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See Emily Play 2

by I Rule Alone

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; mast; caught; hum; latex; catsuit; hood; drug; mast; oral; toys; climax; reluct/cons; X

continued from part one



After the rush of the orgasm subsided Emily got up from the floor and finished her cup of coffee. Her panties were soaked through and her legs were wet with her own piss, but she loved it. She made her way back to her bedroom and sat back down behind her computer. Earlier that night she had found a website called and for some reason she kept going back to it. At one point she had paid for a subscription and she loved all the nasty content she had found. She restarted a video she had been watching. A helpless girl in the shiniest black latex outfit was being ‘treated’ by two latex nurses. One was fucking her silly with a huge strap on dildo, while the other was forcing her to drink her own piss. The girls make-up was a mess and she looked completely helpless. And all Emily could think, while she watched that video over and over was; ‘God, I wish I was that girl’.

A loud knocking on the door nearly made her fall out of her chair. Sex and getting caught in the act, even as indirectly as someone knocking on the door, made Emily feel guilty and scared. She fell right back to earth feeling like she was caught once again. Quickly she stumbled to her feet and made her way to the door. The knocking continued, impatient. Emily looked through the peephole and saw a stunningly beautiful dark haired bombshell standing outside. She unlocked her door and opened it. “Hi, how can I help you?” Emily said. The woman standing on her doorstep looked gorgeous. Long, raven dark hair. Tall. She wore a white satin shirt with poofy sleeves and a long black leather pencil skirt.

“Do you really think it’s normal to peek into other peoples houses sweetheart?” The lady asked without making any attempt at being friendly or social.

“I errr........ Well, I...”

“And do you think it’s normal to open the door while wearing piss soaked panties?” The lady continued without waiting for Emily’s answer.

With a shock Emily remembered she’d gone and opened the door without realizing she had pissed her panties not ten minutes earlier, and although her legs had dried up, her panties were still cleary wet or, very damp at least. She felt blood rush to her head and knew she was turning beetred.

“How do you know I”...

“Pissed your panties”? The lady interrupted Emily.

“No, I mean...... I am sorry about that... I mean, how do you know I peeked in your window?”

“That, my dear, is none of your business. What I want to know is, did you like what you saw?”

“I’m not sure what I saw.” Responded Emily, but her mind immediately drifted back to the rubber clad figure she saw entering the room last night, instantly filling her stomach with butterflies. She felt downright horny and the commanding tone in the voice of this woman only made it worse. “I think I saw someone wearing.......latex? And there were all kinds of, of..... Sex objects hanging from the wall!”

The lady burst out laughing, looked Emily straight in the eyes and suddenly stuck out her hand and grabbed Emily’s wet cunt. “I like pissy cunts, Emily, did you know that?” She whispered. “Do you know what dirty little games you can play with piss? I’m going to have so much fun with you.” The lady stepped closer to Emily, so close that Emily could smell her sweet and strong perfume. She felt overwhelmed and downright intimidated by this tall, mysterious woman. But at the same time she felt an almost undeniable urge to (....get down on her knees and lick that gorgeous leather skirt...) submit to this woman.

“Well.......What, errrr.....What is it you want from me? I just wanted the banging noises to stop! It was almost one in the morning and I got no response so I.... I just.... I. I had to see for myself what the noise was.” Whimpered

“The noise, sweetheart.” Said the lady, now all too friendly. “Was me fucking my slave with a nice, big, rubber strapon. Did you hear her moan? Moan with lust?”

Emily stumbled backwards. ‘This isn’t happening,’ she thought. ‘Someone stepping up to your door talking about pissing games and fucking someone with a strapon’??? But then again, opening your door while openly wearing piss soaked panties wan’t very normal either. “Yes, I heard....” Whispered Emily.

“Follow me.” The lady let go of Emily and stepped back. It wasn’t a question or even suggestion. It was a demand! Emily didn’t even think about protesting but instead followed the lady out into the hallway to the nextdoor appartment. She didn’t know that this was the last time she had walked out of her own appartment....


The appartment she walked into was sparsely furnished. The walls and tiled floor were sparkling white and also the lighting was very bright, giving the place a cold and unpersonal feel. There was also a strong smell in the house. Emily couldn’t quite place it, but it reminded her of her childhood, swimming, inflatable tubes. Then suddenly Emily knew..... There hung a heavy smell of rubber in the apartment.

There was a black leather two seater, black leather chair and a small coffee table with two glasses on it. On the far wall hung a black and white picture of a lady wearing a shiney rubber mac. The only color in the picture were her lips, that stood out bright red. On the other wall, facing the two seater, hung a big flatscreen TV. To Emily’s shock and horror she saw that the exact video she had been watching in her appartment, was showing but the sound was muted.

“Sit!” The lady gestured to the chair and Emily sat down. “Please, drink up.” The lady said, pointing at one of the glasses, again her tone was downright demanding.

Emily picked up the longdrink glass and took a sip. It was cold water, but it tasted soo good to her. The excitement and fear that fought for her attention had made Emily quite thirsty and she finished more than half of the glass in one big gulp. The lady looked on with a faint smile as Emily finished her glass and then put it back on the coaster.

“Okay Emily, let’s get down to business. I am not one to waste time.” She sat down accross from Emily and took a small sip from her own drink. “First of all, my name is Marian. If we decide to go into business together, you shall not use that name but instead call me Mrs. M. The reason you are here is because I have chosen you to be my new project. If you accept the proposition I am about to make, you will no longer be Emily but instead be called No. 4.”

Emily listened with growing suprise as Mrs. M told her about how she had chosen Emily when she was still in college and had been following her life ever since. At first Emily was listening to every word Mrs. M said, but after a while all the details about where and when she had followed Emily and which actions she had taken to get to this point, started to go over her head and she slowly lost her interest. It almost seemed as if the lady was deliberately dragging this story out beyond measure, and after a while the voice of Mrs. M became a drone in the background. Emily found herself staring at Mrs. M’s leather skirt again.... feeling an increasing urge to sit on her knees in front of Mrs. M and lick that skirt. She felt horny, dizzy.....sleepy.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Emily said suddenly and with a slur “but. I need to pee real bad and, I feel kinda dizzy.”

“Ah, so it’s working! Good. I was getting sick of listening to myself to be honest. Let’s wrap this up then, shall we?” Mrs. M stood up and walked over to Emily. “Have you ever seen the Matrix, Emily?” Mrs M asked.

Emily nodded her head. She didn’t care about the Matrix. She had to pee real bad now and, and..... (she wanted to lick......lick.......oh God, lick that skirt).

“Do you remember the scene where Mobius offers two pills to Nemo?”

Emily nodded again (lick your skirt mistress, please let me).

“Okay, well.....this is what I can offer you now.” Mrs. M said. “You either let the drink do its job and become crazed with lust in oh, say, 10 more minutes because I spiked it with XTC. What’s more, I will immediately begin to teach you that you know nothing about what it is like to have to pee ‘real bad’. Because I also put a diuretic in your drink and that urge to pee is about to get much worse.” Mrs M lowered herself in front of Emily so that their eyes were level. “If you let the drink do its job, there is no way back. I will immediately start your training and conditioning and you will not leave this apartment for a long time to come, you will, effective immidiately, become a sexslave......”

“If you want to bail out, that is fine too, although very regretable. I will give you a shot of vitamin C that will drastically shorten the XTC high, take you back to your appartment and our paths will never cross again, because by the time you have sobered up, this appartment and me, will be gone for good.” Mrs M looked deep into Emily’s eyes and whispered; “choose wisely Emily. You’re a natural. I can turn you into a top slave! I know you want it.....It’s in your eyes. Lust, obedience, hunger......”

Emily felt the XTC do it’s work. All she felt now was utter love for Mrs. M. She wanted to surrender and be with her forever and ever and...... She had to pee so bad now. Only very remotely a voice in her head was telling her to slow it down, think it over (lick her skirt), what about her apartment, her job (piss all over this couch).....

“Yes...” It was barely audible, nothing more than a hoarse whisper, but an unmistakeable yes. “I want to lick your skirt now Mrs. M.” Emily heard herself say and the last lucid memory was of Mrs M getting up and, standing in front of Emily, pushing her face into Mrs. M’s leather crotch and Emily started licking.........


Over the next couple of hours Emily kept drifting in and out of a dreamlike state. For what seemed like all eternity, her whole universe consisted of dark, smooth, shiney leather. Wet with her own saliva. The smell of leather and underneath that, very faint, the smell of Mrs. M’s wet cunt...... It was heaven. Licking......Just licking..... It was bliss.

A tingling sensation in her groin sort of brought her back to the real world. She found herself in another, brightly lit room. When her vision became more focussed, she discovered she was in some sort of big walk-in closet. She noticed racks full of latex, plastic and PVC clothing. She however, was stark naked, tied to a pole with her legs spread. At some point she must have been releaving her bladder because the desparate urge to pee was gone. Mrs. M. was nowhere to be seen, but in front of her sat a girl on her knees, wearing a white transparent latex babydoll and she was furiously licking Emilys dripping wet slit. Emily moaned and started gyrating her hips, causing the tingling sensation to grow. She knew she was about to come! The XTC high gave her an overwhelming sensation of love and lust for the girl and when she finally stuck two rubber gloved fingers up her craving sexcave, she came fast and hard and drifted back into her dreamworld.

For a while she bathed in the sensation of having her cunt licked, carressed and penetrated in a heavenly way. More than once she had an orgasm and even in this hallucinatory state she had a feeling of total surrender and acceptance. It was the pressure in her bladder that woke her back up again. This time she found herself back in the livingroom, sitting in the chair. Something was still spreading her legs and this time she also wore a black rubber straightjacket. On the two seater across from her a tall figure, entirely clad in black latex was fucking the girl she met earlier with a monstruous black rubber dildo. Emily looked on in amazement, not able to understand how any woman could take something so huge up their vagina. The girl however, was screaming with sheer pleasure. Again a warm feeling of both love and lust came over her. She started to reach for her pussy but realized she couldn’t because of the straightjacket. Her wiggling around caused the tall rubber figure to stop pounding the girls pussy and get up from the couch. Without saying a word she approached Emily and grabbed a much smaller dildo from the coffee table as she came closer. Emily’s heart jumped in her chest. She wanted to be fucked so bad, so bad!

Without much ado the black rubber figure stepped up close to Emily and almost brutally, shoved the rubber cock in Emily’s wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure but the pressure on her bladder increased considerably. The rubber figure now started pounding Emily’s cunt, hard, fast. Within seconds Emily felt that tingeling sensation starting to spread fast and only a few seconds after that she exploded again. The orgasm put so much strain on her tormented bladder that a huge stream of hot piss squirted out of Emily’s cunt with each orgasmic spasm.... She lost it again.

It was a drowning sensation that finally brought Emily back to the real world. A number of things happened simultaneously. She opened her eyes but her vision was blurry because of the goggles she was wearing. She tried to close her mouth to stop the water from running into it but couldnt’t because someting kept her jaw from closing. At the same time she tried to turn her head away for the same reason, but found that her head was also fixated. In a reflex she tried to stop the water with her hand, but that also failed miserably because her arms were rigid as well. She started to panick and wanted to cry for help, but all that came out of her mouth was a gurgly, muffled “Hhaaaaaaa, hhhaaaaaa.”

Then, just as she thought she was gonna choke, the water stopped. It was then that Emily noticed that someone was standing over her and with a shock she realized that it hadn’t been water running down her face and into her neck (and further down from there), but that someone had been pissing straight into her face. (She immediately felt butterflies in her belly). Clumsily now, the figure that was stooped over Emily’s face, climbed down. Although her field of vision was severly limited, Emily could see it was the girl that had been pleasuring her earlier. Suddenly it dawned on her that this was the same girl she had met out in the hallway. That seemed ages ago. The girl was now wearing a long sleeved, transparent latex body, through which Emily could see her huge tits, shiney red latex bloomers with an open crotch, Red rubber thighboots and tight, red latex gloves. She was gagged.

Although severly restrained in her movement and vision, Emily was able to lift up her head just a little and when she did she saw that she was now tied to a gyno chair. She could see that she was wearing a tight black latex catsuit with a red rubber corset, also she wore black boots.The walls of the room she was in were entirely padded with black rubber and she realized that this was the room she had peeked into. The thought that she was now in this very room as a sex object gave her a familiar tingle in her groin.

“I knew a good piss in your face would wake you!” Emily tried to locate the source of the voice which came from her right, but her neckbrace prevented her from doing so. “You really enjoyed yourself the last couple of hours, didn’t you?” The voice asked. “You peed on my floor nearly each time you came! You’re gonna make a perfect toilet slave..... Anyway, playtime is over. No more orgasms left and right. From now on you will only come when I tell you to and piss when I tell you to. Failure to do so will be met with punishment!”

While saying this, the voice moved to the left and into Emily’s vision. It was the rubber clad figure! Finally it dawned on Emily that it had been Mrs. M all the time. She looked like a Godess..... A tight black catsuit, black gloves and
gasmask made her look grotesque and powerful. Emily leaned back again. It was too hard to keep her head up because of the neckbrace. From her peruvial vision she could see Mrs. M detach something from her leg. When she lifted it up Emily saw that she held something that looked like an IV bag in her hand, almost filled to the brim with liquid.

“I am surprised you haven’t noticed the tube sticking out of your mouth yet no. 4.” Emily moved her tongue around and noticed Mrs. M was speaking the truth. A rubber tube ran into her mouth all the way into her esophagus. “A good toiletslave will gladly drink her Mrs. piss, don’t you agree? Therefore I inserted a stomachprobe which I will now attach to this IV bag full of your Mrs. ’s heavenly champagne!”

With that, Mrs. M hooked up the bag to an IV stand and picked up a tube that had been dangling from Emily’s body. She hooked up the bag and released a tiny valve. She then attached a syringe at some other point to start the piss flowing down the tube. “Nice huh?” Mrs. M. said. “You won’t taste a thing, but before you know it you will fill up on your Mrs.’s delicious golden champagne. And no puking! I can’t stand that.”

Mrs. M. now reached between Emily’s legs. Emily couldn’t see what she was doing but she soon realized why her ass had felt so stuffy since she woke up. An inflatable buttplug was pumped up to the point where it became hell! Stretching Emily’s asshole far beyond wat was comfortable. She felt tears starting to fill the corners of her eyes.... She was invaded in two orifices now, she was scared for what was gonna happen to the third.

“You wonder what I am gonna do to your cunt now huh? Well, I think you will like it.” With that, Emily felt someting slide into her pussy. It obviously wasn’t very big because once it was in there she hardly felt it.

“There, I think we’re almost set.” Mrs. M said as she started for the door. “Your training has now officially started no. 4. I am gonna teach you what it means to hold your pee! You’re such a good pisser, aren’t you? Well, to me it means nothing if you cannot hold it untill I think you are worthy to piss!”

Excitement and fear where fighting for first place in Emily’s head. She knew that this was what she wanted! To be a slave, an object to be used at Mrs. disposal for whatever she wanted. On the other hand she also realized what she had said yes to. She had to be back at work tomorrow. She realized she had left her appartment door open! What about the bills??

“I think we should start easy. How does an hour and a half sound to you? Doable? I think so too.... You might just be a little troubled by the diuretic I gave you again..... No.3!!” With that Emily noticed the blonde girl stepping up again. She held a black hood in her hand. Emily tried to move away but there was nothing she could do to prevent the black hood from sliding over her head, cutting off her sight and hearing...... She was alone, and the pressure in her bladder was allready there.

And so it began....



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