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Secret Prison

by M88

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Storycodes: F+/f; latex; uniforms; catsuit; hood; gag; bond; cuffs; collar; revenge; prison; punishment; bdsm; torment; isolation; captive; cons/nc; XX

Hidden away in the wildness of North Wales was a large farm. The farm was made up of a two-storey brick house with large windows that looked weathered. The house was the first thing you would see coming up off the dirty road. Trees and bushes lined the road to the house and also lined the perimeter. Again this kept the buildings out of sight. About 200ft away from house were a couple of wooden barns. Both barns were completely enclosed with only one small wooden door. A high wire fence had been placed around both barns and a set of cameras watched over them. There were no animals, machinery or crops on the land. Plus the whole area was clean and tidy. It was clearly not a working farm.

What no one knew about was the fact this farm was a secret fetish prison. Both wooden barns had been transformed into prison wings. One for male prisoners and the other for female. On the inside of the barns was a half circle of 10 high-tech cells. The lighting was pouring down from the celling as spotlights had been put there. The wooden walls of the barn had been covered in wire fencing and the same fencing continued up to the celling. A network of cameras and sensors watched over the cells. The only way in in and out was a small wooden door that had entered into via a wire cage. With a heavy duty steel door the only way through. Apart from the cells the whole area within the barn was empty. The barns also had air-con and temp control and were soundproof.

In between the two barns was a double locked metal door. Built facing straight down and was heavily reenforced. Behind the door were a set of concrete steps that lead down into what was called “The pit”. It was the isolation and punishment wing with only two cells and a discipline room. All underground and without natural light and with excellent soundproofing. The pit was a dead end and almost impossible to get out of, once you got put there.

Living in the brick house were the owners of this beautiful prison. Four long-term friends that meet at university as they lived in the same accommodation. Jess, Sam, Jasmine and Sarah made up the fab four. Sooner or later they each found out about the others kinks and become a lot closer. They ofter spent hours each day talking to each other and were almost always together as a four. They had started Uni at the same time and finished at the same time as well. The University they went to was the University of Liverpool. Sarah was the one who lived at the farm house before it was changed. The other three all had come from London and had been living in the seaside city the whole time. They would go to fetish events in Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool. So they knew about the fetish scene in the north west of England. After the third year finished and with University behind them. They all moved into Sarah’s farm house. They all worked within the city of Liverpool as whatever jobs they could find. So Sam worked in a retail shop near the dock area. Jess worked at a local bar near Anfield, the home stadium of the football teams in the city. She often worked weekends as it was match day. Jasmine who happened to be the kinkiest one, work as a fetish model. She would bring her outfits home and get lots of banter about how she looked. Sarah worked from home as a artist and designer. She normally worked on fetish stuff as well.

Because of Jasmine’s modelling she was getting lot of messages online. As it happens one of them was from a girl that was in one of her lessons. So as they already knew each other and they agreed to meet up for a date. Jasmine was bisexual and was more then happy to meet this girl, her name was Alannah. The date went well and they started seeing each other soon after. They become very close over the next 5 months and had some very kinky sex in that time. Sarah had turned her fetish eye to the farm itself. Sarah had always dreamed about owning a prison and she was not the only one, Alannah also loved the idea. It was a massive turn on and she would daydream about it all the time. Sarah was well off and the penny finally dropped. She could afford to do it. After talking to the girls about her plan and with Alannah as her wingman. She talked about the cost, location, equipment, setup, layout, pay, job role, what she wanted from them and how they would fit in. They all accepted the plans and started work two weeks later.

After completing the work and starting up a website listing the farm as a fetish hot spot. The girls went for a night out. After lots of drinking, singing and having a good time at some of the best clubs in Liverpool. Alannah had gone missing for the last 30 minutes. Jasmine had been looking for her everywhere and was heart broken when she found her. Outside the club and down a side street was Alannah and she was pleasantly kissing another girl. In fairness from what Jasmine could see the women her girlfriend was kissing looked stunning. But their relationship was over. She should rush over there and tell her. Or the thought entered her mind. Why not play the long game and punish her for her actions.

Jasmine told the other girls the next morning and had already come up with an insane idea. Amazingly the girls agreed to it almost straight way. The prison they have built would no longer be used for play. But a place to get revenge on cheaters and lairs. Jasmine even had an idea for the worst offends, she called it 'the pit’. She even knew how to build it. They got a team of workmen in and told them it was for wine barrels as they planed to move into the wine world. The workers never found this odd and quickly completed the job. They built the basic underground layout and the girls added all the special items.

The girls also updated the prison they had already done. They changed the website and listings on fetish sites. Alannah had been away from a few weeks as she had been seeing loved ones. When she arrived back she was amazed at how the farm had changed. All the girls were wearing matching uniforms, a perfect fitting latex catsuit in black with light grey gloves and knee long skirt. It was a eye opening scene as she said welcome to them. She also spotted other stuff which got her thinking. In the corridor was mountains of cheap dog food, bowls, water bottles and vitamin packs. In Jasmine bedroom was around 50 thick orange latex catsuits with a number on each one. Box after box of bondage equipment and miles of chain. Alannah was hoping it was down to the prison starting to take off and people had been going to it. Sadly for her she was wrong. As she entered her room. On the bed was a green catsuit with hands and feet built in and a large bottle of lube. Written on the right arm and leg was number and along the back were the words “Punishment Slave” Also on the bed was a heavy isolation mask made out of thick rubber. A metal collar which would keep her neck rigid and fixed. A pair of latex mittens that would make her hands unless. A full restraint system that would keep her under control. She would be able to move around and walk. But not fast and would be unable to defend herself.

Alannah was once again thinking about what was going on? and what had happened since she had been away? She turned round to see a smiling Jasmine looking wildly at her.

“Good god this room stinks of latex and knowing you, you should love that. The suit has been made solely for you. We needed someone to test the prison and as you have been away. You don’t get to have a vote. We want to see how you deal with it. See if you plead to be let out. If you least longer then 2 days, we will have the dirtiest sex so far in our relationship. I have been keeping a couple of things back. And trust me, you will want it to never end. Or you can refuse and then myself and the others will just force you into the suit. We may even add some more bondage.”

“You have possible worked out some of the things that will happen. You will spend the time eating dog food and after opening a can to see what it was like. It would put me off eating anything ever again. It was disgusting. You also saw the water bottles as well. Well us girls have been pissing in a large metal barrel for the last week and we will be mixing the piss in with the water. You are one hell of a kinky girl and as hard as nails. So drinking some piss and living on dog food should be easy for you. Seeing as how you will be in that stunning outfit. With dream like sex waiting for you if you can make it. What do you say”

Alannah had stopped listening half way through she was so horny. She had a massive smile on her face and nodded her head.

“I will leave you to get ready. Please feel free to add any more bondage or latex items if you want to. And do make sure that everything is nice and tight. I will put the mittens on for you”

And with that Jasmine left the room and knew her plan for revenge was about to start. Alannah was already thinking about how much better the sex would be from now on. She had alway thought Jasmine was holding something back with her. Alannah grabbed the lube and poured it into the suit. The thick latex suit could only be entered by the neck/shoulders. As it had a reenforced zip each side. She unzipped the suit and lifted it into the air. She turned the lube bottle upside-down and watched as it flowed out. She rotated the bottle and suit so it went down the arms and legs. After the suit was very well lubed, she turned the bottle on herself. She had stripped naked and was now rubbing the lube all over her smooth and sexy body. Knowing full well she needed to cover every itch. Even with a whole bottle in the suit and on her body. Getting the thick latex suit was very hard work. It was a perfect fit. A complete outline of her body with every detail and curve showing the other side of the latex. Alannah had finally gotten her whole body inside the latex suit and zipped it shut. God the smell of latex was hanging in the air as she rubbed her shaking latex hands over the suit. The suit had been very well shinned before she even put it on and it made a lovely squeezing sound as she played with her boobs. Knowing she had more items to wear, she called time on playing with herself. Even if she desperately wanted to.

She picked up the heavy restraint system and suddenly spotted how limited her move would be with it locked on. If anything, this made her even more sexually motivated to keep going. The restraint system was made up of 12 rubber padded cuffs and a skeleton like chain network. She started at the feet and quickly locked a cuff around each ankle and felt the padding soften the hard metal enclosing her foot. She then locked a cuff above each knee. To keep her footsteps short and easy to control. A chain went between the ankle and knee cuffs. A chain also ran up her legs and kept going after the knees. Alannah then placed the next cuff around her stomach and then followed that up with a small metal cuff around her neck. Out the corner of her eye she spotted a couple of small padlocks swinging from the collar. She could see what they were for the moment they lined up with the zips. The collar was there to keep her in the suit. She quickly locked herself in and picked up the isolation hood. The hood was heavy and rigid as she lifted it up to her face. Only a hole for her mouth and nothing else. What she hadn’t seen until she picked the hood up and the large metal ring gag and harness dropped out the bottom of the mask. She was able to grab it before it hit the floor. She put in straight into her mouth and then tightly closed the straps around her head. It would stay put no matter what she did. Once she was held with the gag and with her heart racing, she pulled the thick and heavy hood over her head.

The simple act of getting the hood over her head was a nightmare. It was so tight and Alannah somewhat feared putting it on and lacing in up. But after a long fight, she finally heard a pop sound as the hood slipped down her face. She knew it was going to be tight and her senses would be cut down. But it was miles worst than she thought. The hood went all the way down to the collar and with a bit of skill and luck. She folded the latex hood under the collar. She lined up the one hole in the hood with her ring gag. Which she had to do with feel and touch alone. Once Alannah was happy with the placement. She closed the zip at the back and laced the hood as tightly as she could.

She was amazed at how much the hood isolated her. She was not shocked about being unable to see. As the thick latex was heavily padded over the eyes. It was the fact she was almost deaf. The ears had padding over them and she thought it would cut out some sound. But not all of it. To keep the hood on three straps needed to be locked in place. One across the eyes, a second over the head and under the chin and lastly from the chin around the ring gag and nose and then over the top of the head and down past the lacing to the base of the hood.

This way the hood would stay on no matter what Alannah tried to do to get it off. With her eye sight removed it was going to be difficult to get the other bondage items on. She wanted to try and complete the bondage herself. So she picked up the large metal collar. The collar was designed to keep the head totally still. The collar not only covered the neck. A metal flap was built into the top of it which would keep the chin pointing skywards. A rubber strap also went round the top of the head. This helped cut down on sideways movement. The metal that enclosed the neck was very tight as Alannah shut the a padlock through the back of it. She was amazed at how little head movement she now had. The collar and hood worked perfectly together.

Trying to feel around the last couple of cuffs. She was almost helpless like this. The first set of cuffs needed to be locked behind her back at her elbow. Getting that done took a real fight. But thankfully she felt both cuffs click shut one at a time. The last set of cuffs were hanging for the stomach cuff. Chains also went from the elbows cuffs to them as well. The whole chain and cuff network was interlinked and restrained her completely. With the latex over her heart jumping up and down and adrenaline racing through her blood. She slammed the cuffs shut. Her hands had now been trapped at the front of her body.

She was ready and was now waiting for Jasmine to come back. After about 15 minutes she did. Jasmine opened the door.

“Oh WOW. You look stunning and helpless. Oh wait the padding stops you from hearing don’t they. I am just talking to myself. Do you even know I am in the room with you right now. Time to put on the latex mittens and double check you have locked everything up rightly’

Jasmine quickly slipped the latex mittens over Alannah’s bound hands and then check the cuffs, hood, collar and prison suit. She was happy with the job Alannah had done. She grabbed Alannah by the collar and pulled her forwards. Alannah made a panicked scream as her feet almost gave way beneath her. She somehow stayed on her feet and slowly followed Jasmine. Alannah was about to become the first prisoner and she would be put in "the pit” as well. Alannah could see nothing as the grass bushed against her latex feet. The door was already open and soft natural grass become solid concrete. She was taken down the stairs and the left hand cell was again already open. The girls had spend the time make sure the cell would be disgusting for poor Alannah. Luck for her the padding also covered and blocked her nose. She was lead inside the cell and a chain was locked onto her collar. The chain was anchored deep into the ceiling of the cell.

The girls had soaked the rubber covered floor, wall and ceiling in piss and lube. It was even dripping down onto the poor latex girl. The cell stank of piss as the barred cell door was shut and locked. The celling was very low and the\is meant Alannah would be unable to stand up. The rubber was hard and unforgiving as Alannah’s tongue bushed the floor and could taste and piss. She turned away straight away and let out a cry of disgust.

Sadly for Alannah that moment was over 3 months ago and she was still under lock and key. The girls had used her as a prototype and been able to see what problems happened when keeping someone prisoner in full latex bondage. Keeping the prisoner fit and health was a real ball ache. Leaving them chained down like a dog let them become weak. So the girls redid the punishment room into a fitness centre. They added a weight set, rowing machine and treadmill. So Alannah could work her whole body. And as an upside it also worked as punishment if they kept her going long enough. Diet was another problem. Yes the humiliation of feeding someone only dog food was what they hoped for. But they did not get all the vitamins a person needs. The solution to that one was easy, buy vitamins tablets and mix them in with the food and/or find some other horrible tasting meal. The girls did both. Finger and toe nails turned out to be a problem as well. With one of Alannah’s toe nails breaking through the thick latex suit. Mixed in with that was keeping the poor slave somewhat clean. So every week she would be put to sleep and be cleaned. If her hair or nails had grown too long, they would be cut. They also found out that not having anyway for Alannah’s waste to leave to suit was a headache as well. Sadly for Alannah they thought a weekly clean out of her and the suit was good enough. She could stay locked in with her waste. To teach her a lesson and punish her as well. They needed to use more than one suit as well. Because even the thick latex they used would be ripped and cut.

Somethings worked fine. Like the restraint system and hood. The rubber padding on each cuff stopped them from hurting too much and protected the latex as well. Plus the hood was great for long term bondage and encasement. The girls had worked out all the small problems and now had a timetable in place for Alannah.

They had never told her why she was being kept like this. After the first couple of days she had started asking questions and then screaming to be let out. Thinking it was a joke. She had struggled with the restraints for hours each day. Pulling against them seeing if they would give in. She had loved the latex suit at first. But as the days past by it become a hot sweaty and piss full latex torture device. Locked on her with no way out of it. The dog food she was fed made her feel ill and she found eating very hard. She also found it impossible to move around the small cage and the cuffs kept control over her body. The isolation was horrible and she had not seen or heard anyone in days. Her eyes would see things in the darkness. Slowly she started having problems and one by one they would be fixed. She knew they used a timetable to map out when they did stuff and this gave her some idea of time. She had stopped finding the cell and suit disgusting and had started to get use to it. She had stopped screaming and crying in the darkness hoping someone would hear her. Maybe she had accepted it.

Alannah had become prisoner #1 and had placed the ground work for the others who would be joining her. Alannah was even used as the online advert for the prison. The girls had found it very slow going so far. With only a hand full of people messaging them. But after uploading a video and lots of pictures of Alannah and what she had gone through. As well as updating the website. They started to get more e-mails.

Now 3 weeks later and the prison is 1/5 full with people who should have wronged the love of their lives. The girls had a feeling they just wanted to role play and had misunderstood the adverts. So they moved things around again and would now spy on customers and see if they were cheating. That way they could charge more and also give the customer a better reason to add punishment and other costly options. Quickly the prisoners they had left and any email they got would be researched to see if it was truthful or not. This had lead to a very empty prison. Still it would have one prisoner for some time to come.

Finally a serious message arrived in the inbox. The girls spend 2 weeks following the target. A 20 something women who lived for the weekend. She had been dating a well off man for 2 years. She had been spending his money like it was nothing. The girls saw her going to a hotel room on three different nights with three different men. She soon become the second full time prisoner the girls controlled. Her boyfriend spend more money than he needed too. He wanted her to have a horrible time. Plus she would only be released when he wanted. He had given detailed instructions on how he wanted her to be tortured and punished. The girls had even talked him through a number of painful setups and toys. Which cost him even more.

Jasmine entered her cell on her first full day. She was hanging from the celling by her tied up breasts. Arms bound behind her back and a full face harness and ball gag keeping her quiet. A blindfold covered her eyes and her legs had been folded and taped so her feet touched her ass. She was naked as sweat ran down her body. Jasmine had a trolley filled with slut breaking options. Jasmine had been testing torture devices on Alannah for the last week. She had been looking bored in her cell and this way she was more useful. Jasmine hoped the other girls would agree to weekly punishment sessions to see what worked well on slaves. How much they could take and what happens after.

Jasmine ran her hands over the lovely curves of the new prisoner and saw her shake. Grunting through the ball gag as Jasmine played with her ass and pussy. Her skin was smooth and soft. It would not stay that way. Her ex-boyfriend had been very clear on the levels of punishment and would be coming their way in a few weeks time. Jasmine had also taken a camera with her. She wanted to get more hardcore images on the website and show people what they could offer.

Jasmine exited the cell around two hours later. With calls of pain still pouring out from behind the ball gag of the poor girl. The toys had done an amazing job at making her suffer and Jasmine was somewhat worried about the fact her pussy was very wet from what she had just done. She had whipped and canned the girl’s body, used a cattle prod and that was the tip of the iceberg. She already had a list of new ideas to test on Alannah.


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