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Sibling Rivalry

by Coated

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Storycodes: F+; twins; F/f; lesbian; rom; laboratory; latex; catsuit; bond; armbinder; corset; hood; sendep; experiment; machine; stuck; tricked; switch; enslave; conditioning; cons; X

Lana and Lisa were always a bit competitive. Identical twins, they were close and shared the bonds one would expect of two people who had known one another since before birth. But in their teen years a need to establish their individualities set them on a road that saw their relationship become strained. They were both overachievers in high school and both were first in their class at one point or another. They would go out on their own to get a new outfit or hair style, only to come home and find the other had made a similar choice. Even when they argued they often ended up saying the same things to one another at once. It was quite vexing.

This continued into college, with the pair attending the same Ivy League school and graduating with top honors in a STEM discipline. Then they both applied for an internship at a prestigious Institute. Soon after graduation they heard that Lana was awarded a position, but Lisa was not. The rejection threw Lisa into a depression. She became listless and began moping around their apartment in a melancholic funk, neglecting herself and rarely going out. This went on for weeks until Lana wondered if she should have Lisa looked at by a specialist.

In the meantime, Lana had become involved with Ada. Doctor Ada Sabine was a former Professor of theirs and a woman who had become something of a role model to the twins. The good Doctor was only twenty-eight but had achieved much in her life, even holding a position of prominence at the very Institution where the twins had applied for their internship. The siblings had both developed something of a girl crush on the Doctor and their natural rivalry was beginning to assert itself. Ada was not immune to their attentions but kept things professional, at least until after they had graduated and Lana had been awarded the internship. A spontaneous offer of celebratory drinks by Lana carried on at Ada’s house and with an impetuous kiss became a night of mutual pleasure sparking the start of their relationship.

When Lana told Lisa of the evening it outraged her sister. There followed a heated argument in which Lisa accused Lana of seduction, of using Ada to get the internship. It wasn’t true, of course, and Lisa was mad because she was more afraid of losing Lana than she realized. But her words were hurtful and it set a rift between the twins. Each retreated to their rooms, brooding and distressed.

Spring turned into summer and Lana was spending more and more time with Ada. Most of this socializing was done away from the twins’ apartment after an embarrassing episode where Ada came over and Lisa answered the door. Ada, mistaking Lisa for Lana, gave the surprised sister a deep kiss. When Lana came out from her room and saw the two embracing she flew off the handle and jealously accused Lisa. The spat ended in tears despite Ada’s attempt to intervene and put the blame all on herself.

Lana ended up spending the night at Ada’s house. They talked long into the night about the relationship Lana had with her sister, how they had once been so close but how it had grown so competitive in recent years. She also let slip how both sisters had been attracted to Ada, something that got the good Doctor’s attention. “I don’t know what to do about her”, Lana said glumly. “She really resents our relationship, and that I got the internship. She has no one and has no other plans. She’s adrift. I’m afraid for her.”

“You don’t think she’d harm herself, do you?”

“I hope not. And if I thought she were, I’d do anything I could to prevent it. I just know she had her heart set on this internship, and now she’ll be doing nothing. I don’t know that we can keep living together. I mean, I want to, but seeing me every day, doing what she wanted to do, will just crush her. I’m pushing her to re-apply for next year, but that’s a long way off.” Lana sighed. “I almost wish I could put her in storage for a year, you know? Let her live in a dream, then wake up a year from now, and have what she wants then.”

Ada and Lana lay in each other’s arms several minutes in silence before Ada hesitantly ventured, “What if we could do that?”

Lana was surprised by the question. “What?”

They looked at each other as Ada said, “Let her take a year off, disappear and come back? What if we could put your sister in a dream for a year?”

Lana laughed. “What do you mean, put her in a coma?”

“Ha, nothing so dangerous. I was thinking more of…well, how about I show you?”

Ada lead Lana from the bedroom to a door down the hall that had always been closed when Lana visited. It was unique in that it was the only door in the house that had a sensor and keypad. Ada held her hand up to the pad. “Embedded RFID chip” she said to Lana as the door unlocked with a loud clack of the mechanism. She threw a smile over her shoulder and lead Lana inside.

The room behind that door perplexed Lana. Whereas the rest of the house was cheerful and sunny this room was featureless and painted top to bottom in a shimmering gunmetal grey. The one window was small and hidden behind chromed aluminum slats. As they entered the room was lit by softly-glowing recessed LED lights. They revealed a curious set of furnishings: A metal cylinder about the size of a phone booth, an exam table padded in shiny red and covered in straps, a desk with several embedded monitors and control panels, and two big metal cabinets.

“What is this?” Lana finally asked.

“A little something I’ve been working on in private. I call it the Conditioner. It holds its subject in long-term confinement while simultaneously inducing a conditioning program meant to alter aberrant behavior.” She walked over to the control desk and pressed a few icons. The desk controls lit up as the cylinder’s front slid open to reveal an interior padded in the same shiny red as the table. “The subject is dressed in a special life support suit and stands in the booth. The door closes and the interior lining inflates to hold them in place, while the suit ensures their safety and comfort. Their health and well-being are monitored by automated systems overseen by a technician using this console.

“The technician can then begin the conditioning program that induces behavior modification in the subject. Audio, visual and tactile stimulation work on the subject to remove aberrant tendencies and encourage positive reinforcement of preferred behaviors.”

Lana was astonished. “This is a brainwashing machine? Ada, this is terrible!”

Ada laughed. “It can’t scrub your brain or make you do things you don’t want to do. That only happens in the movies. I guess the best way to describe it is that it changes one’s priorities. It’s most effective when you know the subject’s proclivities and rearrange them. A person, for example, might like to smoke, but they also might like gardening. This system can be used to modify their behavior such that, when stressed, they would be much more likely to seek relief by doing some weeding than smoking some weed. The trick is to create virtual reality scenarios that the subject will find appealing. Pleasure is a far more effective modifier than pain.”

“Okay, then what about this containment booth? You can’t think Lisa will let us put her in there for a whole year?”

Ada shook her head. “The longest a person can stay in there at one go is about a week. They have to come out for personal cleaning and be put in a fresh suit. As for the booth, the system filters the air, maintains the temperature, feeds the subject a liquid diet, and removes wastes. A subject has stayed in it four days in a row without a problem, and I have a week-long test planned.”

“Who did you get to be the test subject?”

“Myself, of course.” Ada smiled at Lana’s astonished look. “I started out with a test a few hours long, and then tried it overnight. Eventually, I stayed in it for a long weekend. I had a remote in my hand in case I needed to stop the test but I never used it. The restraint system is very comfortable, and you get used to the feeding and waste systems soon enough.” Lana had her doubts about that last point but stayed silent as Ada continued. “The behavior modification setup needs a more thorough testing, but I can say it works great with some trippy music and graphics to pass the time.”

Lana shook her head. “Okay, so it’s generally safe. But you still haven’t explained why my sister would want to be in it for a year. Lisa would never go for this!”

“She would if we made it worth her while. If she volunteered to do this I could arrange for her to be classified as an intern at the Institute, working on this project. At the end of the year she would have the same experience on her resume as you.” She smiled. “Of course, her real-life experience would be very different.” Ada stood in front of Lana and clasped her shoulders. “We’d both be here to look after her. Who better to ensure her safety than her own sister?”

Lana shook her head. “I don’t know…”

“Look, let me talk to her. I can sit down with her and explain the details, and show her that this is a great opportunity. She gets the internship and career experience she wants, I get a research subject, and you get to keep your sister close by and happy. Everybody wins!”

Nearly a minute passed silently as Lana pondered this most bizarre proposal. She finally nodded and sighed. “I don’t think she’ll go for it, but if you think you can talk her into it, go for it.”

“She will, you watch. Now, let’s go for a ride.”

“Where to?”

“The fabricator I use to make the suits for the machine. I have to put in an order for a good half-dozen copies for her to wear. They’ll need to get a head-start on things.”

Lana raised an eyebrow. “I thought the suits were custom-made. Don’t they need to measure her?”

“Not if they can measure you. Identical twins, right?”

Lana tamped down the usual irrational thoughts about being heavier than her sister. “Yeah, more or less.”

Ada laughed. “Oh, listen to you! They have a 3D scanner, should only take a few minutes once they get started. Come on, let’s go.”

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with the visit to the fabricator. Ada called ahead and the team of technicians was waiting for them when they arrived. Ada introduced Lana as her sister. “Tell them you’re Lisa. If they have you sign anything, put down her name. It will make things easier later on.” Lana did as she was asked and soon enough was standing in a lattice of scaffolding and wires, wearing nothing but a pair of safety goggles and her panties. She held her arms out and spread her legs as a series of lasers made multiple passes up and down her body. This was followed by a technician measuring her in places with a tape measure. They even scanned her head in a special 3D X-ray used by dentists.

When they were done they handed Ada a packet with a DVD of all the scan files. “We should have the first suit ready in about a week. The rest will follow shortly.” The ladies said their good-byes and Ada drove them to Lana’s favorite Thai restaurant as a way to thank her for putting up with all the inconvenience.

Lisa met with Ada on Wednesday. She came home a much brighter person than the one who had left the house that morning, and greeted Lana in the lounge with an excited hug. “Oh, thank you, sis! This is wonderful!”

Lana raised an eyebrow at her enthusiasm. “Don’t thank me; it was all Ada’s idea. I just went along with it. But, uh, you don’t think it’s a little weird?”

“Sure, but if you want to do it, I’m all for it. And it means we’ll be working together, kinda.”

“Ha, I guess it does.”

They talked a bit more about moving our stuff into storage and relocating to Ada’s house. Other than that, they agreed to table any conversation until they both sat down with Ada.

On Thursday Lana saw Ada for lunch. She was happy to hear her account of how Lisa responded to her proposal, and then mentioned that the fabricator had called about the suits. “The first one should be ready tomorrow. I’ll pick it up in the morning.” Then, as they rose to leave, she said, “I think it best that you know exactly what your sister will be going through. And the best way for you to familiarize yourself with it is to spend some time in it.”

This caught Lana off-guard. “Me?”

“Only an overnight stay. That way, you can experience the full set of features it has to offer. You’ll be better informed if we need to get a report from Lisa on her condition, or if a problem should arise.” She gave her a kiss. “And I promise not to make you like cleaning the bathroom any more than you already do.” They shared a laugh on that one and Lana agreed to the test.

The next afternoon Lana found herself walking naked down the hall from Ada’s bedroom to the laboratory door. Ada was standing at the open door smiling. She took Lana’s hand and led her inside as the heavy door closed behind them, locking with a heavy and ominous clack of its deadbolt.

Ada went over to a work table and picked up a folded azure bundle. “The suit is pre-lubricated, so all you have to do is slip into it. It’s designed for neck entry. The only other holes are for the waste management couplings.” Ada unfolded the bundle to reveal its shape, a headless blue shadow. She walked behind Lana and pressed close as she held the suit before them and stretched the hole at the neck. “Lean against me”, she said quietly, a touch of huskiness to her voice. “Slip one foot inside, then the other.” Lana did as instructed and soon her legs and feet were in the suit, encased in the skin-tight, glossy material. “Good. Now, we’ll work it up over your hips. Now, work your hands through the hole and put them down the arms as I bring it up around you.” Lana was amazed at how easily the slippery inside of the suit swallowed her, covering her breasts as her hands found the gloves at the end of its sleeves. Soon the collar had snapped around her neck. She was in the suit, a shiny blue statue from the chin down.

Ada walked around her and smiled. “Perfect. A perfect fit. Let’s get the rest on, shall we?” Ankle-high booties were slipped on Lana’s feet and secured with a slight “click” of some hidden mechanisms. Next came a garment that looked a lot like a corset. “It has a number of sensors in it to monitor vital stats. Breathe out, please.” Ada deftly wrapped it around Lana’s waist and locked it in place with several clasps on the back.

“Okay, put your hands behind you, bend your arms and grab your elbows.” Lana did as she was asked as Ada retrieved from the table what looked like a black latex tote bag with very long straps. She fed the rectangular bag over Lana’s folded arms and proceeded to criss-cross the straps around Lana’s shoulders and chest, buckling them tight. “Move your arms, try to get out of that”, Ada instructed. Lana struggled and writhed but her arms were trapped in the bag. She could not get out.

“Wow, that’s intense”, Lana replied. She tried not to show that she found the scene exciting. She imagined herself trapped in this room, locked into her new attire, at the mercy of the strict Doctor Ada. It gave her a bit of a flush.

Ada noticed the change in her lover and wrapped her arms around Lana’s corseted waist. “Enjoying yourself?” she teased. “How would you like it if I kept you like this, hmm? Would you like to be my prisoner, my little toy to play with?” Before Lana could answer Ada embraced her and kissed her deeply, eliciting a squeal and then a moan of pleasure from her rubber-wrapped charge. Ada leaned back and smiled, looking into Lana’s eyes. “First things first. Let’s finish getting you ready.”

A now-befogged Lana watched as Ada retrieved a smaller blue bundle from the table. “Time to cover that pretty face of yours.” She held open the hood and slipped it over Lana’s head, adjusting its eye, nose and mouth holes to fit before feeding the edge of the neck into the neck of the suit. Lana was now completely encased in blue latex, a condition that would not change soon as Ada locked a wide collar around Lana’s neck, forcing Lana to keep her chin up as the snug collar was secured with an ominous click.

“Uh, is that really necessary?” Lana asked with a touch of discomfort.

“Yes. You’ll get used to it.” There seemed a touch of mirth in Ada’s voice as she gave Lana a firm slap on the butt. “Go over to the table and lean over it. Time to fit your waste couplings.” Lana didn’t like the sound of that but did as she was told.

“I thought these would be cups or something”, Lana said nervously.

“Nope. They have to be inserted.” Ada snapped on a pair of surgical gloves and unwrapped two probes. She fitted one, then the other into the cross-strap of a very secure-looking belt. “Relax, hun, don’t fight them. Let them in.” She applied a generous amount of lubricant to each probe before inserting them gently into Lana’s lower passages. It was a new and disquieting experience for Lana but she endured it with only a few escaped whimpers. Soon Ada had the probes in place and was locking the belt around Lana’s waist. “There, all done. Not so bad, was it? I suppose it’s something the subject must get used to. Who knows, in time you might come to like it.” Lana doubted that and was secretly glad she wouldn’t be the one to endure it for a year.

“Right, let’s get the final bits on and get this party started!” Ada said with excitement as she retrieved the final part of the suit. It was a helmet, a shiny ovoid whose featureless black surface sent a shiver through Lana. Ada pressed on a hidden clasp and the helmet split cleanly into two sections, front and back. “This was also made to measure, so it should fit perfectly. It will control sight, sound, and taste.” She held the back portion against Lana’s head and lifted the front enough to see her eyes and give her a wry smile. “Any last words?”

“Heh, how about ‘let me out’?”

“Eventually.” Ada leaned in and kissed her once more before slowly closing the mask. “Open wide.” Lana barely got her mouth open in time as a floppy, rubbery-tasting mass intruded and rested on her tongue. The helmet locked onto her head, sending her into silent darkness. Lana had a moment of panic and began shaking. She felt Ada hug her close and hold her until the she calmed down. “It’s all right, hun, it’s all right.” Ada’s voice came from everywhere via the stereo ear buds in the helmet. “Nothing will hurt you, I promise.” Her voice was soothing, and soon Lana was over her panic.

Ada guided the sightless Lana to the cylinder that dominated the room and pressed a button on its control panel. Its door slid open with a whisper, revealing its lined interior. With gentle hands Ada helped Lana to step inside and face the door. Quickly she attached a pair of strong elastic straps to the D-rings built into Lana’s corset, fixing her in place. She then hooked the several tubes and cables into their appropriate places to engage life support and control. With a final, gentle rub of Lana’s thigh Ada stepped back and admired her handiwork.

Lana stood still in her new confinement, unable to see the sight she presented to her lover. Encased and locked in blue rubber, her arms pinned uselessly behind her back, corset holding her waist in an unyielding embrace, her head trapped in a sense-depriving helmet, Lana was a prisoner to her lover’s machinations. She shook with this realization, comforted only by the thought that it was temporary and she would be out of it all by morning.

Ada went to the control desk and activated the intercom to Lana’s helmet. “All right in there?” Lana nodded slightly in reply, her outfit restricting her movement. “Good. I’m configuring the system to one of the milder routines. Let’s try some things first. Let me know if you feel this.” She pressed a button.

Instantly Lana’s probes began to vibrate, softly at first, then with more intensity as Ada moved a slider up and down. Lana stiffened and squealed at the unexpected stimulation. It only lasted a few moments before the probes went silent again. Ada could see the changes in Lana’s vitals reflecting a positive response. “I see that got your attention”, Ada said dryly, noting the prominence of Lana’s erect nipples through the suit. “It’s a part of the behavior modification routine. As I said, pleasure is a far more effective reinforcement than pain. There’s more of that to come, and a few other things besides. Oh, almost forgot. We need to secure the feeding tube.” Ada pressed a button, and Lana shook her head repeatedly in a pathetic attempt to dislodge the thing in her mouth which was now inflating, pressing her tongue flat and filling her mouth so that no sound would escape.

Just then the doorbell rang. Ada looked at a screen on the console and smiled. “Someone at the door. I’ll go take care of this. Don’t go anywhere.” With a mischievous laugh Ada dashed out of the room before Lana could say anything, not that she could do more than make an emphatic “mmmf!” that even she barely heard. Minutes passed in silent darkness as Lana wondered who would be interrupting their day. She got her answer when the console microphone picked up the faint sounds of footsteps entering the lab. Two sets of footsteps. There was another person with Ada! Lana felt embarrassed despite the anonymity of her suit, a feeling that turned to panic and mortification when she heard the new arrival speak. It was Lisa.

“Lana, can you hear me? I hope so. I’m surprised you started without me, but Ada explained your enthusiasm so I guess I understand. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you giving up your internship at the Institute for me. I know it must have been a difficult decision, but seeing how close you and Ada have become and given the opportunity of working so closely with her I know it’s what’s best for both of us. I’m so excited! And I can’t thank you enough. Don’t worry, I’ll be close by all the time. Ada has asked me to help out when I can on your project, too. We’ll be working together! Oh, sis, you’re the best!” A moment passed, and then Lana felt Lisa give her a warm hug. Lana shook against her bonds with panic at the realization that she, not Lisa, would be trapped in this rubber prison for the next year! She tried to protest but her shouted words were little more than muffled squeals that Lisa could not hear.

“Aw, look, she’s excited as well.” The true meaning of Ada’s observation went unnoticed by Lisa as she continued, “That’s enough for now. I have to finish getting Lana set up for the first cycle. You go to your room and unpack. We can go for lunch afterwards and discuss your Institute orientation.” Lisa agreed and left the room. Ada closed the door behind her, then stood in silence a few minutes, savoring the sight of her trapped lover and contemplating her plight. She went to the console and retrieved the portable microphone, then walked over to Lana and ran a hand lightly over her breasts, playing with her nipples in the way she so loved. Despite, or perhaps because of, her predicament Lana moaned and writhed appreciatively to her touch.

Ada spoke into the microphone. “Ah, there we go. Not so bad, is it? I am a bit sorry for tricking you, my love, but the result is worth it. Your sister gets the career she wanted, you get to work on my most important project, and I…” She ran her hand down Lana’s midriff, fingers gliding here and there. “I get to transform you into my perfect rubber toy, so eager to please.” She stepped back to the console and initiated the program. “Of course, the system can only make you do things you already want to do. And you do want to please me, don’t you, pet?”

She pressed the final button, and Lana’s probes roared to life as her helmet began the first phase of conditioning, whispering to her as hypnotic lights appeared before her eyes. Ada watched as her test subject stiffened against her bonds while the walls of the cylinder inflated to hold her firmly in place. As the cylinder doors closed Ada contemplated the fun they would both have over the next year, made all the more delicious by the thought that Lana’s twin would unwittingly help in her conversion. Perhaps in a year, when Lana was complete and Lisa was done with her internship, she might arrange for Lisa to replace her sister in the cylinder. The thought inspired and aroused Ada as she silently left the room.


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