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Should I do it?

by Firsttymer

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© Copyright 2004 - Firsttymer - Used by permission

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Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

The package finally arrived, I have been so anxious.  As I was opening the box, I could only guess what my “instructions” would be…

This whole thing started from my curiosity with latex bondage and a strange desire to be inescapably restrained.  My curiosity brought me on-line, where I discovered an entire community that shared interest similar to myself.  Sometimes I would enter chat rooms and “talk” to others; this is where I met her.  We began to email each other pics and links that we discovered while surfing.  I even began collecting latex gear that I purchased over the net.  My collection had grown to several pairs of latex panties I would sometimes wear under my clothes.  I had latex opera gloves that went up over my elbows; I even had a small latex dildo I once tried.  My prized piece was my boned latex corset.  If this was laced properly it took 3-4 inches off my waist and made it near impossible for me to bend or breathe.  After a while her normally light hearted messages started to become more serious when she asked me if I really wanted to try total latex domination and to see how serious I really was. 

It took me a while to respond, but I decided the only way to fulfill my fetish was to try it.  We began making all the details; she would need $500 in advance for equipment and travel.  Against my best judgment I mailed a check thinking if this was a hoax I probably deserved it anyways.  After a week of not hearing from her, I finally received an email stating I would be receiving a package this Friday.  It also stated that if I was totally serious about this, I must completely follow the instructions given to me and also make sure I had the weekend clear.  Immediately I became both excited and nervous.  I made sure I took Friday and the weekend off work and told my colleges that I was not going to be reachable.  With growing anticipation Friday finally arrived and with a knock on my door, the much-anticipated package finally arrived. 

The distinct smell of rubber was apparent when I opened the box.  Inside, I found an extremely heavy, bright red rubber hood similar to ones I have seen online, however this one was extra heavy duty.  The hood had eyeholes, two holes in the nose and a mouth opening.  There were laces all the way down from top to bottom and it finally came down to a collar that buckled around your neck.  Attached to the hood was a blindfold and what I recognized as an inflatable butterfly gag. After seeing the hood and gag, I almost backed out because I know with this type of equipment she must really be serious to make sure I could not get it off once restrained.  As I dug further I found a handful of small padlocks along with a pair of hinged handcuffs and thumb cuffs.  At the very bottom I found the note that would contain my instructions.  I made sure the box was completely empty when I realized there were no keys to any of the locks or cuffs!

I opened the note, which read:

Dear slave,

You must completely comply with my instructions in this letter other wise you will be left on your own.  However you can keep the contents of the box no matter what.

-Lock door and leave key under doormat
-Dress up in my favorite latex slut outfit
-Apply bondage gear in this order:
1. Insert gag and inflate until mouth is full
2. Put on hood over gag and make sure it is laced on tightly
3. Place padlocks on hood buckles
4. Call pager #
5. Buckle on blindfold
6. Place hands in hinged handcuffs
7. Place on thumb cuffs

Once finished you will await my arrival and when you hear me knock on the door you must get on your knees by the time I open the door.  You cannot call the pager after 6:00 pm tonight.

I looked at my watch it was 1:30, I had only a few hours to think if I really wanted to go through with this.  I kept playing with my new stuff; I even tried on the hood when I decided what the heck.  I waited until about 5:00 to get ready for my adventure.

After placing a key under my doormat and taking a shower, I went into my closet and pulled out all my latex gear.  I began by slowly inserting the dildo and then pulling up latex panties over to keep it in place.  To add a feminine touch I put on some black thigh high stockings.  Next, I put on my corset and laced it as tight as I could get it.  Last, I worked the gloves on all the way up.  The only thing left was the bondage gear.

I inserted the gag, which had a terrible rubber taste, and gave it about three pumps.  My entire mouth was full and I could not say a word.  I put the mouth of hood over the gag and once on, I pulled all the laces as tight as they go and the hood become completely formed to my face.  I tucked the laces into the collar and the buckled it on fairly snug around my neck.  I placed locks on the neck buckle and the strap holding my gag in place.  Next I grabbed my phone, took a deep breath and dialed the pager number.  I left my number when prompted, then continued with the bondage.  Making sure I knew where the cuffs were, I placed on the blindfold and buckled it in place.  Now I was “to the point of no return”.  Before I changed my mind, I snapped on the hinged cuffs and heard the distinct clicks knowing they were now locked on.  With a bit of struggle I finally got the thumb cuffs in place.

As I sat there in complete silence and darkness, I tested my bonds.  I knew I was completely stuck but I struggled anyways.  After some time I started to become uncomfortable, it was getting had to breathe between the corset, gag and neck collar.  I thought I heard a knock on the door, or was that just a neighbor?  I got down on my knees just in case.  I waited and waited, was this just a big joke?  I started to panic and really began struggling. 

Was she still coming? 

Was she really a she? 

Am I going to be left for dead? 

What have I gotten myself into?

To be cont…  


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