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The Secretary

by Tr_veller

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© Copyright 2002 - Tr_veller - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; latex; M/f; bond; toys; crate; cons/reluct; X

Becky was an 18-year-old clerical assistant working for a small but lucrative manufacturing company. She hadn’t been in the job for long, two months now and was still unsure what to do, it being her first job after college. Becky not knowing what to do was typical really; she had been the classic ‘clumsy kid’ and was mercilessly bullied at school by all the other girls. She spent her time trying not to bump into things and adopted a head down appearance to avoid eye contact with the girls that would inevitably start to pick on her.

All the more surprising then that she had got this job at all, being forced into it by her parents, who loved her to distraction and had the money to set her up for life in indolent luxury. This though was not what they wanted, their daughter had to be independent and live on her own two feet. They made her apply for this job working for a friend of a friend, and she had managed to get it! In fact it suited her personality perfectly as it rarely involved meeting many people: the odd client, and sometimes a worker from the factory floor below. Apart from that, her job seemed to consist of moving large amounts of paper to and from the enormous store cupboard behind her, typing up memos, letters and the like and fetching drinks for her rarely seen boss, Mr Brown.

Becky sat at her desk on another typical day, with not a great deal to do she was presently trying to figure out a method of cleaning her finger nails while re-organising the mess of a file system left on the PC. by her predecessor. In truth she wasn’t doing either job too well, but this didn’t matter as long as things could be found quickly enough for her understanding employer. She’d just fetched herself a coffee and was brushing off the crumbs of the biscuit she’d ate from her thick woollen pleated calf-length skirt when her boss called her in.

“Miss Naylor, would you be so kind as to step into my office, please?” his voice came through the open door. 

“Certainly, Mr Brown!” she replied and jumped up rather too quickly, sending the rest of the biscuit crumbs across the desk. Causing her to finish brushing the rest of the crumbs from her dull skirt and thick jumper onto the floor, something that really upset her almost obsessively tidy and prim personality. Becky held something of a hidden crush on Mr Brown, who although almost 20 years older than her, had kept himself in remarkable shape, his figure totally without usual mid-life spread that starts to appear as a man approaches his forties. Becky secretly admired his trim and powerful physique but would never consider openly looking at him; her complete shyness would never allow that! She scurried into the inner office, scuffing her brown flat shoes on the floor as she did so. “I really must by another pair soon” she thought, “as comfortable as these are, they are getting a bit worn.”

“A little quicker next time, please Miss Naylor.” Said Mr Brown with a small gleam in his eye, taking the sting from the words. Unfortunately with her habitual head down stance Becky never noticed and stammered an apologetic reply.

“I’m sorry Mr Brown, I’ll be more careful and quicker in future.” She fervently promised.

“It’s quite okay Miss Naylor, really no harm done.” Mr Brown looked at her closely, smiling understandingly at her obvious discomfort. “Miss Naylor, I would like you spend some time organising the office supplies in the Store room. The place is far too big for the use we put it to, and I have no idea what is in there.” Instructed Mr Brown, “Please organise the supplies and ensure that all archive records are clearly labelled and sorted. I’m afraid your predecessor was not as organised as yourself and the place is in a dreadful state.”

“Certainly Mr Brown! I’ll get onto it right away!” stammered Becky and leapt up from the chair to start right there and then. 

Unfortunately she caught her heel on a leg of the chair and sent it, and herself spinning across the room, albeit in different directions. She fetched up against the door with her thick skirt lying across her thighs exposing her long and slim legs for the world to see. Blushing furiously at making such a fool of herself and exposing her ugly body to her employer, Becky frantically tried to stand up and pull the skirt down at the same time. Fortunately for her, Mr Brown was there to lend a hand and he pulled her to her feet.

“Tomorrow is a good day to start, Miss Naylor.” He said calmly, “I’m not counting minutes until it’s complete. Now brush yourself down and make us both a coffee.” 

Becky still humiliated at herself, left the office and made the coffees as instructed. Taking his coffee in she avoided his face and was unable to see him quietly shaking his head while smiling reassuringly at her. The rest of the day passed in a blur for Becky and she was glad to get back to her flat when it was over. Her flat reflected her personality, or lack of, as it stood almost spartan in appearance, only a few dried flower arrangements breaking the monotony of the furniture and decor. The flat had been a gift from her rich parents, who although they wanted her to be independent, didn’t mind helping where they could. The dried flowers were theirs as well.

Becky entered her flat and welcomed the relief that the cool interior gave her. Away from anyone else, she could relax and did so; going into the only bedroom she undressed herself, removing the layers of thick natural fibre material that kept her hidden from the world. Laying her clothes carefully across the bed, she looked down at herself, glad that Mr Brown could not see how ugly her figure really was. Becky could only see the clumsy teenager, picked on at school. She could not see the body that puberty had left her with: She stood 5’ 8” tall, slim and poised, with a smooth 36-26-36 figure with her curves so delicate, her musculature taut and clean. Her adult body nothing like the fat little girl that everyone picked on when she was a child. Thinking of Mr Brown sent a strange warm glow through her that she had learnt to ignore, not really understanding it she chose to pretend it wasn’t there. Becky took a quick shower drying her long brunette hair with long strokes of the brush; and dressing herself in her cotton pyjamas, she made herself a light evening meal, curling up in front of the TV as she did every night after work.

The next day found Becky in early as usual dressed in her normal shapeless and unflattering clothes, and starting on the Store cupboard as instructed by Mr Brown. She had been surprised to find a small note on her desk when she came from her employer:

“Dear Miss Naylor, I will be absent from the office for the rest of the week. There will be few calls and the factory is in the more than capable hands of my lead foreman. Please take messages and inform anyone calling that I will be able to return them next week. If you could start on the store cupboard, I would much appreciate it.
D. Brown”

Becky started her task by sorting through what was in the ‘cupboard’, not an easy task as it really was a large room by any other standards and there were corners that could hide anything! She soon found that her employer had under-estimated the job that lay ahead, there were literally hundreds of little boxes, some with ‘post-it’ notes hanging from them, most were unlabelled. There were shelves full of stacks of papers, mostly in files. Unfortunately the files themselves had no hint on them to what they meant to contain.

So Becky began. She decided to start by simply moving all items with labels to one side and those without to the other. This way she could at least bring ‘some’ organisation to this complete chaos! Becky had taken to looking in each box, to see what it contained, so that she could pile it with similar boxes, it was while looking in one of these boxes that Becky was surprised to discover that it held something black and shiny looking. What’s more, whatever it was appeared to be a lot newer than anything else in here. Putting the box on the nearby desktop Becky pulled out the strange item and was startled to discover it looked like some kind of clothing! She had never seen material like this before, a deep black, gloss finish on what appeared to be something that had breast cups at the top and a narrowing un-boned waistline further down. She then realised that she was holding a bustier of some sort, made from what she could only assume was rubber!

Like all people holding something they know they shouldn’t have, Becky looked around the storeroom to see if anyone else was there and then poked her head out the door to make sure that her office was empty. Naturally it was and the door to the factory floor was firmly closed as well. Going back into the store room Becky looked closely at the bustier and thought it would look nice on some slim girl who had the figure for it, but never on her: she was far to fat and ugly for it. She put the bustier back into the box and put it to one side and then carried on sorting through the large stack of boxes in front of her.

A hour or so later, she stopped for lunch and while sat sipping her cup of soup her mind kept drifting back to that strange rubber thing she had found. “Why would anyone make clothing out of rubber?” she thought, “It can’t be for protection, like normal rubber boots or macs are for. So why would you, and why was it in there?” She asked herself, “Maybe the previous secretary left it and was too scared to come back and get it.”

Thinking that was the likely answer, she started to wonder more about why someone would wear it, and realising that she wasn’t going to be happy until she looked at it again, stood up and went back into the storeroom to find it. She quickly did, and it wasn’t long before she held the box in her hands. Opening up the box she once again looked at the smooth black rubber bustier and held it up to look at it. Turning it around she looked at the internal lining and realised that smooth finish was copied inside as well, with every seam sealed by a layer of the glossy rubber. Greatly daring she held the rubber top up to her thick jumper and was not surprised to see that she was indeed too big to fit the bustier. Not surprised but a little disappointed she started to put the rubber bustier down when she wondered what the material would feel like against the skin? Looking around once more and this time closing the storeroom door, she lifted her thick jumper to her shoulders and pressed the bustier against her belly and lower chest.

“Oh! It’s cold!” she yelped, and dropped the rubber item on to the floor in shock. Quickly picking it up and dusting down the rubber where it had touched the floor she again lifted her jumper to her shoulders and ready for the initial cold shock, placed the rubber bustier against her lower chest and stomach. “Oooh, this is cold isn’t it?” she said to herself, but was pleasantly surprised when the material soon warmed to her skin and became quite comfortable to the touch. Feeling the amount of material still in her hands she tried to see if the ends would actually meet around her back and was very surprised to find that they almost did! Only an inch or so and she could zip it shut!

“Well,” she said to herself, “maybe it’s made for bigger people than I realised.” So saying she breathed in and managed to get the zip to engage at the base of the bustier, and holding her breath as tightly as she could was able to pull the zip all the way to the top.

Relaxing her breath, Becky realised that the rubber held her figure in and supported her body and breasts in a way she had never experienced before. She tried looked down at herself dressed in the rubber but was unable to see anything due to the thick layers of her jumper around her shoulders and chest. Looking over to the closed door and thinking that no one ever comes in when Mr Brown is absent, she quickly pulled the jumper over her head and left it on the desk (neatly folded of course). Free of the obscuring wool, Becky was able to look down at herself in this rubber item and found herself looking at a chest that seemed to of grown at least an inch and probably more! Her bra straps hung loosely from her shoulders and didn’t support her pert breasts at all. In fact they only seemed to get in the way of the smooth finish of the rubber. 

Touching her stomach where the bustier held her slightly in, Becky’s hands ran up her breasts where she found that her bra spoiled the lovely smooth finish. Quickly deciding she wanted to see how the rubber would look on it’s own Becky undid her bra and laid it on top of her jumper on the desk. Free now of the cotton material her breasts were cupped smoothly by the rubber of the bustier and she could only admire the way it felt against her bare skin.

“Mmmmm... this does feel good...” she said to herself, running her hands over her stomach and breasts, “I can see why she must’ve liked this so much, but why did she leave it?”

Looking around the storeroom and seeing the mess it was in, Becky was shocked at her own self-indulgence, this was so unlike her! Quickly unzipping the bustier, she felt herself released from the minor confinement of the rubber and quickly dressed herself in her comfortable bra and jumper again. Packing the bustier away in the box, Becky continued to impose some order on the room, with only an occasional glance to the box where the rubber wear was stored.

The day soon ended and Becky was ready to go home, dressed in her long coat, when she thought again about the slightly restrictive and so smooth item hidden in the storeroom. She moved to the exit door, which led to the street outside, and paused with her hand on the door, looked back at the storeroom and thought how much she would like to try on the rubber one more time.

“Well, I’ll just take it home!” she thought, a small spark of rebellion lighting in her mind, “no one around here could possibly miss it, and I can easily bring it back in the morning.” So saying, she walked quickly across to the storeroom, switched on the light and removed the bustier from the box where she had left it. Folding it carefully, she put it into her inside coat pocket and feeling greatly daring, she left being careful to close and lock every door and switch off every light in the office.

With her usual head down and careful walk, Becky never saw the admiring looks passing her way from the few men working on the factory floor, nor did she see the light in the office come back on just as she left. Getting home, out of breath with the excitement of her daring ‘robbery’, Becky almost ran into her bedroom and removed her coat, hanging it in the closet to air properly as always. She then quickly pulled off her jumper and unhooked her bra, leaving her two pert breasts free. She folded the clothes away and pulled the bustier from the inside of the coat where she had hidden it, and now aware of its’ cold touch wrapped its’ snug contours around her own. Breathing in and trying to control her panting Becky was able to zip herself into the smooth, and clinging bustier once again, and stood admiring its’ finish.

Wait! How did she look? Where did she have a mirror? With sinking realisation Becky knew that she didn’t have a mirror bigger than her face one that hung over the bathroom sink. How she regretted the thought that someone as ugly as her would never need a full length (or even half-length!) mirror. Knowing that the small mirror was better than none, Becky scuttled into the bathroom, acutely aware of how her figure was maintained even as she walked, she didn’t seem to move her breasts at all! Taking the mirror from the wall, she angled it so that she was able to see as much of her chest and stomach as possible... and what a sight greeted her! Even though she unable to see all of figure what little she could see brought on that warm flush she felt around Mr Brown. “Mr Brown.” She thought to herself, “what would he make of me dressed like this?” That just brought the warm glow into focus and Becky realised that her left hand was tracing a path across her breasts and down over her stomach towards her sex where the glow seemed focused.

Shocked at her own behaviour, Becky stopped, but didn’t remove her hand from where it had reached, just entering the top of her cotton knickers... She angled the mirror again and was able to look at herself dressed in this wonderful glossy black material, and determined that tomorrow she would buy a full length mirror so she could properly see what she looked like. She felt the glow intensifying again and unconsciously moved her hand towards her vagina and found herself wet from excitement... carefully putting down the mirror Becky ran her right hand over her rubber-clad breasts and stomach while her left softly explored the front of her vagina. Then finding her clitoris, she found herself gathering in excitement and she ran her fingers in loops around the erect mound... She felt a force gathering within her and every nerve on her fingertips seemed to pour energy into her sex centres, her breasts and clitoris felt like cold fires burning with a pulsing rhythm of their own. Then the burning became too intense, the fires too cold, too hot, too powerful, and she came to an explosive climax, her first ever, and collapsed onto her knees from the power of it.

Spent, she found herself kneeling on the floor of the bathroom with no knowledge of falling down, and in the warm glow of her first orgasm, she smelt a wonderful, rich, musky fragrance and was pleasantly surprised to find it was herself. Languidly she raised her left hand and found in sopping wet from her own juices, her bodies own lubrication running down her own hand...

“What!” she screamed! “What the Hell am I thinking of! I’m not some screwed up kid, turning myself on masturbating!”

She then looked down at the tight, glossy black material that had started this fantasy and pulled it off. Throwing it across the bathroom, she quickly undressed herself and taking a shower, washed all the dirt from herself, thoroughly scrubbing everywhere to remove any trace of shame she felt. The rest of her night was spent in the usual way, curled up in front of the TV, except this time her glance returned again and again to the bathroom, where her little secret was hidden. Waking the next morning, Becky didn’t recall the dreams she had of black smooth sheets, of being surrounded by this clinging suffocating material, she did wake feeling tired and slightly disorientated; and she did feel it necessary to wash her pyjamas the next morning as well.

Going to work Becky, picked up the shameful garment and packed it into a plastic shopping bag promising to hide it away and never think about the emotions it raised in her. When she arrived at work, she started straight on the storeroom, hiding the bustier in the dusty box and pushing it firmly into a dark corner, where it could be forgotten.

“Well, best carry on trying to sort these boxes out.” She said to herself and began to search through the remaining dusty cardboard boxes. It really wasn’t that long before another surprise stopped her searching as she found herself holding another box with something distinctly glossy black inside. She glanced to where she had left the original box and knew that this was something different. She felt short of breath as she opened the box and found herself looking at what appeared to be a single sheet of rubber, with a zip running down the length at each end.

She took out the sheet and putting the box down held it up to inspect it, it soon became obvious from the curves induced by the seams that she was holding an extremely short skirt made from this same material! She looked at the glossy black surface and felt again that warm glow from the day before starting. Without thinking she held the black rubber mini-skirt against her waist and thought how much better it would look than her flared, pleated ‘teachers skirt’ she now wore.

“Well... What if I...?” she started to think. Holding the skirt in her hands, she started to wonder how her hips and backside would feel against this rubber. “Mmm... The top did feel nice last night” she thought, “I bet this skirt would feel nice as well.” Glancing over to the door, and smiling at her own daring, Becky shut the door and quickly laid out the skirt on the clean desk. She then unzipped her long skirt and let it fall to the floor, she also pulled her cotton blouse off remembering how her ‘normal’ clothes could get in the way, put it to one side. She then reached over to pick up the rubber mini skirt as quickly as she could.

Wrapping the rubber sheet around herself, she found it was incredibly tight to the waist, but was determined to get it on. She put her legs together and engaged the zip at the bottom and then started to pull it up. The going was a lot harder than before and she pulled her stomach in as much as possible, holding her breath while she pulled the zip over her tight buttocks, and then found it easier it to complete. Finally getting the zip to the top she looked down at herself and gasped in amazement! Her ugly fat stomach was so flat! She looked down at a wonderfully smooth and beautiful glossy black waistline, and it was her own!

She ran her hands over her tightened waistline and loved the way she felt. She unconsciously found her hands lingering over her sex, and her buttocks, loving the feel of the deliciously smooth finish she now had, only slightly disappointed by the way her cotton undies stopped her fully experiencing the feel. She pressed in towards her vagina and found the material could give enough to allow her to brush against herself, but no more. How frustrating! She was so close, and couldn’t reach! This thought and her actions started to increase the heat she felt and her frustration and excitement increased as she pushed in, her efforts hampered, but so wonderfully by the rubber skirt.

Stopping herself this time, she knew where this would lead, and knowing this was not the place, walked over to the desk to get her own clothes back. She stumbled on her first step; the skirt, as short as it was, stopped her from walking properly! Feeling the restriction placed upon her by the skirt excited Becky again and she determined that she would have to take this skirt home with her tonight. Remembering the night before and its’ frustrations, Becky knew she had to get a mirror, a full length one and today, now, before she did anything else. Thinking of the mirror reminded Becky of where this had started and she took out the box with the bustier, holding it up against her chest, she almost felt faint at the thought of wearing BOTH these...

“Not now,” she thought “no, I’ll buy the mirror at lunch, get it delivered and then see how I look in these at home.”

Saying this she, regretfully removed the skirt and dressed herself back in her old clothes, and comfortable as they were, she knew how much better being restrained by the rubber felt. Lunchtime took an age to come, but Becky consoled herself with images of how she would look that night, and found herself taking a long lunch so she could find a suitable mirror. It didn’t take long to find a wonderful old second-hand shop whose owner was happy to deliver to a customer not worried about haggling the price of the full-length mirror he had for sale. Becky was barely aware of the price she paid, happy to give her credit card over to buy something she really wanted. The running around had left her hungry though and on the way back to office she popped into a shop to buy a quick sandwich, it was there that she learned a new word. Looking over the magazine racks Becky glanced at the top shelf and found herself staring at a single word: Latex. 

The magazine that had this word on had images of people wearing the same material she had so recently tried herself! These images were amazing... the people were dressed in complete suits of latex and the thought of how that must feel sent Becky into daydreams. Could she buy the magazine? ”Can I?” She thought. She wanted to. Oh, how she wanted to, but these people might recognise her! How could she buy it, when people might mention it, so thinking she fled from the shop, her mind reeling with images of people pointing and staring. Keeping her mind clear of such thoughts, Becky returned to the office and continued to organise the storeroom, not forgetting to hide the latex skirt and bustier in her coat. At the end of the day, she closed up and left the office, again not seeing the light come back on, and oblivious to the admiring glances she always received.

She was lucky when she got home as the shop owner was just delivering her new mirror and she let him in to wheel it into the lounge and quickly leave. She took off her coat and looked at herself in the mirror, and remembered why she had never bought one before. She looked at a boring, plain, frumpy old maid. A woman, hidden under all these dark and ‘sensible’ clothes. Now though, now was different. There was a reason to look into the mirror and it lay in the pockets of her coat. She quickly undressed herself completely and tossed her clothes on to the chair nearby; she then pulled out the latex clothes and held them up against herself, relishing the cold feel of first contact. She then wrapped the bustier around herself and zipped it closed, quickly followed by the incredibly short mini skirt.

She looked down at herself and marvelled at the smooth finish she could see, her figure was gently pulled into such feminine curves! She smoothed her hands down her sides and then looked up into the mirror. What she saw took her breath away. In front of her stood a beautiful young woman, with a figure from a dream, totally without a blemish and a deep gloss black waist and bust-line, a slash of pale skin marring an otherwise perfect finish. Becky realised that this material, this Latex had given her this figure, and loved what it could do for her. She twirled around admiring her figure from all angles, then she tried to walk and once again felt that light restriction to movement that so excited her before. She loved the way that the latex caught the light on her thighs and hips as she walked and the way her breathing caused a slow play of light across her breasts. This material made her feel so sexy, so feminine!

She calmed herself and another daring thought entered her head... “What if I was to sleep in these tonight? Wouldn’t that feel wonderful? I could sleep touching this wonderful material and wake up still dressed in it!” Knowing that this was a perfect idea, she decided to ‘tease’ herself by having a normal night until she went to bed, and undressing herself again, she took a shower, wore her cotton pyjamas and watched TV while eating her supper, just as before. Except this time, when she climbed into bed, she was dressed once again in Latex and fell asleep dreaming vividly of the people in the magazine, covered completely in the wonderful, sensual material and how she wanted to be one of them.

The next morning found Becky waking to find herself still dressed in the latex clothes and she realised just how much she loved the feel of them. She ran her hands over her body and relished the feel of her taut figure under the tight covering, but how she wished there were more! Then an idea struck her: if she liked the latex so much, why didn’t she just keep it on at work? Her usual clothes would easily hide the bustier and mini-skirt, so no one would ever know her little secret would they? 

Making her mind up she dressed herself in her usual shapeless and equally fashion-less clothes and after getting ready, left for work. Walking outside, knowing she was dressed in latex was driving Becky wild! It was the single most erotic thing she had ever done, (let’s be honest here... it was the only erotic thing she had ever done) and the thought of people finding out scared her, but the fear just drove her excitement to new heights! She unconsciously ran her hands over her figure and realised just how much she hated her clothes and decided that this lunch break would find her buying a new outfit that would show off her wonderful latex bound figure!

“Something tight, and short.” She thought, “and I’ll have to get some shoes, with heels of course... you can’t wear something short with flats! Oh and tights, if I’m going to show my legs, I better make them look good!” Her mind buzzing with ideas, Becky walked the journey to work via the tube, oblivious to the looks that people gave the funny girl talking to and feeling herself!

Getting to the office and settling down with a cup of coffee, Becky caught up on the messages and mail that had been delivered, Mr Brown had been right, in the two days he had been away, very little had come in. “An awful lot has changed though,” thought Becky wickedly and she ran her hands over her breasts and along the thigh-line of her latex skirt, growing wet at the mere feel of tight material she was wearing. 

“Well, back into the store of treasures I guess!” she said as she carried on sorting the mess in the back room. This time, the third box seemed almost waiting to be found, and at the first sight of the shiny black material, Becky grabbed the box and tore it open to see what lay inside. She pulled out two long black latex gloves; very long gloves with pointed fingers and pair of latex stockings, complete with feet. She also noticed a small white plastic bottle in the base of the box, which she shook and found it to contain talcum powder. This time Becky didn’t even pause and quickly took off her outer garments to reveal the latex clad body underneath. She then tried to pull on the gloves but found she couldn’t as they stuck to her hands and arms a long way from being on completely. No matter how hard she pulled, she only stretched the latex and couldn’t get her hand any further into the glove! God, how frustrating, here she was, in a position to fulfil the dream she had last night and her sticky arms wouldn’t let her!

Now she realised what the talc was for and cursing her own stupidity she covered her arms in the dry powder, then poured some more into the gloves for good measure. This time the latex just seemed to pour itself onto her arms, quickly she repeated the exercise for her legs and the stockings. There she stood, a rubber queen, covered in the wonderful black material, held in and restrained, her figure was just stunning. She couldn’t help but run her hands over her body and finish at her dripping pussy... She didn’t even pause as she pushed her rubber clad fingers into her waiting vagina and she felt wave after wave of pent up sexual desire climaxing, she felt herself growing faint with the sheer power of the desire burning through her and collapsed, writhing onto the floor. Her fingers slid in and out of her sopping wet pussy, pushing faster and harder, bringing herself to a bone-shaking climax and she screamed with absolute ecstasy of it! Pushing in harder again with her rubber fingers she felt her powerful vaginal muscles rhythmically gripping the fingers in the heights of the orgasm, each pulse wracking her body and holding the fingers tight into her pussy.

Spent once again, she looked down at herself, this time not in the least bit ashamed of her wanton acts, and promised that now she knew the power of this material she would soon repeat that wonderful act of self-exploration. She looked at her latex clad legs, reaching up to the short tight skirt stretched across her rubber thighs and she stretched her rubber arms and wrapped them around her rubber chest. Oh, God how she loved the feel of this stuff! Standing up, she looked around and was grateful to realise that no one had her scream of joy. She walked, somewhat unsteadily, over to the shelves and realised that there were a number of boxes there, all dusty and very old, that she had somehow missed before. “Not that surprising.” She thought, “after all I have been pretty distracted lately!” So thinking she opened the boxes one at a time and grew faint at the knees at the sight that was growing before her...

Each box contained different items of latex wear! Each carefully wrapped and stored in the boxes, she was amazed at how she could miss them! Pulling out the first and nearest item, her mouth grew dry at the site that she beheld... a pair of incredibly brief panties, with a high cut leg and v-shaped waist and what could only be two rubber penis’s inside! She nervously ran her fingers over the larger of the two, the first time that she had held a penis of any description in her life, and marvelled at the deeply veined, jet black phallus she held between her fingers. The feel of the penis in her fingers and the rubber finish to it was driving her insane with lust and she was shocked to realise she was thinking seriously about how it would feel inside of her!

Looking at the panties more closely she realised that the penis’s were of different sizes and that the smaller was positioned and angled to go up her ass! This decided it for her; she HAD to find out what this felt like! She adored the feel of rubber on her skin, how good must it feel inside of her? She unzipped the latex mini and lay it on the desk next to her and then stepped into the latex panties. She looked down at the two rubber phallus’ standing erect between her legs and grew almost breathless with anticipation as she started to pull the panties higher up her legs. As the panties passed her knees, Becky felt the larger of the two penises brushing her inner thigh and almost came on the spot! She then pulled the panties higher, the promise of the rubber almost fully realised... and then she felt the first of the rubber tips touch her vaginas’ lips and with shaking hands guided it into the mouth of her sex. She felt her sopping wet canal opening with the passage of the massive rubber penis, the first that had ever entered her and she felt some pain growing as she pushed it further in. Knowing this meant the end of her virginity, she welcomed the pain and pushed the rubber penis hard into herself, gasping at the stab of pain, but growing unbearably excited at the incredible feel of being filled by this monster! Pushing harder and harder, her excitement growing with each inch that filled her, Becky couldn’t stop the second, and third, then fourth climaxes that raced through her body.

She was soaking wet with excitement, but now also dripping with sweat from the sheer energy of the explosive orgasms she was experiencing as well, the rubber clothing becoming slick on her skin and she felt another wave of pleasure from the new sensation the rubber gifted her. Now the main rubber penis was all the way in, she just HAD to get the second, anal one in as well. She felt like she was being split in two from the size of the first one, her vagina stretched and protesting at the unique experience, but her mind was filled with the sheer thrill of losing her innocence to latex! At first she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to fit the butt plug in, but realised that her overwhelming excitement had lubricated her anus as well, and she was able to push in the plug with enough resistance to make the whole experience incredibly erotic.

Now filled in both passages with the latex intruders, Becky pulled the panties over her slim waist and pulled the material tight, savouring the feel of the already slick material over her buttocks and hips, she could not believe what she doing to herself. “My God, I’m being fucked by rubber!” she laughed and ran her fingers over her vagina and ass, pushing hard at the rubber dicks filling her. Pushing in a rhythm that soon had her kneeling on the floor, she couldn’t believe what was happening as she fucked herself to another climax, both her ass and vaginal muscles gripping the rubber dicks filling her in wave after wave of orgasmic delight.

“I have GOT to stop doing this.” She gasped to herself; “it’s getting to be a habit I’m going to find impossible to break!”

Promising to leave off the self-exploration until she had at least looked through the rest of the boxes, she stood up walked over to them with a distinctly wobbly step. Looking in the next box she saw a corset, heavily boned and sporting some seriously thick laces at the back. Pulling it out,  she noticed it had a strange hooking mechanism over the laces that seemed to suggest that they would lie flat when tied tight. Becky knew about corsets, her Mother used to wear a monstrous one when Becky was a child and she had very clear memories of watching her father struggling to pull the laces tight enough to satisfy her Mothers increasingly forlorn hopes at keeping her feminine curves. Becky remembered the efforts and she also remembered how lovely her mother would look when she wore a dress with the corset underneath,

“What a shame.” She said, “I’d love to try this on, but I’ll need someone else around to make it tight enough.” So saying she started to put it back into the box, but a metallic gleam from the box caught her eye and she put the corset to one side and looked inside. She pulled a long thick metal tube which had a series of parallel hooks running its’ entire length, hooks that looked like they would fit exactly into the strange hooks on the corset. It also had a dial on the top that counted from 1 to 5 and a power lead that ran to a long flex terminating in a plug fitting. Becky looked at the two and then saw a piece of paper that had fallen from the metal tube on to the floor and bent to pick it up.

It was with a grunt of surprise and pleasure that her two rubber friends reminded her of their internal presence and she found she had to bend at the knees to reach the floor. An action that only served to drive the rubber penises even further into her, and almost started her on another pleasure cruise, but her mind was focused (although very softly right now) on the corset and the promises it held. She took the piece of paper and read the instructions printed on it: Welcome to the Constrictor ™, self-applying corset device. We are sure that you will have many happy years being strapped into the corset of your choice without the unwelcome intervention of anyone else. We are sure that the pleasure of self-administering the bondage of the corset will be a unique and personal experience for you!

To use the Constrictor ™, simply apply each hook to the corresponding one on the rear of the corset. Ensure that all hooks are completely attached, and the excess thread run through the ravelling roller; select the appropriate degree of restriction and plug the Constrictor ™ into a convenient wall socket. The Constrictor ™ will then apply the degree of constriction requested, carefully binding you to the level you desire, while the corset is tightened, the excess thread produced will be conveniently rolled away and then tied in a loop for easy retrieval.

“My God, this sounds perfect!” exclaimed Becky as she contemplated the joy she would feel at being tied into this incredibly beautiful glossy black corset. She quickly removed her bustier, now slick from her long-term session with it, and placed it carefully next to the mini-skirt. She smiled at these two items, grateful for their introduction into this wonderful world of erotica and self-exploration. Becky knew she would not be able to apply the constrictor while she was wearing the corset and attached it to the hooks, looping the excess thread through as instructed before putting it on. Quickly stepping into the corset Becky pulled it over her rubber legs and up to her waist and chest, marvelling at the length of it. Running as it did from her breasts all the way to her hips and matching beautifully with the panties she wore as it plunged towards her vagina at the front.

She then made sure it was seated correctly, chose restriction setting 3 and plugged the ‘constrictor’ into a wall socket nearby. Almost immediately she felt the device going to work as a deep hum vibrated through her spine all the way from her coccyx to her shoulder blades, as the constrictor pulled the two sides together, gathering thread as it went. Becky started to find it hard to breathe and soon found herself bending over the bench for support as the machine mercilessly pulled her waist tighter and tighter... closer and closer the ends came, her breathing coming in short gasps as her lungs were constricted and her chest pushed upwards. She put a hand to the now rock solid latex encasing her entire torso and despite her complete lack of breath started to rub the incredibly smooth finish she now had. As she started to get excited and felt the heat gathering once more, the constrictor finished its’ work and tied off the thread in a small bow at the back, hanging loosely from the hooks, Becky was easily able to detach it.

Looking down at herself, Becky had to physically stop herself from gasping... her figure was now this vision in black latex! She had been pulled into a 21” waist, her figure now poised and so beautiful, her chest standing proud and her back straight. She was in love. The way she looked, the way the thick latex clung to her, forcing her to look this way, making her beautiful. She could never go back to normal clothes now. She was a latex woman and she felt perfect. She ran her hands over herself, marvelling at the finish that the latex had given her, she was a glossy, black rubber sex goddess. She felt that nothing could stop her now and nothing would stop her enjoyment of this wonderful, wonderful material.

“Something is missing though,” she mused, “what else do I need?”

Remembering back to her daydreams that morning, she remembered the heels she wanted to buy herself and quickly rummaged through the boxes to see what was there. She was not disappointed and almost immediately pulled out a pair incredibly high heeled black patent ankle boots; made from the softest rubber she had yet seen. The soles of the boots were made of thick solid base and rose to a staggering 5” heel, with a short zip running up the inside to a strange little locking mechanism with a tiny padlock hanging from it. Becky loved the idea of the boots! The wonderful little lock giving them a perfect ‘prisoner’ idea that appealed to her so much! Slipping the boots on and zipping them up to her ankle she admired the way they gave her poise and after locking herself into them (ensuring she had the key) she loved the way she felt trapped, any ideas of bondage and encasement never occurring to her. 

Standing up in her new boots, Becky strode around the storeroom, feeling the way her hips rolled with her steps, and also acutely aware of the rubber phallus’ filling her inside, she started to get turned on just by walking! “Oh, God... please, this so good. What have I been missing?” she asked herself, but now happy to discover this amazing material and determined to enjoy it to the full. She walked over to the boxes again, happy with how she now looked, but curious to see what else they hid. She looked through a few, finding pairs of shorts, another skirt (slightly longer), which she admired for a short while, but then put to one side, and continued looking. She stopped at one box, larger than the rest and pulled from it a full-length, long-sleeved, high-collared black latex dress, made from rubber so thick, she had difficulty lifting it! 

Pulling it from the box and unwrapping it from its’ protective tissue paper, she held it against herself and fell in love all over again. She had to have this dress! She needed to feel it against herself! She just HAD to be zipped into it, and feel its’ tight clinging surfaces holding her in! She pulled down the long, black metal zip at the back, unhooking the matching padlock at the neck and stepped into the dress, amazed at how tight the legs were even before she zipped it shut. She had to sit on the desk and wriggle into it, pulling it over her knees and leaving her lower legs almost completely unable to move. Standing in this awkward position, she pulled the dress the rest of the way to her hips and with her feet close together started to zip herself into the incredible black rubber wear.

It took some time to get the zip to the top of her neck and when she was finished she was exhausted from the effort, but it had been worth it! Oh it had been so worth it! She looked down at herself, her stunning figure now a sea of faultless black magic. There were no blemishes in the finish, the totally tight latex fitting every curve of her magnificent figure. It pulled her into an unnaturally rigid posture, the thick latex of the dress causing all movement to be an effort to complete and she found it easier to stand there almost unmoving, like a black latex statue, totally covered from the neck down. Becky stood there stunned at the changes she had brought upon herself. Just two short days ago, she was a boring, fat and ugly girl, with no hope of ever meeting anyone, and now she was a perfect, perfect, rubber statue; covered outside and filled inside by this beautiful material after giving her innocence to it.

There was one thing more she could do, to give herself completely to the latex and in an act of symbolism she attached the padlock to the neck zip and locked herself into the dress. Throwing the key onto the desk, she stood there wrapped in her dream, and gave herself to its’ ecstasy.

“So Miss Naylor, it would appear you found my little presents.” Spoke a voice from the door.

“What! Who?!? I...! When did!?! Mr Brown! Oh, My, God!!” Becky simply couldn’t stop herself stammering a reply and almost fell backwards at the shock of her employer standing there in the doorway!

“I can explain... I, I...” she simply couldn’t bring herself to talk! What could she say to explain THIS situation, with her standing there covered head to toe in the tightest black latex dress, with her own clothes thrown around the room! What would her boss think! She frantically grabbed at her skirt and jumper trying to wrap them around herself in a vain effort to hide her rubber bound body.

Wait a second... “Your presents? What do you mean your presents?” She asked as his words finally sunk in. 

“Of, course my presents Miss Naylor. You didn’t think that luxurious clothing like this just appears from nowhere did you? I had been leaving an item in here hoping you would find it. Your work clothes do so little to show what a beautiful woman you are and I thought I would indulge my little fetish at the same time as bringing you out of the closet, as it were.”

“Speaking of coming out the closet, let us carry on this conversation in my office where we can be more comfortable.”

So saying Mr Brown took her hand and started to walk from the storeroom. Feeling her resistance to his efforts, he turned to her and said, “Miss Naylor, I assure that I have seen much more erotic sights than yourself, although none spring to mind right now. And if you are worried about any other people seeing you, do not worry, I have sent them all home early. A grateful lot they were too!” So saying, he gently escorted out from the room, patiently waiting for her to walk the distance in her short steps. He led her into his office where Becky was amazed to see more latex objects lying around, belts, trousers, more underwear, most of it masculine in cut. 

“Why don’t we prop you up on the desk, you’ll be comfortable there, I know how hard bending in that lovely dress can be. Not to mention what you have ‘inside’ of it... and yourself” So saying he leant her against the desk and sat himself down opposite her, smiling indulgently at her obvious and total confusion. “You probably have a few questions to ask me right now, and rightly so; but let me first of all assure you that you are in no trouble right now, you will come to no harm, and, who knows you might just enjoy yourself!”

“First, though. I must ask you one question my dear.” Mr Brown fixed her with a level stare. “Do you enjoy wearing that material? Does that dress and the clothes you have on underneath excite you in way that nothing has before? Answer truthfully now, I will know when you are lying.”

It had taken a few moments for Becky to get over the shock of seeing her employer here and many more to get over the fact that he expected to find her bound up in latex, in fact he seemed to positively enjoy the fact! The clothes were his, and he left them deliberately for her to find and wear, was this some kind of conspiracy he had hatched to trap her? Well, she thought, it’s one hell of a lovely trap if it is... but I didn’t have to wear these clothes and he’s not making any threats here.

Remembering his question to her she thought of what to say and realised that honesty was her best bet. “Yes, I do like wearing this... latex.” She replied looking at him in the eye, only slightly embarrassed now. “I’ve never felt anything like this and if I have to pay you to keep these clothes, I will happily do so. How much would I owe you?” she asked him back. She ran her fingers over her thighs, relishing the feel of the taut, glossy latex stretched between them. 

“Pay? Why payment is the last thing on my mind!” exclaimed Mr Brown, smiling even more broadly now. “In fact I have an offer for you, if you are willing to accept?”

“What offer would that be?” Becky asked, puzzled.

“Oh, a simple one, a very simple one. Would you like to try a variety of latex outfits, all without commitment and all for free?”

“What? Are you serious?” she stammered, and seeing him nod quite happily, she knew he was. What could she lose, he had always been a perfect gentleman and she knew that he would never force into anything she didn’t want. Mind you, she thought, smiling, there’s not much I wouldn’t want to be forced into right now!

“Okay then, I would like to try on some of these outfits.” She said and couldn’t but think what it would be like to indulge this new fantasy of hers so quickly, and completely!

“Excellent! Then let us get started right away!” said Mr Brown as he reached round behind her. “Stand up, my dear, there’s a little something we need to continue the game.” So saying her helped her upright and stood behind her. Game? Thought Becky, what game? Before she could ask or turn and look, Mr Brown had looped some kind of belt around her waist and was tying it tight at the back, pulling hard so that there was no slack around her tight rubber middle.

“Oof! Hey what is this?” she cried, “and why so tight?”

“I thought you liked tight.” He replied and taking her right arm, pushed it into a small loop on the side of the belt, then pulling hard once more, he secured her arm to her side so she couldn’t move it! Before she could pull away from him, he had taken her other arm and pushed it into the corresponding left-hand loop, quickly pulling it tight.

“What are you doing?” Stop!” she cried. “Hey, wait!”

“Don’t worry Miss Naylor, it’s all part of the induction, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” He replied continuing with his work. 

Picking up a shorter length of rubber he bent down to her ankles and lifting the dress tied them together in a pair of attached loops, pulling hard so that she could not move her legs at all. Becky was alarmed at this, and not a little worried, but she couldn’t help but notice that the treatment, while firm, was not rough and that the familiar warm feeling was starting in her dildo filled interior. She was surprised to feel excited by the restrictions placed on her, and the bondage coupled with her beautiful latex figure started her mind drifting in a haze of pleasure.

As she watched, Mr Brown picked up another object and walking over to her immobile form said, “I figure that as you obviously enjoy the sensation of a rubber dildo in you so much, I would complete the set.” And so saying he produced a rubber dildo mask that he pushed firmly into her mouth. Gagging at the shock of the intrusion, Becky was unable to pull away and stop him from pushing the gag all the way in and soon have it tied around the back of her head. The gag looped under her chin and completely stopped her from opening her mouth at all and the rubber dildo in her mouth pushed her tongue down, so all she utter were a series of strangled mumbles.

“mmmmm...mmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm...mmmm...mmm...mmmmmmMMMMM...!!” she tried to move, do something, anything, but simply couldn’t get anywhere, and where could she go anyway? She was trapped and helpless, and much to her surprise, loving it!

Mr Brown then left the room with a parting “Don’t go anywhere!” and left her writhing in her rubber cocoon and wondering what she had let herself in for! She felt the bonds that held her and found that he had done a good job of securing her from any stray movement, she was completely immobile and propped up like some sort of rubber mannequin, waiting for someone to come along and dress. As she wriggled against the restraints, she felt her body sliding against the rubber inside her anus and vagina and realised she could move at least one important part of her prison and started to rock her hips back and forth. The rubber around her midriff stretching and wrinkling with every small thrust. She looked down and seeing the movement of her glossy black waist started to get even more excited. She pushed against the dress and its’ restrictive closeness, springing back when it wouldn’t give and then pushing again, and again. Each time causing the dildo’s within her to move just enough to send her rising into another orgasm filled cloud.

“That’s enough of that! You’ll wait until I say you can climax my dear!” instructed Mr Brown as he came across her rocking back and forth in ecstasy. He quickly stopped her and just short of a shattering orgasm she groaned in frustration and pushed against him forlornly. “Now, now, my little one, we can wait until later...” he smiled at her.

“Little one! Who is he calling little?” Becky snarled in her mind, “In these heels I stand as tall as him!”

She then saw what he gone to bring and started to shout in protest at the packing crate that he had wheeled in from outside. She screamed at him that she would NOT go into that thing! No way! All that came out were a series of strangled mumbles, which just seemed to please Mr Brown even more. As she shook her head violently and mumbled in protest, Mr Brown picked her up and pulled her across the room to the box where she could see that it was tall enough to fit her inside standing up. Apparently this was exactly what was intended as she could she a series of straps running up a central metal pole, which she obviously about to be attached to.

“Please, please. No. Please not this.” She was saying over and over, but as all he could hear were a series of mumbles which frankly sounded pretty damned excited, he ignored her protests and set her up against the post and started to strap her in.

Starting at the head, he attached a belt across her forehead that effectively stopped all movement there and all she could do was stare at him through fear filled eyes. Fear? Well maybe not all, it wasn’t just sweat she was dripping from. He quickly completed attaching her to the pole and then strung a series of straps to the corners of the crate to make sure she didn’t move at all in transit and stepped back to admire his handiwork. My, she was indeed beautiful! She will so enjoy being a new slave girl, covered in rubber, and all her carnal desires fulfilled. Once she knew her place in the scheme of things, she would soon learn to enjoy the thrill of being controlled. He looked her over and knew that despite all the restraints placed on her, she thoroughly enjoyed the bondage she was being subjected to. Yes she would be perfect for the commune; another willing slave girl for the other Masters and Mistresses to enjoy, they will be pleased. 

“Are you going to be a good sla... err... girl, and not make a noise?” he asked her, and seeing her frantic shaking decided that it would be best if this new slave was unconscious for the journey. So thinking he went and retrieved the vial and getting a new needle for the syringe he filled it with the anaesthetic. Then going over to her and ignoring her frantic mumbled pleading, carefully injected her with the liquid and watched as her struggles became less frantic and started to slow until she slumped and fell unconscious, still strapped upright to the pole...



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