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Seeing Orange 3

by Latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2010 - Latexcheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; catsuits; enclosure; breathplay; transport; toys; climax; cons; X

continued from chapter 2/3

Chapter 4

Arrival at the airport is posing unforeseen issues.  The aircraft isn’t prepared to handle the gurneys as Lydia promised.  Evan and I are transferred to wheel chairs.  Our air bottles are lashed to the back and the spectacle of two rubber-clad orange aliens attracts a plethora of stares and comments.  The airline isn’t too keen on taking us aboard.  They think we are some sort of freaks.  I wonder at how much Lydia told us was true in the ambulance.  It seems to me the airline is totally unprepared for us.

I hear the conversation through the layers of rubber quite clearly though distantly.

“We cannot have two fetish types on our plane in dress.  They must change into regular clothing,” the agent says.

“These two patients are under medical care.  They have Bi-polar Muscular Synoptic Degenerative Disorder.  It isn’t contagious but they must remain under constant full-body compression when above 3,000 feet or else their nervous system control of all muscles breaks down.  Have you ever seen films of people affected by nerve agent?  The people twitch and convulse violently before death.  This condition causes similar reaction.”

I think that at least she changed the story about being contagious.  This new one sounds much safer for the other passengers though I wonder at the “disease” she has created for explanation of our current condition.

“You can either pressurize your aircraft at less than 3,000 feet or you allow my patients to board as they are dressed,” Lydia says flatly.

“We pressurize for 10,000.  We cannot make it less.”

“Then my patients must remain in their suits.  The corset compressive piece protects their diaphragms from involuntary muscular actions and the neck brace is necessary to avoid any erratic head movements that could injure the spinal cord.  We can strap them into their seats and secure the air tanks between them on that wide arm between seats in First Class.  I have wide straps that we can wrap around the entire seatback and their upper bodies.”

“This is very disconcerting.  Maybe you should take the train.”

“Time is critical.  We must fly back to Seattle”, Lydia insists.

“I’ll ask a supervisor.”

The supervisor arrives and asks to see Lydia’s credentials.  She has them ready… forged but quite authentic looking.  She is identified as a licensed private practicing nurse physicians’ assistant.  Lydia explains our condition to the supervisor.  The supervisor tells her that loading us first might cause a stir from the rest of the passengers.  He insists that we wait to the side until all of the rest of the passengers are loaded.  The First Class flight attendants will explain the arrival of two very sick individuals to the other First Class passengers before they wheel us aboard.

We are given the VIP treatment even though Evan and I are in no real position to appreciate the concerns of our airline assistants.  Lydia has evilly punched our vibrators into high and we are squirming under the bonds.  I feel the onset of orgasm and bite the gag hard to prevent any untoward grunts or moans from escaping.  It’s incredibly erotic to be exploding in public and having everyone around looking on solicitously.  Lydia explains that I am having a minor convulsion attack that isn’t uncommon when under stress.  She points out quite accurately that our trip is stressful.  She adds that the suits prevent the attacks from becoming too uncontrolled and that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.  Her crisp nurse outfit is comforting presence to the helpers.  If only they knew the whole thing was one big charade.  I shudder again in orgasmic bliss as I smile under my hood and helmet at this irony.

I’ve no idea how Evan is handling this attention.  I make a note to ask him to write out his side of the trip when we are home.  I only wonder if he will remember it clearly enough to provide a coherent relating of the events from his perspective.

The cabin is buzzing with whispers.  Each individual comment is unheard but the combined effect makes it through my rubber helmets as an unintelligible murmur.  The helpers lift me across the aisle seat and sit me by the window.  The air bottle follows.  Lydia wraps two wide seatbelt straps around the back of the seat but behind my back to secure the air tank then she wraps two around my body, one slightly above the waist and one just below my chest to pin me in place.  She buckles the seat belt low and tight across the waist, just like the flight crew will explain later.

Evan is seated in the aisle seat and the same process secures him in place.  Lydia has identified us as Shirley and Eva Kincaid, sisters that have developed the same genetic disease of the nervous system.

Lydia clucks over us like a good attending nurse should.  She disconnects our respirators just long enough to provide us with water from tubes attached to bottles.  She makes sure we drink at least a quart of the electrolyte rich fluid before returning the respirators to the helmets.

The buzzing vibes are somewhat muted and reasonably silent in the general noise of the aircraft preparing to leave.  The APU (auxiliary power unit) shuts down for a moment and I’m sure the nearest passengers can hear the buzz in the brief silence before the engine start sequence begins.  “Nurse” Lydia sits in the aisle seat on the left side of our row.  Sweat is rolling down the insides of my inner suit as I try to position myself better in the seat.  I am still thirsty and hope that Lydia has plenty more sports drink to ply after we reach altitude.

Lydia begins a conversation with her seat mate.  It seems an earnest discussion.  The pushback from the gate signals the beginning of the long taxi to the runway.  We join the morning “elephant walk” rush of several large jets lining up for takeoff.  The heavy jet lumbers along and thumps on every pavement crack.  What is normally a routine jar or irritation for the passengers trying to read is a deviously excruciating/arousing experience for me.  I grunt inside my helmet.

The passenger behind me leans forward and advises me to relax and try to be as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.  Again I want to laugh at this misplaced concern.  I am in rubbery bliss and having the time of my life and this solicitous passenger is taking pity on me!  All we need now is Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama” piping through the PA to complete the irony.

I slip my left hand into “Eva’s” and give it a squeeze.  We can’t turn our heads to see each other but I feel her warmth through the layers and glow inside with the thought of our mutual encasement.

Finally the aircraft is at the head of the long line.  We’ve been taxiing about the tarmac at least thirty minutes.  Meantime I cum twice more from the bumping, grinding, vibrating toys inside me.  I am hot.  I am sweating.  I am physically exhausted from the repeated assaults by the toys on my body.  I am on the verge of another explosion as the acceleration presses me deep into the seat and the two devices push even deeper into my body.  I grunt and am unheard because of the screaming engines as the plane tilts up and leaves the ground.

I am pressed to the seatback as we climb at that steep angle only the 737 achieves.  I hear none of the talk on the PA system dealing with handing Digi-recorders or available services once we reach altitude.  The announcement that we can move about the cabin has no meaning as I am locked in my suit and strapped tightly to the seat.  I scissor my legs to try to achieve some level of circulation.  The heavy boots keep my legs sticking under the seat to my front.  I’m glad my stature allows me to tuck my legs almost straight under the seat.  Any carry-on bags are in the overhead.  I sure don’t need anything from them in my condition.

The flight attendant asks passenger for drink preference.  She skips Eva and me.  Lydia leans over to ask if Eva is doing okay.  She is concerned for him since he hasn’t been in such long term confinement as often as me.  He is still new to this life style, even as a veteran of six weeks of intense training.

I can’t see his nod as I can’t move my head nor see much out of the restrictive lenses of the helmet.  I hear Lydia say, “Good girl,” to him/her.

I concentrate on holding another rising explosion as the toys/suit conspires to rape me again.  This every twenty minute… it seems every twenty minutes… event will be my downfall.  I only hope that the toys either run out of power or I become so exhausted that my body ceases to respond to the erotic teasing.  Meanwhile, I stew in the suit and feel another shaking explosion rising from the depths of depravity.  I lost count of these mini-eruptions shortly after takeoff.

The regulator is off and a tube shoved into my snout.  I suck the fluid greedily and soon find the bottle dry.  Ah, the sweet nectar of sports drink hits the spot.  I crave more but dry air is all I receive as the regulator is again snapped to the helmet.

The buzzing demons inside me draw me to another shuddering eruption.  The close pressing rubber is becoming even tighter as my slick body shifts under the suits and the rubber presses and massages.  Its presence is overpowering.  I’ve had complete enclosure and sealed up experiences before… more times than I can count or remember but this one is unending in its omnipotence.  I have no escape from the public view of my plight.  I am secure in the knowledge of my anonymity.  I am secure in knowing the cover story protects me from the normal reactions to public perversion.  Still I know the truth and realize that exposure of the charade can quickly change misplaced concern into humiliating revulsion.  I can only hold Eva’s hand in communion with her similar plight and let time spin on.  The slow pulsing eruption of lust pushes out from my nether region to envelope my sweating body yet again.  I shudder in my bonds and my quickening breath is the only outward sign of my lustful journey.

Eva squeezes my hand as I suspect he is exploding deep inside his rubber encasement.  I wonder how many times he has reached ecstasy in his squeezing concealment.  I know the male has to recharge between explosions but is this situation short circuiting his response system?  I wonder what exhaustion is concealed by his rubber enclosure.  I will make him write this experience down once we are safely home.  Again I wonder if his relationship might change as a result of this shared experience.  I am feeling him as a partner in bondage that grows stronger with every passing minute of the flight… with every carnal explosion of lust.  I squeeze his hand and lean against his orange rubber suit and imagine feeling his beating heart deep inside in unison with my rapidly thumping heart.

Am I falling for a guy after all these years?  I think I may be falling for a rubberized soul who shares in my submissive desire to be controlled by strength.  I am still a switch and still look for the occasional escape in submission as opposed to complete surrender to the condition but finding a soul mate to live 24/7 my dream in submission is strong tonic.

My wandering thoughts are sealed deep inside my rubber confinement.  My thoughts insulated from outside influence.  I feel no intrusion into my meditation as I settle deeper into my aroused enlightenment.  The flight wings northward and I wonder when this new-found peace ends or why it needs to end.  Life has so many twists and turns.  The road is littered with so much baggage.  Yet I am overwhelmed by the surprising revelation that in rubber I have complete peace and tranquility of purpose in surrendering to the carnal desires and pleasures of rubber on flesh.  Rubber is a living being waiting for the time to embrace and caress.  Rubber waits for the time to overwhelm the senses in erotic desire and carry the soul to grand heights of passion.

I glimpsed the rubber effect many times before but never has it so overwhelmed me as this moment at 30,000 feet encased in this magical orange body suit and alien helmet.  The roar of the engines is subdued by the rubbery layers.  The vibrations of the plane are magnified and focused against my body… the focal point being my most intimate insides.  I shudder in tiny quaking explosions of lust as my thoughts embrace the fullness of the revelation.  I feel the expanding tingling of lust as I truly find love for the living rubber surrounding me. 

Lydia, I think, you have no idea what you are missing as you sit in starched cotton and monitor our condition.  Your suit waits you in folded silence under our seats but for now you don’t know the full power of these orange beings!  Such thoughts fill my rubber influenced mind as we cruise along the airways.

I can easily surrender to the rubbery enclosure and let my mind fall into the black abyss of lusting desire.  I can easily surrender to the physical presence of hugging rubber and wish this never end.  I can wash my thoughts of work, the contracts, all of the petty worldly activities that are life outside of this rubber bliss and sink deeper into the thick rubbery mire.  No wonder some rubberists are mudlarkers!  I can see the analogy between surrender to total rubber encasement and surrender to the thick boggy mud while totally protected in rubber.  I review my wondrous thoughts as I sink under the Sound and feel my pressing dive suits squeezing me as they protect me against the alien world of the sea.  I find that in this new enlightenment all of the metaphors in my life focus on protective isolation from the worldly troubles.  What human didn’t desire total release from the troubles of the world?  Who didn’t want to discover a little slice of Eden for refuge?  So many people find this solace in religious service.  Many people seek solitude in isolated mountains, in monastic endeavors and such. 

I find my refuge in rubber!  This is so exciting to realize and accept once and for all.  I think that I might be condemned for finding release through this strange elastic gift.

I cannot deny my upbringing.  I grapple with the realization of my total emersion in this material.  Latex is a gift from God as well is all I can rationalize in my upbringing.  It is here for a reason.  The reason must be more than tires and rubber balls!  I think more often that latex was given to us to enhance our lives.  Those of us who are fortunate to discover the secret of its sensual side find the completeness of its mystery.  Much as faith fills us internally with a living soul, rubber embraces us externally in its living embrace.  The mystery of my faith is it allows intellectual freedom to choose.  The teachings of the faith are there to give moral guidance to choices but not to dictate the choices.  What is morality but the desire to live a good life is peace and harmony?  What is living a good life?  Certainly this kink for rubber that I embrace has a place in these rambling beliefs.

Maybe it is rationalization influenced by my condition in the suits and the immediate feel good gratification the suits provide.  But I want to see beyond that gratification and after multiple orgasmic releases the desire for gratifications fades into the background and the real understanding of the living rubber transcends.  My bondage inside the rubber opens new thoughts and ideas beyond sexual stimulation.  It is like cracking open a door of a dark room and seeing the bright light on the other side.  I want to reach for the light as instinctively as a moth is attracted to flame.

Meantime my wandering thoughts crash back to the present as I feel another pulsing explosion building deep inside… carnal gratification is still a powerful drug and rubber provides that with little warning and with great abandon!  I want to scream as this one seems to be one that was waiting for the moment.  It is one that sneaks up on me and grabs my by the shoulders.  I shudder in my bonds as the sweat bursts from my encased body!  I feel the eruption pulsing out from my private recesses in massive waves of lust.  I tense and grunt and strain as I shake endlessly!  It is one of those explosions that waiting for the right moment.  It isn’t one of those little pulsing ones but a powerful and complete explosion the sucks the wand inside me deeper into my flower as I convulse to draw the imaginary seed deeper into my womb.

The awakening of my womanhood in this moment is startling!  I find that Evan would be amazing to feel inside me shooting his seed for me to suck deeper into my body.  I wonder if this feeling will remain after the glow of the explosion wanes and the heavy pressing suit pushes my thought back to the earlier ponderings and revelations.

“This is your Captain speaking.  We are encountering mechanical difficulties with one of our engines.  We are going to descend to 15,000 feet as a precaution once we have clearance.  We may encounter turbulence during this procedure.  I’ll keep you informed of any changes in our flight plans.”

“Everyone please return to your seats at this time.  The Captain has illuminated the ‘fasten seat belt sign’.  We will discontinue cabin service until the captain turns off the sign.  Thank you for your understanding.”

I pee as the suit compression pushes the fluid I’ve consumed out of my bladder.  I feel the hot piss working its way along my ass and slowly down the inner suit’s leg.  Oh, well.  I’ve peed in my rubber many times before and usually to no harm to the rubber. 

I feel Eva’s hand squeezing mine hard.  She/he is genuinely concerned about the Captain’s announcement.  I’ve been in in-flight emergencies before.  So far this seems to be more precautionary than urgent so I wait as only I can in the suits, quietly.

“This is your Captain speaking.  I’ve received clearance to make an emergency landing at Medford.  We have a fire indication light on engine number 2 and though there is no visible fire or excessive smoke I don’t want to take the chance.  We will be landing in about five minutes.  We will deplane the aircraft.  Further information will be available from the agents in the terminal.

“Hopefully, we will be on the ground no more than an hour as the maintenance crew checks the aircraft.

“I apologize for any inconvenience this delay places on your travel day.”

The landing is routine.  The passengers deplane quickly.  The people from the main cabin see Eva and me for the first time.  I hear stunned gasps and some mumbles from passing passengers.  Some stare openly over shoulders as they pass the two orange rubberized aliens seated in First Class. 

The small on-plane wheel chairs are rolled on and the two of us transfer to the chairs.  Now we roll out into the small Medford terminal for all the waiting passengers to see.  There is no attempt to put us out of sight.  We are sitting against a wall with Lydia hovering nearby.  Lydia is monitoring the air bottles and making notes.  She has that professional look about her as she finishes her notes.
“We were scheduled to be in Seattle in an hour.  The air bottles of my patients are going to run low soon.  Is there any place in town where I can get replacements?” asks Lydia.

“We have a dive shop here.  They should be able to refill your tanks,” replies a airline agent.

“Then I just need two small bottles that we can connect the regulator hose to while the tanks are being refilled.”

“I’ll see what I can find for you, Ma’am.”

“Don’t worry you two.  I’ll have you fresh air soon enough,” Lydia gives both of us a loving pat on the leg.

I’m thinking that she just pull off the regulator and let us breathe regular air.  Obviously she is intending on keeping us on the tank air as much as possible, even though we don’t need it.

The buzzing toys are quite noticeable as we sit in the quiet corner of the wait area.  The TSA guys are looking us over intently.  This is scrutiny that we missed in LA.  We are still inside the secure area of the terminal so the TSA guys aren’t exactly looking at us as threats as much as with blatant curiosity.  The looks are unnerving and I squirm in my seat but there is nothing I can do.

We sit and stew.  Well I stew.  Lydia is sitting watching for the return of our air bottles.  The two SCBA tanks the airport provides have about an hour of air in them.  Eva and I are actually facing each other now.  I really see “her” for the first time in the suit.  I realize that I am almost a mirror image of the vision I see in front of me.  We really must look amazing as the heavy orange rubber compresses and shapes us to perfection.  The alien helmets only add to the mystery of the two nameless forms sitting in the waiting area.

I understand why the people are both shocked at our sight and compelled to drink us in deeper as they must have swarms of thoughts ranging through their minds.

Nurse Lydia is in earnest discussion with an airline agent.  He points Eva and me and seems agitated.  Eva and I can only sit in our encasement and until Lydia releases us.  I see Lydia nod.  She sits back down and starts up her computer.  After several minutes, she shuts down her connection and heads our way. 

“I have good news and bad news: the bad news is the passenger next to me must have checked out our story and figured out it was all a ruse.  The airline says out of the suits or off the flight when it continues.  The good news is I have reservations for three on the northbound Amtrak Coast Starlight.  We will get a taxi to Klamath Falls, spend the night and catch the train in the morning.  We’ll be in Tacoma by 7:30 in the tomorrow evening!” she says cheerfully.  “Meantime, I think I’ll lock you two into your suits so you don’t get any ideas of unauthorized freedom.  I’m sure our little charade will work for the train.  I reserved a Superliner Bedroom Suite for the trip.”

Long-term enclosure!  Yes I love the thought and the thrill brings shivers as I realize I am locked in the suits at least another 36 hours!  Eva seems less excited at the prospect.  The first order of business is getting a cab willing to make the run to Klamath Falls.  It’s actually pretty easy to get a cabby to agree to Klamath Falls, not so easy when the cabby catches sight of two of the three charges!

“I don’t know about this, Ma’am.  They aren’t dangerous, are they?”

“Absolutely not.  They are under my care and they are perfectly fine,” replies Lydia.

“They real sick?”

“It’s not anything you can catch,” Lydia says.  “They have a nerve disorder that requires full body traction when the disease has one of its spells.  It struck while we were in LA and we have to get them home for therapy.  The airline was concerned when the attacks seemed to come more frequently.  Altitude can cause that and usually the suits compensate but this time the suits weren’t as effective as they usually are.”

“I see.  Okay.  It’s about 80 miles over there and I get a return trip premium.  My meter drop is $2.50 and I get $2.25 a mile so we’re looking at 350 bucks and you have a cab.”

“No negotiation?”

“With them looking like that?” he points significantly to Eva and me.

“Okay.  It’s robbery!” Lydia says as she hands over her credit card.

The cabby pushes Eva while Lydia pushes me out of the terminal to the curb.  The two of us are bundled into the back while Lydia takes the front seat.  The ride to Klamath Falls passes some of the most wonderful scenery in southern Oregon.  I don’t see any of it.  Lydia opened the crotch of our two suits long enough to change batteries in the toys - so much for any thoughts beyond rubber lust.  The bouncing ride and the vibes push me over the edge quickly and keep me shaking in ecstasy almost the entire trip.  Our air tanks are removed as Lydia decides to conserve the air for the train.  She keeps the regulator hose attached to the snouts and breathing through the regulator valve is a chore requiring constant attention.  This restriction just adds to the experience.

The cabby looks in his mirrors and I see his wide grin.  He knows what’s going on!  So much for our game fooling this guy.  Medford isn’t the biggest city in the world or even Oregon but I’m sure it has a few kinks in it and this guy has probably driven more than his share who come to town to enjoy the Rogue River.  I shudder right under his mirror-aided gaze as a small but obvious cum sneaks out from my vibe-filled slit.  The guy swerves.

“Watch what you’re doing!” admonishes Lydia quickly.

“Er, yes Ma’am,” he replies calmly.

South central Oregon is one of those places to visit.  The road weaves in a valley between the major mountain ridges of the Cascade and the Siskiyou Ranges.  Vistas abound but Eva and I can only see the immediate road in front of our restricted vision and concentrate on the internal arousal our rubberized condition so overwhelmingly projects.  The dentist who grabs and shakes your cheek between fingers to distract from the needle prick and the infusion of sedative is a close analogy to the powerful blockage of outside stimulus the rubber enclosure provides.  There is no other thoughts to distract from the rubbery influences and the carnal desires associated with them reign supreme as we ride along the smooth state highway.

Lydia provides a running commentary of the beauty of the countryside.  I want to tell her to shut up but can’t and wouldn’t if I could.  I let the rubber drive me to my own secret and sensual bliss.  Another shuddering orgasm racks through me and the sweat flows.

“I can tell you two will be ready for some drink when we get to Klamath Falls,” Lydia says.

I’m thinking I’ll be ready for food and getting out of the suits despite how wonderful it is to be enveloped in the tender rubbery mercies they provide.  I know that relief isn’t any time soon.  Lydia has already said as much.  Tonight will be spent in rubber as well as most of tomorrow.

We soon reach the outskirts of a city and realize that we are at Klamath Falls.  The cab delivers us to the hotel.

“Wait here while I check in,” says Lydia.

“No problem, Ma’am.  I’m yours until you tell me to go home,” says the cabby.

A few minutes later, Lydia is back. 

“We are in the end room on the first floor.  Just drive to the end of the building and we’ll unload there.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Eva and I are quickly hustled into the hall entrance and into our room.  No one sees us and soon I am spread on one of the beds.  Accumulated sweat and piss migrates from my lower legs into the lower part of my reclining form.

“You two relax a bit.  I’ll find some more drink and get out of these clothes.  I’m tired of being a nurse!” says Lydia.

I’m exhausted physically from being assaulted by rubber and vibes for the past seven hours, Lydia, I think.  I know my thoughts are unheeded by my Mistress.  I roll on my side and look at the exhausted Eve; I bet he/she didn’t realize what he signed on for when this little trip began.

Lydia gives us drinks as promised and disappears into the bathroom.

Chapter 5

Lydia comes into my sight after a long time in the bathroom.

“This is amazing!” she exclaims as she runs her hands over her orange form.

She has put on her suit and she immediately plops onto my bed and begins to fondle and cuddle against me.

“God, you have been in this all day!  I am so jealous!”  She pulls my gloved hand to her crotch and forces me to give her a rub.

“Oh, gawd that feels so good!  Get those fingers right against my clit, yes, oh gawd you know right where it is… mmmmmmm.”

I hear the vibe inside her fire up as she lunges hard against my fingers.

“Oh, you’ve been having all the fun so far!  Share with me now you rubber slut!  Show me you love me!  Make me cum!”

Alien Lydia thrusts hard against me.  She straddles my thigh scissoring right against my pussy.  Pussy to pussy, vibe to vibe she grinds hard and I can only respond to her aggressive sexuality.  I glance Eva thrusting inside his suit as he watches the spectacle of our two orange rubber bodies fornicating freely next to him.

“I feel the explosion rising and thrust harder against Lydia.  She senses I am about to explode and she returns the thrust and together I we suck in breath, hold it as our two bodies reach the edge of the abyss and together we leap from the edge into our explosive passion play of lust! 

“Oh, YES, YES, YES,” Lydia shouts as her volcanic blast of lust rushes from her.  She grips my legs tightly and hugs them hard as her thrusts continue in rising and falling waves of release. “YES, OH YES.  YES OH GAWD YES!”

I only grunt hard and bite hard at the gag as my explosion sated I hold tightly to my lover.

Eva is grunting pretty hard in his/her bed.

“Are you okay, Eva?” asks Lydia after she recovers some from the heat and remembers he is in the next bed.

He nods an affirmative to the query. 

“I don’t need to have latexcheeks relieve you?” she asks.

He nods a “No.”

“You came spontaneously from our game?”

He nods a “yes”.

“Good rubber boy.  You are truly becoming one with us in rubber.  Let’s get some sleep.  We have a long day tomorrow.”

With that the lights go out and Lydia and I snuggle together in our hot rubber as “Eva” fends for himself in the other bed.

The next morning I am predictably stiff from sleeping (or trying to sleep) in my rubber suits.  I am refreshed in an odd way that rubber provides even though actual sleep eluded me all night.  I dozed.  I dreamed.  Lydia did unlock the crotch long enough to shut down the vibes for the night.  That was small blessing.

I am jolted from the light doze by the vibes firing up inside me.  Lydia mounts me and she thrusts her rubberized body hard against me to reach another explosive release.  She explodes quickly as she has not been subject of the tender mercies of the suits for the past 20 hours.

“Rise and shine,” she says cheerfully.  “We have to be at the station by 8:00.”

I’m not sure why Eva and I have to rush.  Our fate is already sealed for the rest of the day.  Only Lydia has to rush to get out of her rubber suits, clean and put on street clothes.  I notice the clock that reads 7:15 and I wonder how she plans to be ready in time.  When she comes out of the bathroom I realize my wonder was misplaced.  She is obviously still in her rubber with jeans and my turtleneck sweater over it.  The shiny orange gloves look odd poking from the sleeves of the sweater.  She only removed the helmet and washed her face!

“Yes, my lovelies.  I will be in rubber the remainder of the trip too,” she says.  “The cab will be here shortly.  I’ll meet it in front and have him come around to the side for you and the baggage.”

Shortly, Lydia is bundling Eva and me out the side door and into the cab.  The wide-eyed cabby says all as two orange rubber aberrations climb into the back of his cab followed by someone with matching orange gloves sticking from under sweater sleeves.  The cabby interpolates this to mean the other one with the odd sweet perfume is also encased in the same orange rubber. 

Being a good cabby he puts on his poker face to the obviously bizarre scenario playing out and asks, “Where to, Ma’am?”

“The AMTRAK station,” replies Lydia.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

We arrive at the station.  Lydia pays the fellow off, adding a good tip, and asks him to wait until she returns to retrieve her companions.

She is back shortly with a “red cap” pushing one wheel chair as she is pushing a second.  The red cap’s expression is priceless as two rubber aliens emerge from the cab.  There is no one around.

Lydia drapes a blanket over each of us but the helmets are still very visible.  The affect doesn’t hide the helmets but maybe it is better than nothing.  Lydia and red cap number one push us into the station as a second red cap grabs our two bags.

Fortunately the waiting area is empty. 

“We are premier passengers.  Is there a private waiting area for premier passengers?” asks Lydia.  “I’m sure you appreciate my request.”

“No ma’am but we can put them in the side room with the baggage.  It might be better that way as passengers start coming arriving in about fifteen minutes and I doubt the Station Master will want you sitting here publically.  We will retrieve your friends after everyone is aboard and get them to your reserved suite.”

“Thank you for your consideration.  Here’s a token for your understanding,” Lydia says as she passes a fifty to the fellow.

“Thank you Ma’am!  I’ll make sure Pete gets his share!”  The cap decided that helping out obvious rubber freaks has its rewards.  He thought he might check with his Portland buddies and see if they ever have any kinky types passing through their station.

Eva and I sit with the bags.  The buzzing vibes are my companion as I focus internally and let my feeling run freely with the erotic attack to which I am subject.  I feel the heat rising under the rubber layers and grind intensely as my reward approaches and I grunt into the gag as the explosion flows from its tightly wound origin to cover my entire body in its sensual glow.

“Ahhhhh,” I say through the gag in a nearly recognized sigh of relief.

Eva is sitting across from me and my obvious relief has him very agitated.  I’m sure he has spent beyond total exhaustion and any arousal is met with total resistance from his body’s safety systems.  I love that my womanhood allows so many different orgasmic releases.  I’m sure his powerful explosions sate completely but the recharge period or the complete exhaustive state he must now be in certainly restricts the ability to finish any arousal.

He presses his hands to his crotch in vain effort to complete the deed and I can see that his efforts are futile.  He is truly beyond the abyss in his tormented rubberized encasement.  I wonder at the idea of being beyond relief.  I have never reached that point in my encasements.  When the arousal stirs, my body has always responded; even when I am completely exhausted and feeling all crummy inside the suits.  The stir always finds a way to send a quietly internal shudder through me.  The bliss in my womanhood exposes my rubber slut desires completely as I unabashedly push my desire of constant carnal satisfaction to the fore.  I let myself pulse in another little wave just to tease Eve.  I am such a whore!

Lydia is back with her red cap.  We are hustled through the empty station and pushed into the car.  Since it is morning, anyone else in the sleeper rooms is either at breakfast or sleeping in.  The passageway is empty and we are quickly in our room. 

Chapter 6

Lydia thanks the red cap, closes the door and quickly removes her clothes.  She reaches into her bag, pulling out her helmet and pulls it over her head.  This time she has made sure the gag is in place.  She tucks its neck under her suit collar and pulls her neck corset on.

Her transformation complete, she sits next to me and across from Eve.  She nods to Eva and settles against me.  Her probing glove rests on my thigh and she snuggles in squeaky comfort against my hot body.  She opens her crotch long enough to fire up the vibes embedded within and lets her pent up arousal drive her body in animal lust.

I marvel at how quickly she explodes with muffled grunts and groans in the gag.  She snuggles to me and lets her bliss carry her to a second and third wave of passion.  The explosions are fast and complete as she shudders next to me, pushes her gloves into my crotch on one occasion then settles into quiet happiness of rubbery afterglow.

The train is rolling along the rails and the clickity-clack of the wheels provides sublime rhythm to our arousal.  I shudder yet again in one of the quiet internal cums as my exhaustion prevents anything more spectacular.  I think Eve is stewing away as he witnesses our easy lust and is in complete frustration.  He and I have been encased over 24 hours now and he is obviously at his limit.  Oh, well… we are in our enclosure for at least another 12 hours and nothing can change that.  I want to tell Eva to relax and just enjoy the power of rubber but all I can do is reach across the aisle and give his thigh a comforting and understanding squeeze.

The scenery of the southern Oregon mountains is spectacular.  Fortunately the car’s rooms are on the left side and our view is the eastern mountain slopes and not the barren rolling foothills that are the beginning of the eastern Oregon desert.

North of Klamath Falls the train follows the eastern shore of Upper Klamath Lake for 18 miles.  Upper Klamath Lake is one of the largest bodies of fresh water west of the Rockies. I see snow-white pelicans through the limited view the helmet provides.  The birds are so majestic and numerous! 

Leaving the lake, the train climbs rugged "Calimus Hill" and the trains speeds up as it enters onto the high Klamath Basin country.  Each bend and turn reveals a new wonder!  I am so engrossed in this experience that even the heavy rubber and buzzing vibes take a backseat to the natural wonders.  I vow to return here and dive the lake some day.  We cross the Williamson River and follow its course.  Soon the view out the window is broken by the high jagged peaks of mounts Theilsen and Scott.  Between these two landmarks can be seen the remains of Mt. Mazama which now forms the rim of Crater Lake.  The train stops in Chemult.  This is the last stop before pushing through the mountains to the west side of the Cascades.  The train stop is brief and we aren’t concerned though looking out of the window so closely might allow people on the platform to catch an obscured glimpse of the helmets.  The train soon turns west passing Crescent Lake.  Delightful vistas of beautiful Odell Lake can be had on our right as we follow this magnificent body of water for four miles. The lake's depth, 2,000 ft. in places, gives it a wonderful blue color which sets off Maiden Peak.  We soon plunge into darkness as we enter the long tunnel that takes us to Cascade Summit and Willamette Pass.  The scenery changes quickly as we emerge from the tunnel.  We are now in the familiar evergreen forests of western Oregon and Washington.  The train follows the Willamette River from its headwaters down the timbered slopes. 

From this point our train begins the gradual descent of the Cascade Range, utilizing steep-walled Salt Creek Canyon.  Gradually descending the canyon's western wall, spectacular views abound and I am so engrossed in the magnificent vistas that the rubber almost melts from my thoughts… only almost.  How can one not forget the hot pressing stretch of the rubber that massages with every move!  The train passes through numerous tunnels and clings to the sides of steep cliffs.  The views leap from black tunnel to spectacularly scary drops as the train winds down the canyon toward Oakridge.  We are in deep snow country and some of the tunnels are actually snow sheds built to protect the tracks from snow accumulation or avalanches.  Fir trees flash past the train and glimpses of the snow-covered peaks in the morning sun are spectacular.  The sudden explosion of vistas after each black tunnel doesn’t grow old as each new view is so different and so marvelous! 

Deep snow lines the route.  This is a country of white snow, crisp clear sky and rugged distant mountains.  It never ceases to amaze me when I see the wonder of the world.  The wonders are only amplified by my tingling enclosure that has drawn every sense to full awareness.  Anyone who has not experienced travel in rubber cannot understand the extra sensitivity the rubber creates as it dominates all sensory input to the mind.  Colors are more vibrant!  Each feature sharper!  Each new sight more spectacular!  Rubber brings the world into the mind in HD!

Below Oakridge I see a quaint red covered bridge which spanning the river on the left side of the train.  We cross the Willamette River to the east bank and the valley opens up as we begin to leave the mountains.  We pass another large lake that is the Lookout Point Reservoir.  Increasing industrial and lumbering activity indicate we are approaching civilization and will soon be out of the magnificent natural beauty of the Cascades.  The rubber presses against me anew.  Its return is with a vengeance as though my distraction by the scenery is an affair that is not tolerated. 

The vibes buzz hard and Rubber Lydia is aroused.  I find my return to rubber reality a welcome and familiar friend.  I let myself wade deeply into the dark rubbery abyss and the explosion, after a couple of hour’s diversion, rips through me like a Tsunami!  Even Lydia is impressed with the power of my cum and she shows her appreciation by pushing right to me and working herself into a rubber-vixen frenzy who explodes shortly behind me.  Her explosion carries me to another strong and rolling cum.  The two of us are panting hard in our lust and poor Eve is forgotten as he stews in his juices across from us.

My reward for bringing Rubber Lydia to another fulfillment is a long swill of sports drink followed by the clamping of the breathing regulator on my helmet snout!  Lydia does the same for Eva.  She writes a note that the regulators will stay on for the rest of the journey.  Now I am totally internalizing as I feel my heart thumping and the whoosh-whoosh as I breathe the dry cool air from the tank.

The train reaches Eugene just before 1:00 in the afternoon.  We are back in civilization now.  After the short stop the train turns up into the Willamette River valley with its farms and gentle hills.  We ride north toward Portland stopping at Albany and Salem along the way.  I press my snout to the window to see station activities better at each stop.  I sort of hope someone sees the shadowy orange helmet but I cannot tell if anyone did.  After Salem the trip rides through the built-up areas as we approach Portland.  The station stop at Portland is longer.

Lydia pokes her helmet-clad head into the passageway to see if anyone is around.  The car seems empty.  It probably is empty since most people are in the sitting coaches this time of day.  She closes the door and settles against me.  She seems to be drifting to sleep.  It’s been a long day already for her.

A few minutes later there is a rap on the door.

“Steward, folks.  Is everyone okay in there?”

Lydia sort of mumbles a gurgled “yes”.  Her gag doesn’t help any.  She cracks the door slightly and put the “do not disturb” sign through the door.  The steward takes it and I guess he hangs it on the door.  I see his face as he takes the sign.  I’m sure he sees me.  I guess the word will get out to all of the staff that there are some kinky people a sleeper suite.

Soon the train is rolling out toward home.  The train crosses the Columbia River and stops in Vancouver.  We are in the home stretch!  The train follows the river and I-5 in this part of the trip.  We see glimpses of the river, mounds of old ash from the Mount Saint Helens eruption, now covered with grass.  We pass Woodland and make a short stop in Longview.  The train rolls north to Centralia.  It is getting on six in the evening and I am truly numb now.  I am itching under the rubber and am very ready to climb out of the suits and into a nice ling bubble bath.

Lydia writes a short note to me.  “How are you holding up?”

I write, “Well enough but a bubble bath is my top priority when we hit the house.”

Lydia hugs me and even in my exhausted state I respond to her affection.  I snuggle closer to her and slip into a light doze.  I’ve totally forgotten about Eva.

Lydia wakes me.  She has removed her helmet and is in the outer clothes.

The train is pulling into Tacoma.

“We’re home.”


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