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The Seduction of Alisha

by Miss Jane

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© Copyright 2007 - Miss Jane - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; cons; X

I arrived at the hotel and sorted my cases out. Being early I decide to have a drink at the bar before dinner. I put on a black latex evening dress. Entering the bar I saw that there was only one other person there, a young girl dressed all in white. I introduced myself and discovered the girls name was Alisha. I gave the girl a cursory glance. She doesn't strike me as submissive at all, in fact, she looks rather lost, but she's attractive, and anyone can be trained.

Sitting next to her on the loveseat, and looked around the room, hunting for something inane with which to begin a conversation. My eyes take in the heavy velvet drapes, the reproduction Edwardian furniture, nothing noteworthy there, comfortable as it is. My eye lights on a little known Dali hanging on the wall. A faceless, nude female.

"Isn't that an interesting picture?" I comment to her. "Did you know that Salvador Dali was a sadist? That he spent his childhood lusting after his maid, and his puberty torturing her tits?" I saw her looking at my dress.

"How on earth to you manage to get the outfit on? It’s so tight." she said.

" Thank you, I'm glad you like my clothes," I said, smoothing my hands down over the shiny second skin.

"Clothes like these are made to order. It's addictive really, once you have that first outfit made, and they come and fit it to your body, you realize that all your flaws have been eliminated, and your in shiny skin that leaves nothing to the imagination.... well, the rest is history."

I lifted Alisha’s hands and place them on my latex covered abs. "It's far more exhilarating than being naked. Shiny and sleek..."

"See what I mean?" I asked, holding the girls warm hands against me. When I finally let her go, two damp handprints were clearly visible against the black of the latex covering my lower stomach. I smile at Alisha a huntress smile. "Now tell me that’s not hot!"

Realising that her nipples had become erect beneath her blouse she covered her breasts and blushed but found herself saying. "Have you something I could try"?

I smiled at the girl’s eagerness; she would be easier than I had hoped.

"Yes, I'm sure I have some pieces that might fit you, and then you can see for yourself how they go on."

I took her by the hand, and led her up to my room. Once in the room, I opened the closet door to display all the latex and rubber that had been so carefully hung up.

" I think we have time to play a little. Take off your clothes and we'll sprinkle this talc on you."

I helped Alisha to talc her back.

"We don’t want to rush it why don’t you try this leotard on first," I said as she drew a back zipped leotard from the cupboard.

Alisha held the shiny clothing in her hand it flowed over her fingers like water slipping and sliding. I took it from her and pulled down the zip, holding open in front of Alisha whilst she placed each leg in the opening. I eased it up over her thighs and held the front so that Alisha could slip her arms into the sleeves. Stepping to the back of her I took the zip and started to pull it up. Made to fit tight I had to draw the edges in and hold them whilst raising the zip a couple of inches then repeating the procedure until the zip had reached the top. As it tightened Alisha fitted the breasts cups over her tits noticing as she did so there was holes in the ends of the cups that allowed her nipples to project through.

She ran her hands over the sleek covering smoothing out any ripples. I stood looking at her she looked fantastic, black and shiny from crouch to neck with just her pink nipples like stalks breaking the polished surface. I swung open another cupboard door fitted inside was a full-length mirror. Alisha gasped as she saw herself. She twisted and posed in front of the mirror looking over her shoulder so that she could see the reflection of her back and how the lower part had slipped between the cheeks of her bum.

"Face the mirror and squat," I instructed her.

Alisha complied. "Now part your knees."

Alisha did so showing herself how the material smoothly flowed over her. There were just a few strands of pubic hair showing on each side.

"We will have to shave you," said I "we will do it later."

Alisha slid a hand down to feel herself and in doing so discovered that there was a slit in the material right over the place were her cunt lips were. She parted the sides and the puffy lips of her quim slipped out showing pink and moist.

"I feel that this is wrong!" she said.

I helped her rise, "You look beautiful," I said as I took the young girl in my arms and kissed her on the lips.

I move away from the kiss. Is it an accident the back of her hand brushes a nipple as I do so?

I cupped Alisha face and gently kissed her brow.

"Help me out of this evening dress and into something more comfortable and we will talk about it."

Alisha draws down the back zip on my dress and holds the sleeves as I disrobe. Beneath the dress I am naked except for the waist corset I never remove. I remove a light blue latex wraparound from the cupboard and slip it on loosely tying the belt. Placing a friendly arm around Alisha’s shoulders I lead the girl to the latex covered bed and we sit on the side. I know that Alisha’s naked bum on latex will enhance the girls feeling for the material even if Alisha doesn’t realise it.

" Now Alisha what is it that you feel is wrong, wearing latex or me kissing you?" I said with one arm still over her shoulders. "Do you feel horny dressed as you are? I know I am when I wear rubber."

I had felt even hornier since I had met the girl and determined to get past her panties and her being dressed up was a bonus.

My hand strayed to one of her compressed breasts and circled it, squeezing gently I felt it harden up.

"Hooo!" Alisha said.

" Is that nice?" I asked.

" Hummm!!"  Was the reply.

I moved to gently playing with the nipple pulling it out from the hole in her leotard, which enlarged to let a portion of her breast to come through, releasing the nipple slowly the hole closed around the projecting flesh not allowing it to return.

"Would you like me to do the same to the other one?"

" Please!" Alisha moans.

"Oh my god this feels good"

"Ohhh yes Jane I feel so aroused."

Alisha slipped from my arm and fell back on to the bed her face full of lust, her breath coming in pants and her chest heaving. I had to take this gently not only was this the first time she was wearing rubber but I strongly suspected that it was also the first time that a woman had sexually aroused her. I moved till my face was level with hers supporting myself on one elbow. I kissed her eyes and forehead and nibble an ear. I licked and kiss all over her face and her neck all the while she laid passive on the bed arms at her side and legs from the knees down hanging over the edge. I inserted the tip of my tongue between her lips and her mouth opened to receive it, I covered her mouth with mine pushing my tongue past her teeth and deep in to her mouth our tongues entwined and danced together.

With my spare hand I grasped the spare part of the sheet and flipped in over our heads entombing us in a latex heaven.

Time to move on, I think to myself. Breaking the kiss and kissing down her neck I slid out of the covering and on to her breasts, the sheet remained over her head and she made no attempt to remove it, the ends of her breasts squeezed by the openings in costume stood out like babies dummies. I took one in my mouth and the other in my hand and sucked one and pinched the other, pain and pleasure for her at the same time. My mouth moved to the other breast my hand to her thighs, she tightened her legs together and then let them fall apart. Sliding from the bed completely I hooked my arms behind her knees and pulled her till her bum was on the edge of the bed. This moved her head from under the latex covering, much to my surprise Alisha reached up and replaced the sheet over her face.

I kissed my way up her thighs till I reach her leaking outer cunt lips peeking through the slit. I lapped at her juices and into her cunt. I found her clit and sucked on it feeling it swell in my mouth. I fitted two fingers into her cunt and twisted them. Alisha was bucking her hips in time with the thrust of my fingers. And the pulsing sucks I was giving her clit. Then her whole body tightened and I knew she was about to reach a climax removing my fingers I covered the whole of her cunt with my mouth I didn’t want to miss even the last drop of her cum. With a muffled scream she climax and I gathered all in my mouth remaining there till the last spasm passed. I swallowed some of her sweet juices and held some in my mouth. Withdrawing from the well of passion I turned back the edge of the sheet covering her head just far enough to expose her mouth, my mouth cover hers, my tongue again wended past her teeth and the cum I had retained drained into her.

After resting for a short while allowing Alisha to calm down I then, arouse her enough to get her on the bed properly, removing my throw and naked except for my corselet I laid down with her drawing her into a cuddle, I flipped the sides of the latex sheet over and enshrouded the two of us. Alisha sated and half a sleep. I want you to spend to whole night with me I whispered and was answered with satisfied Hummmm from Alisha

Alisha was all over me as we cuddled together under the latex sheet. Begging me to take her further, into the latex filled world.

"Hush," I said "I will but there are things to do first. One is to have you moved in to my room."

I left the bed to get dressed and not have my face covered in Alisha’s sticky spilling. A quick splash for the face and a mouthwash and I was back in my room to dress. Alisha was curled up on the bed and didn’t move she must have dropped off to sleep. Quietly dressing in a red latex shirt, black skirt of the same material and a pair of four inch heeled shoes I slipped out of the room.

At reception, I explained the situation said I need to pay for Alisha’s stay with me and that she would give up her room and move in with me to this they agreed. Asking if all was well I replied it was. That settled I asked then if some food could be sent to the room. I was told there was a party starting but they would see what could be done if suitable some cold food from the party. I said it was well enough in half an hour if possible.

I returned to the room Alisha had wrapped herself tightly in the sheet, this spoke well for the future and total enclosure or vacuum bed if we could get her back to my home eventually. I gently uncovered her without waking her. She looked a picture of lusting still in the leotard I had dressed her with her tits poking through the holes and just a gleamed pouting cunt lips showing and glistening still moist with her secretions. It was almost a shame to wake her but necessary. I leaned over and kissed her awake, still sleepy she wrapped her arms around me and returned the kiss. God I wanted to crawl on the bed with her but food was coming and there were lots to do.

"Up," I say "lets get out of these clothes and into the shower."

She pouted but complied. I unzipped the leotard and eased it off her shoulders, then helped to get her arms out. She gasped as the suit parted from her breasts the openings dragging her breasts out until they slipped free. Whilst she showered I collected some shaving materials from the bathroom I would have to make do with my nail scissors for I wanted to remove her pubic hair as soon as we had eaten.

She came from the shower all glowing and naked. "You can wear my throw," I said it still laid on the bottom of the bed.

She slipped it on wrapped tight around her and done the belt up.

" Come and sit in this chair," I invited there was a coffee table between us. The food arrived the tray was set on the table and we picked at it.

"I need to know more about you?" I said like. "Are you working? Have you a partner/boyfriend? What about your mother you were going to visit her. Do you have your own living space? All the personal things if she was going with us when we left the inn and to all intents and purposes disappear entirely. We needed to know if there would be any follow up. Having received these answers it was time to get closer to home with questions.

"Alisha," I said in what I hoped was a serious voice.

"What do you want being with me?"

"Do you want to stay with me for the next 12 days?"

"For that period of time will you be my Slave?"

"If you are my slave you will have to wear my collar and no one else can touch you without my permission. Can you entertain the thought of having no one else but me?"

"If you convince me of your seriousness in answering the last three questions I will phone my place of residence and have them send clothing to your measurements but I don’t want to go to the expense of flying things down if won’t give me your full commitment."

"I want to be with YOU" Alisha cried. Alisha’s answer was sweet if a bit short. But I took it on face value and decide to continue.

Going to the dresser and as I thought there was a brochure for the inn giving a fax number. I phoned my residence on my mobile and gave instructions that a sizing chart was to be faxed to me immediately. Whilst that was coming through I thought there was time to remove Alisha pubic hair. I spread a towel on the side of the bed and told Alisha to kneel on it facing outwards. Once there I say, "Sit on your heels and lay right back, part your knees as far as possible."

This gave me a good access to her snatch. Using the nail scissors I trimmed the hair down to a stubble, lathering up her cunt I then shaved her till she was baby soft smooth.  Planting a kiss on the newly exposed mound I told her to get down and go and wash any remaining soap away. She returned from the bathroom rubbing her fingers over her crouch. By this time the fax had arrived and could start listing her measurements this took some time, as unlike measuring for clothes it needed finer details. Like the diameter of her thighs in two places, the length of her fingers, there was ten measurements for her head alone.

Eventually done, and a long list of the clothes and things I would require, I faxed the notes back with instructions that they were to be charter flown to the nearest airport and hired delivery to the inn to arrive the following day. Returning to Alisha I took from a drawer my own slave collar, a stiff three inch one in rubber with a locking clasp and a silver A in the centre. This would do until hers arrived the next day. Fitting it would be more psychological than anything else.

By then it was quite late and I wanted to play with my new slave as much as she wanted to be played with before we fell asleep. I rummaged through my latex clothes to find some things I could dress Alisha in for the night. There were stockings, gloves that went up to her armpits, and the piece de résistance an open face hood. I wanted the body for my attentions so I didn’t cover that. For myself I wore stockings and similar gloves.

Showing Alisha how to dress with care so that her nails didn’t pierce the fine material and snatching the odd kiss and fondle as I helped her dress left both of us in a high state of arousal. Throwing off the conventional bedding I replaced it with latex sheets and rubber blow up pillows. One of which I made sure was very firm. As soon as the bed was ready Alisha jumped in swiftly followed by me I drew the top sheet right over our heads and in the closeness started to fondle Alisha

Snuggled in a latex cocoon. I started to play with Alisha smoothing my gloved hand over her back and other parts that I could reach whilst we cuddled face-to-face kissing her eyes and lips with little pecks. Rolling her compliant body on to her back allowed me access to her breasts which I squeezed and played with my latex covered hands roaming every where except her cunt, keeping her in suspense of further sexual treatment. One hand travelled over her face and covered head, a finger tracing the shape of her ear under its covering, my fingers following the trail of my kisses brushing her closed eyes, smoothing her brow, trawling across her lips which parted and my inquisitive fingers explored the outside of her mouth. A finger slipped in the opening and deep into her mouth, she started to suck getting a taste of rubber properly for the first time.

Leaving my finger to be sucked on I move myself into a position where I could use my mouth on her tits. Firstly lightly brushing the tip of my tongue over her nipples, and then tightening my lips on each one in turn. They hardened up, engorged and I was able to hold them gently in between my teeth lightly pulling on them picking just breast. I sucked it into my mouth lapping at the now firm nipple and making the areola wet and warm, releasing it I gently blew on it sending a stream of colder air across the tip. Recovering my hand from her mouth I moved further down and pierced her navel with my tongue lapped around it so wet it made a seal as wide open I fitted my mouth over the delightful pucker in her belly, then I sucked hard as if I was trying to draw to knot out of her.

Alisha’s thighs were opening and closing trying to squeeze her cunt so I moved a hand down there, my fingers slipping in the fluid that was leaking from her cunt. I wiped my hand over her vagina gathering as much juice as I could, I move up the bed protecting my hand so that the collected juices were not removed till I was in a position to again kiss the lovely girl with me and have her return the kiss. Breaking the kiss I placed my sticky hand over her mouth and under her nose so that she could smell herself. I gripped her nose in my gloved hand making her open her mouth to breath as soon as it opened I forced all four of my fingers in to it covered from her discharge allowing her the taste of her sexuality.

Parting Alisha’s legs with one of my own, I push my thigh hard against her cunt where she started to hump against it trying to get herself off. This I didn’t want yet so I eased away till she could only brush my leg. Removing my fingers from her mouth I used the remaining juices on the palm to smear over her face making it all sticky, the same hand then went to a breast to ensure that the nipple was still aroused. Finding it so I gave it a hard pinch retaining the grip and pulling at it stretching the breast until it was cone shaped. Alisha groaned I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or pleasure what ever it was it sounded nice.

Time for a little cunt play, dragging the extra hard cushion and placing my hand under her bum I indicated I wanted her to lift her hips so that I could fit the cushion just below the small of her back so that her bum cheeks were lifted of the bed. I covered her mound with my hand and pushed hard another groan this time in pleasure I am sure this girl was really coming on to my administrations. I moved further down still buried under the latex sheet till I lay between her parted thighs and my mouth was able to reach the smooth cunt. I lapped my tongue over her outer lips cleaning off the secretions that had flowed from her. I allowed my tongue to penetrate past the lips and deeper into this delicious fountain of what seemed to be source of unending juice.

I moved my tongue up and out and over her clit back down again a little deeper and continued to do so each time penetrating deeper with each stroke until I had the full length on my tongue buried as far as I could, then I started to push and withdraw it in and out of cunt without removing my mouth. I could feel Alisha rising to a peek so I ceased my tonguing I didn’t want her finished yet, but I could feel her aroused clit so I gave that some attention teasing it with my lips, at the same time I eased two fingers into her to lubricate my glove. Then when suitably moistened I slipped them into the crack of her arse till I reached the anus, gently I rubbed my finger around the ring. Alisha was so far gone that I don’t think she realised what I was doing to her not till my finger penetrated her anus, then she lifted her hips to move away but my finger followed her and when she relaxed and lowered her hips my finger stayed in the place so that it went deeper.

This must have been the final straw to set her off for with a scream she reached her climax and cum spurted from her splashing my chin and neck. I lifted off her and removed the cushion allowing her lower body to lie in the sticky juices. Alisha lay there exhausted, I moved to cuddle my sweet cum slut. And we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I was awoken the next morning by being kissed on the lips. Now I am not one of those people you wake up and immediately jump out of bed. I like to keep my eyes closed and relish last night, especially as I had such lovely memories of that night. But my breathing must have changed for Alisha increased the intimacy of her kissing my face. I had to open my eyes if only to prove to myself that in my waking dream she was as beautiful as real life. For once my thoughts had not treated me false. She was fantastic.

Still time to get up, only one problem we were stuck together and to the latex sheets by the dried cum and juices of the night before. We had to peel ourselves away. We removed the gloves and stocking and Alisha’s hood, which we had fallen asleep wearing and I sent Alisha off to the shower with instructions not to start till I could join her.

Gathering up the sheets and clothing and dumping them in a bath of warm water to sort out later, I joined Alisha in the shower we soaped each other down. Alisha spent more time than necessary soaping my breasts, so I retaliated by putting the head of the shower up to her cunt. Back in the bedroom I told Alisha to wear my latex throw and nip up to her old room and collect her clothes. Meanwhile I dressed in the red shirt and black skirt I had worn briefly the evening before, finished off with a pair of knee high lace up boots with 4 inch heels.

Alisha returned with her few bits and pieces and dressed in the clothes she arrived in with the addition of my collar locked around her neck. We went to breakfast I made a mental note to take her shopping afterwards. I took a female member of the staff to one side and asked her if there was a place in town where I could get a full body wax. She replied there was a place all the girls used and should she phone and make an appointment for me. Please I said and a few minutes she retuned and with a business card and 2pm wrote on the back.

Breakfast over we left for town, only stopping at reception to inform them I was expecting a large parcel and when it arrived would they put it in my room. I won’t say too much about our shopping trip except to mention a few things we brought in case they are used later in the play and you wondered where they came from.

There was a very tight pair of shiny black leather slacks. Just above the knee leather skirt also black. There was a bolos type top also in leather, which laced up tight around the chest and pushed Alisha’s breasts in and up giving her a cleavage that reminded me of the cheeks of her arse. Heavy silk shirts and another that was so fine it was transparent and a pair of black patent knee high lace up boots with three-inch heels. I could have gone for four but I want to bring Alisha on slowly. When I measured her for her latex/rubber clothing I took note that her foot was eight inches from heel to toe and if she stayed with us she would eventually end up wearing seven inch heels to bring her right up on her toes.

We had lunch at the same eatery that also had been recommended. But we were decorous and except for a bit of thigh stroking on my behalf we had a pleasant meal. Time was moving on and we had Alisha’s appointment at the beauty parlour as yet unknown to her until we swept through the door a little early as it was, so we used the time for Alisha to have manicure and pedicure with instructions that all the nails were to be trimmed short. Alisha looked concerned when led in to a room at the rear of the shop in which the most prominent feature was a gyno chair and she was asked to strip, but as I was with her to give encouragement and she reluctantly complied.

Straps were fitted in various restraining places like the neck, wrists and ankles and the hot wax brushed on her body followed by strips of cloth before the wax cooled. Alisha yelped when the cloths, wax and attached hairs were pulled from her calves. One of the girls working on her taped her mouth knowing she would scream when the waxing reached more tender areas of her body. Finished Alisha had a nice flush to her body, dressed we returned to the limo for the trip back to the inn. I could fell the heat building up in Alisha on the drive to the inn. She slid out of side of the limo like a film star posing for the cameras. I noticed a security camera tracking her movements and wondered who was peeping.

In reception she was flaunting her body to the staff. I didn’t mind she was mine and it would stay that way at least till she was fully trained as a lesbian latex sub slut. And then I might pass her on, though the way she came on to me I might decide to keep her if I could find a streak of Dom in her, I might use her to catch and train others, under my supervision of course.

The Reception porter had his eyes out on stalks and I had to draw his attentions to me for the room key. He informed me the there had been two boxes deliver for me and they had been taken to my room, then he handed me an envelope in which I felt two keys. Alisha’s clothing had arrived as expected the other key was to a box filled with toys that I would require to bring Alisha on to the depths of depravity. We moved to our room, Alisha shimmering her hips on the way and looking real sexy. God I was looking forward to fucking her till she screamed. Quietly! As I would have Alisha gagged.

In our room there was a very large wooden chest at the foot of the bed and a smaller one on a side table. I gave Alisha the key to the larger box stating that it and the contents were hers but to be careful with the wrappings inside as it was special acid free tissue paper and she would need it to rewrap the contents when we left the inn. Alisha gave me a tight hug and a smacking kiss, our tits pressed together and I could feel her hard erect nipples jutting into my breasts. I was creaming myself and it took all my concentration not to strip her and have her there and then.

Inside the box the top layer consisted of latex stockings, gloves both short and long and three hoods. The first was an open face like the one she had worn the night before, the second had cut outs for the eyes and mouth, the third was a complete head cover with only holes at the nose to allow breathing. Alisha inspected this one and gave a little shudder, I wonder what she was thinking as she handled the slippery shiny hood. Further in the box Alisha found some leotards, one with cut-outs and one with none there was also some brassieres, one pair of rubber panties with dildos for front and rear attached.

Full cats suit with attached foot and glove compartments also a more normal one. Trousers and tops again all in black shiny latex. With the meticulous measuring I had done the night before I knew they would all be a perfect fit. Two corsets one a plain zip up to wear under clothing and a really severe steel boned one which if fully laced would compress Alisha’s waist by four inches. Cuffs and bondage collar with a matching bondage waist belt.

Alisha looked at me and said "all in black?"

"Look further," I said and right at the bottom she found a fully formed shiny white cat suit made of heaver latex than all the other things. Alisha lifted it out and buried her face into the material breathing the fumes of freshly moulded latex. I open my box and as asked for there was dildos plain, vibrating and inflatable. Ring gag, butterfly gag, ball gag, and a vicious looking dental gag, plus a couple of whips.

Every thing I need to subdue and dominate Alisha.



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