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The Shipping Crate

by RubberQuean

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© Copyright 2003 - RubberQuean - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMFF/ff; latex; bond; shipping crate; foam; oral; cons; X

The following story contains true details and a few exaggerations. I leave it to you to figure out which parts are false and to fantasize about the true events. Drop me an email ([email protected]) and let me know if you like my stories and if you want me to write more about my rubber adventures with my friends. In this adventure you'll be introduced to the alter identities my friends and I use when we get dressed up in our rubber.
Thanks, and may your rubber never rip and be forever tight!

Once again Rachel's creative imagination set the stage for another interesting rubber adventure. With the resounding success of her poker table idea (see Poker Night) Alicia, Heather and I quickly agreed that her new idea sounded like fun. This time however the guys would have full knowledge of our plans. Besides needing their help it was a safety precaution. The girls and I also chose alter personas for ourselves. As you already know I'm called RubberQuean during our frequent rubber adventures. Rachel calls herself GummiWhore. Alicia is known as RubberSlut and Heather by the name LayTexWhore. The guys refer to us as the Fantastic 4 Fetish Females.

Our new adventure was designed for only 2 girls so we drew cards to determine who would accompany Rachel on the new adventure. I drew the queen of spades winning the draw.

Rachel's plan was that the two of us would be enclosed in a specially designed shipping crate. We of course would be dressed totally in rubber but the crate would have a few interesting features to it. Preparations and construction of the crate took us 3 weeks to complete. Tony and Sean started building the crate the last week in November. Rachel and I were to be a special delivery package just in time for Christmas.

The exterior of the crate was rather non-descript except for the labeling. The crate was 72 inches long, 36 inches wide and 30 inches tall, constructed out of 1/4 inch plywood with 2 x 4's for the corners. It was raised off the ground an additional 4 inches to permit moving with a fork lift. On the outside were affixed labels stating the contents were FRAGILE and CONTAINS PRECISION EQUIPMENT. Also mounting on 2 corners on the outside were TIP & TELL indicators. The box was built over a weekend and we started working on the inside details.

In order to provide Rachel and I with a little bit of comfort while we were being shipped Tony devised a way to be sure we would have a fresh supply of air inside the box. Rachel laid down on her back inside the box with her arms at her side and her legs bent at the knees. Tony choose suitable locations to mount 2 rechargeable batteries and 2 circulating fans. Tony modified a couple of bathroom exhaust fans to run off the batteries. From his testing he determined that the fans would easily run for 3 days and exchange the air in the box 3 times an hour. The fans were mounted in place over holes he cut in the bottom of the crate with filters over the intakes. He then mounted flexible piping to the exhaust side of the fan. 

With the fans and batteries in place we concentrated on the special contents of the crate. Tony talked to his boss and was able to borrow a few of the shipping supplies from the company he worked for a minimal fee. His company regularly ships sensitive equipment for surveyors and used the expanding-foam-in-place style of carton filler. 

Bruce worked on the arrangements for the shipping of the crate. Our crate would ship from the plastics firm he worked for and be sent to Jim's body shop, a trip of about 75 miles. The crate would ship late Thursday afternoon via express truck for a guaranteed Friday 3PM afternoon delivery. We figured that Rachel and I would be in the crate for no more than 42 hours if all went well. The shipping company Bruce uses is a small private firm that he knows very well. Bruce expressed to them the package was very special and required discreet care in handling it. They said that he could count on them, they knew that Christmas was just around the corner and that they assumed the crate contained a gift for Rachel. The eight of us met at Bruce's workplace on Wednesday evening after the crew had left for the day. 

First we worked on our personal preparations. Rachel and I began fasting Monday to prepare for our adventure. Over the past year all four of us girls regularly participated in fasts to help cleanse our bodies. We built up our systems such that we could comfortably fast for 4 days, consuming only water and fruit drinks for energy. It was a regular part of our regiment to keep our figures as close in size to one another as possible for our poker nights with the guys.  Early Wednesday morning we cleansed our digestive tracts with multiple enemas. By that afternoon we were confident that we had purged all waste from our systems.

Rachel and I selected some older catsuits from our wardrobe. Both suits we selected had been patched numerous times. Rachel's was on old red SkinTwo suit with attached feet, mine was black with no feet. We had to be careful to not have any contact with the foam-in-place material. To start our dress we donned rubber panties that had attached butt plugs and open crotches. I pulled on a pair of latex stockings to cover my feet before sliding into the catsuit. Sean helped pull the suit up over my hips nestling the butt plug firmly up my ass. Next came a pair of opera length latex gloves before sticking my arms through the catsuits long sleeves. Despite the cold December weather outside I was beginning to work up a sweat inside the rubber. 

Sean brought along a mobile bike-to-bike intercom system that we used when we went motorcycle riding. The system had a range of 1-1/2 miles and would let 4 headsets talk with one another. He helped Rachel and I insert the speakers in our ears. The microphones are of the voice actuated type that you place around your throat. He tested the system to see that they worked correctly before we put on our open faced latex hoods. The guys assisted us by zippering up our suits being sure to tuck the hood collars inside. We checked the intercom sets again. So far so good, it was getting close to 8pm and we still had a bit of work to do to prepare the crate contents. Next the guys glued latex strips over the back zippers of our suits so that no packing foam would seep through them. They also taped around our necks, wrists and my ankles. They temporarily taped off our crotch area since we would need to expose them later to satisfy Rachel's original plans.

First into the crate was Rachel. On the bottom of the crate was placed a large plastic sack that had a honeycomb cardboard insert. Tony had her lie down on her back with her legs spread and bent at the knees her arms at her side. The cardboard in the sack she lay on kept her 4 inches above the bottom board. Under her head he placed a small foam block elevating her head to a comfortable height. Tony instructed her to remain still so that she didn't crush the cardboard. Her intercom was connected to one of the batteries. One of the hoses from the fans was routed next to her face and a cardboard barrier strip was placed over the face opening of her hood and taped in place so it wouldn't move. This strip would keep the packing foam from covering her face and the tube would stay in place assuring her clean air supply. A cell phone with voice activated dialing was secured next to her face.

It was my turn to get in the box. To do this I knelt on the floor and Sean, Jim and Bruce lifted me up and in, placing me front to front with Rachel. My knees bent like Rachel's were near her head and my head in her crotch. Another cardboard barrier strip was placed over my neck to protect my face from the foam. Sean connected my intercom to the battery and routed my air tube and put another cell phone in position near my face.

Another plastic bag was slipped underneath my chest between me and Rachel. Additional bags were placed around us, 8 bags total. Tony turned on the foam machine and began to dispense a predetermined amount of foam based on the volume he calculated earlier in the day into the bag Rachel was laying on. Rachel queued her microphone and said she could feel the foam start to expand beneath her. Tony had to work quickly and dispensed the foam into the remaining bags that surrounded us. One last bag was draped on top of me and quickly injected with the foam.

Bruce and Jim were ready with the crate lid. Bruce turned on the fans before Rachel and I were quickly plunged into darkness. Inside the crate we could vaguely detect the sound of the guys securing the top of the crate with screws. Sean and Bruce's voice crackled over the earphones inquiring how we were doing. Rachel responded first, "Geez this quite a strange feeling. I can feel the foam expanding around my back. And damn is it getting rather hot!"

I broke in next, "This is an awesome feeling, the pressure is getting quite intense. How long does it take for the foam to set up Tony?"

Tony replied, "This is pretty quick setting. It expands to it's full extent in 7 to 9 minutes and then takes 30 minutes to cure. It'll get a little warm but it won't burn you or Rachel. You'll want to stay very still now. Are the shields we placed around your faces holding up?"

I responded, "Mine is working great. I can feel the foam pushing on the back of my head but don't feel anything next to my face other than the air coming from the fan."

"Mine is holding up too." replied Rachel, "The foam has pushed my head up enough that I can sense I'm very close to Rebecca's pussy now. And girl I must say you are beginning to sweat quite a bit!"

For the next few minutes we could feel the foam expanding to fill every void around us. All traces of light were now gone. All I could sense was the musky scent of Rachel's pussy looming within easy reach of my tongue and the soft air current from the fan.

Sean was sounding off the time every 5 minutes over our intercom until a half hour had passed. "Okay girls, the foam should have set up by now. How is it in there?"

I quickly responded, "It sure has. The only thing I can move is my jaw and tongue." I reached out with my tongue and gently licked Rachel's  warm pussy. I could feel her vaginal lips quiver at my touch. Rachel responded by plunging her tongue into my moist love canal. "And it seems that Rachel is doing okay. I can tell you that she can certainly move her tongue."

Rachel retracted her tongue to respond, "Same for me my mouth and tongue are all I can move and I can't see anything except for the cell phone display. The fan is working great, there is just enough air movement so that I can still sense Rebecca's pussy musk close by."

"Same here," I interjected.

"Well girls it's 11pm," Bruce said, "Are you set to continue with Rachel's plan? If so we'll head out of here."

In unison Rachel and I quickly responded, "YES!"

Rachel continued, "Get this crate on it's way!"

"Okay, before we leave we need for each of you to try your cell phones." instructed Sean.

I voiced out "Call Sean" and the phone quickly dialed and Sean answered on the first ring. Sean indicated that Rachel's phone was working as well.

"Well RubberQuean, were heading out of here now. You and GummiWhore are on your own till Friday evening. I love you my little rubber whore." Sean said his goodnights to me.

"I love you too Sean. See you on Friday and be ready for a good fucking after you get me out of this crate!" I shouted back.

Rachel's voice came over the intercom, "Well RubberQuean it's just you and me for the next 40 hours. I'm kind of tired I'm going to crash. I'll let you know when I wake up if you're not awake before me."

"Sounds good GummiWhore. Good night to you."

Oblivious as to what the time was I drifted off to sleep. Totally immobilized the only contact with another person for the next 40 hours would be the other captive of the crate beneath me.

I was awaken when I could sense GummiWhore assaulting my pussy with her tongue. I responded in kind by plunging my tongue deep within her musky cavity.

"Good afternoon RubberQuean." Rachel whispered into the intercom. "You're a little late for your breakfast. I've been enjoying your pussy juices for the past 15 minutes or so."

I retracted my tongue savoring the sweet sticky cream from within Rachel's pussy. "How do you know it's the afternoon?"

"I can see the cell phone display out of the corner of my eye. It's going on 2 in the afternoon. How are you holding up?" Rachel asked.

"Wow I slept great. I was dreaming like crazy until I felt your tongue in my pussy."

"Well girl, I was beginning to wonder about you. I was eating on your pussy early in the morning and you didn't wake up. I was almost going to call the guys thinking something was wrong until I heard you moaning over the intercom. They should be shipping us off soon."

"I can't hear any activity going on outside can you?" I asked.

"No. This foam is too good of an insulator. At least it's warm though. I was listening to the weather on the radio Wednesday morning before we were crated up. The high temperature for the next 3 days is supposed to be only in the low 20's." responded Rachel.

"Brrrr. Too cold for me. Whoa something is happening." I exclaimed.

We could sense the crate was being moved. Probably by a forklift, we could faintly hear the hum of the engine. After a minute or two all motion stopped again. A voice came over our intercom. It was Bruce.

"You girls okay in there? How did the day go for you? Your crate has just been moved out onto the loading dock. The delivery van will be here within an hour." he asked.

Rachel answered him first, "Hi Bruce. Things are snug and cozy in here. We are doing okay still. RubberQuean slept most of the day away though. You guys did a great job packing us."

"Yeah but GummiWhore has been making the time pass by antagonizing my pussy with her tongue. I think the bitch has brought me to climax 9 times already. " I retorted.

"The rest of us are going over to Jim and Heather's tonight. The van just showed up. From here you'll be taken to the depot for delivery tomorrow. I'll see you girls tomorrow. Love ya GummiWhore."

"Bye Bruce. Love you too master!" Rachel answered.

"Well enough talk GummiWhore." I plunged my tongue into her pussy and began to savor her aroma and juices.

We could sense movement again as the crate was loaded into the shipping van. The wood of the crate creaked as we could sense it was being pushed or dragged across the floor of the truck. The crate stopped moving and we guessed that we were loaded. An abrupt jolt confirmed our thoughts. We couldn't tell whether we were in a big or small truck. In any event it was a bumpy ride. Each bump we hit forced my face slightly closer to Rachel's moist pussy. I extended my tongue into her love hole as far as I could. Rachel responded in the same manner. For what seemed like 30 minutes or more we tongue-fucked each other. I envisioned Rachel's face thoroughly covered with my sexual excretions. With all of the truck motion going on Rachel was able to move her hips slightly. My nose and mouth were now covered by her pussy. Rachel paused for a moment.

We both dozed off exhausted from satisfying each other. I was the first to awaken. The temperature had dropped dramatically. Gently I nibbled on Rachel's pussy lips to wake her.

"Whoa. Are you as cold as I am? They must have left us outside!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm pretty cold too. I think you're right they must have left our crate on the truck. Can you see what time it is?"

"It's two thirty in the morning. We've got 12-1/2 hours to go yet. So start thinking warm happy thoughts."

"The cold is getting to me, I sure have to pee" I replied.

"No way bitch. You pinch it off. Don't forget I'm on the bottom and I can't get you back if you let loose. I'm beginning to think this isn't one of my better fantasies. We shouldn't have tried this in December." Rachel whined.

"Oh quit your whining GummiWhore and get busy satisfying me with your tongue. That should generate some heat." We serviced one another with our tongues for awhile before drifting off to sleep again. We were bounced awake by the delivery truck movement.

"Well RubberQuean feels like we are back on the road again. It's 9 in the morning. Oh crap my cell phone battery must have went dead. The display screen just went off. My ventilating fan stopped working too! Ohhhh! Girl your pussy is getting ripe."

"Yours doesn't smell too pleasing either GummiWhore and my fan is still working. So is my phone. You want me to call Sean and end this early?"

"No way. Alicia and I had a bet. She said that you would wimp out before we were delivered. I can stick with it if you can RubberQuean."

"I'm doing okay but my tongue is getting kind of sore. My pussy feels great though, damn GummiWhore you sure know how to excite a girl."

"My tongue is sore and tired too. We have no more than 6 more hours to endure. The cold isn't bothering me anymore. How about you?"

"Now that you mention it, I don't feel cold either." Just then we felt the truck's motion stop. After what seemed like 10 minutes we heard the creak of wood again as the crate was being dragged or pushed across a floor again. The sound stopped and we could sense the crate was swaying back and forth. the swaying continued for several minutes. Suddenly we felt weightless for a brief moment and then came to a sudden stop. The impact drove my face into Rachel's wet pussy. I heard her wince in pain from the impact.

"Shit, that was some pretty rough handling there" Rachel's voice crackled over the intercom.

Suddenly our intercom was filled with nothing but static. Oh no, what else is going to go wrong I thought. Then I heard someone's voice faintly through the speakers.

"RubberQuean, GummiWhore are you there?" It was Jim's voice.

I quickly responded, "Yeah Jim we're here! What's going on? How come we can hear you over the intercom?"

"The delivery truck got here early. You're at my shop. I just got back from lunch and they told me the crate arrived. Sorry about the rough handling there. I just hired a new guy and he's no so good with the forklift yet." Jim replied. "Are you two okay? Still have 2 hours before quitting time. Can you hold out till then?"

Rachel answered, "2 more hours to go? I can stick it out. So can RubberQuean. I'll keep her busy licking my cunt to pass the time. This adventure has had it's surprises we'll tell you all about when you let us out."

"Great. It would be rather awkward to get you out now anyway. I'm not sure how my employees would react. The rest of the gang should be here by 5 o'clock. I've got to get back to work." 

"Okay Jim," I answered back. "Well GummiWhore we're almost done. What did you wager Alicia?"

"Actually the bet Alicia made with me goes for Heather as well. And it is going to be fun making them pay up! I bet them that you and I would make it all the way through this. The losers of the bet will be dressed in rubber from head to toe and gagged so they can't talk. All the seams and zippers for the rubber will be glued so it can't be removed easily. The gags will be padlocked on. We get to blindfold them while we transport them to a hotel in another town. We'll check them into a room where we will tie them up in a 69 position and leave them there. We'll pay for the room in advance and leave them 2 bus tickets to get back home. They will have no clothes or money and they won't be able to talk since the gags will be locked on and we'll have the keys." Rachel detailed to me.

"GummiWhore you do have a devious mind! I can't wait to see the look on Alicia's face when they uncrate us."

Just then we heard the sound of someone removing the top of the crate. The foam covering my back was removed and I had to squint as my eyes struggled to adapt to the bright light. Four sets of strong arms lifted me from the crate and I attempted to straighten my cramped legs. Sean led me to a chair to sit while the others tended to Rachel. They set Rachel down beside me. We wiped our faces clean and smiled as we made eye contact with Alicia and Heather. We spent the evening telling the gang about our adventure. GummiWhore then told the group about the wager that was made.

Alicia and Heather gave us a thumbs up sign and smiled. The next adventure belonged to RubberSlut and LayTexWhore, but that's a new story that will be told at a later date.

If you want me to write more drop me an email and tell me. THANKS!



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