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Seeing Orange

by Latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2010 - Latexcheeks - Used by permission

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The thick latex flows through my fingers as I allow my thoughts of fantasy carry my mind to the dark recess of desire. I study the intricate details of the suit. The pale orange color is what caught my initial attention. The suit is not a loud and bright burst of color but a subtle expression of orange… if orange can be subtle. It isn’t the loud “don’t hit me” of a safety vest. It isn’t an “in your face” orange. It looks more like an orange smoothie. It is orange infused with cream... it is a wonderfully smooth orange that says, “Let me envelope you in bliss.”

It says, “Drink my smooth essence and be renewed.”

cheeks2I have to have this wonderful creation. I imagine being sealed inside its gloriously tight skin. Reptiles shed their old skins as they grow. This suit has attached feet socks and gloves. The wide flap in the back will assure a watertight seal when the special “Ziplock” system is engaged. I want this skin to seal me tightly in its hugging embrace. I want to taste the sweet rubber of the attached gag in the matching helmet. I want to feel the thick black phalli attachments inside the orange sheaths that will seal my nether openings, both front and rear. I want the matching corset of thick latex reinforced with a rolled oval band and thickened tube-like edges. The corset has no lacing but just rolled over the outer suit where the thick tube shaped edges and wide oval ring will hold it in place and kept it from curling on itself while shaping my near perfect body to absolute perfection of looks and feel!

I need the tight grip of the matching posture collar with its thick rubber tubing edges wrapping my neck in thick impervious rubber that holds my head snuggly in place, not a totally rigid embrace but a noticeable presence of thick latex to remind me of my surrender to the material. The orange helmet with its tapered snout and shiny black highlight ring where the gag breathing/drinking tube interfaces with the outside world closely resembling an Israeli gas mask, lack of any breathing openings for the nostrils and thick attached perplex lenses completes the total isolation within heavy rubber the suit will provide. I have to have this creation and money is no object to that end.

The reality is the creation is already mine. It is a custom-made suit to my specifications. I have already forked over a fifty percent deposit of the $1,400 price tag quoted by the creator of latex dreams. I based my design on an amazing sequence of photos I stumbled across while surfing the Internet one quiet Friday afternoon. Today I will pay the balance and let the suit come alive as it embraces my very soul and envelopes me in its sensual power.

Chapter 1

Six Weeks Earlier…

I am sitting in my office sealed in rubber while my dive team sits in the locker area outside playing poker. How did I get into this predicament? It is my own doing with the help of Mistress Karen. I now provide the salient pieces of the chat that resulted in this event.

[13:31] <latexcheeks> Hi...another very busy day today
[13:31] <latexcheeks> Mistress.
[13:31] <Karen> :)
[13:31] <Karen> what happend?
[13:32] <latexcheeks> justmorning practice dive with team and equipment checks
[13:33] <latexcheeks> i'm still in drysuit even now
[13:33] <Karen> :) hot
[13:33] <latexcheeks> just showered off the saltwater
[13:33] <Karen> ok
[13:33] <Karen> how was your day yesterday?
[13:34] <latexcheeks> Lydia was a bit miffed that i came TWICEW for you yesterday.
[13:34] <Karen> why?
[13:34] <latexcheeks> she put me into a gas mask but she took a pic
[13:34] <latexcheeks>
[13:34] <latexcheeks> she seems to think you took all the fun
[13:35] <latexcheeks> really kind of a funny sort of "miff"
[13:35] <Karen> :)
[13:35] <Karen> hot pic
[13:35] <Karen> you did it yesterday?
[13:36] <latexcheeks> she screwed a dildo onto the hose of the mask and used it on herself...cut off my air each time she pushed it in
13:40] <latexcheeks> yES mISTRESS...A VERY GOOD NIGHT
[13:40] <Karen> good
[13:40] <Karen> and your way home?
[13:40] <latexcheeks> drysuit gloves did it
[13:41] <latexcheeks> oh my...could only look in mirrors and the vibes were banging my insides on every crack in the pavement
[13:41] <Karen> how was your way home?
[13:41] <Karen> :)
[13:41] <Karen> you came?
[13:41] <latexcheeks> and i came once ...couldn't help it as the things churned and pushed
[13:42] <Karen> good girl you are
[13:42] <latexcheeks> it was all because of you Mistress. The drive was very exciting
[13:43] <Karen> so what could happen today?
[13:43] <latexcheeks> anything is possible i suppose
[13:43] <latexcheeks> i have my kit in the bag i am in the drysuit now with a catsuit under it
[13:43] <Karen> it definitly is
[13:43] <Karen> waht suit under?
[13:44] <latexcheeks> it is the blue one with no attached hood
[13:44] <latexcheeks> the black one is in the bag
[13:44] <Karen> what else is in your bag slut
[13:46] <latexcheeks> the usual things..hoods, gloves, the boots, a corset, the posture collar. i have the panties on and they were fun in the water :)
[13:46] <Karen> :)
[13:46] <Karen> nice
[13:46] <Karen> vibes are on?
[13:47] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress on low setting for now....just keeping me warm
[13:47] <Karen> high
[13:47] <Karen> turn them high
[13:47] <latexcheeks> had to put in new batteries today!
[13:47] <latexcheeks> Yes MIstress
[13:48] <latexcheeks> there they are on high
[13:48] <Karen> can you make the other suite over the drysuit?
[13:48] <latexcheeks> it'll stretch i think...maybe some lumps here and there
[13:48] <Karen> do it
[13:48] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress
[13:48] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress
[13:49] <Karen> and you know, hurry up
[13:50] <latexcheeks> it's just now on and the zipper is closed...and this is really tight but it's on!
[13:50] <Karen> so fast?
[13:50] <latexcheeks> it actually looks pretty good
[13:50] <latexcheeks> slid over the drysuit petty easily
[13:50] <latexcheeks> pretty easily
[13:51] <Karen> ok
[13:51] <Karen> the boots now
[13:51] <Karen> is it a suit with hood?
[13:51] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress.
[13:51] <Karen> hood is on?
[13:52] <latexcheeks> working the boot over the layers of rubber feet
[13:52] <latexcheeks> whew tight feet
[13:52] <latexcheeks> tes Mistress
[13:52] <Karen> boots are on?
[13:52] <latexcheeks> ok...stomped and pushed and got left boot on
[13:52] <latexcheeks> working on the right boot
[13:52] <Karen> nice
13:53 <Karen> Now the corset of course
[13:55] <latexcheeks4> am i still me?
[13:55] <Karen> =
[13:55] <Karen> ?
[13:55] <latexcheeks4> oh, i'm "4"
[13:55] <Karen> :D
[13:55] <Karen> yes
[13:55] <Karen> lost connection?
[13:55] <latexcheeks4> oh well...lacing up the corset now
[13:55] <latexcheeks4> it bumped...not sure why
[13:56] <Karen> ok
13:56] <Karen> the corset now bitch
[13:57] <latexcheeks4> lacing it now....tight as i can wow...shallow panting
[13:57] <Karen> is it tight?
[13:58] <latexcheeks4> yes Mistress...pulled to closed as it allows and the extra layer of the drysuit really makes it TIGHT!
[13:58] <latexcheeks4> it is extremem tight as i closed it all the way and the lock rings are lined up properly
[13:59] <Karen> you can do it tighter?
[13:59] <latexcheeks4> those kind of helper clips on its front make it easy to close it shut and then lock the overcover to it and WOW
[13:59] <Karen> :)
[14:00] <latexcheeks4> actually it is at its tightest now unoless i adjust the back spacers which can't be done when wearing it
[14:00] <latexcheeks4> but it is truly very tight
[14:00] <Karen> ok
[14:00] <Karen> now gloves
[14:00] <latexcheeks4> the setting now is based on two catsuits...not two plus drysuit
[14:01] <latexcheeks4> yes Mistress

[14:02] <latexcheeks4> gloves on now
[14:02] <Karen> again i want a pic of you in this
[14:03] <latexcheeks4> yes MIstress.
[14:03] <Karen> and make me believe on the pic that it is only for me
[14:03] <latexcheeks4> yes MIstress
[14:03] <Karen> something special only for me, that i can identify my lil slut
[14:03] <latexcheeks4> Yes MIstress
[14:03] <Karen> you will do it?
[14:04] <Karen> again you will wear all this until you are home
[14:04] <latexcheeks4> yes MIstress
[14:04] <latexcheeks4> i will wear this home
[14:04] <Karen> you have your locks there?
[14:04] <latexcheeks4> i am loving the drive home this week
[14:04] <latexcheeks4> yes Mistress
14:06] <latexcheeks4> i locked the corset in its three rings
[14:06] <Karen> with keys?
[14:06] <latexcheeks4> keys at home as usual
[14:06] <Karen> you have the keys there?
[14:06] <latexcheeks4> i am now all locked in until i get home
[14:06] <Karen> answer my question
[14:07] <latexcheeks4> no keys here
[14:07] <Karen> ok
[14:07] <latexcheeks4> Mistress
[14:07] <Karen> what have you locked?
[14:07] <latexcheeks4> the corset is locked
[14:07] <Karen> what else
[14:07] <latexcheeks4> i will lock the hood to the catsuit too
[14:08] <latexcheeks4> and i can lock the boots then i am out of locks
[14:08] <Karen> do it
[14:08] <latexcheeks4> yes Mistress
[14:08] <latexcheeks4> yes Mistress
[14:09] <latexcheeks4> all locked
[14:09] <Karen> nice

Next Mistress put me through serious exercise paces and denial training. She had me doing laps around the office while on my knees. Some of the excerpts as I passed the computer follow.

[14:18] <latexcheeks> 29...yes...50 Mistress
[14:18] <latexcheeks> 32
[14:19] <latexcheeks> 36
[14:19] <Karen> how you feeling?
[14:20] <latexcheeks> 40....hard breathing in layers and corset...very hot...deliciously evil with the vibes moving in and out
[14:21] <Karen> go on
[14:21] <latexcheeks> 43...horns are getting very long
[14:22] <latexcheeks> 46...knees sore again but a good sore that i like
[14:22] <Karen> nice
[14:22] <Karen> and i wouldnt caare if its other sore
[14:22] <Karen> go on bitch
[14:22] <latexcheeks> 50...sweat rolling into eyes under hood
[14:22] <latexcheeks> 53..stinging sweat...getting soooo hot
[14:23] <latexcheeks> 57...inner suits slipping on sweat vibes really moving in and out..mmmmmm
[14:24] <latexcheeks> 61...feeling muscle tight even in my fit condition
[14:24] <Karen> :)
[14:25] <latexcheeks> 64...morning dive used muscles one way this REEALLY mkaing notice
[14:25] <Karen> on and on
[14:25] <latexcheeks> 68....gawd those things are REALLY working on me now...
[14:26] <latexcheeks> 71...each swing of legs....woe what a feeling!
[14:27] <latexcheeks> 76....he things are trying to destroy my will to resist....i'm at a 9 and climbing!
[14:27] <Karen> you want to resist?
[14:28] <latexcheeks> 79...on and on...i try to resist until commanded
[14:28] <Karen> :)
[14:28] <latexcheeks> 82...surrender to carnal lust is no longer desired unless commanded
[14:29] <latexcheeks> 86...even Lydia has determined that...our relationship has grown
[14:29] <Karen> nice
[14:30] <latexcheeks> 90...gawd i am close to giving in...i must concentrate..will back the desire and the hard thrusts of those evil toys.
14:31] <latexcheeks> hot so tired so hot
[14:31] <Karen> 25?!
[14:31] <latexcheeks> resistance...must not let the things win!
[14:31] <latexcheeks> 95
[14:32] <latexcheeks> 101...wowsers...the sweat and i am so swooning
[14:32] <Karen> stop
[14:32] <Karen> 100 is enough for now
[14:32] <latexcheeks> reality check on keys...yes MIstress
[14:32] <latexcheeks> pant pant...whew so hot sweat pouring
[14:32] <Karen> kneeling again?
[14:33] <latexcheeks> vibes so noticable! inside me
[14:33] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress
[14:33] <Karen> so its a good feeling?
[14:33] <latexcheeks> always on knees in this place with you Mistress
[14:33] <Karen> :)
[14:34] <latexcheeks> very good feeling...very much mixed pain, lust, desire, mostly lust with odd pain masochistic...i understand how the "M" develops
[14:34] <Karen> you have a breth thing for diving there?
[14:35] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress. my air is in cylinder and mask are here
[14:35] <Karen> take them on
[14:35] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress
[14:36] <latexcheeks> whoosh, whoosh...whoosh, whoosh...on and that's my breathing you hear...whoosh, whoosh
[14:37] <Karen> :)
[14:37] <latexcheeks> whoosh, whoosh...valves popping adds to the sounds
[14:37] <Karen> next time 100 rounds with the aiir control?
[14:37] <latexcheeks> Mistress
[14:38] <latexcheeks> Yes...air control as in jsut breathing it or cut down the supply some level?
[14:38] <Karen> cut down?
[14:40] <latexcheeks> i can conrol the mix to extend the life of the tank by mixing in a portion of the exhale air into the regulator
[14:40] <Karen> so realy breth control?
[14:40] <latexcheeks> it allows up to 60 percent rebreathe air
[14:41] <Karen> do this 60 percent
[14:41] <latexcheeks> yes is a way to conserve when you are ascending from deeper water and have to do the pressure staging to avoid the bends and not too active
[14:41] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress
14:42] <Karen> so? how is your brething now
[14:43] <latexcheeks> so far i am fine but now the laps are at 10
[14:43] <latexcheeks> getting a little hard as i weat around the circuit
[14:44] <Karen> you dont have to do other rounds now
[14:44] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress...thank you for your loving consideration
14:44] <Karen> how many rounds you made?
[14:45] <latexcheeks> i make 14 in the breathing gear
[14:45] <latexcheeks> 115 total counting the 101 before
[14:45] <Karen> nice
[14:46] <Karen> where is your horniness?
[14:46] <latexcheeks> kneeling and whoosh, whoosh......whoosh, whoosh
[14:46] <latexcheeks> 9.5 sand very close to popping the top off
[14:46] <latexcheeks> the breathing adds to the horniness...complete isolation insdie a private world
[14:46] <latexcheeks> the sounds and the feels...the massaging tightness
[14:46] <latexcheeks> and the vines...oh the VINES
[14:47] <Karen> :) i love it
[14:47] <latexcheeks> VIBES
[14:47] <latexcheeks> i love to call them vines for some reason
[14:47] <Karen> :D
[14:47] <Karen> you want to cum for me?
[14:47] <latexcheeks> oh this is so exciting and sooooo wonderful to be part of your fantasy and my reality across the waves
[14:48] <Karen> it definitly is
[14:48] <latexcheeks> oh i'd love to CUM for you now, Mistress
[14:48] <Karen> then cum for me
14:48] <latexcheeks> thank you Mistress!
[14:49] <latexcheeks> squat...thrust...squat swoosh swoosh....swoosh, swoosh...squat so close and getting right on the edge...looking over the abyss of total lust and GONE!!!!!!
[14:49] <latexcheeks> OH gaed the CUUUUUMMMMM
[14:50] <latexcheeks> oh my lost my balance!...oh writhing in ecstasy....oh it's a pulser...cum on cum on more thrusts!
[14:50] <latexcheeks> OHMYGAWDGAWDGAWD
[14:51] <latexcheeks> nice as the time under the water before!...safer though
[14:51] <Karen> perhaps you have to thanks?
[14:52] <latexcheeks> Thank you much Ths=ank you
14:53] <Karen> was a good cuming?
[14:53] <latexcheeks> so easy to get lost now that hot pressing feeling that always comes which i actually love as it just means i'm locked and have to accept i am a rubber slut whore
[14:54] <Karen> yes
[14:54] <Karen> you are a rubber slut whore
[14:54] <Karen> nothing else
[14:54] <Karen> just a lil rubber slut
[14:54] <latexcheeks> oh, the best cumming so much better than any man would cause...i forget they are there as sex any more
[14:54] <Karen> :)
[14:56] <latexcheeks> men are just workmates anymore...though i think a couple of them out there might be rubberists too...i have that feeling
[14:56] <Karen> :)
[14:56] <Karen> its the same here
[14:56] <Karen> men are just workmates and nothing more
[14:56] <latexcheeks> though i wonder how i would deal with that reality...would i try to domme them or let them make me a slut?
[14:56] <Karen> i think you would domme them
[14:57] <latexcheeks> yes...i would want to be in charge...after all i am in charge here as it is
[14:57] <latexcheeks> just the natural extension of the reality until i am with you and my new reality surges forth
[14:57] <latexcheeks> my slutty, slave reality
[14:57] <Karen> you domme Lydia sometimes?
[14:57] <latexcheeks> we switch ... yes
[14:58] <Karen> that is the real life for you
[14:58] <Karen> you are what you are, that dirty lil latex slut
[14:58] <latexcheeks> yes I am that Mistress
[14:59] <Karen> MY lil dirty latex slut
[14:59] <latexcheeks> yes Misterss. I am Your dirty latex slut

I sent a picture of me in wetsuit and ready to dive at this point.

[15:03] <Karen> hot
[15:03] <Karen> you are really hot
[15:03] <Karen> and now kneeling there for me
[15:04] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress
[15:04] <latexcheeks> i am kneeling before you
[15:04] <Karen> yes you are
[15:05] <Karen> and that is so hot
[15:05] <latexcheeks> yes I am...thank you Mistress
[15:05] <Karen> another pic in latex?
[15:05] <latexcheeks> yes I am that too...very hot and feling very horny inside my rubbery world
[15:06] <latexcheeks> it's slowly loading
[15:08] <Karen> :)
[15:08] <Karen> where is your horniness?
[15:08] <latexcheeks> horniness is constant...very very high!
[15:08] <latexcheeks> very close to peak again as i am recharged and hot little slut
[15:09] <Karen> you really are a slut
[15:09] <latexcheeks> wish the pic load was as reliable as my horniness!
[15:09] <Karen> cuming so often there in your office
[15:09] <latexcheeks> mmmm..thank you Mistress
[15:10] <latexcheeks> nice relief after a long day of hard work or heavy thinking
[15:10] <Karen> it definitly should work faster
[15:10] <Karen> :)
[15:10] <Karen> a totally other world

I sent several pictures along this time and the conversation wandered.

[15:35] <Karen> wow
[15:35] <Karen> they are getting more adn more hot
[15:36] <latexcheeks> thanks Mistress
15:36] <latexcheeks> thanks Mistress
[15:37] <Karen> they latex world is so amazing
[15:37] <Karen> you are still on your knees?
[15:37] <latexcheeks> so many many many ways for satisfaction
[15:37] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress
[15:38] <Karen> good girl
[15:38] <Karen> horniness?
[15:38] <latexcheeks> very igh
[15:38] <latexcheeks> high...very high 9
[15:38] <Karen> horniness?
[15:38] <latexcheeks> very igh
[15:38] <latexcheeks> high...very high 9
[15:40] <latexcheeks> kneeling ... one of the guys knocked on the door
[15:40] <Karen> nice
[15:40] <Karen> other pics?
[15:43] <latexcheeks> look into my eyes
[15:44] <latexcheeks> a pic from an earlier relationship...was a guy and i learned a lesson
[15:46] <Karen> one knocked?
[15:47] <Karen> it was a guy
[15:47] <Karen> but the pic is amazing
[15:47] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress. asked if i was ok. kind of hard to be coherent in the breathing gear...kind of shouted a "yes"
[15:47] <Karen> :D
[15:47] <latexcheeks> the pic was from that time...the guy knocking is Ted one of the divers
[15:47] <Karen> and he go away?
[15:48] <latexcheeks> maybe
[15:48] <Karen> :)
[15:48] <latexcheeks> he will probably knock again
[15:49] <latexcheeks> he is the one i think is a rubberist
[15:49] <Karen> you remain there in that position
[15:49] <latexcheeks> so far am kneeling much like the pic i sent you
[15:49] <Karen> i know
[15:49] <Karen> door is locked?
[15:49] <latexcheeks> just dive mask insteag of gas mask
[15:49] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress
[15:50] <Karen> good
[15:50] <Karen> i want more and more pics :D
15:50] <Karen> good
[15:50] <Karen> i want more and more pics :D
[15:50] <latexcheeks> you like my pictures, Mistress?...silly question
[15:51] <Karen> oohh yes
[15:51] <Karen> im so much turned on
[15:53] <latexcheeks> i'm glad i can do this to you too, MIstress
[15:53] <Karen> send me more
[15:57] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress
[15:59] <latexcheeks> a simple pose in gas mask and full catsuit
[15:59] <latexcheeks>
[16:00] <Karen> mmmm
[16:01] <latexcheeks> a good mmmmm or not?
[16:02] <latexcheeks> the guys are getting noisy out there!
[16:02] <Karen> a good mmmm
[16:03] <Karen> they are getting noisy?
[16:03] <latexcheeks> :) MIstress
[16:03] <latexcheeks> yes...sounds like some sort of argument...long day getting close to end
[16:04] <Karen> argument about you?
[16:04] <latexcheeks> don't think so csn
[16:05] <latexcheeks> can't really hear them well in the gear and through the door
[16:05] <Karen> :)
[16:05] <Karen> your horniness?
[16:06] <latexcheeks> 9.5 and rising
[16:06] <latexcheeks> plateaued as i kneel back off no thrust forward just constant
[16:06] <Karen> what turns you on?
[16:06] <latexcheeks> vibes pulsing away inside, Mistress
[16:07] <latexcheeks> thrill of the unknown in rubber...
[16:07] <Karen> your desired position
[16:07] <Karen> so more pics for me
[16:07] <latexcheeks> the trips outside were absolutely tops
[16:07] <Karen> trips outside?
[16:07] <latexcheeks> the water game..dangerous but mazing
[16:07] <Karen> :) oh yes
16:08] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress when i was ordered to go into public were big turn on
[16:08] <Karen> Erratic looking at your profile :D
[16:08] <latexcheeks> erratic?
[16:08] <Karen> it definitly will happend again :)
[16:08] <Karen> Erratic, in the rubberdoll room
[16:09] <Karen> i want more pics :D
[16:09] <latexcheeks> i was new when i wrote that....just exploring and unsure...i have grown much in my fetish
[16:09] <Karen> dont getting enough of my lil slave
[16:14] <latexcheeks> Lydia said gas mask or no fun later
[16:15] <Karen> you aare often in public with latex?
[16:15] <latexcheeks> lately...yes
[16:15] <Karen> :)
[16:15] <Karen> i like that
[16:15] <latexcheeks> i am being more comfortable since new years
[16:15] <Karen> :)
[16:16] <Karen> good experiance i think
[16:16] <Karen> Lydia really like gasmasks, right
[16:17] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress. she loves to put me in them...she likes them too
[16:17] <Karen> :)
[16:18] <Karen> such wonderful picture. You are a lil rubber whore
[16:18] <latexcheeks> I know, Mistress. I have you to thank for opening my mind to new vistas
[16:19] <Karen> :)
[16:20] <Karen> you are still wearing your dive breather? Still on your knees
[16:20] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress to both questions
[16:20] <Karen> do more laps
[16:21] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress
[16:22] <latexcheeks> 10 complete, sweat starting to pool at knees…getiong very hot again
[16:22] <latexcheeks> 15 complete. Hard breathing mask fogging up! Vibes churning inside me as I have to waddle inside these layers…oh my so hot, getting so horny again!
[16:23] <latexcheeks> panting hard in mask! Think I’ve done 25 laps..losing track…so HORNY
[16:24] <latescheeks> 22 laps…SO HOT
[16:24] <Karen> cum for me NOW!
[16:24] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress squat and thrust and gawd the things drive deep into me and rpess to my insides so deliciously and oh my here I cumcumc…oh gawd yes cummming so hard ooohhhhhhhOOOOOOOOOOO..the hard pulsing gawd muscles cramping squeezing those intruders sooooo DELICIOUSLY!
[16:25] <Karen> you cum on command so well. You are a lil rubber slut!
[16:25] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress!
[16:26] <latexcheeks5> i think i knocked the computer and kicked it off line a second that time!
[16:26] <latexcheeks5> so now I'm "5"
[16:26] <Karen> so you have to do some new pics for me i think ;)
[16:26] <latexcheeks5> Yes Mistress.
[16:26] <latexcheeks5> we will work on new pictures for you
[16:26] <latexcheeks5> Lydia and me
[16:27] <Karen> nice
[16:27] <Karen> and make me belive that they are only for me
[16:27] <Karen> you have other pics without gasmask?
[16:27] <Karen> with a tight hood for example?
[16:27] <latexcheeks5> another wetsuit picture is about all
[16:28] <Karen> how long you have to work today?
[16:28] <latexcheeks5> should be planning to leave soon
[16:29] <Karen> why?
[16:29] <latexcheeks5> here's a hooded pic
[16:30] <latexcheeks5> no real reason i guess
[16:30] <latexcheeks5> just close to end of day and well not sure...Lydia gets home around 5 to 5:30
[16:30] <Karen> that one is brilliant
[16:30] <latexcheeks5> thanks you...a gift for letting me cum twice again, Mistress
[16:31] <Karen> :)
[16:31] <Karen> another pic and we are finished for today
[16:32] <latexcheeks5> a nice rubbery bath to end the day
16:33] <Karen> hot
[16:33] <Karen> the guys are still outside?
[16:33] <latexcheeks5> tahnk you Mistress
[16:33] <latexcheeks5> yes MIstress...thjink it's a long term card game they have going on
[16:34] <Karen> i wnat that you remove the breth control and insert a gag
[16:34] <latexcheeks5> they play in a corner away from the door...kind of away from the main floor
[16:34] <latexcheeks5> yes Mistress
[16:35] <latexcheeks5> still have tank on , mask hanging and gag is in...Mistress
[16:35] <Karen> remove the tank and mask
[16:35] <latexcheeks5> yes MIstess
[16:36] <latexcheeks5> ok slinked out of the harness
[16:36] <Karen> good
[16:36] <Karen> now i want that you go offline here and go home, but you pass the desk of the guys, so they can see you, dont stop, just go to your car and drive home
[16:37] <Karen> or you getting fired then?
[16:37] <latexcheeks5> yes hot!
[16:37] <latexcheeks5> i'm the owner of the company...i doubt they'd quit either
[16:37] <Karen> :D
[16:37] <Karen> ok
[16:37] <Karen> do it
[16:37] <latexcheeks5> yes Mistress
[16:37] <Karen> and make some nice pics for me
[16:37] <latexcheeks5> Yes MIstress
[16:38] <latexcheeks5> good bye Mistress
[16:38] <Karen> bye lil whore

As I sit and decide how to follow through with Mistress’s instruction I chance on the picture site of an orange rubber alien. I can think of no other name for the series of pictures I look at. I drink in every detail and wonder at what the eyes concealed behind the hood must show. I imagine pupils wide with passionate desire as the tight rubber skin carries the model to some new level of rubbery bliss. The pictures stir my juices as I sit encased in my own rubbery alien world! I find I am envious of the girl in the suit…the heavy wide rubber neck collar cuddling her head in supple yet convincing immobility, the smooth featureless hood, save thick perplex eye lenses and a black ring at the end of the smooth tapering face, giving the appearance of an alien insect more than a living person. I study the pull-on corset that resembles an old style Playtex rubber girdle with added reinforcements. The thick rubber with support ribbing top and bottom and the thick rubber compression ring at the abdomen appeals to my sense of style and adventure. I want one of these suits for myself!

The poker game seems to be continuing at full tilt. I can tell the guys are drinking. I can’t fault them for that. I bury my stress in rubber, they drown it in beer. Who is to say which is better?
I search the Internet for specialty latex clothing designers. I find the best are in Europe. I think about ordering the garment to the detailed specification required and realize that as much as I have, a couple of trips to Europe would still be problematic financially. Obviously, I can’t stay there for six weeks while the suit is made.

I remember the company that made costumes for Batman and The Watchmen. You know the one, that upscale latex shop in LA. I search the name and find their site. I feel a thrill of anticipation as I compose an e-mail to them with my desire along with a couple of the photos.

I check a couple of more possibilities as I wait for the poker game to break up. I know, Mistress told me to go right out through the work shop but I hold back as, unlike previous public displays, there is no anonymity in my enclosure. These guys will know it is me inside the rubber suits.

Surprisingly, I get a nearly immediate response from the manufacturer. They suggest that I come to their store for a complete measurement session. The tentative quote is $1,400 - $700 due upon measuring and $700 due upon delivery. This sudden realization that the dream is possible sets my stomach ablaze with a new twist of desire and I throw caution to the wind. Shutting down the computer after replying to the e-mail, I boldly exit the office.

The guys are sitting around the workbench. Predictably, Ted is still in his drysuit, fully closed to his neck with the attached hood pushed back to reveal his matted curly hair. He is a heavy and muscular fellow who is very good in a barroom brawl. Jim is also still in his suit but he has pulled it down to his waist. He pulled off his upper wooly inner liner and is wearing a white tee shirt. I think Jim may be learning the joys of rubber but isn’t as far along the path as Ted. Evan is in his street clothes. Evan is wiry and fairly small. His drysuits, even the extra-small, hang pretty loosely on his small frame. He is showered from our morning work and afternoon clean up.

“I’ll be damned!” exclaims Ted as I come into his view. “Shirley, I knew you were a rubber freak!”

“Gawd, look at her,” said Jim. “No comments, Boss?”

How can I respond?

“Kinky!” Ted catches on first…predictably. “She’s gagged too!”

Then he tips his chair in his haste to rush up to me.

“Come on over and take a seat, boss,” his hand guides me to the table. I tense a bit from his touch but do not resist too much.

“You must be hot in there, Shirley,” Ted says.

I nod in the affirmative. He doesn’t see my blushing face or my discomfort at being outed so dramatically.

“We’ll still respect you in the morning, boss,” Ted assures me. “Right boys?”

“Yes,” the other two say quickly.

Evan is studying me intently and I see the puzzled look on his face. Ted is just drinking in the view and I can tell from his eyes he is definitely getting turned on by what he sees. He does nothing to hide his thoughts from me. I’m glad the folds of his drysuit hide any obvious evidence. Jim seems to be stoically taking me in while not seeming to see me at the same time. His expression is unreadable. His poker face is on.

“What does this do for you?” asks Evan.

“She’s in a special world, Ev,” Ted says. “Her whole body is focused on the massive physical presence of slippery rubber massaging her all over. And I hear the low vibration of toys so she has other distractions going on if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t get it,” Evan says.

“I’ll show you if you like,” Ted says.

Ted unzips his drysuit and pulls the back over his head. The shine of a catsuit is revealed and I have full confirmation of my suspicions.

“Evan, until you feel the tight hug of rubber on your entire body, you haven’t lived. Consider the press of the water pressure collapsing the drysuit against your body and amplify that feeling a thousand times”

“What feeling?” asks Evan.

“You’re hopeless. Jim knows what I’m talking about,” Ted turns to Jim.

“I’m awakening to it. I like the rubber suit under the drysuit idea. It looks much more comfortable than the woolies.”

“Today I could get away with only the catsuit since we weren’t under for very long. I have a spandex suit that I wear over the rubber one when we are doing long work in colder water.”

I am startled to discover that Ted uses the very same technique as I when diving. Maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised since the concept isn’t all that unusual if you take the step into rubber.

Ted turns to me, “What I don’t get is the catsuit OVER your drysuit, Boss. It strikes me that it should be inside. The drysuit makes for some lumpiness that definitely distracts from the overall effect. I mean nothing wrong with a drysuit hugging a woman’s body, the occasional fold here and there with a nice weight belt cinched around the waist, Hap Waters proves that, but this seems a bit backward.”

I grab a pad and ink quickly, “There is a catsuit under the drysuit. Mistress wanted me to put my spare on without removing anything I already was wearing so this is what there is.”

“Mistress?” Ted raises his eyebrows.

“Internet games,” I write.


“I must go now,” I write. “Mistress ordered me to not stop or communicate with you guys as I left. I already violated that order.”

“I’ll follow you home to make sure you get there okay,” Ted volunteers.

I write, “No, that’s okay.”

Now I move to the door with purpose to get out of the tension in the room as quickly as possible. To say there is no tension is to ignore the facts. Ted is totally turned on, Jim is obviously getting some ideas, and Evan is showing his dismay. I leave the boys to their poker game.

In the car, I carefully back from the parking place and ease into the street traffic. The buzzing phalli inside me bump and grind with little pleasure pulses at each crack and hole in the road. I smile to myself at the thought that the lack of road maintenance has its rewards.

Unknowing to me, Ted follows me home at a discrete distance. He notes my safe arrival and leaves.


Story continues in Part Two

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