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Sent to Master

by Terri

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© Copyright 2001 - Terri - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; crate; instructions; depilatory; enema; buttplug; catheter; latex; stockings; gloves; hood; catsuit; boots; cuffs; collar; gag; trunk; packaged; cons; X

Hi my name is Jen you are joining me on my way to answer my door. I am wearing just my robe that is big and fluffy and does not show much at all. But under it, which you and the person ringing the doorbell cannot see, is my small (5’5, 110 lbs) body. I have small (32B) firm breasts with pink nipples that are very sensitive. And my nicely shave pussy.

I open the door to say “hello,” to the UPS man standing there beside a large crate.

“I have a package for a Jen Sinclair,” He says to me.

“I am Jen Sir,” Not ever being able to call a Man anything but Sir or Master.

“It’s a large package, where would you like it Ma’am?” He says as I sign for it.

“Just inside the door will be fine Sir.”

After he had brought in the 4-foot long crate. He left, I closed the door and turned back to the large crate wondering what is in it. I got a crow bar and opened the top of the crate. Inside I find a large manila envelope on top of what looks to be a shiny metal trunk. I grab the envelope take it to the kitchen to sit down and read it with a cup of coffee.

Now I am sitting with a fresh coffee while I open the envelope with shaky hands. In the envelope are several others all numbered but one, which says “OPEN ME FIRST”. So I do and this is what it says:

Dear slave,

You know me as Master Lars. I have sent you this package as you have applied to be my slave. I know everything I need to know about you as we have chatted many times online and you have agreed to become my 24/7 slave. FOREVER. Now is the chance to back out if you think that this is not for you. I know that this is a big decision for an 18-year-old girl. Just put everything back into the crate and send it back to the return address and move on with your life. If you want to continue then read on.

Ok I see you are still reading on which means you now belong to me so you better be naked now. I want you delivered at the end of the week, so tie up all your loose end (sorry about the pun). After that then on Wednesday you may open letter one. Make sure to cancel your lease, all your utilities. There is no need to bring anything I have not said in the letters. I just need your body and mind. Now you are to do this entire thing with only a sundress and shoes on and nothing else understood. You are to also only be on a liquid diet starting today. Now do these things and read the next letter on Wednesday my slave.
Master Lars.

Wow I could not believe what has just happened. I was sweaty and shaking now. What was I to do this is what I have always wanted. Well I guess I better get to it and do as I am told.

It is now Wednesday morning and I am sitting at the table with a coffee again with the letter number 1 in front of me. I have everything tied up as I was told. Now I am shaking again as I open this letter:

Dear slave,

Good I see you have made it this far so now there is no turning back. Now go to the crate and get the trunk out. Do it now!

I do as I am told. I have sitting by my front door a shiny stainless steel trunk 4’ long, 3’ wide and 3’ high. Just big enough for me to kneel in. it is open but I have not been told to look inside yet so I don’t. I go back to the letter.

Good now slave I want you to go into the trunk (it is open do not close it after you lift the lid up). I want you to get the container in the trunk it is right on top. Then go to the bathroom and follow the instructions on it to remove all your body hair. Do it now!

I do as I am told to the bathroom and spread the thick gooey hair remover all over my body. I do this from head to toe. It says to leave it on for 15 mins. It feels like red-hot chili has been applied all over my body and is quite uncomfortable. I then washed it all off as said in the instructions. As I stand under the warm water all my hair falls from my body and goes into the drain.

“Well I guess that would be a problem if I was staying here any longer”, I giggle to myself.

I dry off and see myself in the mirror. What a sight, I have never seen anything like it before. I looked like a little kid again but I guess I am still only 18. I walk back to the kitchen the air cool on my skin. I pick up the letter again.

Good slave you should be hairless now. You will stay that way forever, as that hair remover was permanent. On we go then slave you should go to the trunk again and get the enema bag, the solution for it, and the anal plug that is in there. You are to take 5 2-quart enemas they are labeled in the order you are to take them. Then after you are sure you have been totally cleaned and emptied you are to put in the anal plug. Do it now!

Being so horny now I go back to the bathroom and clean myself out 5 times like I was told. I then sat on the toilet for sometime making sure I have gotten it all out of me. Then I insert the large plug into my ass, it was very large and hurt a lot. Master never mentioned any lube so I did not use any. This done I went back to the kitchen. That being the end of that letter I opened the number 2 letter it read:

Dear slave,

Now it is time to get you ready for the next phase of your shipping. I want you to go to the trunk and get out the small black box and the big red box and set them on your bed. Then come back here and read on. With that done I want you to go to the trunk and get out the white box and go to the bathroom. There you will insert the catheter and use the 50mm syringe to fill it up full so it will not come out of you.

I walked to the trunk and took the 2 boxes to my room still with the very uncomfortable anal plug in my ass. Then I went and got the white box and went to the bathroom. I inserted the catheter in my urethra and started filling it up with the syringe. I hurt so bad as I was just at the 30mm mark but I slowed and took my time. Finally finished I went back to the kitchen with the hose dangling between my legs. The pain was intense. Back in the kitchen I pick up the 3rd letter and it reads:

Dear slave,

Glad you are continuing my slave not much left but to dress you. So you will go to your room and put on the latex garments in the red box. There is a note in there of which order to put them on. Then open the black box and put the things in there on too. Then come back and read the last letter. Do it now!

I go to the bedroom and open the red box pull out the note first and set it aside. Then I start pulling out the pieces of latex. First of the things to come out was a pair of clear latex stockings. I set them aside also. Moving on I pull out clear latex gloves, a clear latex hood that has eye and nose hole and a mouth hole. Then I pull out the big piece a black latex cat suit. It was so nice like a work of art. So shiny but it felt heavy and stiff yet silky. There was also a pair of black knee high latex ballet boot.

Checking the note I started with the clear latex stockings pulling them up my super smooth legs. I was taking my time with everything I did not want to rip anything. I then pulled on the latex gloves they sent tingles around my body. They reached all the way up to my armpits. I then put on the latex hood. It was very tight but fit my bald skull perfect. I then went and got some talcum powder and sprinkled it all over my body so the catsuit would slip over the other latex.

Getting the catsuit I slowly inch myself into it squeezing myself into it as I go. It was very tight and hard to get into. After about 30 mins I had it over my hips and fishing out the catheter through the hole in the front for it. After getting it up and over my shoulders and placing my fingers in the gloves. With the catsuit on I did not know what to do with myself I was shaking and I was so horny to know I was almost done. Last piece in this box was the ballet boots. I have never worn these before and did not know if I could even walk in them. Sitting down on the bed to put them on was a mistake as it pushed the plug in further. But I pushed on and put on the boots and tried to stand without falling over. This was not easy but I managed.

I then opened the black box that held ankle, wrist cuffs and a collar made of heavy latex. I put these on and looked to see what else was in the box all that was left was a ball gag with a tube coming from it and a black latex hood. The hood was face less with a small hole for the tube to go through and nose tubes in it. There was a note that said to not put on the hood yet.

I then went back to the kitchen and opened that last letter. By this time I was so scared I did not know if I should go on. I opened the last letter: Dear slave,

I hope you like you new clothes as you might be in them for a while. To move on now because we are on a tight schedule. Read the rest of this letter before you do any of it. I want you to pull the trunk out your back door and kneel in it. There is a set of slots for your boots to fit in to. Then you are to lock your ankle cuffs to the open and waiting lock that will be there. With that done I want you to hook your catheter to the short hose in the trunk. Then you are to put on the hood make sure you look around the trunk to make sure you know where everything is before you do this. Then you are to close the lid. After that you are to hook up the hose on the chin rest to your hood and gag. Then lock your collar to the chin rest. Last but not least you are to lock your cuffs to the pins in the side of the trunk, this should not be that hard just push the pins into the holes.

Good bye slave and see you soon. Now hurry the UPS man will be there soon.

Master Lars I am now all locked into the trunk as I did all that was in the letter to a T. I have been here for what seems like hours and it is getting hot in here. I thought I might not have anything to drink but I was wrong. He had set it up so I was recycling my own urine.

My thoughts were interrupted by my trunk moving. Wow I thought to myself here we go I was on my way. But to where?…

End of part 1


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