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Storycodes: F/f; latex; dress; stuck; kidnap; transform; enslave; reluct; X

I have a reasonable selection of rubber, rubber, PVC clothes as well as a load of normal clothes.

There is a store in the high street that sells rubber etc and normal fashion stuff. It is always busy, people buying both types and lots of people moving around in underwear. I needed a new dress for a rubber ball that was coming up, so one Saturday I went to buy one. I wore to the store very tight leather trousers, ankle boots, a low-cut top and a very nice bra.

I get to the store and walk in, Sarah comes over wearing a flowing cotton dress, we kiss each other on the cheek. I tell her I need a ball gown in PVC, she smiles and leads me over. I go into the cubicle with the dress and strip naked and put on a flowered bra and panty set and slip some high heels on. I hear Jessica's voice, I open the door, slip a robe round me and walk over to her. I see she had her bloke with her, I smiled as I saw his mouth open when he saw me.

I went to try on the dress, I picked up a new type of thong that was guaranteed not to show through any clothing no matter how tight and I asked for the dress to be nice and tight. I locked the door and stripped naked again and slide the thong on, to my suprise I could hardly feel it. I picked up the dress and found there was no zip which was good. I wiggled my body into the very tight confines of the dress, after a while I got it on and over my shoulders. I smoothed it out and twirled in the mirror it was tight over my ass and tits but not my legs.

I walked out on tiptoes since I didn't have any shoes for the dress, I called over to Sarah and she waltzed over and I asked her for some shoes for the dress. She replied, "Ok, I've got some accessories for that outfit as well, I'll bring them over."

I walked back to my changing room while I waited for Sarah, on the way I saw Jessica, she was trying on some rubber trousers. I walked over and playfully slapped her backside, she turned round and smiled. She sat down and we talked, after 10 - 15mins Sarah came over with a box of stuff for me. She then lead me to a dressing room where I could see the whole outfit easier and try the new things on privately.

Sarah hands me a pair of knee black boots that seem too black, a pair of gloves that come to just above my elbows. I look very sexy in the outfit. I said to Sarah, "I'll take it." I also asked Sarah to get me the tightest leather or rubber trousers she could find.

At the party where I wore my new outfit. Jes and Sarah there. I give Jes a lift home since I don't drink. I dropped her off and she kissed me briefly.

As I drove off she was smiling. I got home at about 2am-ish I was exhausted from the party, I walked in to the kitchen and had a glass of orange juice. I then went upstairs to have a shower and go to bed.

I sat down on my bed and poked my legs out from under the dress to get to the boots. I went to pull the zipper down, but I found my hand just couldn't get a grip of the zip, I tried to pull the straps of my dress off but to no avail. I started to panic, so I picked the phone up and dialed Sarah's number and told her I couldn't get my dress or boots off.

She answered, "Ok, I'll be over in a minute or 2."

Sarah knocked on my front door 15 minutes later and carried a bag with her.

We went into my bedroom and I sat down and asked her, "Why can't I take the dress off?"

Her reply shocked me, "Well Lucy, I've have always admired your body and your personality and how you like rubber but, you lack something in your life, and I'm here to fill that void"

"What void, are you talking about?" I asked.

"The void that yearns for you to be a slave in rubber, sealed, controlled to be totally controlled by someone else. So I'm here to make you my slave forever. The dress can't be removed since you are wearing reactive rubber, which means you can't grip any rubber at the moment to remove it." She said in a domineering voice.

I stood up to phone someone, but Sarah said, "Restrict."

I looked down and saw the dress get smaller round my legs, my legs were slowly pulled together, until I couldn't move my legs at all.

"Now Lucy lets see about slaving you. Tell me Lucy which screen actress do you admire?"

I didn't know what to do so I said, "Seven of Nine from Voyager."

I passed out since the dress had now tightened all over my body. I fainted.

I woke up and I felt different, I tried to move but I couldn't, I was staring up at a ceiling. I could feel something clinging to my body from the neck down. After a while I felt my body regaining its movement. I walked over to the mirror and screamed, when I saw myself as seven of nine in a rubber body suit.



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