Gromet's PlazaLatex Stories


by Querthe

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© Copyright 2010 - Querthe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; rainwear; catsuit; corset; public; motel; breathplay; oral; climax; cons; X

When the bus stopped to fill the fuel tank, Susan opened her eyes suddenly.

"Gosh, I fell asleep." She murmured rubbing her eyes with her hands. "And we are only at the early afternoon... There is still a day and a half before we will arrive in New York on this bus."

She looked distractedly outside through the bus window, and watched that they stopped more or less fifty meter from the bus stop shelter. Under it there was only a figure, a female one, enveloped in a long and glistening black cape completed with a big hood. She also noted that it was raining heavily, with a lead grey colour in the sky and thunder was rumbling not too far away.

"Wonderful. I haven't got any umbrella with me and I have no spare dresses..." she smirked, adjusting her body on the seat.

The dark figure moved, letting her see better the long and apparently heavy cape that was hiding her body as much as the big hood was hiding completely her face.

"She seems to be the female counterpart of the bad guy in that movie, Star Wars."

Surely the figure was a woman, considering the presence of breasts and the high heels of her shoes or boots. She was not too sure, the cape was brushing the ankles and the distance, united with the rain, was not helping her to see in a good way. The figure slowly started to walk near the bus with small, quite mincing steps, until she arrived near the vehicle.

Angela lost her, no more viewing her from her position, but she heard indistinctly that she was gently speaking with the driver, that with a grunting sound run in order to recover the grey rigid luggage of her, then putting it inside the bus, on the luggage tank under the passengers seats. The driver helped her to climb the three steps of the bus entrance and lead her to the first free seat, which was the one near Susan.

"This seat is free. Near you there is a woman." He stopped and addressed to Susan. "Please help her with the seatbelt. We’re slightly behind our schedule, and I have to start this bus in a few seconds..." Then he left, without waiting for an answer.

A couple of passengers were looking at the strange figure, dripping slowly some water on the floor, then returned to look at their books, newspapers or play with the portable consoles they had. The figure was apparently waiting on the aisle, the heavy rubber cape armless, no indication where arms slits could be or how the garment could be opened.

"Sorry to bother you, Madame, but I really need your help." the stranger said to her, but not looking directly to her eyes, only in the general direction, her head lowered, totally concealed by the hood. "You see, I'm armless, so..."

"Yes, obviously, but no problem. Take a seat, please."

Slowly, as trying to feel the seat arm with her leg, she seated rigidly, so Susan could close the seatbelt at her waist.

"Thank you. By the way, my name is Selene. It’s nice to meet you."

"Susan, and it’s nice to meet you too. Do you need help with your cape and hood too?"

"No thank you. I prefer to remain covered. It was really cold outside, so in here, the latex cape will help me to warm up a little."

"Ah, I understand. It seems really heavy. Custom made?"

"More or less… Not my design choice, but made to my exact measurements. No need for arms, and I also prefer to conceal my face after the... Oh, sorry, I'm boring you."

"No, not at all. Are you headed to New York?"

"Yes. I will be met by my brother there and he will help me to the hospital for tests to see if they can do something for my torso, maybe some artificial arms or something similar."

"I'm sure they will find a solution. You said something that let me think you lost your arms in an accident. Was it a car?"

Selene shook her head.

"Fire… A fire in my house. The structure was old and made practically only in wood. A problem on the electric line created a small fire that burned practically everything in less than one hour. A big portion of a beam that was supporting the roof landed over me. When I woke up, one week had passed, and my arms, along with most of my skin and eyes were gone."

"Your face too," Susan asked, quite concerned.

"Yes, from left cheek to eyes, both ears and forehead. I lost more than half of my scalp as well. This obviously means that I'm blind too."

"Oh my goodness... And you travel alone in these conditions?"

"What can I do? At home a maid is helping me, but as for getting around, well… The bus is perfect and up to now, in these last five years, I found always someone gentle enough, just like you, to help me out for the small things I can not do alone."

The two started to talk for a while, as the miles were eaten up by the bus. Susan looked sometime at her silent companion, apparently sleeping with her head down over her prominent chest, her body still rigid as a post under the big cape. She observed the edges of the hood, judging the thickness of it.

‘It's one tenth, maybe one and half, tenth of an inch. It seems to not be doubled with cotton or other material, so her skin is directly in contact with the rubber.’

Susan also noted a hint of red hairs inside the cape, but she was not sure, and after a while, she also dozed off just like Selene.


"Thirty minutes to the next stop. All passengers with their final destination being Smalltown must recover their hand baggage without disturbing the others too much. We are in a hurry, don't slow us down."

"Not exactly an English lord, isn't it?" Selene gently laughed.

"Yes, I agree with you. Smalltown… So that means in about half an hour, we will stop for the night."

Selene nodded. "I'm at the 'Lone statue' motel."

"Me too. If it is ok for you, I can also help you up to your room."

"No need to take all this trouble for me, Susan."

"No way, it's already decided."

"Thank you, Susan. Ah, sorry, but it's still raining? I believe I can hear the rain going down."

"It's raining cats and dogs. And no umbrella or spare dresses..." she sighed.

"Mmmm… Maybe I can help! Dear, do you think that you and I are the same size?"

"More or less. Why?"

"I have some spare clothes in my luggage, and with this time they will be perfect on me and also on you. No fear if yours will be wet. You can use mine."

"Why thank you, Selene."

The two chatted about everything and nothing until the bus stopped again.

"The bus will restart tomorrow at eight o'clock. For your information, 'Lone statue' motel is on your left, while the other motel is closed. Some sort of problem with the health department, if I understood it right," The driver said as he put on a green raincoat and jumping out under the rain to unload the baggage.

"Oh my, but in this case what will happen to the passengers that reserved a room at the 'Munching cow'?"

"I guess they will be really angry..." answered Susan, looking at the faces and listening to the mumbling curses of half of the passengers.


Due to the heavy rain and the small steps of Selene, the two women arrived practically last inside the crowded hall of the motel. There, a riot was ready to start. People that had reserved a place and the people that didn't were now fighting to obtain a room, and already some shouting was coming over the air and some good offence to parents and relatives.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the receptionist shouted. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are really sorry for what happened to you, but you must understand that we have to give the rooms first to our clients, then the free ones will be used to accommodate most of you."

"What room did you reserve?"

"A double one. Why?"

"Me too. Do you think we can free up one room for the others and go in one room only?"

"Susan, are you sure about it? I'm not exactly easy to handle. I asked for a special room and service, and they gave me the only suitable room for a disabled that they had."

"Ok. I can still live in a special room, if I'm not disabled. They will not have to send a maid to help you, and we will still have a comfortable room, no?"

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes. Let me inform the receptionist."

Susan left Selene for a few minutes, using this time to push, pull, shout and squeeze herself across the crowd until she arrived at the desk and explained the situation.

A big grin appeared on the receptionist face, and he informed everyone just what she had just did to help the others.

A cheer and some applause rose up, and several people started to talk and mumble until a lot of them, if not all of them, merged two rooms into one, freeing up enough rooms for all the people.


With the room key in hand, they arrived at the small apartment. It was composed of a king bed, a small desk with a television and a bathroom with a shower and a WC equipped with bars for the disabled.

‘Not a big help if you can not see the bars or grab them though,’ Susan thought to herself. “Not the suite I imagined, but it’s still a good room for the night," she joked, dripping wet on the moquette floor. "Selene, you want to discard your cape?"

Selene shook her head.

"I can listen you are dripping from the rain. Take a hot shower while I discover the layout of the room with my touch. The cape will warm me a little."

"As you wish… I will not wait you to change your idea. I'm freezing in this wet jumpsuit. If you need me, just shout my name." Susan said, happy to undress from the cold and heavy jumpsuit. Also her underwear was wet.

She went on the shower and enjoyed a long and relaxing massage from the water, using a lot of perfumed soap and washing also her shoulder length blonde hair.

"Luckily mine are straight, so no need to comb or iron them," she thought as she towelled herself off and putting the jumpsuit and the underwear over the warmer. "Hopefully, they will be dry tomorrow, or I will have to use my pyjamas to go around."

Selene was waiting seated on the bed.

"How do you feel after the shower?"

"Like I was reborn," Susan sighed, opening her suitcase and rummaging around for underwear and the old jumpsuit with patches she used as pyjamas. “Are you ready to be uncapped," she asked when she had finished dressing herself.

"Are you sure you want to see me? It's not a problem for me to stay caped."

"You speak as you are a monster."

"Maybe I am."

"Ah, stop it! Where is the opening of this rubber prison? Or I have to cut it?"

"No, no." she said half smiling. "Do you see the seam on the front?"


"It's not a seam, but a small flap that cover the zipper. But before you do anything else, search inside my external pocket on my luggage. There will be a small key with a red heart as a keyholder."

Susan searched for some seconds, then extracted what had been requested.

"Found it… Now what?"

"Ok. Start at the bottom of my cape and open the flap until you arrive at my neck. There, you must open the small padlock you will find, so you can run down the zipper and open finally the cape."

"Wow, it's quite complicated for a simple cape."

"Yes, I know, but the manufacturer I found that can handle the latex I need is not exactly what we can call a normal stylist, so the best way for me and him to obtain what we needed is to use his standard garments as much as possible. In details, all my dresses and accessories are from a fetish supplier, and if not necessary, I maintained also the fetish side of the dresses. I'm already in bondage, also a normal zipper for me it's a problem, so no need to pay a fee to have something removed I really don't care about."

"It seems correct to me. I imagined something similar seeing your cape, but well… Anyone is free to go around as they want, if this doesn't bother other people, no?"

"Yes, I think so."

Susan did as requested, and finally at the neck she saw her lower face, smiling in a shy manner. She then pulled down the zipper and turned around, grabbing the cape from the back and lifting it, helping Selene out of it.

"It's really heavy." Susan commented putting the garment on the bed, giving her back to the other. "How much does it weigh? Maybe about ten pounds or so?"

"Twenty pounds actually, it’s one and half inches thick. I like it that way."

"Now, if you could do my back," Selene asked while she turned around. Susan gasped.

"Selene, you are... are..."


"No, quite the opposite... This is quite strange, that is for sure, all of your body is covered in what? Rubber?"

"No, the finest latex you can find on the market. It's for my skin. It's sterile and it covers my scars."

Susan observed the woman in front of her. She was dressed in a skin tight black latex dress that was stopping just over the ankles. All her body was sheathed, from the neck down to the feet, in gleaming shiny latex.

Also her high heeled boots were in latex, thick and apparently quite rigid. The heels were probably five inches high. The lack of arms was incredibly accentuating her bust and breasts, transforming her in a sort of mannequin that was practically faceless, because the black rubber mask Selene had on was covering totally her head except for the triangle area of nose and mouth.

A long ponytail of curly red hairs was exiting from the top of her head.

Susan saw also the outline of straps around a far too tiny waist.

"Are you corseted under the dress?"

"Yes. The accident also damaged my spine, but with a good corset I can go around and it does the same thing that those bulky orthopaedic ones. A woman must still be stylish, even if they’re disabled, no?"

"Yes, I agree. Really, you are beautiful in a strange way, but you are beautiful. You remind me of that actress who played Catwoman in that Batman movie, years ago."

"Thank you. So you are not feared or scared or disgusted?"

"No, not at all, but I am fascinated. May I touch you?"

"Touch me? Yes, feel free to touch where you want. Not that I can stop you, no?"

Susan caressed Selene shoulders, then her side, feeling the long and strict corset that went down to the hips. Her hands touched the leg, and her fingers discovered something under the sleek and oily surface of the dress at the tights.

"The boots… They are crotch high and zipped up like the cape." Selene replied, sensing Susan’s confusion.

"That means that if you want to remove them..."

"Yes, I need the same padlock of the cape, and obviously someone willing to free me."

"And the latex is for your scars?"

"Yes. My skin is beyond the possibility of any aesthetical surgery, and I lost my sweat glands and a fair amount of my nerve endings. My skin is also really sensitive to infection, so this material is perfect for me. No need to wash a lot, no sweat produced, a good covering for aesthetical purposes and a good compression that is helping me to cope with the lack of sensations I'm receiving, or better not receiving from my skin."

"I understand..."

"The only bad side, if we want to call it bad, it's that the only available dresses manufacturers in such material are fetish shops, but I can cope with it. I have just to choose the most normal fashions on the bondage side, and they are practically perfect for me. The same for the masks or the boots..."

"I saw them. They are really beautiful. So high..."

Selene smiled. "Wait until you see my seven inches heel boots."

"Seven inches? No kidding, there’s no way."

"Susan, please, could you open my luggage? There is a red cardboard box. Inside there are my calves long ballet boots. I want to use them for the dinner, so you will see and believe."

The blonde opened as she was asked and gasped. "You have other dresses!"

"Yes. Feel free to browse and if something picks up your attention, feel free to try it on. But not the green dress. That one is mine for tonight. If I remember correctly, you will find also another cape in dark blue, a little thinner than mine, but still perfect for you to avoid going wet again. It has an internal zipper handle, so you will not need a lock, if you don't want it and you want to be able to free yourself." Selene smiled.

"Are you saying I can try something of yours on?"

"Why not? You are clean and you did say you were my size. The only problem is that all the dresses are armless."

"So there’s no way to try them on," Susan mumbled sadly to herself.

Selene gently smiled. "Well, you can always wriggle the dress over you and when you are tired of being armless; you can always move your arms down the hem of the dress and lift it up, freeing yourself."

"It's an idea."

"Good… Can you please, before starting to try the clothes on, undress me? In any case I have to change my dress, so you will be able to see my boots and the corset. And maybe help me out with something else."

"Ah, yes. The zipper on your back?"

Selene nodded, and turned in order to show her back to her friend. Susan pulled the zip down, arriving to run it down until she arrived half way to the calves, where she found another zipper that would run together with the first one. With the two in her hand, she opened the long gown that, Susan imagined, was trapping Selene legs in a Morticia Addams dress, and peeled away the stretchy latex membrane discovering a rigid white and black latex corset that was really similar to a torture device.

"Are you sure this is correct for your spine?"

"Yes, my back is perfect since I have it on. Why do you ask?"

Susan looked again at the corset. It was compressing Selene body from the base of the neck, covering the mask that apparently was continuing down the neck and underneath the corset, over the shoulders, to really the start of the tights, practically sheathing the whole torso and covering also the crotch area and the bottom. It was quite simple to understand why she was seating so rigidly and in a perfect position. Tons of black stays were embedded inside the corset, not only at the waist level, but also on the back and around the shoulders, giving her no movement at all.

The blonde could not see any lacing or other systems to unlace it, but she was too amazed to ask anything. She just moved her hands over the corset, feeling how warm it was and how beautiful it made Selene’s figure.

The dress was then folded on the floor, showing also the long black boots that were really brushing the crotch, only some inches under the corset edge. The few areas of skin that Susan thought she would be able to see on Selena were covered by shiny white latex.

Also for the boots, as the cape and the corset, there was apparently no opening, but the redhead had already said to her where the trick was.

"Nothing... You know, it's unbelievable what I see, but I like what I see. Do you need a help for the shower?"

"No thank you, I will not take a shower today. If you can see my skin, it's covered with white latex. It's a cat-suit that covers me completely and I practically remove it only few times every month, when I really need to bathe or take a shower. But if you want to, could you help me with my... How can I put it? Basic needs."

"Ah... yes... How..."

"Obviously, I can not just sit myself on a WC and do it. My diet is practically liquid. I blend everything in order to have the least amount of waste possible, but I still need to use a toilet. For the trip, I used a fetish trick to avoid going at the bathroom for solids, but liquids are another thing. If you look closer at my left leg, you should see a small black pipe attached to the boot, with a small white valve at the end of it, more or less at the knee height."

"I see it…"

"Ok, that one is my catheter. Please guide me to the WC and detach and direct the pipe, then open the valve. I feel I'm quite full by now."

"You mean that you will..."

"Well, men do it like this everyday..."

Susan guided her friend and as soon as she found the correct position, opened the valve, closing her eyes.

"I’m finished, thank you."

"Ok…" Susan replied, closing the valve and opening her eyes again.

"Now I think we can move onto your dress. Or have you changed your mind?"

"Not at all!"


"Are you sure I can try this and go out?"

"Yes, but if you are not sure, please, feel free to come back to your dresses."

Susan mumbled something while biting her lips with her teeth. She was really excited at the idea to dress up like Selene, since she found Selene’s appearance really interesting, and the feeling she had trying on a pair of latex pantyhose was quite trilling, but she was not sure what the other people would think about her.

"I would like to, but..."

"But…? But what," the red-haired woman asked, still seating rigidly on the bed, her body covered only by the latex cat-suit and the corset.

“Well, you know... I arrived here with my arms and so on, and now I will go to dinner with no arms and so needing the help of a maid. What will people think?”

Selene seemed to mumble to herself for a few seconds.

“Effectively, that makes sense. But maybe, I might have the solution. I not only have spare dresses, but spare masks too.”

“Yeah, I saw them, but I don’t feel too good to be armless and blind as a start.”

“Correct. Maybe it’s because I’ve been this way for such a long time that I forgot how it is to see.”

“So, there's no way...” Susan sighed, sad.

“Yeah, so it seems… No, wait!” Selene almost shouted, while smiling. “Look inside the internal zipper in the luggage. I hope I have it with me…”

“What,” Susan asked while moving, still naked, to the luggage and opening the zipper. She reached into the revealed compartment and extracted what seemed a perfectly crafted and really lifelike mask, with long red hairs and smiling lips along with dark sky blue eyes. The mask was completed with a thin neck and a sort of collar that would rest over the shoulders and chest. Susan gasped, “This is…”

“If in your hands there is a red-haired mask with blue eyes, it’s the solution to our problems.”

“I have, but how…?”

“Before using the hood I have on now, I used for some months that mask. It was the best lifelike mask I could obtain from the fetish market. It was really similar to my original face and it was quite comfortable to wear. I say quite because it’s really thin, but also hot and the eyes holes and nose-holes are pinholes. Also, the mouth part is well designed to cover the real lips, so speaking with it on is not exactly the easiest thing to do. I was already blind, so being also half mute because I was practically mumbling; well it wasn’t going to work… I abandoned it as soon I could. But I still keep it for emergencies.”

“So you think I can use this over my face and act as a sort of twin to you?”

“Well, why not? You’ll have to try it on alone; I can’t help you to put the mask on, so I can only give you some advice. The shoulder part goes underneath the neck of a dress, so that no one will see the change between the latex and the skin.”

“It seems really strange to me, but if this works... Give me a few minutes to find the correct way to put it on.”

“It’s easy,” Selene replied. “Grab the neck and push it as it was a balaclava. Then move with the fingers the nose and the eyes in position, and only at the end the mouth part. But you’ll have to consider that it will go over your lips and part of the gums.”

“Ooookay…” Susan said; taking a big breath and then pushing the mask over her head, the she stopped halfway, giggling.

“Problem,” Selene asked in a curious tone.

“No, no... Only thing is, I need to cover my hairs in some way, or I will show them under the mask. You see, mine are long and blonde.”

She then combed in some way her hairs over the top of the head with one hand, while the other with the mask pushed over them, so the mask acted as a hairnet and after some struggling, grunting and sighing, the mask just popped into position, with the nose and eyes aligned correctly.

A minute after Susan finished, she had to move her fingers inside the mouth of the mask to adjust the lips cover.

“So, how is it going,” Selene asked.

“I think it should be good. Can you understand me?”

“Yes, but I can hear that you are taking the time to formulate your sentences.”

“Exactly, but the overall sensation is pretty good. It’s a little strange to see only straight in front of me and having to breath slowly and deeply for air, but I think I will be used to it in no time. It’s perfect... In the mirror, there is a much different woman than me.”

“Good, good.”

“Now for the dress... I will help you first. Then for me, we’ll need to call the maid.”

“No,” Selene quickly replied. “I will help you with my teeth. Only if you need help for the cape, you will call the maid. There’s no need to let her know you are not armless.”

“Wow, you thought about everything.”

Selene didn’t answer, but she moved nearer to her luggage. “As I’ve already told you, the green dress is mine. Have you decided on the dress you want to wear?”

“Yes… The light blue outfit, the one that seems like a catsuit but has no arms.”

“But in that case... You will not be able to undress yourself, and your arms will be fixed to your torso.”

“What’s the problem? We are both armless; so we have the right to have a maid, no,” Susan giggled.

“As you wish... And what’s your choice in shoes?”

“Can I borrow yours? You will be using the strange ones, no?”

“Exactly... I’ll be using the ballet boots. Sure, you can use mine.”


When the two girls entered the restaurant, it was half past ten, and the customers were practically all on their rooms. Only a couple of men at the bar and two waitresses were present, and all the four looked with mouth open at the two rubber clothed figures that were moving slowly along the room to the table with Selene room number on.

They waited at the chairs, unable to move them to sit, and after at least ten seconds, the one covered in a dark shade of blue walked slowly to one of the waitress.

"I know that this is a strange thing to ask, but could you please help us? As you can see, we are unable to do things by ourselves, but if you can help us it will be really grateful." She said in a strange voice, as her lips were not working totally good.

"I think that we can arrange something. I can assume, sorry if I say it, that you are the ladies that need the special maid for the room."

"Yes and no. The idea is that my sister needs help, but at the end both of us arrived with the bus and so we need both help. You know, at least I can see, while she is blind also."

Selene arrived following the voices.

"There is some problem?"

"Not at all, I believe. I was just explaining to one of the waitress that we need help and for sit, and also for eating."

"As always. I think in front of me there Is a waitress. We can ask you to serve us food or by straw or with someone that help us to be fed?"

"Yes madam. It's a really strange request, but considering your situation and the fact that there is no other guests, I think me and Margaret we will be your waitress and maids for the evening. I kindly beg you pardon for the wait, it's just that..."

"No problem. I can understand that it's not common to see two armless women in such strange dresses. But it's a long story and I don't want to bother you."

Both girls, dressed in their frilly French maid uniforms moved to help Susan sit and Selene also uncape.

When they removed the cape, all in the room was silent and stopped. All people were holding the breath, two for the thrill, four for the amazement.

Selene was dressed as a sort of Morticia Addams in green shiny latex. From the high neck with frills at the edge to the long and quite tight skirt, everything was extruding beauty and sex from her. Also, the skirt had a latex transparent panel on the front, from the knees down, showing the black and padlocked boots with seven inches heels, her toes moulded and trapped in a ballet dancer position. From the neck up, the black mask she was considering her face has been shined and was a perfect jet black surface that was exotic as much as erotic.

Susan was a different kind of beauty, with a sleeveless catsuit made in quite thick blue latex, with a high neck and a small mantle from the shoulders to the waist, giving her a strange romantic appearance.

She decided not to use the cape, because the small mantle of the dress was enough to cover her arms, visible under the dress, so skintight to let her see her fingers under the sheath.

Her boots, also if not so extreme as her companion, were in any way really high and she was moving with mincing steps in order to proceed. The waitress, at the moment really near her, looked at her with mouth open.

"Some problem, dear?"

"Your face, sorry, but..."

"It's a mask. Under it my scars are really horrible to see. I can see at least, not as my sister that is blind, as I said."

"Oh, sorry... I was not intended to..."

"No problem, dear." Answered Selene, as Susan seated at the table. "There is only a problem for us. The lack of arms."

"As I said, me and Margaret we will help you, feeding you with everything you want to eat."

"Oh, two of you for us. It's really kind."

"No problem." She smiled.

Susan answered the smile, trembling slightly for the strange adventure she confined herself in. She discovered some minutes before that her arms were free to move inside the latex of the suit she had on, but she moved them really slowly, having fear to be discovered, also of the mantle was hiding it. She stopped them when both of them where under her breasts, in the point where less were visible.

After being seated, the waitresses read the menu, writing down the choices they did.

At the arrival of the meals, both of the girls fed the women with small quantities, waiting before taking more on the forks or the spoon, and filling the glasses with wine and water, also if both Selene and Susan drank only wine, being it good and fresh.

It was at the end of the main course that the head of Susan was really light, and she started to giggle for everything.

"You drank too much..." The redhead said while the waitresses went away for the dessert.

"No, it's not true, Selene." She smiled, giggling as a stupid.

"Yes, you did. You are mumbling quite incoherently, and I don't' think that is fault of the mask. But' I'm not accusing you. Only pay attention, you can not run to the bathroom if you need."

"I know. But I needed it."


"Well, I was really... how to say... stressed at the idea to come in public dressed in such a strange way, and the idea that they can discover that I'm not armless like you, so I used the only way available to relax."

"No problem. You did perfectly. You really seems armless, and the small mantle helps a lot."

"Yeah, but Selene..." she giggled, quite totally drunk. "You know that this situation stresses me but at the same time was really exciting."


She nodded, giggling again.

"Yeah. I want to be fucked..."


"No, no, really. I want to be filled with a big cock and be licked while dressed in rubber and massaged at the breasts and also well, at the crotch."

"Susan!" giggled also Selene. "You are not the girl I believed you were."

"I know, and I know also that is the wine that lets me speak this way, but I don't care. I mean..." she stopped. "Waitresses. After, in the room..." she whispered, giggling."

"As you want."

They ate the strawberry with ice cream, enjoyed a last sip of wine and then went to the room, helped by the maid, Greta, that the motel gave to them.


When in the room, the maid asked if they need help for something.

"No, thank you. We will take care of ourselves. I kindly ask you only to check if the alarm clock is at the seven on the morning." Said Selene. "We need to catch a bus at eight."

"Sure you don't want help with your dresses and capes? I mean, being sealed in such constrictive and waterproof material could be annoying, no?"

"Not at all. Well, it's a little hot, but both of us we can not sweat, so we have no problem of showers or something similar. Also we will need really few seconds tomorrow to dress, because we will be already dressed." Smiled Selene, while Susan was nodding, her hands at her crotch, moved during the dinner slowly in order not to be discovered. Her medium finger was inside her pussy, moving inside and outside in a slow motion that was building her passion, sending wave of hot pleasure on her body, already excited by the rubber and the bondage. She was only waiting that Greta went away, and she would finish herself before be undressed.

"As you said. Good night, ladies." mumbled not totally convinced the maid, closing the door at her back, leaving them alone.

"Finally!" the blonde thought starting to move more quickly the finger inside her, while the other hand was massaging her clitoris.

"Susan, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, why? I know, I need to be freed."

"Mmm, I don't think you need it, and I don't think you are just watching the ceiling. I guess your hands are busy doing something to you, or I guess wrong?"

Susan stopped immediately, blushing under the mask.

"Ah, I was right. The creaking sound stopped. You were fingering or at least touching yourself, eh?"

"Selene, I..."

"No problem, I can understand you. I'm not a virgin, and I have to say that the latex does the same effect on me, with the only difference that I can not satisfy myself if not sometime, when not corseted and catheterised."

"But how?" asked the light headed Susan, seating near the friend, that was on the bed.

"Someway..." she smiled as a cat. "But, now returning to your needs."

"My... Ah, you say... well, I was not intended to let you know that... I mean."

"You had been quite clear at the table, do you remember? Do you think I can help you?"

"You mean to help me to..."

"To have an orgasm. Yes. I have no arms, but my tongue works perfectly. But I want from you one thing."

"What do you want?"

"Oh, it's simple. I want you to return the favour one day, when we will see each other again, if we will see again, and to stay as you are until tomorrow when we will arrive in New York."

"Until tomorrow? On the bus?"

"Yes. You were perfect at the dinner, no one understood you were a pretender, so why be scared about tomorrow? We will be a sort of twins in latex, with a long cape over us to cover everything and the hood to cover my mask and yours."

"Well, yeah, but my arms..."

"The small mantle is concealing the arms from under the latex. With two over your real arms, considering also the blue long cape, no one will have a clue you are trapped inside a latex prison."

"A really strange prison. Its' so erotic. How you can bear the excitement?"

"I'm used to it, but I can understand you. So, do you accept my proposal?"

She mumbled something inside the latex mask over her lips, then she nodded.

"Yes, I accept. But I'm really afraid again that they could see my arms."


"Yes, the others."

"Well, I think that if you want to be really armless, maybe you need a really tight corset."

"Like yours?"

"Yes, I think like mine. In such a garment, your arms can be constricted and concealed inside the hard shell of the corset, so no one can see it."

"It's an idea, but in that case you are totally helpless and you have to be helped also in putting it on." She mumbled.

"Yes, but if you believe really in someone, you can also try it, maybe for a short time and not in public, just to enjoy the sensation, and maybe something else, no?"

"You mean..."

She nodded, smiling.

"You like the latex on your skin?"

"Yeah, I love it. I never tried something before if not rubber gloves for washing dishes, but this is something completely different, completely fantastic... The small layer of sweat is caressing me as hundred of lovely fingers, and I have to say that well, I'm enjoying a lot my lack of arms movements. I can move them, but not freely and the fact that... you know... my finger is inside me, in public, and no one is thinking that I'm a normal person acting as a disabled one, considering me a freak of a deviant. Mmmmm, I love it. I really love it. But I feel that something is wrong."


"I mean, I'm feeling really good in this situation, while you, you are stuck on this forever. And for you it’s not a pleasure."

"No problem, dear Susan. If you like this, why deny you of this pleasure? And don’t think that being armless is not funny. You can have wonderful surprises… So the deal is done?"

"But who will be the one that will free me when we will arrive in New York?"

"Oh, my, you are right..." she mumbled, then she sighed and seat near her friend. "Wait a second." Selene smiled. "Well, if you believe in me, you can be helped by my brother."

"But you need him for the hospital."

"I can wait some minutes. Just the time to arrive at your home and free you, take the dress with me and then we will go to the hospital. No problem at all. But only if you can think you can trust me and my brother."

Susan thought a little about the proposal, then she nodded.

"Yes, I agree. This means that also tonight and all tomorrow until evening we will be two armless girls."

"Yes, and you will be free to do whatever you want with your arms inside the dress."

"I know, but knowing that you can not be helped also... I feel so sorry for yommmmmhph!" she was startled when Selene moved her face quickly and her lips found hers, her tongue danced inside Susan mouth in a french kiss really passionate.

When they separated, both of them where breathing heavily.

"Wow, you are really a good kisser, Susan. I 'm impressed."

"Why you did it? It was... It was..." she mumbled, blushing heavily under the mask.

"It was terrible?" asked ironically Selene.

"Well, not exactly." she stopped, mumbling something. "I was thinking more as terrific."

"Never tried before?"

"No, yes... I mean, it's not the first time I kissed a girl, but never I did something in this condition and with my head so lighted. I found the thing really exciting. Can we do it again?"

"Why not? But you will be the one that is searching me this time." Laughed Selene, laying on the bed.

Susan giggled, moved on her knees on the bed and went near her friend, learning forward in order to touch with her rubberised lips the ones of her friends.

When they touched, both of them mumbled and moved near, in order to let again the tongues dance and the lips touch and caress. They kissed this way, with some play of Selene tongue over the lips of Susan, for some minutes, while the blonde moved the forefinger deep inside her pussy, wet and slurping every moment of the finger in and out her.

"My, my, you are really noisy, you know. And it seems you are really horny also."

"Yes, I have to admit that the sight of you, so shiny and wonderful and my skin so hot under this confining and breathless tight latex are driving me nuts."

"Good. Now, what I want you must do, it's to remove your finger from your secret flower and move your crotch over my mouth."


"You can not think of something?" asked mischievously the redhead.

"Well, yes, but... I can not believe it's happening!"

"Believe it, because you will be raped by me, in a way or in another."

"And If I want to run from you to a safety place? If I don't want to be touched by you?" she asked, while at the same time moving near her, her legs already across Selene body, her crotch at the waist level of the blind girl.

"Ah, I can blackmail you... I can always shout you stole my dress and you are acting as an armless girl for your sexual pleasure. I can cry you are a perverse little fucker!"

"Mmm, this could be quite interesting, but what if I decide to shut you up, so you can not shout and attract attention?"

"How do you think you can gag me if you have no arms or hands?" she smiled, sensing the warm presence near her chin of Susan crotch.

Her nose sensed a perfectly mix of latex and sex juice perfume.

"Maybe I can think of something..." she smiled also, mumbling inside the mask.

She moved again a little further ahead, so her crotch was exactly over Selene lips.


"Yes!" the redhaired said, sticking out her tongue and touching the waterproof membrane over the perfectly stretched and visible Susan labia.

She sighed, closing her eyes and bending a little the knees, so her crotch was nearer Selene lips.

"Again..." she sighed.

Selene repeated what she did, but that time she pressed her tongue quite deeply against the labia, finding the right spot, letting Susan tremble for some second, biting her lips in order not to howl. Her tongue went faster and faster over the blue latex, licking and massaging, the clitoris totally covered but at the same time more sensible, more attention needing.

The blonde went down, her weight quite totally over Selene mouth, that started to suck and lick more and more, using the suction to enhance the stimulation, while Susan was busy with her hands that were massaging her breasts, her nipple hard and sensative.

When she was practically at the edge, Susan decided to tease a little more her friend, so eager to let her orgasm, so she shifted her weight forward and her crotch covered also Selene nose, if not totally, enough for her to gasp and such for air from her mouth, her breath rasping in and out in a erotic way.

"Mmmm, gtt, mmmm!" she mumbled, while licking and sucking.

"Yes, I know, and be sure that you will not be able to breathe until I will cum!" the girl laughed, pushing more of her weight over the face of the friend, cutting completely the oxygen, sensing her moving and trying unsuccessfully to free herself and take a breath.

But Selene didn't stop licking, and furiously she kissed, caressed and bite Susan clitoris, until with a powerful tongue movement she touched the perfect spot, and Susan cried for the joy, arching her body and howling more and more while coming.

It was only when she returned to Earth that she removed her hot and wet crotch from Selene's mouth and nose, letting her gasp and choke for some seconds before relaxing and taking breathes more easily.

"You are really a little wicked girl, you know?" she gasped.

"Yeah, thank you!" she smiled, sitting up with unsteady legs. "But now, for you?"

"No way, my love. I'm totally plugged and sealed, I will wait."

"I'm sorry..."

"No problem. But please be sure that this was one of the most erotic things I did, and my pussy is singing of joy for what you did. Could you please suffocate me some more?"


"Yes, please. Just watch my legs. When I will tremble them you will be ready to remove yourself from me. But please be sure to remove your wonderful latexed cunt only when my legs stop trembling, and do not fear for me. It's not the first time that I do this."

"You are really kinky, you know?"

"Ah, don't' you think you are quite the last woman to say to me?"

"Effectively..." she smiled. "But enough talk, it's time to suffocate."


The morning arrived, and the two girls, also if with some difficulties, woke up and went on their feet.

"We have to check our luggage, but how we can do?"

"Well, we have a maid, no?" Selene answered.

"Yeah, but we have to call her. As yesterday?"

"Yes. You will lift the receiver and I will speak."

They did as they said, and after some minutes the same maid as the day before arrived and helped them to check all the luggage and closed the two capes over them.

"My, are you sure you want to go outside with those capes? They seems so heavy and hot!"

"Yes, they are, but we are used to being covered, and also they protect us from the sun and the other elements, as the rain of yesterday and today."

"Oh, no. During the night a strong wind blow away all the clouds, and today a shiny sun is already warming the air."

"But I can hear water, as rain..." mumbled Susan, while the maid closed the cape and as per her instructions, lifted the heavy hood over her head, hiding quite totally the tight mask, that after quite half a day it was sweaty and hot inside, giving small twitches to the blonde pussy.

"Oh, this noise? It's the gardening system..." smiled, quite giggling, the maid. "Did you need to have your capes removed, due to the weather?"

"No, thank you. We are used to go around in this way also during the hot summer, so no problem for us. Both of us we are not able to sweat, so we have no risk to ruin our make-up."

"Having one..." added whispering Susan. "Also if I'm really boiling inside this suit and mask... And I'm indoor. I'm imaging what will be going outside, and more than this, the hit I will receive when we will descend the bus on New York. Inside the bus is air conditioned, outside the boiling hot air of the mid evening of the Big Apple. I'm trembling already now. I hope not to faint..."

"Ready, my beloved sister?" said Selene, already on the open door.

"Ah... Yes, yes..."

The trip to the bus and the following hours were for Susan a sort of strange dream. Her body was really happy to be enveloped and sealed inside the hot rubber, but her mind was thinking furiously why she was so happy and why, also if totally sober, she accepted the day before to do what she was doing. But at the same time, during the trip on the bus, she thought about a lot of small things Selene did and said during that day and some hours they were together.

"Everything fine, my dear?"

"Yes, yes Selene. Only I'm a little tired, maybe the hot costume and mask."

"Or maybe..." she whispered. "Too much stress and excitement during the night. You really enjoyed what you did on my face, or I'm wrong?"

Susan blushed under the mask. "No, no... I was more than happy, but you seemed you liked it too."

"Never said no to a good smothering. And you are really good at it. You did some at school or you are gifted?"

Another blush, again hidden by the mask, that trapped the warm sensation between the skin and the sweaty latex surface.

She mumbled something.

"Sorry, I didn't understand."

"Gifted." She repeated all in a breath.

Selene laughed gently.

"Come on, I'm joking."

"I know, I know..." she said not convinced, then she closed her eyes and in some minute she dozed off, won by the quite sleepless night and the suffocating latex over her body.

It was only after a strange and at the same time illuminating dream that she woke up, thirty minutes to her and her companions destination.

"Sleep well, honey?"

"Yes, really good. Sorry if I have not been a good mate during this day."

"No problem at all. I dozed off also, only I woke up just before passing the New York fringe."



"Can I ask you something really personal?" she mumbled, thinking at the strange dream and what she was thinking since the start of the day.

"Yes. Tell me."

"And you will answer me totally sincere?"

"You are frightening me, Susan."

"You will answer me sincerely?" she repeated.


"You are really an armless woman?"


"Always, or only sometime?"

"I can not understand what you are saying."

"Selene, I suppose you are not armless and blind, but you pretend only to be such a way. I think that your mask is the item that is blinding you, and that the corset and the latex catsuit you are wearing are only used to create the armless effect."

Selene startled, but didn't say anything.

"I thought about what you said yesterday to me about the corset to enhance the armless effect, and so I thought that maybe your corset is done not to help your spine, but your arms to be crushed against your belly."

"My shoulderblades..."


"My shoulderblades. My arms are folded behind my back, with my fingers quite brushing the neck, and the elbows touching, then crushed against the spine with the corset, that is also blocking my neck and hiding my catheters."

"So I was right."

"Yes..." she sighed. "Now you are considering me a freak?"

"I consider you strange, but not a freak, because I'm a freak also, now. I want only to ask you why?"

"I love it. I like the idea to be bound in public, to create a situation where no one is able to understand I'm a bondage lover and be also able to interact with others."

"So I was right."

"Yes. Also what you are wearing now it's part of my costume. I started to be only blind, with patches under sunglasses, then I discovered better ways, and more and more elaborated costumes, as the one I'm wearing now."

"Or the one I'm wearing."

"It's an old one, when I was not yet accustomed to go around blind, but I wanted to be quite totally covered, sealed in rubber when armless. It's suffocating, and so I preferred move to a blind configuration with free mouth."

"But your arms are not hurting?"

"A lot when I move them this way, but after a while, two or three hours, after the excruciating strong pain, the arms go numb, and I can not sense anything. Also, I'm quite used to be armless, using them only some day every week."

"Some day?"

"Yes, when I have to do some housework at home or going out for shopping, if not with my boyfriend."

"You have a boyfriend. And your brother what'll he think of..." she stopped. "You don't have a brother."

"You suppose right. He is my boyfriend. He closed my arms inside this corset three days ago, then he moved for work at New York, and I have to return to him to be freed, if he wants. The idea is to stay this way until he wants."

"And it will be how long?"

"Maybe another two, maybe another four days..."

"One week armless... It's incredible."

"Strange, eh? Consider that he moved to a loft on New York, and I will follow him as an armless girl. No way for me to use again the arms in my life if not changing town."

"Incredible and crazy. But quite exciting. The only thing is how you can resist not to have sex for so long."

"But I can have. The corset you see it's the external one, the arms are crushed under another one, smaller, so I can be freed, fucked and repacked. Maybe I will have the opportunity to try a real bondage corset, from forehead to ankles!" she smiled.

A minute of silence followed the conversation.

"So, now, what you want to do with me and my secret?"

"I don't know..." answered Susan. "I'm confused. I mean, you are not doing something correct, but at the same time you are not harming anyone if not yourself..."

"Yes. But now you are as me, and you like it, no?"

She nodded.

"Yes." She added. "And I have to say that maybe, maybe I can understand some of your feelings."

"So you will maintain the secret."

"Yes, but a one condition." She smiled.

"Tell me."

"I want to have your address and be free to come to your home to see you again, and try everything you have if I want."

"You really want this?"

"Yes, and another condition..."

Selene sighed.

"Nothing exceptional, but I want from you the dress and cape I have on me now. And the mask and the boots."


"Well, an armless girl is going out the bus on New York, I cannot obtain arms, no? Do you believe to be the only armless girl on this bus? I want to stay this way until someone, you or your boyfriend, will come to my home and free me, or repack me in something more interesting."

"You want to really..."

"Yes. I like the idea, and I like the way you appear and how I appear myself. It's strange, maybe I will be bored after a while, but until that moment, I would like to share your passion. Let me understand totally what you feel. But at one condition again."

"And it will be?"

"I want to see, but not to talk. Or hear."

"How do you think I can do it?"

"The problem is yours, my dear." She laughed “A blind armless girl is more than enough.”

Selene laughed also, happy to having found a mate for her strange games.

The bus stopped, and both of them waited to going down in the big city, Selene boyfriend running to their direction quite surprised but with a good smile on his face.

"What's going on?" he asked to her.

"It's a long story. But after we will be arrived at your loft and you will help my friend to be mute and deaf, you will be able to understand all."

He choked, but helped them with the luggage, indicating the car direction.



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