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by M88

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Storycodes: F/m; game; latex; catsits; bond; cuffs; harness; mitts; chast; hood; gag; collar; helmet; outdoors; public; caught; hum; tease; condoms; mast; oral; cons; X

James could not believe he had been talked into doing this was quickly and early. He had only knew his new girlfriend (Emily was her name) for just over a week and they had gotten on very well. Plus she was willing to be a real slut in order to please him. Now he was fulfilling one of her fantasies. He had no idea she was this kinky and was having second thoughts as he sat in the back of her car. How had he been talked into doing this. She was stunningly good looking with a perfect body. That would be part of the reasoning behind his answer. Maybe her kinky side turned him on as well. Her small black car begin to slow down this they reached the starting point of the fetish game they were about to play. Thank god for the tinted car windows as a couple of people walked by. He was not wearing something you would want to be seen it. She parked the car up in a spot out the way and walked over to his door. Which was behind hers and opened it. She undid his seat belt and with little help from him, got her new plaything out the car. It was a clear cold night in the UK as the wind blew through the car park. Bedford was a somewhat empty town in the dead of night and that meant it was the best location for this session. 

She was wearing a eye wateringly beautiful catsuit in a smooth and shiny grey colour. The skin tight suit, left nothing to his imagination and was maybe the main reason he was dressed the way he was. She was double checking everything as it was almost time for his adventure to start. The session was going to start at 3am and it was 10 minutes away. A perfect time to go over the rules and remind him of the bondage setup. He was standing there in the middle of the night and still trying to stay hidden. That was how humiliating his outfit was.

He was wearing a full body latex suit which covered everything in very thigh high quality and super shiny latex. The suit enclosed his body in a vice like grip as it was wrapped around his hands and feet. Even breathing in and out was hard work, that was how tight the suit was. The only way into to the suit was through a zip across the shoulders and that was made possible by adding a litre of lube in there as well. The suit was a pitch black colour and had been padlocked shut. A transparent plastic body harness was put over the suit to add to the look. His cock had then been trapped in a very small solid metal chastity cage that fitted over the suit and was linked to the harness. His hands had wrapped into a ball with the aid of duct tape. Over the top of the tape was a lovely pair of latex bondage mittens. His fingers would be completely useless under the double layer of restraint. His feet have been locked inside leather high heel boots. The boots had a 7inch heel and reached up to his knees. A rubber bondage hood was tightly locked around his head. The hood had ear plugs and padding to cut out almost all sound. 

The hood had a massive infallible gag built into it and that was kept in place with the help of a leather harness. The plug that was inside his mouth was massive and was pushing his checks out. He would be unable to speak clearly. The only holes in the hood made it possible for him to see and breath. The down side was the size of the holes. The nose holes let just enough air for him to be alive. His field of view was shockingly small and left him with no peripheral vision. But the latex hood was not the only thing locked over his face. He was wearing a heavy stainless steel helmet with micro-sized holes for his eyes and nose.

A huge stainless steel collar was built into the helmet. This would kept his head and neck completely still and horrible restrained. The two hoods fit perfectly together and both pressed tightly against his head. The metal hood also added to the sensory deprivation. It also added a case of claustrophobia to his bondage, that was how tight the stainless steel helmet was. No head movement and limited vision would make anyone panic. Sadly for him that was not the end of his outfit. She wanted to be sure he would be unable to take any part of it off. A fully linked bondage set would keep him under control. Metal cuffs were locked around his ankles, above his knees, above his elbows, wrists, stomach and neck. A set of short chains linked every cuff together and stopped his body from moving too much. His hands cuffed closely to his stomach. His elbows cuffed to his neck. His legs bound together and then the chain was locked to his chastity device. A couple of bells had been placed on his collar. She wanted him to be spotted. The outfit was heavy and clearly very difficult to move quickly in. The bondage would make him rigid and slow. Plus the suit was very hot and he was already sweating inside the thick latex.

Still hiding next to the car as the clock hit the dreaded 3am marker. She had told him the plan before all the equipment was locked on, but not what would happen after. She had placed 6 envelops in 6 locations within the town centre. All the envelops were at eye level. Inside the was a laminated card with a 6 digit number. That number was matched to a part of the bondage equipment and the only way she would remove that item was with the number. So finding the numbers would be the first obstacle. Not being spotted in a kinky as fuck bondage outfit was another problem. What happened after the session was a problem he had not thought about. He was too busy panicking about being seen like this in public. 

She turned to him and smiled. He looked at her with confusion written all over his face. Not that anyone could see how his face looked under the double hood. His face then changed to fear and horror as she got back in the car and locked the doors. The bondage stopped him from reacting as he tried to fight against the restraints. The car started moving away from him as the bells attached to his suit begin to ring out. That was not the only noise as the chains and suit made one hell of a racket.

With cold sweat running down his back and his heart beating out his chest. He started walking as slowly as the bondage let him. The smell of latex filled each and every intake of air. The weight of the equipment was pushing him towards the ground. The metal and latex around his head, made even breathing the air very different. Step by step he moved away from the car park. The squeezing from the suit was almost drowning out the sound from the bells. What was more horrifying was the fact his caged cage was dripping pre-cum. Trapped inside the latex suit, no sign of this event was shown on the outside. But he knew it and when the suit was removed his girlfriend would also find out. The streets looked completely empty as he begin to focus on finding the codes. 6 did not sound a lot. Plus what part of his outfit would each code unlock. The town centre was dead silent as he tried finding the first envelop. The helmets only had small eyes hole and that cut his vision to almost nothing. But as he walked down a back street. He saw a a white envelope placed on the side of a bin. This was the first one. Breathing hard and quickly through the helmets. And with his whole body shaking he moved towards it. Sweat was starting to built in inside the hot latex outfit. This was the bit of luck he needed. He stood in front of the envelope and finally the massive problem hit him. His hands had been made useless. How was he going to open it or hold on to the codes. 

His mind was racing about what to do. The smooth latex of the mitten was never going to rip the paper. He then had a brain wave. The heel of his boot could cut that and maybe he could hold the envelope with both hands and press them together. He reached out and knocked the envelope off the bin as it was only balancing on the bin. Lucky for him it landed right next to his latex and leather covered legs. The ground was dry and he was also somewhat out of sight. He needed to bend over in order to get his hands on the paper. Fighting against the bondage and with the latex creaking loudly, he got his mittens on the envelope. With his heel on one corner and his mittens both sides of the paper on the other side. He started pulling with his latex covered hands. Thanks to the lube which covered his suit the first 10 times the envelop slipped through. But finally he ripped it up and out popped a rubber condom with a set of numbers written on the side of it. She had used black highlighter so he could read it. He also spotted it had been used. Now he just needed to take it around with him. But how was he doing to do that. 

The only way he could think of was disgusting. He would have to place the condom over his cock cage. Getting it on there would be a nightmare. Once again he bent over and this time dropped to his knees. Breathing heavily he fumbled with his latex mittens to get the latex condom on his cock. The metal that enclosed his manhood made breaking the threshold a bit more doable. As he got the end of the condom open and then rolled it over his cocks prison. He could now smell the fact it had been used. He finally rolled the rubber all the way over his dick and let out a small cry of humiliation. But the humiliation of putting a used rubber on his dick was nothing compered to be seen doing it. That was the horror that meet him when he stood up and turned round. A group of stunningly pretty girls had been watching him degrade himself. He then saw they all had their camera phones out. They all had a mixed look on their face. Horror, shock, confusion, comedy and interest. One of them reached out and touched his full latex suit. She slow ran her hand over is arm from the shoulder to the mitten. Then suddenly another one took a step forward touched his metal helmet with both hands. He could see their lips moving and wished he could hear them. At this point the girl who had been the first make contact with him, started playing with his balls. She had never seen anything like what his dick was now in. She tapping the solid metal and pinch his latex balls. He let out a grunt as they all stepped back. They all laughed and pointed. He tried just walking away from them. 

But his restrained body could only creep along. They give him a hard slap on the ass as he passed by. They all pointed at different parts of his bondage outfit. Sweat was now pouring from his skin and his cock was pressed up against the walls of his cage. He was pushing his body to the limit in order to get away. The web of chains and high heel stopped him from going too fast. Luckily for him the girls continued with their night out and he fumbled around the back streets. His heart was still racing from his first encounter. He wished he could take the latex outfit off and go home. He then spotted another envelope tapped to a lamppost. How the hell was he going to open that. He had no hands or mouth to tear it, he could not lift his leg that high. He then noticed the envelop was taped to the lamppost by only the top half. Plus the bottom half looked to be wet. The cuffs around his wrists were made from solid metal and must be somewhat shape. He walked over to the lamppost and tried ripping the envelop. The art of cutting paper with ones wrist restraint was not easy. But finally he got the job done and another dirty condom fell to the floor. Grunting through the massive gag and helmets as he thought of putting the condom over his cock again.

This time he looked both ways down the street to see if anyone was around. Seeing it was safe he folded over again and quickly got the rubber in place. The second time was a lot better then the first. He continued walking down the back street toward a normally busy pub. It would have shut a couple of hours ago. But it was just the type of location she would have left an envelop. As he reached the end of the back street and the with pub dead in front of him. He tried to scout the building out from the shadows. What he saw put the fear of god into him. She had been lying about 6 envelops. As two 6 digit numbers had been written across the front doors of the pub. Clearly she had done this on the way home and he would need to write them down. Which was never going to happen so he would memorise both codes. Well what other option did he have.

He crossed the road and got to the doors without any problems. He started reading the first code: 376221 He read it over and over again. Trying to burn it into his brain.Then to moved onto the second code: 556700 and did the same with that one. He could not stand there all night he still needed another two codes. With the numbers running over and over in his mind he moved on. He had a feeling the last two codes where near her house. As he had been very lucky to find four of them so far and the only way he could get back to safety was heading back now. She lived just outside the town centre with her house on the other side of a large park. He had a feeling the last two codes had been placed in this area. The walk was slow and sweaty. As a car went passed from time to time. They would beep and shout stuff out the window. He just hoped the cars didn’t stop and confront him. The latex had become itchy with a river of sweat on the inside of the suit. His legs kept pushing him on as his body started to run out of energy. Panting through the helmet and with his feet burning in pain. He got to the park. 

The sun was starting to come up behind him. The added light would help him find the last two codes. But it would also mean that people would be heading for work soon. He slowly squeezed across the soft green glass and he hated it. His heels got suck in the ground and he almost fell over a couple of times. He was complaining loudly from behind his huge gag and tight hoods. He was running on empty as the hours had taken their toll on him. He was delighted to see a condom hanging in a small bush. So made his way over to it. It was that a reachable height and not too different to remove from the bush. He was lucky no one moved it or the wind had not blown it away. He checked to see if it had a code on it and it did. Just 1 left to go. 

But his happiness was short lived. He saw people had started to leave for work and they had spotted him. He was only a 5 minute walk from his girlfriends house. Did he want to miss one code and just give up. Would she punish him if he did that. More and more people had entered the park. No darkness to hide him now and the sun made his sweat covered suit shine. He just wanted to get out the suit and bondage. So he walked to her house. Getting there just before the rush hour. He was franticly hitting the door with his head to make as much noise as possible. She had been waiting for him all night. And had been looking forward to seeing him after the journey he had been on. She had been sitting on a chair next right to the door from the moment she arrived home. She was still wearing the stunning grey catsuit and had clearly been masturbating throughout the night. As the latex over her pussy was wet on the skin side. She let him knock on the door from a few minutes. Finally she let him in. 

He stumbled through the door and into the hallway. Sweat was pouring from his helmet and his breathing was lighting quick. He had folded his body over and was slowly dropping to his knees. The only thing she could think of was how well the suit and bondage had worked. In order to get that level of helplessness and despair. After about 20 minutes he started to come back to the real world. She waited for him to stand upright. 

"So slave you have the codes of three of the locks on the condoms. A nice idea putting them over the chastity cage. Bet you found that humiliating. Right which codes did you get?" At which point James started moaning loudly from behind his gag.

"Oh did you find the two codes on the pub we first meet at. I would say shout them out, but I will not be able to understand you. With your left hand tap from 0-10 and the right stops the count. So if the number is 3. pat your mitten against your leg 3 times. If the number is zero, just tap you right hand once. That way I get all the numbers in order. If you miscommunicate it’s you’re fault".

He had the numbers burnt into his brain. He quickly fired off the first code. After a few seconds he did the second one. He had avoided eye contact throughout the process and only looked up once he had completed the test. He was so tried in both body and mind. Had he made a mistake.

She smiled at him, "Well done that's 5 codes. Can you see the last one?"

With whatever energy he had left, he picked his head up. The helmet was suddenly painfully heavy and the latex was almost squeezing him to death. His eyes couldn’t focus as the pressure built up. He then spotted the neckless she had been wearing all night. It was the last code. He moaned through the gag and pointed his mittened hands at her neck. "Well done that is the last code"

True to her word she removed the whole latex bondage outfit. They then headed upstairs to have a hot shower and hotter sex. He could only just get up the stairs and into the shower. She had alright put some food and drink in the bathroom. She helped him in and turned the water on. She was still wearing her skin tight catsuit as she stepped into the shower as well. He was already sitting down and let the water hit him. She kneeled next to him and started feeding him grapes with one hand and working his cock with the other. Slowly moving her hand up and down, got him rock hard in only a couple of seconds. She had give him a cold beer and poured whipped cream into his mouth. James is in heaven as she started using her tongue on his cock. After being in a cage all day, it was amazing. Before she started sucking him off. She showed him what was going to happen as she grabbed a banana. Putting the whole thing down her throat and getting him to eat it. She then deep-throated him and licked his balls. He soon exploded down her throat. They stayed in the shower for over an hour and filled up on food and drink. 

They then went to bed for the night. Her mind was already planning out the session. 


to be continued….



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