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7 AM Alarm

by Ramen

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© Copyright 2007 - Ramen - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; electroplay; toys; cons; X

7am Alarm

The alarm went off at 7am (as usual for a Tuesday) and my wife Julie began nudging me to get up. Tuesdays were always the worst: meetings throughout the day with so-called superiors discussing the latest problems with our programming of the previous week. Grudgingly I swung my feet out of bed and onto the carpet beside our bed.

“Make sure you shave today dear,” Julie snickered from the bed. I was too tired to give her a dirty look. She knew she didn’t have to get up until noon. Her nursing job dictated some odd working shifts and she took full advantage of rubbing it in when I had to get up several hours before she did. Accepting my fate I stood up, stretched, and made the journey to the shower.

Julie and I have been married for just over two years now and have known each other for about five. Together we make a good living; her with her nursing position and my computer programming provide ample income for our wants and desires. It was our mutual desire for everything bondage and latex that brought us together. We met over an internet chat site and through careful dating and such we managed to hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve indulged in dressing up in costumes, mostly latex, and we have quite an assortment of latex clothing for each of us. We’ve also ventured into what could be termed the lighter side of bondage with some heavier experimentation but never quite to the extreme. While showering I had no idea all of that was about to change.

Like a dutiful husband I shaved while in the shower and made sure I looked presentable for what I was expecting to be a tedious day. When I exited the bathroom Julie met me in her bathrobe. Knowing she wasn’t due at work ‘til noon I gave her a quizzical look. “What’s up?” I ask.

“Just felt like getting up with you. I’m hoping to get a few things done around the house today before I have to go into work.” she answered. I couldn’t help but notice a slight mischievous tone in her statement. Since I was still waking up I didn’t give it much thought. She went into the bathroom to shower and I proceeded into the bedroom to get dressed. Entering the bedroom I saw a note on the bed with a pile of clothing underneath it. I picked up the note and read:

“Hi honey, just thought you might enjoy a different day today, listening to a different superior, ME. I called your work and left a message that you were feeling too sick to come in. I have also called Susan to switch shifts with me at the hospital. If this is agreeable to you, like you have a choice in the matter, then get dressed in the items I have laid out for you and be ready for when I get out of the shower. They’re in order from top to bottom so to speak. Love Jules”

Underneath the letter I saw an assortment of latex clothing. I thought to myself, “What has that little minx got planned for me today?” I considered the option of just going into work and perhaps postponing the adventure until tonight. Yeah, considered it for about a microsecond.

Ditching my bathrobe I began sorting through the pile of clothing. I knew Julie wouldn’t be in the shower for much longer so I set about putting on the talc that she had thoughtfully included. Once I was doused in white powder I picked up the first item, latex briefs, and slid them up my legs. The briefs had a hole in the front, which I shoved my dick through and there was also a small anal plug that had a gathering of latex around it. Feeling around the outside there was a metal threaded nub which I presumed would attach to something but at this time I didn’t know what. With the briefs comfortably in place and the plug delicately inserted, I then picked up a pair of latex pants that had feet attached and an open crotch area. No matter what Julie had in mind she definitely wanted access to my nether regions. The next item was a long sleeved t-shirt with gloves attached and a high collar. After struggling with the shirt and the gloves I was almost totally encased in latex.

I was already beginning to get hard. In part from the tight restricting feel of the latex and in part of fantasizing what Julie had planned for me. I then heard the water in the shower shut off and knew I had to be quick to get the last item on before Julie came into the bedroom. The last item was an incredible black catsuit with attached feet. Again there was an opening for my penis and a hole to access my butt.

The thought of putting on another layer of latex filled me with both excitement and trepidation. The thought of two layers of air tight latex closing in on me at all times and in all places made my head swim. I dusted my current latex suit and began to slip into the catsuit through the zipper in the back. As I inched my foot through the first leg the constriction of the second layer caused me to falter and I had to lean on the night table to regain my balance. And this was just getting dressed. Who knows what Julie was going to do with me once she came in? I tried my best to concentrate on other things while struggling into the catsuit but my cock was standing up aching for attention.

I had just managed to get my gloved hands into the catsuit gloves and straightened out the sleeves when Julie came into the room. She was still damp from the shower and casually drying herself off with a towel. She seemed to purposefully drape the towel over her private parts as she patted herself dry, teasing me with quick glimpses of her lithe body. Every nerve of my body was screaming for her attention, her caresses, but without a word she walked up to me, turned me around, and slowly zipped up the back of the catsuit. I could feel each tooth of the zipper pull the catsuit tighter around my body encasing me ever more in black latex. The restriction was an incredible sensation as every nerve was now being caressed by latex.

When the zipper reached the top I turned to her and asked, “What ever are you going to do with me now?’

With a sly grin on her face she replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know? I’ll have to finish dressing you first.”

Granted, there were still a few exposed spots of skin, namely my head and my now rock-hard cock but I kept wondering how far she was going to take this scene. I didn’t have to wait long before I found that there was still much further to go.

She told me to stay put as she wrapped the towel around herself and then went into bedroom closet for a few seconds. She pulled out what looked like an ordinary shopping bag and placed it on the bed. She reached in the bag and pulled out some more latex items. I couldn’t believe it. More latex!?! Not that I was about to argue but I figured I had enough on for an entertaining day. The first couple of items were latex mitts, except they were very narrow and had no thumbs. They were more like latex socks for very small feet. She pulled at the opening and slipped it over my right hand. She had me curl my latex covered fingers into a fist and once my fist reached the end of the sock, she let go of the end and it snapped in place half way up my arm. The latex must have been slightly thicker than the rest of my clothing because I could barely move my fingers within the tight confines of the sock. As I gazed in wonderment at my latex covered stump, Julie grabbed the second sock and deftly encased my left hand in the same manner.

It occurred to me that both hands were now virtually useless. I couldn’t open my hands out of the fists they were now forced into. This meant that there was no way I could unzip the catsuit or effectively play with myself even though my straining cock was still exposed. Julie must have sensed my burgeoning fear and started to caress my body telling me to relax.

“Don’t worry dear,” she said rather condescendingly. “I plan on taking good care of you and that wonderful cock of yours today.” Those comments would have been reassuring if not for the sinister grin she had on her lips. I began to protest but she put a finger to my lips to keep me quiet and reminded me that I had indeed agreed to this and I was welcome to end the scene and go to work instead if I wished. The thought of going to work helped to keep my mouth shut for the remainder of the dressing process.

The next item out of the bag was a latex open face hood. I was already sweating but with a few extra tugs Julie got it on my head. I was actually surprised by this because I figured that with all the other latex on me surely a full-face hood would be more appropriate. Remembering my other option for today’s activities I resigned to silence. Julie fumbled in the bag once more and produced a 3” wide leather posture collar with straps and buckles. Without a word she carefully wrapped the collar around my neck and tightened the buckles until there was the slightest pressure on my neck. Then taking some small padlocks she locked the buckles in place.

Next was a pair of simple handcuffs that Julie put on my wrists behind my back. Double gloved in latex, I probably wouldn’t have been able to undo the zipper at the back of my neck, but now with the bondage mittens, locked posture collar, and handcuffs, there was no way out of this suit without Julie’s help. I was now effectively sealed in two layers of latex until Julie decided otherwise. I couldn’t have been more turned on.

Last out of the bag was an inflatable latex ball gag with a 2” strap. Realizing my helplessness I opened my mouth for acceptance of the gag without any prodding. Julie seemed to have it set in her mind of what was going to happen today and it was obvious any arguing on my part would not be tolerated. I knew she wouldn’t abuse me in order to get her way or to keep me quiet. She would merely end the scene and send me off to work, which we both knew, would be punishment enough.

The deflated latex entered my mouth and Julie strapped it down rather tightly. With a couple of pumps I was effectively silenced. Julie stepped back and gazed at the rubber mummy before her. Her movements began to change slightly into a more aggressive stance. The tenderness seemed to retreat in her eyes as she stalked around me surveying her handiwork much like a predator preparing to pounce. I began to fear what I had gotten myself into as she devoured me with her eyes. My breathing became harder and faster and a little more difficult since I could only get air through my nose.

With a quick flip of her fingers her towel dropped to the floor. My eyes widened as I took in her beauty. I glanced into the desk’s mirror and was able to see us together in the room. I marveled at the contrast. Julie was stunning in her nudity. Not a speck of clothing on her, skin still gleaming from her shower. Beside her was a body, mine, encased in two layers of black latex with only eyes, nose and dick showing.

She stepped forward and made a move toward my face. She grabbed the bulb of the gag and inflated it a couple of more times. The bladder inside my mouth was already full as far as I was concerned but now it pushed my jaws apart and made any movement of my mouth impossible. My tongue was forced down and the only noise I could manage was a guttural whine through my nose.

With one hand she grabbed the handcuff key from the night-table and with the other slipped a finger through the ‘D’ ring on the front of the posture collar and led me rather unceremoniously out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into our playroom. It had been a couple of weeks since we had ventured into the playroom. Julie had said something about a month ago about minor renovations she wished to make.  When the door opened and I looked inside I indeed saw something new. There was a chair in the centre of the room. It looked like a simple barber’s chair but with a few attachments that gave it a much more ominous appearance. The chair was covered in black latex, much like I was at the moment, and had straps hanging all about it. The headrest, back, arm supports, seat, leg supports and foot support all had strong looking leather straps hanging from them. The first thing I considered was ‘bondage chair’. The next ting I considered was how utterly helpless someone would be strapped in that chair. Julie had decided to take our bondage experimentation to an extreme new level.

My eyes grew wide and I started to take a step back. Julie’s grasp on my collar was firm and she did not let me get far. Almost forcefully, she pulled me toward the chair and directed me to sit down. My fear and trepidation was running amok but my desire, curiosity and excitement won out. As best I could, I settled onto the chair and tried to ease my breathing and relax. She unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back, and pushed me back into the chair.  She used the open cuff to re-lock my right wrist to the chair and with silent efficiency she began to strap down my left arm. There seemed to be no end in the number of straps encircling my arm. Once she was satisfied with my left arm she began with my right. After a couple of straps she removed the cuffs and continued on with my arm and the rest of my body.

Step by step and strap by strap she eliminated all movement from my body. Wrists, forearms, elbow, upper arms, shoulders, straps encircling, tightening down until my arms were totally useless. Chest straps so that my breathing became even more laboured. Straps across my stomach, across my hips just above my aching cock, across my thighs just below. Two more straps for my thighs and three more for my lower legs. There were even straps for my latex encased feet. I was beginning look like the Michelin man with the latex bulging through all the strapping. Utterly helpless was an understatement for my situation. The only thing that could twitch was my cock every time Julie’s long hair brushed against it.  I had never felt so close to orgasm without physical attention than I did at that moment.

Without a word Julie then continued to strap down my head. The first strap went across my forehead and another went across my chin thus immobilizing my head and forcing the gag even deeper into my mouth. Now my only movement was restricted to my eyes shifting back and forth trying to see what Julie was doing next. She disappeared out of sight and I began to get a little panicky. The only thing I could see was the single blank wall of our playroom, the only thing I could hear was my struggling to breathe and the only thing I could feel was confinement. I couldn’t hear her bare feet on the floor and I couldn’t catch sight of any movement in the room. Any effort against my bonds was futile.

Then, faintly, I heard some wheels rolling across the floor. Julie came back pushing a television stand with a colour TV and DVD set up. This she put right front of my view. She then went out of view, returning moments later with what looked like a computer console with many wires coming out of it. She began hooking up the computer console with the TV and DVD and plugged everything in. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the computer screen start to load up and Julie typed in some commands calling up a file. After a few minutes, which seemed like hours in my predicament, Julie finally turned to me.

“Well this won’t do at all,” she said gazing down at my straining dick. She reached down and began stroking it. I closed my eyes and let go of all reality. My entire world was centering on her hand enveloping my aching cock and within seconds release came. My cock exploded on her hand and my mind exploded in ecstasy. As soon as my spunk came out Julie stopped. I was in agony. All I wanted was more stroking but I was helpless to say or do anything to encourage her. My head was spinning. The constrictive bonds and tight unrelenting latex pressing in on me from all angles was beginning to take its toll. I didn’t know at the time how much longer I would remain at the mercy of Julie at her plans that day.

With the pressure in my cock now gone I began to relax a little. I realized the futility of any struggling against the latex or against the multitude of straps immobilizing my body. I was reduced to a latex covered toy with which Julie could play. Probably what she had in mind all along.

Julie cleaned her hands up and then gathered up some more ‘equipment’. With my cock still relatively hard she slid a tube over the length of my cock. Out of the end of the tube there were wires that I presumed ran to the computer. The base of the tube had a couple of straps that Julie ran under by butt securing the base of the tube against the base of my cock. She then began to fumble under my butt. The first thing I noticed was my insides expanding. I figured that she had attached a pump to the metal screw and pumped up my butt plug a few times. What I couldn’t see, and she explained later, was another set of wires coming from the butt plug to the computer. With that finished, Julie came into view and sat on my thighs.

“Allow me to explain your situation dear. As you can no doubt imagine, you are totally helpless. So much so that if I even so much as pinch your nose, your breathing will stop for as long as I decide. I don’t desire to play with that aspect of your body…yet. For the next little while I’m going to play with your sex and your mind. Or rather, my computer program will. You have no doubt been wondering about all these wires. Well, the tube around your cock has several functions. It will act as stimulator, punisher and cleaner. It has numerous little nubs on the inside, which I’m sure you will feel once you get hard again. Each nub can move independently to provide stimulation or produce a mild electrical shock for punishment. The end of the tube is hooked up to a mild vacuum that will act as part stimulation and part cleaner.”

“But wait there’s more! Generally when a man is about to come he will contract his sphincter muscles. This is where your ingenious little butt plug comes in. Inside the inflated sheath are a sensor and a vibrator. The sensor detects pressure changes so that when your butt muscles contract it will send a signal to the computer. I’ve programmed an assortment of responses to this signal. Sometimes the computer will shut down the other stimuli, sometimes it will shock you, and sometimes it will increase the stimulation until you explode. It’s set on a random generator so you’ll never really know what to expect next. The vibrator I’m sure you can figure out. But I should explain that I inflated the plug with water so that every vibration will be felt by your insides.” With that and a sinister grin she got off my lap and returned to the computer chuckling to herself.

I took it all in and my understanding of the situation became clear. I was fucked! The little minx had basically plugged my remaining senses into a computer designed to sexually arouse, frustrate, punish, tease and torment me for I don’t know how long. In spite of my earlier acceptance of the situation I began to struggle. The thought of being tormented by a computer program was nothing of which I wanted to be a part. After a few exasperating minutes of getting literally nowhere I closed my eyes and awaited my fate.

When Julie finished her typing she turned to look at me and, seeing my eyes closed, explained one more thing. “This last item is the crowning glory. In front of you is a TV, which will play a recording of some of yours and my more favourite latex and bondage scenes just to keep you aroused. I’m sure the cock tube will suffice but visual stimulation is so important to men. Just in case you wish to keep your eyes closed to escape the display, I have this item that will surely prevent keep your eyes open.” She then placed what looked to be a ‘Lone Ranger’ mask over my eyes. This mask also had wires running to the computer.

“This mask,” she explained, “will detect if your eyes close for any length of time greater than a prolonged blink. Again it is set up to a program so that it knows if you are trying to escape the visual stimulus or genuinely needing a rest. Unfortunately for you, deciding when you need a rest will not be up to you. Just a few more connections and you’ll be all set. I’m going for a pleasant bike ride now and should be back in a few hours.”

Hours?!!? Did she say hours?!? How the hell was I going to last hours in this get up. I was sure I had already sweated a gallon inside my latex prison. What if I passed out? What if she had an accident and didn’t return? What if a car hit her? What if she forgot her keys? What if…? What if…? Again, without any thought I began to struggle, straining against the straps that held me fixed in position. My eyes bulged out of their sockets pleading with Julie not to leave me like this. Hours? I wasn’t going to last minutes!

Julie pressed one final key and the program began. Instantly the TV came on with a scene of a girl tied up inside a plastic bag. She was able to breathe through a tube that extended from a gag strapped around her head that penetrated the bag that enveloped her. Her body looked like it had been wrapped in cling film so her struggles looked like a fish out of water. Each breath she took moved the plastic around her head in and out as if she was using her nose as well to breathe. Her body was twisting frantically trying to get free but the cling film was unrelenting. Each breath in brought the plastic closer to her face allowing her panic-stricken eyes to show through.

As this image was played out on the screen, my own personal little torment had begun. The nubs inside my cock-tube had begun to massage my dick and the anal plug also began to vibrate. This combined with the scene on the TV was getting me hard very quickly. Julie stroked my cheek with the back of her hand, signaling it was time for her to leave. She turned toward the door and said at last as she stood in the doorway, “Now isn’t this better than going into work?” I could still hear her laughing as she shut the door and went for, I assumed, her bike ride.

Now, left alone in our playroom I had no choice but to immerse myself in the images and computer programmed stimulus provided me by my wife. The struggling girl on the TV looked to have calmed down and her struggles were more subdued. She was losing her battle against the plastic enveloping her. I was getting incredibly turned on by the scene in front of me. I had no idea that breath play was so erotic. The poor girl on the screen seemed to be in much the same predicament as I. Totally helpless and subject to the whim of some other person. The parallel between us only increased my excitement. I could almost switch places with her in my mind except that my breathing was through my nose and hers through her mouth.

As the vibration in my ass increased, so did the massaging motion of the nubs. I was getting very close to orgasm and was looking forward to the release. Try as I might, I could not do anything to improve the situation. My hips were forced into the chair so no thrusting was allowed and my hands were absolutely useless in the mitts let alone being strapped down tight. In spite of my desire to help out, the computer program was doing an excellent job of building the excitement and bringing me closer to orgasm. My breaths were getting quicker and shallower as were the girl’s on the screen. It looked like she too was getting turned on in spite of her situation. As her body wriggled within the plastic bag I was getting to the brink of release. I could feel the pressure build inside me as the nubs increased their pace. The head of my cock was ready to burst when everything stopped.

Noooooooo, I cried inside my head. What the hell? I was so close!

I had completely forgotten about the butt plug sensor deactivating everything. The image on the screen paused with the girl still trapped in the bag but there was no movement. The nubs in the cock-tube had ceased their relentless massage, the vibration from the butt plug ceased; everything just stopped. I tried desperately to catch my breath. I’m sure I sweated another cup-full in that little episode. My eyes shifted frantically to find some release but no relief was found. I was completely at the mercy of Julie’s program. I had never felt so helpless. I had never felt so turned on. And as a strange twist I also had never felt so much in love with my wife. I began to recognize how much effort she put in to my enjoying this day off.

I closed my eyes to get a mental picture of my dear wife and then ZAPPPP!! An electrical shock went through my groin like a freight train. It felt as if my dick was on fire. Screaming silently into my gag, my eyes burst wide open and, as suddenly as it appeared, the shock ended. I wanted to close my eyes again to guard against the pain but remembering the programmed mask I had to try to relax with eyes wide open.

As soon as I thought I had my breathing under control again the stimulation started up. The nubs began their little dance on my dick and the vibrations churned my body from within. The movie continued with the girl writhing on the floor trying to escape her plastic cocoon. Once again my cock began to react to everything going on and I became lost in a sea of stimulation.

The girl on the screen reacted to something coming toward her and tried to squirm away but couldn’t get too far. A woman in a black catsuit and mask approached the girl and knelt down beside her. In her hands was a latex balloon. The catsuited lady leaned down, opened the end of the balloon and slipped it over the tube that the trapped girl was breathing through. Panic struck the poor girl in the plastic cocoon. She wanted to thrash about; try to get free of the cling film, try to get free of the enveloping plastic bag, and to get free of the inevitable suffocation but the catsuited lady held her firm.

The stimulation of my dick and ass rose as if it were timed with the images on the screen. I was getting more and more aroused as the girl on the screen struggled to get fresh air. As her panic rose, her rate of breathing increased, as did mine. She tried breathing through her nose only to have the plastic around her face rise and fall. When she tried breathing through her mouth the balloon inflated and deflated. No matter what she did, her air was running out. Upon seeing this the catsuited lady leisurely leaned further down and grabbed a bundle of plastic behind the girl’s head and pulled it tight. The girl could no longer breathe through her nose and was forced to breathe into the balloon. The plastic trapped girl was struggling to get free as well as struggling to breathe into the balloon. Each exhale had to be forced out of her lungs into the constricting latex balloon. With each inhale the balloon forced the air back into the girl’s lungs faster than she was able to take it. Some air escaped into the bag and subsequent exhales seemed smaller and smaller. Her struggles began to lose strength. Her battle against asphyxiation was gradually being lost.

Similarly my battle against coming was being lost. With each of the girl’s breaths I was closer to exploding into the tube encasing my shaft. I remembered the programming of the butt plug and tried to relax my sphincter muscles as best I could. I tried to control my breathing and think of other things but the vision of the girl struggling to breathe and squirming in her plastic cocoon was too much. I was convinced that programming or no I was going to let go this time. Nope. Once again everything stopped and the girl on the screen paused as if time itself had ended. It was excruciating to get that close only to be shut down. Tears were welling up in my eyes as my whole body was crying, aching for release. I couldn’t even shake my head in frustration. My only hope was that next time the program might grant me the answer to my craving.

After several minutes of agonizing relaxation the program started up yet again. I was silently cursing the continuation as I was convinced I would be brought to the brink only to be denied once again. I couldn’t go through it again. I figured my mind would burst before my groin did. I had no choice though. If my mind was going to go, there was nothing I could do about it. I had to focus. Had to concentrate on the matter at hand. Must retain sanity. It was a little difficult to say the least. Remaining rational while encased in latex, inescapably strapped in a chair, while a computer relentlessly played with my sexual senses was not the easiest thing to do.

The girl on the screen was almost out. Out cold that is. I was giving up hope for her when the catsuited lady released the balloon and the plastic shrouding her face. Even through my latex hood, I could hear the girl’s breathing coming in gulps through the tube of her gag. The plastic bag would encase her nose with each breath in as she could barely get enough air through the tube but her breathing slowly regained its composure. My own breathing was beginning to get back to normal also since the physical stimulation hadn’t started yet. Yet.

Sure enough the nubs and vibration came alive. My somewhat flaccid cock began to grow inside the tube. As the pressure inside the tube grew, the effect of the nubs grew. Every nerve in my dick was being massaged and excited by little nubs once again. On screen, the girl began to struggle more violently again, seeming to get some her strength back with the fresh air allowed her. The plastic squirming and struggling only enhanced my own excitement, as I became rock hard inside my massaging tube. The catsuited lady appeared on screen and knelt down beside the girl once more. This time she had a shopping bag in her hand that was held closed by an elastic band. She opened the end of the bag and slipped it over the girl’s tube and let the elastic snap tight. Again the girl inside the plastic cocoon was subject to suffocation. For some reason the girl resolved to only breathe through her nose and the small bag barely rose or fell with each breath.

As her fresh air began to run out I began to get more and more excited. The nubs around my cock continued their erotic massage and the vibrations of the butt plug quivered in my ass bringing me closer to orgasm. The catsuit lady didn’t seem satisfied with the girl’s decision to breathe through only her nose and again grabbed the plastic behind the girl’s head and pulled it tight. The girl panicked. She thought she could delay the inevitable by predicting the latex lady’s wishes. Being forced to breathe through her mouth only caused her to start struggling and thrashing about. Every breath was now coming faster and faster as she fought against her captor. My own breathing sped up as well trying to get enough air through my nose to keep me going, The unmerciful stimulators continued their assault on my body as yet again I approached orgasm.

With a fleeting rational thought I tried contracting my ass in hopes to control when the program would end. But it didn’t end. A small hope entered my mind. Perhaps I would be permitted to cum this time.

The girl’s breaths were really getting shallow now. Her struggles were reduced to shakes of her head; trying to get the latex lady to release her. The lady did not. In and out went the shopping bag, faster as the girl was getting less and less precious oxygen. Her lungs were being filled but not with the gas she needed to stay alive. The small bag was getting sucked into the tube as the girl tried in vain to get the air she needed. Her eyes bulged out from beneath the body bag trying to plead for release. I felt her struggles. I found myself breathing in sync with her only I was able to get air. Just when I thought she was going to succumb to the suffocation the latex lady removed the bag. The girl gasped again for breath. From within her plastic body bag and cling wrap I could see her chest heaving with each breath of fresh air.

My breathing remained in sync with her as I too was heaving. The stimulation of my cock and butt did not cease. I was ever so close to cumming again but the fear of the program stopping held me back. When I thought I could endure the stimulation the latex lady brought the bag back over the girl’s tube. At this time a new sensation at my cock-tube began. There was a slight vacuum being put on the tube drawing my dick completely into the tube and forcing it against the nubs. This added sensation and the girl once again struggling to breathe overcame my resolve. I strained against my bonds trying to buck into the tube but the straps held me tight. I watched as the girl thrashed about trying to throw the latex lady off her so she could breathe. Just to breathe. Only to breathe. Then the lady did something diabolical. Timing it with the girl’s exhale, she reached down with her free hand and squeezed the shopping bag, pushing the remaining air into the girl’s body bag. With her fist still bound in plastic behind the girl’s head, the bag bulged slightly and then escaped into the rest of the bag. The girl had no more air. Struggle as she might, each inhalation only brought the plastic closer to her face and further down the tube. Exhaling produced nothing. There was no air for her lungs to rebreathe. Nothing. Her body began convulsing; her eyes pleaded through plastic for air. The latex lady refused.

As her struggles continued my own body was ready to explode. The nubs had begun a new massage. They seemed to act in unison, stroking the length of my cock much like being inside my wife’s pussy. This had to be it. The part of the program that would let me come. I gave in. Every fibre of my body tensed as I stared in disbelief at the girl slowly losing her battle to breathe. As her struggles reached their pinnacle, my body shuddered into a glorious explosion of sensations. I lost track of time; existence became a blur of plastic, latex, straps, and Julie holding the fabric of my reality in the palm of her hand. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over my body. Every latex covered nerve tingled with a heightened experience. My whole body convulsed within its confines, exploded in pleasure, then shivered in afterglow.

Everything then stopped. The computer program, the image on the TV screen, and I think, my consciousness all stopped. I must have passed out because my next sensation was Julie removing the equipment from my body. She was taking off the tube from my spent cock and gave me a couple of squeezes just to remind me of who was still in charge. She may have been evilly smiling at me but at this point I could barely grasp reality let alone her facial expression. I was still in another world. A world of plastic, latex, straps, confinement, and sexual bliss. A world Julie had created for me. A world I was not about to leave any time soon.



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