and fondled myself forever.  When I felt the first orgasm it was like a shock.  I quickly found a dildo and felt myself spasm again at the first penetration.

After an hour of mindless self-masturbation, I heard a knock on the door. I remember the old sense of dread, of being discovered wearing women's clothes washed over me, and then I realized again that things had changed.

I glanced in the mirror as I pulled on a pair of leggings. The sweater, I had never taken it off, was hot and sweaty, but I didn't feel like changing.  The knocking again.  I tossed my black hair to the side of my face. My breasts bounced as I ran towards the door to Kalli's basement loft.  Again there was that tinge of shame, but it passed.  I opened the door, thinking it might be Kalli, or me, or whatever had become of my body, but instead it was just the delivery boy from the nearby sushi restaurant.  He was holding a plastic bag, and an envelope.

As the light hit my body, his eyes flashed briefly across my body, lingering on the white flesh peeking through the thin mohair sweater.  I stared at him shocked. He finally handed me the package, stammering something about my boyfriend, and this letter. Once he had left, his eyeful a sufficient tip, I opened the envelope.

The letter inside was written in oddly familiar handwriting.  It said: 'Sorry, I needed your body, hope you like the one I left you with, signed Trajine Kali'  and below that, a P.S., 'Check the black appointment book.'

I found the book on the hall table.  Inside were days of the week, times penciled in on every page,  men's names, and beneath each name a careful description of a bizarre sexual fetish or desire.  It was Kalli's mistress book, and these were her clients.  I was stunned, was I to keep these appointments, to become this Mistress Kalli?  I looked again, saw crossdressers, rubber fetishists, even a couple who had paid in advance for a submissive.  Was Kalli mad, did she think I could just change into a woman, then play the Mistress just like that?  True I had seen Kalli up close, seen her in action... and there was something vaguely exciting about being the dominant for once...

And so I took over her business.  I moved right in. That was two years ago.  Since then I have made an extraordianry amount of money, I have fallen in love twice - once with a woman, and once with a Sushi chef. Kalli never reappeared with my body, though from what I can tell she has been skipping from body to body for some time.  She left a few books that hinted as much.  Some sort of forced karmic migration.  And so my life goes on, my life as Kalli, full of latex and bondage, and even just plain living. I may never know what Kalli did to me, but every time I catch my reflection in some liquid latex outfit, poured around the now familiar curves of my new body, I have to wonder how she knew, how she knew just how much I wanted this.

The end.  



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