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The Shapeshifter Part 2

by Bill Lemieux

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The ShapeShifter
by Bill Lemieux
Chapter 2 of 2
 "Relax," said the mouth, "trust me. If everything Riki has told me about you is true, you'll enjoy this." "Um," was the only thing Mona could manage at first. "That is, I mean, yes Master." "Ah, so you have not forgotten why you are here. Good. If you are wondering why I'm not in the shape of a humanoid, it was a test. I wanted to see your reaction. Not bad, for being unfamiliar with my kind. Most of you don't react that calmly to one of us. And I admit- maintaining a lot of your humanoid details is tiring." Qet was moving toward the parallel bars, flowing like a thick fluid, pulling her embedded feet along, forcing Mona to walk awkwardly with him. There was no sign of the rigid black platform now. His body was essentially shapeless, looking like a pool of thick, shiny black tar. He slithered along one support column to the high bar, enveloping it, until it had become merely a thicker, (and now glossy black) bar. The mouth formed again. "Now, let us begin," announced the disembodied mouth. 

Mona noted dispassionately, even as she steeled herself for what was to come, that the mouth itself appeared quite human, female actually, with full and slightly pouting lips. In fact, it looked somehow familiar. Without warning, a pair of tendrils (tentacles?) shot out from the black mass covering the bar, enveloping her wrists and eliciting a short squeal of fright from her. His... flesh? skin? felt warm and dry, though she had half expected him to be cold and slimy for some reason. Inexorably, he pulled her hands up to reach the bar, forced them around his flesh. With alarm, she watched her hands sink in until they were wrapped tightly around the bar and enveloped completely within the glossy black coating. Some part of her realized he was being careful, that he appeared to care about her safety and comfort, and she began to relax into the scene, seeing the animated bundle of tar more as a very bizarre sex toy than as a threat. Then she reminded herself that this `toy' had a mind within it, was far stronger, certainly faster, and probably more massive than she. 

"Interesting, no?" said Qet's voice from somewhere. Mona thought his voice had a much deeper tone than it ought to, for not having a body. "But I haven't even begun to entertain you." She felt movement below, looked down, and saw two more pseudopods, anchored at the end supports of the parallel bars, envelope her ankles and draw them apart. As they separated, more of her weight came on her hands until she was stretched as taught as she had ever been on any of Riki's bondage furniture. The sensation of having her hands and feet EMBEDDED in something warm and soft and ALIVE yet inescapable, was quite different than mere leather cuffs chained to a wall! "How would you like to start with s simple flogging? Riki tells me you have grown to like that." "If it pleases you, Master," Mona managed to reply, her voice quavering with excitement and fear. Mona's strongest passion was for bondage however, and he probably knew it. 

The tension in her limbs had begun to translate into a delightful feeling of inner sexual tension. The first blow came as a shock- she had not expected it- had not thought about how Qet might flog her. She turned her head as well as she could and saw yet another pseudopod extending from the bar above her, and ending in several long tails, which came whistling down on her backside even as she turned her face away. The sight had been more than a little unnerving. The strokes were not love pats, but neither were they hurting much, she noted. He seemed to know what he was doing. Each stroke landed in a narrow area on her derrier, and the width and weight of the "cats" was such that it felt more like a stern spanking than a whipping. She felt her eyes water a bit, but she was already adjusting to it and before long, the warmth in her bottom began to spread forward into her sex, and down into her legs. 

Qet chose that moment to switch tactics. "I shall not permit you to become bored," came the disembodied voice. She couldn't see where he was speaking from this time. Some detached part of her noted wryly how pedantic and formal was his manner of speech. She wondered if he had learned it by watching any of the same old "movies" that she and Riki had learned to love. Then her attention was drawn back to the present. Her hands were being slid apart until the pseudopods holding them moved down around the frame, keeping her arms taught to the sides, but now held straight out from her shoulders. As she watched, two more tentacles formed out of the material covering the bar above her, and drooped down to her breasts. Each tapered to a small rounded point, looped itself through her nipple piercings, then merged with itself again. Her nipples stiffened immediately at this intimate touch. Where the pseudopod ends had merged together, they now spread out and over her nipples and then areolas, covering them. She felt them being pinched or gathered somehow within the gleaming black blobs, and realized they were being constricted at their base. The pseudopods tightened then, pulling her massive breasts up by the nipples, and she was suddenly grateful for their above average size and her large piercings. Qet pulled them higher, in fact pulling them directly in front of her face, eventually forcing her up on tip-toe to lessen the discomfort. 

She stared at the bizarre sight of the front half of her breasts disappearing into the gleaming black stuff. She tried wiggling her fingers and toes experimentally, and found they became harder to move as soon as she did so. It felt as if her extremities had been embedded in rubber cement- slightly flexible, but entirely secure and immobilized. "How does that feel, little one?" asked the richly modulated voice. One part of Mona's mind thought dispassionately that he must have a real gift for languages, to have picked up Standard so quickly. The other part, which was in charge right now anyway, answered him automatically, "Very good, Master." "Hmm. Let's see..." came that same voice. For some reason, his thoughtful tone sent a shiver down Mona's spine. In a moment, she felt, but could not see, something caressing her clitoris, bringing it further to life, then threading its way through the piercing. She felt a brief tug and she gasped, then felt another. He tightened, slowly building up tension on her clitoris, past the point of titilation, and on into discomfort, but the stretching stopped just short of real pain. And held her there. Then slowly, it relaxed, just a little, before it tightened again. 

As soon as it became tight, the pressure and tension on her nipples relaxed, then tightened, as the cycle down below repeated. This went on for several minutes, gradually building speed, until she climaxed explosively, straining at her bonds and shouting through clenched teeth. To her distracted surprise, the cycles didn't stop at that point, but continued to accelerate until they were a pistoning motion, then a vibration, tugging hard, but still not quite to the point of pain. For a little while, she strained to think clearly, wondering how Qet knew what her limits were, but before long, the rest of her body shouted back `shut up and enjoy this!' She came again, much harder this time, shouting Riki's name in a long, drawn out growl. "My, my, you are a noisy little minx, aren't you?" said Qet, this time from a mouth she could see, hovering only a few centimeters from her face. As she stared at the mouth on its stalk, it changed color, quickly changing from polished ebony to a natural skin tone, the teeth inside to polished white, and the lips to a lipstick color remarkably like the bright red "candy" color Riki liked to wear. Now she knew where she had seen that mouth before, and she shuddered- he was mimicking Riki's. 

"But I have a solution for that, my little sex machine. Give me a kiss." Mona blinked. She gulped. She had thought about this since Riki first told her of her plans with Qet, but somehow, she had expected him to take the form of a man or woman- something she could relate to. Now she had to kiss a disembodied mouth on a long stalk, growing out of a blob of shiny black skin. A part of her recognized that he had refrained from forcing it on her, though he could have done so with ease. She fought with herself, then decided that it just didn't matter. She had already given up her sex, her breasts, her limbs, to her new (if temporary) master. Her mouth and throat were just more body parts, and they were his to do with as he (or Riki) pleased. She smiled uncertainly, closed her eyes, and stretched forward. The mouth met hers, and a very realistic feeling tongue probed between her lips. She moved her own prodigious tongue into his mouth in turn, and was startled to hear him speak until she remembered that he could extrude a mouth wherever he wanted to. It struck her as funny, that he had achieved the old saying about being able to "breathe through his ears", until she realized what THAT implied. 

Suddenly, she was both sobered, and weak in the knees. It ocurred to her that she was giving in to him. "Oho! Now Riki didn't tell me about that! Interesting! Much nicer than the other humans here. It is an enhancement, yes? Pity you can't do more with it, such as THIS." She felt the tongue swell within her mouth then, felt his lips melting, flowing between hers, gripping her teeth, as he pressed inexorably into her, filling her mouth with a living gag. Within seconds, her cheeks were distended, and her mouth filled to capacity- she couldn't have uttered a sound more than a grunt. She hoped that Riki knew this... person? entity? better than she did. His capabilities were only now becoming clear, and once again, she knew fear. "You know," he said from somewhere above her, "this gives me an extraordinary idea!" Rather than elaborate, he suddenly released her hands and feet, dropped from her breasts, let go her clitoris. She was now attached to the top of the parallels by a living gag wedged within her mouth. 

As she watched, he thickened the connection, flowed off the bars, and began spreading himself over her head and neck. Before long, he had covered most of her torso in a heavy, thick layer, and was removed from the bars. He had thoughtfully left her face uncovered, but that was all. "Now stand still, and Master Qet will show you something really different!" he said. She felt the vibration of his speech on her ribs and realized he'd formed a mouth right on her back. He continued to flow over her body, with amazing speed, coating every inch of her in a thick layer that conformed perfectly to her contours. She felt the weight of him settle evenly upon her, and was amazed that he wasn't heavier. All the while, he kept that one pseudopod connected, filling her mouth, and stifling speech. 

"Alright. This is going to be fun! Walk over to the mirror," he commanded. Since her mouth was still gagged with him, she didn't bother attempting a reply. She walked over to the mirror wall. The feeling of his skin/ body covering hers in a heavy, tight, and warm embrace was similar, yet delightfully different from the rubbertex outfits she had come to love. The sight in the mirror however, staggered her. She appeared no different to the eye than if she had been dressed in one of Riki's skin-tight rubbertex catsuits! Qet's skin glistened like polished ebony over the entire surface of her body, revealing every ripple of her muscles, shaping each curve perfectly. "What do you think? Perhaps some high heeled boots might be in order? They do feel so good to you, don't they? And of course, they can make walking sooo difficult.." With surprise, she felt her heels being lifted from beneath, and the faintest of flowing sensations over her legs, as Qet formed a pair of stiletto heels beneath her feet. Her feet bent slowly, being forced to curve back, conforming to an ever-increasing arch until she was forced up onto her toes. She had to grab the rail for balance. 

When she looked down, she found herself wearing a pair of ballet-toed boots with heels that must have been fully 20cm tall or more. The boots flowed seemlessly into the rest of her "living suit". She felt a subtle stiffening around her legs, and tried flexing them. Her legs were now quite rigidly encased from the thighs down. She took her hand from the rail and tried to strut a few steps. Her "boots" were rigid, preventing her knees or ankles from bending, so she shifted her hips to lift her feet from the floor, swinging her legs in a comical strut, in an attempt to walk but lost her balance almost immediately and would have fallen headlong but for the rail. "Here now, we can't have that!" said Qet's voice within her head (he was speaking right into her ears, she realized). "How about something to keep you upright?" Mona felt the soles of her "boots" soften and flow for a moment. She looked down to see a spreading pool below her. It shaped itself into a thin square tile about a meter on a side and perhaps one cm tall, then suddenly acquired the appearance of polished marble. Her boots never changed their shape or rigidity, and she marvelled at his control. 

"There! Something to display my little mannequin on! Now then, first I'll add some color to those drab looking boots... no, no, not that, no," she heard, as the rigid material encasing her legs cycled quickly through various patterns and colors, finally settling on a brilliantly polished bright red, with black lines of trim. She moved to center herself on the tile, but found that her boots were now stuck fast to it- she could not budge her feet (or any other part of her legs) a single centimeter. Of course, she thought- it's all part of him. Well, at least now I don't have to worry about falling over. She let go of the rail that she had been so desperately clinging to. "Now then, perhaps a corset?" Instantly, Mona felt her waist being very slowly but irresistibly compressed, could in fact SEE it eerily shrinking in the mirror. At the same time, lines appeared around her torso, imitating the design of a corset, executed in shining black and gold. In very short order, she was having a hard time getting air before she remembered to shift her breathing to her chest, which caused her ridiculously large bosom to heave provocatively. 

Her waist now looked as small as it ever had in any of Riki's corsets, shaping her into a perfect, if somewhat exaggerated, hourglass figure. "Now about those teats of yours- there must be something we can do..." She felt his flesh shift around her chest, felt her suit-lover, as she had come to think of him, gathering up her breasts. She felt thin tendrils invade her nipple piercings again, then she squirmed with pleasure as the tendrils thickened within, stretching her nipples. She watched in the mirror with distracted amusement as her nipples were drawn out into short thick fingers protruding within the coating of his flesh, then stared in awe as he compressed her breasts from the base forward, squeezing them out into incredible bullet shapes. The sensations were exquisite, but he was far from done with her yet. 

"Okay. Now, I can do this." She felt a sudden intense throbbing accompanied by quick repeated tugs within her nipples and breasts. She moaned her approval. "Or, I can do this," he continued. Sudden sharp pains shot through her breasts, then were gone just as quickly, before she could even trace their origin. "You see," he added, "I can be a capricious piece of clothing. I think however, that I shall be quiet and entertain you. I get far more enjoyment from your pleasure than from your pain, and it is getting complicated enough without my having to talk too. Hang on to your libido human, this is going to be a great deal of fun!" 

The first thing he did was to ooze over her face, covering all but her eyes and nostrils. Next the pseudopod gagging her mouth pushed at the back of her throat, then passed her windpipe and began slithering into her stomach. Once again, she was grateful for her suppressed gag reflex. She felt a surge of alarm, and wondered how safe this was, for her and for him! But Riki had told her that he, like all the Shapeshifters, had a physiology so alien, there were no diseases one could catch from them, and that they kept themselves fastidiously clean. Nevertheless, the sensation of him filling her mouth to capacity, blocking speech, and now even filling her stomach, was incredibly arousing for her. Shortly after that, her "suit" could be felt fooling around in her crotch. He found and attached himself to each of her piercings, then a finger inserted itself into her cleft, rose higher, and thickened. And thickened. AND THICKENED, stretching her open. Just as she felt that she would burst, he stopped, and another pseudopod insinuated itself into her rear passage. 

Oh god, Mona thought. The way he's moving, what he's doing, he must know everything about me. Riki said she might would tell him anything, or even everything. What if he..? The finger in her rear stretched her, swelled larger, filled her rectum to capacity. She felt it travelling even higher inside her, filling her insides from this new direction. Jee-zus, she thought, it's like an enema of living flesh! Oh god, it feels so good.... The flow continued until her belly was visibly distended. She saw in the mirror how he had compensated for her swelling abdomen by changing the shape of her corset, yet the compression of her waist had not relented. She felt near to swooning, the sensations were so intense. More action in her crotch. He was getting into her clitoral piercing again. She ran her hands over her body, realizing it really wasn't hers any more. He had penetrated her and threaded through her in a way that no one else and no other thing ever could. He encapsulated her body, coated her skin, and filled her to overflowing from within. 

At that point he must have noticed her caresses, because she found her arms being forced gently behind her, pulling toward the center of her back. She was grateful, suddenly, for her weekly yoga and Aikido sessions, because her arms were limber enough for what came next. Qet drew them back until they met from elbows to fingertips, before the `sleeves' covering them merged into a single glove from fingertips to shoulders. She writhed and wriggled above her rigid boots before that too, was made impossible- all at once and nothing first, his exterior turned completely hard and her entire body became rigidly encased in an unmoving shell of living armor from crown to toe. Now she was quite unable to participate in the festivities, as Qet proceeded to massage, manipulate, stroke, plunge, and tweak every sensitive spot on or within her body, from inside his rigid exterior. 

Try as she might, she could not move a muscle- his form fit hers as if she had been dipped in black lacquer. As she watched in the mirror, both horrified and unbearably excited at the total control he possessed over her, she saw him change the color of his exterior. Her covering took on the appearance of natural human skin, gradually turning her into a nude hairless mannequin, flawlessly recreating her actual appearance on his exterior. She knew the illusion would be spoiled from behind, where her arms appeared to meld together, but she couldn't see that from her present position. Her first orgasm felt as though it would shatter her sanity, and waves of energy seemed to ricochet within the rigid exoskeleton. He began tugging and stretching her clitoris, while at the same time sucking on it softly. When he did the same to her nipples simultaneously, she exploded again, and seemed to lose consciousness for a time. 

When she came back to her senses, she was still facing the mirror, and another, somewhat different pattern of stimulation was being applied. For spice, or just to show that he could, she felt him writhe within her belly, felt him slide up and down in her throat, while he pulsed and wriggled inside her rectum and vagina. She felt another wave approaching, if possible, even stronger than the last, felt it break over her, finally consuming her consciousness. When she came to again, she was no longer standing up. She kept her eyes closed and carefully took stock of her situation. It felt as though she was sitting in a chair. Her arms were now free, and she was no longer held rigid, but by the firm pressure constricting her waist and the feelings of fullness throughout her body, she knew that Qet was still with her, still clothing her within himself. She opened her eyes. To her surprise, she saw that Riki was leaning over her, a concerned look on her face. Riki stared at Mona's reshaped nude body with alarm. Her skin seemed flushed, a different shade than usual, as from heavy exertion. "Mona, are you alright? You fainted. What did he do to you? Where is he?" At first, her lover gave no answer beyond a small moan. Then Mona smiled, reaching up slowly to touch Riki's face. Before Riki could react, Mona's skin seemed to become liquid, flowing rapidly beneath Riki's dress. By then, she was no longer able to pull away. The thick pink flesh continued to flow, enveloping her body, and then slowly, carefully, it began to draw the two women together. 

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